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Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Index cards to grants made in western lands, now Tennessee, prior to the cession of the lands to the U.S. government in 1789; including grants made on military warrants, patents issued after the cession date; includes WESTERN, MIDDLE AND EASTERN DISTRICTS, ca. 1778-1800 ---- "A" - David Ginn (to be cont.) (FHL Film 1,942,646)
            Duncan, John, File No.1149, Green Co., 302 acres, Grant No.992 issued 26 Dec. 1791, Entry No.1414 entered 17 Jan. 1784, Book No.77, page no.279, Location: Situate in the forks of Holstein & French Broad Rivers.
            Duncan, Stephen, File No.045, Green Co., 400 acres, Grant No.273 issued "1636", Entry No.1636 entered 2 Feb. 1780, Book No.--, page no.--, Location: S.side of Holston river. (MAD: see also Knox Co.)
            Duncan, Stephen, File No.051, Green Co., 281 acres, Grant No.274 issued 20 July 1796, Entry No.1381 entered 21 May 1779, Location: On the S.side of Holston river.
      Western country land documents (now Tennessee), unindexed, in alphabetical order, ca. 1783 (FHL Film 1,942,649)
            Green County in North Carolina October 24th, 1785. Sir. Please to enter for me in your office two thousand acres of land on the North Side of Tennesee opposite to a place known by the name of the Eleven Islands beginning at some old Indian houses on the Bank of sd. river and running down the river for complement. To Colol. Armstrong Sr.F. To Colol. Armstrong E.F. /s/ John Duncan.

Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      John Duncan, 992, 302a, 12/26/1791, Greene, 9-113, NC; Warrant 1414, book C-144
      Polly Duncan, 22880, 25-1/2a, 10/1/1839, Greene, 24-14, East

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee (FHL film 1,013,302)
      C-144: 26 Dec. 1791, NC Grant #992 to John Duncan, 302 acres in Green Co. in the forks of Holstun and French Broad Rivers and incl. the 1st Island in French Broad River above the mouth.

Greene Co. TN County Surveyor's Books, v.1-5, 1824-1905; incl. indexes at front of each volume (FHL film 944,442)
      Vol.1, 5/1824 - 10/1848 - no Duncan
      Vol.2, 1/1832 - 12/1835 - no Duncan
      Vol.3, 3/1839 - 10/1848 - A-J index missing
      Vol.4, 8/1841 - 6/1856 - index at rear
            Survey #43, per entry in Greene Co. TN #1971 dated 11 Jan. 1838, surveyed for Polly Duncan 25 acres on waters of Lick Creek adj. lands of Saml. McNees, Hughs; surveyed 13 April 1838, C.C. [chain carriers] William McAmis, Cornelius Hughes; surveyor D. Olinger.
            Survey #205, per entry in Greene Co. TN #2881 dated March 20, 1851, surveyed for James Dunken 11 acres on waters of Lick Creek (called?) the Horse Stamp fork, adj. lands of Charles Bright, Joseph White, H.G. Robertson, heirs of James Jones decd, Ellis' line; surveyed April 22, 1851, Hugh Carter, County surveyor; C.C. Howel Thomason, James E. Peirce? (Peirn?).
      Vol.5, 11/1858 - 6/1905 - no Duncan

Greene Co. TN Land Entries, Vols. 1-3, 1824-1846, incl. partial index (FHL film 944,440)
      Vol.1, 4/1824 - 6/1846 - no index
      Vol.2, 6/1846 - 5/1884 - no index
      Vol.3, 11/1884 - 9/1905 - no Duncan

Greene Co. TN Deed Index 1785-1871 (FHL film 944,411)
   Direct index:
      6-267: Daniel Dunican (sic) to George Leeper, 168a
      (MAD: did not check for other Dunican/Dunigan deeds; SLC 10/17/1990)
      8-120: Abner L. Duncan to George Duffield, 1-1/2a
      10-194: Jeremiah Dungins Est. to James Pearce et ux, int.
      10-439: Jeremiah Dunkin to George Gorden, 9a
      11-169: George Dunkin to Richard Wilkinson, 100a
      13-220: Joseph Dunkin to Nathan Hoggatt, 30a
      17-51: Samuel Duncan by Shrff to George W. and William C. Nelson, 138a
      18-311: Anthony Duncan to John McCollum, 171a
      22-128: James Duncan to James Tadlock, Q.C.
      24-7: Anthony Dunkin to John Jones, 5a
      25-149: James W. Duncan to Wesley P. Gahagan, lots
      25-374: Joseph Duncan to S.H. Baxter, 90a
      25-525: James W. Duncan to L.J. Drake, lot
      29-579: J.W. Duncan to J.R. Morley, 1/2
      30-120: James W. Duncan to John Rankin, filed Apr. 22, 1859, 50a
      30-442: James W. Duncan to Joseph H. Earnest, 76a
      30-470: Polly Duncan to Edmund Hendrix, 3/4
      31-55: James W. Duncan to John Rankin, filed Dec. 14, 1858, Q.C.
      31-95: James Duncan by Shff to Robert Marshall, 25a
      32-396: James W. Duncan to John Campbell, filed June 3, 1860, 150a
      33-356: J.W. Duncan to Andrew Dobbins, 35a
      34-116: James W. Duncan to Nelson Duncan, 2a
      34-118: J.W. Duncan to John Rankin, 26a
      34-119: James W. Duncan to John DeVault et al, 40a
      38-101: George Duncan et ux to John A. Dwney?, Int.
   Reverse index:
      No deed indexed to George Dunkin from John Garritson ca 1802, 100a
      4-222: Jeremiah Dunkin from George Gordon, 150a
      4-463: Abner Duncan from James Stinson et ux, 1-1/2a
      6-243: Anthony Duncan from Shaderick Morris, 171a
      6-322: Jeremiah Dunkin from John Lester, 25a
      11-146: Samuel Duncan from Isabella Carmichael, 117a
      17-264: Joseph Dunkin from Samuel McNees, 35a
      17-265: Joseph Dunkin from William Dodd, 116a
      20-685: Joseph Duncan Jr. from James Tadlock, 90a
      23-529: James W. Duncan from Joshua C. Lane, lots
      26-478: J.W. Duncan from William Barkley est. by Clerk, 3/4a
      28-577: James W. Duncan from Allen D. Robertson, 2 tracts
      30-37: James W. Duncan from Thomas Dodd, 10a
      30-39: James W. Duncan from John Rankin, land
      30-42: James W. Duncan from John Rankin, assign.
      30-63: James W. Duncan from Thomas Dodd, land
      30-124: J.W. Duncan from John Rankin, land
      30-126: James W. Duncan from John Rankin, int.
      30-225: James W. Duncan et al from William C. & W.S. Hunt, P/A
      30-322: James W. Duncan from Isaac M. Pierce, 38-1/2a
      36-236: Alexander Duncan from James McCurry, 1a
      36-433: James Duncan tr. from W.H. Crawford, T.D.
      2-304: James Duncan et al from Robert J. McKinny, Agmt (MAD: not found in first deed book 2)

Greene Co. TN Deeds
      1-120: NC Grant #43 to William Ansley, 1 Nov. 1786, 640 acres in Greene Co. on Prices Creek including both sides of the war path. (FHL film 944,415) (MAD: see Court Common Pleas, Aug. 1789, deed from Wm. Ausley to Garret Fitzgerald for 640a proven by oaths of Aquilla Lane & Craven Duncan and admitted to record)
      1-121: NC Grant #44 to William Ansley, 1 Nov. 1786, 640 acres in Greene Co. on N.side Nola Chucky on waters of Lick Creek, adj. Charles Hodges line. (FHL film 944,415)
      4-47: 17 March 1789, William Ansley of Orange Co. NC to Garret Fitzgerald of Greene Co. (no state), £66, 640 acres on N.side Nolachucky on waters of Lick Creek, adj. Charles Hodges line, being a grant to said William Ansley 1786; wit. Acquilla (X) Lane, Craven Dunkin; proved Aug. 1789, reg. 5 Sept. 1789. (MAD: This deed book is a later transcription) (FHL film 944,416)
      4-82: 17 March 1789, William Ansley of Orange Co. NC to William Johnston of Sullivan Co., £66, 640 acres on fork of Lick Creek known as prices Creek, incl. both sides of the War Path, being grant to said William Amley dated 1780; wit. Acquilla Lane, Garret Fitzgerald, Owen (X) Dunken; proved Aug. 1789, reg. 9 Nov. 1789. (MAD: This deed book is a later transcription; names written plainly) (FHL film 944,416)
      4-222: 23 July 1799, George Gordon to Jeremiah Dunkin, $50, 150 acres. Wit. John Shields. (FHL film 944,416)
      4-463: 31 Aug. 1778 (MAD: 1798?), James Stinson and wife Mary of town of Greenville, Greene Co. TN, to Abner Dunkin and George Duffield Jur. of same, Esqs., $80, 1 acre at NE end of town. Wit. Robert Sigly, J. Hart. (poor film) (FHL film 944,416)
      6-243: 9 May 1797, Shaderick Morris to Anthony Duncan, £150, 171 acres on Lick Creek, near John Jones house. Wit. Brittain Cross, Phinihas Jones. (FHL film 944,417)
      6-267: 21 Feb. 1798, George Leeper of Greene Co. TN to Daniel Dunican of same, £44, 168 acres on N. side Nolichuckey River, NC grant #1349 on 28 Aug. 1795 to said Leeper. Wit. John Robertson, Thomas Mathews jurat. (FHL film 944,417)
      6-322: 4 Oct. 1798, John Lester (faint) to Jeremiah Dunkin, $200?, 25? acres on Lick Creek. No wit. (FHL film 944,417)
      7-139: 15 Sept. 1802, William Lester, son of William Lester decd, (no locality) to John Kesterson of Greene Co. TN, for $150, 25 acre tract on N.side Lick Creek including "bent" of said creek between where Lester's mill now stands & Daniel Dunnagin's land, adj. where Joseph White's open or giving line crosses the creek; wit. John Garretson, Lewis Curton; reg. 10 Oct. 1806. (FHL film 944,417 item 3)
      8-120: 16 Aug. 1805, Abner L. Duncan formerly of Greeneville in TN but now of the Territory of Orleans, release to George Duffield mortgage on land. Power of attorney to Robert Wyly to make deed. (FHL film 944,418)
      8-232: 22 July 1808, George Gordon to Meshac Enock, both of Greene Co. TN, for $63 paid and secured, 125 acres on branch of Lick Creek, beg. at corner of 50 acre tract sold by said Gordon to Benjamin Vanpelt; wit. A.G. Sevier, Joseph Brathurste, Benjamin B. Dunkin. (FHL film 944,418 item 2)
      8-488: 11 June 1808, George Worley of Rhea Co. TN to Nathan Davis of Greene Co. TN, for $300, tract on Lick Creek beg. at NW corner Jonathan Davis, 150 acres being part of tract granted to Garret Fitzgerald on 17 March 1784, #1033; wit. Joseph Davis, Jonathan Davis, Benjamin B. Dunken. Proven on oath of wit. Joseph Davis and Jonathan Davis, April, 1810. (FHL film 944,418 item 2)
      9-38: (blank day) May 1808, John Kesterson to Robert C. Gordon, both of Greene Co. TN, for $600, 125 acres on N.side Lick Creek & beg. on bank of creek at the Buffaloe ford, & crossing same with Dunnigan's line and adj. Jeremiah Duncan; wit. George Gordon, Hugh D. Hale, Thomas Thompson, Benjamin C. Dunkin. Reg. April 1809. (FHL film 944,418 item 2; Benjamin C. Dunkin as written)
      9-40: 17 Jan. 1810, Joseph White to David Kirkpatrick, both of Greene Co. TN, for $200, 32 acres on N.side Lick Creek, being a part of Joseph White decd. orig. survey; wit. William White, John Garretson, Robert C. Gordon, Daniel A. Hurley, Benjamin B. Dunkin; reg. 24 Sept. 1810. (FHL film 944,418 item 2)
      10-194: 10 May 1813, John Love and wife Orpah (X), John Huston and wife Mary (X), Zebulon Smith and wife Sarah, Jeremiah Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Orpah (X) Gibson, heirs of Jeremiah Dungins decd, to James Pearce and wife Margaret Pearce, heirs of afsd Jeremiah Dungins decd, quit claim their interest as heirs of Jeremiah Dungins decd to tract in Washington and Carter Co. TN on Brush Creek, corner of the 400 acre tract, corner of Lots 2 and 3, corner of Zebulon Smith and John Husten, containing 290 acres; wit. James Thorp Jr., Francis N. Rockhold, Mary Dungan. /s/ Sarah Smith, Jeremiah Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Orpah (X) Gibson, John Huston, Mary (X) Huston, John Love, Orpah (X) Love, Zebulon Smith; wit. James Thorp Jr., Francis V. Rockhold, Mary Dungan; ack. in Washington Co. TN before James Sevier, Clerk, 5 Aug. 1814; reg. 14 Nov. 1814. (no money given; FHL film 944,419 item 2)
      10-439: 8 May 1806, Jeremiah Duncan of Greene Co. TN to George Gordon of same, $1, land on Lick Creek including said Gordon's mill, corner to land today released by said Gordon to said Duncan, White's real line, White's line revised, 9 acres; /s/ Jeremiah Dunkin; wit. James Patterson, James Temple. (FHL film 944,419; no nearby deed from Gordon to Duncan)
      11-146: 20 Jan. 1817, Isabella (X) Carmichael of Washington Co. TN to Samuel Duncan of Greene Co. TN, $600, 117 acres which was conveyed to Isabella by John Hodgers, corner Thomas McMackins land. Wit. John Doan, Thomas McMackin, Adam Dunwoody. (FHL film 944,420)
      11-169: 5 Oct. 1816, George Dunkin of Blount Co. TN to Richard Wilkinson of Greene Co., $200, 100 acres on Lick Creek, on a branch known by name of Blacks Creek. Wit. Jeremiah Dunkin, John Kisterson Senr., John Kisterson Junr. (FHL film 944,420)
      13-220: 17 Nov. 1822, Joseph (X) Dunkin to Nathan Hoggart, $185, 30 acres on Lick Creek adj. Anthony Hoggarts land. Wit. Azariah Hanes, Anthony Hoggart. (FHL film 944,421)
      17-51: 14 Dec. 1833, Samuel Duncan of Greene Co. to William C. Nelson and George W. Nelson of Washington Co. TN, $1000, 138 acres on line of Thomas McMakins land. /s/ S-A-M-L Duncan. Wit. John Link, Sivs? D. Givens, William Haws. (FHL film 944,423)
      17-264: 12 Jan. 1813, Samuel McNees to Joseph Dunkin, $50, 25 acres, a piece of land it being an interlock between Anthony Dunkins and Corbins land surveys, and from Corbin to McNeese 18 Dec. 1795, on Lick Creek. Wit. Jacob Beales, Levi Babb, Jonathan Hooveld?. (FHL film 944,423)
      17-265: 14 Feb. 1832, William Dodd to Joseph Dunkin, $500, 116 acres on Lick Creek (faint). Wit. Michael Bright, Charles Bright. (FHL film 944,423)
      18-311: 15 Aug. 1836, Anthony (AN) Dunkin to John McCollum, $500, 171 acres on Lick Creek, spring branch near head of spring. Wit. William Woods, Joseph White, Jacob White. (FHL film 944,423)
      20-685: 14 Sept. 1841, James Tadlock of Greene Co. to Joseph Duncan Junr. of Washington Co., $675, 90 acres on Limestone fork of Lick Creek, adj. Samuel Caldwell's corner and line, Baxter's line & corner; wit. James Duncan, Wm. Miller. (FHL film 944,424)
      20-698: 16 June 1842, James Britton, Sheriff, to Robert J. mcKinny; that 19 March 1842 two writs of fiere facias issued, one in favor of said Robert J. McKinney vs. James Tadlock which "lotter payment" has been previously assigned to said McKinney, which writs were levied on a tract in Civil Dist. 17 in Greene Co. whereon said Tadlock lived, adj. lands of Edmund Baxter, Thomas Caldwell Jr., and others, containing 200 acres, sold 6 June 1842 to highest bidder Robert J. McKinny with the mill and all other tenaments, etc., for $433.38 (no land boundries or neighbors given); wit. Jas.? Johnson, W.S. Gillespie. (FHL film 944,424 item 2; see deed 22-128)
      22-128: 26 Aug. 1846; that on 26 Feb. 1846 Robert J. McKinney executed to James Duncan a deed of relinquishment to certain tract of land, which before that time had been sold at Sheriff's sale as the property of James Tadlock, in Dist. 17 of Greene Co., for desc. see deed from Sheriff to Robert J. McKinney, and which by an agreement which I made with said Tadlock to be held by me until Tadlock repaid me $397.50 due me for so much paid by me the said McKinney in consideration of said relinquishment with legal interest thereon; James Tadlock having refunded to me (McKinney) the sum of $397.50; now the said James Duncan for $463.25 (total principal and interest) relinquish, quit claim, ... to the said James Tadlock all my right & claim to the whole of the tract of land conveyed to me by Robert J. McKinney. /s/ James Duncan. Wit. Robert C. Gray, Wm. Miller. (FHL film 944,425; see deed 20-698)
      23-529: 14 Dec. 1849, Joshua C. Lane to James W. Duncan, for $725, 3 lots in Dist. 10, each 1/2 acre, surveyed by David Rice Esq. and sold at public sale 18 Oct. 1845 [to] Daniel M. Russell and Jane Russel, lot 1 on corner of town lot claimed by Humes, lot 2 and 3 adj. lot 1, adj. L. Jackson Drake's lot 4. Wit. M?. Sevier, Thos. Lane Sr. (FHL film 944,426; SLC 2/2009)
      24-7: 20 June 1799, Anthony Dunkin to John Jones, $20, 5 acres on Lick Creek, part of tract of land from Shadrick Morris to said Dunkin, beg. at a stake in said Dunkans (sic) last line. Wit. Ellis Ellis, John Stinson. Proven 1802, reg. 1803. (FHL film 944,426)
      (Book 24 had several deeds at the first of the book through about 1803; the rest were from 1850 to 1851.)
      25-149: 13 Feb. 1852, James W. Duncan to Wesley P. Gahagan for $800, Lots 1, 2, and part of 3 in Corporation of Greeneville, Greene Co. TN, Dist. 10, lots consolidated into one lot of est. 1-1/4 acre; wit. Lloyd Tilghman, Wm. Boyce. (FHL film 944,427)
      25-374: 23 May 1849, Joseph Duncan of Washington Co. TN to S.H. Baxter of Greene Co. TN, for $660, land on waters of the clear fork of Lick Creek beg. on south side of creek at Samuel Coldwell's corner and line, ... Baxter's line and corner, being 90 acres more or less. Wit: Jacob Hays, Levi Baxter. Ack. in Greene Co. 9 July 1852, Edmund Baxter and Jacob Hays witnesses. (FHL film 944,427; SLC 2/2009)
      29-579: 23 April 1858, J.W. Duncan of Greene Co. TN to J.R. Morley of same, for $625, house and 1/2 acre lot in Rheatown on main street adj. line of Nancy Hunt. Wit; Wm. C. Hung, John Y. Elliott. James W. Duncan ack. 3 Jan. 1859. (FHL film 944,429; SLC 2/2009)
      30-225: 2 Aug. 1859, Wm. C. Hunt and W.S. Hunt, partners, at Rhea Town, Greene Co. TN, to Jas. W. Duncan and Daniel Britton of same place, all accounts, debts, goods, wares, etc., in trust; appoint Duncan and Britton their attorneys to sell, collect, pay, etc. (MAD: no money given); wit. Chas. G. Rankin, William A. McKeehan. (FHL film 944,429)
      30-470: 28 Aug. 1852, Polly Duncan of Greene Co. TN to Edmund Hendrix, for $5, lot in District 20 on waters of Lick Creek beginning stake at Polly Duncan's corner, to ... Sarah McCollum's old line now Polly Duncan's and William Ford's line, then ... Bright's and Ford's corner, then to beginning, containing 3/4 acre one and one half poles. Wit. Amos Beals, James C. (X) Doty, Seth Babb, Henry W. (X) Sexton. Proved on oath of wit. Seth Babb and Henry W. Sexton, 13 Feb. 1860. (FHL film 944,429; SLC 2/2009)
      34-116: 11 Sept. 1865, James W. Duncan of Rheatown, TN, to Nelson Duncan of Washington Co. TN, for $1200 paid me in my note of 7 Sept. 1865, ... my old note of April 5, 1863, ... house and lot in Rheatown, Greene Co. TN, in Civil District 14 on Main Street, Coxes corner and line (MAD: more not copied), and also a separate parcel in District 15 adj. John Rankin, J.H. Earnest, & others, 10 acres. Wit. George G. Britton, John Rankin. (FHL fillm 944,431; SLC 2/2009)
      34-118: 12 Sept. 1865, J.W. Duncan to John Rankin, for $800 as guardian for minor heirs of Robert Rankin decd, namely, David Bruer, James Jenms??, Adda and Mary Rankin, a tract in Civil District 15 adj. land of Thos. Doyle, -- Campbell's line, ... containing 26 acres. /s/ James W. Duncan. Wit. Wm. C. Hunt, J.N. Shoun?. (FHL film 944,431; SLC 2/2009)
      36-236: 13 July 1868, James McCurry to Alexander Duncan, for $400, lot and house in Rheatown (more not copied). Wit. Jos. H. Earnest, Robert S. Dukes. (FHL film 944,432; SLC 2/2009)

Greene Co. TN Trust Deed (FHL film 944,443; SLC 2/2009)
      2-304: Relinquishment on? Deed, Robert J. McKinny to James Duncan & James Tadlock. 26 Feb. 1845, Robert J. McKinny of one part and James Duncan of second part and James Tadlock of third part; that on 6 June 1842 said McKinny became purchaser at Sheriff Sale of the tract of land whereon said Tadlock then resided and now resides, with the mill and other improvements thereon, in Greene Co. TN, for a particular description of which refer to Sheriff's Deed excepted for same by James Button Sheriff, of record in Greene Co.; whereas by an agreement between said Tadlock & Duncan with the said McKinney, Duncan would advance to McKinney the amount of his claims against Tadlock for which the land was sold, on behalf of Tadlock, to enable Tadlock to hold the land, and McKinny agreed to relinquish his title to Duncan who should hold the title as security for that amount of money; Duncan paid McKinny $526.73, the last of which was paid on 28 Jan. 1845, and of that money, Tadlock this day refunded to Duncan $129.23 leaving due to Duncan $397.50 which Tadlock agrees to pay with interest before 28 Dec. 1845; McKinney agrees to relinquish the land to James Duncan who agrees that upon being refunded the ballance of the money, will release and convey title to the land to Tadlock, and Tadlock agrees that if he fails to pay Duncan, that Duncan can sell the land at public sale. 26 Feb. 1845. /s/ Robert J. McKinny, James Duncan, James Tadlock. Wit: A.W. Taylor, John Houston. Feb. 26, 1845, the exact amount agreed upon remaining due from Tadlock to Duncan including interest to this date is $425.00. /s/ James Duncan, James Tadlock. Ack. by Robert J. McKinny known to Clerk and James Duncan whose identity was proven by oaths of Thomas McPherson and William Miller, /s/ G.W. Foute by Depy. Val. Levin, 10 March 1845. Rec. 13 March 1845 in Land Office in Book No.2 page 304 and noted in Book 1, pg.58.

Greene Co. TN Deed Index 1785-1871 (FHL film 944,411; SLC 5/4/2013)
   Have Duncan, Dunkin, 1980 & 1998 - want any Dunican, Dungan, Dunnican, etc.
      6-296: Dunnigan, Daniel to Conway, Thomas, June 4, 1798, 168a
      10-194: Dungins, Jeremiah est. to Pearce, James et ux, May 10, 1813, Int.
      13-502: Dunagan, Daniel to Dunagan, Nicholas, 100a
      14-369: Dunagan, Daniel to Dunagan, Nicholas, 100a
      16-148: Dunnigan, Nicholas to Bryant, Daniel, 4a
      25-475: Dunagin, Nicholas to Hurley, J.B., 208a (after 1851)
      36-440: Dunnagin, Jesse et ux (by atty) Est. by court, to Hunter, James, Int.
      37-147: Dunagan, Jesse et ux et al (tr) et al to Prewett, Elijah, Int.
      1-325: Dungham, Henry from NC Grant, 200 acres
      4-221: Dunnaken, Daniel from Gordon, George, 100a
      6-267: Dunican, Daniel from Leeper, George, 168a
      13-502: Dunagan, Nicholas from Dunagan, Daniel, 100a
      14-368: Dunagan, Nicholas from Love, John, 40a
      14-369: Dunagan, Nicholas from Dunagan, Daniel, 100a
      188-49: Dunnagan, Nicholas from Gordon, Robert C., 28a

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