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Anderson (and Pendleton) Co. SC Deeds
      C-98: 18 Nov. 1795, Robert Duncan of Greenville Co., Washington Dist., to James Duff Senr. of Pendleton Co., Washington Dist., £50 sterling, 260 acres (sic), 267 acres by grant 7 May 1787 to Robert Duncan on north fork and branches of Middle fork of George's Creek, waters of Saluda River. Wit. Robert Henderson Jr., Francis Scott, Hezakiah (X) Collins. (no release by wife) (FHL film 22,838)
      C-135: 13 April 1795, Field Prewit Sr. and Field Prewit Jr. of Pendleton Co. to Robert Duncan of same, £70 sterling, 155 acres on cond. line between Field Prewit and Anthony Griffin, south fork of Cane Creek, waters of Keowee River. Wit. Benjamin Whorton, William (o) Owens, Mary Whorter. (FHL film 22,838)
      C-331: 3 Jan. 1796, Robert Duncan of Greenville Co. SC to Ezekiel Potts of Pendleton Co., £80 Sterling, 155 acres on cond. line to Field Prewitt & Anthony Griffin, grant to William Sloan Book D5, pg.260, on South fork of Cain Creek, waters of Keowee River. Wit. Benj. Whorton, Jesse Neville. (FHL film 22,838)
      H-430: 8 Jan. 1803, William Bennison of Abbeville Dist. to William Duncan of Pendleton, $150, 712 acres on Hencoop waters of Rocky River of Savannah River, grant to Bennison 21 Jan. 1790, Grant Book B No. 5, pg.80?. Wit. John Laughlin, Robert Duncan. Robert Duncan in court 8 Oct. 1804. (FHL film 22,840)
      A2-506: 27 Dec. 1838, Elizabeth D. Sloan, R.B. Duncan, J.M. Roberts and Geo. F. Townes of Greenville Dist. to William Durham of Anderson Dist., $107, 107 acres on Huricane Creek, waters of Saluda River. Wit. Saml. Mauldin, Caroline A. Mauldin. Quit claim of William Durham because land left out 30 acres, sellers refunded $45 of purchase price. (FHL film 22,848)
      Q2-345: 11 April 1877, James McConnell, sheriff, by virtue of Court of Common Pleas order 18 Sept. 1861 lodged in my office 1875 to sell real estate of Franklin Wynn, sold to highest bidder on 6 Dec. 1875, to A.S. Duncan, for $100, 95 acres adj. Joel Ellison, John Siddle, Mary Garrett and others; rec. 23 June 1877. (FHL film 1,025,596 item 1)
      R2-505: 11 Aug. 1879?, A.S. Duncan of Greenville Co. SC to Jno. W. Sitton, $725, 83 acres on waters Brush Creek (too faint to read well); rec. 15 Sept. 1879; release of dower by Anna R. Duncan, Z2-117, rec. 4 Dec. 1885. (FHL film 1,025,596)

Pickens Co. SC Deeds
      C1-274: 2 Sept. 1836, Robert B. Duncan of Greenville Dist. SC to John T. Ligon of same, $160, 150 acres on Saluda River opposite Pasis? Ford adj. lands of John Gossett & others in Pickens Co., the same land conveyed by Sheriff of Pickens Dist. to R.B. Duncan under an order of Court of Ordinary as belonging to estate of Thos. Allen. Wit. B.F. Mauldin, Westly Brooks. (FHL film 24,270)
      C1-557: 30 Dec. 1837, Elizabeth D. Sloan, Robert B. Duncan, Jno. M. Roberts and Mary Jane Roberts of Greenville Dist. SC, to John Gossell of Pickens Dist., $450, 149 acres in Pickens Dist. on waters of Georges Creek of Saluda River, bounded by lands of John Easley, Jno. Flemming & Richard Burdine. Wit. B.F. Mouldin, Charles B. Roberts. (FHL film 24,270)
      C1-558: same to John Easly, $1528, 382 acres on Big Georges Creek of Saluda River, bounded by lands of John Easly, Anel? Underwood, John Hossell, John Bowen and William Bowen. (FHL film 24,270)
      D1-332: 28 Jan. 1839, Elizabeth D. Sloan, Robert B. Duncan, Jno. M. Roberts and Mary Roberts, and George F. Townes & Elizabeth A. Townes of Greenville Dist. SC, to Richard Burdine, 232 acres on George's Creek. (FHL film 24,271)

Abbeville Co. SC Wills (FHL film 22,825)
      1-431,432: 19 Oct. 1814, will of James Duncan (signed "by George Barnes as agent of testator"), my mother Hannah Duncan a negro to be purchased by my executors for her use and support during her natural life, and after her death the said Negro wench if then living ... equally divided among my brothers & sisters; also to my mother all my household and kitchen furniture of any kind whatever; my sister Permelia Carr Duncan my beureau now in my possession; my brother Robert Berry Duncan all the rest and residue; Exec. friends David Hardley and Abe? Bowers. Wit. Jas. Kyle, Wm. Hutcheson, Lawrence Brock. Rec. 5 Nov. 1814.

Franklin Co. GA Deed (FHL film 7,124)
      K-9B: 16 Dec. 1793, Bryan Ward of Franklin Co. GA to Robert Duncan of Greenville Co. SC, 5 shillings, 200 acres in Franklin Co. on the North Fork of Broad River, bounding on three sides by vacant land and on the other side by the above mentioned Bryan Ward at the time of the survey, for one year, rent of one peppercorn if demanded, "to the intent that by virtue thereof of these presents and by the statute for transferring uses into possession the said Robert Duncan may be in actual possession of the said hereby bargained premises and be hereafter enabled to accept a Grant and release of the Reversion and inheritance thereof to him his heirs and assigns forever and to and for no other use, intent or purposes whatsoever." Wit. Samuel Ward, George Walton, Merit Martin.

Hall Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 454,860)
      C-144: 25 Nov. 1827, Nancy Sills? of Burke Co. to R.B. & P.E. Duncan of Richmond Co., $50, all right etc. of her son Henry Sills to land in Hall Co. GA, #116, 10th Dist. Wit. Richard Byne, Barbara A. Sill, Alexr. Caswell J.P.
      C-145: 24 Nov. 1827, Sarah Sills to R.B. & P.E. Duncan, $50, 1/4 part of lot #116 in Dist. 10. Same Wit.
      C-235: 16 July 1830, P. & R.B. Duncan of S.C., "G." Dist., to John Benton of Burke Co., state aforesaid, $50, 1/4 of #116.
      C-283: 23 February 1834, R.B. Duncan and P.E. Duncan of Greenville Co. SC to William Kieth of Hall Co. GA, $500, #116 in 10th district. Wit. Jas. Medanid?, Elisabeth D. Sloan. Oath of James Medaniel who saw Robert B. Duncan and Perry E. Duncan sign the deed.

Henry Co. GA Deeds
      C&D-101: 1 Sept. 1824, John Besely of Richmond Co. GA to Alx. Sloan and R.B. Dunkan, otherwise known as R.B. Dunkan & Co., $125, Lot #79 in Dist.3, 202-1/2 acre grant to said Besely; Alx. Sloan, Robt. B. Dunkan and Perry E. Dunkan merchants of State & Co. afsd ... (not copied further) (FHL film 175,359)
      F-303: 16 Jan. 1832, R.B. Duncan and P.E. Duncan (later: Perry E. Duncan) of Greenville Co. SC, to James Lavender, $300, lot #79 in Henry Co. Wit. Joseph Thompson who made oath in DeKalb Co. GA, and B.F. Maulden. (FHL film 175,360)

Newton Co. GA Inferior Court Records 1822-1829 (FHL film 325,736)
      Pg.231: Petition by Robert B. Duncan, Perry E. Duncan and Alexander Sloan, merchants trading under name of Robert B. Duncan & Co., that Jonathan Walker of Newton Co. owes them $400; summons issued 15 June 1826; more not copied. (MAD: see Greenville Co. SC)
      Pg.334: Petition by Robert B. Duncan, Perry E. Duncan and Alexander Sloan, merchants trading under name of Robert B. Duncan & Co., that Pendleton F. Bedell owes them $400; summons issued 9 May 1827.

Rabun Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 326,009)
      A-217: 6 Oct. 1829; Per writ of firi facias of Superior Court of Rabun Co. GA at suit of Robert B. Duncan & Co. against Lewallen Gilliland, Sheriff James Bickley seized the lots of Lewallen Gulliland and sold them 6 Oct. 1829 at public sale to highest bidder, Perry E. Duncan, for $447; now this deed 6 Oct. 1829 to Perry E. Duncan, lot #1 of 3/4 acre, #2 of 3/4 acre, and #3 of 1/2 acre in town of Clayton; wit. (MAD: cannot read witnesses names).
      A-446: Greenville Dist. SC, 7 Nov. 1831, Perry E. Duncan of afsd to John E. Brown of same, $1800, 3 lots in town of Clayton, Rabun Co. GA, lots 1, 2 and 3, #1 of 3/4 acre, #2 of 3/4 acre, and #3 of 1/2 acre; wit. Geo. F. Towns, R.B. Duncan, B.F. Patton. "Transcribed to Book R, page 341"

Lowndes Co. MS Deed (FHL film 901,941)
      21-582: 1 Nov. 1845, Ralph Graves of Lowndes Co. MS purchased for Ulittes? Faucett of Gainesville, AL, and P.E. Duncan of Greenville, SC, land from late Richard E. Meade of Lowndes Co. MS (not copied further)

Randolph Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,632)
      8-174: 11 Aug. 1799, John Duncan Sr. of Greenville Co. SC to his son Charles Duncan of Randolph Co. NC, for $125, tract of land in Randolph Co. NC on Sandy Creek the waters of Deep River, beg. at the creek at a kind of small pond or a standing spring of water, ... to a black oak on the original line, ... to Sandy Creek at the mouth of Hunt??? (faint) Pleasant Creek, then down the various courses of the creek to the beg., containing in the whole 135 acres of land, it being several purchases of the sd. John Duncan as may more fully appear by having reference to the original titles, but be the same more or be it less .... Reg. Aug. 1800 on oath of Joab Raines.

Washington Co. TN Deeds
      3-151: 6 Aug. 1789, John Callham/Calaham of Greenville Co. SC, his NC grant of 10 Nov. 1784 to Samuel Denton, £100, 150 acres on south side of Nob Creek. Wit. Charles Duncan, John Combs. (pgs.153-154 are bound between pg.138-138) (FHL film 825,523)
      3-153: 6 Aug. 1789, John Calaham/Caliham, Greenville Co. SC, to John Thomas, 150 acres on south side of Nob Creek. Wit. Charles Duncan, John Combs. (FHL film 825,523)
      8-193: 9 Feb. 1789, John Callahan of Greenville Co. SC to John Carr of Washington Co. NC, £100, 100 acres on Nob Creek adjoining Charles Duncan. Wit. J. Carter, Charles Duncan. Proven in court 6 Feb. 1789. (from Ruth Burns 4/1989)

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HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" Vol.1, pub. by Southern Historical Association (from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984; FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1&2; see more in Cobb Co. GA)
      Pg.615: JOHN B. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA. Son of William W. and Mary (Barnwell) Duncan, b. in Henry Co. GA Nov. 5, 1826. His paternal grandfather was John Duncan, b. in SC. His father was born in Greenville Dist. SC, July 1800. Father was orphaned at 10 years of age. William W. in Jan. 1823 mar. Mary Barnwell of Jackson Co. GA; to Cobb Co. GA. William W. Duncan died Jan. 23, 1847; Mary Barnwell Duncan died March 8, 1850. John B. was in the Civil War; married Feb. 15, 1849 to Louisa Matthews. She d. six months later; he mar. (2) Oct. 17, 1850 to Miss Martha E. Mosley.
            MAD: The family of William Watts Duncan who married Mary Barnwell was listed on pg.519-521, under "John Duncan of NC and Allied Families" in the "McCall-Tidwell Family" by McCall (Los Angeles Public Library book R929.2 M122)

1906 "Georgia : comprising sketches of counties, towns, events, institutions, and persons, arranged in cyclopedic form" by Allen D. Candler and Clement A. Evans, Vol.1 (from Evelyn Sigler 1983 and Ray Duncan 1991; FHL book 975.8 A7c and films 1,000,160 and 896,883 item 1)
      Pg.634: George Washington Duncan, is engaged in the real-estate and loan business in the city of Macon [Bibb Co. GA], where he controls a large and prosperous enterprise, and is also land and industrial agent for the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic railroad; born in Greenville, Greenville Co. SC Feb. 22, 1852, a son of Perry Emory and Mary Anne (Hill) Duncan, the former born in Greenville, SC, in 1800, and the latter in Wilkes Co. GA in 1814. The Duncan family is of staunch old Scottish stock, the great-grandfather of the subject having immigrated to America from the "land of hills and heather" and settled in VA, whence he later removed to SC. His son, the grandfather of George Washington Duncan, was a loyal soldier in the Continental line in the war of the Revolution, having taken part in the battles of Cowpens, SC, King's Mountain, NC, and other engagements. Perry E. Duncan amassed a very considerable fortune, owned a fine plantation about 5 miles northwest of Greenville, and was also the owner of a large number of slaves prior to the Civil war. He also had a large cotton plantation 7 miles below Albany, Dougherty Co. GA, where the family passed the winter seasons. He was a Union man when the matter of secession was brought up, but when SC seceded he gave to the state his unqualified support, having given his signature to the ordinance of secession. His advanced age rendered him ineligible for active service in the army of the Confederacy, but three of his sons were loyal and faithful soldiers in the Confederate ranks, in the Army of North Virginia, and participated in the first battle of Bull Run. ... One of the number, Col. Robert Perry Duncan, was promoted chief of staff to Gen. R.H. Anderson of SC. ... The parents of George W. Duncan died while he was still a boy. His early education was secured at West Point, MS, and Wilkes Co. GA, after which he continued his studies in Oglethorpe university near Milledgeville. ... On Jan. 23, 1884, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Duncan to Miss Carrie Tracy Johnston, dau. of Col. William B. and Annie Clarke (Tracy) Johnston of Macon. Concerning the children of this union, the following brief data are given: George W., Jr., was born in 1886 and is now attending the US naval academy at Annapolis, MD; Anne Tracy was born in 1888 and is now a student in Mrs. LeFebvre's school, Baltimore, MD; John Baxter was born in 1890 and graduated in the high school of Macon as a member of the class of 1906, is to attend Mercer university and later the medical department of Johns Hopkins university at Baltimore. (EDS & MAD: This is a desc. of Robert and Hannah Carr.)

1922 "Hills of Wilkes Co. GA" by Lodowick Johnson Hill (Memphis Public Library book 929.2H64h from Evelyn Sigler 12/1982; FHL book 929.273 H55hL and FHL film 1,036,631 item 3)
      Pg.139-140: Mary Ann Tabitha Hill, 1814-1868, mar. 25 Feb. 1834 Col. Perry Emory Duncan of Greenville SC, b. 26 May 1800, d. 16 July 1865 near Emory GA. Children:
      1. Burwell Alexander Duncan, MD, b. 26 Mar. 1835; d. July 1917 at Morehouse MO.
      2. Robert Perry Duncan, b. Feb. 18 1838; d. in the 90's NY City.
      3. Wylie Hill Duncan, b. Apr. 25, 1840.
      4. James Meriwether Duncan, b. June 3, 1842; d. Mar. 21 1873, Ark.
      5. William Thomas Duncan, b. Jan. 19, 1844; d. Dec. 20, 1854.
      6. Martha "Mattie", b. Mar. 7, 1846.
      7. Amelia Jordon Duncan, b. Aug. 6, 1848; d. Jan. 25, 1884.
      8. Edwin DuBose, b. Apr. 29, 1850; d. near West Point MS unm.
      9. George Washington Duncan, b. Feb. 22, 1852; d. 1911.
      10. Mary Millicent Duncan, b. Dec. 27, 1853; d. Aug. 1857.
      11. William Jordan, b. Oct. 23, 1856; d. Sept. 20, 1867.

1896 "Physicians and surgeons of America: a collection of biographical sketches of the regular medical profession" ed. and comp. by Irving A. Watson, pub. Concord, N.H.: Republican Press Association, 1896 (from Kathy Cawley 4/2009)
      Pg.793: DUNCAN, Burwell Alexander, Columbus, Miss., born March 24, 1835, at Greenville, S.C., is the son of Hon. Perry E. and Mary A. (Hill) Duncan, grandson of Robert Duncan, a Revolutionary soldier. He received a literary education at the Furman University, Greenville, S.C., commenced the study of medicine in 1855, in Wilkes county, Ga., under Drs. William M. Jordan, of Wilkes county, and Turpin and Jones, of Greenville, S.C.; attended two courses of lectures at the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, and was graduated in 1857. He located in the practice of medicine at West Point, Miss., in 1858, and in 1894 removed to Columbus, Miss. (MAD: 1860 Monroe Co. MS)
      Dr. Duncan is a member of the Pan-American Medical Congress, vice-president for Mississippi, 1893; of the Medical Association of the State of Mississippi; of the American Medical Association, has twice represented Mississippi on the nominating committee, and also on the committee appointed by that association to draft suitable resolutions in deference of railway surgeons; of the National Association of Railway Surgeons; of the American Public Health Association; a Royal Arch Mason; and a member of the Methodist church, South.
      Dr. Duncan served as surgeon of the Second Mississippi Regiment, Confederate States Army, 1562-'63; was chief health officer of the county of Clay, Miss., 1888-'92; elected president of the board of health, Columbus, Miss., 1896; has been surgeon of the Georgia Pacific Railway since 1892; and is medical examiner for several life insurance companies. He was the first surgeon in the United States to report, in 1888, upon "Rupture of Funis with Mother in Horizontal Position, with Normal Length of Cord," published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 1888. He is also the author of papers on "Tumors of the Abdomen Successfully Removed;" "Fracture of the Skull;" "Pistol Ball through the Left Lung;" "Tetanus Caused by Intestinal Irritation;" "Acute Rheumatism in Infants;" and "Incised Wound Involving the Stomach and Liver;" all recovered.
      Married, first, in 1858, Miss Celestia A., daughter of Gen. Elisha Strong, of Aberdeen, Miss., who died in 1890, leaving two children; Rev. Perry E. Duncan and Annie Strong Duncan. Dr. Duncan married, second, January 30, 1894, Mrs. Julia Watson Manning, a cousin of Judge Wheeler Peckham, Judge Rufus Peckham and of Judge Malborne Watson of New York state.

1912 "History of Southeast MO" by Douglass, Vol.I & II (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.8 D737)
      Counties of Ste. Genevieve, Cape Girardeau, New Madrid, Madison, Washington, Perry, St. Francois, Bollinger, Pemiscot, Dunklin, Mississippi.
      Pg.1209-10: (New Madrid Co.) BURWELL A. DUNCAN, M.D. Grandson of a soldier of the Revolution, son of an ardent SC secessionist and a member of the convention at Charleston, brother to three officers of the Confederate army, himself a soldier surgeon in the grewsome fields of battle, Dr. Burwell A. Duncan is a citizen whom Morehouse is proud to claim.
            Robert Duncan, the grandfather of Revolutionary fame, was married to Hannah Carr. Their union was blessed with twelve children, one of whom, John by name and the eldest by birth, came to Missouri early in the 19th century and had a family of twenty-four children. Those were times of large families. Perry Duncan, father of Burwell, had eleven children.
            The birthplace of Perry Duncan was Greenville, SC, and May 26, 1800, was the date of his birth. His wife was Mary Hill, of Wilkes Co. GA, where her father had his plantation. She was 14 years younger than her husband, to whom she was married when she was nineteen years old. ... A devout Methodist ... Perry Duncan had been prominent for years in the legislature of his state and he was a member of the seccession convention held at Charleston, SC. His name is carved on the marble tablet at Columbia, SC. It was to be expected that his sons would go to the front as they did. Robert P. was an adjutant and served on General Dick Anderson's staff. Wiley was one of Butler's guards in the 4th SC. James was a captain and Burwell surgeon of the 2nd Mississippi Regiment.
            The Doctor was born at Greenville, SC, March 24, 1835. He attended the academy at Greenville and then went to Furman University. In 1855 he began the study of medicine and graduated in 1857 ... After his graduation Dr. Duncan went to Mississippi and practiced his profession in that state until he came to Morehouse in 1906. It was in Mississippi that his mother, Mrs. Perry Duncan, died in 1868, three years after her husband had passed away on his plantation in Georgia.
            Dr. Duncan's first marriage took place in 1858 at Aberdeen, MS. The bride was Miss Celestia Strong, daughter of General Elisha Strong. She was two years younger than Dr. Duncan and their union lasted over thirty years, until it was dissolved by Mrs. Duncan's death in 1890. Their son, Rev. Perry E. Duncan, was born in 1862. He became a Methodist minister of note and was married to Mary, daughter of Lafayette Smith, who bore him five children. His death occurred February 9, 1905, at Iuka [Tishomingo Co.], Mississippi, where he was one of the most prominent men of his denomination. The daughter of this marriage, Anna Duncan, became Mrs. Thomas G. Blackwell, wife of the present judge of county court in New Madrid county, Missouri. She has two children.
            On January 30, 1904, Dr. Duncan was married to Mrs. Julia Watson Manning, daughter of Asa Watson and widow of Payton Manning, a colonel on General Longstreet's staff. Dr. Duncan ... His church is the Methodist, South.

1889 "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Cos. MO" by Goodspeed (FHL film 599,833 item 1 & 2)
      Pg.997-8: Biographical Appendix, Phelps Co. MO. Perry D. Hawkins, junior member of the firm of Marshall & Co. at Newburg, MO, was born in Phelps Co. MO, Jan. 11, 1854, being the son of Robert P. and Rhoda (Bryant) Hawkins. Robert P. Hawkins, who was born in GA, was the third son of Solomon Hawkins and Sophronia Isabel (Duncan) Hawkins. Solomon Hawkins was born Oct. 23, 1798, in Greenville Dist. SC; was reared upon a farm, securing a limited education, and married, Dec. 18, 1821, Sophronia Isabel Duncan. In 1826 he removed from SC to GA, remaining there four years, and then came to MO in the winter of 1831, and opened a farm on the Gasconade River near the mouth of Little Piney. In the year 1836 he moved to and opened a farm on Cave Spring Creek, where he lived the remainder of his days. He lived in four counties without moving from the old homestead -- Crawford, Maries, Pulaski and Phelps. He died Jan. 30, 1867. His wife, Sophronia J. (sic) Hawkins, is still living with her dau., Eliza L. Woody, of Miller Co. MO, and is quite smart for her age, which is 85 years. They reared a family of five girls and seven boys: William J., James P., Robert P. (b. GA), Alfred, Perry Eaton (the only son now surviving), Melissa Susanna, Mary M., Eliza Louisa (the two last named the only surviving daus), John B., Amanda M., Permelia Elizabeth and an infant son. (more on children not copied here)
       MAD: This family has been compiled and published on pg.49 and 55-57, in "Our Centennial Book; Yesterday Lives Again in Phelps Co. MO" Phelps Co. Centennial 1857-1957, author probably Dr. Clair V. Mann (FHL book 977.81 P541Ma)

1878 "History of Jackson County, Illinois : with illustrations descriptive of its scenery and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" by R. Allyn, pub. by Brink, McDonald & Co. (FHL book Q 977.3994 H2b and FHL film 962,314 item 1)
      Pg.81: Andrew D. Duff, 11th child of Philip Duff and Mary Duncan his wife, and only child living, born 24 Jan. 1820 in Bond Co. IL. Philip and Mary Duff were married in South Carolina in 1801, moved to territory of IL in 1809, and settled in St. Clair Co. and subsequently moved to Bond Co. where they resided a number of years, afterwards located in Franklin Co. IL until their deaths. (MAD: nothing more about the parents; ? see James Duff in Pendleton/Anderson Co. SC 1795 deed with Robert Duncan of Greenville Co. SC; see Pike Co. IL)

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