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Formed 1821 from Western District
(borders Calloway Co. KY)
Benton formed 1835 from Henry & Humphreys
See Sumner and Smith Cos. TN


1830 Henry Co. TN Census
Pg.16  Josiah Dunkins        0000,0000,1   - 0000,0000,1
       William Dunkins       2000,1        - 0010,1
       Anderson Duncan       1110,011      - 1120,01

1840 Henry Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Henry Co. TN Census Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
10th District
Pg.330 (659), #103, Lucretia DINKINS 40 NC (blank) $400
                  Elias B. 21, Robert 16 TN (farmers)
                  Franklin 14, Caroline 9 TN
15th District
Pg.381 (762), #77, Jonathan DUNCAN 52 KY laborer $200
                  Elizabeth 48 SC
                  Rhoda 20, Ruth M. 18 TN
                  Wm. C. 16, Robt. M. 12 TN
                  Miriam (f) 11, Jonathan 8 TN
                  James M. 6, Greenberry 4 TN
                  Thomas J. 4, Rebecca 2 TN
                  (MAD: from Calloway Co. KY; 1860 Marion Co. AL census)
Pg.399 (798), #8, Elizabeth OLIVER 35 TN (blank) $350
                  Emily A. 15, Marietta (f) 9, Thomas H. 6 TN

1860 Henry Co. TN Census (pg.447 also from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981)
Pg.402 (144), #964-984, J.H. DUNCAN (m) 49 SC bootmaker $0-$0
                  Tennessee N. (f) 36 TN (not mar/in/yr)
Pg.445 (229), #1567-1594, James CHILDS 34 VA farmer $1700-$2300
                  Amanda J. 29 VA
                  John W. 8 VA, Mary M. 6 TN
                  Fendal M. (m) 4 TN
                  W.J. FOWLER (m) 42 NC grocer $800-$4500
                  James E. 4 TN
                  Edwin H. DUNCAN 32 TN (blank) $0-$700
                  (MAD: William J(ohn) Fowler mar. C.(izana) H. Duncan 8/25/1853)
District 14, P.O. Conyersville, taken 9/20/1860
Pg.447 (234), #1629, Fleming DUNCAN 61 VA farmer $2550-$6400
                  George A. 24 TN student of medicine
                  Andrew V?. 22 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Sumner Co. TN census)
Pg.450 (240), #1644-1674, George DUNCAN 68 VA farmer $1200-$5450
                  Mary 59 TN
                  Mary D.F. 18 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Wilson Co. TN census)

1870 Henry Co. TN Census (some of pg.392, 393 also from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981)
District 3, P.O. Paris
Pg.227, #4-4, WADDY, R.K. (m) 56 TN (white) retired physi. $2500-$1000
                  M.A. (f) 42 VA
                  M.H. (f) 25, H. (f) 21 TN
                  R. (m) 11, J. (m) 11 (sic) TN
                  V? (W?) (f) 8 TN
                  DUNCAN, S.K. (f) 29 TN (white) (blank) $2000-4500
                  M. (f) 8 TN
Pg.231, #65-65, DUNCAN, H. (m) 25 TN BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  M.E. (f) 23 TN BLACK
                  Peeter (m) 4, G.A. (m) 2 TN BLACK
                  JOHNSON, E. (f) 50 TN BLACK
                  BOULIN, L. (f) 50 TN BLACK
                  DUNCAN, A. (f) 83 TN BLACK
                  BOLIN, J.W. (m) 3/12 TN BLACK b.March
District 4, P.O. Paris
Pg.248-249, #101-102, ASBERRY, E. (f) 31 TN pauper
                  HICKS, L.R. (f) 47 TN
                  RUFLY, Tusn? (f) 45 TN
                  WALES, Nancy 84 SC
                  DUNCAN, Jas. H. 67 SC (white) pauper, parents of foreign birth
                  A. (f) 50 TN pauper
District 9, P.O. Henry Station
Pg.321, #196-197, DUNCAN, J. (m) 46 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  E. (f) 32 NC
                  J.W. (m) 12, M.J. (f) 9 TN at school
                  G.H. (m) 6, J.M. (m) 2 TN
                  BOWDEN, E. (f) 75 NC (blank)
                  S.J. (f) 36 NC
District 10, P.O. Henry Station
Pg.326, #26-26, DINKINS, B.F. (m) 33 TN (white) farmer $1000-$800
                  M.J. (f) 26 TN farmer
                  E.C. (f) 6, S.E. (f) 4 TN
                  M.J. (f) 1 TN
Pg.328, #58-58, DINKINS, J.B. (m) 43 TN (white) farmer $900-$300
                  L.T. (f) 45 TN
                  W. (m) 23 TN at home
                  H.H. (m) 21 TN school
                  N.E. (f) 19 TN A.H. (at home)
                  S.J. (f) 14, F.M. (f) 12 TN
                  P.E.B. (f) 10 TN
                  R.Y. (m) 9/12 TN Sept.
Pg.334, #150-150, DINWIDDIE, H. (m) 30 TN BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  A. (f) 20 TN BLACK
                  John 40 TN BLACK
                  T. (f) 1 TN BLACK
                  Wm. 4/12 TN BLACK b.Feb.
                  DINKINS, B. (m) 35 TN (white) F(armer) $800-$500
                  A.C. (f) 4 TN (white)
District 12, P.O. North Fork
Pg.363, #281-281, DUNCAN, W.L. (m) 26 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 18 TN house keeper $0-$400
                  Sarah 11 TN
                  McCUTCHUN, Jane? (Jam?) (m) 49 VA (white) carpenter
                  Elizh. (f) 48 VA housekeeper
                  John 10, Phebe (f) 6 TN
District 14, P.O. Conyersville
Pg.392, #990-985, DUNCAN, F.W. (m) 71 VA farmer $2000-$2000
                  Martha 29 TN housekeeper
                  Ella 3 TN
Pg.393, #996-990, WARD, R.K. (m) 28 KY (white) farmer $1900-$1200
                  Mary 28 TN housekeeper
                  Kate 4, Lee (m) 3, Wm. 1 TN
                  DUNCAN, Mary 70 TN (white) house keeper
                  WARD, Frank 24 KY (white) laborer
                  Wallace (m) 21 KY laborer
Pg.393, #1006-1000, DUNCAN, F.W. (m) 50 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Phebe 41 TN housekeeper
                  Josiah 22 TN farmer
                  Mary J. 19 TN
                  Hannah 8, W.J. (m) 10/12 TN
Pg.396, #1041-1036, DUNCAN, E.H. (m) 42 TN (white) merchant $350-$2000
                  Drucilla (f) 24 VA house keeper
                  Laura (f) 1 TN
                  [DUNCAN,] Bill 10 TN BLACK
Pg.396, #1045-1040, DUNCAN, G. K/A. (m) 35 TN (white) merchant $0-$1000
                  Bellie (f) 18 VA housekeeper
                  [DUNCAN,] Willy 14 TN BLACK
Pg.402-403, #1130-1125, DUNCAN, Hannah 48 TN BLACK housekeeper $0-$0
                  Bettie (f) 20 TN BLACK housekeeper
                  Henry 16 TN BLACK laborer
                  Jenna (f) 14, Pattie (f) 12 TN BLACK
                  Wm. 10, Alice (f) 8, Ben 6 TN BLACK
District 20, P.O. Paris
Pg.463, #68-70, KEY, Wm. W. 57 TN (white) farmer $12000-$2251
                  Elizabeth C. 36 TN housekeeper
                  ANDREWS, Chas. 11 TN at school
                  Eveline E. 3 TN
                  DUNKIN, Emelia? (f) 14 TN at school
                  GRIFFIN, Daniel 18 TN at school
                  Margret (sic) 15 TN at school

1880 Henry Co. TN Census (from Denzil Mauldin 3/1986 without page numbers)
12th Civil District
#349, Sallie DUNCAN (f) 40 TN TN TN school teacher (boarder)
14th Civil District
#52, R.K. WARD 37 KY NC VA, Mary F. 37 TN NC TN
            Katie 13, Lee 12, Willie F. 11, Mary 9, Rufus K. 8 TN KY TN
            Frank 7, Mattie 5, Bob Duncan Ward 3 TN KY TN
            Patrick Henry Ward 1/4 (Feb.) TN KY TN (sons & daus)
            Mary DUNCAN 80 m-i-law TN (blank) (blank)
#48, E.M. DUCAH/DUNCAN? 52 TN VA VA, Drew M. 34 VA VA VA (wife)
            Lanora 10, Philip E. 8, Wm. 7 TN TN VA (dau. & sons)
#112, G.A. DUNCAN 40 TN VA VA
            Blantan 9, Nettie 7 TN TN VA (son & dau.)
            Lucy Duncan 75 VA -- -- servant BLACK
#85, A.J. WARREN 31 TN TN TN, Mary M. 30 TN TN TN
            Elijah 8, Dena J. (f) 6, not named (son) 3/12 (March) TN TN TN
            S.T. DUNCAN 10 TN TN TN step-son


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      J. Duncan, 3632, 5a, 9/1/1847, Henry, "numerical listing missing from book", West
      Jonathan Duncan, 9852, 94a, 11/10/1849, Henry, 9A-68, West

East TN Land Grants (FHL film 1,012,801)
      10-118: 4 April 1825, Grant #10834 to Mary A. Dankin (not Duncan), Claiborne Co., Entry #58 on 25 June 1824, 50 acres on waters of Blairs Creek on Henry County branch, G. Wrights corner, surveyed 22 July 1824.

West TN Land Grants (FHL film 1,013,351)
      9A-68: 10 Nov. 1849, Grant #9852 to Jonathan Duncan, Henry Co., Entry #1113 on 25 Aug. 1849, 94 acres surveyed 9 Aug. 1849, NW corner Entry #207 for 26 acres in name of Asa Rabtasio, "including and excluding Entry #1567 for 10 acres".

Henry Co. TN Deeds (grantor index on FHL film 24,699; grantee index on FHL film 575,029)
      No grantees
      J-305, Jonathan Duncan trust deed to John M. Chilout, 1848-1851
      K-366, Jonathan Duncan to Wm. F. Sparks, deed, 1851-1853
      No other grantors to Book O, 1860
      J-305: 18 Sept. 1849, Jonathan Duncan to John M. Chilcutt, $5, trust deed for 94 acres on KY line, Asa Battesee's NW corner, land is unencumbered, Duncan owes John Ramey $37 by note 20 Aug. 1849. Wit. A. Thaxton, A. Batteree. (MAD: Calloway Co. KY line) (FHL film 575,033)
      K-366: 20 Aug. 1852, Jonathan Duncan to William F. Sparks, $225, 94 acres (above land). Wit. John M. Chilcut, Hugh G. Nerlon?. (FHL film 575,033)


Henry Co. TN Will Book G-H (FHL film 575,025)
      Indexed pg.407, Norman Duncan, 1851; not Duncan; name was Duncosom or similar.

Henry County TN Will (from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981; no book and page)
      Will of Fleming W. Duncan; wife Martha R. all the furniture and also the other personal property which she brought to my house subsequent to our marriage and the land purchased by me of Robert Lemonds(?) being part of the original Robert Lemoires(?) tract near Paris, TN, to which I have long since given her a deed, these things I consider no part of my estate. I further desire that she take part in my estate under the laws of TN as though I had died intestate. My daughter Ella F. Duncan have one bed and furniture and $500 to be placed in the hands of a guardian for the purpose of raising and educating her; the rest to be equally divided between all of my children or their representatives taking into account the following ...(?), viz, Williamson, one bed and furniture value at $20; Fleming W. Duncan one bed (same); Mary Kindred (similar); Edwin H. Duncan (same); Thomas J. Duncan (same); Cyamina(?) Fowler who married W.J. Fowler (same); George A. Duncan (same); Andrew V. Duncan (same); Ella W. Duncan (same) not yet received. Appoint executor R.K. Ward. Dated December 7, 1874. Witness C.M. Kennerly, B.H. Martin. Probated January, 1878.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, George A., widow Mary; WO 30399, WC 25533; BL 79678-40-50, 58517-120-55; Capt. Booker's Co. VA Mil. 12/30/1812 to 4/11/1813; sol. res. 1852, 1855, Henry Co. TN; wid. res. 1878 Conyersville, Henry Co. TN; maiden name Mary Poe m. July 10, 1838, Wilson Co. TN; soldier d. July 6, 1866, Conyersville, TN; widow d. Aug. 23, 1878, Conyersville, TN.

War of 1812 Bounty Land Application of George A. Duncan; and Pension Application of his widow Mary Duncan; W.O. 20399, W.C. 25533 (extract of about 20 pages from Sue Harris 8/2002, comments hers; also indexed as Bounty Land 79678-40-50, 58517-120-55)
      On 18 Aug 1852, George A. Duncan, aged 59 years, of Henry Co. TN, applied for bounty land on service in War of 1812; was a Pvt in company commanded by Capt. George Booker, 4th Regt of VA Volunteers commanded by Col. Counts (?). Enlisted for 6 months in Dec. 1812, discharged at Norfolk, VA, 10 April 1813. Received 40 acres bounty land. On 21 May 1855, George A. Duncan, aged 62, of Henry Co., TN, applied for more bounty land under act of March 3, 1855. He had legally transferred his previously awarded 40-acre bounty land. He seems to have been given 120 acres #20756. These papers are confusing! His enlistment & discharge dates don't agree on all the papers, and Capt. Booker's first name is also given as Marshall on some.
      On 8 Aug 1878, Mary Duncan, maiden name Mary Poe, aged 76, of Conyersville, Henry Co., TN, widow of George A. Duncan, filed for bounty land under revised statute of 9 March 1878. She married him on 10 July 1838 in Wilson Co., TN, service performed by John L. Dillard, minister D.D. States her husband died at Conyersville on 6 July 1866. She gives power of attorney to R.P. Cole of Paris, Henry Co. Robert Corley, aged 75, and R.K. Ward, aged 36, of Henry Co. swear for her. They had known George A. Duncan & Mary for 50 years or more, since before their marriage. Proof of marriage license had to be obtained from Wilson Co. and it was part of the papers. Mary (Poe) and George had two children, Elizabeth, who would have been 39 if living, but was deceased before 12 Apr 1879, according to Mary; and Mary F. Ward, wife of Capt. R.K. Ward. On 5 May 1879, R.K. Ward testified that he is 37 years old, son-in-law of George & Mary, & has known them since 1861. His wife Mary is 36 years old. Mary received $8 month on 12 June 1879, dating from March 9, 1878, date of act. Mary died Aug. 23, 1883, at Conyersville. No further information about Elizabeth & Mary Duncan Ward.

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,803)
      Indexed: 14873 Duncan, C.R., Davidson, 1st KY. Inf.
      #14873, C.P. Duncan, Co.F, 1 KY Inf., filed Dec. 14, 1915, rejected, Wid. #7341 (MAD: widow Signore H. Duncan, Henry Co. TN, widow of Christopher Pritchell Duncan); applicant Capt. C.P. Duncan, b. KY, res. 1501 Hawkins St., Davidson Co. TN; soldier in KY, capt. of Co.F, 1st KY Regt., mustered in service at Harpers Ferry, VA, May 5, 1861; born Calloway Co. KY Aug. 30, 1840; enlisted April 15, 1861, Co.F, 1st KY Regt., Col. Blanton Duncan was the 1st Cornal(?) and Thos. H. Taylor "supersceded" him, Wm. Preston Johnson was the Lieutenant Col.; was never wounded; old age caused disability; in prison in Paducah, KY, in 1863, released spring 1864; family consists of I and my wife, my wife is 73 years old, no children living with me, 3 sons and 1 dau.; res. of TN since 1866, have been living in Nashville since 1880; /s/ 13 Dec. 1915, Capt. C.P. Duncan, P.O. Nashville, TN.

TN Pension: A.V. (later called Andrew V.) Duncan, Confederate, Civil War (copy from Mary Louise Craven 5/1982)
      Pension Papers #559, A. V. Duncan, 2 Co. D, 5 Tennessee Inf.
      Pvt. Co. D, 5 Tenn, Capt. H.W. Ballard's Company, Age 22, on muster-in roll Aug. 9, 1861, at Camp Brown, Union City, TN. Enrolled May 20, 1861, at Paris, Tenn, by Col. W.E. Travis for one year.
      Pvt. (2d) Company D, 5 Regiment Tennessee Infantry, Muster Roll Feb. 28 to July 1, 1862, Amt. Paid by Peters, Jan. 1, 186?, Remarks - Deserted.
      Pvt, Capt. J.T. Kendall's Company, 5 Regiment Tennessee Volunteers, Age 24 years, Roll dated near Shelbyville, Tenn, May 15, 1863, remarks: Deserted May 20, 1862.
      Same, Age 24 years, Roll dated Dalton, GA, Jan. 19, 1864, remarks: Deserted May (illeg.) 1862.
      Widow's Indigent Pension (stamped "Accepted"), by Enthanzia A. Duncan, filed Apr 7 09, widow of A.F. Duncan, K 5 Tenn Inf. Filed in Henry Co.; widow lives in Peryear, Henry Co., Tenn; resident of state "all of my life"; born 1839, Wilson Co., Tenn., married Andrew V. Duncan Jan. 8th 1871, minister's name illegible; husband joined May 1861 at Paris, Company K, fifth Tenn., served 12 months, "Having been transfered, surrendered at Columbus, Miss. in Gen. Lyones(?) Escord, Capt. (?) Company. He was in the Hospital about 6 months, then entered cavalry? ? forest???. children: 2 girls, age 35 and 25.
      Witness' questions: signed by D.F/T. Alexander and S. Calhoon, who knew Enthazia about 50 years, she currently resides with her brother, for quite a number of years; the witnesses knew Andrew for about 50 years, were in the same regiment but a different company; Andrew resided near Conyersville at his death; signed April 5, 1909.
      Copy of portion of Marriage Certificate, showing marriage of Mr. A.V. Duncan and Miss Euthanzia Bumpas, Henry County, by R.H. Crank, J.P., 8th January 1871.


Smith Co. TN Deed Book O, Pg.5 (copy from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981; extract by MAD)
      O-5: 1 June 1837, from Fleming W. Duncan, Sr., of county and state aforesaid to Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin M. Duncan of Smith Co. and William S. Duncan and Fleming W. Duncan of Sumner Co., and George A. Duncan of Wilson Co., TN; Fleming W. Sr. being old and infirm and desirous that the above named five sons should have my property ... for love and affection ... give, etc., slaves ... Witness Daniel Kerley, George D. ----. Recorded 22 Sept. 1837 on oath of Fleming W. Duncan.

Stewart Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 554,335; from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      19-329: 14 Dec. 1855, power of attorney from John T. Duncan to Daniel H. Duncan to transact all business in Counties of Stewart and Henry. Wit. W.E. Lewis, W.E. Lewis Jr.; recorded 19 Dec. 1855 on oath of wit.
      19-329: 14 Dec. 1855, John T. Duncan of Stewart Co. TN transfer mail route 8590 from Clarksville to Paris 65 miles to D.H. Duncan and give him full power to transact the business ... Wit. W.E. Lewis, W.E. Lewis Jr.

HISTORIES before 1923

1906 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Edited by John W. Leonard, Pub. St.Louis, The St.Louis Republic, 1906; Copyright, 1906, by Albert Nelson Marquis (Google Books 8/6/2009, Harvard College Library book, US 25460. 20)
      Pg.167-168: DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, president of Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co.; born in Callaway Co., Ky., May, 1843, son of Crawford A. and Elizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; educated in school at Murray, Ky.; married, Henry Co., Tenn., Jan., 1869, Laura Henry; children, Crawford Henry, Mrs. Wm. Everett, Mrs J.B. Rogers. Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out of war, and was 2d lieutenant in Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Generals Hood and Forrest. After war located in Tennessee where was engaged in farming, general merchandise and drug business, and from 1889 to Nov., 1904, was vice-president of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co.; came to St.Louis from Paris, Tenn., May, 1900, and is now president of the Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co., converters of raw wool into men's, boys' and children's clothing. Also vice-president Standard Adding Machine Co. Democrat. Member Christian (Disciples) Church. Mason, 32 deg., Knight Templar and Shriner. Member Tennessee and Kentucky Society of St.Louis, Mercantile. Office: Cor. 9th and Washington Ave. Residence: 4309 W. Pine Boul.

1912 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Second Edition, 1912. Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to date. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis. Pub. Chicago, A.N. Marquis & Company, 1912. (Google Books 8/6/2009; from New York Public Library book)
      Pg.169-170: DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, retired; born in Callaway Co., Ky., May, 1843; son of Crawford A. and Elizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; educated in school at Murray, Ky.; married Henry Co., Tenn., January, 1869, Laura Henry; children: Crawford Henry, Mary (Mrs. William Everett), Lucy (Mrs J.B. Rogers). Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out of Civil War, and was second lieutenant in Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Generals Hood and Forrest. After war located in Tennessee, where was engaged in farming, general merchandise and drug business, and from 1889 to November, 1904, was vice president of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co.; came to St.Louis May. 1900. and was president of the Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co. until 1909. Democrat. Member Tennessee and Kentucky societies of St.Louis. Mason (32 deg.), Knight Templar, Shriner. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo.


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