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Formed 1804 from Orangeburg
Aiken formed 1871 from Edgefield, Orangeburg, Barnwell, Lexington
Calhoun formed 1908 from Lexington, Orangeburg


1790 Orangeburg Dist. SC Census, North Part
(MAD: later Lexington Co. SC)
Pg. 94  Laboone, Peter        203xx
          (about 25 names from Rachel Duncan)
          (MAD: see Lincoln Co. NC, Pendleton Co. SC 1795)
        Susannah Sea, Joseph Williams,
        Samuel Morris, John Bell,
        Rachel Duncan         032xx
        Jonathan Gilbert, Samuel Morris Junr,
        Elzy Linzay, Charles Conaway,  ...
        Abraham Adkins, George Sawyers,
        John Stedium, James Morehead,
        John Duncan           122xx
        Stephen Williams, William Holston Senr,
        Solomon Nobles ...
    97  James Knight, Aaron Arms, John Stricklin,
        William King, Jacob Senn,
        Isaac Gossett, Henry Rice, Jacob Chub,
        William Duncan        113xx
          (MAD: ? 1804 Lexington Co. SC)
        Barbarah Senn, Daniel Carter,
        Godfrey Eafler, Mathias Senn ...

1800 Lexington Co. SC Census, Orangeburg Dist.
Stamped pages; (handwritten/indexed page in parentheses)
Fork of Saluda & Broad River
Pg.491 (339)  Absalom Dunean       10100     - 00100
   495 (335)  William Dunean       10100     - 10100
(not Fork of Saluda & Broad River)
Pg.566 (258)  John Duncan Sr.      12011     - 30101
                (females 16-26 written over, could be 30201)
              John Duncan Jr.      00100     - 11010

1810 Lexington Co. SC Census
Pg. 72  Widow Dunkins         32000     - 13001
          (MAD: ? Mary, widow of Matthew Duncan ? of
            Orangeburg Co. SC?)
        John Dunkins          00001     - 01000

1820 Lexington Co. SC Census
Pg. 45  Mary Dunkin           030100    - 11301

1830 Lexington Co. SC Census
Pg.359  Stephen Duncan        1000,1    - 0000,1
          (MAD: 1840 ? Barnwell Co. SC census;
            1850 ? Campbell Co. GA census)

1840 Lexington Co. SC Census
Pg.101  Michael Duncan        0000,1    - 0100,1001

1850 Lexington Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.371, #464, Michael M. DUNKIN 35 SC mill wright $500
                  Elizabeth 38 SC
                  Martha A. 14 SC

1860 Lexington Co. SC Census
Pg.403, #723-706, Elizabeth SHEALY 73 Newberry SC farmer $1300-$1200
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 48 Newberry SC -- $0-$1200
                  (MAD: ? widow of Michael M. Duncan; see also 1860 Newberry Co. SC census; Michael M. Duncan, b. ca 1815, d. bef. 1860; mar. Elizabeth Shealy; bur. in same cemetery is Martha A. Duncan b. 27 Sept. 1835, d. 20 Dec. 1891, mar. Noah L. Chapman, both bur. Newberry Co. SC; from "Lexington Co. SC 1850 Census with Gen. Data on Many Families" by Lex. Co. Gen. Assn.; FHL book 975.773 X2L)


Lexington Co. SC Plat Book, Vol.1, 1840-1871 (FHL film 1,027,207)
      No Duncan

Lexington Dist. SC Deeds (indexes; direct on FHL film 1,027,174; indirect on FHL film 1,027,177)
      M-198: Charles Dunkin et al to Ephraim Sheally, 1/4/1841, 426a Lex. & Edgf. Dist.
      O-134: Michael W. Duncan to Samuel Shealy, 11/13/1845, 41a Bear Creek
      P-24: Mary Margaret and Jeremiah Duncan to George Bundrick, 2/1/1847, 62a Grims Creek
      Q-48: Elizabeth Dunkin from David Sheely, 7/27/1849, 135a
      Next grantor deed 1888; next grantee deed 1896

      M-198: 19 Dec. 1840, A.H. Fort and Charles (reverse C mark) Dunkin of Lexington and Edgefield Dist. SC to Ephraim Sheally of Lexington Dist., $500, 426 acres, part of orig. grant to Samuel Brooks on 4 Feb. 1792, conveyed to Simpson Lawyer on 1 Jan. 1817, to A.H. Fort and Ansel Sawyer jointly on 14 Feb. 1817, and Ansel Sawyer conveyed his part or half to Charles Dunkin; land in Lexington & Edgefield Dist., corner Dana Shealey, A. Shealy, Mar. Shealey, Saml. More; plat shows part of line above district line. Wit. John Knox, Wilson Shealy. Release in Edgefield Co. SC by Rebeca Dunkin, wife of Charles; release in Lexington Dist. by Phebe/Phoeba Fort, wife of Arthur H. Fort. Rec. on oath of Wilson Shealy. (FHL film 24,104; includes plat of land)
      O-134: 11 Oct. 1845, Michael W. Dunckin (signed M.W. Duncan) of Lexington Dist. to Samuel Shealy of same, $300, 41 acres, part of orig. grant to John Sweetenburg in Lexington Dist. in fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers and head waters of Bean Creek, waters of Saluda River, adj. lands at this time of David Shealy Sr., Samuel Shealy and on the S. side of Thompson Youngs. (no plat) Wit. Joseph Shealy. Release by Elizabeth Duncan, wife of Michael. (FHL film 24,105)
      P-24: 19 Sept. 1843, Jeremiah (+) Dunkin and Mary Margaret (+) his wife of Lexington Dist. to George Bundrick of same, $650, 62 acres, being 1/3 part of lands of Thos. Bee decd and a part of 200 acre tract orig. granted to Thos. Bee on 12 April 1772, on Grims Creek, on line running NE on Michael Stocks land, SW on Mayes land, NW by remaining part of said tract laid off for Oliver Bee, SE on land laid off for Jesse & Luvisa Hunter. Wit. Geo. Eigleberger, Adam Counts, Andrew Son/Sun. Release by Mary Margaret Dunkin. (FHL film 24,105) (MAD: see Fairfield Co. SC Equity Court Record 1817)
            MAD: 1820 Charleston Co. SC, pg.30, Thomas Bee 000001 - 00000; 1830 indexed Thomas Bee pg.16 Charleston Co. SC. No Thomas Bee 1840 SC or NC; 1830-1850, no Oliver Bee or Jesse Hunter in SC, although some in MS.
            MAD: 1860 Giles Co. TN, Oliver Bee, age 50 alone; Jesse W. Hunter, 1850 Thomas Co. GA p.23, wife Elizabeth; Jesse Hunter, 1850 Holmes Co. MS p.264, wife Chloe; Jesse B. Hunter, Monroe Co. MS p.8, wife Malinda C. Other Jesse Hunters elsewhere. 1850 DeSoto Co. MS, pg.393, #368 Oliver C. Bee 49 SC farmer, Jane H. 48 VA; Wm. M. 17, Nancy 15, John T. 11, Mary E. 9 AL.
      Q-48: 13 Jan. 1849, David Sheely of Lexington Dist. SC, for natural love and affection to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Michael Dunkin of same dist., to my daughter and the issue born from her body, 135 acres in Lexington Dist. adj. Fred. Dimerick, Danl. Sheely, estate of H. Ruff, and said David Sheely. Wit. Jonathan Fulmer, J.J. Derick. Rec. in Newberry Dist. on oath of J.J. Derick, 30 Jan. 1849. (FHL film 24,106)


Lexington Dist. SC Probate Guardian Bonds (FHL film 206,857)
      No Duncan

Lexington Co. SC Probate Court
      Admin. & Guardian records 1809-1823 & 1830-1867 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,027,233)
      Index to estate papers 1865-1940 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,027,239)

Lexington Co. SC Court of Common Pleas
      Journal, Vol.1, 1840-1846 - no index (FHL film 1,027,215)
      Journal, Vol.2, 1846-1867 - no Duncan
      Index to Judgements 1840-1936 (FHL film 1,027,222)
            No Duncan defendant to 1860
            No Duncan plaintiff to 1850, then too dark to read 1851-1860

Lexington Co. SC Court of Equity, Decree Book 1829-1866 (FHL film 206,858)
      No index

Lexington Co. SC Court of Equity, Chancery Records 1816-1867 (FHL film 206,858)
      Pg.404-6: Elizabeth Duncan by her next friend Noah L. Chapman vs. Samuel Shealy & William Mints?, Admr, et al. In this case the following order was made "that it be referred to the commission to inquire and report upon the propriety of setting to her sole and separate use the share of the complainant in the estate of the intestate David Shealy, the probable amount of her share of said estate, the appointment of a suitable person to be her trustee with a scheme of settlement and that her? haid? hair? to report any special matters." Under the above order I have made the inquiries therein directed. Michael Duncan is the husband of the complainant. Since two years ago he has abandoned his wife and only returned to her recently. The witnesses? say? he is not a fit and proper person to make? the share of his wife in the estate of her father. He by his answer in this case consents to this arrangement. Her share in the personal and real estate of her father is in the prop? about $1,700?. Mr. Samuel Shealy who is the brother of the complainant I find to be a fit and proper person to be appointed her trustee. It appears also that at the sale of the personal estate of David Shealy, Mr. Samuel Shealy at the request of the complainant purchased for her two negro girls, Mahia (Malia?) Ann and Sally at the aggregate price of $1205. ... I would suggest therefore that the share of the complainant in the estate of her father both real and personal be settled upon her for her sole and separate use and not liable in any manner for the debts contracted ... of her husband the said Michael Duncan or any future husband she might have; that this settlement before and during the term of her natural life and after her death to any child or children or their issue which may at that time be living, but if no child or children or their issue be living at the time of her death, then to dispose of the same by deed or will in such manner as she may think proper ... and in default of such deed or will, then to her heirs at law and next of kin excluding the said Michael Duncan. I would also nominate the said Samuel Shealy be appointed her trustee ... June term, 1857, /s/ Henry A. Neut?.
      Pg.410-12: Elizabeth Duncan by her next friend Noah L. Chapman vs. Samuel Shealy & William Mints (Merets? or Mouts?), Admr, et al. Among other things in this case the matters of account of the administrators of David Shealy Senr. decd are referred to the commissioner. The same have been taken before me and after giving credit for all property? made by the administrators as well as deducting all commissions due them, their remains in their hands a next? balance of $9,952.13 which is divisible between and among the widow of the said David Shealy Senr. decd. and four children, of which the widow is entitled to $3,317.37 and each child to $1,658.69. ... Report of final accounting, income from sale bill and other items, $10,343.33; payments for expenses. Four children never named. (No date given)

Lexington Co. SC Court of Equity, Minute Book 1824-1867 (FHL film 1,027,235)
      Pg.193-4: Elizabeth Duncan by her next friend, Noah L. Chapman, vs. Samuel Shealy, William Monts, admin. et al; In Equity. On hearing the report of the commissioner dated 23 June 1857 on motion of Messrs Bauskett? & Caughman, complainants solitiers, it is ordered that the same be confirmed and that the distributive share of the complainant Elizabeth Duncan in the real and personal estate of her father David Shealy decd. including the slaves Melia Ann & Sally be settled to her sole and separate use free and discharged from the debts, contracts, controll and liabilities of her husband Michael W. Duncan or any future husband for and during her natural lifetime and after her death that the same vest in such child or children as she may then have, the issue of any deceased child or children taking among them the portion which the parent or parents would have received if living, but if the said Elizabeth Duncan shall leave no child or children or their issue living at the time of her death, then that her said share be disposed of in such manner and form and be vested in such person or persons as she may by deed or last will and testament notwithstanding her coverture direct and appoint, and in default of such deed or will, that her said share vest in her heirs at law and next of kin excluding the said Michael W. Duncan. It is further ordered that the said Samuel Shealy be appointed the trustee of the said Elizabeth Duncan upon his entering into bond with two or more good sureties in the penal sum of $4,000, ... It is further ordered that the matters of account be in this case referred to the commissioners and also that he inquire and report what would be a reasonable counsel fee to be allotted the administrator. /s/ J. Johnston, June 23, 1857.

Lexington Co. SC Court of General Sessions, Court journal, 1840-1858 (FHL film 1,027,223)
      No Duncan


Texas Confederate Pension FIles
      #3520; indexed Simon S. Duncan. S.S. Duncan, Rusk Co. TX; application approved 4 Oct. 1899. Application 31 July 1899 by S.S. Duncan Sr., indigent Soldier of late Confederacy, of Rusk Co. TX, for a pension. Age 71, reside Rusk Co. TX for 16 years, post office Pam (Pann?), Rusk Co. TX; had not applied for a pension before; farmer, bad physical condition, nearly blind; in Co. H, 19 TX Infantry about 3 years; $125 value of 50 acres land, $25 for 17 horses; no income; in indigent circumstances; unable by labor to earn support. Physician's affidavit: S.S. Duncan Sr. suffering from total blindness in left eye ... (FHL film 960,286) (MAD: 1860 Panola Co. TX census; extract on pg.133 in "Rusk County [TX] Rebs" by Kathryn Hooper Davis and Carolyn Reeves Ericson, FHL book 976.4185 M2d, gives birthplace of Simeon Sylvester Duncan as Lexington Co. SC)


Chatham Co. NC Wills, NC Archives 022.801.1 (extract from Peggy Ward 2/1996)
      Pg.133, 13 Dec. 1789, John Dunkin of Lexington Co. SC for £100 current money paid by Isham Gunter of Chatham Co. NC, sold said Isham Gunter such part and share as Lucy Dunken, dau. of John Gunter, late of Jones Co. decd, and now the wife of John Dunkin; ... part thereof and share that I am entitled in right of my wife Lucy Dunkin of the estate of the late Samuel Gunter dec. of Lexington Co. SC ... said John Gunter and Samuel Gunter, decd.; wit. Zachr. Harmon, James Lasater.

Anderson Co. SC Court of Common Pleas; Probate Records; Index to Judgements 1827-1903 (Direct index to 1865, FHL film 1,025,478; Indirect index to 1860, FHL film 1,025,479)
      Dunkin, Michael W. ads. Andrew J. Miller, Roll 1404. Roll 1404, Alfred B. Bowde vs. Michael W. Duncan, debt; acknowledged debt March 15, 1854; $700 in note dated March 14, 1854, wit. A.J. Miller. (FHL film 22,976) (MAD: see Lexington Co. SC, Michael W. Duncan and wife Elizabeth Shealey)
      Dunkin, M.W. ads Holland & Sheard, Roll 1443.
      Dunkin, M.W. ads John McFall, Roll 1447.
      Dunkin, M.W. ads. Fen? Borstell, Roll 1453.
      Dunkin, M.W. ads. Jno. B. Shealler, Roll 1505.

Fairfield Co. SC Equity Court Records; Index to decrees (Bills) 1807-1870 (index on FHL film 292,393; no direct index)
      Index: 1817, Bill #5, Jeremiah Duncan and Margaret his wife and Oliver Bee ads. Jesse Hunter and Louisa his wife, bill for partition.
      Decree, 1817, #5, Jesse Hunter & wife Louisa vs. Jeremiah Duncan & wife Margret and Oliver Bee, Bill for partition, filed 25 Oct. 1817. Orator and oratrix, Jesse Hunter & Luvisa Hunter late Luvisa Bee of Newberry Dist. SC; that Thomas Bee the father of oratrix late of Dist. of Lexington SC was in his lifetime seized in fee of a certain plantation or tract of land of 200 acres originally granted said Thomas Bee, on Grim's? Creek, Craven Co., in that part of the former Dist. of Orangeburgh, now called Lexington Dist. SC; that Thomas Bee being so seized died intestate (date blank), leaving at the time of his death Margaret Bee widow of said Thomas Bee who has since intermarried with one Jeremiah Duncan, Luvisa Bee since intermarried with your orator, and Oliver Bee, children and heirs of the said Thomas Bee, who now hold the plantation or tract of land as tenants in common but cannot conveniently enjoy it. Your orator & oratrix are desirous to hold their part of the said land in severalty or to have it sold & to receive their part of the proceeds of such sale. Orator & oratrix are remediless without the aid of the Court, to the end that Jeremiah Duncan and Margaret his wife, and Oliver Bee (should answer the court whether or not the facts are true) that a partition may be made of the lands among the owners thereof as each may be entitled, or if impractical, that the land may be sold and the proceeds divided. Petition to issue a subpoena to Jeremiah Duncan and wife Margaret and to Oliver Bee to appear in court. (FHL film 292,394) (MAD: see 1843 Lexington Co. SC deed P-24)


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Saxe-Gotha County was formed from old Orangeburg in 1785. The name was later changed to Lexington County. The records are at Lexington S.C. Sherman burned the C.H. in 1865. Some books from 1825 on were saved.

Some Lexington Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist. SC, 1814-1825" by Brent H. Holcomb, 1978; this book includes reference to pg.142, A.K.J. Dunkin to Henry W. Hilliard, 1824, for 1980 acres on Bull Swamp, Edisto; and to pg.150, John Dunkin to Wm. John & Stephen Dunkin (no commas), 1808, 308 acres on Chinequepin Creek, deed proved 1825. (FHL book 975.773 R29h; and from Evelyn Sigler 8/1984)
      "Some SC County Records" Vol.1, by Brent Holcomb; includes reference to a deed from John Knox of Lexington Dist. to John Lowerman for 530 acres including several small tracts, one of 180 acres conveyed to Knox by J.T. Dunkin by power of attorney to Stephen Smith, and 100 acres conveyed by said Dunkin to Smith, dated 1834, recorded 1840. (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1983; FHL book 975.7 P2hbh)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" 1982, Vol.X (from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam); includes reference to documents in private hands, including a deed from children of John George Herring to their brother Nicholas Herring 1812, signed by Absolom Duncan and wife Catherine (alias Herring) and other couples; marked Recorded in Lexington Dist. Book C., page 28-30, 21 Dec. 1815.
      "The Jury Lists of SC 1778-1779" compiled by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix and Morn McKoy Lindsay, 1975 (FHL book 975.7 P2h and film 1,597,906 item 5; from Dean Smith Cress and Brenda Furches)


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