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Duncans in Knox Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised April 21, 2008

Formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins
Blount formed 1795 from Knox
Grainger formed 1796 from Hawkins, Knox
Roane formed 1801 from Knox, Blount
Anderson formed 1801 from Knox
Union formed 1850 from Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, Knox


1830 Knox Co. TN Census (McClouds from Mary Sutton 11/1984)
Pg.316  James Duncan          2000,1        - 0010,01
   325  Catherene West, Mary Evans, John Thornton, William Thompson,
        William Alexander, Betsy Helums, John McNeil, James R. King,
   326  Mary Duncan           0000,1        - 0001,0000,1
        Jacob B. Keener, Daniel Graves, Elijah Nelson, John Carpenter,
        William Fisher, Samuel Love, Isaiah Wilson, James McCampbell
   364  Loyd Bell, Haston Hicks, Mathew Keys, Peggy Keys, Michael Harper,
   365  Berry Hancock, Hardy A. Hall, James Jones, Lemuel McBee,
        Benjamin Duncan       1000,1        - 2100,1
        William Cruse, Elizabeth Whitecotton, William Hankins,
        Thompson Chamberlain, Sterling Smith, Paul Childs, Elisha Hancock
   370  Levi McCloud          1001,2        - 1000,1
        Robert Duncan         0010,0001     - 0010,0001
        John McCloud          0210,01       - 2010,01
        James McCloud         0000,0000,1   - 0100,0000,1

1840 Knox Co. TN Census (McCloud index from Mary Sutton 11/1984)
Pg. 15  Daniel McCloud
    21  Wm. Smith             0101,1        - 2100,2
    23  John McCloud
    26  Robert Duncan         0000,0001     - 0000,0001
    30  Berry Duncan          3100,01       - 0000,1
    37  Michael Coffman, John F. Brown, James White,
        George Shipe, Benj. Brown,
        Philip Duncan         1112,001      - 2110,01
          (MAD: 1830 Grainger Co. TN)
        David Foust, Elizabeth Morgan, John L. Watters,
        John Wright, Fanny Coker
    38  Wm. Smith             1000,1        - 0000,1
    43  Wm. Smith             1100,101      - 1100,01
    52  William McCloud
    55  Wm. B.F. Smith        1000,1        - 3000,1
    57  Wm. Smith             0001,0000,1   - 0000,0000,1
    62  Wm. Smith             0000,01       - 2200,1
    70  William Duncan        0000,1        - 0001
    71  Levi McCloud
    75  James Duncan          0212,01       - 1000,01

1850 Knox Co. TN Census (pg.172, 207 from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
31st Subdivision
Pg.90 (179), #611-619, William SMITH 73 IRE farming $2000
                  Nancy 78 VA
                  William 28 TN farming $0
                  Susan G. 13 TN
                  (MAD: one William Smith mar. Nancy Duncan 7/22/1831)
15th Subdivision
Pg.172 (344), #1103-1112, Newsbury? DUNCAN 43 TN farmer can't r/w
                  Winneford? 40 (f) TN can't read/write
                  Charles L. 17, William B. 15 TN laborers
                  John 13, James 12 TN
                  Jane 10, Robert 8 TN
                  Sarah E. 6, Joshua 4 TN
                  Joseph 2, Fanny 5/12 TN
                  (MAD: Charles T./L. buried Oak Grove Cem., Campbell Co. TN)
Pg.191 (382), #1387-1396, Elizabeth LAMMIS/LAMMIE (LAMMED?) 46 VA -- $600
                  Martha L. 14, Harriet J. 12 VA
                  Elizabeth A. 19 VA
                  Robert DUNCAN 65 VA farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 65 VA
Pg.207 (414), #1620-1629, William DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $800
                  Sarah 27 TN
                  Eliza A. 7, Martha S. 5 TN
                  Mary C. 3, John B. 1 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Benton Co. MO census; 1880 Benton Co. AR census)
Pg.230 (459), #1937-1946, Edward RUDDER 43 TN farmer $0
                  Mahala 37 TN
                  Robert 20 TN student
                  Alexander 17 TN farmer
                  Sarah 11, James K.P. 6 TN
                  Joseph B. 4, Edward B. 6/12 TN
                  Paschal NANCE (m) 77 VA "none"
                  (MAD: Robert P. Rudder mar. Mary A.L. Duncan 9/4/1850)
Pg.233 (465), #1980-1989, James DUNCAN 50 VA farmer $2000
                  Caroline 50 NC
                  James B. 20, Mary 18 TN
                  William W. 16, Matilda N. 14 TN
                  Isabella E. 12 TN
Pg.233 (465), #1981-1990, Samuel DUNCAN 22 TN farmer $0
                  Lydia 22 TN
                  Isabella J. 2, Sarah L. 1/12 TN
                  Polly RICKETTS 50 NC

1860 Knox Co. TN Census (some from Mary Sutton 11/1987)
1st District
Pg.100 (97), #787-615, Hotel in Knoxville
                  George DUNCAN? 89 VA ---- $0-$5000
3rd District
Pg.139 (222), #1671-1429, Nacy DUNCAN (f) 52 TN farmer $500-$100
                  Jasper 15, Emlie (f) 14 TN
                  Lucas (f) 11, Nancy 18 TN
Pg.139 (222), #1672-1430, Pleas. DUNHUM (m) 20 TN farmer $0-$150
                  Eliza 41 TN
                  Mary 2 TN
                  (MAD: "Pleas." not "Pharoh")
4th District
Pg.145 (183), #1372-1172, John DUNKAN 30 TN (blank) $0-$100
                  Eliza 24 TN
                  Caroline 16 TN
11th District
Pg.228 (104), #98-97, James D. DUNKIN 25 TN farmer $3000-$850
                  Nancy M. 25 TN
                  Rufus R. 5, James B. 4 TN
                  Benjamin F. 10/12 TN
Pg.228 (104), #101-100, Saml. H. DUNCAN 31 TN farmer $1000-$400
                  Lydia P. 33 TN
                  Josephine E. 10 TN
                  Sarah M. 9, Florida A. 8 TN
                  Matilda N. E. 6, James A. J. 5 TN
                  Caroline R. 4, Mary P. 1 TN
Pg.229 (106), #114-113, Caroline DUNCAN 65 NC farmer $1000-$2360
                  Wm. 26 TN farmer $2000-$3300
                  James ADAMS 19 VA laborer $0-$0
Pg.230 (107), #119-118, Jno. STINNETT 36 VA farmer $2200-$330
                  Elizabeth 31 VA
                  Sarah J. 11 TN
                  Mary M. 9, Virginia 7, John 5 TN
                  Eliza V. 3, Benjamin H. 4/12 TN
                  (MAD: Wm. Duncan mar. Sarah J. Stinnett, per Mary Sutton)
Pg.232 (112), #156-155, Robert P. RUDDER 30 TN teacher $2000-$220
                  Mary A.L. 28 TN
                  George R.D. 8, Levin C. 5 TN
                  Matilda B. 3 TN
                  (MAD: Robert P. Rudder mar. Mary A.L. Duncan 9/4/1850)
13th District
Pg.258 (142), #1088-907, Thomas ANDERSON 48 TN farmer $4000-$500
                  Elizabeth 39 TN
                  Carson 18, William 16, Thomas 14 TN
                  James 5, Sarah 2 TN
                  (MAD: probably the Thomas Anderson who mar. 8/19/1852 Elizabeth Greer in Blount Co. TN; another Thomas Anderson was in 1860 Coffee Co. TN census and probably had mar. Elizabeth Duncan 5/7/1852 in Franklin Co. TN)
17th District
Pg.301 (244), #1858-1592, Houston DUNCAN 23 TN farmer $0-$0
                  John GODDARD 13 TN
                  Peter SIMSON 38 TN farmer $0-$50
                  Peggy 43 TN
18th District
Pg.315 (225), #1691-1448, William SHIPE 44 TN (blank) $0-400
                  Harritt 35 TN
                  Jane 6, Benj. 4, Mandy 1 TN
                  (MAD: William C. Shipe mar. Harriet Duncan 7/23/1854)

1870 Knox Co. TN Census (pg.211 also from Mary Sutton 1987)
District 9, P.O. Campbell
Pg.173, #37-38, DUNKIN, Oliver 42 SC (white) farm hand $0-$0
                  Sarah 44 SC keeping house
                  LEE, Sabra (f) 30 NC (white)
                  DUNKIN, Mary 14 GA
                  PARTLOW, Mary 17 SC
                  LEE, Robert 1 NC at home
                  PARTLOW, Georgianna? (f) 6/12 TN b.Jan. at home
                  (MAD: 1860 York Co. SC census)
District 10, P.O. Campbell
Pg.182, #23-23, EVERETT, James 52 TN (white) farmer $1500-$1000
                  Ellenner (f) 50 TN keeping house, mother of foreign birth
                  Sarah 27 TN
                  Eliza (m) 25 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Marthy 25 TN keeping house
                  Charles 4?/12 TN b.Jan.
                  DUNKIN, Lilly 6 TN (white) at home
District 11, P.O. Knoxville
Pg.211, #96-95, DUNCAN, William 36 TN
                  Caroline 75 TN
                  SMITH, Catherine 35 TN
                  William 10, Louizie 8, Mariah 6 TN
Pg.211, #99-98, STINNETT, John 46 VA farmer $4000-$1000
                  Elizabeth 40 VA keeping house
                  Sarah 18, Mary 16, Virginia 15 TN
                  John 14 TN farm hand
                  Eliza 11, Benjamin 9, Alice 8 TN at home
                  Abner 6, Hugh 7 TN at home
                  Birtha (f) 1 TN
Pg.211, #108-107, DUNCAN, Lyda 42 TN (white) keeping house $600-$150
                  Matilda 16 TN
                  James 15 TN farm hand
                  Caroline 13 TN
                  Mary 10 TN at home
                  Harlense (Hortense?) (f) 9 TN at home
                  Eliza 6 TN at home
Pg.212, #110-109, DUNCAN, James 40 TN (white) farmer $1500-$250
                  Melvina (f) 35 TN keeping house
                  Rufus (m) 14, James 13 TN farm hands
                  Benjamin 11 TN farm hands
                  Matilda 8, William 6 TN at home
                  Henry 3, Charles 4/12 b.Jan. TN
Pg.217, #186-184, BENNETT, Dorcas 77 NC (white) keeping house $3000-$0
                  DUNCAN, Caroline 13 TN (white) (blank)
District 12, P.O. Knoxville
Pg.236, #184-184, DUNSAN, Nelson 49 NC BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Caroline 32 AL BLACK keeping house
Pg.239, #226, DUNKIN, Robert 28 TN farmer $0-$100
                  Mary 28 TN
                  Winnie (f) 4 TN
                  RYAN, Jasper 16 TN farm hand
                  (MAD: R.M. Dunken mar. Mary S. Thompson 12/23/1864 Campbell Co. TN; MAD per Mary Sutton: Robert McBeth Duncan, son of Newberry Duncan buried Anderson Co. TN)
District 13, P.O. Knoxville
Pg.242, #19, FRANKLIN, Madison M. 24 TN farmer $0 $150
                  Catharine D.J. 29 TN
                  William P. 1 TN
District 18
Pg.330, #111, DUNCAN, Daco (f) 70 NC housekeeper $800-$260
                  Jasper 26, Louisa 23 TN
                  (MAD: "Daco" may be "Daisey" or "Nicey", and possibly "Vela" Foster, widow of Benjamin Duncum d. by 1856 Grainger Co. TN)
Pg.331, #117, SHIPE, William 53 TN farmer $1000-$155
                  Harriet 46 TN
                  Jane 15, George 13, Amanda 10 TN
                  Margaret 69 VA -- $0-$150
Knoxville, Ward 7
Pg.434, #110-116, DUNCAN, James M. 28 PA ("Pensylvania") (white) potter, $100-$100
                  Agnes L. 24 PA keeping house
                  Gertrude 1 TN

1880 Knox Co. TN census
Dist. #11, Vol.18, ED 159, Sheet 18, Line 18 (from Mary Sutton 11/1987)
      #525, Will DUNCAN w. male 47 TN
                  Sarah wife 31 TN
                  Samuel H. son 7 TN
                  George W. son 6 TN
                  Mary A. dau 1 TN
                  (MBS: George W. was Mack Duncan's father)

1900 TN Soundex
Knox Co. TN, 15?th Civil Dist., Vol. 38, ED 80, Sheet 2, line 56
      DUNCAN, James, b. Aug 1855, age 44, b. TN
                  Louse? A. (wife), b. Apr 1871, age 29, b. TN
                  Samuel S. (son), b. March 1881, age 19, b. TN
                  James L. (son), b. July 1882, age 17, b. TN
                  John C. (son), b. May 1884, age 16, b. TN
                  William R. (son), b. Oct. 1886, age 15, b. TN
                  Lydia J. (dau.), b. Apr. 1890, age 10, b. TN
                  Earnest J. (son), b. Jan. 1892, age 8, b. TN
                  Lydia (mother), "NR", age 71, "NR" (MAD: no relation)


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1859-1860 Knox Co. TN Real Estate & Taxes (from Mary Sutton 11/28/1984)
   7th District
      Wm. Duncan - 200 acres, value $1400, on south side of Copper Ridge, $1.83, $3.85, $3.22, total $8.90 tax due

Knox Co. TN Tax lists 1844-1845 by WPA incl. index (FHL film 24,736 item 3)
   Dist.4 (pg.29 typed, pg.22 orig.)
      Philip Dunkum, 0 land, 1 wp
      Robert Duncan, 190a, $300, 1 pole
      William Duncan, 200a, $600, 1 pole
      James Duncan, 125a, $800, 2 slaves, $600, 1 pole


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HISTORIES before 1923

1913 "A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans" 7 vol., by Hale (from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983)
      Pg.1332: Josiah C. Duncan, d. Knoxville [Knox Co. TN] Aug. 1, 1911, b. Cumberland Co. VA 1840. Was a telegrapher, served in the War Between the States, organized and established the East Tennessee Telephone Co. at Knoxville. Married Mrs. Fannie J. Brooks, dau. of Gen. Joseph A. Brooks. Had 4 sons. (MAD: b. Goochland Co. VA per 1850 census, 1850 Campbell Co. VA, 1860 Washington Co. TN)

1887 "History of Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.3)
      Pg.950, Knox Co.: J.C. Duncan, manager of the Western Union Telegraph Co., and also manager of the E. TN Telephone Co. of Knoxville, was born in Cumberland Co. VA in 1840. When 18 years of age he began to learn telegraphy. During the war he was with the Army of TN as an operator. In the year 1866 he came to Knoxville and took charge of the Western Union Telegraph office, which position he has held ever since. He has been a student and experimenter of electrical and phonetic science, and since 1880 Mr. Duncan has been manager for the East TN Telephone Co. of Knoxville. For a companion through life he chose Miss Fannie J., daughter of Gen. Joseph A. Brooks, and this union was blessed by the birth of two sons. Mr. Duncan is an honest, straightforward business man, and as such is appreciated by his many friends. He has been in the telegraph service 29 years.
      Pg.1048-9, Knox. Co.: William Shinpaugh was born in Roane Co. near Loudon Co., TN, July 16, 1818, and is the youngest of three children born to Henry and Elizabeth (McDaniel) Shinpaugh, natives of NC. Their parents came to Knox Co. about 1770, where Mr. and Mrs. Shinpaugh were married. ... Our subject ... when about 19 years old he married Miss Sallie Letsinger, who was born in June 1825, and was the daughter of John and Joanna (Buckaloo) Letsinger. To Mr. and Mrs. Shinpaugh were born these children: ... (10) and Sallie (Mrs. E.E. Duncan).
      Pg.1051, Knox. Co.: J.A. Smith, agriculturist of the 8th Dist., was born December 11, 1822, in Grainger (now Union) Co. TN. He came to TN in September, 1882 (sic) and settled where he now resides. He is one of 7 children born to Josiah and Nancy (Stanley) Smith. ... When about 20 years of age our subject married Miss Emily Ann Buckner, a daughter of Ezra and Elizabeth (Duncan) Buckner, highly respected citizens of their locality. To our subject and wife were born twelve children: William E., Nancy B., Mary E., Pernina C., Margaret B., Joseph W., Pauline C., James, Hugh L., Penelope T., John L., Laura L. and Oscar D. ...
      Pg.956-7, Knox Co.: Samuel H. Dunscomb, president of the Bank of Commerce, is a son of Samuel D. and Ann W. (Rayburn) Dunscomb. The father was born in NY City and the mother in Montgomery Co. VA. At an early day they removed to KY, where they were married. In their family were four children -- two sons and two daughters -- of whom only one is now living. The father was a farmer by occupation. During the war of 1812 he went on the campaign to Canada, under Shelby. After his death the mother married William C. Baker, by whom she had two children. Our subject is of English and Irish descent, born December 18, 1822, in Simpson Co. KY. He received his education in the common schools, and at the age of 18 began as salesman in a mercantile house, where he remained about 8 years. In 1846 he came to Memphis and engaged in ... In 1854 he married Marietta C. Elder, and by her had 5 sons, ... (MAD: see "Kentucky Miscellaneous Records" by KY DAR, Vol.1, on FHL film 854,847, item 5, pg.263-268, Dunscomb records, including Bible of Auburn Price on pg.268)

"Standard history of Knoxville, Tennessee : with full outline of the natural advantages, early settlement, territorial government, Indian troubles, and general and particular history of the city down to the present time" (Knox Co. TN) by William Rickard; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1900, 594 pgs. (LH8398, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.57: The next merchants to arrive, if the order of their advertisements in the "Gazette" indicate priority, were S. Duncan and Co., in December, 1792. ... S. Duncan and Co. give notice that they are going to leave Knoxville and, therefore, offer liberal inducements to customers. Six months afterwards they are advertising new stock. ...
      Pg.225: The East Tennessee Telephone Company, 1884, the managers of this company in Knoxville have been ... Joseph C. Duncan, 1887 to 1888 ... The People's Telephone Company was established in 1894, with ... Joseph C. Duncan, general manager. These gentlemen still remain in office. ...
      Pg.239: J.M. Greer & Co. in 1886, officers ... John G. Duncan, vice-president.
      Pg.445: The Church Street Methodist Episcopal Church ... and the present pastor, Rev. James A. Duncan, D.D., 1895-99.
      Pg.453: St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church ... (ca 1874) Rev. Thomas Duncan was the next rector, and he remained nearly six years. Rev. Mr. Duncan was succeeded by Rev. H.M. Morrell, D.D., who remained until 1887 ...

1886/7 "History of KY Illustrated" 3rd Ed, by F.A. Battey & Co., and 1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 9 Editions (volumes), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; and from Denzil Mauldin and Evelyn Sigler)
      2nd (1885) or 3rd (1886) Edition, LaRue Co. JOSIAH WRIGHT, born Oct. 15, 1826, in LaRue Co. on the head waters of the Nolin, son of James and Nancy (Jones) Wright. (Wright ancestry not copied here.) Josiah married July 1853, Martha J. Easter of Larue Co., dau. of John and Evaline (Shannon) Easter, natives of Larue Co. KY and Knox Co. TN; Evaline (Shannon) Easter was a dau. of Charles S. and Rachel (Duncan) Pennington (MAD: sic). Charles Shannon was a son of William Shannon, a native of VA and a farmer; Charles Shannon was a soldier in the war of 1812. John Easter was a son of John and Martha (Price) Easter, natives of PA and VA, respectively. ... (MAD: see Williamson and White Co. TN 1850 census also)
      MAD's summary:
      Josiah Wright b. 1826 Larue, m. 1853 (?Larue Co.) Martha J. Easter (she b. ca 1830? "Larue" Co. KY formed 1843 from Hardin)
      John Easter (b.Larue/Hardin Co. KY) m. bef. 1830 to Evaline Shannon (she b. ca 1810? Knox Co. TN), had dau. Martha J. b. ca 1830?
      ?? Charles S. Shannon in War 1812, m. bef. 1810 to Rachel (Duncan) Pennington, of Knox Co. TN ca ?1810 when dau. Evaline Shannon born
      ?? ---- Pennington (d. bef. ?1810) m. bef. 1808 to Rachel Duncan.
      MAD: no Charles Shannon in KY 1810, 1820, 1830 census index; no Charles Shannon in TN 1830 census index; no Charles Shannon in 1830, 1840 or 1850 IN census index
            No Charles Pennington in IN 1830, 1840 or 1850 census index
            No Hardin Co. KY Marriage for Shannon to Pennington (LaRue formed from Hardin Co. KY); no Shannon to Pennington marriage in KY on CD-ROM disk; no Easter or Ester or Esther to Shannon in KY or TN on CD-ROM disk; John Easter (E236) to Patsy Price 10/8/1813 Hardin Co. KY.
            No early TN Marriage by Sistler for Shannon to Pennington early; although Shannon families in 1845-1865 in Lawrence Co. TN.

1922 "The story of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 'The Biggest Little City in the World'" by W.F. Kerr and Ina Gainer, pub. by S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 3 vols. (FHL film 1,000,356 items 4-6, books 15-17)
      Vol.3, Pg.448-450: JESSE LAWRENCE DUNCAN. Jesse Lawrence Duncan, one of the most widely known independent oil operators in the southwest, having drilled extensively in various fields in this section of the country, is now officially and financially connected with a number of important companies. While still a young man, he has attained a position in connection with the oil industry that many a man of twice his yrs might well envy. He was born in the town of Duncan, Oklahoma, November 27, 1890, his parents being Lee L. and Anna May (Vaughn) Duncan. The father was a native of Knoxville [Knox Co.], Tennessee, and became owner of large land holdings. He also engaged extensively in stock raising, handling fine horses in Kentucky. He acquired large property interests in Oklahoma and when the Rock Island Railroad was built to the south the town of Duncan, Oklahoma, was established and named in his honor. He was proprietor of a large cattle ranch in that section of the state. He died in 1898, while on a business trip to Tennessee. His wife, who was born in Nashville, Tennessee, is now living in Canon City, Colorado.
      Reared in Oklahoma, Jesse L. Duncan attended the public and high schools and also studied civil engineering in the University of Colorado but did not continue the course to graduation. Since nineteen years of age he has been dependent upon his own resources and has won notable success. He first became connected with the Sunnyside mines of the Commercial Coal & Coke Company at Walsenburg, Colorado, filling the position of superintendent. For a short time he was with the Phelps-Dodge Company interests in New Mexico and afterward returned to Oklahoma, where he became associated with the Empire Gas & Oil Company, a Standard Oil subsidiary of Bartlesville. There he learned every phase of the oil game and to the training and experience which he obtained in that way he owes his success. He has been field scout, a drilling contractor, a lease man and ultimately an independent operator. It was in 1917 that he began operating independently in the Glen pool in Creek county, Oklahoma, starting on borrowed money, securing a sufficient sum from a banker to cover a lease which later proved to be very profitable. Since then he has had the support and cooperation of such men as General Julian S. Carr of Durham, North Carolina, Henry A. Cline of Houston, Texas, who is counsel for the Santa Fe in that state, and prominent financiers of New York. Mr. Duncan's interests have constantly broadened in scope and importance and he is today the vice president and general manager of the Dalpoint Oil & Gas Company, producers in the Burkburnett and Wichita Falls, Texas, fields, is also a director and general manager of the Russell-Hale Oil Company, producers in Oklahoma and Texas, and a partner in the Duncan-Carr Oil Company, operating in the Texas, Louisiana and Duncan (Oklahoma) fields. He is likewise conducting independent operations, which are extensive, in Stephens and Creek counties of Oklahoma and Louisiana. Enviable as is his position in connection with the oil industry, he has likewise become widely and prominently known through other lines of business in which he is interested. He is today one of the owners of the Standard Battery Company of Dallas, Texas, handling automobile batteries in the southwest, is a stockholder in the First National Bank in Oklahoma City and a stockholder in the Oklahoma City Wholesale Grocery Company, which has one store in Oklahoma City, two stores in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and another in Parsons, Kansas. He has proven his worth and his judgment. His friends are confident of his ability and are ready to back his opinions with their financial resources.
      On the 6th of January, 1912, Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Dora Hirsch of El Reno, Oklahoma, a daughter of Henry Hirsch, one of the prominent pioneer settlers of the state, who engaged in the milling business. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have two children: William Gordon, born October 8, 1914; and Dorothy Louise, born April 13, 1916. Mrs. Duncan has no social aspirations but is very prominent in charitable work and presides most graciously over a hospitable home. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are members of the Christian church and take active interest in its work. His political support is given to the democratic party and he is a public-spirited citizen, doing everything in his power to advance progress in his section. He belongs to Siloam Lodge, No.276, A.F.&A.M.; and is a life member of Indian Consistory, No.2, S.P.&S., of McAlester, Oklahoma; and belongs to India Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Oklahoma City. He is connected with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, with the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club and the two country clubs of Oklahoma City. He greatly enjoys all phases of outdoor life, including fishing and hunting, and he is a dog fancier. He knows what he wants, starts to his objective and reaches it. He is alert to every opportunity. Every advantage that comes his way is wisely used and, realizing what he has accomplished within a few years, it seems that he has reached his present position by leaps and bounds. The results achieved, however, are the outcome of thorough understanding of every phase of the oil industry -- a knowledge acquired through practical experience and earnest effort.


Montgomery Co. VA Wills
      2-416: Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Knoxville, Knox Co. TN, 1st Monday of July 1816 (July 1, 1816), Robert Duncan is by the Court appointed Guardian to Polly Lyons, Jane Lyons and Betsy Lyons minor children of William Lyons deceased in the room of William Carter deceased, their former guardian; bond of $2500 posted; recorded Knox Co. TN 11 Oct. 1816; Montgomery Co. VA Dec. 1816. (FHL film 32,599)
      7-187: 19 June 1844, Robert Duncan and Elizabeth (X) Duncan formerly Elizabeth Lyons, Elizabeth (X) Sammi ?, Levi McClane and James D. Shenal? of Knox Co. TN, appoint Henry Jinkins Sen. of Montgomery Co. VA, attorney to ascertain boundaries of land in Town of Blackburger, formerly William Lyons, sell to Jacob Taber $50?. Wit. in Knox Co. William Major, Jonas W. Bright, Albert T. Hull. (FHL film 32,601) (MAD: ?son of Robert Duncan & Catherine from ?Botetourt Co. VA?)

Anderson Co. TN Deed (FHL film 979,340)
      C1-1: (blank) April 1804, Stephen (signed) Duncan of Knox Co. TN, to George Gordan of Greene Co. TN, $100, land in Anderson Co. on waters of New River on Buffellow Creek, granted 8 June 1804 to said Stephen Duncan #295 containing 100 acres, and another tract on E.fork of New River granted said Duncan 8 June "1797", #294, surveyed by Robert Wood, containing in each tract 100 acres; wit. J. H. Willson, Jas. Davis, J.? Roysden, Jas. Heany?.

Blount Co. TN Deed (from Margaret Anderson 2/1985)
      AA-18: 26 June 1860, Caroline Duncan of Knox Co. TN to H.T. Cox, $1300, slave Zilpy, 23 yr. and her child Moria near 3 mo. Wit. W.M. Goolin, G.M. Goodlin (sic).

Grainger Co. TN Deeds
      K-166: 3 Nov. 1845, Philip (X) Duncan of Knox Co. TN to Benjamin Duncan of Grainger Co. TN, $15, 50 acres on both sides of Public Road from Richland Creek to Knoxville, that is, Philip Duncans undivided interest in the above land of which Thomas Ducon (sic) died possessed, adj. lands of Benjamin Duncan, H.A. Hall, John Longe & James Hawkins and others. Wit. Thomas B. Reed, Samuel Shields. Rec. on oath of wit. who "are" acquainted with Philip Duncan. (FHL film 968,601)
      15-269: 17 Oct. 1860, Gainum (+ his mark) Duncome and Pharoh (+ his mark) Duncome; whereas we have a fee simple interest in remainder to take effect and be united with the possession after the death of Nicey Duncome who has a life estate in the land, a portion in Knox Co. and portion in Grainger Co. in 8th Civil District, 150 acres adj. lands of James Howel, James Hankins, G.C. McBee and others, for $150 deed to Kennon Duncome our interest. Wit. John A. McKinny, Saml. Shields. Reg. on oath of wit. 9 Jan. 1861. (FHL film 968,603)


Funeral Home Information Card, Mann's Heritage Chapel, 6200 Kingston Pk, Knoxville, TN 37919 (established 1884), from personal visit by Mary B. Sutton 1/1991 (from Mary Sutton 1/1991)
      William S. Duncan, address: 500 Summer Place; phone: 27346
      Info from Kyle Duncan
      Born May 6, 1849, Loudon Co. Tenn
      Died 8 A.M. May 18, 1932
      Buried May 20, 1932
      Died at home of daug. Mrs. Luther Sanders
      Father Evan Duncan, Mother Martha Johnson (MBS: error, this was wife)
      Physician Dr. Parker
      He was senile and had gangrene of foot.
      Cost of funeral $250.00, embalming $25.00, suit $20.00, car $3.00, flower carriage $6.00, hearse $15.00; one responsible for bill: estate of William S. Duncan.

Hickory Creek Baptist Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, about 20 miles west of Knoxville at Loudon Co. line, in Knox Co. TN (from Florence Johns Mackey 8/1986)
      Father: Evan E. Duncan, born August 7, 1795, died September 15, 1862, aged 67 years, 1 month 8 days.
            Mother: Mary A. Duncan, born March 28, 1812, died May 10, 1891, aged 79 years, 1 month, 12 days.
   (nearby stones:)
      Martha Daniels, 1847 - 1879
      Evan Floyd Duncan, December 31, 1853 - October 28, 1923
   (another section of cemetery)
      Evan J. Duncan, April 12, 1858 - December 16, 1945
            Sallie A. Duncan, December 7, 1856 - March 21, 1935
      Josephus Duncan, August 12, 1883 - April 30, 1957
            Ella Lewis Duncan, March 5, 1887 - Jan. 4, 1954
      John C. Duncan, Oct. 15, 1886 - January 1, 1954
            Mary Duncan, Aug. 10, 1876 - Aug. 21, 1941
      Samuel Love Duncan, May 20, 1894 - April 4, 1982
      Fred Rice, July 16, 1894 - Oct. 9, 1976
            Martha Duncan Rice, November 10, 1900 -
      Glen R. Duncan, 1910-1936
            Margaret L. Duncan, 1916-1936
      Glen Roy Duncan, December 3, 1933 - March 26, 1958

Bible Record of Evan J. Duncan (copy of pages from Michele Duncan 9/1993)
   This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated Between:
      Evan J. Duncan of Knox Co. and Sallie A. Shinpaugh of Knox Co. on December 24th 1882 at Wm. Shinpaugh's by W.E. Hedgecock J.P., witness: S.L. England, George Bearden
   Marriages: (MAD: writing faint)
      Julia Married Feb. 12 1922 & Mell Mr. Hope (MAD: written at top of page)
      Mr. Fred Rice of Knox Co. and Miss Martha Duncan of Knox Co. was married on Dec. 29th 1919 at Lodon by ______ at 11.15.
      Mr. Josephus Duncan & Ella? Lewis was married Sept. 17, 1905 at Lenoir? by Preacher Peters
      Mr. Marsh Johnson & Bessie Duncan was married June 20, 1929 in Roan County by Squir Waller.
      Mr. Henry Duncan an Ruth Lewis was married March 20 1926 by Preacher Cardwell at Lenoir C..
      Isb?ella & Floyd Duncan was married March 19, 1934 by Squire Jean O. at his home.
      Even J. Duncan April 12th 1858 - Dead
      Sallie A. Duncan December 7th 1856 Dead
      Josephus Duncan October 12th 1883 Dead
      William F. Duncan August 25th 1885
      John C. Duncan Dead October 15th 1886 Vancouver PO Dead
      Ferelius Duncan Dead May 3rd 1888 Dead
      Alexander Duncan August 3rd 1889
      Bessie M. Duncan November 7th 1890
      Pearly B. Duncan Dead March 27th 1892 Dead
      Samuel L. Duncan May 20th 1894 Vancouver Tenn
      James H. Duncan November 17th 1896
      Jackson L. Duncan Dead July 16th 1897 Dead
      J. I?. Duncan March 5th A.D. 1899
      Martha J. Duncan Nove. 10th 1900
      Dossia? Duncan December 12th 1903 Vancouver P.O. Tenn.
      Dossie Duncan & Bob Rutledge was married Wednesday July 22 1953 by Lloyd Campbell, Minister of Gospel, at Martha & Fred Rice in Knox Co.
      Sallie A. Duncan Died March 21, 1935
      Even J. Duncan Died Dec. 26, 1945
      Pearly B. (Duncan) Pickel died June 4, 1951 (Monday)
      John C. Duncan Died Jan. 1, 1954, Friday

Obituary of Rev. William S. Duncan, 83, of Knoxville, son of Evan E. Duncan, among the papers in the Family Bible of Samuel A. Daniel and Martha E. Duncan (b. March 15, 1841).
      Copy of this item and other documents from this Bible were sent by Judy Player 11/1990. The items are on the following website:
      Scroll down and click on Bible Records and then choose Daniel's Family Bible
      Or go directly to the Bible transcription at

The website of Curt Behnke includes some original records on the family of James Duncan and Caroline Wright:



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