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Formed 1821 from Western District
Crockett formed 1845 from Dyer, Madison, Gibson, Haywood
Chester formed 1875 from Hardeman, Madison, Henderson, McNairy


1830 Madison Co. TN Census
Pg. 76  Lewis Duncan          1000,1        - 1100,1

1840 Madison Co. TN Census
Pg. 72  Page Dungan           2210,001      - 0010,1
   100  Lewis Duncan          0010,001      - 0220,01
   103  David Duncan          1122,101      - 1110,01
        Joseph Duncan         0000,1        - 0001
   116  Allin Dunigan         0010,1        - 1000,11  (1850 Duncan)
   117  William Dungan        0210,0000,1   - 0010,001  "
        Thomas Dungan         0000,1        - 1000,1    "

1850 Madison Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 8
Pg.285 (570), #981, David DUNCAN 54 SC farmer $7000
                  Elinor 49 SC
                  James 27, T. Nimrod 26 TN
                  William B. 24, Mary J. 15 TN
                  Stephen 12, Nancy 11 TN
                  Susan 8, Henry 6 TN
                  Ruthy SHUFFIELD 20 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Carroll Co. TN census)
Pg.285 (570), #982, P.S. DUNCAN (m) 26 TN farmer $0
                  Susan E. 20 TN
                  Richard H. 2, John D. 4/12 TN
                  John 17 TN farmer
Pg.285 (570), #983, William WHEELER 47 VA farmer $1000
                  Susan 46 TN
                  James 21, Francis M. (m) 14 TN
                  Tennessee (f) 11, Alexander 8 TN
                  William 6, Missouri (f) 4 TN
                  John DUNCAN 18 TN farmer
                  Kittura DABBS (f) 19 TN
                  Thos. CAFFREY 35 TN farmer
                  Fillmore (m) 10 TN
Pg.286 (571), #989, Joseph DUNCAN 35 TN miller $0
                  Mary 27 TN
                  Elizabeth E. 7, Jane D. 6 TN
                  Nancy A. 10/12 TN
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan mar. Mary Anderson 11/7/1839)
District 9
Pg.297 (594), #140, Allen DUNCAN 39 TN farmer $1300
                  Parthenia A.E. 11 TN
                  Mary A.E. 20, Thomas M. 18 TN
                  Joseph H. 16, Martha F.V.B. 10 TN
                  Joseph BONDS 18 TN farmer
                  (MAD: DUNGAN family per Pat Harris 7/2002)
Pg.297 (594), #143, Thos. DUNCAN 37 TN farmer $1000
                  Nancy 33 TN
                  Mary J. 11, William M. 9 TN
                  Isaac M. 7, James 4 TN
                  Thomas 4/12 TN
                  (MAD: DUNGAN family per Pat Harris 7/2002)
Pg.297 (594-5), #144, William DUNCAN 72 PA farmer $500
                  Mary A. 50 NC
                  Wm. H. 17, George W. 15 TN
                  (MAD: DUNGAN family per Pat Harris 7/2002)
District 10
Pg.305 (610), #246, James GILLIKEN 33 NC carpenter $0
                  Lotty L. 20 TN
                  James 5 TN
                  (MAD: James Gilliken mar. Amacivil Duncan, 2/17/1844)
Pg.306 (612), #258, Lewis DUNCAN 57 NC farmer $2500
                  Sabre (f) 46 NC
                  John J. 23 NC
                  Sarah J. 15, Frances T. (f) 8 TN
                  Elizabeth L. 7 TN
                  (MAD: son of William Duncan, d.1806 Duplin Co. NC; in Sampson Co. NC 1823-1828; his 1st wife Anna Louisa Dinkins d.1835; Sabre his 2nd wife)
Pg.308 (616), #284, Lewis GREGORY 30 (all birthplaces blank this page)
                  Mary O. 25
                  Sarah A. 6, Elijah 2
                  Ruffin YOUNG (m) 22 farmer $0
                  (MAD: Lewis Gregory mar. Neoma Duncan 9/18/1841; ?? if same family ??; no other mar. for Lewis to Mary in West TN bef. or after 1841)
District 12
Pg.323 (645), #476, Nathaniel DUNCAN 53 VA farmer $600
                  Lucy 52 VA
                  John 19, Sarah A. 15 VA
                  (MAD: ? from Pittsylvania Co. VA 1845; mar. 1811?)
Pg.329 (657), #560, Joseph S. UTLEY 25 NC farmer $0
                  Paulina 23 VA
                  John 4/12 TN
                  (MAD: Joseph S. Utley mar. Perline Duncan 5/17/1849)
District 16
Pg.345 (689), #774, James K. WEBB 28 NC farmer $1700
                  Celia A. 18 TN
                  Lurainy 70
                  (MAD: James K. Webb mar. Celia Duncan 11/20/1847)

1860 Madison Co. TN Census
District 7
Pg.125 (105), #713-744, Joseph HENNING 48 GA farmer $18000-$45000
                  Winifred 44 NC
                  Sarah 20, Wm. 17 TN
                  James 14, Winifred 12 TN
                  Henrietta 9, Joseph 6 TN
                  Babe (m) 2 TN
                  Sarah DUNCAN 24 TN
Pg.140 (157), #1084-1115, Julius EDWARDS 30 TN brick mason $2400-$1125
                  Mary 30 TN
                  Eliza J. 6, Mary 4, Howell 2
                  David H. 6/12 TN
District 10
Pg.148 (187), #1306-1386, James BROWN 70 VA farmer $2500-$200
                  Mary 68 VA
                  Julia 26, Caroline 24 NC
                  Mary L. DUNCAN 5 NC
Pg.155 (208), #1475-1506, James GILLIKINS 42 NC carpenter $1800-$0
                  Loucinda 30 TN
                  James 16, Mary 9, Elisha 6, Saml. 3 TN
Pg.171 (240, #1718-1752, James SMITH 40 TN farm laborer $0-$100
                  Martha 35 TN
                  Caroline 14, Wm. 12, Sallie 10 TN
                  Lucy KERBY 18 TN
                  (MAD: m. Washington Co. TN; may not be right family)
District 15
Pg.179 (288), #2076-2112, J.R. GILL (m) 27 VA (blank) $0-$0
                  Margaret 17 VA
                  Thos. 2, J.R. (m) 1 TN
                  Bettie BUMPESS? 85 TN
                  Bettie DUNCAN 17, Fannie 18 TN
District 17
Pg.199 (262), #1883-1918, Polly DUNCAN 40 TN farmer $0-$200
                  Ellen 15, Jane 13 TN
                  Amanda 10, Jno. 8 TN
                  Thos. 6 TN
Pg.199 (262), #1884-1919, Wm. A. GREGORY 35 TN farm laborer $0-$100
                  Mary 25 TN
                  Susan 6, Wm. H. 2, Nancy 7/12 TN
District 18
Pg.202 (171), #1186-1216, Casa McDONALD (f) 47 NC (blank) $540-$200
                  W.P. (m) 19, Lou T. (f) 14 TN
                  Virginia 12, B.F. (m) 10 TN
                  M.H. (f) 7 TN
                  Jno. DUNCAN 32 SCT school teacher
Pg.209 (193), #1343-1378, Wm. DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $0-$300
                  Julia 22 TN
                  Lissie 2, Ethridge 8/12 TN

1870 Madison Co. TN Census
(names written first name first in this county)
4th District
Pg.144, #24-26, C.P. DUNCAN (m) 37 TN Dr. $500-$250
                  L. (f) 33 TN
                  B. (m) 8, C. (m) 5 TN
5th District
Pg.170, #100-119, C.A. DUNCAN (m) 53 TN merchant $0-$3000
                  E. (f) 45 TN
                  N. (m) 23 TN clerk
                  W. (m) 18 TN (blank)
                  P. DUNCAN (f) 50 VA BLACK servant
                  H. (m) 52 VA BLACK servant
                  E. (f) 8 TN BLACK
                  W. REED (m) 38 GA BLACK laborer
                  (MAD: Crawford A. Duncan, 1860 Calloway Co. KY census)
13th District
Pg.287, #11-11, S. DUNCAN (f) 44 TN farmer $0-$150
                  B. (f) 18 TN at home
                  B. (m) 16 TN farm hand
                  J. (f) 11, A. (f) 8, B. (m) 6 TN
                  (MAD: ? Sophronia, widow of Jesse Duncan of 1860 Dyer Co. TN census, who mar. Sophronia Reed 1850 Madison Co. TN)
17th District, P.O. Jackson
Pg.374, #4-4, M. DUNCAN (f) 50 TN farmer $0-$0
                  E. (f) 28 TN at home
                  J. (f) 25, M. (f) 21 TN at home
                  J. (m) 18, T. (m) 16 TN farm hands
                  W. (m) 3, A. (m) 1 TN
                  (MAD: "Polly" in 1860)
Pg.375, #14-14, N.J. MAINART? (m) 22 TN farmer $2000-$200?
                  C. (f) 27 TN
                  E. MAY (f) 30 TN
                  J. DUNCAN (m) 18 TN farm hand


Madison Co. TN copy of will, typed (sent to Vivian Ruegge 7/1981 by County Clerk; from Vivian Ruegge 2/1984)
      The noncupative will of Robert Duncan, Dec.d, recorded March 19th 1829:
      On Friday the 21st day of October 1828 It was requested by Robert Duncan eight days before he died that I should make his mare fat and offer her back to Mister Fulbright and if he would not take her back he wanted me to sell her and save the land with the money and for me also to live on this land where he now lives and further Requested me to sell of (sic) part of the cattle and hogs to pay all his just debts he died October the 31st 1828. Said in Presence of us and he also stated that he was too weak to talk to make a will.
      (/s/) Mahaly Duncan, Gabriel Cock, Joshua Adkins.
      An investory (sic) of the Estate of Robert Duncan. A true test of the property of Robert Duncan deceased sixty five acres of land and one hundred acres Reserve Two horses Ten head of cattle four head of sheep about fifty head of hogs a crop of corn and fodder farming tools such as hoes plows gears etc some few halters tools seven furr hats household furniture such as beds chairs bedsteads tables pots pails plants knives & forks one trunk one looking glass and good framed loom and saddle and gun.
      (/s/) Mahaly Duncan Executrix.
      (MAD: to Robertson & Brazos Co. TX?)

Madison Co. TN Will Books (FHL film 390,194)
      No index; following located from index in court minutes by date.
      1-100/01: Nuncupative will of Robert Duncan (see above)
      2-260/61: 4 July 1835, will of Joseph Duncan; of sound and perfect mind and memory; to my two daughters Louisa and Anna Cevel good bed and furniture each which I estimate at $30 each, my further will and desire is that all my real and personal estate is to be sold, my further will and desire is that my children have an equal division and so much money be appropriated to the schooling and rasing (sic) them as should be necessary. I further wish & desire that Lewis Duncan be my sole executor of this my last will and testament. /s/ Joseph Duncan; wit. Justin L. Edwards, B.F. Colinsworth. Proven on oath of Justen L. Edwards Jan., 1838. (MAD: wife in 1825 was Lottie Lucinda Dinkins, of Sampson Co. NC)

Madison Co. TN Wills & Estates
      3-31: Indexed Nancy Duncan 1839; actually Nancy Davison; not copied
      6-21: Personal property of estate of John Duncan decd, sold 16 Feb. 1854. Purchasers include Joseph F. Utley admin., many others, no Duncan; farm tools, table, food, pigs, clock, aze, corn, oats, etc. Total $423.68. (FHL film 309,196; index shows year as 1856)

Madison Co. TN Probate Record (microfilm in Madison Co. Library, Jackson, TN; from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000, book and page not given)
      Whereas on the 31st day of January 1849 I sold to John Duncan of the County of Madison State of Tennessee a certain tract of land containing one hundred & four acres & sixty four __? Granted by Grant No 2213 situated in the County of Madison Range ____description follows -...for the consideration of three hundred and sixty four 70/100 dollars in six annual payments of sixty 95/100 dollars each, and executed bond for title on the 31st of January 1852, said notes were payable on the 25th day of December 1850-1851-1852-1853-1854-1855 with interest from date of each; And whereas all of the purchase money was paid by the said John Duncan in his lifetime except the last note which has been paid since his death by Joseph S. Utley his administrator; And whereas the said Duncan departed this life leaving neither wife nor children surviving him, but leaves surviving him as his heirs at law his three sisters Perlina Utley wife of Joseph S. Utley, Fanny Adams wife of E. W. Adams, and Sarah Ann Replogle wife of Benjamin Replogle. Now this intendure witnesseth that for and in consideration of the promises above stated I do hereby transfer alien and convey unto the said Purlina Utley, Fanny Adams and Sarah Ann Replogle the above described tract of land and the improvement thereon. ... Witness my hand and seal this the 14th day of March 1857. /s/ John C. Rogers.

Madison Co. TN Probate Record (microfilm in Madison Co. Library, Jackson, TN; from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000, book and page not given)
      Recd of James R. Vann my Guardn Two Hundred & Ninety one Dollars & 54 cents in full amt due and owning me by him my guardian aforesaid on the 1st day of Febry 1846. Witness my hand & Seal this 8th Decr 1846. /s/ George J. Duncan.


Madison Co. Court Minutes
   Book 1, 1825- - no index (FHL film 390,153)
   Book 2, 1825- no index
   Book 3, 1829- no index
      3-21: 7 Nov. 1828, nuncupative will of Robert Duncan late of this county deceased was on this day produced in open court and the due execution thereof proven by the oaths of Gambril Cox and Joshua Adkinson that the same was reduced to writing within the time required by law and that the same is the true will of the decedent as expressed in their presence. Whereupon Mahaly Duncan the executrix named in the said will came into court and took upon herself the burthen (sic) and execution of said will entered into bond in the penalty of $250. Given by the court until tomorrow to give security.
      (Saturday, 8 Nov. 1828 - no appearance by Mahala Duncan)
      Pg.27+: 2 and 3 Feb. 1829 - no appearance by Mahala
      Pg.61, May 1829; Pg.98, Aug. 1829 - nothing more; quit.
   Book 4, 5 (FHL film 390,154)
      4-505: 1 Jan. 1838, last will of Joseph Duncan produced, proven on oath of Justin L. Edwards, one of wit.; Lewis Duncan posted $4,000 bond, sec. E.B. Mason and Justen L. Edwards.
      4-566: 7 Jan. 1839, Justin L. Edwards appointed guardian of William Shiver, a minor, bond of $2,000, securities Lewis Duncan and James R. Vann.
      4-566: 7 Jan. 1839, James R. Vann appointed guardian of William K., George T., Louisa, Ann C. and John M. Duncan, minors, and posted bond of $2,700 with Justen L. Edwards and Valentine S. Vann as securities. (MAD: sons in 1850 Bradley Co. AR census)
      5-123: July, 1842, James R. Vann, guardian of ... Ann S. Duncan, renewed his bond, sec. Valentine S. Vann and James B. Dawson.
      5-410: July, 1845, James Gillikens, guardian of John M. Duncan, reported the amount in his hands ...
      5-465: March, 1845, James Gillikens renewed his bond in sum of $600 with Valentine S. Vann and Wm. K. Duncan his securities.

Madison Co. TN Record Books (suits) (FHL film 390,146)
   Book 1, 1833-1835 - no Duncan
   No book 1835-1850
   Book 2, 1850-1856:
      Pg.153: 6 May 1851: Lewis Duncan vs. Justin L. Edwards; that on 18 Dec. 1850 the Bank of TN obtained judgement against Lewis Duncan and Levin D. Hill for $284 damages ... satisfied by said Duncan who paid sheriff on 28 April 1851 ... Lewis Duncan said he was accomodation endorser of Justin L. Edwards, the jury agreed, Duncan to recover money from Edwards.

Madison Co. TN Order Book (FHL film 390,149)
      1828-1836: No index; no court Aug. 1828 to Jan. 19, 1829.
      Pg.89: Jan. 29, 1829, heirs of Francis Saunders decd.; widow Alethia and others (no Duncan)
      No other Duncan to Jan. 30; no court March 1829; not a Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions which would allow a widow provisions for her support.

Records of Madison Co. TN Guardian Renewal Bonds, 1868-1879 by WPA (Memphis Public Library book 929.3 M24; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
      No Duncan indexed


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Madison Co. TN Tax Book Vol.1, 1821-1826 Pt.1, by WPA (Memphis Public Library book 929.3 M24 V1P1; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
Tax Year 1825:
      Robert Duncan, 15a, 1 wp
      Thomas P. Duncan, 500a, 0 wp

Madison Co. TN Tax Book Vol.1, 1827-1831 Pt.2, by WPA (from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984)
Tax Year 1827:
      Robert Duncan, 65a, 1 wp
Tax Year 1828:
      Robert Duncan, 65a, 1 wp
Tax Year 1829:
      Lewis Duncan, 167a, 1 wp, 3 bp
      Mahala Duncan, 65a, 0 wp
Tax Year 1830:
      Lewis Duncan, 167a, 0 wp, 3 bp

Madison Co. TN Index 1822-1832 (Memphis Public Library book 929.3 M24; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1984; index to tax records; MAD: rearranged by year)
      Robert Duncan, pg.39
      Robert Duncan, pg.73
      Thomas Duncan, pg.73
      Robert Duncan, pg.10
      Robert Duncan, pg.61
      Robert Duncan, pg.8
      Lewis Duncan, pg.44
      Mahala Duncan, pg.45
      David P. Duncan, pg.29
      Lewis Duncan, pg.115
      Mahala Duncan, pg.105
      David P. Duncan, pg.65
      Joseph Duncan, pg.74
      Lewis Duncan, pg.74

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Madison Co. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.10, and extract from Evelyn Sigler)
      Pg.862: Samuel F. Gillikin, grocery merchant, of Jackson, TN, was a native of Henderson Co. TN, born December 9, 1856, son of James and Lucinda (Duncan) Gillikin, natives of NC. Samuel F. was reared on a farm in this county; ... in 1881 he came to Jackson; September, 1884, engaged in present grocery business ... a Democrat in politics, is unmarried, ...


Typed copy of letter from Dr. Geo. R. Duncan, typed by Barbara D. Spurgin, Feb. 13, 1975 (from Larry Spurgin 4/1984; MAD's spacing)
      (from:) Dr. Geo. R. Duncan, Express Office, Fordtown, TN. Fall Branch, TN, April 16, 1913. (To) Miss Celia Spurgin, Bristol, TN. My dear Miss Spurgin,
      In answer to your inquiry in regard to the Duncans in this part of the Country I am fearful that I can not give you very much information as my parents both died when I was very young. I know that the Lucy Parker- and your Grand Mother Rosanna Spurgin were Sisters of my Father Rice Duncan and Uncle Horlan. My brother Dr. S.V. Duncan went also to Iowa and settled in Pleasantville - Perhaps if your parents settled near where Aunt Lucy lived that you also knew - my brother out there. He lives in Dallas Texas at the present time. Uncle Horlan died many years ago - & his 2 sons John & Richard went to Kentucky near Glassco. He had 2 daughters. The oldest Fannie married a Hall - they are both dead and their children are scattered. The other one married a Ford. She died but left no children. There were 6 of my family 5 boys & 1 girl. John S. the oldest went to Ill - before the war & was killed in a R.R. wreck about 28 years ago. His widow lives at Bluff City Ill- They have 2 children a boy McClelland who lives some where in Mo. The girl Eleanor married a R.R. man by the name of Burke. I have not heard from them in 2 or 3 years & don't know where they are. The next Dr. S.V. lives at Dallas Texas, only has one child Dr. Miles who also lives in Dallas. William died in the Confederate. Nam (?) married a Ford moved to Texas both are dead. Their children in Dallas Co. Texas. Jos. lives near Brownsboro in this Washington County. His children are all married & scattered. I have 8 children 5 girls & 3 boys. The oldest Dr. O.R. is located at Fordtown in the same Co Bristol is. 2 in Col. 1 in Oregon. 3 girls live at home and 1 married & lives a few miles a way.
      Your great great grand father on your grand mother Duncan had I think 5 brothers one of located near the place where my son Dr. O.R. is located. His family are all gone from here save one great grand son J.E. Duncan who lives in the neighborhood. One went to what is Madison Co. Tenn. I know nothing of his family. One went to what is now known as Blont Co. He has a great grand at Knoxvile John Duncan & one George at Knoxville, one settled in what is known as Lusbury settlement in this Washington Co. the other one was killed by the Indians & is buried in this Co. near the mouth of Boons-Creek on the Walanger River. They all came to this Country with the old Beans. So I guess I might have the right & pleasure to call you Cousin Celia. If you can I would be pleased to have you visit me & come to Bristol some time and if you remain there any length of time I will hunt you up.
      With best wishes I am yours most Respt.      Geo. R. Duncan
      You will please look over bad writing as I am 65 years old am sort of an invalid.


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