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Formed 1769 from Old Berkeley and Craven; Divided 1798
See Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenville, Laurens, Newberry, Pendleton and Union


Index to SC Land Plats 1688-1787 (FHL film 22,598)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Dugan, Thomas, 96 Dist, Enoree River, 33-13, Dec. 1794
      Duncan, George, 96 Dist., 500a, 14-490, 2 July 1774

Index to SC Land Plats 1784-1845 (FHL film 22,599; see individual counties)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncan, Jesse, 96 Dist., 265a, 4-74, 29 July 1785
      Duncan, John, 96 Dist., 33a, 3-220, 24 Sept. 1784
      Duncan, John, 96 Dist., 35 (55?), 1-195, 14 Aug. 1788
      Duncan, John, 96 Dist., 33a, AA-240, 24 Sept. 1784
      Duncan, Jos., 96 Dist., 355a, 28-30, 15 Dec. 1791
      Duncan, Mathew, 96 Dist., 684a, 25-155, 8 Dec. 1789
      Dunkin, Mathew, 96 Dist., 160a, 25-39, 8 Dec. 1789
      Dunkin, Nelson, 96 Dist., 250a, 16-140, 16 June 1785
      Dunkin, John, 96 Dist., 80a, 18-134, 18 Nov. 1786
      Duncan, Robt., 96 Dist., 200a, 1-85, 14 June 1784
      Duncan, Robt., 96 Dist., 267a, 16-145, 17 May 1785
      Duncan, Robt., 96 Dist., 193a, 1-229, 26 May 1785
      Duncan, Robt., 96 Dist., 196a, 27-44, 13 April 1791
      Duncan, Wm., 96 Dist., 290a, 28-111, 24 Feb. 1792
      Duncan, Wm., 96 Dist., 79a, 29-15, 1 June 1793

SC Land Plats (some pages have diagram of land)
      14-490: Receipt 6? May 1773, laid out to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96 Dist., branches of Enoree River below Nungroue's? Mill, bounded by Ann Templeton's land, the other sides vacant. Certified 2 July 1774. (FHL film 22,607)
      33-13: 20 Dec. 1794, to Thomas Dugan (not Duncan), 60 acres surveyed 14 Dec. 1764 in 96th Dist. on small branch Indian Creek. (FHL film 22,611)

Index to SC Memorials (Land) (FHL film 23,297)
      Name, location, No. of acres, volume-page, date
      Duncan, George, 96th Dist., 500a, 13-323, 15 Feb. 1775

SC Memorials (Land) (FHL film 23,303)
      13-323: 15 Feb. 1775; Memorial to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96 Dist. on branches of Enoree River below Musgroves Mill, bounding NE on Ann Templeton's & other sides on vacant land; survey cert. 2 July 1774 and granted 31 Aug. 1774.

Index to South Carolina Royal Land Grants, A-K (FHL film 22,581)
      (Location in parentheses below was added in small handwriting near the name columns, apparently at a later date)
      Duncan, George, (Enore), 96 Dist, 500a, 32-566, 31 Aug. 1774

SC Royal Land Grants (FHL film 22,596)
      32-566: 31 Aug. 1774, to George Duncan, 500 acres in 96th District on branches of Enoree River below Musgroves Mill bounding NE on Ann Templeton and other sides vacant; plat certified 2 July 1774.
            MAD: Newberry Co. SC History says grant was in Newberry Co.; Laurens Co. SC Deed K-250 (4th) on 6 Oct. 1798, Wm. Sturgis of Charleston, atty. for John and William Nisbett Mitchell of Charleston, deed to Alexr. Morison 500 acres orig. granted George Duncan in 1774, on south side Enoree River adj. Ann Templeton, Jas. Mitchell and said Alex. Morison; from pg.399, "Abstract of Early Records of Laurens Co. SC, 1785-1820" by Sara M. Nash (FHL book 975.731 N2n, and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1984)

SC Land Grants
      Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      30-248: 5 March 1792, to William Duncan for 13 shillings 7 pence, 290 acres surveyed 6 Jan. 1791 in Dist 96, Little Beaver Dam, waters of Saludy River, bounded by line running SW on William Woods land, NW on Laffertey's land, NE by land laid out for Tavaner Beal, other sides vacant. (FHL film 22,556) (MAD: Newberry Co. SC?)


Greenville Co. SC Land Grants, Surveys, etc., from 96th Dist.; early years include Laurens & other counties formed from 96th Dist.
      Survey Book D, 1788-1799: (FHL film 292,482; plats showing borders of land)
      D-125: Pursuant to a warrant from Comr. of lands dated 19 Dec. 1790, I have laid out to William Duncan 290 acres in said Dist. on Little Beaver Dam waters, waters of Saluda River, adj. a line running SW on William Wood's land, NW on Laffarty's lands, NE on lands laid out Taverner Bell's, all other sides vacant; surveyed 6 Jan. 1791, Benj. Arnold D.S.; rec. 24 Feb. 1791. (MAD: Dist. 96 per Grant 30-248; one Beaverdam Creek in ? Edgefield Co. SC, off little Saluda River)

Newberry Co. SC Deeds
      A-550: Lease, 4 Aug. 1787, John Duncan to George Watson, 10 shillings, 33 acres in 96 Dist. on N.side Saluda River on waters of Bush River, granted to John Duncan 4 Dec. 1786. /s/ John Duncan (X), Elisabeth Duncan (X). Wit. George Bridges, Molen Duncan (X her mark). (FHL film 24,233) (MAD: not Moses Duncan but could be Moler Duncan)
      A-551: Release, 4 Aug. 1787, John W. Duncan and wife Elizabeth of Newberry Co. SC, farmer, to George Watson, shoemaker, for £17 sterling, by virtue of bargain and sale to him thereby made for one whole year by indenture of leasing bearing date 4 Aug. 1787, 33 acres in Dist. of 96 on N side of Saluda River below the antient boundary on waters of Bush River, having such shape form and marks as represented by a platt thereof to the grant annexed, granted to said John Duncan 4 Dec. 1786. /s/ John Duncan (X), Elisabeth Duncan (X). Wit. George Bridges, Molen Duncan (X her mark). (FHL film 24,233; name in body of deed "John W. Duncan" plain)

Charleston Dist. SC Deeds
      L4-133, L&R, 8/9 Feb. 1769, Reason Nelson of St. Marks Par. SC to Henry Donworth of same, £500, 200 acres on Great Branch adj. James McCullys line, granted said Reason Nelson for 500 acres; /s/ Reason Nelson; wit. John Plunkett, John Elkins, Nelson Dunkin. Nelson Dunkin gave oath, sworn on Holy Evangelists of Almighty God. (FHL film 23,546; many other deeds had same wording of oath) (MAD: ?? see Craven Co. SC; District 96 would have been in St.Marks Parish)
      O4-98/8: Lease & Release, 4/5 Oct. 1774, William Loocock of Charles Town, practitioner of physick, to George Duncan of Charlestown, wine merchant, lease for 5 sh. and release for £200, 500 acres in 96th Dist. on S.side Pacolet River on branches called Williamsons Creek, all sides vacant, granted to William Loocock 7 May 1774, recorded Book ZZZ page 197; wit. Chs. Michil, John Gunter. (FHL film 23,548)


"Patent Land Survey 1770-1820 Located in Greenville Co., Laurens Co., Newberry Co., Spartanburg Co., Union Co. (Parts of the Old 96th Dist.)" by Smith & Owens, 1978, and "SC Hist. & Gen. Magazine" 1952 (from Evelyn Sigler)
      This book and periodical contain an index to Location Books A to F, 1784 to 1803.


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