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Washington Co. TN Deed Books
      17-362: 23 Jan. 1822, Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. TN to Joseph Crouch, $400, 100 acres on south side of Watauga River, part of 300 acre tract of land granted to Elizabeth Duncan from State of North Carolina, beg. dividing line between Joseph Duncan & Rice Duncan, with dividing line, to stake on old line, original corner, corner to Jesse Duncan, dividing line between Joseph & Rice Duncan, opposite to the house Joseph Duncan lived in, down the river so as to include the half of the spring, excepted out of part conveyed to Rice Duncan. Wit. Wm. Crouch, Henry Frasier, Reuben Crouch. Proved by wit. Oct. 1822. (FHL film 825,527)
      20-146: 2 May 1832, relinquishment bond, William Stevenson of Washington Co. TN to Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. TN, "his right, title and interest that said Joseph Duncan had agreeable to him to a certain tract or parcel of land whereon I now live formerly owned by John Duncan and lying on the fall branch of Horse Creek, said relinquishment to take effect at my death or when I should leave the place. The intention of these presents or this obligation is that I, William Stevenson, does not avail himself nor is to take the benefit of the statute of limitation on the part that Joseph Duncan has to said premises." Wit. Lot O. Gott, J.J. James; proved on oaths of wit. 15 March 1834. (FHL film 825,528)
      22-151: 22 March 1838, Joseph Duncan of Blount County to William Stevenson, $1364, land on Fall Branch, corner William Ingle, John Vincent, Henry Stonecyphers, Nathan P. English, and John Whitlock, grant to John Duncan. Wit. J.J. James, J.H. Crouch, Anson Guinn. Recorded on oath of wit. (FHL film 825,529)
      22-153: 5 April 1838, bill of sale for slave, William Stephenson to Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. Wit. Anson Gwin?, J.H. Crouch. Recorded on oath of wit. (FHL film 825,529)

Greene Co. TN Deed (FHL film 944,420)
      11-169: 5 Oct. 1816, George Dunkin of Blount Co. TN to Richard Wilkinson of Greene Co., $200, 100 acres on Lick Creek, on a branch known by name of Blacks Creek. Wit. Jeremiah Dunkin, John Kisterson Senr., John Kisterson Junr.

Greene Co. TN Chancery Court Enrolling Dockets 1837-1839, TN Archives (FHL film 944,364 item 1)
      Pg.130: Joseph Duncan & wife vs. Smith Hunt & Thos. Hunt, heirs of Uriah Hunt, Chancery Court, 2nd Div. of E.TN; Joseph Duncan of wife Rhoda formerly Rhoda Hunt of Blount Co. TN but formerly of Washington Co. TN; that some years ago Uriah Hunt father of Rhoda died leaving a paper intended to be his will, the paper not having been tested as law requires, it was not good, several distributees by bond among themselves agreed to distribute the estate as their ancestor wanted in the defective will; Smith Hunt and Thomas Hunt, two sons, administered the estate; Orators were to be allowed a tract of land or enough money to buy it, and the heirs agreed that orators should have $600 out of the first moneys collected; Smith and Thomas Hunt about 1824 returned an inventory of personal estate, sale brought in money, more than 5 years ago; orators were not paid their share but were told to buy land in Blount Co. and Hunts would pay for it, but then refused to lend him aid in the payment; that 2 or 3 years ago Thomas and Smith Hunt filed a bill against orator "Samuel" Duncan in Chancery Court of Greenville regarding the land their ancestor purchased from Joseph Duncan, but there was no equity in the land; Duncans paid the costs, Hunts still have not paid orators their share; The heirs and distributees are: Thomas Hunt, Smith Hunt, Uriah Hunt, Benjamin Hunt, Peter Hunt and Delila his wife formerly Delila Hunt, Richard Martin and Acksey his wife formerly Acksey Hunt, Payne Squibb and Dyce his wife formerly Dyce Hunt, Jesse Hunt, and James Duncan and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Hunt, and orator and oratrix, the oratrix is one of the daughters of Uriah Hunt; Smith Hunt resides in Washington Co. and Thomas Hunt in Greene Co.; filed 25 Oct. 1831.
            Answer: Thomas and Smith Hunt said the heirs agreed to offer complainant Rhody Duncan as much of a tract of land formerly owned by their decd. brother William Hunt to the value of $600; Rhoda was willing but Joseph Duncan objected; Joseph Duncan purchased about 160 acres of land in Blount Co. from Andrew Duncan for $600, $400 to be paid in cash and $200 in trade; that Smith and Thomas paid $400 part to Andrew and part to Thomas, and then Joseph satisfied the $200 in trade; that title was made jointly to Joseph and Rhoda Duncan for life and then to their children, but Joseph wanted it to himself absolutely; that $400 each would have been a fair share to each heir, but the heirs allowed Joseph $600 due to his straightened circumstances; Joseph would not take a share of the inventory sale in stock, etc., but wanted cash; that about 1812 the complt. Joseph sold Uriah Hunt land in Washington Co. for $140 but Hunt did not get possession as Jane Duncan, mother of complt. Joseph, had a life estate in the tract; the part sold Uriah was an undivided share; that after Uriah died, Joseph sold it to Jacob Roblen? for $200? ($300?) which made the other heirs of Uriah file a bill in Chancery against Joseph and said Roblen; after filing, the compt. agreed to pay $140 and costs of $50; Uriah's widow is still living; the Hunts were willing to give Duncan his full share of the estate all along but he refused.
            Copy of bond between heirs (Jane (X) Hunt, widow of Uriah Hunt).
            Copy of Deed, Joseph Duncan of Warren Co. KY to Uriah Hunt, 14 Oct. 1812.
            Receipts by Joseph Duncan.
Nov. term 1834, hearing; 15 Sept. 1837, there is due to the complts. the aggregate sum of $899.65; request by Hunts for appeal; transferred to Superior Court of Eastern Division of TN.

Knox Co. TN Land Entries, 1806-1807 (FHL film 502,437 item 3)
      Pg.62: #165, Dist. South of French Broad and Holston; survey Aug. 21, 1807, for John Duncan on E.Fork Pistol creek in Blount Co., claimed by right of improvement, occupancy and presentation, 523 acres 2 roods 4 chains, per plat (creek shown but not named, no neighbors named); C.C. [chain carriers] James McGentry, Wm. Bateman; /s/ J. Wilkinson, D.C.

Index to Monroe Co. TN Chancery Cards, typed (FHL film 956,251; others after Civil War)
      #440: Original bill filed 1 Sept. 1849, B.M. Russell vs. Philip & John Hamentree (Hammontree). Barckley M. Russell assignee of Martha Henry of Blount Co. John Hammontree of Blount Co. died Aug 1840 testate, wife Sarah, sons Philip, John, Hugh, and Harvey; daughters Elizabeth Rosin, Martha Henry, Margaret, Phebe, Cintha J. Cathcart, Polly Black wife of Joseph Black. Wit: John McClain Jr., David Hammontree. Execs: Philip Hammontree and Berry Abernathy. Will made 18 Aug. 1840. 1850: Mr. Saml. Douthet, 72, of Blount Co., and Dr. James W. Lea, 42, of Roane Co. witnesses, also Betsey Rosin 54, David Hammontree 53, brother to John Sr. Martha Henry, widow of Wm. Henry, had 3 children when when (sic) father died, has had 2 since, and 1 has died, and they all lived with John Hammontree and mother Sarah for 9 yrs. after John Sr. died. 1851, witness Sarah Hammontree about 78, 1851: witness Margaret Duncan of Blount Co., 45, is dau. of John Hammontree Sr.

Monroe Co. TN Chancery Court Case #440 (FHL film 956,257)
      #440: Original bill filed 1 Sept. 1849, B.M. Russell vs. Philip & John Hamentree (Hammontree). ... Deposition of Margaret Duncan, age about 45, in 1851, deposition at Blount Co. ... question by Philip Hammontree: Where did Martha Henry live when my father died? She lived with my brother John Hammontree and my mother. How long? About nine years. ... (MAD: wife of Leander Duncan)

"Blue Rapids (Kansas) Times," Blue Rapids, Kansas, July 2, 1903 (newspaper clipping from Darrell Brooks 7/2002; MAD's extract)
      M.L. Duncan. County Commissioner Duncan died shortly after noon last Thursday. ... Funeral services Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. F.W. Ewan, burial was in Prospect Hill cemetery. ... Obituary prepared by Mrs. W.H. Lea and read at the funeral. Following it is a tribute from his neighbor of pioneer days, Dr. Boyakin:
      Obituary. Marquis DeLafayette Duncan died at his home in this city, June 25, at 12:30 p.m. after a long and painful illness from a complication of diseases. Mr. Duncan was born Jan. 23, 1830, in Chattanooga, TN [MAD: see Blount Co. TN]; his mother dying in early infancy, he moved with his father and stepmother to AL, where his boyhood days were spent; he moved from that state to the vicinity of St.Joseph, MO [MAD: Buchanan Co. MO], in his early manhood, and was married there in 1851 to Miss Rhoda Williamson, who died a couple of years later leaving to his care an infant son, James B. Duncan, now of Nardin [Kay Co.], OK. About this time he joined the Baptist church ... Soon after the death of his wife he went to Sioux City, IA, and took up a claim, remaining there until his appointment by the government as assistant agent at the Otoe Indiana agency in what is now Marshall Co. KS. ... With two brothers, David and Frank Linn, the latter still a resident of Marysville, as his companions he spent the long, lonely winter of 1854 and 1855 among the Indians at the agency. The following year he returned to IA and, disposing of his property there he went to St. Joseph, MO, ... wagon master, until failing eyesight compelled him to resign when he returned to Marysville, KS, and established a trading post. ... Second sheriff of Marshall Co. In 1856 he sold out his business in Marysville and went to Denver CO until 1861 when he returned to Marysville ... June 1868 he married to Mrs. Sarah A. Miller and they lived on Elm Creek until removing to this city about 14 years ago. Three children: Mrs. Etta Adams of Kirksville, MO; John A. Duncan of this city; another son, Walter, died in infancy.
      (MAD: lengthy tribute published, not copied here, no added genealogical info.)

"The Arcolian Weekly" [Douglas Co. IL] Obituary Dated February 22, 1912 (from Linda Roberts 7/2001; MAD: Maryville, Blount Co. TN)
      Another of the pioneers of this section of the country has passed to his reward and a man who has for many years been a familiar figure on the street of Arcola will be seen here no more. Samuel R. Duncan, farmer and broomcorn broker, died at his home on North Locust street at 1:10 o'clock on Sunday morning.
      His death occurred unexpectedly after a few days illness and was a great shock to the members of his family and his friends in this city. It is true that for several months he had been a sufferer from rheumatism and has been confined to his home for a great part of the time but until Friday evening no particular alarm was manifested over his condition. An impaction of the bowels furnished a serious complication which baffled the skill of his physicians. late Saturday a consultation of doctors was held, Dr. Emil Reis, a famous Chicago specialist and Dr. Fuller, of Tuscola, being in attendance. They could hold out little hope to the family and but a few minutes after they left the house Mr. Duncan suffered a stroke of apoplexy which caused his death almost instantly.
      The funeral services were held at his late home Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock p.m. Rev. J.M. Bennington, pastor of the Arcola M.E. church, being the officiating minister. A large number of the residents of the city and vicinity were present to pay their last respects to an old and much respected citizen. The interment was in the Arcola cemetery. As a testimony of respect the business houses were closed from two til three o'clock Tuesday.
      Mr. Duncan was a native of East Tennessee, being born at Marysville, in that state, November 30, 1837. He resided there until he was about sixteen years of age and then came to Illinois, locating first in Crawford County, where he lived for a few years. He came to this section of Illinois in the sixties, at which time he was engaged in farming, south of the city. Afterwards he engaged in the broomcorn brokerage business, until a few years ago being a member of the firm of Duncan & Tarbox. In late years he had been in the business for himself. Two-one years ago he moved to this city and has resided here ever since,
      Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Margaret Kellam, who survives him, in Richland county, Ill., September 6, 1860. Thirteen children were born to them of whom ten are now living. They are: Joseph P., Wichita, Kan.; J.
H., Thomas, OkIa., William, Leeds, Okla.; Mrs. George H. Clark, Mexico, Mo; Mrs. J. I. Moore, Chicago; Mrs. Frank Quirk, Knox, Ind.; Mrs. Al Daily, Miss Minnie, Samuel and Fran, Arcola.
      In life Mr. Duncan was a robust specimen of manhood; a type of the hardy pioneer. He was one of the men who helped to make this section of the country the fertile farming region it is to-day. In common with the rest he encountered the hardships and discouragements of the early days, struggling to grow crops in the un-drained, swampy fields with primitive implements of agriculture, standing off attacks of ague and malaria, helping in the development of the wilderness and living to see it blossom into the finest farming country in the world.
      He was a man of decided character; out-spoken in his views and fiery in his denunciation of molly-coddles and grafters. In politics he was a life-long democrat and always took a lively interest in political affairs. Withal he was a good citizen and is mourned by many friends as well as by the members of his family.

"The Arcolian Weekly" [Douglas Co. IL] Obituary Dated Thursday. February 21, 1918 (from Linda Roberts 7/2001; MAD: Maryville, Blount Co. TN)
      James W. Duncan a brother of the late S.R. Duncan, of this city, died at his home in Sullivan on Tuesday. Funeral services were held at the residence of Mrs. Mary Todd, in Sullivan, Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock and were conducted by Rev. J.R. Bradley. Burial was at Greenhill cemetery.
      Deceased was born at Marysville, Tenn., April 18, 1842, and at the time of his death was aged 75 years, 10 months and one day. he as married but his wife died several years ago. There are two children surviving.
      Mr. Duncan has visited in Arcola several times in recent years and was well known here.

"The Arcolian Weekly" [Douglas Co. IL] Obituary dated 4/22/1916 (from Linda Roberts 7/2001; MAD: Maryville, Blount Co. TN)
      Mrs. Minerva Jane Ritchie, who resided in Arcola from 1871 until 1916, died at Sullivan Saturday night, April 22nd, 1916, at 11:45 o'clock. Paralysis and the weaknesses incident to her age were the causes of death.
      The body was brought to Arcola for burial, arriving Tuesday morning via the Vandalia, and was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Jeffers, where it rested in state until the hour for the funeral, 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The services were held at the Presbyterian Church, the pastor, Rev. H.E. Neff being in charge. A large number of friends of the deceased attended. The interment was in the Arcola cemetery beside her husband, the late William Ritchie, who died February 18, 1894.
      Minerva Jane Duncan was born January 9, 1829 in Marysville, Tenn., and at the time of her death her age was 87 years, 3 months and 14 days. She was the eldest of eleven children born to Joseph P. and Susan Duncan. The family moved from Tennessee to Crawford County, Illinois, in the fall of 1851.
      She was married to William Ritchie in August, 1854. They had no children.
      In 1861 Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchie moved to a farm two and one half miles east of Arcola, where they made their home for ten years and then moved to Arcola after the death of her husband. Mrs. ... (LR: unable to read remainder of microfilm copy because of bend in paper)
      (LR: William and Manerva were married in Will Co. IL)

Crawford Co. IL Marriage Book 1, 1878-1901 (FHL film 1,310,116 item 3)
      1-16, Lic. #37; license 26 Nov. 1878; James Campbell Duncan, res. Crawford Co., farmer, age 42 next birthday, white Anglo-Saxon, b. Blunt (sic) Co. TN, son of James K. Duncan and Sarah S. Dunlop, 1st marriage, to Eliza Ann Seaney, res. Crawford Co. IL, age 25 next birthday, white Anglo-Saxon, b. Crawford Co. IL, dau. of Nimrod Seaney and Rhoda Higgins, 1st marriage. Married (no date) at Morea, wit. Isaac Smith and George A. Duncan; Returned 17 March 1879.

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