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Charleston Co. SC Wills (FHL film 23,461; listed in "Abstract of Wills of SC 1760-1784" Vol.3, by Caroline T. Moore as Book TT)
      Vol.1774-1779, pg.252-253: Craven Co. SC, 21 Nov. 1773, will of Hennery Dixon, being just about to leave this earthly world; body buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my executors; Appoint Hugh Johnson my lawful attorney and whole executor; to my beloved friend Philip Lanhair one brown mare with a small star in her forehead and one saddle and one bridle, the said Lanhair living in Lanchester town saddler. To my beloved friend Hugh Johnson all my goods and chattels and debts in the foresaid province as follows: Nelson Dunkin note, Joseph Wright note, William Kelly note being security for Michael Murrel, widow Spraggins note, at Little River John Johnson, Major Collwel, John Ridgdels note to asn? of shoes & cash, William Wests Senr, Chas. Banks Junr, James Williams, one young cow at Jacob Vansants, Archibald Dunbar, David Dunlaps note, 2 pair of stocking at the widow Johnson, making of one pair of Breeches at Mary Neels, 2 deerskins at Young William Wests, Thos. Clark ditto, Gipson ditto, and all my working tools at Capt. West, which I give to the said Hugh Johnson and his heirs & assigns forever. Wit. John Pope, Nealson Dunkin. (MAD: see Edgefield Co. SC)

Newberry Co. SC Deeds
      C-306: 22 Jan. 1779, Sarah (S) Duncan of Dist. of Edgefield SC to her son Samuel Duncan, 150 acres on Bush Creek of Broad River. Wit. Enos Elmore?, John Duncan, James (FF) Hall. (FHL film 24,234)
      F-259/60: 4 July 1803, John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist. SC to Amos Dunkin of Newberry Dist. SC, for $100, 200 acres originally granted to Richard Dunkin by patent in Charleston recorded in the Auditors Office Book K No.10 page 73, 5 April 1771 (the said John Dunkin being son and heir to the above said Richard Dunkin, also a tract of "8 (eight)" acres originally granted to the said John Dunkin by patent in Charleston 4 June 1787 more or less in Newberry Dist. on waters of Bush River (for the boundaries, refer to the original plat). Wit. John Williams, Joseph Furnas, Isaac Holingsworth. /s/ John Dunkin Jnr. Witnesses John Williams and Joseph Furnas saw John Dunkin Junr. sign the deed ... Rachel Dunkin released all her interest and estate and her right of dower, 22 Aug. 1803. /s/ Rachel (R) Dunkin. (FHL film 24,235, from page by page in book F; not listed in deed index; definitely 8 acres but should be 80 acres; the first letter of "Jnr." could be "Senr" which makes more sense, but it is not definite)
      J-119: 8 June 1806, John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist., SC, to Isaac Eamondson, $350, 100 acres in Newberry Dist. on waters of -?- a branch of Saluda River, on line of Amos Dunkin's land, adj. John Richardson's land, Samuel Cottney's land, Isaac Hollandsworth, being a part of 200 acres granted Isaac Hollandsworth Feb. 1787, rec. book T4M? pg.77, and another tract of 124 acres granted by said Amos Dunkin to said Isaac Hollandsworth by deed 4 July 1806 recorded D-281. Wit. Daniel Stewart, John Edmondson, Isaak Duncan. Rec. on oath of John Edmondson who saw John Dunkin Senr. execute the deed and that Daniel Stewart and "Asah" Dunkin and himself witnessed the deed; 21 Oct. 1809. (FHL film 24,236)

Newberry Co. SC Wills (FHL film 24,264)
      E-6,7: 5 Nov. 1805, will of John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist. SC, weak of body; wife Rachel Dunkin all my tracts? of land containing 150 acres on south? side of Clando? Creek, furniture, etc., during her widowhood, and after her decease my son Jeremiah Dunkin to have the said plantation and grist mill with said houses; son Abel Dunkin a tract of land 249 acres where he now lives, likewise the cotton gin with privileges of water to said gin, ...; son William Dunkin 430 acres on the east side of Clond's? Creek with a saw mill ...; daughter Rachel Dunkin a negro girl named Chana; (last line on page blotted); not mentioned above be sold and equally divided among my children with 100 acres land known by the name of Prescott's place; exec. wife Rachel and son Abel. Wit. Issaac Davis, Ann (+) Fields?, Michael Fields. Prob. April 11, 1809.
      E-30-33: Inventory of estate of John Dunkin returned 15 April 1809; Account of sales May 8?, 1809 by Abel Dunkin Exec.; sold to many purchasers but no Duncans other than those listed in John's will.
            MAD: "John Duncan died in Edgefield District about 1805, leaving a widow and children. His first wife was Rachel .... and second wife, Margaret .... who married him 1809. He left nine children by his first wife, as follows: Abel (he moved to Perry Co. AL), Lydia, William, Jeremiah, Patsy (wife of John Williams), Rebecca (wife of Humphrey Prior), Catherine (wife of Isaac Parmer), Rachel (wife of Henry Hilburn - she died previously), Polly (wife of Thomas Dean - she died before 1809). He left two children by his second wife, the wife of John Edmundson and the wife of Daniel Stewart." from Other Pioneers, in "Newberry Co. SC Historical and Genealogical" by George Leland Summer Sr., 1950 (FHL book 975.739 H2sg; and from Phyllis Rose Smith to Lenox D. Baker to Vivian Biddle to MAD, also from Sarah Beene and Louis Boone and Marion H. Duncan)

Newberry Co. SC Equity Court Records, in order by year, then Package number (FHL film 24,145; see Newberry Co. SC for complete)
      Equity 1837, Package 6 (Box 22). John Shealy Adm. of Lydia Stephens dec vs Abel Dunkin Exc of John Dunkin dec, John Edmondson, Daniel Stewart, Nathan A. Hunter Adm. of Rachel Hilbourn, Polly Davis, William Dunkin, and Rebecca Prier, Isaac Farmer and wife Patsy, and Daniel Stewart. Bill.
      In Equity, Newberry; John Shealy adm. of Lydia Stephens decd vs. Abel Dunkin Exec. of John Dunkin & others; Bill for sale of property &c. Filed 1 Feb. 1837. Rule peo?lisked? against & Abel Dunkin, Jeremiah Dunkin, John Williams and Patsey his wife, and Isaac Farmer and Catharine his wife absent defendants in this case on 13th March 1837. /s/ D. Nance?, C.E. N.D. (Court Equity Newberry Dist.). Advise his? suppo? against ?? defendants 7 July 1837. /s/ D. Nance?, C.E. N.D.
      Will of John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist. SC, weak of body, this 5 Nov. 1805; to my wife Rachel Dunkin all my houses and land containing 150 acres on the west side of Clouds Creek now my present dwelling for her to enjoy with my grist mill and all my furniture in my present dwelling during her widowhood, and after her decease, my son Jeremiah Dunkin to have the plantation and grist mill with said houses forever; likewise I give to my son Abel Dunkin a tract of land of 249 acres more or less where he now lives, likewise the cotton gin with privilege of water to the gin, a smith's anvil, vice & sledge hammer and a still with all the utensils belonging; likewise to my son William Dunkin 430 acres on the east side of Clouds Creek with a small mill, a smith's anvil, vice & sledge hammer forever; likewise to my daughter Rachel Dunkin a negro girl Chana forever; likewise after my decease that my debts be paid and what debts be due me with what goods may be left with the two negroes Sukey and Ben and horses, waggon, hogs, cattle, plantation tools and everything that is not mentioned above, may be sold and equally divided amongst my children with 100 acres known as Presscoats place; likewise I appoint my wife Rachel Dunkin and my son Abel Dunkin exec. /s/ John Dunkin. Wit. Isaac Davis, Ann (X) Fields, Michael Fields. (MAD's extract)
      Exhibit B. John Shealey admin. of Lydia Stephens decd, vs. Abel Dunkin, Exec. of John Dunkin, and others; in Equity; Newberry. May 3rd 1809, recevd. of Abel Dunkin Executor of the estate of John Dunkin deceasd property to the amount of two hundred dollars in full of my dower of the sd. estate. also a negro boy named Ned during my natural life. I say reced. by me. Marget Dunkin.
      Exhibit Y. (copy) State of SC, Newberry Dist. Know all men ... I Abel Dunkin of Edgefield District, exec. of the will of John Dunkin Senior deceased, in consideration of the dower of Margaret Dunkin widow of said John Dunkin decd, have bargained and delivered to the said widow all the undernamed property to her and the lawful heirs of her body; I bind my heirs, executors, admrs. and assigns, each and every of us firmly by these presents to warrant and forever defend against ourselves or any other person ... lawfully claiming same or any part thereof. 3 May 1809. To wit: one brown mare, three cows & calves, one heifer, one yearling, 14 head hogs, one feather bed with all its furniture, three pewter dishes, 6 pewter basis, 12 pewter plates, one soup spoon and three tablespoons, four pots, one Dutch oven, one tea kettle, one frying pan, one pair of fier (sic) tongs, one brass kettle, three tin buckets, one wire sifter, two tables, six sitting chairs, one chest of drawers, one corner cupboard, four boles, four delph plates, two mugs, three pitchers, one set of tea ware, six bottles, one knife box, one cotton wheel, one flax wheel, one pair of cotton cards, one real, one set of sad irons, one side saddle, one shovel plough, one pair of iron traces, one mattock, one bee hive, one churn, one water paid, one pickling tub, one cag, the whole of the bacon, and hogs laid together with all the small grain on the plantation; also one negro boy Ned to remain her property during her natural life and then return to the estate if living not warranted by the widow. /s/ Abel Dunkin exr. Wit. Saml. Cothran, Henry ONeall, D. Stewart.

Greenville Co. SC Land Grants, Surveys, etc., from 96th Dist.; early years include Laurens & other counties formed from 96th Dist.; Survey Book D, 1788-1799 (FHL film 292,482; plats showing borders of land)
      D-125: Pursuant to a warrant from Comr. of lands dated 19 Dec. 1790, I have laid out to William Duncan 290 acres in said Dist. on Little Beaver Dam waters, waters of Saluda River, adj. a line running SW on William Wood's land, NW on Laffarty's lands, NE on lands laid out Taverner Bell's, all other sides vacant; surveyed 6 Jan. 1791, Benj. Arnold D.S.; rec. 24 Feb. 1791. (MAD: Dist. 96 per Grant 30-248; one Beaverdam Creek in ? Edgefield Co. SC, off little Saluda River)

Laurens Co. (Washington Dist.) SC Equity Court Records (FHL film 24,092; nothing in file to show outcome of case)
      1811, No. 4. Henry Hilborn & Rachel his wife vs. Abel Dunkin executor of John Duncan decd, bill.
            In Equity. Complaint by Henry Hilborn and wife Rachel of Newberry Dist. SC, that John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist. on 5 Nov. 1805 made his will and appointed his wife Rachel Dunkin and his son Abel Dunkin executrix and executor; that some time afterward, about 24 March 1809 he died without revoking or altering the will, copy attached marked "A". That Rachel Dunkin wife of John Dunkin, before the death of John Dunkin, about 11 Dec. 1805 died and said Abel Dunkin after the death of John Dunkin (date blank) qualified as sole executor. That oratrix (Rachel Hilborn) is the daughter of John Dunkin decd and one of the legatees in the will by the name of Rachel Dunkin and that on 22 Jan. 18xx (too dark) before the death of John Dunkin married orator (Henry Hilborn), and that John Dunkin's will provided (dark) ... equally divided among my children. That Abel Dunkin sold the property (accounting marked "B"). (Hilborns bought some items at the sale of property; they are claiming additional money due them from the division of the estate.)

Lexington Dist. SC Deeds (FHL film 24,104)
      M-198: 19 Dec. 1840, A.H. Fort and Charles (reverse C mark) Dunkin of Lexington and Edgefield Dist. SC to Ephraim Sheally of Lexington Dist., $500, 426 acres, part of orig. grant to Samuel Brooks on 4 Feb. 1792, conveyed to Simpson Lawyer on 1 Jan. 1817, to A.H. Fort and Ansel Sawyer jointly on 14 Feb. 1817, and Ansel Sawyer conveyed his part or half to Charles Dunkin; land in Lexington & Edgefield Dist., corner Dana Shealey, A. Shealy, Mar. Shealey, Saml. More; plat shows part of line above district line. Wit. John Knox, Wilson Shealy. Release in Edgefield Co. SC by Rebeca Dunkin, wife of Charles; release in Lexington Dist. by Phebe/Phoeba Fort, wife of Arthur H. Fort. Rec. on oath of Wilson Shealy. (includes plat of land)

Perry Co. AL Deed (FHL film 1,578,228)
      D-349: 4 Oct. 1838, John S. (X) Byerly to David Duncan, $100, E 1/2 W 1/2 Sec. 6 Twp 20 R9, 78.58 acres, and also land in Edgefield Co. SC on Little Rocky Creek and on Charleston and Agusta Road adj. land of Adam Shealy, W. Lea and Henry Cathern and Stephen Crumbo, 236 acres. No wife.

"Campbell County (GA) Messenger" (Baptist Church paper) - August 4, 1916 (typed copy from Marion H. Duncan 3/1983 with permission to share; "----" indicates portion missing per Marion)
            Duncan Day at Enon Church
            The 15th Anniversary of the Great Family Reunion Celebrated Thursday
      Peter and Margaret Duncan, husband and wife of Scotch descent, migrated to Georgia from Edgefield, South Carolina, in the early part of the last century and settled in what is now Coweta County before any county ---- ---- and became ---- ---- while the land was occupied by the Creek indians. The home of this pair of pioneer Duncans flourished. Six sons and one daughter blessed their union. The names of the sons in order of their ages are: Matthew, John, Elias, Peter, Stephen, Wesley, who became the ancestors of the numerous descendants who meet in his honor annually at the church he loved and honored with his membership so many years. The only sister of Wesley was called Crecy, probably a pet name for Lucretia, a classical feminine name. She may have been called after the famous Battle of Crecy. Her ancestors came down a line of fighters and some of them may have had part in the great battle where on the 26th of August, 1346, the English Edward III with 40,000 English soldiers defeated and almost destroyed the French army of 100,000 men, according to Froissart, a French authority. I think it was likely that some old Scotish warrior of the Duncan clan fought in this battle and to keep its' memory green gave the battle name to a daughter ... whatever the origin of her name ---- ---- and she won and married a man named Reason Mobley who became a Baptist preacher. Crecy and her husband lived and died and were buried in Coweta County where also were buried one brother and her mother. Her funeral was preached one Sunday by Rev. John M. Key.
      The Duncans are a long lived people of strong and sturdy stock, Matthew lived to be 96; John 93. The others of the family died at ages varying between 80 and 90. Wesley was 84. The children of Wesley Duncan ---- ---- Fairby, Caroline Brock were Margaret Mayfield, Moses Allen, 78 and living, (William) Peter, Julie, Sara Smith, Emily Mayfield. John Henry died in infancy by his second wife, Nancy Thompson. Sam, Tom, J.W., Joe, Charlie, Alma who married William Thompson, a substantial farmer of this county. These children of Wesley Duncan and their descendants continue to increase in number and influence in Campbell and surrounding counties. They are peaceful, law-abiding, home loving people engaged in farming, following in the footsteps of their ancestors ---- ---- some of the production of real wealth and their increasing human happiness. They, like the good man whose memory we celebrate, live honorably, harm no one, and render to every man his due as he did so that he and they exemplified and justified the best traditions of the common law.
      The barrels of lemonade, free as the air, a sumptuous feast of excellent edibles were drawing features of the Duncan family reunion at Enon. The good sermon on the conversion of St. Paul was delivered by Rev. Joseph Duncan. There was plenty of fine music by the young people and speeches were made by Colonel Oscar Barker, Mr. J.W. Mason and Mr. Ed Nolen. The Duncans are an anti-race, anti-suicide people and the families are generally large; for example, the late ----- ---- Peter Duncan was the father of 16 children, 12 of whom are living.

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