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Formed 1823 from Western District
Lake formed 1870 from Obion


1830 Obion Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Obion Co. TN Census
Pg.129  C. or Yandell Duncan  6011,1        - 1000,1001
        James Duncan          0012,0001     - 0000,1001
        William M. Duncan     0100,1        - 2000,1
          (MAD: See Oregon Co. MO 1850)

1850 Obion Co. TN Census (and part from Shelby Wild 4/1985)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 1
Pg.326 (651), #97, Richard DUNCAN 44 TN farmer $0
                  Mary 36 VA
                  Sarah 14, William 12 TN
                  John 9, Anderson 7 KY
                  Mary 4 KY
                  unnamed (f) 3/12 TN
                  (MAD: ? Richard Duncan mar. Mary J. Gills 4/2/1835 Hickman or ? Richard Duncan mar. Mary A. Redman 9/10/1835 Clark Co. KY)
District 2
Pg.355 (709), #527, John WARREN 32 ME carpenter #1200
                  Sarah 28 TN
                  John 5, Rosanna 1 TN
                  (MAD: John Warren mar. Sarah G. Duncan 6/22/1842)
Pg.355 (710), #538, John WHITE 55 TN constable $1000
                  Jane 54? VA
                  Sarah 40, William 24 TN
                  Almira DUNCAN 17 TN
Pg.357 (713), #555, Margaret DUNCAN 33 KY (blank) $0
                  David 8, Elizabeth 7 TN
                  Levi (m) 7, Jane (f) 2 TN
                  Elizabeth VANCE 65 VA
                  (MAD: Margaret Duncan with son Levi P. Duncan in 1870 Butler Co. MO census)
District 3
Pg.363 (725), #642, Daniel WILSON 36 NC farmer $300
                  Mary 35 TN
                  Robert 6, James 5, William 2 TN
                  May WEBB (f) 4 AR
                  (MAD: looking for Daniel Wilson mar. Mary Dunkin 8/15/1850 Carter Co. TN)

1860 Obion Co. TN Census
District 1
Pg.7 (104), #617, Anderson GILLS 81 VA farmer $2100
                  Mary 72 VA
                  John 49 VA laborer
                  Fanny DUNCAN 14 TN
                  Nancy S. 9 TN
District 6
Pg.64 (249), #1560, Richard DAVIS 26 TN farmer $0-$50
                  A.E. (f) 24 KY
                  R.A.(f) 7, T.E.(m) 5, T.A.(m) 4, J.W.(m) 2 TN
                  G. CAMPBELL (m) 30 TN laborer
                  (MAD: Richard Davis mar. Aramenta Davis (Duncan) 11/20/1855)
Pg.75 (271), #1716, M. DUNCAN (f) 40 TN farming $0-$200
                  E. (f) 14, Lue (f) 14 TN
                  Jas. 18, L. (f) 12 TN
                  S. (f) 7, M. (f) 4 TN
                  M.J. (f) 4 TN
                  J.H. COOPER (m) 34 TN M.E. Minister $0-$100
District 9
Pg.104 (72), #431, M.M. TAYLOR (m) 32 TN farmer 0-$1700
                  Nancy F. 26 TN
                  M.H. DUNCAN (f) 24 TN
                  (MAD: Mansel M. Taylor mar. Nancy F. Duncan 7/20/1858)
Pg.107 (78), #467, P.W. DUCHAM (m) 31 TN farmer $8400
                  Susna (sic) (f) 18 TN
                  Celia A. 2/12 TN
                  Wm. R. Mabry [DUCHAM] 7 TN
                  N.B. DUNKEN (f) 16 TN
District 11
Pg.126 (124), #731, J.P. DUNCAN (m) 22 TN farmer $0-$400
                  Eliz. 18 TN (not m/in/yr)
                  J.F. GARRISON (m) 14 TN
District 3
Pg.333 (178), #1098, Daniel WILSON 46 NC farmer $1000-$2200
                  Mary 38 TN
                  R.D.(m) 16, J.A.(m) 13, W.J.(m) 11 TN
                  J.A.(m) 7, J.(f) 4, M.J.(f) 7/12 TN
                  (MAD: looking for Daniel Wilson mar. Mary Dunkin 8/15/1850 Carter Co. TN; no marriage for a Daniel Wilson listed in Obion Co. TN or another county in "Early West TN Marriages" by Sistler)

1870 Obion Co. TN Census
District 6, P.O. Troy
Pg.138, #349-349, DUNCAN, P.W. (m) 42 TN sheriff $0-$500
                  Susanna 29 TN K. House
                  Celia A. (f) 9 TN at school
                  Alexander 8 TN at school
                  Moro M. (m) 6 TN
                  John 4 TN
                  Gideon 8/12 TN b.Sept.
                  FIELDS, Jennie (f) 27 TN (white) at home
                  (MAD: Pleasant W. Duncan; one Pleasant Duncan 52 TN VA VA, wife Martha 38 TN NC NC, and ch. indexed on pg.174A, 1880 Lee Co. MS Census; P.W. Duncan 5/19/1828 - 2/4/1908, and wife Martha C. 1841-1919, bur. in Nettleton or Mullin's Cemetery, near line of Monroe and Lee Co. MS, from pg.213, "Lee Co. MS Cemetery Records 1820-1979" by Mississippi Historical & Genealogical Society, 1981, FHL film 1,035,665 item 4; P.W. Duncan in 22nd TN, applied for MS Confederate Pension in 1900 Monroe Co. MS, "T.W." Duncan in 1906, and Mrs. M.C. Duncan, widow of P.W., in 1908, Monroe Co. MS, from pg.252-3, "MS Confederate Pension Applications" by Betty Couch Wiltshire, FHL book 976.2 M2wb)
District 11, P.O. Kenton Sta.
Pg.192, #11-11, DUNCAN, J.P.D. (m) 34 TN farmer $0-$200
                  Elizabeth 29 TN keeping house $0-$900
                  William S. 10, Margaret E. 7, Mary E. 3 TN
                  Alice 7/12 b.Jan. TN
                  (MAD: One I.P. Duncan or L.P. Duncan mar. M.E. Woolard 6/21/1862; one John Duncan mar. Elizabeth Nichols 3/1/1858)

1900 Obion Co. TN Soundex (from Mary Hudson 1984; all Duncans in soundex for this county)
      E.M. DUNCAN; 13th Civ. Dist., Union City, Palmer Street, Vol. 53, E.D. 108, Sheet 6, Line 67; b. Sept. 1838, 61, TN; enumerated with Josie JULIAN (sister).
      Christopher DUNCAN b. Jan. 1854 KY; Allie M. (wife) b. 1858 UNK
      In household of D.M. RAY:
            Beulah DUNCAN b. 1876 TN (boarder)
      Cornelius DUNCAN b. June 1845 TN; Sarah (wife) (TN) (no birth info given by Mary)
      In household of Lucy A. TATE:
            Iric DUNCAN b. Nov. 1874 TN (boarder)
      James DUNCAN b. Mar. 1869 (no local); Alice (wife) Jan. 1877 KY
      John DUNCAN b. Sept. 1866 TN; Lula (wife) b. 1873 TN
      John DUNCAN b. Dec. 1877 TN; Laurie (wife) b. 1879 TN


Obion Co. TN Wills, inventories, settlements (FHL film 1,007,256)
      1834-1838 - no index
      1841-1843 - no index
      1838-1841 - no index

Obion Co. TN Wills, Inventories & Settlements 1855-1858 (FHL film 1,007,323)
      J-24: May, 1855, inventory and sales of Thomas Duncan, decd, 7 May 1855; includes note from John W. & T.P. Walker due 25 Dec. No sales to Duncan; W.R. Hogan admin. (J-25) 20 July 1854, lay off to Armata (Armeta?) Duncan, widow of Thomas, one year's allowance. (J-146) 1 Sept. 1856, settlement. No heirs named.

Obion Co. TN Will Book Vol. 1 or A, 1833-1861 (typed) (FHL film 24,780 item 5)
      Pg. 104: 23 Feb. 1859, will of F.A. Duncan of Obion Co. TN, planter; buried at Harlons Hill in Dyer Co. TN in suitable manner; all debts be paid including the debts that my son P.W. Ducan (sic) and me owes jointly, paid as soon as possible; to my wife two negroes Edna and Charlotte in accordance with a former gift; to my wife C.H. Duncan four other negroes Janet?, ??, Peteo? & Orphiliaus (blurred copy) during life or widowhood, then to all my heirs equally; balance of personal property to be kept in the family for their use, and that Land Neely having received some property, the rest of my heirs is to be made equal. Appoint son P.W. Duncan executor. Wit. Stephen Campbell, Willaim (sic) P. Wood. No probate date. (pg.39) (MAD: see Fielding A. Duncan in 1850 Sumner Co. TN)


Obion Co. TN Deeds (grantor & grantee indexes 1824-1869 on FHL film 1,007,325)
      E-92: 6 Dec. 1838, Wm. M. Dunkin to William Calhoun, $10, trust deed, my stallion named Monarch, 6 years old; Dunkin owes George Bates $225 due 25 Dec. 1839. Wit. Saml. C. Henry, James (X) Duncan. Rec. on oath of Samuel C. Henry. (FHL film 1,007,329)
      M-641: 2 Jan. 1849, F.A. Duncan for love of wife Celia Duncan, my negro girl Eddy age about 5 years. Wit. D. Herst?, Wm. Harts. (FHL film 1,007,332)
      M-642: 2 Jan. 1849, F.A. Duncan for love of wife Celia Duncan, my negro girl Charlotte age about 6 years. No wit. (FHL film 1,007,332)
      N-149: 7 Sept. 1859, that whereas M. Garrett, as trustee and by order of deed of trust by J.K. Bird, sold to James R. Kelly [by] original deed dated 1 Dec. 1857, and conveyed to him said Kelly 56 acres, a part of entry #488 in name of Edwin Clyde? (Ulyde?) situate in Civil Dist. 9 in above county [Obion], beg. at Wylys Cathey's NE corner, then [to] line of the Pinson? tract, said Cathey's corner & line, Cathey's line now Parker's; whereas said Bird sold and conveyed his rights of redemption in said land to Lee Pickan and he to Pleasant W. Dunkin, and the said Dunkin has this day & heretofore paid Kelley $335.80, being the amount of said Kellys bid on said land and interest and costs on same to this date to reduce the same, now I, James R. Kelly, convey to said Pleasant W. Dunkin, my right etc. as I took by said purchase and deed; wit. S.W. Cochran, Jas. McAlister. (FHL film 1,007,333) (MAD: J.K. Bird mortgaged the 56 acres to M. Garrett who sold the land for nonpayment in 1857 to James R. Kelly; Bird sold his right of redeeming the land to Lee Pickan who sold this right to Dunkin; Kelly sold the land in 1859 to Dunkin for the amount Kelly had paid.)
      N-427: 25 June 1860, P.W. Duncan of Obion Co. TN to A.G. Ferguson of Dyer Co., my interest in sale of F.A. Duncan's negroes sold by order of the county for $830, by note. Wit. S.G. Dickey, Jas. H. King. (FHL film 1,007,333)
      N-463: 2 July 1860, Pleasant W. Duncan to William P. Woods, 56 acres, for $750 to be paid in installments. Wit. A.B. Enloe, A. Horice. (FHL film 1,007,333)


Obion Co. TN Circuit Court Journal 1835-1839 (typed) (FHL film 24,780 item 1)
      Pg.148: 22 June 1837, William Duncan and others securities in an indictment for murder.

Obion Co. TN 1st Minute Book, Circuit Court, 1826-1832 (FHL film 24,780 item 3)
      No Duncan

Obion Co. TN County Court Minute Book 2, 1832-1834 (FHL film 24,780 item 4)
      No Duncan


Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850 (online database of TN State Library and Archives 8/10/2000)
      The Tennessee State Penitentiary opened in 1831. Prior to that offenders were held in county jails. Surviving records of the Penitentiary are housed at the State Library and Archives as Record Group 25.
      The list of inmates is found in ledger volume 86 of those records. The ledger also includes the date received in the Penitentiary, the prisoner's state of birth, and the date discharged. Copies of entries are available upon request by mail (listed under "State Penitentiary and Record Groups").

HISTORIES before 1923

1899 "The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches" by George W. Lasher, D.D.; pub. by Ministerial Directory Co., Oxford, OH (copy of pgs. 225-226 from Margo Thiel 1/1986)
      (MAD: Name, city & State; Place of birth; Place and date licensed and ordained; Preached; other abbreviations: Preached; Studied; Church; Institute; College)
      DUNCAN, Andrew J., Calhoun [McMinn Co.], TN - Born Obion Co. TN; Lic. June 1861, Ord. May 4, 1867, Canaday's Creek Ch. TN; P. Canaday's Creek, Short Creek, TN.


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