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Formed 1809 from Bedford
Marshall formed 1836 from Bedford, Lincoln, Giles, Maury


1820 Lincoln Co. TN Census
Pg. 41  Letty Duncan          230000       - 30010
          (MAD: Lettice (Shelton), widow of Charles Duncan, mar. 8/21/1798
           Lincoln Co. KY; ? Marion Co. IL 1828)
        Robert Duncan         100100       - 00100

1830 Lincoln Co. TN Census
Pg.206  James Duncan          1100,01      - 1000,1
   209  Jeremiah Duncan       0000,0001    - 0020,0001
   214  Daniel Duncan         0000,1       - 0000,1

1840 Lincoln Co. TN Census
Pg. 28  Judge Duncan          0100,1       - 3100,1

1850 Lincoln Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page number without parens is stamped page number, within parens is handwritten number
Pg.18 (35), #255, Judge DUNCAN 38 SC farmer $0, can't read/write
                  Susannah 40 SC
                  Isaac 17 SC (idiotic)
                  Rebecca 16, Martha A. 15 TN
                  Nancy J. 13, Susan C. 11 TN
Pg.18 (35), #256, Mary C. 8, John T. 6 TN
                  Sally P. 4, William M. 2 TN
                  Frances M. (f) 2/12 TN
                  (MAD: new household numbers as given; from Greenville Co. SC)

1860 Lincoln Co. TN Census District 5
Pg.54 (54), #393-382, J.C. RICHARDSON (m) 21 TN farmer $0-$160
                  Susan 20 TN (not m/in/yr)
Pg.62 (70), #512-498, Susan DUNCAN 49 SC farmer $540-$810
                  John 16, Mary 18 TN
                  Sarah 14, William 12 TN
                  Frances 11, Wilie (m) 7 TN
District 13
Pg.113 (114), #843-808, Thomas DUNCAN 25 TN farmer $0-$75
                  Eliza 23 TN
                  Mary 3, Malinda 3/12 TN

1870 Lincoln Co. TN Census
6th District, P.O. Mulberry
Pg.230, #50-50, DUNCAN, Susa (f) 61 TN keeps house $1000-$600
                  Pollie (f) 28 TN works farm
                  Salie P. (f) 23 TN works farm
                  Billy (m) 22, Wiley (m) 16 TN works farm
7th District, P.O. Mulberry
Pg.258, #162-158, DUNCAN, Sarah 50 TN keeps house $0-$0
                  Tobias (m) 23 TN works on farm
                  Budir (m) 16, Wilkes? (m) 12 TN works on farm
                  Sarah 10, Bagdell (m) 8 TN
                  (MAD: as best I can read, the family is white, but I cannot identify them in 1860)
10th District, P.O. Mulberry
Pg.313, #94-92, HESTER, John 47 NC farmer $0-$500
                  Angeline 45 TN keeping house
                  William 13, John 10 TN farm hands
                  Henry 4 TN
                  DUNCAN, John 21 GA farm hand mar. in Sept.
                  Eliza 19 TN at home mar. in Sept.
20th Civil Dist., P.O. Malins
Pg.456, #97-98, DUNCAN, B. (m) 46 TN MULATTO F.laborer (written over) $0-$0
                  Juda (f) 47 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Endcy (f) 20 TN BLACK F. laborer
                  Willis (m) 18, James 16 TN BLACKS F.laborers
                  S. (m) 15, Munroe (m) 10 TN BLACKS F.laborers
                  Ann 8 TN BLACK at home
21st Civil Dist., P.O. Fayetteville
Pg.474, #103-106, DUNCAN, H. (m) 27 GA farm laborer $0-$100
                  Mary 24 GA keeping house
                  J.W. (m) 3, John W. 2, N.S. (f) 11/12 b.July TN at home
                  (MAD: Harrison Duncan, son of Enoch B., 1850 Cobb Co. GA census, 1860 St.Clair Co. AL census)
Pg.475, #111-117, DUNCAN, E.B. (m) 67 NC farmer $0-$500
                  Nancy 61 GA keeping house
                  Jane 23 GA serving
Pg.475, #111-118, [DUNCAN,] Babe (f) 22 GA at home
                  Eliza (f) 20 GA at home
                  C. (m) 17 GA farm laborer
                  (MAD: Enoch B. Duncan, 1850 Cobb Co. GA census, 1860 St.Clair Co. AL census)


Lincoln Co. TN Will Index 1826-1921 and wills (FHL film 968,737 and from June Ricketts 1/1986)
      0-95: 25 Aug. 1815, Inventory of the property sold at Letty Duncan's on 20 July 1815. Items sold to Wm. McGehee, Letty Duncan, Elissas Shelton, Richard Luttrell, William Craft, John Willouby, John Eastrige, Jas. Thompson, Jas. Luttrell, Randolph Bryant, Geofrey Batts, Shelton Lutrell. Return by Letty Duncan, admr.
      0-96: 25 Aug. 1815, Inventory of articles sold at Priscilla Sheltons the 19 July 1815.
      0-105: Amount of property allowed Letty Duncan for her maintenance in the year 1815. Recorded Aug. 20, 1815.
      2-99: 19 Oct. 1854, will of Judge (X) Dunkin, proved 6 Nov. 1854. Wife Susan during her life or widowhood all property; eldest daughter Rebeca now Rebeca Cathrum have property she now holds, being cow & calf & bed & clothing ... which I may have given her at her marriage until an equal distribution of entire estate may become necessary; my second daughter Martha Ann Elisabeth when she arrives at lawful age, marrys or leaves the house of her mother shall have cow & calf & bed & clothing & furniture as my eldest daughter now has; my other daughters Mary Jane Susan Caroline Polly Congo Sarah Sapson? and Frances More when they arrive at full age like the first; my three sons John Thomas Dunkin William Watson James Wiley (no commas) have one horse bridle & saddle; upon death of wife Susan then the oldest heirs then single if it can be suitably arranged have possession of the property & charge of the family until the youngest child may arrive at lawful age; equal proceeds of sale be made between my heirs; appoint Christian Casiger & John H. Streetman executors. Wit. David Sullivan, Joseph G. Frose?.


Lincoln Co. TN Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1814-1817 (FHL film 24,744, typed)
      Pg.42: 1 Aug. 1814, Jesse Duncan on road crew. (MAD: ? from Lincoln Co. KY ??)
      Pg.68: 4 Aug. 1814, George Duncan on jury.
      Pg.77: 5 Aug. 1814, George Duncan on jury.
      Pg.78: 5 Aug. 1814, James Lawrence vs. George Duncan, certiorari. Deft. requests Jesse Lawrence give security for costs of suit.
      Pg.87: 5 Aug. 1814, George Duncan plaintiff vs. John Lorance, deft (sic); dismissed by order of court; plaintiff John Lorance is bound for costs; therefore judgement is for costs.
      Pg.91: 7 Nov. 1814, bill of sale from Francis Fincher and wife Sarah Fincher to William Sims Esq. & James Duncan, son of Alexander, for 5 negros, ack. in court by Francis Fincher and Sarah Fincher and ordered to be reg. (MAD: Not in deed index; see Union Co. SC)
      Pg.173: 1 May 1815, Vardeman Shelton, decd; on motion of Priscilla Shelton, wife and relict of Vardeman Shelton ... she appointed admr.
      Pg.173: 1 May 1815, Charles Duncan, decd. On motion of Lyda Duncan, wife & relict of Charles Duncan decd, who departed this life without making his last will, appoint Lyda Duncan admr. (have copy)
      Pg.174: 1 May 1815, Ordered that William Prude, Joseph Riley & Hance Hunter be appointed commissioners to lay off a support for one year for the widows and familys of Vardeman Shelton and Charles Duncan and make report to this court.
      Pg.219: 7 Aug. 1815, Joseph Kelley, Hance Hunter & William Prude appointed to set apart a sufficient part of estate of Charles Duncan decd for the use of the widow, made return of same.
      Pg.220: 7 Aug. 1815, Priscilla Shelton, admx of James Shelton decd, returned into court the amount of the sale of the estate of the said James Shelton decd.
      Pg.220: 7 Aug. 1815, Letty Duncan, admx. of Charles Duncan decd, returned into court the amount of the sale of the estate of the said Charles Duncan, decd.
      Pg.230: 7 Aug. 1815, Jesse Duncan to work on road.
      Pg.238: 10 Aug. 1815, Jesse Duncan to give deposition Tuesday, 15th Inst., at his home in the case of George Coalter and William Moffits, lessee, plt., vs. Elijah Davis and others, deft., Eject.
      Pg.267: 9 Nov. 1815, Jesse Duncan on jury.
      Pg.410: 5 Nov. 1816, Jesse H. Duncan on jury.
      Pg.415: 7 Nov. 1816, State vs. Jesse H. Duncan, indictment for assault and battery, fined $5 and all costs.

Lincoln Co. TN Equity Circuit Court, 1819-1828 (FHL film 968,546)
      No index


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Letty Duncan, 11997, 5a, 5/26/1818, Lincoln, O-750, General

Lincoln Co. TN Deed index (general index to all land instruments; typed) v.1, A-O, 1810-1907 (FHL film 968,740 item 1; SLC 5/6/2013)
      G1-497: Duncan, Geo. & wife to Peyton Wells, int. in 10 tracts A. Wells land, W.D., Jan. 16, 1827, recorded G1-497
      Next was late 1800's, not copied
   Deed index (general index to all land instruments) v.4, A-Z, 1824-1912 (FHL film 898,358) - no early Duncan

Lincoln Co. TN Deeds from index at front of deed book (SLC 5/6/2013)
   Deeds, v.A-C 1818-1816 (FHL film 898,359)
      C-136/137: 1 Dec. 1810, Francis and Sarah Fincher his wife to William Sims Esqr. and James Duncan son of Alexr., all of Union Dist. SC, for $1200 that the sd Wm. Sims Esqr. and James Duncan son of Alexr stand bound to the sd Francis and Sarah Fincher his wife, guardians for the minor children of David Smith Esqr. decd, sell to said Wm. Sims Esqr. and James Duncan son of Alexr. 5 negroes, namely Jos Cabe Rachel Anne Sarah and all their increase mortgage said negroes and sd. Francis and Sarah Fincher his wife warrant them to the above sd Sims and Duncan; as a condition of the above mortgage, Francis and Sarah Fincher to keep Wm. Sims Esqr. and James Duncan son of Alexr free from any payment or damage concerning the estate of David Smith Esqr decd that is in their hands, the sd Francis Fincher and Sarah wife belonging to the minor children, then this mortgage is void. /s/ Frances Fincher, Sarah (X) Fincher. Wit. Isaac Pearson, Timothy P. Fincher. Ack. Union Dist. SC on 11 Oct. 1814 by Isaac Pearson before Bird Murphey, J.P. Recorded Lincoln Co. Nov. 1814, the within Bill of Sale was ack. in open court by Francis Fincher and Sarah Fincher and ordered registered, 7 Nov. 1814. Registered 3 Dec. 1814. (FHL film 898,359)
   Deeds, v.D-E 1816-1819 (FHL film 898,360)
      D-172: 4 Aug. 1816, Saml. Buchanan Senr. of Lincoln Co. TN to Leander Buchanan of afsd, for $300 paid, in full compensation for 2 shares of 88 acres & 4/5 each that the heirs of Andw. Duncan, namely Andrew Buchanan and Jane his wife, held and claimed to in 1800 tract of land in Lincoln Co. on waters of Little River entered in the name of Moses and Saml. Buchanan, sell to said Leander Buchanan a tract of land in Lincoln Co. on Little River a branch of Elk River containing 100 acres, beg. at Robert Buchanan's SW corner, then ... to the beginning, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Buchanan. /s/ John Buchanan agent for Moses? Buchanan. Wit. W.Z. Higginson?, John Moore. Ack. by William B. Higgins and John Moore, witnesses, Aug. term 1816. Registered 26 Aug. 1816. (FHL film 898,360)
   Deeds, v.Gl-H 1824-1831 (FHL film 898,361)
      G1-435: 22 Jan. 1822, Anthony B. Clendening, James H. Patterson and Patsy his wife formerly Patsy Clendening, John Patterson and Eliza his wife formerly Eliza Clendening, of Sumner Co. TN, to William Patterson of Smith Co. TN, for $2,500 paid by said William Patterson, sell to said William Patterson a parcel of land in Lincoln Co. TN on Elk River originally granted to James Clendening by grant No.232, beg. on Elk River near what was formerly called Click's ford, ... containing by estimation 1,136 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ A.B. Clendening, John Patterson Jr. Wit. Jefferson Donaho, Martial Duncan, Frances Duffy. Proved by oaths of Jefferson Donoho and Martial Duncan, Nov. term 1825, registered 13 Nov. 1826. (FHL film 898,361)
      G1-497/498: 16 Jan. 1827, George Duncan and his wife Penelope Duncan lately Penelope Wells being at present inhabitants of ____ (blank line) County in the state of (blank) to Payton Wells of Lincoln Co. TN, for $200 paid, sell their interest to ten tracts of land formerly the property of Abner Wells decd. and which they claim title to as part of the heirs of said Abner Wells decd., and which said ten tracts of land were conveyed to said Payton Wells by deed 4 March 1826 by Anthony Wells, Horiston Wells, William Allen and his wife Franky Allen, which is of record in Lincoln Co. TN, warrant title. /s/ George Duncan, Penelope Duncan. Ack. Jan. term 1827, by oath taken 16 Jan. 1827 by Thomas Gaither, Stephen Hightower. Registered 22 Feb. 1827. (FHL film 898,361)
   Deeds, v.I-J 1832-1836 (FHL film 898,362) - no Duncan indexed
   Deeds, v.K-L 1836-1839 (FHL film 898,363) - no Duncan indexed
   Deeds, v.M-N 1840-1842 (FHL film 898,364) - no Duncan indexed
   Deeds, v.O-P 1842-1846 (FHL film 898,365) - no Duncan indexed
   Deeds, v.R-S 1848-1852 (FHL film 898,366) - no Duncan indexed

Lincoln Co. TN Deeds (SLC 9/13/1986)
      D1-264: 1 Nov. 1815, Nathan Luttrel, Priscilla Shelton admx. of Varda Shelton decd, James Shelton Senor, Michael Luttrell, Peter Shelton, Benjamin Hutson, Letty Duncan, Haman Shelton, all joint heirs of James Shelton decd of Lincoln Co. TN, to Jarman Shelton of same; that said Nathan Luttrel, Priscilla Shelton, James Shelton Seanaor, Michael Luttrell, Peter Shelton, Benjamin Hutsel, Letty Duncan, Harmon Shelton, for (blank) dollars paid by James Shelton; sell to Jarman Shelton, 105 acres. Wit. John Luttrell, James Luttrell. Proven in court by oaths of wit. (FHL film 898,360) (MAD: to ? Marion Co. IL)
      G1-497: 16 Jan. 1827, George Duncan and wife Penelope, late Penelope Wells, (blank county and state) to Payton Wells of Lincoln Co. TN, $200, all their interest in estate of Abner Wells decd, as heirs, 10 tracts of land conveyed to Payton Wells by deed 4 March 1826 by Anthony Wells, Hariston Wells, William Allen and wife Franky Allen. No wit. (FHL film 898,361) (MAD: 1850 Caldwell Co. TX)
      No others until late 1800's


Company Muster Roll James D. Allsup (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989; JC: see J.D.'s papers signed by R.B. Duncan ??; see Hawkins Co. TN)
      Confederate Tenn, A, 1 (Turney's) TN. James D. Allsup pvt, Co. K, 1 Reg't, TN Infantry. Appears on Company Muster Roll Sept & Oct, 1861.; Enlisted April 27, 186-, Boons Hill, Lincoln Co. TN. by Newton C. Davis for 12 mo.; Last paid by G.W. Jones to August 31, 186-; present. R.B. Duncan copyist.
       Appears on Company Muster Roll Nov & Dec 1861; Enlisted April 27, 186-, Boons Hill Lincoln Co. TN, by Newton C. Davis for 12 months; last paid by G.W. Jones on October 31 186-; Present. R.B. Duncan copyist.
       (J.D. Alsup) Appears on Company muster roll for Sept & Oct 1862; Enlisted Apr 27, 186-, Yorktown VA by Capt Turney for 2 years; last paid by Capt Brannon on Aug. 31 186-; absent from woundes received in the Battle Gaynes Millta June. R.B. Duncan copyist.

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "History of Giles, Lincoln, Franklin and Moore Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.6, FHL film 899,866; and from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      No Duncan biographical sketch
      Pg.920: John Warden was born in NC in 1826, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Pilcher) Warden. His early education ... At the age of six years he was brought to TN by his parents, and made his home with them until he was 21 years old. Oct. 27, 1847, he married Rachel Ashby. She was born in Lincoln Co. Dec. 1, 1825, dau. of Alex Ashby. They have 3 children: Vina Jane (Mrs. George Millstead), John Wilson and Travis Alex. Mr. Warden resided in the 6th Dist. of Lincoln Co. until May, 1864, when he purchased 100a in the 7th Dist. and there has since resided. He lost his wife May 9, 1854, and the following year he married Martha A. Duncan, daughter of Judge Duncan. They have 6 children: Martha Ellen, Mary Elenora, William James, Hardin Daniel, Judge and James Ebenezer Goodloe. Their mother died June 30, 1880, and March 20 of the next year he married Mary C. Ashby, a sister of his first wife. In 1861 Mr. Warden joined Co. A, 41st Reg. TN Infantry, ...

"Biographical and reminiscent history of Richland, Clay and Marion Counties, Illinois" by J.H.G. Brinkerhoff; pub. Indianapolis, Ind.: B.F. Bowen & Co., 1909, 653 pgs. (LH4517, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 825,601 and 1,000,511 item 3)
      Pg.157: William Jasper Young was born in Marion county, Illinois, June 21, 1826, in Centralia township, the son of Edward and Sarah C. (Duncan) Young, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Tennessee. Edward Young grew up in Virginia, and when he reached maturity he moved to KY, later came to Indiana, and prior to 1826 settled in Marion Co. IL. He was a plasterer and bricklayer, ... Edward Young was born June 8, 1803, and died June 9, 1876. He was a soldier in the Black Hawk war. ... Sarah C. Duncan, mother of the subject, was born July 22, 1808, and died November 9, 1886. She was a woman of many beautiful traits of character. ... (MAD: she perhaps born Lincoln Co. TN, perhaps to Lincoln Co. KY)


Greenville Co. SC Deed (FHL film 24,018)
      R-185: 27 July 1833, Judge (X) Duncan and wife Susanah of Greenville Dist. SC to John Crain, $50, their right to land or real estate of my father John Watson decd. Wit. William Robbs, A. Robbs; proven on oath of William Robbs 2 Dec. 1833, rec. same date. (MAD: see 1850 Lincoln Co. TN)


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