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Greenville, SC, Index to Probate Records (from Juanita Breckenridge to Bobbie McDowell to MAD 7/1982)
      1794, Jesse Duncan, Mary, C part 2, File 125
      1817, John Duncan, Elizabeth, part 2, File 134
      1827, Sally Duncan, S.Y. Neal, part 2, File 124
      1850, Elizabeth Duncan, Will, part 12, File 67
      1875, Robert Duncan, A.S. Duncan, part 38, File 11
      1879, Benjamin Duncan, T.P. Barbara, part 42, File 35
      1890, A. Sloan, Anne R. Duncan, part 54, File 15
      1904, William H. Duncan, R.L. Duncan, part 75, File 6
      1906, J.B. Duncan, W.S. Duncan, part 84, File 13

Greenville Co. SC Will Books
   Wills 1787-1820 - no index (FHL film 24,025)
   Vol.A, 1787-1820 -- index missing until "R" names (FHL film 24,025)
      A-69: 5 Oct. 1794, bond of Mary (+) Duncan, admr. of estate of Jesse Duncan; bond by John Jones, Joseph Langston.
      A-123: 24 Dec. 1794, Samuel Lanam and Philip Evans, inv. of estate of Jesse Duncan (MAD: referred to as Joseph Duncan decd. towards end of document)
      A-124: Money received by Mary Duncan of estate of her deceased husband; purchasers 10 Nov. 1796: Selis? Williams paid when due, John Brazure, John Page, Ludrick Farmer, Ezekiel Cochran, Wm. Faris, John Jones, David Crew, Thos. Casley, Samuel Johnson, William Page, James Blackstone. Cash paid out 1793 to Martin Addams admr; 1794 Carter Harrison; 1795 John Macklett?; 1797 John White; 1799 John Duncan.
      A-158: 13 May 1800, Estate of Isham Bishop; John B. Blackwell administrator; John B. Blackwell and Robert Duncan bondsmen.
      A-263: 18 Oct. 1815, will of Henry Ranes; wife Nancy. Exors. Alex Waddile and wife Nancy. /s/ Henry (X) Ranes. Wit. Alexander Waddille, Tilman Davis, C. Waddill. (no page) Dec. 30, 1816, Nancy Ranes qualified as executor; appeared in court 30 Dec. 1816.
      A-175: 15 May 1802, will of Wm. McClanahan of Greenville Dist., SC; wife Mary McClanahan whole of estate during her lifetime consisting of all the lands I own in aforesaid district; together with all my negroes except one fellow named Joseph, with all my stock of any kind, plantation, etc... except $100. The aforesaid $100 to son Thomas McClannahan and the above negroe Joseph and all lands I have any right to or claim in the western country, or the State of Kentucky; the $100 and negroe are the only parts of my estate subject to division before the death of my wife. Wife may make distribution of any moneys she deems advisable or expedient for the relief & convenience of my daughters provided ... not exceed divident or ratable part to which they may be entitled in any equal division of the same. Upon death of wife the remaining part of my estate divided in the following manner: my son Thomas McClannahan one negro boy named Cartlet, but in case he dies first, his son Green McClannahan inherit the negro. My son John McClannahan land on which I now live, and tract which I purchased of John Robertson and four negroes, but if he dies first, then land & negroes to his child or children equally. My grandson Marshall McClannahan one negro girl named Betty. Rest of estate divided in following manner: estate sold at public auction, divided amongst my daughters that is to say Nancy Barry?, Molley Triplett, Alsey Abbot, & Suckey Robinson, including two of my grandchildren, viz, McClannahan Statland? & Hannah Carter who are to receive one equal share with my said daughters. Wish will recorded but no inventory of my estate be taken though request that my before mentioned son John McClannahan & my friend Samuel James Alston & John Robinson will attend to & see that it is forthfully executed according to the tenor thereof. Wit. John Young Junr, John W. Hansel?, William Hansil. Prob. 4 June 1803. Execs. made return of receipts 5 March 1808.
      A-180: 16 May 1801, will of Joshua Hawkins; wife Sarah Cook Hawkins my whole estate during her natural life; at her death equally divided between my youngest son Pinckney Hawkins & my grandson Isham Smith Hawkins; to my son Johnsey Hawkins at death of my wife all my lands, 200 acres. Appoint my son Eaton Hawkins & Pinckney Hawkins exec. Wit. Thos. Edwards, Mary Ann Edwards. No probate info but earlier will rec. 1 Feb. 1808, next will rec. 3 May 1808.
      A-181: 16 Jan. 1808, will of John Harrison; wife Mary Harrison; son Thos. Harrison (1 shilling over previous); son John Harrison (same); son Samuel Harrison $50; son Daniel Harrison 1 shilling; son James Harrison land purchased of Bridges; son Benjamin Harrison land I now live on bounded on one side between him and his brother James; dau. Rachel Paydan 1 shilling; rest to daus. Susannah Hooper and Deborah Freeman. Exec. wife Mary Harrison, James Harrison & Alsey Freeman. Wit. Jeremiah Strother, John Duncan, Wm. (+) Hawkins. Produced in court by John Duncan and Jeremiah Strother 3 May 1808.
            MAD: "The Allens and the Harrisons of the Kingdom of Callaway [Co. MO]" 1981, by Crockett A. Harrison on pgs.74 and 90-93, refer to this will; his son James Berry Harrison married Lovisa Voss Duncan, brother of John Duncan who witnessed the will; James Harrison moved to the area that became Phelps Co. MO. (FHL book 929.273 AL53hc and film 1,033,842 item 1)
      A-209: 25 Jan. 1812, Eaton (X) Hawkins; weak in body; wife Catharine; at her death equally divided among all my children then living. Exec. sons Jesse & Henery Hawkins. Wit. Benjamin (+) Bridges, William H. Threlkeld, Charles Allen. Rec. 14 July 1812.
      A-275: 6 March 1817, will of Travace (+) Rees; weak in body; son Thomas Ries one negro woman Zilpha and her child James; Sam George Esther & child Eliza, land & stock equally divided amongst my other children namely Henry Rees, John Rees, and Jesse Rees, Sarah Snow and Mary Rogers. Further that David Vaughan shall take from John Rees with his part and act as a guardian for him as he is not capable of taking care of his property. My sd negro woman named Betty shall be set free and that David Vaughan shall also act as her guardian. Appoint David Vaughan and Beverly? (Riverly?) Boraum sole executors. Wit. Lewis Vaughan, Polly Vaughan. Prob. 29 Dec. 1817.
      A-286: 3 July 1818, nuncupative will of John Harrison; his wife (not named); family while stay together provide a place for his son Thomas Crayton to live on; otherwise his plantation be divided equally between his 2 youngest sons Tho. Creighton and James Alexander. Exec. John Alexander & Anthony Savage. Dated 14 July 1818, James Kirkpatrick, Solomon Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins in court 13 Aug. 1818.
      A-(no page): 9 Jan. 1809, Mary (X) Duncan, in court, receipts in estate of Jesse Duncan, fully settled up with all the legatees (unnamed.).
   Wills 1820-1840 - no index (FHL film 24,025)
   Vol.B, 1820-1840 -- no Batson (FHL film 24,025)
      B-14: Will of Prue Benson, 19 Oct. 1819; to my son in law John Gowen four negroes, viz, George & Vinns & a negro man named David and one negro boy named John and my half of a mill built between said J. Gowin and myself. I give to my son William B. Benson five negroes, viz, Hannah, one boy named Lawson, and one negro girl named Sufah and her two children Rose & Reubin and my part of a tract of land where the Regimental Musters are held, also my still also one bed & furniture. To my daughter Jean Benson five negroes, viz, Dafny, Darkess, and one boy named Ned and one boy named Harry and one girl named Luce also one bed & furniture also a horse beast to be worth $80. My plantation and tract of land and the balance of my personal property to be sold at public sale and credit of 12 months and the money arising be equally divided between John Gowen, William B. Binson and Jean Benson. Appoint John Gowen and William B. Benson executors.; wit. Thos. Benson, Henry Hale, Evaline Benson. Proved by oath of Thomas Benson, 1 Oct. 1821.
      B-28: 1 March 1819, will of William Lynch, sick and weak of body; wife Mary Lynch for her support and maintenance and the personal estate at her disposal during her life all my plantation and tract of land whereon I now live, all my household and kitchen furniture, one horse called her riding horse, all my stock ... and one negro woman called Terrisa?; to my daughter Elvey Couth $50; to my daughter Sinderilla Bell $50; to my daughter Polly Paw $50; to my daughter Charity Terry $50; the last four legacies if not paid in my lifetime to be paid out of any money belonging to my estate as I do not consider I have given them as much property as I have given the rest of my children; the balance after the death of my wife to be equally divided between all my children. Appoint my sons John Lynch and Malikiah Lynch executors. Wit. Wm. Lynch, B?. Lynch, Geo. Salmon. Prob. 7 Jan. 1822.
      B-178 to 180: Will of David (X) Brock of Greenville Dist. SC, 20 May 1839, proved 24 Feb. 1840; in my usual health; to my son Lawrence Brock and my son-in-law Alfred Gilreath in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Juliet Burns during her life, my negro girl Dorcas and her increase from the date of this will, the trustees to have sole control and management of the negro girl at their discretion for the sole benefit of my daughter Juliet Burns for her life, and at her death the negro girl and increase if any to be equally divided among the legal children of my daughter Juliet and should Juliet leave no legal children, then the negro girl and increase to return to my estate and be equally divided among all my then living children or their representatives; the representatives of any of my children to take the share that their parent or parents would have taken if living. To my daughter Nancy and her heirs my negro boy Ned. To my daughter Epidocia Gilreath and her heirs, $500 as soon as convenient after my decease, and should I previously deliver to her a negro of any kind, it is to be considered in lieu of this legacy. To my daughter Elizabeth Waddise? in addition to what I have already given her, $400. The residue to be sold by my executors and divided in 7 equal shares, one of which is to go to my son George Brock, one to my son Lawrence Brock, one to my son William Brock, one to my son Henry Brock, one to my son John Brock, one to the legal heirs of my son Walker Brock decd and the other or last share to the legal heirs of my daughter Mary Duncan decd. Appoint my son-in-law Alfred Gilreath sole acting executor while he lives, and in case of his death, my son Laurince Brock to take the management of my estate from that time as executor. Wit. Jno. Watson, Elias J. Holcombe, H.M. McKenzie. Reg. on oath of Elias J. Holcombe. (from page by page using probate date) (MAD: see David Brock a J.P. in Caldwell Co. KY Inventory 1-414 of Jordon Harris, 1830 settlement; related?)
      B-182b-184: Will of Charles Benson, 5 April 1839, of Greenville Dist. SC; to my wife Frances Benson two negroes which she is to have her choice, and all my land except where my son John Benson now lives; she is to have the conditional line between myself and John Benson and is to have my stock of all kind, grain, farming utentials, all carriages, fodder and all the house & kitchen furniture for life or widdowhood then to go to Elizabeth Benson, Clary Benson, Henritta Benson, Mary Ann three children, viz, Eliza Ann Wiran, Joseph Wiran?, James Berry Wiran?, Lizza Cunningham and Ann Wiser children ... is to have the use of the property as long as she lives. It is distinctly understood that Clement Winn is to have $2 in each of the estates that was being coming to him, the property to go to Jane Ann? children and at her death for an equal division to be made between the children; my two daughters Clary Benson and Henritta Benson shall have all my lands except Prue Benson is to have 50 acres where he now lives. John Benson is to have where he now lives and is to have to the conditional line between myself and John Benson at my wife's death and for an equal division made between Clary Benson and Henritta Benson, John Benson has had one negro girl called Juliet worth $300 and one horse worth $40 which is to be deducted from his part. Prue Benson has had one horse $30 to be deducted from his part. I leave Prue Benson one negro boy Alexander and $1 which he sold to Perry Duncan. I leave Blue (sic) Benson wife Mary M. Benson $1. My negroes shall not be sold to be valued and lotted out and drawn for and if the value is not equal then those that draw the highest prices is to make the lots equal. The lots of negroes I have with John Benson, Elizabeth Benson, Clary Benson, Henritta Benson, Lizza Cunningham, Maryann Winn their child Eliza Winn, Joseph Winn and James Berry Winn and Jane Winn children and at her death for an equal division to be between the children and at the death of Thomas Benson and Elizabeth his wife for his part to return back to my heirs and divided between the children. After the death of Lizzy Cunningham what I leave to her goes to her bodily heirs and an equal division made between the heirs. That Balia Benson two children, viz, Susan Francis Benson and Manda Benson shall have an equal division of the lots of negroes, the lot of negroes to stay with the exec. Frances Benson? until they come of age, then for an equal division to be made between the children. Appoint my wife Frances Benson my exec. and Willis Benson my exec. Wit. Delilah Bradley, Julanna Bradley, Tidence Bradley; proved July 15, 1839.
   Wills 1840-1856 (FHL film 24,026)
      C-143: 20 Nov. 1839, Banister Stone of Greenville Dist, SC; wife Elizabeth; 4 youngest daus Maria Louza Stone, Jesse Kilgore Stone, Elizabeth Kiziah Stone, Andrew Jackson Stone comes of age or get married; eldest son James A. Stone lives with an Elizabeth and claims as his wife (more not copied); wit. B.F. Perry, Robert B. Duncan, W. Blasingame.
      C-379: (day?) Jan. 1850, Elizabeth Duncan, sick and weak in body; all to daughter Elizabeth. Wit. Seth P. Poole, America Fowler, Stephen H. Poole. Prob. 26 April 1850. (Indexed as page 206) (will dated 22 Jan. 1850 per Juanita Breckenridge info)
      D-203: 5 May 1856, Will of Lawrance Brock, of Greenville, SC, of doubtful health; sell my gantt plantation lying 5 miles below Greenville CH on the railroad, proceeds to be equally divided between the children of my late sister Eudocia Gilreath. Also to her children: to Abemdick? Gilreath the note due me; to Eveline Burgess my negro girl Lucy; to Nancy Gilreath my negro girl Marill?; to Juliet Rea my negro girl Hannah; to Lawrence Gilreath my negro boy John; to William Gilreath my boy Jeff; to Pamelia (or Amelia) Gilreath $700 in cash; to Eliza Gilreath my negro girl Juliet. In trust to Dr. Jno. W. Lewis (a Baptist preacher) of GA $1000 in cash kept at interest and the increase to be paid over for the benefit of my afflicted nephew William C. Brock son to George Brock during his natural life. Also in trust to Dr. Jno. W. Lewis my negro woman ... now in the possession of Jno. & W.C. Brock for benefit of the said W.C. Brock; I desire my brother Geo. Brock to enjoy the income from the $1000 and also the services of said negro woman during life, at the death of the said W.C. Brock and said Geo. Brock, ... to be equally divided between all the other children of my said brother Geo. Brock. To the children of my late natural daughter Arnetta? Hawkins, late wife of Josiah Hawkins, Benton Co. AL, my negro man George, his wife Polly, together with ... to be equally divided between all the children of my said late daughter then living. To John Brock son to George Brock his note due me for $100. To Jordan Brock son to George Brock the tract of land on which Jordon Brock now resides. I leave in possession of my sister Nancy Brock my Green? plantation and house with the household and kitchen furniture for her use during life or as long as she may choose to remain there, then to be sold. Executor to sell all other land in SC, GA or AL, and all other negroes to be sold, also horses, carriages, buggy, etc. To my grandson Lawrance Hawkins son of Josiah Hawkins, Benton Co. AL my ... ...(too dark to read top lines) to be equally divided between ... the heirs of my late sister Eudora? ?? the children now living of my late sister Polly Duncan of MO; and the children now living of my late sister?/daughter? Averetta Hawkins of AL. To be equally divided between all the children of the said Eudora? Gilreath and the children of the said Polly Duncan and all the children of the said Averetta? Hawkins. Appoint R.B. Duncan exec. Wit. T.B. Roberts, N.R. Smith, A.S?. Duncan. Proved 21 April 1859.

Greenville Co. SC Will of Henry Brock and Codicil (transcription from Kaye Eden 1/2003)
      THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, GREENVILLE DISTRICT) In the name of God Amen, I Henry Brock of the state and district aforesaid being of sound mind and disposing memory but aware of the uncertainty of human life I do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all others.
      First - I desire that my body should be decently interred and all my just debts promptly paid.
      Secondly - The property which it has pleased God to bless me with is all the fruits of my own industry and prudence and I therefore have the better right to his dispose of the same in such manner as my feeling may dictate. Having been the cause of the existence of several illegitimate children I feel it a duty nature and the feelings of nature impose on me to provide for the same. I therefore give and bequeath to each one of the following named illegitimate children whom I have the best reasons for knowing to be the offspring of my own loins, the following sums respectively viz
            To John Jackson Russell the illegitimate son of Nancy Russel formerly of Greenville district and sworn to me by his mother the sum of Five Thousand dollars.
            To Catherine Brock the natural daughter of Matilda Colemon formerly of Edgefield district and since dead the sum of Five thousand dollars.
            To James Madison Loftis as he is now called and whom I intend and desire shall hereafter go by the name of James Madison Brock the illegitimate son of Susan Loftis of Greenville of Greenville district the sum of six thousand dollars.
            To Sealena Avarilla Algeline Loftis the natural daughter of Susan Loftis of Greenville district the sum of five thousand dollars.
            To Rebecka Eveline Croft the natural daughter of Allsy(?) Croft of this district the sum of six thousand dollars.
            It is my desire and I request devise and bequeath the portions given above to John Jackson Russel and James Madison Loftis to remain in the hands of my executors hereinafter named and by them loaned out at interest till the said legatees shall arrive at the age of twenty four years and that the said executors do pay over annually to each one of the above named legatees the interest on his portion till he arrives at the age of twenty four years and when they or either of them has attained the age of twenty four years then my executors are to pay over to him or them his or their portion above mentioned and not before.
            It is also my desire and I devise and bequeath that the sum given above to Catherine Brock, Sealena A.A. Loftis and Rebecka E. Croft do remain in the hand of my executors till they marry and that the interest on each ones portion be paid her annually by executors until she gets married and as the(y) get married after arriving at the age of eighteen then her portion to be paid over to her and not before. If any one of the above mentioned girls should marry before she has attained the age of eighteen years she is not to receive her portion till she arrives at that age. My executors are to loan the money out and pay over the interest as above directed.
            It is likewise my desire and I devise and bequeath that if any one of the above named legatees (viz) John (?). Russell Catherine Brock James Madison Loftis, Sealena A. A. Loftis, Rebecka E. Croft should die without being or having been married that his or her portion should be equally divided amongst the others or their issue.
      Thirdly - I desire, devise and bequeath all the remainder and balance of my property both real and personal after paying the above named legacies to be equally divided amongst my sisters Evidocia Gilreath, Julia Burns, Nancy Brock, Betsey Waddell and my Nieces Nancy Jane Brock daughter of Walker Brock deceased and Harriet Eveline Brock daughter of the same each sister and each niece above named to have equal shares of the whole. The portions given to Julia Burns and Betsey Waddell to be placed out at interest by my executors and the interest paid each one on her share annually so long as she may live and on the death of either of them I desire her portion to be given as follows. The portion of Julia Burns at her death to be paid over to her son William Henry L. Burnes and his heirs forever. The portion lift to Betsey Waddell at her death to be equally divided amongst her children and their heirs forever.
      Fourthly I will and devise and and bequeath to my nephew Thomas Walker Brock and his heirs forever whatsoever may be left me by my father at his death by will or otherwise and which has not yet come into my possession.
      Fifthly - I nominate constitute and appoint Laurens Brock and Robert B. Duncan my Executors with full power and authority to carry into effect this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of September 1839.
            Henry Brock (L.S.)
      Signed sealed and executed in the presence of the subscribing witnesses who have signed in the presence of the testator. B.F. Perry, H. McKenzie, Elias I. Holcombe
      Probated the 12th day of June 1846. Recorded in will Book C pages 208 - 215, Apt. 10 File No. 49
      CODICIL. SOUTH CAROLINA, GREENVILLE DISTRICT) A codicil to my last will and testament
      Whereas I Henry Brock of Greenville district and South Carolina have made my last will and testament in writing bearing date the fourteenth day of September eighteen hundred and thirty nine and have thereby given amongst other things the sum of five thousand dollars to one Sealena A.A. Loftis the natural daughter of Susan Loftis of Greenville district under the impression and belief that was my illegitimate child, and I have also given in my said will and testament to my nephew Thomas Walder Brock all that might be left me by my father at his death by will or other wise, which last legacy I gave to my said Nephew under the impression and belief that he would prove worthy of the same. Now I do by this my writing which I hereby declare to be a codicil to my said will to be taken as a part thereof order and declare that the same legacies above mentioned shall not be paid to the said Sealena A.A. Loftis and Thomas Walker Brock but that the same are hereby revoked sofar as the said Sealena A.A. Loftis and Thomas W. Brock are concerned and I give and bequeath the said legacies to be equally divided amongst the other legatees in my said will mentioned each legatee to take an equal share of the same, and the said share to be given to him or her with the same limitations and on the same conditions and terms with the other legacy given to the same legatee in the said will. My reasons for making this codicil and changing the legacies given to the above named legatees are, that I am satisfied that the said Sealena A.A. Loftis is not my child and her conduct has been bad and that my nephew this Thos. W. Brock is not likely to do well and I am afraid the above mentioned legacy would not be of any service to him.
      It is also my desire and wish that that the property in Alabama belonging to me and my brother Laurence Brock should not be forced into market when property is selling low and contrary to the wishes of my said Brother but that the same should be kept together untill my executors may find it advantageous to sell the same.
      And lastly it is my desire that this my codicil be annexed to and made a part of my last will and testament to all intents and purposes. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of June in the tear of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four.
      Henry Brock (L.S.)
      Signed, sealed published and declared by the above named Henry Brock as a codicil to his last will and testament in the presence of Henry Brock. B.F. Perry, Ambrose Williams, W. Blasingame
      Probated the 10th day of June 1846. Recorded in Will Book C pages 208 - 215, Apt. 10, File No. 49

Wills, SC Archives, Greenville Co. Wills (WPA), Vol.1, Sec.B, p.96 (from Alice Duncan to Vivian Biddle to MAD 12/1977)
      B-96: Will of Sally Duncan, Greenville District South Carolina. In the name of God, Amen. I Sally Duncan in the District of Greenville being mindfull of my mortality as this 11th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following. First. I desire to be decently buried at the discretion of my friends and relations.
            Item. I give and bequeath unto William Elbert Duncan one heifer yearling to him and his heirs for ever.
            Item. I give and bequeath unto William Neal one heifer calf to him and his heirs for ever.
            Item. I give and bequeath all the rest of my property to my loving mother Sally Duncan, after all my just debts are paid unto her during her natural life and at her death to go to Thomas Duncans children, Sion Turner Duncans children Stephen Neale children to Lisey Duncans children and to Nancy Duncans children to be equally divided among them.
            I do hereby appoint Nathaniel Dacus and Stephen Neal Executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of November 1826. /s/ Sally (X her mark) Duncan (seal) Witness: Blackman Sigon(?) (typed copy faint), Elizabeth (X her mark) Turner, William (X his mark) Duncan.
      Recorded in Will Book B - Page 93; Apt 2 - File #124; Probated January first, 1827.
      (MAD: dau. of William Duncan and Sally Turner)

Greenville Co. SC Misc. Probate Papers (FHL film 24,029)
      No Lynch

Greenville Co. SC Probate Records, Files 1-3, nos. 21-272, from previous index
      1827, Sally Duncan, S.Y. Neal, part 2, File 124 -- not found in "D" names (FHL film 24,028)
      1850, Elizabeth Duncan, will, part 12, File 67 -- not found (file 12, nos. 2-70; FHL film 24,031)
      No probate records later than 1850 on film.

Greenville Co. SC Administrations 1787-1838, File 1 (FHL film 24,028; indexed as Apt.2 instead of File 1, in "A Collection of Upper SC Genealogical & Family Records" Vol.II, by James E. Wooley; FHL book 975.7 D2c)
      MAD: Apt. "2" File 124 indexed as Sally Duncan, and extracted by James E. Wooley, includes only information from her will.
      File 1, pkg.125: Letter/statement by D. Goodlite, Esqr., Ordinary, that John Jones has made complaint to him in the Court of Ordinary that he has just cause to fear that he will be injured by being security for Mary Duncan for an administration on the estate of Jesse Duncan, that she is not transacting the business legally, Mary Duncan is therefore cited to appear 9 Jan. 1809 to show cause why Jones should not be released from security and she give fresh security. 2 Jan. 1809.
      Account of money received by Mary Dunken admrx. of the estate of her decd. husband, the money due from the purchasers of the estate 10 Nov. 1796 (filed 6 April 1799 or later).
      Appointment of appraisers of estate, 7 Oct. 1794.
      Account of cash paid for the estate of Jese Dunkin, incl. cash from Martin Adams, Carter Harison, John McCeth?, John White, John Dunkin.
      Account of payments made to the legatees, 1806: James Dunken 1802, Elish Moore June 1804, Allen Moore January 9, 1804. "There is three on hands not of age." /s/ Mary (+) Duncan.
      Return of the receipts of expenditures of the Estate of Jesse Duncan deceased made up to the 9th Jan. 1809: Dec. 6, 1808, paid George Duncan; Dec. 6 1808 paid Jesse Duncan; Dec. 6 1808 paid Mary Duncan.
      File 1, pkg.134: Notice that Elizabeth Dunkin applied for letters of administration on the estate of John Duncan decd, 6 January 1816.
      Appointment of appraisers 25 July 1817.
      Order for sale of personal property of the decd. so it can be distributed.
      Letters of Administration granted to Elizabeth Dunkin 25 July 1817.
      First year's return of the guardianship of James & Rebecka Duncan, minors under age of 14, by Elizabeth Duncan, guardian, 1 March 1819. Income shown: Recd. of the United States Agent in Charleston $170.45; expenses "in getting the money from Charleston 31-1/4 cents."
      Second year's return of the guardianship of James & Rebecka Duncan by Elizabeth Duncan, up to 6 March 1820. Income shown: Recd. of the United States Agent in Charleston $22.
      Sales of estate of John Duncan.
      (MAD: list of men who obtained 5 years half-pay in lieu of bounty land under 2nd Sec. of Act of April 16, 1816; Greenville Dist. SC incl. John Duncan, Private, 3rd Regt. inf., d. Nov. 13, 1813, heirs James and Rebecca Duncan, placed on roll Mar. 23, 1818, commencement of pension Feb. 17, 1815, ended Feb. 17, 1820. From pg.6, "SC in the Revolution and Abstract of Wills, Laurens Co. (96th District) 1775-1855" by Sara Sullivan Ervin, 1949; FHL book 975.7 M2e; from Louis Boone and Evelyn Sigler)

Greenville Co. SC Returns Book A, 1817-1824 (FHL film 1,028,912)
      A-5: 1 March 1819, Elizabeth Duncan, admr, made first year's return of estate of John Duncan decd, and a final settlement of same. There was found to be remaining after all debts were paid the sum of $58.46 which was desired to be paid to those who are entitled to same by law.
      A-6: 1 March 1819, Elizabeth Duncan, guardian to heirs of John Duncan, decd, made first years return of her guardianship, against her the sum of $119.13-3/4.
      A-9: 6 March 1820, Elizabeth Duncan, guardian to heirs of John Duncan decd, made 2nd years return ... $8.
      None 1821, 1822; no other Duncans indexed; quit.

Greenville Co. SC Inv. & Appraisements, Book B, 1825-1829 (FHL film 1,029,421)
      No index

Greenville Co. SC Probate Judge Estate Papers, Apartment 21, File 50, Andrew J. Odam (extracts from Mel Odom 4/2002, his wording)
      MAD: Mel Odom's website has information on many of the old families from Greenville Co.:
      Andrew J. Odam's estate was probated 25 August 1862 in Apartment 21, file 50 of the Greenville Co., S.C. Probate Judge Estate Papers.
      The estate of Andrew J. Odam covers several years and includes many interesting names. The large collection of papers are abstracted here.
      * 25 Aug 1862 Hezkiah and Joseph Duncan petition to be named as admin. Also on this date Terry Odam (mother) petitions to have Wm. H. Goodlett named as admin.
      * Petition of H. Batson and wife (not named), Joseph Duncan and children shows that Andrew Odam departed this life 26 Jul 1862, seized in fee simple of a tract of land on Childress Beaverdam Creek of S. Tyger River bound by lands of J.M. Crotwell, William Goodlett, Elisha Gilreath containing 102 acres. Petition request court to sell land and proceeds go to heirs, viz. 1. Terry Odam, mother, 2. Emily Duncan and Heziah Duncan, 3. Maria Duncan and Joseph Duncan, 4. Manerva Singleton and Jesse Singleton.
      * 9 Sep 1862 Apraisement of property includes corn growing in the field rented by James Pearson sufficent to yeild 30 bushels.
      * 4 Oct 1862, heirs sign papers for sale of property, Emily Duncan, J.R. Singleton and Manerva Singleton.
      * 13 Mar 1863- Return of Sale (of personal property ?) shows Terry Odam was paid $19.00, Jas Duncan, Thomas Duncan, H. Duncan rec. monies. Sheriff McDaniel rec. $50.00 for bastardy bond. Heirs at Law 1. Terry Odam, mother, 2. Heirs of Maria Duncan dec. being Mary Pitts and Drayton Pitts, Martha Duncan and George B. Duncan, 3. Emily Duncan and H. Duncan, 4. Manerva Singleton and Jesse Singleton. Also states that Mary Pitts and Drayton Pitts live in Chaffield? (Is this out of state?).
      * Annual return shows several notes against estate including Jas Cannaday note for $24.07. J. Cannady also bought a bay mare from estate.
      * 2 Feb 1865 Estate pays $25.00 for bastardy bond.
      * 27 Feb 1865, Wm. H. Goodlett, adm of estate, pays $300 in settlement against heirs in a case of bastardy.
      * 25 Nov 1865 Petition of Terry Odam shows that the 2 grandchildren Martha Duncan and George B. Duncan have no guardian. She requests that Joseph Duncan be appointed as guardian and he accepts.
      * 1 Jan 1866 Benj F. Few files bond for purchase of real estate. Co-signed by Washington Taylor and W.J. Kendrick.
      * 20 Mar 1867 settlement of estate names heirs at law as Mrs. Manerva Odam, H. Duncan and wife, Jesse Singleton and wife Manerva, D.J. Pitts and wife Mary, Martha Hudson and George Duncan.
      * Letter sent to Greenville Probate court from sheriff of unknown district states that deputy swears on oath that he could not find Mary w/o D.J. Pitts in his district. This is not Greenville District but it is unclear where it was.
      * 25 Apr 1867 Debts of estate settled in court by Wm. H. Goodlett.

Greenville Co. SC Probate and tombstone information (from Dan W. Olds 9/1998)
      JOSEPH B. DUNCAN, b. 27 Dec. 1822, d. 11 Feb. 1905/6 (tombstone readings differ), wife Adeline (18 Aug. 1830 - 15 Nov. 1901), both bur. Reedy River Baptist Church on Highway 250 north of Greenville, SC. Joe Duncan is listed as father on death certificate of George Berry Duncan.
      Letters of Administration were issued in Greenville Co. SC for his estate on 28 July 1906 (Greenville Co. estate papers, Apt.84 file 13). There are many papers in this file naming and locating a long list of heirs; a notice to the heirs was apparently published in the Greenville Piedmont in July, 1907; the final settlement with $580.20 to be distributed, was made 24 Aug. 1907 and lists:
      Francis J. McCoy, $52.74
      J.W. Duncan, $52.74
      W.S. Duncan, $52.74
      B.F. Duncan, $52.74; asked $200 for waiting on and taking care of J.B. Duncan for one month during his last illness, but claim was withdrawn.
      T.H. Duncan, $52.74
      J.L. Duncan, $52.74
      Elizabeth League, $52.74
      Geo. Duncan, $52.74
      J.B. Pitts, $6.59
            Joe Pitts, $6.59
            Millie Pitts, (?Willie Pitts), $6.59
            Jas. Pitts, $6.59
            Columbus Pitts, $6.59
            Alice P. Ferguson, $6.59
            Rebecca P. Smith (also Rebecca Pitts Davis but signed as Rebecca P. Smith on 24 Aug. 1907), $6.59
            John Pitts, $6.59
      J.A. Hudson, $5.27
            H.T. Hudson (elsewhere corrected to H.G. Hudson), $5.27
            T.R. Hudson, $5.27
            J.W. Hudson, $5.27
            J.D. Hudson, $5.27
            V.H. Hudson (signed Vard D. Hudson), $5.27
            J.T. Hudson, $5.27
            Baylys Hudson, $5.27, a minor child of Martha Duncan decd.
            J.L. Hudson, $5.27
            Dock Hudson, $5.27, a minor child of Martha Duncan decd.
      Heirs of Warren Duncan, all minors, amounts paid to their mother Mary R. Duncan:
            Earnest Duncan, $13.185
            Ella P. Duncan (also Lela P.), $13.185
            Ollie May Duncan, $13.185
            Marshall Earle Duncan, $13.185
      Minor children of Warren Hudson (DWO: sic) were residing with Mary R. Duncan.
      Letter from E.L. Hudson, Valley Fork Farm, Sunset, TX, 17 May 1906, to W.S. Duncan said "You wanted to know the other boys post office: J.A. get his at Mckinney, Tex; H.G. at Anna, Tex; T.R., Sunset, Tex.; J.W., Celina, Tex.; V.H., Celina, Tex.; J.D., gets his at Lula, I.T. [Indian Territory]; Bayles will be 21 Sept. 30, 1909; Doctor will be 21 Nov. 28, 1911; a letter to my address will reach Bail and Doc if you wish to write to them." (MAD: have converted list into a single paragraph)
      W.S. Duncan was the administrator; G.B. Duncan signed his receipt by mark 21 Oct. 1907.


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