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Last revised May 15, 2012

Formed 1824 from Shelby, Hardeman


1830-1840 Fayette Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Fayette Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.236 (472), #64, James BOWERS 46 VA carpenter
                  Dicy 36 SC
                  Dicey E. 15, James E. 13 TN
                  Charles E. 10, Alexr. C. 8 TN
                  George M. 6, Mary J. 4 TN
                  Emma F. 1 TN
                  Thomas BOWERS 41 VA carpenter
                  Reubin A. DUNCAN 21 VA carpenter
                  Christiana MOORE (f) 65 SC
Pg.?? (725), #1781, Sally S. DINKINS 34 TN
                  Nancy J. 18 KY
                  Wm. E. 13, Sarah J.R. 10 TN?
                  Lucy E. 8, Geo. W. 6 TN?
                  John E.P. 2 TN?

1860-1870 Fayette Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed


Fayette Co. TN Deed Indexes (SLC 5/31/2011; indexes in each volume copied by CVD; rechecked Vol.A-F, SLC 9/27/2011)
   Deeds, v. A-D 1825-1835 (FHL Film 1,003,154)
      No Duncan vol.A, B, C; no index in Vol.D
   Deeds, v. E-F 1835-1837 (FHL Film 1,003,155)
      No cross index Vol.E; no cross-index and no Duncan Vol.F
      E-19: Duncan, Alfred G., grantee
   Deeds, v. G-H 1837-1839 (FHL Film 1,003,156)
   Deeds, v. I-J 1839-1842 (FHL Film 1,003,157)
   Deeds, v. K-L 1842-1845 (FHL Film 1,003,158)
   Deeds, v. M-N 1845-1849 (FHL Film 1,003,159)
      N-178: Duncan, Noah, grantee
   Deeds, v. O-P 1849-1851 (FHL Film 1,003,160)
   No other Duncan indexed in volumes through Vol.P, 1851

Fayette Co. TN Deeds (SLC 9/27/2011)
      E-19/20: 6 Jan. 1835, John B. Turner in consideration as "(befortowards)" and forever defend by these presents, provided always and it is hereby agreed between the said parties, shall pay to the said Alfred G. Duncan $135 according to the conditions of four notes which he holds against me, this ... shall be void, in case of default, ... the said Alfred G. Duncan ... may take the property, viz, one wagon, 4 pair harness, one sorrel horse with a club foot, one bay horse with one not on his knee also a sorrel and two bay horses to fetch and cary away the said goods and chattels and to sell and dispose of same ... and pay John B. Turner the overplus money if any ... /s/ John B. Turner. Wit. A.J. Cochran, Daniel? Johnson (Jnr.?). January term 1835, The deed in trust from John B. Turner to Alfred G. Duncan was produced in court and duly proved by oath of Daniel Johnson one of the subscribing witnesses. Registered March 3, 1835. (FHL film 1,003,155)
      N-178/179: Whereas Jonathan P. Rush entered on 2 July 1846, 84 acres of land in which Entry Noah Duncan had an interest of 8-1/4 acres and the said Noah Duncan has paid to the said Jonathan P. Rush $1.50 towards obtaining sd. tract and whereas said grant was for the sake of economy obtained in the name of J.P. Rush by consent of both parties, now in consideration of the premises, I Jonathan P. Rush have this day vested the said Noah Duncan with as lawful and as equitable a title as the state of Tennessee has vested me with, and no further, to the following 8-1/4 acres of land in Fayette Co. TN, 10 Surveyors District, Range 58 Sec. 5?, beg. at a stake & hickory the NE corner of Entry No.494 for 85 acres in the name of J.P. Rush, then S 61-1/4 poles to a stake with black oak pointers, then W 21-1/2 poles to the SE corner of the said Rush's portion of said Entry, then N 61-1/4 poles to his NE corner, then E 20-1/2 (21-1/2?) poles to the beginning. 27 December 1847. /s/ J.P. Rush. J.P. Rush appeared before James River?, Clk., 29 Dec. 1847. Registered 2 Jan. 1848. (FHL film 1,003,159)


Haywood Co. TN Deed (FHL film 1,006,907)
      E-161/162: [Heading: No.106. J.W.P. McGimsey Deed to William Miller, tract of land in Haywood Co. on waters of Bear Creek in Dist.10 Range 5 Sect.6 Contg. 541 acres, being part of a tract of 957 as. granted by Tenn. to John McGimsey. Registered Feby. 11, 1835.] Jan. 30, 1835, Fayette Co. TN, indenture between J.W. McGimsey of Madison Co. MS by his attorney in fact Lemuel H. Duncan of Maury Co. TN, to William Miller of Haywood Co. TN, for $1082 paid, sold 30 Jan. 1835 to said William Miller a certain tract of land in Haywood Co. TN on waters of bear Creek, being a Southern branch of Big Hatchee, in the 10th district, Range 5, Section 6, containing by estimation 541 acres more or less, being the residue of a tract of 957 acres originally granted to John McGimsey by the State of TN, adj. James Walker's 5000 acre survey, and the other part of said tract of 957 acres being previously sold to Sam. Conegan and Jacob Sorrel of said Haywood Co., warrant title. 30 Jan. 1835. /s/ J.W.P. McGimsy by his attorney in fact, L.H. Duncan. L.H. Duncan appeared in Fayette Co. TN before Thos. C. Hudson, Clerk of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, as attorney in fact for J.W.P. McGimpsey, who was personally acquainted with him and ack. the deed, 30 Jan. 1835. Fees paid 30 Jan. 1835, Thos. C. Hudson, Clk.


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