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Formed 1773 from Bedford; Bedford formed 1771 from Cumberland
Washington formed 1781 from Westmoreland
Fayette formed 1783 from Westmoreland
Allegheny formed 1788 from Westmoreland, Washington
Armstrong formed 1800 from Allegheny, Indiana, Clarion, Butler, Jefferson, Westmoreland
Indiana formed 1803 from Westmoreland, Lycoming


1790 Westmoreland Co. PA Census (Col.2)
Pg.266  Duncan, David        262xx                      Salem Twp
   267  Dunkin, James        153xx                      S. Huntingdon Twp

1800 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg.100  Duncan, Thomas       10110        - 10010       Armstrong Twp
  1092  Duncan, Andw.        21001        - 00100       Mountpleasant Twp
  1119  Duncan, Andw.        21010        - 00010       South Huntington Twp
  1153  Duncan, James        31010        - 21010       Unity Twp
        Duncan, Robt.        00010        - 00100       Unity Twp
  1209  Duncan, David        01100        - 01010       Derry Twp

1810 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg.106  James Duncan         60120        - 00010       Derry Twp
   107  John Duncan          10010        - 40100       Fairfield
   117  Robert Duncan        00001        - 00010       Unity Twp

1820 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg.136  Robt. Duncan         200110       - 20010       Derry Twp
        James Duncan         421301       - 00010
   171  Robt. Duncan         000000       - 10001 (sic) Unity Twp

1830 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg. 83  John Duncan          1000,1       - 0000,1      Hempfield Twp
   163  James Duncan         0011,x001    - 0001,001    Derry Twp
          (3 or 5 males 20-30)
        Wm. Duncan           1000,1       - 0100,1
          (Wm. next to James)
   180  Robt. Duncan         2230,001     - 1312,01     Fairfield Twp
          (?3 female 5-10?)

1840 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg.306  David Duncan         0000,001     - 2000,2      Loyalhanna Twp
        William Duncan       0010,01      - 0000,001
          (William next to David)
          3 names
        James Duncan         0001,1000,1  - 0001,0001
   308  James Duncan         2100,01      - 0130,1
   328  James Duncan         1212,101     - 0002,101    Derry Twp
          two names
        Samuel Duncan        0000,1       - 0

1850 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Pg.231, #580, Marlin HAWKER 45 PA laborer
                  Sybilla 40 PA
                  Ann 9, Benj. 7 PA
                  Jonus DUNCAN (m) 1 PA
N. Huntingdon
Pg.364, #259, William HARKNESS shoemaker & family
                  Thomas DUNCAN 25 IRE shoemaker
Pg.405, #846, James DUNCAN 56 IRE farmer $800
                  Letticia 52 IRE
                  Samuel 13 CAN
                  & ANDERSON fam. b. CAN & PA
Pg.418, #579, David DUNCAN 50 PA sail mfgr $3000
                  Maryann 30 PA
                  Nancy 12, Sarah 10 PA
                  James 8, Mary 6 PA
                  William 3 PA
Pg.438, #866, James DUNCAN 47 PA farmer $5000
                  Jane 39 PA
                  David 19, Elisabeth 16 PA
                  William 14, Samuel 9 PA
                  Mary 6, James 5 PA
                  Isabella 1 PA
                  Margaret DUNCAN 70 PA
Pg.438, #867, Jane (no last name) 55 PA
                  James 24, Elizabeth 25 PA
                  William 1, Susana 1 PA
Pg.439, #878, Joseph CRUSAN 54 PA farmer $2300
                  Sarah 38 PA
                  David DUNCAN 16 PA
                  Rebecca A. 8, Joseph 6 PA
                  Samuel 4, Sarah Jane 2 PA

1860 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Loyalhannah Twp.
Pg.609, #498-474, James DUNCAN 56 PA salt manufacturer $2000-$200
                  Jane 47 PA
                  Samuel 18 PA salt boiler
                  James 14, Isabel 11 PA
                  Mary J. RUTLEGE 10 PA
                  Elisabeth 6, Anna B. 4 PA
Pg.609, #500-476, William DUNCAN 23 PA coal digger $0-$100
                  Sarah 19 PA
                  Clark (m) 3/12 PA
Pg.614, #530-503, David DUNCAN 27 PA salt boiler $0-$100
                  Jane 28 PA
                  Mary E. 5 PA twin, Sarah 5 PA twin
                  Samuel 2, Maria (f) 1/12 PA
Sewickley Twp.
Pg.1008, #568-564, John DUNCAN 38 SCT coal miner $0-$20
                  Jane 35 SCT
                  Elizabeth 13, James 12 SCT
                  John 10, Daniel 8 SCT
                  Samuel 6, Christina (f) 4 PA
                  Andrew 2, Jane 1 PA

1870 Westmoreland Co. PA Census
Derry Twp.
Pg.125, #801-816, FLOWERS, Daniel 26 PA farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 20 PA
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 9 PA
Livermore Borough
Pg.150, #38-40, DUNCAN, James 64 PA laborer $0-$0
                  Sabell (f) 18 PA
                  RUTLEDGE, Annabell 14 PA
Fairfield Twp., first name first, all names written out
Pg.200, #18-19, William S. CAMPBELL 36 IRE farmer $4000-$600, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary S. 36 PA keeps house
                  Catharine 5 PA, father of foreign birth
                  George 2 PA, father of foreign birth
                  Nancy DUNCAN 14 PA
                  Emma 11, Lizzie 10 PA
Loyalhanna Twp.
Pg.397-398, #121-122, DONCAN, James A. 36 PA coal miner $0-$150
                  Sarah M. 29 PA keeping house
                  Mary J. 12 PA
                  John M. 9 PA
                  William 7 PA
                  Catherine 4 PA
                  Nancy B. 1 PA
Sewickley Twp.
Pg.620, #155-155, DUNCAN, John 61 PA (blank) $0-$100, father of foreign birth
                  Nancy 55 PA keeping house
                  Ruth 20 PA
                  Foster (m) 18 PA teamster
                  Mary 15 PA
                  BURGEST (BURGUT?), Charles 35 PRUSSIA miller $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
St.Clair Twp., first name first
Pg.689, #102-105, Joseph DUNCAN 40 PA laborer $0-$200
                  Sarah J. 38 PA keeps house
                  Amanda J. 16, Martha E. 14 PA
                  Anna M. 10 PA
                  Milroy (m) 8, Edgar G. 3 PA

1880 Census, Sewickley Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (from Kathy Cawley 2/2007)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 107, Page# 387D, Image 38 of 67
w/m, age 37, Husband, farmer, PA./PA./PA.
Amanda, w/f, age 30, Wife, K.H., OH./PA./PA.
William, w/m, age 15, Son, attends school, PA./PA./PA.
James A., w/m, age 11, Son, attends school, PA./PA./PA.
Frank H., w/m, age 9, Son, attends school, PA./PA./PA.
Silas, w/m, age 5, Son, PA./PA./PA.
PAINTER, Flora, w/f, age 14, s[tep]-daughter, attends school, PA./PA./PA.
(KDC: 1870, 1900 Allegheny Co. PA census, W.H. Duncan)


Westmoreland Co. PA Wills (FHL film 1,316,410)
      2-148: #73, Will of Robert Duncan, dated 24 June 1825, of Unity Twp, Westmoreland Co., in good health; after debts be paid, residue be disposed of to the best advantage except such articles as I will to my present housekeeper, viz, one bed & bedding; residue ... if any of my Friends comes in from Ireland that they shall have the residue of my estate, they proving themselves to be legal heirs; otherwise ... if none of my Friends comes in term of 6 years after my decease, then executors shall put my money out to interest, (so) that desolate widows shall be aided out of my estate until the whole is expended. Appoint John Belins? and John Geiger executors. Wit. John Morrison, William Densmore. Probated 17 April 1826.

Westmoreland Dist. PA Probate Records 1777-1788 (FHL film 387,918)
      No Duncan


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"Pennsylvania state reports, comprising cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania" cases argued at May and October and November terms 1876; by A. Wilson Norris, Vol.I; Vol.82, pgs.488 to 490 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 2/2004)
      MOOREHEAD v. DUNCAN; Appeal of the First National Bank of Mt. Pleasant; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Pittsburg; 82 Pa. 488; October 27, 1876, Argued; October 30, 1876, Decided.
      Appeal from a decree of the Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland county: Of October and November Term 1876, No. 106
      John Duncan endorsed certain accommodation notes of William and Henry Duncan, to the First National Bank of Mt. Pleasant, and received from them an indemnity bond in the sum of $10,000, conditioned upon the payment of these notes or a single renewal of them. The notes were renewed several times, and afterwards judgment was entered upon this bond in favor of John Duncan. Before the second renewal of one of these notes, and on the day of the second renewal of the other, William and Henry Duncan mortgaged the real estate bound by the judgment to the People's Savings Bank of Pittsburgh. On the same day John Duncan released the lien of his judgment on the property mortgaged in favor of the mortgagee. This real estate was afterwards sold by the sheriff, and this case arose upon exceptions to the report of the auditor appointed to distribute the proceeds of the sale. The auditor gave the priority in payment to the Mt. Pleasant Bank, which claimed under the judgment of John Duncan upon the bond of indemnity. The court below set aside the report, and awarded payment first to the Savings Bank. From this decree the Mt. Pleasant Bank appealed.
      (MAD: arguments of counsel omitted here)
      Before Agnew, C. J., Sharswood, Mercur, Gordon, Paxson and Woodward, JJ. Williams, J., absent.
      Mr. Justice PAXSON delivered the opinion of the court, October 30th 1876.
      William and Henry Duncan gave their judgment bond to John Duncan to indemnify him for his liability as endorser upon certain promissory notes of the former. By the condition of the bond, the notes were to be renewed once, and if then paid at maturity, the bond was to be void. The renewed notes were not paid at maturity, but were again renewed, and the old notes given up. Did the judgment remain as a security for the second renewal? This is the main question in this cause. We have no doubt as between the parties it was competent by agreement to extend the lien of the judgment so as to cover the subsequent renewals. If that was their understanding we see no reason why it might not be good as to them. But prior to the second renewal of one of the notes, and on the day of the renewal of the other, the Messrs Duncan gave to the People's Savings Bank of Pittsburgh, appellee, their mortgage on the real estate bound by the judgment, for the sum of $3000. A mortgagee is a purchaser. As against a purchaser the lien of the judgment could not be extended to cover a renewal of the notes maturing upon the first renewal. The receipt of the new notes and the surrender of the old ones was an extinguishment of the latter. It is said in Story on Bills, sect. 441: "Another mode of extinguishment familiarly known in the French law, and also in our law, is by a novation, which is a substitute of a new debt for an old one; as, for example, the substitution of a new bill in lieu of, and taking up, the old bill. Pothier lays it down as unquestionable that a novation operates as a clear extinguishment, and is equally applicable to bills of exchange, as it is to ordinary contracts." Here the old notes delivered up were endorsed "received new note for this one, at four months." This endorsement, so far from weakening the position that this was a novation, tends to strengthen it. The new note was received for the old one, and the latter thereby became extinguished. It is unnecessary, however, to elaborate this case. It is fully covered by Ayres v. Wattson, 57 Pa. 360, where it was distinctly said by Justice Sharswood, that "it is plain that the mortgage, in law as well as in equity, was not a security for the renewal notes." In that case there was the equity of a surety. Here, there is the equity of a bona fide purchaser; as against neither could the condition of the bond be extended.
      Judgment affirmed.


"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XXII, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/22/2010)
      Returns of taxables for the counties of Bedford (1773 to 1784), Huntingdon (1788), Westmoreland (1783, 1786), Fayette (1784, 1786) Allegheny (1791), Washington (1786), and census of Bedford (1784) and Westmoreland (1783)
   Pg.398, Transcript of Property, County of Westmoreland, 1783, Pitt Township
      Duncan, David, 300 acres, 5 horses, 6 cattle
   Pg.404, Transcript of Property, County of Westmoreland, 1783, Hempfield Township
      Dunkan, Ja's, single, 1 horse
   Pg.411, Transcript of Property, County of Westmoreland, 1783, Huntington Township
      Duncan, Ja's, 100 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 2 sheep
   Pg.461, Return of State Tax,, County of Westmoreland, 1786, Armstrong Township
      Duncan, Steph'n, 5.10 tax
   Pg.485, Return of State Tax, County of Westmoreland, 1786, Pitt Township
      Duncan & Finley, 6 tax
      Duncan, David, 10.4 tax
   Pg.499, Return of State Tax, County of Westmoreland, 1786, Huntington Township, (South District).
      Duncan, James, 3.1 tax


"PA Archives" Series 1, Vol. 9, Secretary of the Commonwealth Papers, 1781 (from Florence Dyess 11/1990; MAD: see Allegheny Co. PA for more)
      Pg.17: Pres. Reed to David Duncan, 1781. Sir, Being appointed a Commissioner of Purchases for the County of Westmoreland (See Col. Rec. Vol. 12, p.656) you are to proceed in that Duty with all Despatch so as to supply the Garrison at Fort Pitt & such Troops as may be drawn forth under the Authority of Council for the Defence of the Frontiers. ...
            Apply to the late Commissioner & receive from him what Effects he has on Hand agreeable to a Return to be furnished you by Col. Morgan. If Mr. Perry makes any Difficulty of delivering up the Articles or if he has not the Articles the Money which in that Case he must have on Hand you will apply to the two eldest Magistrates of the County for their assistance agreeable to the Letter sent herewith. -- Whatever you receive from Mr. Perry on this Occasion is to be reckoned a Part of the yearly Purchases. In Purchase & Transportation we request you to use the utmost Frugality & Care & to send down your Monthly Returns with rigid Punctuality. Indorsed, March 17, 1781.
      Pg.97: David Duncan to Pres. Reed, 1781. Pittsburg, April 24, 1781. Sir, I have got home a few days ago after a long and Sore Ride. Bought Thirty Beeves, Twenty seven of which is stall fed. I found much Trouble in passing the State Money as I had to go to the south Branch and North River in the Back parts of Virginia before I could get any Cattle at all. On my way home I call'd at Colo. Cooks & presented him with the letter I recd. from you and sent Mr. Perrys letter to him; I can't Inform you yet what Mr. Perry has on hand, or how far he will Comply with your orders as I haven't seen him myself. ...
            I make no Doubt but you will have an opportunity before long of seeing a Petition that's going Down against Colo. Brodhead & me, wherein we are Charged of being Concerned in buying Manors & Mill-seats, and Speculating on Public Money. These are Charges I am Clear of in every particular, and Deny their having any truth in them, but from what I can learn finds my not getting Money to pay of the public debts is the principal reason of the Petition being sent against me. I am sorry to represent to you that I am now Tyr'd of public service, especially when my Character is at Stake, and when I have Resigned all my estate for the support of the public these two years past, and now to be Censured in this manner by Groundless suspicion In Men whose only Motive is Mercenary Design, (I mean the leaders,) for all I have done both for them and the Country, tho' all I will at present say is, every Man has his enemys and I have mine.
            I could wish on the receipt of this the governor & Counsell would appoint some other person for the Commissioner in my place in this County, as I do not wish to be the means of any uneasiness in this County, nor serve in the post or station I was thought unworthy off, as you may Rely on it that spite is the principal of the Petitioners' Motive, so hope you will appoint some other in my place, that will please the people in Genl..
            Colo. Brodhead is out on a Campaign against the Delaware Indians. I am not Certain of the Number of Men he has with him, some say when he started from Wheeling he had about four Hundred, but no Certainty. We have heard nothing of him since, but expect him here in the Course of six or eight days. I am with sincerity Yr. Obedient H'ble Servt., David Duncan. N.B. I will do every thing in my power to supply the Troops untill I have the Honor of receiving your ansr. D.D.
      Pg.141: Pres. Reed to Christopher Hayes, 1781. Sir, Inclosed I send you the News Papers from the last Week. It is probable you will feel the Effects of the late Resolution of Council in your County, publishing the Rate of Exchange between Continental & hard money at 175. I therefore inclose you our Reasons for that Measure which I am perswaded will be satisfactory, & you will make such use of them as you think proper.
            Mr. Duncan of Pittsburgh has already sent his Resignation of the Office, finding the Appointment obnoxious to a great Number of People. This is very unfortunate as we shall now have a second Account to settle. We request you will consult Mr. Scott, & nominate a Person to us who will continue in the Office & do the Duty with Fidelity. You must be sensible that the Support of the County depends much on it, as well as Supporting the credit of the Money. We are drawing fast to the Crisis in which we must know whether Paper Money shall or shall not be Money among us -- Should any Measure similar to those which took Place among you respecting our State Money last year again appear, it will be impossible for us to do any Thing for your Relief, or even to support the small Force now there -- Finding that the Season is too far advanced for making astronomical Observations for Settlemt. of the line, we have proposed to Virginia to run a Temporary Line for this Season & begin early in the Fall or next Spring with the other. The distressed Condition of Virginia also prevented their proceeding in the Matter so soon as we wish.
            You also have herewith a Letter to Gen. Clark, which we request you to forward to him by a safe Conveyance. The Members of Council present you their Complimts. & beg you to accept of mine. I am sir your Friend & Obed. Hbble Servt, Directed, To Christopher Hayes, Esqr., Member of Council. Indorsed, May 17th, 1781.
      Pg.190: David Duncan to John Gibson, 1781. Pittsburg, June 3d, 1781. Sir, Within these few Months, I have been through almost every settlement on this side of the Aleghany Mountn. in Order to Procure provisions for the use of the Troops here, ...
            I flatter myself, that if there be no Stop put to the Transportation of Provisions Down the river and no plan be fallen on to get beef brought from below, after this notice from me, that if the Troops should come to Want provisions, I cannot be Blam'd, as I have and will do every thing in my power to have them supply'd in every respect.
            I am with the Greatest esteem and regard your Obt. Hbble Servt., David Duncan, Commisnr. for the Westd. County. John Gibson Esqr. Col. Comdt. Fort Pitt. (A Copy.)
      Pg.305-6: Pres. Reed to David Duncan, Sir, Your Letters of the 24th April & 9th June (See pages 97, 200. (MAD: see Allegheny Co. PA) have been duly received. The former, wherein you express a Desire to relinquish your Appointmt. of Commissioner of Purchases, would have been answered sooner but that we were in Expectation a Change of that System would take Place. This has since happened, Mr. Morris having undertaken to supply all the Continental Posts in this State, so that you will of course be relieved from that Appointmt. before this can reach you. That Gentleman has already advertised the Contract for Fort Pitt & its immediate Dependencies. With Respect to the Militia of Westmoreland, we must desire you to continue to supply them untill some Arrangement can take Place for them. We have received & laid before Congress the Petitions agt. Col. Broadhead & yourself, & are truly sorry for the Disposition which so manifestly prevail. It is much to be feared that the Desire of handling publick Money without Account has been too much the Cause of their Complaint, in which it is also to be regretted that the Distance of Witnesses & the Prevalence of Party in a great Measure prevents an Investigation of the Truth, which I hope whenever made will prove favourable to you. We have received a Letter from Mr. Perry, wherein he retracts a part of his Returns in which he had credited the State for Articles on Hand, alledging that the People will not deliver them. You must receive what you can from him & we must endeavour to call him to Account for the Remainder.
            Gen. Clark's Expedition seems to have met with such Encouragement from Westmoreland, that we hope it will be effectual for the Relief of the Frontiers. We must entreat you to give him all the Aid you possibly can without involving us in Expence. Col. Broadhead seems to be of Opinion that it will be of no Service to Pennsylvania, but we find the principal Inhabitants of Westmoreland think differently, as we ourselves do, & therefore hope all the Friends of this State will give it their utmost Weight & Support.
            I am, Sir, your Obed. Hbbl. Serv., Jos. Reed. Directed, -- To David Duncan, Esqr., Fort Pitt.
      Pg.399: Proposals for Supplies to Pres. Reed, 1781. Philada. Sept. 12th, 1781. Sir, We propose to furnish the Militia and Ranging Company's for Bedford and Westmoreland County's with provisions on the following terms, each Ration to be compos'd of the following articles, one pound of Bread, made of good flour, one pound of Beef, or three quarters of pork, one Gill of Whiskey, three pounds of Candles, eight pounds of Soap, for every Seven hundred Rations, two quarts of Vinegar and one quart of Salt for every hundred Rations at eleven pence halfpenny for each Ration, if the Contractors should not be able to procure the small articles, by furnishing an equivalent in Bread and Meat, agreed to by such person as shall be authoriz'd by his Excellency the President & Supreme Executive Council to be sufficient, the Person so authoriz'd his orders & Receipts to be sufficient Vouchers for the Contractors, for settlement, that the Lieuts. of each County be authoriz'd to furnish necessary Escorts in time of danger, that the Contractors shall not be obliged to issue provisions at any other posts than Bedford and Hannas Town, that any provisions by lying in store longer than six Months be damag'd to be at the loss of the State and paid for as Rations issued and in case of Capture by the Enemy of any provision from an Escort or where Magazines shall be directed to be deposited to be at the loss of the state and paid for as Rations issued by having proper certificates from such person as shall be authorized by Council, that it shall be in the power of such person so authoriz'd together with the Contractors to alter the Ration as to the species and description of the Meat, so often as shall be deemed convenient by both parties, that the Contractors be furnished by Council in advance with three hundred pounds specie to be deducted out of the first settlement, that his Excellency the President & Supreme Executive Council settle with the said Contractors every three Months and pay such sums as may be due to them, that the said Contract shall continue for one year from the first day of October next.
            We have the Honor to be, your Excellencys most obt. Hble Servt. David Duncan, Mich. Huffnagle. Directed, His Excellency Joseph Reed, Esqr., President & Supreme Executive Council.


"Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : containing an account of the origin of the Sons of the American Revolution, an explanation of the existence of two different organizations with similar names and objects, and a history of the movements for their union : the constitution and by-laws of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : lists of the national, state and chapter officers : roll of members, with personal data and genealogies : roll of Revolutionary ancestors, with record of their services : pages for an amplified family record : and illustrations." (anonymous); pub. New York: The Society, 1899, 620 pgs. (LH12850, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.7 C4r and film 238,380 and 1,673,276 item 22)
      Pg.419: Roll of Ancestors. JOHN DUNCAN : Born in Derry, Pa., Sept. 23, 1748; died in Dauphin Co., Pa., about 1808; one of the original signers of the "The Association of the Liberty Company in Lancaster County," Pa., organized May 17, 1777; enlisted in Capt. James Cowder's Co., 4th Battalion of Lancaster Co. (Col. James Burd), on or before March 13, 1776; participated in battle of Long Island and in Jersey campaign until February, 1777; on Feb. 23, 1777, joined Major Grier's Co. of the 10th Pennsylvania Line, remaining in service till after battle of Germantown; subsequently became Second Lieutenant of the 1st Co., 2d Associated Battalion of Pennsylvania, and in 1780 became Captain of the 3d Co., 6th Associated Battalion. --Jacob Mifflin Duncan. (MAD: Derry, Westmoreland Co. PA)


Allegheny Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/3/2011 and 9/28/2011)
      3-414: Know all men by these presents, that I David Duncan of Westmoreland Co. PA for sum of 40 pounds paid have sold to Abraham Kirkpatrick of Pittsburgh No.148 bounded on W by lot in possession of Nos? Ward, E by Short Street, S by Monongahela River, and N by Front Street, the patent for which said Duncan promises to deliver to said Kirkpatrick by 1 Jan. 1786 and will warrant title. 10 April 1785. /s/ David Duncan, wit. Isaac Craig, Hugh Gardner. Recorded Jan. 8, 1795. (FHL film 1,497,864; SLC 6/3/2011)
      19-89/90: 15 June 1786, Hon. John Penn Junior and John Penn of City of Philadelphia, PA, Esq., late proprietors of PA, to David Duncan of Town of Pittsburgh, Westmoreland Co. PA, merchant, for 5 pounds money of PA in specie paid, sell to David Duncan a lot or piece of ground in town of Pittsburgh marked in Colonel Woods General Plan of said Town No.161, containing in breadth 35 feet and in length 80 feet, bounded by Front Street, Lot 762, and Lot 160. /s/ John Penn Jr., John Penn. Wit. Peter Miller, John Duncan. Recorded the day and month above. On 28 June 1786, (filed for record) Recorded 20 Sept. 1813. (FHL film 1,497,869; SLC 9/28/2011)

Armstrong Co. PA Deeds (SLC 9/15/2012)
      1-299/301: 11 July 1805, Thomas Duncan Esq. and Martha his wife, Robert Duncan Esq. and Eleanor his wife, all of Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, that Frederick Bates by deed 27 June 1804 sold to said Thomas Duncan and Robert Duncan one undivided half part to be divided in a parcel of land called by Kittaning Manor on the SE side of the River Alleghany formerly in Westmoreland now Armstrong Co. PA, adj. land surveyed in name of Rebecca Smith, by Kelly Poor land, side of Crooked Creek, containing 3,966 acres, and said Thomas Duncan & Robert Duncan and Martha and Eleanor their wives held the above estate with a certain Alexander Cobean and Elizabeth his wife of Adams Co. PA until by mutual consent the land was divided between them; NOW the said Thomas Duncan and Martha his wife and Robert Duncan and Eleanor his wife for 5 shillings PA money paid by Alexander Cobean, quit claim to said Alexander Cobean and Elizabeth his wife, their interest in the land in Armstrong Co. on the Allegheny River containing 2,458 acres, together with appurtenances. /s/ Thos. Duncan, Martha Duncan, Robt. Duncan, Eleanor Duncan. Wit. Jhn. Norris and Stephen Carson for Thos. Duncan and Robt. Duncan; wit. Jas. Duncan and Jhn. Norris for Martha and Eleanor Duncan. Ack. in Cumberland Co. PA 26 April 1806. Recorded 3 Dec. 1808. (FHL film 861,224)
      1-301/303: 12 July 1805, Alexander Cobean of Gettsburgh, Adams Co. PA, and Elizabeth his wife, that Frederick Bates by deed 27 June 1804 sold to said Alexander Cobean one undivided half part to be divided in a parcel of land called by Kittaning Manor on the SE side of the River Alleghany formerly in Westmoreland now Armstrong Co. PA, adj. land surveyed in name of Rebecca Smith, by Kelly Poor land, side of Crooked Creek, containing 3,966 acres, and Alexander Cobean and Elizabeth his wife held the above estate with Thomas and Robert Duncan Esq. of Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, until by mutual consent the land was divided between them; NOW the said Alexander Cobean and Elizabeth his wife for 5 shillings PA money paid by Robert Duncan and Thomas Duncan, quit claim to said Robert Duncan Esq. and Thomas Duncan Esq. their interest in the land in Armstrong Co. on the Allegheny River containing 2,367 acres and 134 perches, together with appurtenances. /s/ Alexr. Cobean, Elizabeth Cobean. Wit. Wm. Norris, John Murphy, Robt. Hayes. Ack. in Adams Co. PA 21 March 1806. Recorded 3 Dec. 1808. (FHL film 861,224)
      12-58/59: 22 May 1838, Ellen Duncan and Mary F. Duncan of Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, to Jacob Hileman and Joseph Hileman of Kittaning Twp, Armstrong Co. PA, for $666 paid, sell parcel of land, being part of Manor of Appleby, Kittanning Twp, Armstrong Co. PA, adj. lands of John Mechling, land of Peter Elinger?, containing 222 acres and 26 perches, being part of land conveyed by Hon. John Penn to Frederick Beates 26 June 1804 who conveyed to Thomas Duncan and Robert Duncan 27 June 1804, recorded Westmoreland Co. Book No.7 pg.188, and Robert Duncan is since dead leaving his wife Ellen Duncan and one daughter, Mary F. Duncan, his sole heirs by his will 5 April 1807, recorded Armstrong Will Book No.1 pg.3?, together with appurtenances etc., warrant title. /s/ Ellen Duncan, Mary F. Duncan. Wit. Thos. Trimble, John Duncan. Ack. Cumberland Co. PA. Recorded 13 March 1840. (FHL film 861,229)
      18-168/169: 22 May 1838, Ellen Duncan and Mary F. Duncan of borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, to Jacob Wolf of Kittanning Twp, Armstrong Co. PA, for $318 paid, sell parcel of land in Manor Appleby, Kittanning Twp, Armstrong Co. PA, adj. John Mechling, land late of Daniel Turney decd, land of John Houser, 106 acres and 64? perches, being part of land conveyed by PA to Fredrick Beates 26 June 1804 who conveyed to Thomas Duncan and Robert Duncan 27 June 1804, recorded Westmoreland Co. Book 7 pg.188, Robert Duncan since dead leaving his wife Ellen Duncan and one dau. Mary F. Duncan the sole heirs, as by his will 5 April 1807 recorded Armstrong Co. Will Book 1 pg.3, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Ellen Duncan, Mary F. Duncan. Wit. Thos. Fremtz?? (faint), John Duncan. Receipt witnessed by John Duncan and Henry E?. Wilson. Ack. Cumberland Co. PA 22 May 1838. Recorded 24 March 1851. (FHL film 861,232)

Butler Co. PA Deed (FHL film 1,434,215; SLC 9/17/2012)
      C-184/185: 5 Aug. 1800, John Duncan, Merchant of City of Philadelphia, to John Carlisle, Stewart, of Mercer Co. late Alleghany, that by patent 29 Aug. 1787 granted to Martha Barr admrx. Captain Leutenent decd, late in army of the US, a tract or parcel of land in Westmoreland Co. in 2nd District of Donation Land, adj. Lot No.421, Lot No.405, vacant land, Lot No.429, being 200 acres, and Martha Barr decd. by will 26 Jan. 1795 appointed Laurince Justice and Isaac Warrell Executors to sell the land, proven among the records of Co. & City of Philadelphia, and Laurence Justice and Isaac Worrell by deed 9 April 1795 conveyed to Joseph R. Batim? Merchant of City of Philadelphia, who for $100 sold to John Duncan Merchant of Philadelphia as by conditions of a power of attorney from Joseph R. Tatem to John Duncan 25 Nov. 1799, NOW John Duncan sells his claim to the land for $222.22 paid by John Carlisle, Stewart, warrant title. /s/ Jno. Duncan. Wit. John Gilmore, John McCluney?. He ack. deed 7 Aug. 1800 before W. Moge?, Associate Judge of Washington Co. Recorded Dec. 18, 1813. (FHL film 1,434,215)

Cumberland Co. PA Deeds
      S-53/55: 5 Dec. 1807, Samuel Robinson of PA, Practitionery of Physic, and wife Mary Serena to James Duncan of Cumberland Co. PA, Attorney at Law, for $1, sell messuage and tract or parcel of land on the River Mississippi at or near the Tunica Village containing 500 acres more or less, being the same premises which Lucetta Pollock of City of Philadelphia and now decd. by her will devised to the said Mary Serena Robinson, and also all other lands etc. within the bounds of the Government of Baton Rouge or other dominions of his Catholic Majesty or within the Mississippi Territory or other Territorial Government of the US, and also all houses, lots of ground and tracts of land situate in the counties of Cumberland, Center, Northumberland, Lycoming, Bedford, Mifflin and Westmoreland in the State of Pennsylvania or in other parts of said state which James Pollock late of Borough of Carlisle devised to afsd Mary Serena and others and whereof a moiety became vested in said Mary Serena on the decease of the afsd Lucetta Pollock ... together with all improvements ... Samuel Robinson and wife Mary ... /s/ Saml. Robinson, Mary S. Robinson. Wit. Craven N. Luckett, James Green, for Samuel Robinson; Arch. Loudon and H.H. Brackenridge for Mary Serena Robinson. Recorded 16 Jan. 1808. (FHL film 21,055; SLC 9/9/2010; edges of pages very dark to very light)

Indiana Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/19/2009-6/20/2009)
      1-14: 9 July 1784, Robert Lowers of Mt. Pleasant Twp. in Westmoreland Co. PA, yeoman, to David Duncan of Ausburgh, Westmoreland Co., for 25 pounds, the plantation between Blacklick and Conemaugh Rivers on south side of Blacklick River adj. on the south, lands of Moses Stewart, containing 300 acres, which was surveyed on a location in the name of Andrew Lowers No.1189. /s/ Robert Lowers, wit. George Thompson, Andrew Stuart. Ack. July 9, 1784. Recorded 2 June 1807. (FHL film 862,678)
      1-214/215: Deed Poll, 30 March 1803, John Penn & Richard Penn ... by their attorney John R. Coates Esqr. by letter of attorney 27 Nov. 1800, to Thomas Duncan of borrough of Carlisle in Cumberland Co. PA, Esq., that for 481 pounds in specie paid John R. Coates for the use of his constituents, they sell to Thomas Duncan a tract of land being the manner called "Cherry Hill" on the waters of Twolick Creek about 7 miles easterly of the Two licks and on the path leading from Frankstown to the Killanning in Twp, in County of Westmoreland "(now Indiana)", adj. land of John Brown, Thomas Canbey, and John Martin, and vacant land, 1,202 acres and 1/2 acre, which in pursuance of a warrant dated 13 Oct. 1760, was surveyed on 23 July 1773 for use of late Proprietaries of PA .... Ack. by John A. Coats in City of Philadelphia on 30 March 1803. (FHL film 862,678)
      9-462/463: Deed No.349, James Gibson & wife to Thomas Duncan. 23 March 1837, James Gibson of Centre Twp, Indiana Co. PA, and wife Martha, to Thomas Duncan of Westmoreland Co., Derry Twp, for $441, tract in Twp. & Co. afsd, (no neighbors' names given), containing 55 acres and 25 perches, part of a tract surveyed per warrant 28 March 1786 granted to Moses Chambers who by deed 23 Feb. 1790 rec. Westmoreland Book 1 pg.440 conveyed to Solomon Chambers who died owning it, who by will 24 Nov. 1808 rec. Indiana Co., devised the same to Rebeca Chambers his relict and the said Rebeca Chambers by deed 7 Sept. 1812 rec. Indiana Co. Book 2 pg.198&c conveyed part of the larger tract embracing the hereby granted premises to the said James Gibson party hereto, and pattented to said James Gibson by pattent dated 23 Aug. 1831, together with buildings, etc. /s/ James Gibson, Martha Gibson. Wit. Wm. H. Dickie. Ack. Indiana Co., 24 March 1837, rec. May 1, 1837. (FHL film 862,682)

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "Old and New Westmoreland [Pennsylvania]" by John Newton Boucher, 1854-1933; pub. New York : The American Historical Society, 1918. (University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection image 3/2007; FHL book 974.881 H2b v.1, 3 & 4 and films 982,249 items 2-4 and 982,255 item 1)
      Title Page "Author of "A History of Westmoreland County," 1906; "A Century and a Half of Pittsburgh and Her People," 1908; etc., etc."
      Pg.396: The State of Pennsylvania, by special acts of Assembly, often granted pensions to the worthy and needy who had rendered services in the Revolution, and also to their widows. The following is a list .... They are not published among the regular lists of Pennsylvanians who were pensioned by the Government. All of these were pensioned as Westmoreland citizens. The date opposite the name denotes the year the pension was granted. ...
            James Duncan, 1844
            Jane Duncan (widow of Jas. Duncan), 1848
      Pg.426: David Duncan a grand juror Jan. 7, 1787, at first court held in Newton or Greensburg.

1900 "Old Westmoreland: A History of Western PA During the Revolution" by Edgar W. Hassler (from Georgia Helderlein 3/1989)
      No Duncans listed.

1881 "History of Coshocton Co. OH, Its Past and Present 1740-1881" by Norman Newell Hill (FHL book 977.165 H2hi)
      Pg.569: Matthew Duncan, from Westmoreland Co. PA, emigrated about 1808 to the southwestern part of the Giffen section, on the place now owned by Mr. L. Lawrence. He distinguished himself in early times by building a large store house, the first of the kind erected in the township.
      Pg.653: James Cochran, Jefferson Twp, born in East Union, Coshocton Co. OH, Dec. 4, 1838, son of Caleb and Anna (Duncan) Cochran, and grandson of William Cochran and Matthew Duncan. His grandfather, Duncan, came to America at 12 years of age, and settled in Maryland. His father was born February 5, 1806; died September 28, 1877. His mother was born Feb. 29, 1812, in New Castle Twp. ...

1891 "Commemorative biographical record, Harrison [County], Ohio : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families" pub. by J.H. Beers (FHL book 977.168 D3c)
      Pg.55-56: JOHN H. HAMMOND, of Cadiz, native of Harrison Co. OH, b. Jan. 21, 1822, son of Alexander Hammond b. Washington Co. PA; Alexander the son of Robert Hammond native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, b. 1765 (wife Jane Cassell b. Co. Down 1764) to America at an early day, res. PA, then to Belmont Co. OH where died in 1845 in 80th year, his widow in 1852 in 88th year, both in Seceder Church. Robert & Jane Hammond had ch: Mary b. July 30, 1788; Alexander, May 16, 1790; David, June 26, 1792; William, Aug. 2, 1794; Martha, July 8, 1795; Elizabeth, Oct. 24, 1797; Esther, Feb. 1, 1801; John, March 10, 1803; Robert, March 20, 1805, and James, May 13, 1808. Alexander [Hammond], the second son, to Harrison Co. OH in 1809, learned the trade of cloth fuller, and in 1812 married Elizabeth Hanna, dau. of Samuel Hanna, born Westmoreland Co. PA in 1763 who married Elizabeth Duncan, b. Scotland 1766. Samuel Hanna came to Short Creek Twp, Harrison Co. OH, in 1801, before the Territory had been admitted to the Union. After marriage, Alexander Hammond made his home in Harrison Co. on farm of 50a ... died 1874 in 84th year, member Seceder Church; Mrs. Hammond lived to age 93, died 1886, mother of 11 children, six living, 3 in Harrison Co., viz, Esther, widow of R.P. Hanna who was murdered or lost on a steamboat in the Ohio River; Margaret, now Mrs. S.J. Hawthorne of Harrisville, and John H. (more on John H. Hammond not copied here)

1884 "History of Crawford and Richland Counties, Wisconsin : together with sketches of their towns, portraits, history of Wisconsin" pub. Springfield, Ill. : by Union Pub. Co. (FHL book 977.57 H2c; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.701-702: Robert Duncan was born in 1827, in Westmoreland Co., Penn. When quite young he removed with his parents to Ohio. In 1844 Mr. Duncan went to Ellenboro, Grant Co., Wis., where, in 1852, he married Pluma A. Jones. They have had six children, five of whom are living -- Obed A., Charles A., Chauncy N., Laura A. and Ella M. Robert W. was born Oct. 3, 1869, and died Oct. 16, 1870; Charles A. and Chauncy W. are now living in Iowa. Mr. Duncan came to the town of Scott, Crawford Co., in 1854, purchasing eighty acres of land, on section 21, where he has since resided. He afterwards purchased another forty acres of Walter Blandon. He served as a faithful soldier about nine months in the 47th Wisconsin Volunteers. He served several terms on the town board of supervisors.


"The Sterling Genealogy" Vol.2, by Albert Mack Sterling, 1909 (SUTRO book CS71 S838; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Joseph Sterling of Derry Township, Penn.
      Pg.1170-1: Sarah Jane Graham, b. in Indiana Co., May 11, 1832; m. Joseph J. Duncan, b. Mar. 25, 1830. He enlisted in Co. K, 67th Regt., Penn. Vols., and served three years in the Union army. He has been a farmer and hotel keeper in Westmoreland and Indiana counties. (MAD: see this book for more)
      Pg.1172-3: Martha Jane Marshall, b. in Wayne [Delaware Co.], May 19, 1837; m. in 1854 William Duncan, son of William, who d. Nov. 3, 1856; m. 2d, Albert Easley, son of Isaac and Mary Easley of IL; removed to Carroll Co. MO. Children by first marriage:
            Samuel Duncan, b. in Cambria Co. PA, m. in MO Dec. 25, 1879, Rhoda A., dau. of Daniel and Mary Harrison; removed to KS. Issue: Bessie, b. Dec. 25, 1880; William, b. Apr. 24, 1882; Jessie, b. Apr. 1884.
            Walter Marshall Duncan, b. in Cambria Co., Dec. 31, 1856; m. Mar. 25, 1883, Amy, dau. of Joel and Sarah Bogue; a farmer in MO. Issue: Olive, b. Feb. 4, 1884.
            Children by second marriage b.1862 on, surname Easley, not copied.

"Notes and Queries: Historical, biographical and genealogical, chiefly relating to interior Pennsylvania" by William H. Egle, 1899 (Memphis Public Library book 929.348 N911; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Pg.225: Westmoreland Co. Families. Need name of wife of James Duncan, whose son was John Duncan of Westmoreland Co.


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