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Index to SC Land Grants 1784-1800
      Duncan, John, 76, V.14, -, 1786, 96th (Newberry)
      Dunken, John, 292, V.20, 02, 1787, 96th (Newberry)
      Dunkin, John, 284, V.18, -, 1787, 96th (Newberry)
      Dunkin, Nelson, 657, V.11, 02, 1786, 96th (Newberry)
      Dunkin, Nelson, 598, V.09, -, 1786, 96th (Newberry)

Index to SC Land Grants, Class 2 (FHL film 22,531)
      Index to Misc. Grants v.86-90, 1842-1874
      Barruch Duncan, 316a Newberry, 27 June 1851, 87-413

SC Land Grants
      Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      9-598: 5 June 1786, to Nelson Dunkin for £5 16/8d sterling, 250 acres in Dist. of 96 on Waters of Bush River; plat certified 16 June 1785. (FHL film 22,536; also class 2, 11-657, FHL film 22,547) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC)
      14-76: 4 Dec. 1786, to John Duncan for £15 4 pence (sic) 2 d., 33 acres in Dist. 96 on N side Saluda River below ancient boundary on waters of Bush River; plat certified 24 Sept. 1784. (FHL film 22,538) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC)
      18-284: 4 June 1787, John Dunkin, £1 17/4, 80 acres in Dist. 96 on waters of Bush River bounding on lines running NW and NE on Oneal, NW on Elisha Ford, SW on John Dunkin, SE on Isaac Cook; plat certified 18 Nov. 1786. (FHL film 22,540; also Class 2, 20-292, FHL film 22,551) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC)
      CLASS 2 GRANTS (2nd set of volumes)
      30-248: 5 March 1792, to William Duncan for 13 shillings 7 pence, 290 acres surveyed 6 Jan. 1791 in Dist 96, Little Beaver Dam, waters of Saludy River, bounded by line running SW on William Woods land, NW on Laffertey's land, NE by land laid out for Tavaner Beal, other sides vacant. (FHL film 22,556) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC?; one Beaverdam Creek in ? Edgefield Co. SC, off little Saluda River; indexed Pinckney (Union & York) Dist. SC)

Greenville Co. SC Land Grants, Surveys, etc., from 96th Dist.; early years include Laurens & other counties formed from 96th Dist. (some from Isadora Spurlock 11/1990)
   Survey Book B, 1785-1787: (FHL film 292,481)
      B-290: Warrant 7 April 1783, to Nelson Dunkin, 250 acres in 96 Dist. on waters of Bush Creek (sketch shows neighbors Samuel Edmund? and vacant land). Surveyed 16 June 1785, rec. 13 Oct. 1785. (MAD: Newberry Co. SC)
   Survey Book C, 1785-1788 (FHL film 292,481)
      C-213: Warrant 15 Nov. 1786, to John Duncan, 80 acres on waters of Bush River (sketch shows neighbors Oneall, Elisha Ford, John Duncan, Isaac Cook). Surveyed 18 Nov. 1786, rec. 13 Dec. 1786. (MAD: Newberry Co. SC)

Newberry Co. SC Plat Books
   Vol. A, B, C; 1806-1840 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 24,259)
   Vol. D, E, 1841-1918 (FHL film 24,260)
      D-42: Pursuant to warrant 24 April 1851, surveyed for Baruch Duncan for the purpose of obtaining a new grant, 316 acres adj. James Eppes, Henry Whitmire, John Mathis, and John M. Herndon, on Duncan's Creek; surveyed 20 May 1851, Nathan Whitmire D.S., rec. 22 May 1851.
      D-114: Pursuant to Warrant, surveyed for George Duncan 61 acres, Jan. 6, 1898, rec. Nov. 17, 1903. (did not copy in full; D-397 indexed after 1900, not copied)

Newberry Co. SC Deed Indexes 1776-1843 (FHL film 24,231 grantor; FHL film 24,232 grantee; no John Duncan grantee 1803 deed indexed, see F-259, see H-98; no Duncan grantor or grantee indexed from 1835 to 1854)
      Amos Duncan to Gerrard W. Johnston, O-151, Nov. 4, 1823
      Amos Duncan to Abner Alirmore, C-709, Aug. 28, 1777
      Amos Duncan to Isaac Hollingsworth, G-281, July 4, 1803
      Eli Duncan to Isaiah Duncan, N-122, Jany. 15, 1819
      Elizabeth Duncan to Isaiah Duncan, N-121, Mar. 8, 1819
      George Duncan to William Burton, N-26, Feb. 23, 1819
      George Duncan to Isaiah Duncan, N-131, Jany. 20, 1819
      Franklin Duncan to Stephen Hill, R-352, Jany. 24, 1835
      Isah (sic) Duncan to Jacob Cook, O-351, Nov. 25, 1823
      James Duncan to James Law, H-44, Jan. 9, 1805
      James Duncan to James Law, J-542, Mar. 8, 1802
      James Duncan to James Law, J-532, Mar. 8, 1810
      James Duncan to David Duncan, J-431, June 23, 1810
      James Duncan to John Watson, O-326, Aug. 26, 1818
      John Duncan to James Law, H-120, Aug. 19, 1805
      John Duncan to Margaret Edmondson, D-523, Feb. 25, 1804
      John Duncan to William Addington, D-562, Oct. 7, 1794
      John Duncan to Isaac Emerson, J-119, June 28, 1806
      John Duncan to George Watson, A-550, Aug. 4, 1787
      John Duncan to William Adington, A-361, July 18, 1787
      John Duncan to March Dunkin, F-360, Apr. 8, 1802
      John Duncan to Benj. Herndon, C-803, Dec. 7, 1792
      Joseph Duncan to Stephen Hill, O-27x (blotted), Nov. 26, 1822
      Joshua Duncan to Isaiah Duncan, P-421, Apr.7, 1829
      Robert Duncan Sr. to Reubin Sims, E-106/167, Oct. 9, 1799
      Samuel Duncan to John Ryley, A-782, Jan.10, 1776
      Samuel Duncan to John Ellemon, I-146, Dec. 29/19, 1800
      Sarah Duncan to Samuel Duncan, C-306, Jan. 2, 1779
      Sarah Duncan to James Cayinack, G-23, 1779
      William Duncan to David Sims, J-355, Feb. 14, 1809
      William Duncan to David Sims, J-363, Feb. 14, 1809
      Absolum Duncan from Nicholas Bundrick, J-561, Apr. 27, 1811
      Baruch Duncan from D. Nance, S-284, Jany 4, 1836
      Baruch Duncan from Rachell Odell, S-283, Mar. 9, 1837
      Baruch Duncan from Samuel Abrams, S-282, Mar. 1, 1837
      David Duncan from James Duncan, J-431, Jan/June 23, 1810
      Isaiah Duncan from Charles Inman, P-419, Apr. 27, 1829
      Isaiah Duncan from Charles Inman, N-123, Feb. 28, 1814
      Isaiah Duncan from Walter Herbert, O-20, Nov. 9, 1822
      Isaiah Duncan from Joshua Duncan, P-421, Apr. 7, 1829
      Isaiah Duncan from George Duncan, N-131, Jany 20, 1819
      Elizabeth Duncan from Isaiah Duncan, N-121, Mar. 8, 1819
      Isaiah Duncan from Eli Duncan, N-122, Jay. 15, 1819
      James Duncan from Nathan Crenshaw, F-201, June 7, 1803
      John Duncan from John ?yld, C-811, Dec. 12, 1795
      Josiah Duncan from Nancy Duckett, S-69, Nov. 27, 1835
      March Duncan from John Duncan, F-360, Apr. 3, 1802
      Rachel Duncan from John Huffman, E-446, Mar. 15, 1802 (see also H-98)
      Robert Duncan from Benj. Anderson, F-292, Nov. 9, 1791
      Samuel Duncan from Sarah Duncan, C-306, Jany. 2, 1779
      William Duncan from Joseph Pearson, I-309, Feb. 13, 1808

Newberry Co. SC Deeds
      A-361: 18 July 1787, John Duncan and wife Jean to William Addington, £17 17 shillings, 136 acres, part of 200 acre grant to John Duncan on line of "grant in Berkeley now Newberry" County on lick branch of Duncans Creek in fork between Broad and Saludy Rivers, shape on plat annexed to original grant to said John Duncan 11 Aug., reg. Book RRR pg.574. Both signed by mark. Wit. James Duncan, Moses (X) Duncan, Ringnall? Odell. (FHL film 24,233)
      A-550: Lease, 4 Aug. 1787, John Duncan to George Watson, 10 shillings, 33 acres in 96 Dist. on N.side Saluda River on waters of Bush River, granted to John Duncan 4 Dec. 1786. /s/ John Duncan (X), Elisabeth Duncan (X). Wit. George Bridges, Molen Duncan (X her mark). (FHL film 24,233) (MAD: not Moses Duncan but could be Moler Duncan)
      A-551: Release, 4 Aug. 1787, John W. Duncan and wife Elizabeth of Newberry Co. SC, farmer, to George Watson, shoemaker, for £17 sterling, by virtue of bargain and sale to him thereby made for one whole year by indenture of leasing bearing date 4 Aug. 1787, 33 acres in Dist. of 96 on N side of Saluda River below the antient boundary on waters of Bush River, having such shape form and marks as represented by a platt thereof to the grant annexed, granted to said John Duncan 4 Dec. 1786. /s/ John Duncan (X), Elisabeth Duncan (X). Wit. George Bridges, Molen Duncan (X her mark). (FHL film 24,233; name in body of deed "John W. Duncan" plain)
      A-782: 10 Jan. 1776, Samuel Duncan, Yeoman, to John Ryley, hatter, both of 96 District, 144 acres on Palmotars Branch and Creek, bounded NW on James Ballingers, SW on Martha Coppork? & John Ryley, NE on James Ballinger and SE on John Ryley, plat of original grant 31 Aug. 1774; release 11 Jan. 1776, $300, by Samuel Duncan and Rebeca Duncan. Wit. John Duncan, Nelson Duncan, William Appinell?. (FHL film 24,233)
      B-117: 1788, Abel Anderson to Samuel Lindsay, land on small branch of Saluda River (fork of Broad and Saluda, sold C-702, 1795; this deed very tiny writing and blurred) (FHL film 24,233)
      B-311: 1791, Benjamin Wood of Newberry Co. to George Latham, land on the Beaverdam on waters of Saluda River "(then Berkley) now Newberry" Co., 96th Dist. (FHL film 24,233)
      B-827: George Latham on Bush River; Deed C-928, George Latham to Thomas Brooks, 9 Nov. 1796; looked at, not copied. (FHL film 24,233)
   (FHL film 24,234 is negative film, very faint and almost illegible)
      C-151: 13 Dec. 1794, James Odell of Newberry Co. SC to John Odell Jr. of same, in consideration of John Odell's right in the real estate of his father John Odell of Newberry Co. now deceased, grant 136 acres of land, being part of a tract of 310 acres on branches of Enoree River bounded by Joseph Duckett land, by heirs of John Odell decd, by Basil Robinson and James Duncan's lands, and John Duncan's (MAD: not Baruch Duncan), which was granted to the said James Odell and Joseph Duckett in partnership on March 3, 1794, and is divided from Joseph Ducketts part by a line. Wit. Joel Whitten, Henry Hill and John Pearson. (FHL film 24,234) (MAD: pg.585, "MD & VA Colonials; Genealogies of Some Colonial Families" 1991, by Sharon J. Doliante, has "Baruch Duncan" instead of "John Duncan")
      C-306: 22 Jan. 1779, Sarah (S) Duncan of Dist. of Edgefield SC to her son Samuel Duncan, 150 acres on Bush Creek of Broad River. Wit. Enos Elmore?, John Duncan, James (FF) Hall. (FHL film 24,234)
      C-709: (in margin?: Amos & Elizabeth Duncan sells part of Samuel Duncans 400? acre grant to Abner Ellmore) 28 Aug. 1777, Amos Duncan and Elizabeth ---? his wife, planter, to Abner Ellmore, both 96th District, sum of two hundred ---? eighty seven ---? Money in the Province of SC, all that parcel of land on Bush Creek, 250 acres, part of 400? acre grant to Samuel Duncan 14 Sept. 1769. Wit. Enos Ellmore?, Stephen Elmore, John Ellimore. (FHL film 24,234; and from Louis Boone 7/1984)
      C-803/4: 7 Dec. 1792, John (I) Dunkin (does not say Sr.) of 96th Dist. Newberry Co. SC to Benj. Herndon of Wilkes Co. NC, $300, 150 acres on both sides of Dunkins Creek, a little below the mouth of Beaver Branch, land James Campbell purchased of Col. Branch and including the Grist and saw mills, on fork of Broad and Saluda River; and has such shapes and marks as by reference to grant 2 Feb. 1762 and plat 15 Feb. 1762. Wit. Rob. Wilson, Amos Prather, James Campbell. Reg. on oath of James Campbell who saw John Dunkin sign the deed and saw Robert Wilson and Amos Prather witness it, 3 July 1793. Recorded 8 Aug. 1796. (FHL film 24,234) (MAD: County Court Min. 7/1795, ordered Abner Casey & John Speake Esq. to take release of dower by wives of General Casey and John Dunkin Sr. in deed made from said Levi Casey and said John Dunkin to Col. Benjamin Herndon; no dower release indexed in deed books.)
      C-811: Orangeburgh Dist., 12 Dec. 1795, John Wild (Wyld) and John Wikley? to John Duncan of 96th Dist., £70 Sterling, title bond for 112 acres on waters of Duncan Creek. Wit. Lucy Smith Wyld, March (upside down "V") Duncan. Signed by John Wyld and John Wilkey?; reg. ? July 1796 on oath of March Duncan, Newberry Co. SC. (FHL film 24,234)
      C-812: 19 Aug. 1796, John Lindsey decd sold land adj. Duckett. (FHL film 24,234)
      C-930: 29 Nov. 1796, George Latham to Samuel Lindsey, land in fork of Broad and Saluda River on Kings Creek. (FHL film 24,234) (MAD: looking for location of James Latham decd. by 1793, wife Ellenor dau. of John Duncan; no deeds for James Latham, only George; James Latham on 1790 census in Laurens Co. SC near Moses Duncan)
      D-362: 2 July 1799, Abiyah O'neall and Hugh O'neall lawful executors of the last will and testament of William O'neall dec'd, to Elisha Ford, for £5.10 sh., 35 acres on Bush River, bounded on NW by John Duncan land, east by John Embree land when surveyed, S.E. by Elisha Ford land, granted to aforesaid William O'neall dec'd 7 Feb. 1791. Wit. Joseph P. Pemberton, Jonathon Chandler. (FHL film 24,234; from Louis Boone 7/1984) (LB: see Deed 18-284, SC land grants, 4 April 1797 to John Duncan on Bush River bounding the above; O'Neils were Quakers.)
      D-523/4: 25 Feb. 1800, John Dunkin (wife Elizabeth (O) examined) to Margaret Edmondson, both Newberry Co. SC, $60, 500 acres on waters of Buck? originally granted to William Gilliam, conveyed to above John Dunkin 10 Feb. 1794. Wit. Moses? Furnas?, Sarah (O) Gail?, Ann (X) Hollingsworth. (FHL film 24,234) (MAD: see also J-119)
      D-562: Oct. 1794, John Duncan and Jenny his wife to William Addington, £34, 30 acres on Duncans Creek, orig. grant Book YYYY pg.153 (133?), corner John Duncan's survey, John Clark's line. Wit. Phillip W..lten?, R?.P?. Unleh?. (only partially legible) (FHL film 24,234)
      E-107: 9 Oct. 1799, Robert Duncan Sen. of Newberry Co. to Reuben Sims, $414?, 75 acres, part of 150 acre grant to Benjamin Anderson, bounded by ... William Duncan. Wit. Bern. Glenn, John Gorie?, Charles Sims. (FHL film 24,235)
      E-446: 15 March 1802, John Huffman, for $200, to Rachel Dunkin my mother ... all that plantation ... 100 acres it being a tract of land originally granted to James Kelley who conveyed it to Jacob Huffman father to said John Huffman, on a branch of Guilans? Creek, waters of Enoree River, adj. land of Harman Davis, Reason Davis, Hugh Read, John Caldwell and John Baird. Wit. Elizabeth Harbert, Jas?. Harbert. (FHL film 24,235) (MAD: Huffman neighbor in 1774 grant to Samuel Duncan)
      F-201: 7 June? 1803, Nathan Crenshaw and wife Fanny (Frances) to James Duncan, $370, 130 acres, John Robinson's line, corner Beaverdam Creek, John Kelley's line. Wit. Robert Duncan Sen., Mary Duncan. (FHL film 24,235)
      F-259/60: 4 July 1803, John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist. SC to Amos Dunkin of Newberry Dist. SC, for $100, 200 acres originally granted to Richard Dunkin by patent in Charleston recorded in the Auditors Office Book K No.10 page 73, 5 April 1771 (the said John Dunkin being son and heir to the above said Richard Dunkin, also a tract of "8 (eight)" acres originally granted to the said John Dunkin by patent in Charleston 4 June 1787 more or less in Newberry Dist. on waters of Bush River (for the boundaries, refer to the original plat). Wit. John Williams, Joseph Furnas, Isaac Holingsworth. /s/ John Dunkin Jnr. Witnesses John Williams and Joseph Furnas saw John Dunkin Junr. sign the deed ... Rachel Dunkin released all her interest and estate and her right of dower, 22 Aug. 1803. /s/ Rachel (R) Dunkin. (FHL film 24,235; definitely 8 acres but should be 80 acres; the first letter of "Jnr." could be "Senr" which makes more sense, but it is not definite)
      F-292: 9? Nov. 1791, Benjamin Anderson of Green Co. GA, to Robert Duncan of Newberry Dist. SC, £112, 150 acres on a small branch of Broad River, Caleh? Mossiso's? Branch. Wit. James Dikson (sic), Martha Dickson, David Dickson. (FHL film 24,235)
      F-360: 3 April 1802, John (X) Dunkin to March Dunkin, £60, 63 acres, part of tract of 200 acres granted to John Dunkin, said 63 acres taken off the tract 4 Feb. 1799, small branch running into Duncan's Creek. Wit. John (X) Odell, Delilah (X her mark) Addington, John Sevens Senr. (FHL film 24,235)
      G-23: (no day, month) 1779 Sarah Ducan (signed Sarah (X) Duncan) to James Cummack, 10 shillings, 100 acres, part of (blank acres) grant to said Sarah Ducan 19 Sept. 1770, in the fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers on a small branch of Bush Creek, bound. NW on Ducans land, SW on land laid out to William Dus??. Wit. Samuel Duncan, James Hall, George Pemberton. G-24: Release, $300, part of 350 acre grant, bounded on NW on vacant land, SW on lands of William Austin, SE on lands of said Sarah Duncan. Recorded 15 Aug. 1804 on oath of George Pemberton. (FHL film 24,235) (MAD: Eliz., wife of Amos Duncan, supposed to be dau. of Isaac & Eliz. (Pemberton) Duncan)
      G-281: 6? July 1803, Amos Dunkin of Newberry Dist. SC to Isaac Hollingsworth of same, £50, 112 acres, being part of two larger tracts, one a tract of 200 acres orig. granted to Richard Dunkin and conveyed by John Duncan Jr. (MAD: not Sr.) son and heir to the said Richard Dunkin, to above Amos Dunkin by deed the day after this deed, the other tract of 250 acres formerly granted to Sarah Dunkin by patent in Charleston 19 Sept. 1770, and whereas said Amos Duncan was son and heir to the above mentioned Sarah Dunkin, and became lawful possessor, land in the Dist. afsd on waters of Bush River, shape and marks listed in a plat attached; wit. John Dunkin, John (X) Williams, Joseph Turner; release of dower by Elizabeth (X) Dunkin, wife of Amos. (FHL film 24,235)
      H-44: 9 Jan. 1805, James Duncan of Newberry Dist. SC to James Law of same, $123, 45 acres more or less on N.side South Fork of Duncan Creek (no neighbors named), wit. J.S. Kern, Jonathan (X) Duncan; release of dower by wife Anna Duncan (X); rec. 12 Nov. 1805 (FHL film 24,235; extract from Bettie Langston 11/1994)
      H-98: 30 Dec. 1805, appeared Rachael (R) Dunkin of Newberry Dist. and the mother of John Hoffman, legally born in wedlock, and made oath on the Lady Evanglist & Almighty God that John Hoffman her son was born in wedlock of her body in the fourpart of the night of 4 Oct. 1780 and that the said John is no older nor no younger as above specified?. (FHL film 24,235)
      H-99: 30 Dec. 1805, Rachael (R) Dunkin to Andrew McDaniel, $450, 100 acres, being a grant to James Killey (Kilby?) on a branch of Golders? Creek, waters of Enoree River, adj. lands held by Harmon Davis, Razon Davis, Hugh Reeds, John Caldwell and John Baird. Wit. Robert (R) Caldwell, Geo. Harbert. (FHL film 24,235)
      H-120: 19 Aug. 1805, John (I) Duncan of Bunkham Co. NC and James Duncan of Newberry Dist. and state aforesaid (sic), to James Law of Newberry Dist., $412, 102 acres on south side of Duncans Creek, part of two grants which were chiefly originally granted to John Duncan 7 Oct. 1755, (adjoining) John Whitten and the heirs of Rignal Odell, the said Duncans Creek. Wit. William Law, March (X) Duncan. Certification by Jas. Elmore, "Lawrence" Dist., that Anna Duncan, wife of James, released her dower. (FHL film 24,235)
      I-146: 29 Dec. 1800, Samuel Dunkin to John Elleman, £90 sterling, 150 acres in the fork between Broad and Saluda Rivers and small branch of bush River, being the middle part of a tract of 350 acres granted to Sarah Dunkin by letters patent in Charleston dated 19 Sept. 1770, and conveyed by said Sarah Dunkin to said Samuel by lease & release dated 22 & 23 Jan. 1779. Wit. Enock Parson, John Parson, Joseph Thompson. Release by wife Mary Dunkin. (FHL film 24,236)
      I-263: 9 Sept. 1807, Uriah Cannon to Moses Lindsey, title bond for 150 acres on Bush River except land for White Lick Meeting House and Burial Ground. (FHL film 24,236)
      I-309: 20 Feb. 1808, Joseph Pearson to William Duncan, $800, 250 acres, part of two tracts, 100 acre grant to John Coppuck 2 Dec. 1793 and another 150 acre grant to Benjamin Pearson, on a small branch of bush? creek?. Wit. G.T. Hanington?, Robert Poirson?. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-119: 8 June 1806, John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist., SC, to Isaac Eamondson, $350, 100 acres in Newberry Dist. on waters of -?- a branch of Saluda River, on line of Amos Dunkin's land, adj. John Richardson's land, Samuel Cottney's land, Isaac Hollandsworth, being a part of 200 acres granted Isaac Hollandsworth Feb. 1787, rec. book T4M? pg.77, and another tract of 124a granted by said Amos Dunkin to said Isaac Hollandsworth by deed 4 July 1806 recorded D-281. Wit. Daniel Stewart, John Edmondson, Isaak Duncan. Rec. on oath of John Edmondson who saw John Dunkin Senr. execute the deed and that Daniel Stewart and "Asah" Dunkin and himself witnessed the deed; 21 Oct. 1809. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-216: 27 April 1808, Moses Lindsey to Hugh Oneall, 150 acres on Bush River & Beaver Dam. (FHL film 24,236) (MAD: see County Court Minutes June 1788, John Duncan (pltf) vs. Moses Lindsey (deft) in trespass; June 1789, suit ended by reason of death of plaintiff. The Quaker Duncans lived on Bush Creek; if this the same Moses Lindsay 20 years later)
      J-355: 4 Feb. 1809, William Duncan to David Sims, both Newberry Dist., SC, $450, 100 acres on fork of Enow and Tyger River, Robert Duncan's line. Wit. Z. Rue, Ephraim Selby, Thos. Wadley. Wife Julia Duncan examined. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-361: 30 Dec. 1797, John Grady of Union Co. SC, £85 paid by Samuel E. Kinsow? of Newberry Dist., land adj. Robert Duncan. Wit. Robert Duncan Junr. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-363: Indexed William Duncan to David Sims, 1809 - see J-355; deed on page 363 not William Duncan; not found book J or book I (FHL film 24,236)
      J-431: 23 June 1810, James Duncan to David Duncan, $200, 100 acres on Duncans Creek, part of which was formerly conveyed from John Duncan to said James Duncan, the whole at present bounded by lands of Turner, Rary?, Joseph Duncan, John Teacy, James Law (Lane?), Martha Proctor. Wit. Archibald Triro (Irvin?), John Pearson, Moses Whittew?. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-477: 25 Aug. 1810, John Bolan of Laurens Co. SC and James Duncan of Newberry Co. SC, for $50 due, to Martha Prater of Newberry Co. SC, 15 acres, part of two tracts originally granted James Duncan and John Bolan, adj. said Boland's 50 acre tract granted him 16 Dec. 1805 on S.fork Duncan's Creek adj. Brice Prater, James Laws; wit. Josiah Prater, Moses Whitten, Jesse Prater. No dower release. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-532: 8 March 1810, James Duncan to James Law (Lane?), $250, 75-1/2 acres on Duncan's Creek in Newberry & Laurens Dist. Wit. William Siles, John Jeans. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-542: 8 March 1810, James Duncan to James Law (Lane?), $250, 75-1/2 acres on Duncan's Creek. Wit. William Siles, John Jeans. (FHL film 24,236)
      J-661: 27 April 1811, Nicholas Bundrick (X) of Newberry Dist. SC to Absolum Duncan of Fairfield Dist. SC, $200, 53 acres on S.side Broad River adj. SW by Conrad Zubin's land, W. by Crawford Cockselly?, S. by Jacob Felker, E. by Henry Rich; wit. A. Cromer Jr., John Buzard; release of dower by Katharine Bundrick. (FHL film 24,236)
      N-26: 23 Feb. 1819, George (X) Duncan trust deed to William Burton, 111 acres on waters of Beaverdam Creek, adj. Wm. Easton?, Thomas Murdock, John Floyd and Aaron Preston?, land conveyed by William Murdock to said Duncan by deed 27 Jan. 1819. Wit. Thos. S. Barrett?, Wm. Adams. (FHL film 24,237; no grantee deed found to George Duncan)
      N-121: 8 March 1819, Elizabeth Duncan, widow of Amos Duncan decd, to Isaiah Duncan, $300 to be paid in increments of $50 annually except ..(faint) decease of the said Elizabeth Duncan (Isaiah released from paying the annual $50 if Elizabeth dies before it's paid off), her dower in land of Amos Duncan on Bush Creek adj. land belonging to estate of Isaac Kirk? decd, Henry Getoall? 73? acres? Wit. Thomas S. Barrett, Charles Inman. Rec. 3 Jany 1820. (FHL film 24,237)
      N-122: 15 Jan. 1819, Eli Duncan to Isaiah Duncan, sum of ?hundred & fifty dollars, my right to land 300 acres granted to said Duncan and Sarah Ann Duncan, land on a branch of Bush River, adj. now lands of the Estate of Isaac Kirk decd, Thomas S. Barrett, Dampsy? Gerbert, Margaret Duncan, & George Sever, it being the undivided tract? ... part of the estate of Amos Duncan the widow now living thereon ... Amos Duncan my father ... Wit. Saml. Follen, Thos. S. Barrek?. (FHL film 24,237) (MAD: Eli Duncan to Greene Co. IN; 1850 Edgar Co. IL census)
      N-123: 5 March 1819, Charles Inman of Newberry Dist. to Isaiah Duncan, my wife Elizabeth left her by her father Amos Duncan Senior decd, ... also signed by Elizabeth. Similar to above deeds. (FHL film 24,237)
      N-131: 20 Jany. 1819, George (X) Duncan of Newberry Dist. to Isaiah Duncan, similar to N-121. (FHL film 24,237)
      O-20: 9 Nov. 1822, Jesse Coate, a free negro by Walter Herbert, guardian or trustee, to Isaiah Duncan, $313, 40-1/2 acres on Beaverdam Creek, branch of Saluda River, adj. lands of H. Keisler, Isaiah Duncan, John Duncan. Wit. John Edmundson, Thos. Worthington. (FHL film 24,237)
      O-151: 4 Nov. 1823, Amos Duncan (wife Margaret examined) to Lerrard? W. Johnston, $800, 121-1/2 acres, orig. grant to Frances Atkins 1768 and conveyed by said Atkins to Amos Duncan 8 Dec. 1822, adj. ... (FHL film 24,237)
      O-272: 26 Nov. 1822, Joseph Duncan of Laurens Dist. (wife Verlinda examined) to Stephen Hill, $105, 14 acres on boundary line (sic). Wit. James Duncan, James Flanagan. (FHL film 24,237)
      O-326: 26 Aug. 1818, Jane (X her mark) Duncan of Buncomb Co. NC to John Watson of Newberry Dist., $270, 384 acres in Newberry Dist. SC between Duncan's Creek, Enoree River, bounded by Widow Duckett, John Odell, Joseph Duncan & Te... Ray?. Wit. Jacob Duckett. (FHL film 24,237)
      O-351: 25 Nov. 1823, Isaiah Duncan to Jacob Cook, 40-1/2 acre grant to Richard Duncan, Brush Creek?. Wit. Lewis Cook, George Keane?. (FHL film 24,237)
      P-419: 28 Feb. 1814, Charles Inman and wife Elizabeth of Greene Co. IN to Isaiah Duncan of Newberry, interest of Elizabeth one of daus. of Amos Duncan decd. of Newberry Dist. in tract of land, 360 acres, on Bush River, Beaverdam Creek, adj. James S?. Gillams?, James McCain, Phebe the wife of Dr. M.T. Mendenhall, Rebecca Kirk, Henry Ginall?, Henry Kesler, Henry & John B. O'Neale, Margaret Parkam, Robert R. Nance?, and Patrick C. Calander?, land since been sold by Newberry Dist. Sheriff as property of Isaiah Duncan and purchased by Henry & John B. O'Neale who have possession and desire to obtain execution of legal title, and have paid to said Charles and Elizabeth Inman $10, grant our interest ... Wit. Isaac Hubbard, Eli Duncan. (FHL film 24,237)
      P-421: 27 April 1829, Joshua Duncan of Greene Co. IN, one of sons of Amos Duncan ... similar to P-419. Wit. Isaac? Hubbell, Eli Duncan. (FHL film 24,237)
      P-422: 27 April 1829, Obediah Winter and wife Hanna of Greene Co. IN, ... similar to P-419. (FHL film 24,237)
      P2-16: 14 March 1821, William Duncan deed of gift to my wife Julia Duncan and her children and mine, being (1) daughter Sina, negro woman Charlot; (2) daughter Nancy, negro boy Silan; (3) son Robert, negro boy Marcis; (4) daughter Elizabeth, negro girl Irene; (5) son David?, negro man Bill; (6) son William, negro woman Pat; (7) wife Julia, all my remaining real and personal estate; wit. Ephraim Suber, George Johnston, John S. Cates. Rec. 17 March 1821. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-47: Plat, surveyed 29 Nov. 1820 by Marmaduke Coate, Dep. Surv., per request of Samuel Cothran Esq. I have laid out to Robert R. Nance 196-1/2 acres part of several surveys: (A) represents parts of three surveys one part granted to Isaac Hollensworth 5 Feb. 1787, other two parts granted to Richard & Sarah Dunkins and is part of 112 acres sold by Amos Duncans to said Isaac Hollensworth; (B) represents part of 9 acres granted said Samuel Cothran Esq. 6 June 1814; (C) is part of grant to David Richardson on Beaverdam Creek of Big Saluda River. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-48: 30 Nov. 1820, Samuel Cothran of Abbeville Dist. for $2500 paid by Robert R. Nance of Newberry Dist., 196-1/2 acres on Beaverdam Creek of Saluda River adj. NW and NE on Margaret Duncan, NW on Amos Duncan, SW & NW on Michael Lever, SW on said R.R. Nance & Dempsey Cothran, SE & SW on Robert Nealy, SE on John Werts, & NE on said Samuel Cothran; wit. Maj. Frederick Nance & Marmaduke Coate; rec. 21 April 1821. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-122: 6 Feb. 1821, Samuel Cothran of Abbeville for $250 paid by John Werts (son of George H. Werts) of Newberry, sells 49-3/4 acres on a small branch emptying into Beaverdam Creek adj. Robert R. Nance, said John Werts, Henry Keisler, Dempsey Gilbert, & Margaret Duncan per plat to deed 23 May 1811 from John Richardson to said Samuel Cothran, Newberry Deed Book M, pg.146, rec. 5 Oct. 1812; wit. F. Nance & Robert Nance; dowery 13 July 1821 by Mary Ann, wife of Samuel Cothran; rec. 1 Aug. 1821. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-161: 14 June 1821, James Law for $700 paid by John F. Knight sells 75-1/2 acres on Duncan Creek in Newberry & Laurens Dist. adj. Reuben Flanagan, James Duncan, and Brice Prater; wit. Archibald Irvin & James Swinford; dowery 30 June 1821 by Martha, wife of James Law; rec. 26 Sept. 1821. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-191: 13 Feb. 1819, Henry Ederington Sr. of Fairfield, SC, for $550 paid by Jacob Loaner of Newberry for 105 acres on Broad River adj. Broad River, Abraham Duncan, Sanford Cockrel, and Peter Felker; wit. Notley Nobley & James McGrem; rec. 29 Dec. 1821. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-241: 8 Dec. 1821, Martha Prather for $750 paid by James Law for 425 acres in Laurens & Newberry Dist. between Duncan Creek and its south fork, including 100s acre originally granted to Reuben Flanagan 5 Aug. 1785 and part of 2 surveys granted Bryce Prather: (1) for 50 acres originally granted 2 Oct. 1784; and (2) for 510 acres originally granted 29 Jan. 1788; also part of original grant to James Duncan; wit. Charles Sullivan of Laurens Dist. & John Atcheson; rec. 19 Feb. 1822. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-300: 17 Aug. 1816, Jesse Ellman of Fairfield Dist. SC, to Nancy Ellman of Newberry Dist. SC, for $500, 115 acres on waters of Bush River, being the middle of 350 acre original grant to Sarah "Junkins" by patent in Charleston 19 Sept. "1720", conveyed by the said Sarah Dunkin to afsd Samuel "Junkins" 22 & 23 Jan. 17(in middle of page); wit. Aaron Mills, Jesse Dobbins, & Wm. (X) Nicholas; rec. 15 April 1822. No dower release. (FHL film 24,229)
      P2-307 (3rd): 27 Jan. 1819, George Duncan acknowledges to have received from William Murdock, 111 acres, 27 Jan. 1819, as my full share of said estate; said George Duncan promises never to call on said estate for any legacy; wit. Marmaduke Coate & Asa Pitts; rec. 6 May 1822. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      P2-441: 28 Dec. 1822, Francis Adkins for $400 paid to my son Abner Adkins by Amos Duncan for 121-1/2 acres whereon said Duncan now lives, being original grant to Francis Adkins 8 Feb. 1768; wit. John McCullough, George W. Enis, Jacob Gauntt; rec. 31 Jan. 1823. (from "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease; FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      R-352: 24 Jan. 1835, Franklin E. (X) Duncan of Callaway Co. KY to Stephen Hill of Newberry Dist., $750.50, 99 acres in Newberry Dist. on north side of Duncan's Creek, adj. Stephen Hill, James Lane, Narcissa? Duncan & others, Tract #2 in plat by James Flannagan 12 March 1825 in division of land, writ of partition issued by Ordinary of Newberry Dist., James Law (Lane?) vs. said Franklin Duncan and Narcissa Duncan. Wit. D. Nance, Hicks Weston. (FHL film 24,238)
      S-69: 27 Nov. 1835, Nancy G. Duckett, widow of late Thomas Duckett, to Josiah (originally written "Joseph" and then changed to "Josiah") Duncan, $426, dower right to land in 1st Dist. on Duncan's Creek, 90 acres, part of land Thomas Duckett lived and where Nancy now lives, on both sides of 96 road, adj. John N. Houston, Thomas? Sloan?, Isom Patterson. Wit. John W. Epps, Harrison Roberts. (FHL film 24,238)
      S-282: 1 March 1837, Samuel Abrams (wife examined but not named) to Barruch Duncan, $39, 11-1/4 acres adj. Samuel Abrams, Rachel Odell. Wit. Nathan Whitman, Rachel Odell. (FHL film 24,238)
      S-283: 29 March 1837, Rachel Odell to Barruch Duncan, $78, 24 acres adj. Rachell Odell & Baruch Duncan. Wit. E.F. Williams, Barruch Whitmire. (FHL film 24,238)
      S-284: 4 Jan. 1836; Whereas on 25 May 1835, Jacob Duckett filed bill of complaint in Equity Court against Jacob Duckett Junior, admr. of Thomas Duckett decd, Nancy Duckett the widow of Thomas Duckett; Thomas had given notes and mortgages to Jacob Duckett; on 7 Dec. 183- court issued a decree; pursuant to same, Jacob Duckett sells to Barruch Duncan, $610, 150 acres in Dist. 1 on Duncan's Creek, adj. Barruch Odell decd, William Whitmire, etc. (FHL film 24,238)

Newberry Co. SC Deeds (from index 1843-1925, FHL films 24,241 & 24,244)
      HH-334: 28 Jan. 1859, T.S. Duncan of town of Newberry to James H. Williams of same, (mortgage or assignment of property?) lot on Pratty? Street extending back to Boozer Street, between Adams and Dr. W.B. McKillor, lot and house are mortgaged to James W. Duckett Senr; mentions debt of $3000 due John Glenn on which Baruch Duncan was security. Wit. Austin Cannady, E. Henry. (indexed Thos. S.) (FHL film 24,248)
      KK-220: 19 Dec. 1854, Thomas B. Dillard to Thaddeus S. Duncan, both Newberry Dist., $2000, lot on Pratt Street known as Holman's old store. Wit. J.H. Williams, James M. Baxter. (FHL film 24,248)
      KK-221: 3 April 1861, James H. Williams and John T. Duncan, exors. of James W. Duckett late of Newberry Dist., appointed in his will of 6 Dec. 1858, to Charles W. Montgomery, $2800, sell house and lot in Newberry on Pratts or main street known as Cutlery & Hardware store. (FHL film 24,248)
      KK-222: 3 April 1861, mortgage by Charles W. Montgomery back to James H. Williams, Barruch Duncan, John T. Duncan and Thomas Duckett. (FHL film 24,248)
      KK-269: 28 Dec. 1863, J.H. Williams to Barruch Duncan - not copied
      KK-312: 10 Nov. 1863, Thomas Duckett to Baruch Duncan - not copied
      KK-330: 7 Nov. 1864, Robert Duncan to John P. Kinard, $700, 44-1/2 acres on Indian Creek adj. Newton Butler, James Oxner, Uriah Oxner, Jarret Smith, Katherine Bishop & others. wife Mrs. Dorothy Duncan. (FHL film 24,248)
      LL-325: 5 June 1866, Noah L. Chapman to Elizabeth Duncan, both Newberry Dist., $500, 33 acres adj. estate of E. Peter Dischart, George W. Chapman and William Summer. Ref. to plat made by David L. Wicher 2 March 1858. Refers to plat and survey 24-3/4a (tight margin) at request of Geo. H. Chapman .. of estate of Catharine E. Koon decd, land on road leading from Pomona to Columbia on waters of Grims Creek. Mentions small parcel of 8.20 acres laid off for Col. Geo. W. Chapman unto Noah L. Chapman. Wit. A.B. Miller, H?.G. Turner. Wife Martha Ann Chapman. (FHL film 24,249)
      MM-250, OO-189, OO-340, QQ-243: Duncan indexed, did not look at; after 1866

Newberry Co. SC Clerk of Court Record Books, Land Cases
      Book A2 - no index (FHL film 24,229)
      Book B2 - no index (FHL film 24,229)
      Book D2, pg.432/3/4: 10 Feb. 1794, William Gillam to John Duncan, both Newberry Co. SC, lease and release, £14.10., (lease says 35 acres) 25 acres on Bush River now in his possession, bounding SE by John Justices land and part on said Wm. Gillams land and part on land belong to estate of Wm. Taylor decd., on Mary Taylor's branch to Wm. Taylors dec'd line, part of 500 acre grant to Wm. Gillam 15 Feb. 1769. Wit. William McDawell, Samuel (+) Peatchey, Joseph Furnas. (FHL film 24,229)
      Book P, pg.16: 14 March 1821, William Duncan of Newberry Dist. SC, for the natural love and affection for my wife Julia Duncan and her children & mine, deed of gift to the following persons, they being my wife and children; to my daughter (no name) negro woman; to my daughter Nancy negro boy; to my son Robert negro boy; to my daughter Eliza Cetto? negro girl; to my son David negro boy; to my son William negro woman; to my wife Julia stock, household furniture, etc. Wit. E.M. Tuber?, George Johnston, Jno. L. Cates?. (FHL film 24,229)
      Book Q2 - no index (FHL film 24,230)
      Book T2 - no index (FHL film 24,230)


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