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Hardeman Co. TN Will Books
   Vol.1, 1824-1838 (FHL film 989,297):
      1-38/9: Inventory and sale of the property of John Duncan decd., sold 9 May 1827: Lemuel Landers, Thomas L. Duncan, William Duncan Jr., William Duncan Sr., John Landers, Isaac McCorkle, Bryant Burkett, David Webb, William Kerr, Milley Duncan (1 cow & calf, 5 barrels corn, bed & furniture, jug), John Little, Brown Avery?, Ely Duncan (sorrel mare & roan horse), Thomas Davis, Thos B. Hires?, Amos Warner, Earley John, Washington Turnbow, John Little, James McCorkle, B. Robinson, David Webb. Rec. Aug. 16, 1827. (MAD: Thomas Lane Duncan b.1781 VA of 1850 Pontotoc Co. MS is NOT the son of this John Duncan; Thomas Lane Duncan b.1781 VA mar. first Elizabeth McHurgh/McHarg of Laurens Co. SC bef. 1802 who died in 1842 in Pontotoc Co. MS)
   Vol.2, 1838-1843 (FHL film 989,297):
      2-151: Inventory of estate of Albert D. Duncan; "sales made of the personal property of Albert D. Duncan decd. and also one third part of the property purchased in North Carolina by David B. Carnes, A.D. Duncan and Stephen Jarman, said property being willed by Wm. S. Scott to be sold and the proceeds to be equally divided between Eliza Jarman, Mary D. Duncan and Nancy J. Carnes, children, into three equal shares equally to the will, made by A.D. Duncan decd. appointing Pitser Miller his agent to divide said property, the division took place before my administering sale of the private property of A.D. Duncan made at Whitesville in Hardeman Co. the 27th day of Feby. 1840." Purchasers: D.B.Carnes (2 horses), S. Jarman (1 horse) "The above three horses is all the property that has come to my hands belonging to A.D. Duncan separately, his wearing apparal was sold to me by Mrs. Duncan's agent Amos Murrile? for the sum of $50 which I yet owe. The following is A.D. Duncans property brought from the State of N.C. making our three shares evan equally to division." Ellen P. Bryan, Robert Ward, D.B. Carnes, ... Since I have administered, Mary D. Duncan by her agent Amos Morrcle? has filed a Bill in the Chancery court at Jamesville? claiming all the above property that came from her brother as being her own right. Bill filed against D.B. Carnes & myself S. Jarman May 4, 1840. /s/ Stephen Jarmon, Admr. of A.D. Duncan decd. Rec. May 7, 1840.
      2-220: Settlement Feby 27, 1840, estate of Albert D. Duncan by Stephen Jarman, admr.
   Vol.3, 1843-1845 (FHL film 989,297)
      3-1: 6 Feb. 1843, Stephen Jarman, admr. of A.D. Duncan decd, final settlement; statement filed with Chancery court that the slaves and their hire to this date belongs to the widow ... $548.14.
      3-131: 28 Feb. 1844, Statement of Dr. Stephen Jarman, admr. of A.D. Duncan's estate (not copied).
   Vol.4, 1845-1850 - no Duncan (FHL film 989,298)
   Vol.5, 1850-1901 (wills only) (FHL film 989,298)
      5-311: 12 March 1887, Samuel H. Duncan's will: to wife Mary J. Duncan real estate during her life ... benefit of herself and our children; personal property to wife Mary J. and then my grandchildren and all living children. Exec. wife Mary J. Duncan and son William T. Duncan. Wit. D.J. Newfern, H/N?. Sinclair. Rec. Oct. 1889.

Hardeman Co. TN Reference Dockets (from County Court Clerk's Office; from Sara Blalock 1985)
      SDB: R.D. #302 for William B. Duncan missing from file; final estate settlements for Henry W. and William B. were not located.
      R.D. #303; 1858. Thomas Duncan, deceased. Heirs: Calvin A. Duncan, Henry Brooks and wife Fredonia, Edmond S. Duncan (a minor), Elizabeth Duncan (a minor).
      R.D. #418; 27 Feb. 1861. Note to W.W. McCarley, Sheriff, from R.P. Neely, Clerk by Danon: "Please to credit the execution you hold as A. Harvey Et als issued from the county court with $285.60, he having receipted me for same as part of his inst in the estate of W.B. Duncan. This Feby. 27, 1861.
            Note to Mr. McCarley signed by H.W. Duncan Sr.: "Sir A. Harvey has not got a return for his cotton yit you will please not renew the execution and hold it up till Harvey gits a return for his cotton this 12 day of March 1861.

Hardeman Co. TN Ref. Docket 686 (copy of page from Sara Blalock 5/7/1985)
      Sept. Term, 1868, Answer of Gdn. ad Litum.
      The Separate Answer of Stephen N. Duncan a minor under 21 yrs of age who answers by his Gdn ad Litum L.R?. Adams the Petition of Edwin Duncan et als filed vs? heir? et als in this court.
      Respondent for answer unto so much of said Petition as he is advised is material says that it is true that his father H.W. Duncan died as stated in the Petition having the Heirs therein correctly named & seised of Real Estate therein described and that Richard Hill administered upon his Estate.
      Respondent does not know anything as to the amt of assets or indebtedness & does not know whether a sale of the land for division would be advantageous & to his interest or not nor whether it would be beneficial to the Hrs generally but calls for strict proof & commits his rights to the protection of the court & having fully answered prays to be dismissed. /s/ L.B?. Adams, Gdn ad Litum for S.N. Duncan minor.

Hardeman Co. TN Settlements, Administrations, etc.
   Vol.5, March 1850-1855 - no Duncan (FHL film 989,278)
   Vol.6, 1855-1859 (FHL film 989,278)
      6-544: June 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. granted letters of administration on Estate of Wm. B. Duncan Sr. decd.
      6-545: June 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. granted letters of administration on estate of Thomas Duncan.
      6-554: July 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. granted letters of administration on estate of Samuel Duncan decd.
      6-554: July 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. granted letters of administration on estate of Nancy Duncan decd.
      6-555: July 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. granted letters of administration on estate of Thomas Duncan Jr. decd.
      6-556: July 1858: Account by H.W. Duncan Sr. of sales of property of Wm. B. Duncan, decd; sales June 25, 1858 to R.A. Jones, John Pirtle, G. Parker, A. Henry, W.B. Duncan, H.W. Duncan Sr., H.W. Duncan Jr., M.J. Newsom, C.E. McCord, John Parker, W.G. Needham, James Tissate?.
      6-557: July 1858: Account by H.W. Duncan Sr. of sales of property of Thos. Duncan Junr. decd.; sales to H. Berry?, John Turner, A. Turner, A.J. Morre, W. Anderson, Jas. Soot?, John Pirtle, J. McCarver, T.E Sturdivant, E. Duncan, R.R. Turner, J.W. McKinock?, W. Blackburn, L.C. Morre.
      6-579: Oct. 1858: duplicate reports by H.W. Duncan, 4 Oct. 1858, in estate of Thos. Duncan Sr. and in estate of Samuel Duncan that nothing came to his hands yet as their administrator. Wit. R.P. Neely. (MAD: definitely "Sr.", not Jr.)
   Vol.7, 1859-1866 (FHL film 989,279)
      7-124: Dec. 1859: John G. Chisum granted letters of administration in estate of Edwd. S. Duncan, decd.
      7-191: Aug. 1860: H.W. Duncan, admr. of estate of Thos. Duncan Jr., reports the total cash paid was $746.77, "the Hrs is each due" $186.69. (MAD: apparently 4 heirs)
      7-195: Sept. 1860: Inventory of Edward S. Duncan; receipt by John G. Chism from H.W. Duncan, admr. of W.B. Duncan, Aug. 30, 1860, $186.69.
      7-202/3: Sept. 1860: H.W. Duncan, admr. of W.B. Duncan, account of money from sales returned July 1858 and recorded Book 6, pg.556. Includes payment 1859 taxes to NC.
      7-249: Dec. 1860: H.W. Duncan, admr. est. Thos. Duncan, amount due as per setlement in Book 7, pg.191: $746.77; report of receipts by Calvin A. Duncan $186.69; Elizabeth A. Duncan $186.69; Jno. G. Chisum admr. S.S. Duncan $186.69; Henry Brooks and wife in full $186.69.
      7-406: March 1862: Report by John G. Chisum, admr. estate S.S. Duncan; inventory returned Sept. 1860, Book 7, pg.190 (195); report of payments of debts.
      7-605: June, 1866: Receipt by Jono. G. Chisum, exec. of Ed. S. Duncan: $12.39 in full settlement of estate 1 Feb. 1862, /s/ Liddy J. Duncan, dated 30 May 1866. Wit. Hardin Fumen?, Jas. W. Vinson.
      7-611: June 1866: Report of H.W. Duncan admr. est. W.B. Duncan Senr. The sum due estate in full settlement ... Book 7, pg.203 Aug. 1860; income, etc., $2501.60; paid debts $101.25; sum due estate May 1, 1866: $2400.35. (no disposition shown)
   Vol.8, 1866-1872: (FHL film 989,279)
      Indexed: Duncan, Henry W. Sr., pg. 191, 338, 420, 469; James 375, 403 (not looked at)

Hardeman Co. TN County Court (from County Court Clerk's Office; from Sara Blalock 1985)
      June 7, 1858: Henry W. Duncan Sr. prayed to be admitted to administer estate of Wm. B. Duncan, decd. Bond $8000, securities A. Harvey and Pitser Miller.
      June 7, 1858: Henry W. Duncan qualified to administer estate of Thomas Duncan. Bond $1600, securities A. Harvey and Pitser Miller.
      July 5, 1858: Henry W. Duncan appointed administrator of estate of Nancy Duncan, decd. Bond $1600, securities Henry Jones and James S. Bagley.
      July 6, 1858: Petition to sell slaves of Wm. B. Duncan Sr.; R.D. 302.
      July 6, 1858: Petition to sell slaves of Thomas Duncan.
      Oct. 4, 1858: Slaves of Wm. B. Duncan Sr. sold, totalling $4334. Following divested of all claims and interest in said slaves:
            Henry W. Duncan, admr. of Wm. B. Duncan, decd.
            Henry W. Duncan, admr. of Nancy Duncan
            Elizabeth Duncan
            Henry Jones, admr. of his wife Lavinia
            John Duncan and his wife Malinda Duncan
            (Roy Hall: Believe Malinda Duncan was dau. of Wm. B. Duncan Sr.; John and Malinda said to be 3rd or 4th cousins. SDB: Also believe Malinda was probably dau. of Wm. B.)
      Oct. 5, 1858: Admn. of Thomas Duncan. Referred to as Thomas Jr. Mentions owes about $100 at Denmark (SDB: near Jackson, TN). Has in hands $429 from sale of property, notes and cash. Also owes about $100 more in TN besides debt to P. Miller and debt in KY. Miller said that Thomas Duncan owed him $140 and $200 owed in KY. Total debts $500 or $600. Must sell slave Ann.
      Nov. 20, 1858: Slave Ann sold for $792. Heirs named: Calvin A. Duncan, Henry Brooks and Fredonia his wife, Edward S. Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan.
      April 6, 1868: Richard Hill qualified as administrator of estate of H.W. Duncan, decd. Bond $12000, securities H. Bishop and W.V. McMahon.
      April, 1868: Richard Hill took out letters of administration on estate of Henry W. Duncan, Sr. Heirs: Helen Preast, H.L.W. Duncan, Winnie Jones, Joanna Griffin, John Duncan, Jocasta Toombs of Haywood Co. TN, William Duncan, Henry W. Duncan and Stephen N. Duncan of State of Arkansas, and Edwin Duncan. (Stephen Duncan a minor)
      Sept. 1868: Edwin Duncan petitions to sell land. States S.N. Duncan a minor.
      Dec. 1868: Sale of property of H.W. Duncan Sr. Heirs: Edwin Duncan, Wm. Preast and wife Helen, H.L.W. Duncan, James Jones, Winnie Jones, Douglas Griffin, Joanna Griffin, John Duncan, William Duncan, Henry W. Duncan, Stephen N. Duncan, Nicholas Toombs and wife Jocasta.
            (SDB: A friend interviewed a very elderly lady, now deceased, who said that Winnifred (Duncan) Jones died in Hardeman Co. TN when she, the elderly lady, was a small child, but she lived in the neighborhood and remembered, and that she was buried in the old Duncan Cemetery, no stones standing now.)

Hardeman Co. TN Executors & Administration Book 6 (from Sara Blalock 1985)
      Pg.553: Henry Jones takes out letters of admin. of Lavinia Jones, decd., July term 1858.
      Pg.554: Henry W. Duncan, Sr., admn. Samuel Duncan, July term, 1858.
            Henry W. Duncan, Sr., admn. Nancy Duncan, July term, 1858.
            Henry W. Duncan, Sr., admn. Thomas Duncan Jr., July term 1858.
      October term 1858. Nothing had come to hand from estate of Samuel Duncan or Thomas Duncan Sr.

Hardeman Co. TN, Book 8, Executors and Administrator Settlements (County Court Clerk's Office; from Sara Blalock 1985)
      Pg.191-195: June 1868: Inventory a/c Sales Property Est of H.W. Duncan Sr., decd.
            Inventory including household goods, livestock, etc. (Food included 37 middlings & bacon, 6 Joles, 60 hams and shoulders), Cash on hand in currency $217.60, cash on hand in Gold & Silver $45.10, cash on hand State Bank So Carolina $20.00, total $282.70. Among accounts were: E.M. Duncan 23.75 and 47.20, Y. Gray 6.00, A.E. Gray 31.25, W. Terry 5.00, Mrs. White 3.50 (SDB: There is a marriage record of H.W. Duncan to Nancy Ellen White in 1865, probably H.W. Jr.), L.J. Griffin 68.90, Jas. Jones 712.17, A. Harvey 48.74. "For note on R.A. Jones & J.W. Smith due in 1865 $279.00" "One order drawn by W.B. Duncan on H.W. Duncan and paid for him 70.00" (pg.191)
            Notes: 1 note on Redd Duncan & Co. due 1 March 1868 239.90; C.A. Duncan due 24 Nov. 1867 27.50; Henry Brooks due 22 Jan. 1861 30.00; W.B. Duncan due 20 Jan. 1860 75.00; A. Gray due 2 Jan. 1861 Insolvent 18.50; A. Harvey due 28 Jan. 1864 .46. (pg.192; not all notes copied)
            Note on Jas. Jones payable to C.A. Duncan due 7 Sept. '58 Dbful 57.20; Note on R.D. Jones due 26 Feb. 1865 Dbful 150.00. (pg.193)
            Buyers at sale of estate of H.W. Duncan Sr. (pg.193-195; all names copied); Richard Hill, Admr., 1 June 1868: E.M. Duncan, John Duncan, D. Griffin (SDB: Joanna's husband), W. Preast (SDB: Helen's husband), Richard Hill (SDB: admr.), L.C. Moore, Parker? Griffin, Thos. Wilson, J.N. Smith, R.A. Jones, James Jones (SDB: Winnifred's husband, dau. of H.W.), Fill? Allen, J/I. H. Andrews, Dr. Clark, J.P. Franklin, W.S. Rogers, N. Toone (SDB: Jocasta's husband), R. Pepper, Isaac Wilkerson, Ben Lamb, D. Minter, J.S. Burford, W.J. Redd, J.W. Hanes, Zene Johnson, J. Hines, W.V. McMahon, T. Price, A. Clayton, George Hill, Silas Harris, Walker Hines, Ned Pirtle, J.A. McMahon, H.H. Brooks, A. Harvey (SDB: Winnifred's husband, dau. of Wm. B.), C.E. McCord, Thos. Coppedge, Thos. Stuart, William Doyle, J.J. Booth, W. Holloman, Henry Brooks, Joseph Parker, Moses Hardin, Joseph Berts, Wm. Farris, Joel Johnson, Ben Perry, Nat Wood, S.W. Sanders, Anderson Moore, Robert Morris, Chas Mitchell, S.G. Needham, John McHenry, Benj. Cardwell, S.M. Moore, R.K. Ruddle (SDB: brother of Margaret Ruddle Duncan), J.M. Huffman, L. Darley, R.D. Whitley, Henry Wilks, J. Barnes, J.R. Crews.
      Pg.338: Additional inventory of H.W. Duncan Sr. Includes following names: W.B. Duncan - order; J.B.A. Duncan a/c's; Dug & wife (SDB: wonder if this might be Douglas Griffin and wife Joanna Duncan); S.N. Duncan; W.C. Priest; E.M. Duncan; R.A. Jones. Additional a/c sales & inventory which came to his hands as admnr $1966.18. Apl. 14, 1870. Richard Hill.
      Pg.420: Feb. term 1871. Estate of H.W. Duncan Sr. Total received $12,464.65; total paid out $7,425.34. Hill states this is not final settlement. (SDB: Final settlement has never been located) Paid to following (SDB: not all copied): J.H. Dancey (coffin) $125.00; R.A. Jones; Duncan, Franklin & Terry; Redd Duncan & Co.; C.A. Duncan; James Jones on settlement $1916.60.
      Pg.469: June term 1871. Estate of H.W. Duncan Sr. To amount due estate 20 Dec. 1870 as for settlement in Extrs & Admn Book 8, page 420 7425.34. Credits: By a/c on S.N. Duncan minor of decd retd in Inventory 63.05; By amt a/c H.W. Duncan Jr. paid on settlement 484.00; By amt reserved in hands of administrator for heirs of Thomas Duncan in California share in W.B. Duncan's estate 85.72. Administrator reports 10 heirs - May 11, 1871. Richard Hill, admr.
      Pg.375: Estate of James Duncan. Inventory made by S.H. Duncan Oct. 22, 1870.
      Pg.403: Estate of James Duncan. Sales, Jan. term 1871. Buyers: W.T. Duncan; R.S. Carter; John Parker; S.H. Duncan; Dick Lewis; D. Watson Col; N.J. Duncan; George Parker; A. Lawhorn; Eli Moore; J.H. Duncan.
      Book 8, Estate of Lavina Jones, decd. Feb. term, 1868. Inventory of property of estate of Lavina Jones, decd. To amt received of H.W. Duncan, Admn. of Wm. B. Duncan, decd, about 1 Jan. 1867: Cash in Greenback 473.55; cash in uncurrent funds Bank TN 12.00 ... total $485.55. "The above is a true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattels rights and credits of the said Lavina Jones deceased which have come to my hands, possession or knowledge or to the hands of any other person for me to the best of my knowledge and belief this 3d Feby 1868. R.A. Jones"
      Pg.98: July term 1867: Inventory of Henry Jones, decd, 23 May 1867. Sums due estate - no Duncan listed.
      Pg.604: A. Summers, Extr of Henry Jones; Cash paid Lenia Jones as pr will 2 yrs 50.00 (SDB: ??)
      Pg.6: Estate of Alexander Sloan, decd. Andrew Turner, Admr in a/c estate. Settlement 11 July 1866, Exer. & Admn. Book 7, page 634, 659.04. Cash paid J.B. Franklin for Mary E. & W.H. Sloan he being their guardian 416.38; cash paid Helen Preast 200.00 and 8.21; Cash paid Clerks Fees 1.50; Cash paid Ct. Costs on debits 32.95.

Hardeman Co. TN Settlements, Administrations (FHL film 989,280)
   Vol.9, 1872-1880 (also James Duncan, not copied)
      Pg.107: Jan., 1874, Mary Ann Duncan, widow of E.G. Duncan Sr., allowed one years provisions for her and her family.
      Pg.116: Feb. 1874, inventory and account of sale of property of E.G. Duncan decd, to F.M. Hamson, Wm. Duncan, James Duncan, J. Comelier?, R. Dixon, R. Ferguson, John Lapp, J. Porterfield, Saml. Gray, A. Lambeth, Mrs. Duncan, Wm. Mills, G. Mills, S.C. Dixon, S.A. Ferguson, Fanny Duncan, H.R. Derns?, Austen Duncan; sale submitted by A.M. Duncan 30 Jan. 1840.
      Pg.282: Dec. 1875, report of A.M. Duncan, admr. in the estate of E.G. Duncan, decd, showing payments to Graham & Rose, P.B. McKey, W.M. Ailen?, J.J. Duncan, W.B. Shaunn & Bro., Frank Lambeth, M.L. Sheppard, C.M. Lambeth, Wood & McNeal, A.F. Yapp (judgment), taxes, widow year's provisions, clerks fees.
      Pg.350: Aug. 1876, report of A.M. Duncan, admr. of estate of E.G. Duncan; payments to taxes, F. Mills recpt hauling, Mary A. Duncan picking cotton, A.M. Duncan, clerks fees.
      (nothing showing distribution of estate)
   Vol.10, 1880-1893: no Duncan

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