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Formed 1769, Original Dist.
Marion formed 1798 from Georgetown
Williamsburg formed 1802 from Georgetown
Horry formed 1802 from Georgetown


1790 Georgetown Dist. SC Census, Prince Georges Parish
Pg. 54  Duncan, Ezekiel        114xx
        Duncan, Sarah          003xx

1800 Waccamaw Co. SC Census, Georgetown District
(Stamped page 85, written page 776)
Pg.776  Ezekiel Dunkin         00010  - 23000
          (MAD: 1810 Horry Co. SC census; 1820 Brunswick
            Co. NC census; Ezekiel Duncan signed a petition
            in 1800 in Kingston Co. SC, later Horry Dist.,
            from pg.75, Vol.VIII, 1980, of "SC Magazine of
            Ancestral Research" from Lucille Mehrkam and
            Evelyn Sigler)

1810 Georgetown Dist. SC Census
Pg.226  James Dunkins, manufacturer   (not census)
   227  P. Duncan      "
        Rison Duncan   "

1820-1840 Georgetown Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Georgetown Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.65, #913, Samuel FANDOTH/FANCLOTH 35 SC farmer
                  Rebecca 30 SC
                  James DANKIN 28 NC farmer
                  Mary 23 SC
                  Mary 1/12 SC
                  James BLAK 15 SC farmer
                  Nancy 40 SC
                  Harriett 12, Cashwell (m) 6 SC
Lower All Saints
Pg.315, #8, B.F. DUNKIN (m) 58 RI chanceler $100,000
                  Washington (f) 45 SC
                  Alfred H. 25 SC lawyer
                  (MAD: 1840-1850-1860 Charleston Co. SC census)

1860 Georgetown Co. SC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Georgetown Co. SC Census
Collins Twp.
Pg.264, #641-677, DUNKIN, Rufus (m) 15 Canns Bay SC BLACK LatBorn? $0-$0
                  SUMTON, Mira (f) 14 Pee Dee SC BLACK domestic servant
Georgetown Twp.
Pg.289, #626-667, HERIOT, Glensie? (m) 30 Black River SC (white) planter, $8000-$1500
                  Anna 31 Charleston SC keeping house
                  Mary W. 8, Edward T. 6 Black River SC
                  Anna R. 4, Alex G. 2 Black River SC
                  DUNKIN, W. (m) 35 Black River SC BLACK domestic servant
                  Charlotte 33 Black River SC BLACK domestic servant
                  WILSON, Grace (f) 20 Black River SC BLACK, domestic servant
Pee Dee Twp.
Pg.330, #108-110, DUNKIN, Able (m) 45 Black River SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Cussy (f) 25 Black River SC BLACK keeping house
                  Martha 23 Black River SC BLACK at home
Pg.330, #110-112, GILLS, Tom 25 Black River SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Sarrah 26 Black River SC BLACK keeping house
                  Sally 60 Black River SC BLACK at home
                  James 2, Kate 1 Black River SC BLACK
                  DUNKIN, Rose 15 Black River SC BLACK at home
                  Anna 2 Black River SC BLACK at home
Sampit Twp
Pg.360, #1118-1162, DUNCAN, Judy (f) 25 Sampit SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  William 3 Sampit SC BLACK
Santee Twp.
Pg.391, #1714-1770, DUNKIN, George 53 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Tuna? (Teena??) (f) 48 Waccamaw SC BLACK keeping house
                  Cinda (f) 22 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  Flora (f) 19 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  Job (m) 16 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  Charles 13, Sarah 10 Waccamaw SC BLACKS at home
Pg.391, #1718-1774, DINKIN, Bella (f) 48 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Sarah 22 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer
                  Ellen (f) 19 Pee Dee SC BLACKS laborer
                  Grace (f) 16 Pee Dee SC BLACKS laborer
                  Susy (f) 11 Pee Dee SC BLACK at home
Waccamaw Twp.
Pg.417, #1156-1314, DUNKIN, Stephen 45 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Lucy 35 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer
                  Eleanor 12 Pee Dee SC BLACK at home
                  Laura 1/12 Pee Dee SC b.May BLACK (blank)
                  Charls (m) 40 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer
                  Molly 40 Pee Dee SC BLACK laborer
Pg.428, #1338-1486, GAINY?, Abram 40 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Sally 39 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  Hagar (f) 8 Waccamaw SC BLACK at home
                  Catharine 3 Waccamaw SC BLACK (blank)
                  DUNKIN, Hagar (f) 65 Waccamaw SC BLACK at home
Pg.429, #1355-1508, DUNKIN, Zachariah 58 Sampit SC MULATTO laborer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 50 Ashapoo River SC MULATTO laborer
                  Georgiana (f) 14 Waccamaw SC MULATTO at home
                  Francis (m) 12 Waccamaw SC MULATTO at home
Pg.432, #1418-1573, DUNKIN, Robin (m) 40 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Serena (f) 20 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
Pg.434, #1455-1613, DUNKIN, Flander (m) 45 Sandy Island SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Rafe (f) 40 Sandy Island SC BLACK laborer
                  James 14, Cinda (f) 12 Sandy Island SC BLACKS at home
                  Jane (f) 5 Sandy Island SC BLACK at home
Pg.439, #1547-1709, DUNKIN, Guy (m) 30 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Ellen 28 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  Balinda (f) 9, Maryann 7 Waccamaw SC BLACKS at home
                  James 6 Waccamaw SC BLACK at home
                  Tom 4 Waccamaw SC BLACK (blank)
                  Balinda (f) 65 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
Pg.441, #1584-1751, ROBINSON, Archy (m) 24 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Henrietta 21 Waccamaw SC BLACK keeping house
                  Ezekiel 21 Waccamaw SC BLACK laborer
                  DUNKIN, Hannah 70 Waccamaw SC BLACK at home


SC Land Grants; Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      19-219: 6 Aug. 1787, to Patrick Duncan, £5.16.8, 250 acres surveyed for Jesse Davis 29 Oct. 1785 in Dist. of Charleston of Wasmasaw Swamp, bounding NW on land granted Arnold Harvey, SW and SE on land of John McCalls, other sides vacant; plat certified 3 Aug. 1787. (FHL film 22,541)
      19-220: 6 Aug. 1787, to Patrick Duncan, £2.13.2, 114 acres surveyed for Sarah Cox 16 Oct. 1786 in Dist. of Georgetown, on Waccamaw River, bounded NW by land belonging to Bryan Gause, SW by said River, other sides vacant; plat certified 3 Aug. 1787. (FHL film 22,541)

Index to Land Plats 1784-1845 (FHL film 22,599)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncan, Patrick, Georgetown, 114a, 14-159, 3 Aug. 1787

SC Secretary of State, Misc. Records (bonds, mortgages, bills of sale incl. slaves, manumissions, Powers of attorney, other misc. records) [Charleston Co. SC]; Index to vol. PP-QQ, SS, UU, WW-XX 1771-1789 (FHL film 22,521)
      XX-250: 15 March 1788, Ebenezer Duncan, Susannah Port, gift for life of 3 slaves, remainder to her issue; in case of failure of issue, then to be divided equally between said Susannah Port and her brother and sister's children. (not found on pg.250 in Vol. XX, 1786-1789, on FHL film 22,666; this from index)
            MAD: There was a deed from Ebenezer Duncan for love and affection deed of land to Susanna Port of Georgetown Dist. 1788; from "Massey-Duncan-Sims File #831" from Leonardo Andrea Collection, SC genealogist (FHL film 954,594 item 1). The exact source was not given and I haven't been able to locate it.
            MAD: There is a reference to Ebenezer Dunnam who may be the same person: #78, Lib. Q: "Issued the 6th of May 1785, to Mr. Ebenezer Dunnam, for 3 pds, 5 shill. & 4 pence for 2 hogs for militia use in 1782. Pr Acct audited." from "Stub Entries to Indents" by A.S. Salley, Jr. (from Brenda Furches 8/1986)


Williamsburg and Georgetown Dist. SC Misc. Records 1730-1866 (FHL film 317,637)
      No index; no order to documents; no Duncan

"The Register Book; Parish of Prince Frederick, Winyaw (SC), Anni Dom 1713" by National Society of Colonial Dames of America, 1916 (from Evelyn Sigler 10/15/1984)
      Pg.145: Mon., April 11, 1757, Easter Morning to elect church officers. Four persons that gave in votes - John Walker, Eben Duncan, Jas. Hepburn, and Alex Davidson - being objected to.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Hardy, widow Sarah; WO 39461, WC 30068; BL 47223-80-50, Reg. 294333-55 Rejected, Reg. 335923-55 Rejected; Private Capt. Caleb Stephens Co. NC Mil, 7/27/1814 to 12/26/1814; Sol. res. 1852, 1855 Columbus Co. SC, 1858 Horry Co. SC; wid. res. 1880 Conwayboro, Horry Co. SC, 1883, 1889 Socaster, Horry Co. SC; maiden name soldier's 1st wife Ann Brown, widow Sarah Danford m. Oct. 17, 1839, Conway, Horry Co. SC; sol. d. Dec. 29, 1867, Conway, SC. (MAD: Columbus Co. NC)


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Winyah County. Was formed from Prince George (in 1790 Census) but was later renamed as Georgetown County. Records of Winyah County were burned by Sherman.
      Kingston County. Was formed or rather renamed from All Saints (In 1790 Census of Georgetown Dist.) but about 1798 Kingston was reformed into Horry County. Records are at Conway, S.C. except for the oldest records which were in Georgetown and burned by Sherman.
      Prince George County. See Winyah County and Georgetown County.
      Prince Frederick County was in Georgetown Dist. in 1790 Census. The records were in Georgetown and burned by Sherman. In 1805 Pr. Frederick was renamed as Williamsburg County and all records after 1805 are at Kingstree, S.C.

"Biographical Directory of the SC House of Representatives" Vol.V, 1816-1828; ed. by Alexander Moore, 1992 (FHL book 975.7 D34b v.5)
      MAD: Pages 76-78 give an extensive biography, with sources, for Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin, b. 2 Dec. 1792 in Philadelphia, PA, son of Edward Dunkin of Bushfoot, Co. Antrim, Ireland, and Susan Bethune, died 8 Dec. 1874), cousin of Benjamin Faneuil Hunt of Charleston, SC; was in the War of 1812 in SC; married Washington Sala Prentiss 18 Jan. 1820, had one son Alfred Huger Dunkin (1822-1906) and a daughter. This source gives much more about the life of Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin, of Charleston SC and Georgetown Co. SC.

Some Georgetown Co. SC records have been published:
      "Marriage, Death and Estate Notices from Georgetown, SC, Newspapers, 1791-1861" by Brent H. Holcomb, 1979, mentions Judge Dunkin's plantation on Waccamaw on 1/7/1846, and Judge Dunkin's plantation on Pee Dee on 5/13/1846 (FHL book 975.78 V28h; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1984 and Brenda Furches 8/1986)
      "Abstracts of Wills, Georgetown Co. SC; Will Books A & B, 1838-1929" by Elizabeth J. Ashford, pg.15, includes the will of Joseph Green in 1872 witnessed by Zachariah G. Duncan. The earliest Duncan will was 1919. (FHL book 975.789 P2a)
      "Roster of Spanish American Soldiers for GA" by Carlton J. Thaxton, Donna B. Thaxton, Stan Thaxton, 1984; includes John S. Duncan of Fitzgerald, Irwin Co. GA, born Horry Co. SC, enlisted at age 21 at Griffin, GA, on 5/11/1898. (FHL book 975.8 M2th; from Evelyn Sigler 4/1986)


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