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Formed 1803 from Montgomery
Humphreys formed 1809 from Stewart, Smith
Houston formed 1871 from Dickson, Stewart


1820 Stewart Co. TN Census
Pg.110  Joshua Dinkins        000101        - 00201
   111  Robert Dinkins        000100        - 30100
   127  Joseph Duncan         200010        - 40010

1830 Stewart Co. TN Census
Pg.236  John Duncan           3200,01       - 0010,01

1840 Stewart Co. TN Census
Pg.327  Henry Dunkin          0000,01       - 0100,001
   331  Anderson Dunkins      0111,0001     - 0111,201
          (MAD: Anderson Duncan in 1860 Oregon Co. MO census)

1850 Stewart Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.402 (801), #273, William WINTERS 21 TN farmer $0
                  Nancy 25 TN
                  Letie (m) 13 TN
Pg.412 (822), #434, Robert HARRIS 49 NC farmer $0
                  Elisabeth 33 KY
                  James 6, John 2 TN
Pg.412 (822), #435, William HARRIS 19 TN farmer $150
                  Amanda 19 NC (not m/in/year)
Pg.415 (827), #467, Noah McGREGOR 38 TN farmer $1500
                  Mahala 21 TN
                  William 18, Elisabeth 15
                  Lucien (m) 5, Marion 3/12 TN
                  Nancy SIMPSON 40 TN
Pg.422 (841), #561, Robert DINKINS 61 NC farmer $1500
                  Rebecca 56 NC
                  Joseph TREE 38 TN
                  Temperance 33 TN
                  Susan 12, Nancy 9 TN
                  Elisabeth 7 TN
                  Mathew THUEAT 28 KY farmer $412
Pg.427 (852), #641, James DUNN 22 TN blacksmith $200
                  Jane 43 TN
                  George 17, Martha 15 TN
                  Alfred 13, William 11 TN
                  Allen 9, Emanda (m) 7 TN
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 70 VA
Pg.431 (859), #693, Thomas DUNCAN 25 TN farmer $300
                  Martha 20 NC
                  Roda (f) 1 VA
Pg.433 (861), #728, William RICHARDS 30 TN merchant $500
                  Martha 20 TN
                  Saml. 1 TN
                  Thomas BRIGHAM 25 TN clerk
                  Washington DUNCAN 25 TN laborer
                  James HOLMES 18 TN clerk
                  (MAD: J.G.W. DUMKIN 34 TN in 1860 Trigg Co. KY)
Pg.437 (870), #796, John DUNCAN 35 TN farmer $300
                  Joanna 38 TN
                  George 14, Thomas 12 TN
                  Elizabeth 7, William 3 TN
Pg.457 (909), #1067, James DUNCAN 46 SC shoemaker $0
                  Mary 33 TN
                  Elizabeth 16 TN
                  Mary 5/12 TN
Pg.463 (921), #1154, Richard DUNCAN 68 SC farmer $0
                  John 28 (farmer), Nathaniel 24 TN
                  Phelenuel (m) 19, Nancy 16 TN
                  (MAD: ? Nathan in 1870 Bollinger Co. MO census)

1860 Stewart Co. TN Census
District 3
Pg.443, #330-321, Thos. DUNCAN 35 TN farmer $1000-$1000
                  Martha 30 TN
                  Rhoda 12, Martha 8 TN
                  Margaret 4 TN
                  Nedum? (m/f written over) 4/12 TN
                  John MOORE 14 TN
District 5
Pg.461, #586, Michael DUCAN? (DIXSON?) 30 IRE day laborer, $0-$0

1870 Stewart Co. TN Census
District 2, P.O. Indian Mound
Pg.236, #76-73, HOBSON, Silas 55 KY BLACK farm hand $0-$100
                  Henreta (f) 26 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  SHIP, Betsy 45 KY BLACK farm hand
                  DINKINS, Clarton (m) 23 TN BLACK farm hand
                  COLE, Robt. 22 TN BLACK farm hand
                  SMOOT?, Silas 13 KY MULATTO farm hand
                  (MAD: indexed Clinton Dinkins)
Pg.236, #77-74, DINKINS, Chas. 54 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$0, mar.Dec.
                  Susan 23 TN BLACK keeping house, mar.Dec.
                  Litty (f) 20 TN MULATTO at home
                  Rhoda (f) 15 TN BLACK at home
                  Winny (f) 14 TN MULATTO at home
                  Philipp (m) 12, Ann 11, Chas. 8 TN MULATTO
                  Dora 4/12 TN MULATTO b.Feb.
                  Adelade (f) 3/12 TN MULATTO b.Feb.
                  (MAD: ages as given)
Pg.238, #104-100, BAILEY, Robt. 34 TN (white) farmer $250-$200
                  Sarah 38 VA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Blanch (f) 10 TN (white) in school
Pg.242, #163-160, DINKIN, Robt. 76 NC (white) farmer $1800-$1835
                  Rebecca 75 NC keeping house
                  FREE, Wm. 18 TN farm hand
                  TAYLOR, Jane 35 TN domest. serv.
                  John 10 TN
                  BAYARD, Saml. 14 TN BLACK farmhand
District 3, P.O. Indian Mound
Pg.244, #13-13, JENKINS, Joseph 27 TN BLACK farmhand $0-$0
                  Jane 25 KY BLACK keeping house
                  (MAD: indexed DINKINS)
Pg.254, #152-153, DUNKEN, Thos. 44 TN (white) farmer $2500-$650
                  Martha 38 TN keeping house
                  Rada (f) 22 TN at home
                  Bettie (f) 12 TN at home
                  Bayliss (m) 11 TN
District 7, P.O. Dover
Pg.311, #232-232, DUNCUN, Nancy 51 TN (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Geo. 14 TN farm hand
                  (MAD: "f" written over "m" for Nancy)

1900 Census, Civil District 1, Stewart County, Tennessee (from Kathy Cawley 1/2009)
S.D.# 6, E.D.# 59, Page# 204B, Image# 2 of 25
Robert, Head, Oct 1834, age 65, m'd 28 yrs., TN./MD./TN., farmer
Bettie, Wife, 1852, age 48, 10 chi. born, 7 living, TN./TN./TN.
Cornelius, Son, Apr 1882, age 18, single, TN./TN./TN., farm laborer
Sarah, Daughter, June 1885, age 15, TN./TN./TN.
Fannie, Daughter, Feb 1888, age 12, TN./TN./TN.
Thomas, Son, Apr 1890, age 10, TN./TN./TN., farm laborer
DUNCAN, John, S-in-law, Jan 1879, age 21, M1X, 1 yr., TN./TN./TN., farm laborer
DUNCAN, Ada, Daughter, Apr 1881, age 19, M1X, 0 chi., TN./TN./TN.

1910 Census, Civil District 1, Stewart County, Tennessee (from Kathy Cawley 1/2009)
S.D.# 279, E.D.# 166, Page# 7, Image# 13 of 19
Head, age 32, M1X, 12 yrs., TN./TN./TN., farmer/gen'l farm
Ada, Wife, age 32, M1X, 5 chi. born, 4 living, TN./TN./TN.
Gracie, Daughter, age 10, TN./TN./TN.
Herban? R., Son, age 6, TN./TN./TN.
Sada, Daughter, age 2, TN./TN./TN.
Baby, Daughter, age 0, TN./TN./TN.
      (KDC: 1920 Houston Co. TN)

1930 Census, District 6, Stewart County, Tennessee (from Kathy Cawley 1/2009)
E.D.# 81-8, S.D.# 3, Page# B, Image 22 of 31
Cumberland City Road
John C., Head, rents, age 78, m'd at 36, TN./TN./TN.
Sariah, Wife, age 60, m'd at 19, TN./TN./TN.
DUNKENG, Russell, Son-in-law, age 25, m'd at 20, TN./TN./TN., works on farm
Dunkeng, Kate, Daughter, age 22, m'd at 18, TN./TN./TN.
Dunkeng, John F. or T., Grandson, age 1 6/12, TN./TN./TN.
      (KDC: 1920 Houston Co. TN)


Stewart Co. TN Marriage Records, Vol.4, 1838-1848, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 3)
      Robert Harris to Elizabeth Duncan, date blank (pg.21) (MAD: many dates blank this page and adjoining pages, but ca 1840 from the few completed dates nearby)
      Laban Rowlett to Rhoda Duncan, Nov. 3, 1842, sol. by Rev. Jas. T. Morris. (pg.43)
      Thomas Duncan to Martha Jane Kenedy, Nov. 24, 1847, sol. Dec. 1, 1847 by Allen Elliott, L.E. (pg.106)
      Henry Duncan to Mary Sooter, Jan. 11, 1848. (pg.107)
      William Winters to Nancy Duncan, Aug. 7, 1848, sol. Aug. 8, 1849 by E.J. Garrett, JP (pg.114) (MAD: other nearby licenses were all issued in 1848 and returned in 1848)


Stewart Co. TN General Index to Deeds, Vol.1, 1804-1843, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 6)
      (MAD: several Robert Dinkin grantor deeds indexed, not copied)
      Jno. Duncan to Richard M. Cooley, 12-269
      John Duncan to Jas. A.S. Harris, DG, 15-439
      Jas. H. Russell to Robert Duncan, 6-140
      Jno. McCaughan to Jno. Duncan, 8-285
      Jno. McCaughan to Jno. Duncan, 8-287
      Wm. H. Cherry to Jno. Dunkin, 9-71
      Stephen McKinney to Jno. Duncan, 9-360
      Archibald Leggett to Jno. Duncan, 9-361
      Jos. McKinney to Jno. Duncan, 11-113

Stewart Co. TN Deed Index (FHL film 554,325, also from Louis Boone)
      4-435/438: Robt. Dinkins, grantee
      6-140: Robt. Dinkins, grantee
      8-275/285, 287: John Duncan from John McCaughan (not found in deed book pg.275, 287)
      9-71: John Dunkin from Wm. Cherry
      9-360: John Duncan from Stephan McKenny
      9-361: John Duncan from Archibald Leggett
      11-133/153?: John Duncan from Jos. McKinney (actual deed pg.133 is from Elizabeth Nelson)
      12-269: Jno. Duncan to Richard M. Coolry
      15-55: Robt. Dinkins, grantor, 1844
      15-439: John Duncan to Jas. A. Harris
      17-295: Thomas Duncan from Saml. Kennedy, 1851
      17-296: Thos. Duncan, grantee, 1851
      18-183: Daniel H/W. Duncan from Jessie Smith
      18-188: J.F/T. Duncan from Saml. Stacker
      18-210: W.H/W. Duncan to J.W. Jouis?
      18-379: Robt. Dinkins, grantor
      19-126: J.T. Duncan trustee & others to R.W. McCline
      19-329 (2): J.T. Duncan to Danl. W. Duncan, Power of Attorney
      19-513: William Duncan from John Henley, rec. 1854
      21-194, 623, 624: Thos. H. Duncan, grantee
      22-553, 554, 621: T.J. Duncan, grantee
      22-573: J.T. Duncan to R.C. Daniel, 1866
      22-583: T.J. Duncan, grantor, 1861
      22-596: T.J. Duncan, grantor, 1865
      22-596: Robt. Dinkins, grantor

Stewart Co. TN Deeds (some from Louis Boone and Estelle Horn)
      F-285: 1 May 1828, John McCanghan of Trigg Co. KY to John Duncan, $15 commonwealth bank paper of state of KY, 50 acres on head waters of Harry? fork of Saline Creek, Leggets line, Trigg Siminary. (FHL film 554,330)
      F-287: 22 Feb. 1828, John McCanghan of Trigg Co. KY to John Duncan, $40, 74-1/2 acres Harris fork Saline Creek, Leggats corner, Cherry corner, belonged to Trigg Siminary. Reg. May 1828. (FHL film 554,330)
      F-366: 18 Aug. 1828, Thos. Ward, sheriff, by writ of execution from court of pleas & quartly 18 Aug. 1828, goods and chattles of Henry Duncan and wife, $315.09-1/2, Nathan Rop received against them ... take negro woman Rebecca and other goods ... sold $60. Nov. term 1828. (FHL film 554,330)
      Book 7, no Duncan; Vol 9, 10. Vol H 1-118 missing. start pg.429. (FHL film 554,331)
      8-327: 1825 deed of Sansford witnessed by Alexander Duncan. (FHL film 554,331; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      9-71: 28 April 1829, William H. Cherry to John Dunkin, both Stewart Co. TN, $100, tract granted to Henry Pugh #3155 bounded by Henry King on a branch of the Saline containing 30 acres, 20 acre tract, 10 acre tract, 20 acre tract. /s/ William and Daniel Cherry. (FHL film 554,331; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      9-360: 20 Feb. 1832, Stephen McKinny to John Duncan, both Stewart Co. TN, $15, 50 acres on waters of Britian fork on Saline Creek, on Dyer Creek. (FHL film 554,331; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
            MAD: Jno. Duncan had a KY land grant south of Walker's line, for 250 acres, book 3, pg.26, 8-31-1832, in Stewart Co., on Brittons Fork of Salim Creek; from "The KY Land Grants" by Willard R. Jillson 1925, pg.909.
      9-361: 15 July 1831, John Duncan to Archibald Legget, both Stewart Co. TN, $15, part of one tract from McCaughan (deed indexed but not found in microfilmed deed books), bounded by William W. Cherry, Martin Legget, Archibald Legget. (FHL film 554,331; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      11-153: 18 Jan. 1834, Joseph McKiney to John Duncan, $100, 50 acres on waters of Britton fork of Saline Creek, Wm. Cherry's survey. Reg. 10 Mar. 1835. (FHL film 554,332)
      12-269: 10 Nov. 1836, John Duncan to Richard M. Cooley; C.W. Colley loaned Duncan $150 made 12 mos. note, security is deed to 250 acres on Britton fork of Saline Creek granted by KY to Duncan, patent 6 Feb. 1833, and another 50 acres on Britton fork of Saline Creek, and another 74-1/2 acres on Harry's fork Saline Creek, and another 50 acres, and another tract from Trigg Co. Seminary, 3 other tracts 30 acres, 10 acres, 20 acres, 50 acres; if Duncan does not pay, land to be sold to highest bidder. (FHL film 554,332)
      12-269: 10 Nov. 1836, John Duncan to Richard M. Cooley, $150, 250 acres on Walkers line opposite Trigg Co. KY, on Britains fork of Saline Creek, by 50 acres of John Dunkins land, Wm. Cherrys line. (FHL film 554,332; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      12-423: 8 May 1837, John Duncan to Abithal Wallace. John Dunkin is desirous of obtaining a loan from T.S. Barnes for $100 for 6 months, mortgage to A. Wallace 3 horses, 4 cattle, 30 hogs, furniture. (FHL film 554,332)
      15-439: 17 Nov. 1840, John G. Duncan to my nephew James Andrew Silla Harris, infant son of Robert Harris, all of Stewart Co. TN, for love, a horse. Wit. W. Williams, Nathaniel (\) Duncan. (FHL film 554,333)
      16-53: 6 April 1848, John T. Duncan mortgage to H. Vollintine, $5 paid & other considerations; personal property, including small yoke oxen, horse; Wright T. Daniel and Wm. Aron are security this day for John T. Duncan to James T. Morris and James W. Williams, adm. of Jonathan Skinner decd, by note payable 6 months, for $21.10, and W.T. Daniel is security for John T. Duncan to James S. Rolls, guardian of heirs of David Earhart decd by note 4 or 5 Jan. 1848 payable 1 Jan. 1849, for $40. (FHL film 554,334)
      16-94: 23 May 1848, Nelson Griffin to John T. Duncan, trustee, $5, oxen etc. mortgage. (FHL film 554,334)
      17-307: 16 April 1852, J.T. Duncan and W.A. Griffin to W.L. Fildin (James W. Smith in body of deed), $5, wagon, 5 horses or mules property of said Duncan and Griffin, giving D & G liberty of trading any 5 for the space of 9 months. (FHL film 554,334)
      18-183: 13 July 1853, Jesse Smith to D.H. Duncan of Montgomery Co., $489 paid as follows: $140 in good trade balance cash, land in Stewart Co. #1, 163-1/4 acres, Hobart Wilson east boundary. Wit. J. Roberts, John T. Duncan. (FHL film 554,334)
      18-188: 20 Jan. 1853, Samuel Stacker of Stewart Co. TN to John T. Duncan of 2nd part and A.B. Norris and wife Elizabeth of 3rd part; for $1750, Samuel Staker conveys to John T. Duncan the following tracts exclusive of the Island on the Cumberland River, in Stewart Co. TN: one tract beg. on S.side Cumberland River on the river bank, bank of long creek, and up its various courses, to ... the side boundary of a tract formerly belonging to Robert Williams, to ... E. boundary of Adam McGee's land, containing 173 acres and 1/4 acre more or less, which land was conveyed to said Stacker by H?.L. Atkins; another tract adj. foregoing containing 136 acres more or less, beg. on south bank of Cumberland River, with James Mcgee's [line], and then McGees and Thomas Williams lines, said land having been conveyed by H?.L. Atkins to said Staker; another tract adjoining, beg. at John B. Colins NW corner formerly Robert? Williams? trustee, up the creek, containing 25 acres more or less, being conveyed by H.L. Atkins to said Stacker; another tract known as Dower Island granted to Henry L. Atkins by Grant #15216 dated 3 Oct. 1835?; the land to John T. Duncan for the use and benefit of Elizabeth Norris wife of A.B. Norris, reserving to said A.B. Norris for his own life the use and enjoyment jointly with his wife of said lands but not to be subject to his creditors, and provided that the trustee and his successors is empowered to convey [title?] by the said Elizabeth Norris in writing under her own hand; /s/ Saml. Stacker; wit. J.R. Crisp, H.S. Kimble. (FHL film 554,334 item 3)
      18-210: 13 July 1853, Danl. H. Duncan to J.H. Jones, $653 pd Dist. 1, 163-1/4 acres. Wit. H.H. Trackle, Noah McGregor. (FHL film 554,334)
      19-126: 18 Aug. 1853, John T. Duncan, trustee, and Elizabeth Norris and A.R. Norris, to Robert W. McClure for $450 paid Elizabeth and A.R. Norris, John T. Duncan by power of deed from Saml. Slacker to Duncan and Elizabeth & A.B. Norris dated 20 Jan. 1853, recorded Stewart Co. TN in Book 18, pg.189-190, the requisitions in said deed having been complied with and notice in writing having been given Duncan; sell to Robert W. McClure 173-1/2 acres on SS Cumberland River on bank of Long Creek, bounding land formerly belonging to Robert Williams, bounding Adam McGees land; and 136 acres adj. first tract; and 25 acres adj. 2nd tract; and tract known as Dover Island granted to Henry L. Atkins 3 Oct. 1835 grant #13216. /s/ John T. Duncan, Elizabeth M. Norris, A.B. Norris. (FHL film 554,335; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      19-244: 14 Aug. 1855, John T. Duncan to Thos M. Atkins $5 pd and other considerations (viz) pr bay horses now in Henry Co., pr horses or mules brown in this Co., l large and 1 small hack ... but this deed is made for the following use and trust and no other use ... I am indebted to one A.M. Parish $122.97, now if I should pay this deed is void. (FHL film 554,335)
      19-329: 14 Dec. 1855, Friday; Know all men by their presents that I John T. Duncan Stewart Co. have appointed Daniel H. Duncan my attorney to transact all business for me in my name in Stewart & Henry Cos, to collect all debts due me either by notes, accounts, constable receipts or otherwise both real and personal. Also to call for and receive for me all letters, papers and public documents ... employ council, do all lawful things that I myself should do ... Wit. W.E. Lewis, W.E. Lewis Jr.; recorded 19 Dec. 1855 on oath of wit. (FHL film 554,335; from Louis Boone 9/1984 and Estelle Horn)
      19-329: 14 Dec. 1855, John T. Duncan of Stewart Co. TN transfer mail route 8590 from Clarksville to Paris 65 miles to D.H. Duncan and give him full power to transact the business ... Wit. W.E. Lewis, W.E. Lewis Jr. (FHL film 554,335; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      19-407: 27 Feb. 1856, J. Parchmen shff to S. Martin & J.T. Duncan, where Martin & Duncan recovered judgement for the sum of $250 debt and $10.67-3/4 cost against one W.H. Ramsey in Cir court 14 Nov 1853 upon which a wit of Furi-facias issued 26 Nov 1853 which came to the hands of Elisha Dawson Shff ... levied on 2 tracts of land 250 acres dist 3 head water Dyer creek ... offered for public sale Feb 1854. Martin & Duncan higest bidders $275 transferred to Martin & Duncan 27 Feb 1856. (FHL film 554,335)
      19-513: 28 Apr 1822 between John Hendry, Pope Co. IL, & William Duncan, Logan Co. KY, $500 pd., all land willed to John Hendry by his father Wm. Hendry by will recorded in Logan Co., land being 1/2 of undivided 3 tracts in Stewart Co. 274 acres on Saline creek. (FHL film 554,335; from Louis Boone 9/1984 and Estelle Horn)
      22-553: (date?) J.M. Scarbrough to T.J. Duncan, $300, part of town lot #100 on Spring St., Public Square. Reg. 29 June 1866. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-554: (date?) M.C. and J.R. Randle to T.J. Duncan, $450, 1 tract on Standing Rock Creek and one undivided interest in dower set apart for Mary Dawson, Standing Rock Creek. Apr. 1866. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-583: 25 Aug. 1866, T.J. Duncan to R.E. Daniel, $500, tract on Standing Rock creek and undivided interest in dower of Mary Dawson. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-596: 24 Sept. 1866, T.J. Duncan to C.P. Andrews, $3000, part of town lot #100 in Dover on Spring Street, public square, improvements, dry good and groc. stores. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-621: (date?) C.P. Andrews to T.J. Duncan, $3000, town lot #100 Dover, stock of dry goods and groc. Reg. 16 Nov. 1866. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-622: (date?) T.J. Duncan to N. Brandon, mortgage, entire stock I now own of dry goods, groc. and hardware on hand and lot #100; owe taxes, merchandise, ... Reg. 10 Nov. 1866. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-623: 22 Oct. 1866, James Summers to Thomas H. Duncan of Trigg Co. KY, $300, 169-1/2 acres. (FHL film 554,336)
      22-624: 2 Nov. 1866, James Summers to Thomas H. Duncan of Trigg Co. KY, $928. Reg. 13 Nov. 1866. (FHL film 554,336)
      23-38: Estelle Horne: "sold to Haylard Duncan Co $55 land and mill fixtures ... 29 June 1867." (deed in poor condition). MAD: O.C. Hix deed, no mention found of Haylard. (FHL film 554,337)
      23-81: 12 Oct. 1867, T.J. Duncan and N. Brandon to Daniel Lowery, $1500, 2 parts town lot #100 in Dover on Square and Spring St. (FHL film 554,337)
      23-211: July 1868, Thomas J. Duncan and wife Mary A. to R. Daniels, $125, undivided interest of Mary Dawson decd, Dist. 10, Standing Rock Creek. (FHL film 554,337)
      23-223: 16 Nov. 1867, to N.P. Hargis and N.J. Williams, $347.50, our interest in land, mill and mill fixtures on Saline Creek in Dist. 4, 1-1/2 acres, that we bid off at a County Clerk's sale, sold as the property of the late W.H?.A. Pugh decd, on about 29 June 1867. /s/ J.B. Halyard Duncan & Co. Wit. S.D. Hargis, S.S. Gentry. Reg. on oath of wit. who are acquainted with J.B. Halyard of firm of Halyard Duncan & Co., that he executed the deed. (FHL film 554,337) (MAD: next deed, Hargis & Williams sold this for $550 to D.C. Watts, 3 Aug. 1868)
      23-273: July 1868, sheriff to Thomas J. Duncan, highest bidder, judgment against Judson Horn $505 in 1861, town lot 104 in Dover, $35. (FHL film 554,337)
      25-244: 31 Dec. 1866, Thomas H. Duncan to Simon Ransom's heirs (man of color), $800, $200 paid, $300 to be paid 1 Feb. 1868-1869, he paid $600, heirs the rest, 105 acres on Saline Creek in Dist. 3. Reg. 13 Feb. 1872. (FHL film 554,337)
      25-328: No date, T.J. Duncan and wife Mary A. of Robertson Co. to R.C. Daniel?, $450, 50 acres by est. on Standing Rock Creek; rec. 19 Oct. 1871. (FHL film 554,337 item 2)
      27-479: 2 March 1876, E. Duncan and heirs of W.T. Duncan decd to Sam Kennada, note $200 Saline Creek, Dist.3, 137 acres. /s/ E. Duncan & D.D. Duncan. (FHL film 554,338)
      29-205: 5 April 1876, between heirs & representatives of Wm. T. Duncan decd, and children of heirs, and names of each and every one who is married, to wit: (1) Samuel T. Duncan and wife Margaret; (2) Daniel Duncan and wife Fanny; (3) Sarah Duncan now Frogg and husband Timothy Frogg; (4) Elizabeth Stevenson; (5) Mary J. Tucker; (6) Ann J. Gilbert; (7) the James Duncan children, he being dead, to wit, Wilkins Duncan, Tucker Duncan and wife Willilla, Sooky? Duncan now Henry and her husband Mr. Henry of AR; (8) the John P. Duncan children, to wit, William Duncan, Margaret now Hunt and her husband George Hunt, Anis now Tucker and her husband Franklin Tucker, and Robert Duncan, Eugene Duncan, Ella Duncan, Daniel Duncan, Hubbard Duncan; parties of the 1st part; to James Sumner of Stewart Co. TN, of the other part; for $240, land in Stewart Co. TN on waters of Saline Creek, corner Duncan Stuart's lower 1,000 acres survey. Thomas R. Henry and wife S.M. Henry appeared in Drew Co. AR 1 July 1879; Mrs. M.M. Hunt wife of G.W. Hunt appeared before James M. Duncan, clerk of Hill Co. TX; Sarah F. Duncan, and J.T. Duncan and wife W.E. Duncan appeared in Drew Co. AR; R.F. Tucker and wife A.M. Tucker appeared in Ashley Co. AR; E. Duncan appeared in Summer Co. TN; R.H. Duncan, J.E. Duncan, D.D. Duncan and H.H. Duncan appeared in Camp Co. TX; G.W. Hunt and W.T. Duncan appeared in Hill Co. TX before James M. Duncan, county clerk. Reg. 31 July 1880 in Stewart Co. TN. (FHL film 554,338, and from Estelle Horn)
      29-470: 5 April 1876, heirs of W.T. Duncan to Saml. Kenneda, $200, entire interest 137 acres. (FHL film 554,338)
      29-473: 5 April 1881, Ann J. Gilbert, widow of J.M. Gilbert, dau. of Wm. Duncan dec'd, to Daniel D. Duncan, both of Logan Co. KY, $100 (also gives David D. Duncan), 1/9 undivided int. Wm. Duncan bought land 1822 from John Hendry some has been sold. (FHL film 554,338)
      31-53: 19 Dec. 1881, C.A. Thomas of KY to T.H. Duncan, $225, 35 acres Saline Creek next to Duncan's land. (FHL film 554,339)
      31-247: 11 Sept. 1883, C.A. Thomas of KY and wife to N.B. Duncan; $700; $500 paid all our rite and title in 3 tracts of land that belonged to Thos. H/M. Duncan decd dist. 3 Saline Creek, 151 acres. /s/ R.J. Carr, C.A. Thomas, Martha A. Thomas, M.E. Guinn, J.W. Carr. (FHL film 554,339)
      31-249: 11 Sept. 1883, N.B. Duncan, Rhoda J. Carr, Martha A. Thomas to Margaret E. Guin; to divide and partition lands of Thos. H. Duncan decd in Dist. 3, Saline Creek. M.E. Guin 65-1/4 acres. (FHL film 554,339)
      31-251: 11 Sept. 1883, Duncan ch. to Rhoda J. Carr, her part of land, 112-1/2 acres. (FHL film 554,339)
      32-452: 25 Jan. 1887, Harkles (X) Ledgord and wife Jane to Needham B. Duncan, $182, 26 acres on Saline Creek in Dist. 3. (FHL film 554,339 item 1)
      MAD: Quit

Stewart Co. TN Deed Book 1, 1804-1806, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 1)
      No Duncan

Stewart Co. TN Deed Book 3, 1789-1818, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 2)
      No Duncan

Stewart Co. TN Deeds, Vol.4, 1810-1813, Abstracts; typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 7)
      No Duncan


Stewart Co. TN Settlements (from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      1812-1840; pgs. 1-106 missing - No Duncan (FHL film 554,314)
      1840-1854 - no Duncan (FHL film 554,315)
      1854-1866 - not checked (FHL film 554,316)

Stewart Co. TN Settlements and Bonds (from Estelle Horne to Tamra Duncan to MAD 1988)
      E-247: Daniel & John T. Duncan bought at sale of Bartlett McGregor. (Vol. E, 1840-1843; FHL film 554,315)
      H-68: 2 Jan. 1855, John T. Duncan adm. of Abner Collins. /s/ John T. Duncan, L. Hagis, Noah McGregor, Henry Jackson, W/M.L. Duncan. (Vol. H, 1854-1858; FHL film 554,316)
      J-330: Wm. R. Thweatt settlement, Danl. Duncan had note $1124.30, Richard Duncan $70; neither was collected. (Vol. J, 1866-1882; FHL film 554,317)
      MAD: quit

Stewart Co. TN Guardian Accounts (from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      1842-1858 - No Duncan (FHL film 554,284)
      1858-1872 - No Duncan as far as checked; not all checked (FHL film 554,285)


Stewart Co. TN County Court Minute Docket 1804-1807, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 4)
      No Duncan


Stewart Co. TN Tax Book Vol.2, 1808-1812, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,834 item 5)
      No Duncan

Stewart Co. TN Tax Lists, 1827-1865 (FHL film 554,402; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
1827: John Duncan, Salem & Southwood, Skinner's Co.
1828: John Duncan, Salem & Southwood, Skinner's Co.
1829: John Duncan, Salem & Southwood, Skinner's Co.
1830: John Duncan, Salem & Southwood, Skinner's Co.
      Henry Duncan, Cumberland
1831: John Duncan
1832: John Duncan
1833: John Duncan, McKinney's Co.
1836: John Duncan, Dist. #2
1837: John Duncan, Dist. #4
1838: John Duncan, Dist. #3
      William Duncan, Dist. #7
1841: John Duncan, Dist. #3
      John Duncan, Dist. #4
      Wm. Dunkin, Dist. #10
1842: John Duncan, Dist. #3
      John Duncan, Dist. #4
1843: Daniel Duncan, Dist. #1
      Thomas Duncan, Dist. #7
1846/7: Dennis Daugherty heirs, Dist. #7
       John J. Duncan
       John G. Duncan
       Thomas Duncan
1848: Thomas Duncan, Dist. #7, no land tax
      Richard Dunham (LB: sic)
      John J. Duncan, #7, no land
      Thomas Duncan, #3, 50a
      W.G. Duncan, #8, no land
      Henry Duncan, #9, no land
1849: Thomas Duncan, #3, no land
      Washington Duncan, #4, no land
      J.G. Duncan, #7, no land tax
1850: John Duncan, #2, no land
      Thomas Duncan, #3, 119a
      Washington Duncan, #4, no land
      Thomas Duncan, #7, no land; near Daughtery (sic)
      J.G. Duncan, #7, no land
      J.W. Duncan, #11, no land
1851: John T. Duncan, #2, no land
      J. Duncan, #3, 119a
      G.W. Duncan, #4, no land
      John Duncan, #4, no land
      Nathaniel Duncan, #4, no land
      John W. Duncan, #11, no land
      (no Duncan in Dist. #7)
1852: J.T. Duncan, #2, no land
      Thomas Duncan, #3, 119a
      Alfred Duncan, #3, no land
      Washington Duncan, #4, no land
      J.G. Duncan, #4, no land
1853: Thomas Duncan, #3, 118a
      J.T. Duncan, #7, no land

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "Histories of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.7 and from Evelyn Sigler)
      No Duncan biographical sketch
      Pg.1304-5, Stewart Co.: Rev. Daniel C. McGregor, farmer of Stewart Co., is the son of Noah and Mahala (Duncan) McGregor. His father and mother were born in TN. Previous to his union with Miss Duncan the father took to wife Nellie Allen, by whom he had 2 children. Of his second marriage 6 children were born. Both parents were members of the Baptist Church. He was a farmer, a soldier, assisting in the removal of the Indians west of the MS, a magistrate for 15 years and an old Jacksonian Democrat. The father died at the age of 75; the mother still lives. Daniel traces his ancestors back to the old families of McGregor and Duncan, of Scotland. Our subject was born in this county, in 1847, raised on the farm, and ... In 1875 he married Florence D. Landy, ....

1890 "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern AR" by Goodspeed (Carmichael, CA, Library)
      Pg.167, Clark Co. AR: Willis S. Smith, MD, one of most prominent old settlers of AR, born Todd Co. KY near Elkton (then Logan Co.) Aug. 10, 1810, 5th of 12 children, 9 sons & 3 daus, born to Millington and Barbara (Barton) Smith, natives of Edgecombe Co. NC. They were married in Stewart Co. TN and in 1808 moved from TN to Western KY ... Russellville. In 1810, same year subject was born, parents moved back to Stewart Co. where Fort Donelson now is, and in 1817 removed to Johnson Co. IL where he and wife both died, he in 1836 in 76th year, she in 1832 age 52; both Baptist Church. His father, Willis Smith, was Rev. Soldier and killed at Bunker Hill, the son of George Smith native of Ireland who came to America, located in Edgecombe Co. NC where he died. Maternal ancestors of subject were also natives of Ireland. (MAD: nothing more said about Barton family; no mention of a Duncan; Kirby Watkins article on Cardwell B.R. Smith, son of Millington and Barbara (Barton) Smith, named Barbara Barton as the daughter of James Barton (will in 1804 in Logan Co. KY) and Mary Duncan; from pg.85, "AR Family Historian" Vol. 24/2, 6/1986, AR Gen. Society, Little Rock [Pulaski Co.], AR)


Davidson Co. TN Deed (FHL film 332,665)
      S-165: 8 Sept. 1828, Henry Duncan and wife Penina?, late widow and relict of David Tatum Ethridge, both of Stewart Co. TN, to William Shelton of Davidson Co., $129, 104 acres on North side Cumberland River; said Penina her right of dower. Wit. Thos. W. Feeland?, Samuel (X) Dennis?.

Gibson Co. TN Surveyor's Book 1 (FHL film 1,007,811 item 1)
      1-44: Survey #39, 13th Dist. State of TN, by virtue of Entry #306 dated 15 Jan. 1821, founded on Cert. Warrant #1667 issued by Commissioners of W. TN to James Patterson for 5000 acres, dated 5 Oct. 1820, I have surveyed for George W.L. Marr and Joseph Bryan, assignees originally of James Patterson, 5000 acres in Stewart Co. in 13th Dist. on Mississippi River, surveyed April 4, 1821, /s/ Eph. B. Davidson, D.S.; C. Davidson and George Duncan, S.C.C.; returned 25 May 1821.

Calloway Co. KY Deed (FHL film 321,413)
      B-83: 10 March 1835, Nathan Skinner of Stewart Co. TN to Henary Duncan and Penney Duncan his wife of Calloway Co. KY, $40, 1/4 section on Grinstone Creek in Calloway Co. KY, Sec. 4, Twp. 1, Range 6E, and SE 1/4 of said section entered and granted in name of Nathan Skinner, 160 acres. Wit. Elias W. Smith, Rolen W. Mills. Rec. on oath of wit. 19 Aug. 1835.


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