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Formed 1809 from Stewart, Smith
Benton formed 1835 from Henry, Humphreys


1820 Humphreys Co. TN Census
Pg.  7  William Duncan        100211        - 01101
    14  David Duncan          000100        - 00100
        Peter Duncan          100010        - 10100

1830 Humphreys Co. TN Census
Pg.300  Zadoc Duncan          1000,1        - 2100,1
   307  Peter Duncan          1110,001      - 1001,01
        William Duncan        0200,0010,1   - 0000,0001

1840 Humphreys Co. TN Census
Pg.231  Zedock Duncan         1200,0101     - 2101,01
        William Duncan        0000,0000,01  - 0001,001
        Peter Duncan          1110,0001     - 0011,001

1850 Humphreys Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.100 (199), #106, Zadoc DUNCAN 47 SC farmer $0
                  Jane 47 SC
                  Jane 20, Frances 16 TN
                  Ira 14, Nancy 12 TN
                  Susan 9 TN
                  James 63 SC $100
                  (MAD: Zadoc, wife Jane Leslie from York Co. SC; son of William; parents of James M. & Ira P. of 1860 Navarro Co. TX census)
Pg.124 (248), #459, Nancy DUNCAN 32 TN (blank) $0 Can't Read or Write
                  Christopher 7 KY
                  John BURCHAM 14 TN
                  McGill DUNCAN (m) 4, Lattay (m) 3/12 TN
                  (MAD: She a widow before 1848)
Pg.152 (304), #862, A.P. DUNCAN (m) 50 NC B.smith $0, Can't R/W
                  Rachael 25 KY Can't Read/Write
                  Christopher 5, Ephraim 3 TN
                  Cornelius 1 TN

1860 Humphreys Co. TN Census
District 1
Pg.103, #114-114, Z.F. DUNCAN (m) 57 SC farmer $500-$600
                  Jane 56 (blank - TN?)
                  Jane 29, Susan 18 (blank - TN?)
                  James STANFIELD 28 VA
District 10
Pg.164, #753-753, Rachel DUNCAN 40 TN (blank) $0-$0
                  Ephraim 14, Columbus 11 TN
                  Kisiah 9, Bird 2 TN

1870 Humphreys Co. TN Census (most also from Sarah Beene 1984)
District 6, P.O. Waverly
Pg.66 (12), #93-93, CEAMALL, John A. 37 TN farmer $500-500
                  Susan H. 26 TN
                  STANFIELD, John W. 7 TN
                  CEAMALL, Thos. H. 2 TN
                  DUNCAN, Jane 65 SC housekeeper
District 10, P.O. McEwen
Pg.? (10), #67-69, DUNIGAN, Andrew 36 TN farmer $1000-700
                  Avaline 31 TN
                  FEW, William L. 10, John W. 9, Lucinda 7 TN
                  DUNIGAN, Isaac 2, George B. 1/12 b. May, TN
District 12, P.O. Waverly
Pg.111 (2), #11-11, PRINONE, Shedrick W. 50 TN (white) farmer $4000-$350
                  ELLIS, Mary E. 27 TN keeping house $0-$800
                  DUNCAN, Ephrum (m) 19 TN (white) farm laborer
                  Cornelias (m) 18 TN farm laborer
                  Kesiah (f) 17 TN domestic servant
                  ELLIS, William W. 6 TN (white)
Pg.111-112 (3), #14-14, BRISON, Pinkney (m) 47 TN (white) farmer $0-$300
                  Sarah 42 TN keeping house
                  Morgan D. 20 TN (blank)
                  Nancy A/H. 15, Mary S. 15 (not 13) TN
                  William P. 11, Sarah E. 8 TN
                  Joseph B. 4, Emaline (f) 1 TN
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 10 TN (white)
                  BRISON, John T. 7 TN
Pg.121, #133-138, DUNCAN, Laura (f) 50 TN BLACK keeping house $0-$200
                  Henry 11 TN MULATTO
                  KING, Harrison 25 TN BLACK farm laborer
Pg.123, #169-174, DUNCAN, Thomas I. 29 TN farmer 4500/750
                  Sarah J. 36 TN
                  Sarah A.E. 5, Ella Lee 3, John D. 1 TN
                  BYRON (BYSON?), Joseph S. 19 TN
                  Mary A. 14, Barbara 9 TN

1880 Humphreys Co. TN Census (from Denzil Mauldin 3/1986 without page numbers)
#53, Ephram DUNCAN 24 TN TN TN laborer
#162, Thomas DUNCAN 39 TN MO TN
            Sarah J. 46 TN VA TN wife
            Sarah A.E. 15, John T.D. 11, Wm. A. 6 TN -- -- (children)
            Barbara J. Byrn 21 TN VA TN dau. single (DM: sic)
#163, Stacy H.D. DUNCAN 64 TN SC SC widowed
            Lesora 19 -- -- -- dau. divorced
#169, Daniel H. DUNCAN 43 TN TN --
            Mary L. 36 TN TN TN wife
            Thomas N. 19, Andrew D. 15, Tennessee T. (f) 11
            Jasper N. 9, B. Stacy 5 TN TN TN (children)
            Thomas D. ALLEN 22 TN -- -- divorced farm laborer

1880 Humphreys Co. TN Census (from Sarah Beene 1/1984)
9th District, #41/41, DUNNAGAN, Andy C. 47 farmer TN TN TN
            Adline 41 wife TN TN TN
            Andrew L.12, George B.9 TN TN TN
            Pleasant J.1 (sons) TN TN TN
14th Dist. 130/130 DONEGAN, M.B. 36 farmer TN NC TN
            Bessie H. 22 wife TN TN PA
            Walter R. 10?, Ira 5 (sons) TN TN TN
14th Dist. 150/152 DONIGAN, William 23 laborer TN TN TN
      (boarder with Pruitt family)


Humphreys Co. TN Wills & Inventories
   Book E, 1837-1843 (FHL film 979,387; includes tax lists, not looked at)
      E-447: 7 Dec. 1841, William Duncan of said county died intestate; James H. Duncan qualified as administrator of estate; letters of administration issued. E-472, 473: Sale of property of William Duncan produced in court 9 March 1842; sales to Zadoc Duncan, Charles W. Brown, L. Hendrix, Cole White, Joseph Wilson, Alfred Hooper, George Dunsworth, Joel Smith, Isaac McCarland, Thomas White, Rosanah Dunafill, James Duncan, James M. Roy.
      E-510, 512: April, 1842, Tabitha Duncan decd., Coleman E. Harris appointed admin.; letters issued 6 April 1842. E-512: April, 1842, Inventory of Tabitha Duncan recorded, included note on Thomas Childress. Sales to R.H. Gouge, Rebecca Carley, James Yeates, John W. Grubbs, William Goodwin, James R. Childress, J.J. Green, Wm. R. Faby (Faly?).
   Book G, 1847-1852 - no Duncan (FHL film 979,387)
   Book H, 1852-1857 (FHL film 979,389):
      H-192: Nov. 1853, James H. Duncan decd, application by Zadoc Duncan for letters of administration; issued 14 Nov. 1853. H-288: 1853? account of sales of Jas. H. Duncan; only purchaser was Zadoc Duncan; total $5.10, table, chair, etc. H-460/61: Nov. 1855, settlement by Zadoc Duncan - collected an account against G.K. Woods $1.25; paid G.D. Vancouler? for coffin, $3.; John Wyly funeral expenses, $1.50; Administrators bond etc. $1.75; D.A. Massey for registering deed, $1.00; administrator charges nothing for his trouble; clerk for recording this settlement $2.50; estate is indebted to administrator $3.40.


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Alexander Duncan & his heirs, 456, 274a, 3/15/1827, Humphreys, 1-450, West
      Elijah Duncan, 8565, 30a, 1/29/1816, Humphreys, M-41, General
      Elijah Duncan, 8566, 20a, 1/29/1816, Humphreys, M-42, General

TN Land Grants, West District (FHL film 1,013,334)
      1-450: 15 March 1827, TN grant #456 for military service by Alexander Duncan to the State of NC, Warrant #5248 dated 11 Dec. 1797 for 274 acres entered 14 Dec. 1822 #1123; grant of 274 acres to Alexander Duncan or his heirs surveyed 12 May 1824 in 12th Dist., Range 7, Sec. 5. (no county given, but index card gives Humphrey Co.)

TN General Land Grants
      D-632: 13 March 1811, Grant #2944 to Thomas Shute, assignee of Zachariah Middestaff, NC Warrant #5037 dated 5 Dec. 1797, entry #1513 on 30 March 1808, 240 acres in Humphreys Co., formerly Stewart Co., 1st Dist., both sides of Trace Creek of TN River, corner Thomas Shute's Entry for 200 acres Warrant 5037, corner entry of John Davidson; surveyed 25 April 1810. (FHL film 1,012,943) (MAD: William Duncan sold 300 acre grant to Thomas Shute to his son Zadoc Duncan in Humphreys Co.)
      D-633: 13 March 1811, Grant #2945 to Thomas Shute, assignee of Zachariah Middestaff, Entry #1512, 200 acres, part of warrant #5037, on trace creek, upper line of entry in name of Edward King's heirs for 213 acres, east side of a branch on which James Harrison and John Johnson live. (FHL film 1,012,943)
      M-41: 29 Jan. 1816, Grant #8565 to Elijah Duncan; by virtue of part of certificate #1268 dated 7 Sept. 1812 issued by Register of West TN to Thomas Dillon and entered 7 Oct. 1812 by #9174; grant to Elijah Duncan, assignee of said Thomas Dillon, 30 acres by survey 12 May 1813, in Humphreys Co. in 1st Dist. on Big Dry Creek of TN River, beg. tree marked ED, bank of creek. (FHL film 1,012,951)
      M-42: 29 Jan. 1816, Grant #8566 to Elijah Duncan; by virtue of part of certificate #1390 dated 1 Feb. 1813 issued by Register of West TN to John C. McLimore entered 5 Feb. 1813 by #10052; grant to Elijah Duncan, assignee of said John C. McLimore, 20 acres by survey 12 May 1813, in Humphreys Co. in 1st Dist. on Big Dry Creek of TN River, beg. at beg. corner of said Duncans entry of 30 acres, marked ED. (FHL film 1,012,951)

Humphreys Co. TN Deeds (Index on FHL film 979,392; copied to book N, 1852-1857)
      B-40: 11 July 1816, Elija Duncan (him) of Humphreys Co. to Robert Webb, $75, 10 acres on Big Dry Creek of Tennessee River, corner of a 20 acre tract granted 29 Jan. 1816 to said Elija Duncan. Wit. S. Atley?, Jonathan (X) Duncan. Ack. in court Oct. 1816. (FHL film 979,393)
      B-370: 16 June 1817, James Duncan to John Duncan, $80, 20 acres on Little Richland Creek, bounded ... sycamore marked "ID" in William Murray's south boundary. Wit. Alexr. McLoed, William Murray. (FHL film 979,393)
      B-373: 5 Oct. 1818, John Duncan of Wayne Co. TN to Burmall Lashler of Humphreys Co., $90, 20 acres on Little Richland Creek (land in B-370). Wit. John Thompson, Jno. C. Morrison, S. Alley. Proven on oath of John Thompson (registrar). (FHL film 979,393) (MAD: Burwell Lashley = Burwell Leslie)
      D-19: 16 March 1826, William (X) Duncan to Zadock Duncan, son of William Duncan, both Humphreys Co. TN, for love and affection, 130 acres on trace creek, being the land whereon said William Duncan now lives, part of tract of 320 acres grant to said William Duncan, bounded ... Thomas White, James H. Duncan. Wit. William Massey, J.H. Duncan, Thomas H. Burton. Rec. April 1826 by oaths of William Massey & Thomas H. Burton. (FHL film 979,393)
      F-397: 25 Feb. 1840, Zadoc Duncan to James Tead, trust deed, 136 acres in Dist. 6 bounded on west by conditional line marked out and agreed to by William Duncan & Thomas White, and on east by same and James Duncan, part of 320 acres sold by Thomas Shute to William Duncan. Wit. Urbane Harris, Owenly Owens. (FHL film 979,394)
      F-476: 11 July 1840, William Duncan to Zadoc Duncan, $600, 100 acres on both sides of Trace Creek of Tennessee River, part of 320 acres entered in name of Thomas Shute on a part of which said William Duncan now lives, bounded ... NE corner ... to corner "MG", including the plantation whereon James Duncan formerly lived. Wit. Levi McCallum, James Moses. (FHL film 979,394)
      F-478: 22 July 1840, Zadoc Duncan to Isaac McCarlard?, trust deed, land in F-476, owes $235 due 25 Feb. 1841. Wit. E.M. Matlock, T.G. Gorin. (FHL film 979,394)
      F-599: 1 Feb. 1841, Zadoc Duncan to James Teas, trust deed, land in F-397, 130a in Dist. 6. Wit. C.E. Harris, William A. White. (FHL film 979,394)
      G-12: 6 Feb. 1841, Zadoc Duncan of Humphreys Co. and John W. Tate of Cannon Co. are tenants in common of 800 acres in Humphreys Co. on north fork of Blue Creek of Duck River grant #15234 to them; partition and division of land. Ack. in court. (FHL film 979,394)
      G-130: 14 Oct. 1841, Zadoc Duncan to Thomas White, $800, land on trace creek of TN River, part of 320 acres granted to Thomas Shute, said Duncans 96 acre tract on which he now lives, 128 acres. "Bounds is intended to embrace all the tract of land on which William Duncan formerly lived and died." Wit. Levi McCallum, Elias White. (FHL film 979,394)
      G-416: 15 Dec. 1842, Zadoc Duncan to B.B. Spencer, $350, 100 acres on Trace Creek, corner 320 acre tract entered in name of Thos. Shute, Tree marked "MC", including the plantation whereon James Duncan formerly lived. Wit. John T. Alford, J.B. Massey. (FHL film 979,394)
      L-725: 5 March 1853, James H. Duncan bond to W.S. Elkins and John P. Johnson, $80, on conditions ... when James H. Duncan recd. of Elkins & Johnson $40 in payment for military land warrant certificate #4656 for 80 acres dated 25 April 1851, James H. Duncan will sell them the land when a pattent is issued, which James H. Duncan this day empowered Elkins & Johnson to locate by power of attorney. (FHL film 979,396)
      N-390: (no day) Nov. 1856, Zadoc Duncan to Jeremiah Onele, $300, 2 tracts on waters of Blew Creek of Duck River, (1) beg. in W.B. line of 800 acre tract "entry made by Z. Duncan & Tate surveyed 1836," thence ... corner of B.F. Holland's 60 acre tract, to ... old fence row, containing by survey 272 acres; and (2) (by meets and bounds, no neighbors), 400 acres by estimation; /s/ Z.F. Duncan; wit. Andrew McCasland, John Wood. (FHL film 979,398 but cataloged as on FHL film 979,397 which actually contains Books O and P)
      O-204: 23 Oct. 1858, Edward Barnes title bond to Zadock Duncan; Duncan purchased of Barnes 550 acres for $400 to be paid in amounts; will make title to total 550 acres in 5 tracts: 27 acres, 128 acres, 200 acres, 150 acres, 20 acres. Wit. J.N. Little, Lin McCollum. (FHL film 979,398)
      S-480: 19 Sept. 1870, G.B. Turner and C.A. Turner to D.H. Duncan, $350, 100 acres. (description not copied). Wit. T.L. Duncan, S.H.D. Duncan. (FHL film 979,398)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "Histories of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, Houston Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha Vol.7)
      No Duncan biographical sketch.
      Pg.1210, Humphreys Co.: Joseph L. Bryn, farmer, was born Aug. 30, 1885 (sic), in Dickson Co. and is the son of Samuel and Sarah J. (Rogers) Bryn, natives of Dickson Co. The father ... in the Confederate Army, and at the battle of Fort Donelson met his death. The mother still lives, and in August, 1864, married Rev. T.L. Duncan, who now resides in this county. Our subject's early life was passed on the farm, ... At 20 years of age he began clerking in a drug store, where he remained one and a half years. After this he taught school in this county for 4 years. In the fall of 1878 he commenced merchandising ... June, 1872, he married Miss P. Bone, ...
      Pg.1225, Humphreys Co.: Andrew J. Frazier, farmer, of Humphreys Co., was born June 6, 1849, in Coffee Co. and is the son of John and Sarah (Halpain) Frazier, natives, respectively, of Scotland and England. The father came to Warren Co. TN in 1830 and afterward moved to Coffee Co. where he lived until his death occurred Sept. 6, 1866. Our subject was reared on the farm and ... In 1872 he moved to Humphreys Co. and purchased the land on which he now resides. January 27, 1870, he was united in marriage to Miss Nellie Duncan, and the fruit of this union is an interesting family of 6 children: Nora, Luna, Frederick N., Ada, Henry R. and Almer (sic) L. Mr. Frazier is a Democrat and a school director of the 4th Dist. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

1894 "Reminisant History of the Ozark Region (AR)" by Goodspeed (TN Gen. Society Library #2900 from Evelyn Sigler 11/1983)
      Pg.656: Hon. Samuel Leslie of Searcy Co. AR, born Barren Co. KY Oct. 25, 1809, son of John and Jane (McElwee) Leslie, the latter b. in SC. It is thought that Mr. Leslie was born while his parents were in route from PA to SC. He and his wife were married in York Dist. SC, from which they removed in 1807 to KY; when their son Samuel was two years of age they moved to TN. Here the mother died when he was about eight years old. The father survived until 1840, his death occurring in Carroll Co. TN. Children: George d. in Carroll Co. TN; William d. in Cole Co. MO; John d. in Humphreys Co. TN; Samuel (above) m. 1831 Ruth, dau. of Edward and Dicey Harris; Andrew J. d. in San Antonio, TX; Mary M., the wife of Andrew Simpson, d. in Carroll Co. TN; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel McKeag(y), d. in Searcy Co. ARK; Margaret, the wife of David Van Pool, d. in Cole Co. MO; Jane, the wife of Zeddock Duncan, d. in Humphreys Co. TN; Grace, the wife of Joseph Murphy, d. in Carroll Co. TN.


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