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Formed 1796 from Washington
(Old) Wayne formed 1785 from Carter, Johnson; abolished 1788
Johnson formed 1836 from Carter
Unicoi formed 1875 from Carter, Washington


1830 Carter Co. TN Census
Pg. 13  Enoch Duncan          1000,1        - 1000,1
    20  William Vine          1000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD:  William Vines mar. Rosana Dunkin 7/31/1826
           in Carter Co. TN; 1850 Johnson Co. TN census)
    26  Abner Duncan          0010,001      - 0222,001
          (MAD: 1820 Ashe Co. NC census;
           1840-1850 Johnson Co. TN census)
        Benjamin Duncan       1000,1        - 0000,1
          (MAD: Benjamin's widow in 1850 Lee Co. VA census)

1840 Carter Co. TN Census
Pg.185  Enock Dunkin          0001,0100,01  - 1111,01
   192  Elizabeth Dunkin      0001          - 0000,001

1850 Carter Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
4th Civil District, taken 11/21/1850
Pg.175 (350), #24, Fennetta DUNKIN (f) 27 TN farming $100 m/in/yr 1840
                  George W. PEOPLES 36 TN farming
                  Sarah SCOTT 8 TN
                  (MAD: widow of George W. Duncan 30 TN, died 4/1850)
Taken 11/22/1850
Pg.177 (354), #61, Nancy DUNKIN 40 NC midwife m/in/yr 1825
                  Sarah A. 19, Martha J. 15 TN
                  Nancy E. 2, Martha E. 2 TN
                  (MAD: ?? widow of Enoch Dunkin)
5th District
Pg.184 (368), #69, Caswell C. TAYLOR 53 TN farmer $3000 m.1832 Dec.9th
                  Nancy 39 TN
                  David 17, Mary J. 14, Sabra E. 11 TN
                  Rebecca A. 9 Isaac A. 7, Caswell C. 5 TN
                  Ann ARNOLD 25 TN
                  (MAD: Caswell C. Taylor mar. Nancy Duncan 1/29/1833)
Pg.203 (407), #50, Solomon HENDRIX 60 TN farmer $1000; married in year "1812"
                  Susannah 56 TN
                  William 22, Hannah 17 TN
                  Solomon W. 15 TN
                  (MAD: all m.in year columns had years)
6th District
Pg.204 (408), #53, Enos McFALL 42 TN farmer $0 mar. 1836
                  Sabra 37 TN
                  David 12, Francis 10 TN
                  Nancy 8, Kizzia 5 TN
                  Hizza (f) 73 VA m/1818
                  Ira (m) 46 TN idiotic
                  (MAD: Enos McFall mar. Sabra Duncan 6/17/1834)
Pg.215 (431), #17, John NAVE Sr. 80 TN
                  Elizabeth 80 PA, mar. 1797
                  Adeline ELLIS 12 PA
Pg.215 (431), #20, Andrew J. NAVE 18 IL laborer
                  Mary Ann 20 TN, mar. 1847
                  James D. 1 TN
Pg.215 (431), #21, David NAVE 49 NC farmer $3000
                  Elvira 40 TN, mar. 1831
                  (children 17 to 8 not copied)
Pg.215 (431), #26, John NAVE Sr. 45 TN iron maker $10,000
                  Eveline 22 TN
                  (MAD: wanted Nave neighbors of Elizabeth Duncan b. 1800 TN, pg. 432, of 1851 deed)
9th Civil District, taken 8/26/1850
Pg.216 (432), #29, Wm. DUNKIN 29 TN laborer, m/in/yr 1840
                  Lucinda DUNKIN 27 TN can't read/write
                  Samuel 9, Isaac 7 TN (both in school)
                  Sarah E. 5, Margaret 1/12 TN
                  Elizabeth DUNKIN 50 TN, can't read/write
                  (MAD: See 1847 Deed K-423, Elizabeth to grdau. Sarah Eliz.; land deeded by A.M. Carter 1827 to Kessiah Duncan)
10th District
Pg.223 (445), #1, Alexander ARNOLD 57 TN laborer $0 m.1816
                  Martha 54 NC
                  Ann 25 NC
                  Catharine 24, Maty (f) 20 TN
                  Margaret 17 VA
                  Henry 16, Malinda 14, Susanna 12 TN
                  (MAD: one Catharine Arnold mar. Enoch Duncan 6/22/1850; this the only Arnold family in Carter Co. TN 1850 with a Catharine)

1860 Carter Co. TN Census
P.O. Elizabethton, 1st Division
Pg.26 (399), #178-175, William DUNCAN 39 TN farmer $1250-300
                  Lorinda 39 NC
                  Isaac S. 17, Sarah E. 15 TN
                  Margaret 10 TN
Pg.26 (399), #179-176, Samuel DUNCAN 18 TN
                  Martha 18 TN, mar. in year
2nd Division
Pg.80 (426), #559-550, Milley DUNCAN (f) 60 TN BLACK (alone)
Pg.131 (452), #979-887, Solomon HENDRICKS 70 TN farmer $1500-500
                  Margaret 53 TN
                  Soloman W. 25 TN
                  George GLOVER 16 TN day laborer
                  (MAD: Margaret Duncan, dau. of William of Washington Co. TN)
Pg.131 (452), #980-888, Wm. HENDRICKS 32 TN farmer $0-500
                  Mary 28 TN
                  Emily 6, Soloman W. 4, Susan E. 3 TN
Pg.155 (453), #1149-1051, William CARROLL 50 TN farmer $1000-300
                  Nancy 50 TN
                  Magaline 25, Alexander 22 TN
                  Cyntha 21 TN
                  James 4, William 2 TN
                  Ellen DUNCAN 13 TN
                  (MAD: Nancy age 50 was widow of Enoch Duncan)

1870 Carter Co. TN Census
District 2, Roan Mtn. P.O.
Pg.16, #115-115, LACEY, James 25 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 27 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Missouri (f) 9 TN (white) at home
                  (MAD: Martha Lacey ? the widow of Samuel Duncan ?)
Civil District 6, P.O. Happy Valley
Pg.42, #9-9, DUNCAN, Thomas 28 TN farmer
                  Phoeba A. 29 TN
                  Louisa J. 5/12 TN Jan.
                  JOHNSON, Hannah 62 NC
                  (MAD: son of Jesse Duncan & Abarella Guinn of Washington Co. TN)
Pg.42, #10-10, HENDRIX, Margaret 63 TN at home keeping house $700-$100
District 9, P.O. Elizabethton
Pg.85, #150-150, DUNCAN, Lucinda 50 NC (white) keeping house $400-$300
                  WHITESIDE, William 24 ENG farmer
                  Margaret 20 TN at home
                  WILSON, James 24 TN (white) farm laborer
                  Jane 22 TN keeping house
                  Elijah 3, Levi 2 TN


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Carter Co. TN County Court Minutes 1797-1805, Pleas & Quarter Sessions (old FHL film 5590-1 pt.1, new FHL film 24,614; typed, from Alice Duncan, 1978)
      Bogart, John, p. 39, 74, 75, indexed, not copied.
      No Duncan, Lynch, Bennett
      Pg.84: Pharoah Cobb - one of the Exec of last will & testament of Patience Cooper, dec'd - came into Open Court and took oath as is required by Law.
      Pg.88: May, 1804, "Know ye by all men by these presents that we, John Phillips, Thos. Price and A. Dread Cobb are held and firmly bound unto Josiah Harper in the just & full sum of $100 to be void in case of failure to pay all costs & charges which may accrue for wrongfully bringing suit," etc.
      Pg.60: 14 Aug. 1804, Ordered by the Court that Dawson Rockhold be app't overseer of the public road in the --- of Jesse Humphreys - the following persons ordered to be his hands (?) - Abraham Bogart.
      Pg.116: Feb. Term, 1805, John Bogart and John Scoggin - names in a list of men ordered to jury duty.
      Pg.132: Nov., 1804, John Bogart served as a juror.
      Pg.310: Nov. session, 1805, John Bogart served as a juror.

Carter Co. County Court Minutes, Vol.II, 1819-1820, Pleas & Quarter Sessions (old FHL film 5590, new FHL film 24,614; from Alice Duncan, 1978)
      Pg.32: 2 May 1819, Joseph Cobb appointed overseer of road for all hands living on Stony Creek.
      Pg.45: May, 1819, Benjamin Dunkin vs. James P. Tayler, appeal from a judgement of a justice of the peace "Benj. Dunkin to recover $68.99 from Jas. P. Taylor for Taylor's debt."
      Pg.83: 9 Nov. 1819, Benj. Dunkin appointed foreman of jurors.
      Pg.86: 8 Sept. 1819, Joseph Cobb appt. overseer of roads.
      Pg.134: 16 Feb. 1820, Benjamin Dunkin vs. Permenas Lovelace, "defendant has not pd. debt - damage of $6.24" ordered to be paid.
      Pg.154: Benjamin Dunkin vs. Thos. Tipton - did not copy.
      Pg.168: 10 May 1820, Benj. Dunkin vs. John Ward - for recovery of money.
      Pg.227: 17 Aug. 1820, Benj. Dunkin vs. John Ward, recovery of debt.
      Pg.251: Coonrod Cobb and Capt. Benj. Dunkin to serve as jurors, for Feb. session 1821.

Carter Co. TN County Court Minutes; "includes indexes" (FHL film 847,613)
      1804-1806 - no index
      1819-1820 - no index
      1826-1829 - no index
            Stamped page number at bottom of page, pages out of order
      1829-1849 (FHL film 847,614)
            8/1829 - 5/1833 - no index
            7/1836 - 12/1840 - no index
            1/1841 - 6/1845 - no index
      1849-1869 - not looked at (FHL film 846,615)

Carter Co. TN County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
   Vol. 3, 1821-1826 (FHL film 24,615, typed by WPA; pgs. 100, 101, 117, 130, 219)
      Indexed: Benjamin Duncan, pg. 5, 19, 21, 71, 77, 80, 100, 101, 109, 117, 130, 219, 551; Enoch Duncan, pg. 459.
      Pg.5: 13 Feb. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin a jury foreman
      Pg.19: 16 Feb. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin vs. John Scott, appeal; orig. papers lost and could not be filed with court.
      Pg.21: 16 Feb. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin on jury.
      Pg.71: 10 Aug. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin on jury.
      Pg.77: 17 Aug. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin vs. Gavin Patterson; deft. did not keep and perform his covenant; recover $301.03 from plaintiff.
      Pg.80: 17 Aug. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin vs. Jacob Slimp, not copied
      Pg.100: 16 Nov. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin vs. Jacob Slimp, Covt.; jury Alexander Lacy, David Leon, Wm. Arnold, Jacob Kheun, Michl. Hyder, Benjamin Gentry, David Waid, Joel Dunlap, Baptist McNabb, Andw. P. Heslip, Micajah Rust, Wm. Harden; jury found deft. kept the "covenat", assess the Pltf's damages at $157.125; Pltf [Dunkin] to recover against deft.
      Pg.101: 16 Nov. 1821, Benjamin Dunkin vs. John Scott, appeal from a judgement of a justice of peace; same jury; find for Deft. John Scott to recover against Benjamin his charges and costs. Benjamin Dunkin appeals by his attorney.
      Pg.109: 2nd Monday of Feb. 1822, deed from Findley Allison to Benjamin Dunkin for negro girl Alice age 6 proved in court by Elijah Hathaway and Frances A. McCorkle.
      Pg.117: 13 Feb. 1822, Benja. Dunkin on jury.
      Pg.130: 2nd Monday May 1822, Larkin Elkin vs. Jacob Miller, Tho. McInturf. Pltf. became a security for Deft for stay of execution at suit of Benja. Dunkin against them, and paid $5 on 1 June 1820; court orders Plft [Elkin] to recover the $5 from Deft. [Miller & McInturf].
      Pg.219: 13 Feb. 1823, Benjamin Dunkin vs. John Lion and William Garland; jury find for Deft., John and William to recover their costs and charges from said Benja. Dunkin.
      Pg.459: 15 Nov. 1825, Enoch Dunkin on jury.
      Pg.551: 15 Nov. 1826 (sic), deed, Benjamin Duncom to Jacob Landsdown for town lot #38 proven on oaths of Benjamin Brown and William Graham.
   Vol. 4, 1826-1828:
      Pg.42: 15 Nov. 1827, deed, Ben Dunkin to Jacob Cameron
      Pg.171: Aug. 1828, Enoch Dunkin to be juror
      Pg.229: 12 Aug. 1828, Enoch Dunkin on jury
      Pg.240: 13 Aug. 1828, State vs. Wm. Estep, Enoch Duncan assumes fine.
      Pg.273: 11 Nov. 1828, Enoch Duncan vs. Stephen Cooper, pltf. dismissed suit.
      Pg.282: 12 Nov. 1828, deed from James P. Taylor to Enoch Duncan for 25a ack. in court.
      Pg.324: 2nd Monday in May, 1829, deed from Enoch Dunkin to Abel Guin for 25a ack. in court.

Carter Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1854-1911; most vols. indiv. indexed, minutes, v.A-B 1854-1875 (FHL film 847,601)
      Vol.A, 1854-1868 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1868-1875 - not looked at


Carter Co. TN Probate Records; Wills 1794-1937 (FHL film 847,619 from Alice Duncan, 1978)
   Will records June 1794 - March 1851.
      Pg.83 - Samuel Bogart; (too dim to make out dates, think these heirs are correct) daus. Lydia and Margaret M. Hobb, son Jeremiah; "my three children"; appoint my son, Jeremiah exec.
      No other familiar names in index - film is VERY short.

Carter Co. TN Wills, 1794-1937; orig. records at Carter Co. courthouse; incl. index (FHL film 847,619)
      Item 1 - no Edward Smith
      Item 2 - "Wills on file before 1860": Duncan, George W., nuncupative, probate April 18, 1850. (index only)
            No will for George W. Duncan
            No Nave
            No Edward Smith (had wanted Will book & page for Edward Smith's will dated 11 Feb. 1807, proved 15 April 1807, names dau. Elizabeth Dunkin, from "TN Bible Records" by Acklen)

Will Books 1794-1847, Carter Co. TN, by WPA; incl. index (FHL film 24,614 item 8)
      No Duncan, no Nave

Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927, Carter Co., Wills, 1796-1915, 1719 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 1/4/2012)
      "Damaged Document(s)" note on these pages:
      (image 307 to 314) Will of George W. Duncan, items 775 to 782 on microfilm
      Buffalo, Carter County, June 21st, 1850. De. Casvill Taylar and wife Nancy Taylar after my respects you are requested to take notes that on the first Monday in July next I will present to the County Court in Elizabeth Carter County the Nuncupative Will of George W. Duncan deceased for to be proven you are requested to appear if? and acknolede or object as you think proper. Wm. Peeples. (image 307, film 775)
      The within coppy was read ... to will and wife the day and ... (too faint) 1850. (on back of the above note.) (image 308, film 776)
      Buffalow Carter County. June 21st 1850. Mr. Enoch Mefall and wife Sabre Mefall. After my respects you are requested to take notis that on the first Mondy in July next I will present to the County Court in Elizabeth Carter County the nuncupative will of George W. Dunkin deceased for to be proven. You are requested to appear and acknolege or object as you think proper. /s/ Wm. Peeples. (image 309, film 777)
      The within was red to me and wife to day and we acklodge the same this June 26th 1850. E. McFall, Sabra McFall. (on back of the above note.) (image 310, film 778)
      Buffalow Carter County. June 21st 1850. Mr. Martin Kitsmeller the gardeen of Abdrel W. Kitsmeler and Mary Kitsmeler heirs of Rebeckah Kitsmeler deceased. After my respects you are requested to take notis that on the first Mondy in July next I will present to the County Court in Elizabeth Carter County the Nuncupative Will of George W. Dunkin deceased for to be proven. You are requested to appear and acknoledge or object as you think proper. Wm. Peeples. (image 311, film 779)
      I acknowledge the service of the within th Jonesboro Washington County E. Tenn. This 24th day of June 1850. Martin Kitzmiler. (on the back of the above note.) (image 312, film 780)
      State of Tennessee, Carter County, April 18th, 1850. By request of Geo. W. Duncan in presence of C.C. Taylor, A.J. Peoples and Elizabeth Peoples I have hereby proceeded to write down the request of the said G.W. Duncan as respects the disposition of his property. He wishes all the farming utensils house hold and kitchen furnature gatherered up and sold on a twelve months credit for money and after all the debts are paid the proceeds of the same handed over to his wife. Also the grain after it is harvested to be sold and applied in the same way. Also he wishes his tract of land to be his wife's. He also wishes, in case his wife Phentta Duncan should die shortly after the making of this will that the proceeds of the said property above named be equally divided among his relations and hers. (/s/) Geo. W. Peoples. It is also his request that Wm. Peoples Senr. be appointed his sole executor to this his last will and testament. (/s/) Geo. W. Peoples. Caswell C. Taylor. A.J. Peoples. (at bottom of page:) 64 (image 313, film 781)
      Geo. W. Dunkins Nuncupative Will. (on back of above document) (image 314, film 782)

Carter Co. TN Inventories of Estates 1839-1855; incl. index; by WPA (FHL film 464,080 item 1)
      Indexed: Duncan, Alvin 253, Elizabeth 136, Enoch 136, George 263, G.W. 54, Thomas 15, 20, Dunkin, Berry 257, Enoch 172
      Pg.12: (after Jan. 2, 1847) Estate of Godfrey Carriger decd, included notes on many people ... (pg.15) 1 note on Thomas Duncan, $9.15 ... (pg.20) by amount of note on Thomas Duncan placed in the hands of Jesse Lincoln of Sparta (MAD: White Co. TN) for collection but never collected, $9.15; ... (pg.54) long lists of money ... by probate, G.W. Duncan, Nov. 20, 1839, $1.60.
      Pg.136: 6 Oct. 1846, Joseph Powell decd, Robt. W. Powell exec, ... incl. Elizabeth Duncan $2.50, Enoch Duncan $3.50.
      Pg.172: 12 April 1847, James Edens and Samuel W. Hyder, admin. of Nathaniel T. Edens decd, list of notes ... Bad, 1 on Enoch Dunkin, $41.82-1/2, Cr. (credit) $3.02-1/2, (balance) $38.80.
      Pg.246: 1 Aug. 1853, John Hughs admin. of David Hughs decd, long list of notes ... (pg.253) Alvin Duncan, $3.60 ... (pg.257) Berry Dunkin $3.29, due Dec?. 16, 1846, not good ... (pg.263) notes 16 Jan. 1847, George Duncan, Feb. 30, 1840, $4.12 ...


Washington Co. TN Deed (FHL film 825,527 - page by page)
      17-95: Bill of Sale, Gaven Black to Benjamin Duncan of Carter County, 24 May 1819, negro woman named Cinda(?) and her 4 children Cloah, Alfred, Esther and Nero, for $2,000. Wit. A. Gilbreath, Thos. Bacon, Isaac W/N(?) Bacon. Proven July, 1820; reg. 3 Oct. 1820.

Greene Co. TN Deed
      10-194: 10 May 1813, John Love and wife Orpah (X), John Huston and wife Mary (X), Zebulon Smith and wife Sarah, Jeremiah Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Orpah (X) Gibson, heirs of Jeremiah Dungins decd, to James Pearce and wife Margaret Pearce, heirs of afsd Jeremiah Dungins decd, quit claim their interest as heirs of Jeremiah Dungins decd to tract in Washington and Carter Co. TN on Brush Creek, corner of the 400 acre tract, corner of Lots 2 and 3, corner of Zebulon Smith and John Husten, containing 290 acres; wit. James Thorp Jr., Francis N. Rockhold, Mary Dungan. /s/ Sarah Smith, Jeremiah Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Orpah (X) Gibson, John Huston, Mary (X) Huston, John Love, Orpah (X) Love, Zebulon Smith; wit. James Thorp Jr., Francis V. Rockhold, Mary Dungan; ack. in Washington Co. TN before James Sevier, Clerk, 5 Aug. 1814; reg. 14 Nov. 1814. (no money given; FHL film 944,419 item 2)


Index to Mexican War Pension Applications (FHL film 537,009)
      John D. Poore, in Co. K, 5th TN Vols., Appl. #5227 filed 1 Feb. 1887, Cert. #4841, under act of Jan. 29, 1887, TN.
      (MAD: Wanted date of pension appl. and service unit; info of Mrs. Shelby I. Edwards said that his application included a statement by Enoch Duncan, his father-in-law, on his behalf; see Carter Co. TN 1825-1840, Sullivan Co. TN 1860; both Enoch Duncan age 45 and James J. Duncan, son of Enoch, in same unit of Mexican War.)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John, widow Duncan, Nancy E.; C 4 Tenn. Inf.; 1885 Dec. 11, Invalid Appl. #557767, Cert. #395161; 1923 Nov. 30, Widow Appl. #1212644, Cert. #944171, Tenn. (MAD: Carter & Washington Co. TN; see Anderson Co. TN)
      Duncan, Joseph, widow Duncan, Mattie; E 4 Tenn. Inf.; 1890 May 6, Invalid Appl. #773416, Cert. #617814, MO; 1919 Aug. 25, Widow Appl. #1146392? (or #1046392?), Cert. #895467, Tenn.; remarks XC972714. (MAD: Carter & Washington Co. TN)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of TN; East TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha; Vol.2)
      Pg.1293-4: Carter Co. John Hughes is one of the most prosperous farmers of Carter Co., and was born and reared in said county. He was born Feb. 14, 1820, and is the son of James and Susanor (sic) (Hines) Hughes. The father was a native of Sullivan Co. TN and was born May 15, 1790 ... murdered on April 15, 1834. The mother was born near Blountville, Sullivan Co. TN, Oct. 29, 1792 ... Our subject was reared on the farm ... In 1879 he married Nancy Ellen Carral, daughter of William Carral. Two children, Albert and Mary Anna, blessed this marriage. The mother died in 1880, and in 1885 he married Martha J. Duncan. One daughter, Della Cleveland, has come to this marriage.
      Pg.1299: Carter Co. C.C. Taylor, farmer, was born in Carter Co. September 12, 1845, the son of C.C. and Nancy (Duncan) Taylor, the former born in this county, May 15, 1795, the son of Dr. Isaac Taylor VA who was born in 1756 and came to what is now Carter Co. about 1776. He was in the Revolution. The father was a physician and farmer, and married January 28, 1833, the daughter of Jeremiah Duncan, who was born July 4, 1809. Two sons and one daughter are now living. Our subject was educated ... in 1867 he married Frances T., a daughter of George D. Williams ...


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