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Greene Co. TN Wills, 1802-1810 (FHL film 24,668, part 1, typed by WPA)
      Pg.275: 24 July 1809, Peter Duncan, deceased; on motion of Elizabeth Long, administration was granted her on the estate of her father, Peter Duncan; security bond by Elizabeth Long, Thomas May, Charles Lowrey Senr.
      Pg.301: 26 Oct. 1809, Inventory returned in above estate, no further names mentioned.

Greene Co. TN Wills 1828-1854 (FHL film 464,111)
      (handwritten copy on lined notebook pages, apparently copied from original will book since reference given in these pages (numbered into page 1300's) to original page numbers (numbered through page 698) but copy of book only goes to about page 390. Index at front refers to old page numbers.)
      Old pg.111, new pg 494: Joseph Dunken, decd, Monday 22 April 1833, Min. 17, p. 189. Witnesses Michael Bright Sr. and Jacob White proved will in court.
      Joseph Dunken of Green Co., TN, 18 Feb. 1833, wife Polly Dunken, if she remarries the estate to go to my nearest kindred, that is to say my sisters if liveing, otherwise to legal heirs born of their bodies to be equally divided; also Elisabeth McNeese, wife of Even McNeese, to be taken in with my sisters and considered the same; sets slaves free; my father Anthony Dunken haveing contracted & agreed with me for a certain tract of land, which I now possess and live on, which my father by agreement made a will leaving me the land for his support; my wife Polly to take care of him; if she dies or remarries, the land to go to Joseph Smith, my sister's son and grandson of my father; if my wife Polly dies or remaries, my colored man Amon and his family to inherit land I purchased from William Dodd known as Rudolph Boos place; my friends Samuel McNeese and Gravender McNeese executors. Wit. Michael Bright Sr. and Jacob White. Bond posted by Samuel McNeese and Gravender McNeese with Edwin Grubbs and Michael Bright Senr. security.

Greene Co. TN Wills, Vol.1, 1828-1873 (FHL film 944,409)
      1-195: 20 Feb. 1839, will of Anthony (+) Duncan of Greene Co. TN; my daughter Sarah or her legal representative $40 in current bank notes; my daughter Elizabeth or her legal representatives $40 in current bank notes; my daughter Mary White and Jacob White her husband $990 in current bank notes; my daughters Jane and Margaret $1 each in current bank notes, they having been advanced and portioned off by me heretofore; the sums of money paid within 12 months after my death; that is, the part bequeathed to my daughters Sarah and Elizabeth and Jane and Margaret shall be paid within the time aforesaid or as soon as my daughters or their legal representatives shall demand it after the time has expired; the remainder to my daughter Mary White and her husband Jacob White provided they take care of me and provide for me during my natural life as they have done heretofore. Appoint Jacob White executor. Wit. Cornelius Smith, Jesse Ollia?. Proven 6 May 1839.

Greene Co. TN Inventories of estates
      Vol.1, 1828 - 1843 - had
      Vol.2, 6/1843 - 3/1854 - no index (FHL film 944,384 item 2)
      Vol.3, 4/1854 - 8/1865 - no index (FHL film 944,385 item 1)
      Vol.4, 9/1865 - 9/1872 - no index (FHL film 944,385 item 2)

Greene Co. TN Inventories 1828-1843 (FHL films 24,666 and 24,667, typed)
      1-51: Estate of Dyer Phillips, decd; sale returned 1 May 1829, including "by ditto (proven account) Samuel Dunkin .75"
      1-112: Estate of Margaret Rodgers, settlement retd. 26 July 1814 (?), including: "Receipt of Samuel Dunkin for making coffin $6"
      1-243: Estate of James Galbreath, sales 27 Oct. 1830, included "10 quire paper Saml. Duncan 1.12-1/2"
      1-323: Estate of Joseph Dunkin, deceased, 23 May 1833. Inventory included 2 notes on Hambleton Neel desperate, note on Christian Litener desperate; some property sold by executors at request of widow. /s/ Samuel Macnees, Gravener McNees.
      1-396: Estate of James Jones, 25 April 1836, received money from "8. Joseph Dunkins do (receipt) $2.6-3/4"

Greene Co. TN Administrators and Executors Settlements in estates of deceased persons, 1802-1933; incl. index; some volumes are individ. indexed; dates are mixed
      10/1802 - 4/1810 (FHL film 944,402 item 1)
            Pg.275: July 1809, on motion of Elizabeth Long, admin. granted her in the estate of her father, Peter Duncan decd, security Thomas May and Charles Lowrey Senr, bond for $1,000, bondd given the 25th.
            Pg.301: Oct. 1809, Elizabeth Long, admin. of estate of Peter Duncan decd, filed inventory of personal estate of decd, incl. roan mare, small black mare, 8 plates, 4 knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons, one dish, etc., 2 beds, farm tools; 26 Oct. 1809.
      1806-1855 - no index (FHL film 944,402 item 2)
      1838-1857 - no index (FHL film 944,402 item 3)
      1840-1855 - no index (FHL film 944,403)
      1855-1869 - no index (FHL film 944,404 item 1)
      1855-1872 - no index (FHL film 944,404 item 2)

Greene Co. TN Insolvent Estates 1853-1901, incl. partial index (FHL film 944,383)
      Vol. 1853-1888 - no index
      Vol. 1888-1901 - no Duncan

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