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Formed 1842 from Smith, Sumner
Trousdale formed 1870 from Macon, Smith, Wilson


1850 Macon Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 4
Pg.184 (367), #625, Fleming W. DUNCAN 30 TN physician $0
                  Phebe H. 20 TN
                  Josiah 2 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Smith Co. TN census)
Pg.186 (371), #659, Fleming W. SANDERS 40 VA farmer
                  Frances 41 VA
                  Albinia 17, Lucy F. 13, Nancy P. 10 TN
                  Genevea H. 8, Hanta 6, Talitha 2 TN
                  (MAD: no marriage listed for Fleming Sanders or Saunders in East, Middle or West TN books by Sistler; see Sumner Co. TN 1837 estate #3821, arbitrated 10/13/1837, in estate of F.W. Duncan, between Lucy Duncan and Fleming Sanders of the one part and Wm. S. Duncan, George A. Duncan, Fleming W. Duncan Jr., Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin (no last name) of the other part.)

1860 Macon Co. TN Census
Pg.21 (41), #301-286, P.W. DUNCAN (f/m?) 57 VA farmer $800-$400
                  S.W. (f) 57 VA
                  Steen (m) 27 TN (not m/in/yr)
                  Elizabeth 20 TN
                  Nancy 4/12 TN
                  C. MINICK (m) 9 TN
                  (MAD: P.W. DUNCAN m/f written over; Pleasant W. Duncan, 1850 Sumner Co. TN census)
Pg.23 (45), #340-324, J.D. DUNCAN (m) 21 TN farmer $0-$130
                  Margarett 16 TN (not m/in/yr)
Pg.31 (61), #461-442, J.M. DUNCAN (m) 35 TN farmer $0-$600
                  Nancey 25 TN
                  Rebecca 40 TN (MAD: age plain)
                  J.G. (m) 1 TN
Pg.31 (61), #462-443, B.F. DUNCAN (m) 23 TN farmer $0-$350
                  Elizabeth 19 TN
                  L.H. (m) 11/12 TN
Pg.73 (146), #1109-1074, C. DUNCAN (m) 25 TN farmer $0-$2000
                  M.R. (f) 22 TN (not m/in/yr)

1870 Macon Co. TN Census
District 1
Pg.2, #23-22, WALEY?, William 38 VA farmer $1500-$2500
                  Nancy P. 30 TN keeping house
                  BURROWS, Guneva (f) 27 TN (white) domestic
                  Elizabeth F. 8 TN
                  SANDERS, Martha 19 TN domestic
                  Fleming S. 50 VA miller
                  DUNCAN, George 19 TN farm hand
                  FLEMING, James 41 TN carpenter
Pg.3, #29-29, DUNCAN, Dibrel (m) 35 TN farmer $0-$600
                  Caroline J. 49 VA keeping house
                  Thomas H. 25 TN
                  Susan 18, George D. 16, Ferdanand 14 TN
                  Dwitte (m) 12, Tandy (m) 10 TN
                  William A. 7, Dibrell (m) 5 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Sumner Co. TN census)
District 3
Pg.19, #20-23, DUNCAN, Benjamin F. 28 TN farmer $0-$300
                  Elizabeth 24 TN keeps house
                  Leonidas (m) 9, Martha A. 7 TN
                  Fleming (m) 5, Amanda (f) 3, Diro (m) 1 TN
                  ADAMS?, Wilson (m) 23 TN farm hand $0-$0
Pg.27, #145-146, DUNCAN, James D. 31 TN farmer $400-$400
                  Margarett J. 26 TN keeping house
                  Pollie? (f) 8, Elizabeth F. 3, John F. 6 TN
                  James D. 10/12 TN b.Oct.
                  (Eunice Riffle 4/2001: Pollie was Willie Ann, James D. should be James P(leasant), Elizabeth F. was Elizabeth Susan)
Pg.27, #147-168, DUNCAN, Pleasant W. (m) 67 VA farmer $400-$100
                  Mary 36 KY keeping house
                  Pleasant (m) 3, Jordon (m) 9/12 b.Nov. TN
District 4
Pg.39, #129-139, DUNCAN, John 45 TN farmer $0-$850
                  Nancy 35 TN keeping house
                  Robert 14, John G. 11, Laura 10, William 8 TN
                  Virginia (f) 6, Patsy 3, Victoria 1 TN


Smith Co. TN Deed (FHL film 319,090; SLC 5/8/2013)
      BB-119/120: Joseph L. Garten, Prien McCarter, William Tunstall, Marshal B. Duncan, by Foud? & William L. Carter vs. George H. Bunuley & atty. This came on for hearing on 18 Aug. 1865, ordered the billbe ?? it not appears what the court amount is due the defendant Bunnly, the same is refird? to L.A. Willkinson as special commissioner who is ordered to report what is the amount now due said Bunnly, and the commissioner reported that George H. Burnly? on 20 March 1860 rendered in the Circuit Court of Macon Co. a judgment against J.L. Canen, William Tunstall, M.B. Duncan and Prien? W. Carter for $2365.87 and cost, which judgment on appeal was taken to the Supreme Court of TN to be held 1st Monday in Dec. 1860, that the interest on the judgment to 1st Monday Dec. 1860 was $196.98, amounting to $2562.85, and the interest on that amount to this date is $721.21, the cost in the suit is $17.90. The complainant entered an injunction bond of $500 on 13 May 1861, J.L. Roark their security, that the injunction was wrongfully issued, it is ordered the court recover from the complainants and their security the sum of $3284.06 and costs. Certified copy, 30 Aug. 1865. Recd. Aug. 31, 1865. (FHL film 319,090)

Monroe Co. KY Deed (SLC 5/2/2013)
      L-524/525: 24 Nov. 1888, John W. Taylor and I.J. Taylor of Monroe Co. KY to J.R. Duncan of Macon Co. TN, for $600 paid, sell parcel of land in Monroe Co. KY on waters of line creek, ... corner near an old road, ... containing 134 acres more or less, with appurtenances, General Warranty. /s/ J.W. Taylor, I.J. Taylor. Ack. 26 Nov. 1888 before J.B. Crawford, Deputy Clerk of Monroe Co. Recorded 26 Nov. 1888. (FHL film 589,606)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886/7 "History of KY Illustrated" 3rd Ed, by F.A. Battey & Co. and 1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 9 Editions (volumes), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin; 3rd Ed. 1886 (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.49, Monroe Co. ANDREW COMER was born April 30, 1817 in the house where he now lives, on Lime Creek in NE corner of Macon Co. TN, where he has always resided. His father, Samuel Comer, was a native of SC, and about 1802 removed to Jackson (now Macon) Co. TN where he died Sept. 9, 1827; he married Nancy Browning of SC ... Andrew Comer received early education at schools of the neighborhood; has been thrice married; first on Oct. 3, 1839, to Elizabeth, dau. of Robert and Jane (Crawford) Welch of Monroe Co. KY, had children Marlin, William, Nancy J. (Harlin), and Elizabeth. He married 2nd to Sarah Moans, March 23, 1851. On Septmber 16, 1856 he married Mrs. Priscilla, widow of Jesse Harlin and dau. of William and Elizabeth (Howard) Crawford of Monroe Co., born Jan. 8, 1822, and have had one daughter, Sarah M. (Duncan). ....


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