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Philadelphia Co. PA Index to Wills, A-H, 1682-1900 (FHL film 1,311,039; item 4, "D" names; copied to ca 1890)
      Year, #, Name, Will book & page or other remarks
      1759 #199, Duncan, Robert, L-314
      1765 #128, Duncan, Joseph, N-258
      1786 #184, Duncan, John, T-310
      1788 #11, Duncan, William, U-41
      1792 #181, Duncan, David, W-294
      1800 #41, Duncan, David, Y-304
      1802 #110, Duncan, Margaret, 1-26
      1803 #94, Duncan, Peter, 1-149
      1807 #29, Duncan, Matthew, 2-87
      1820 #3, Duncan, Elizabeth, 7-90
      1820 #55, Duncan, James, 7-136
      1832 #82, Dunkin, Ann, 10-329
      1840 #162, Duncan, Benjamin Esq., 14-310
      1843 #235, Duncon, Jeremiah, 16-521
      1860 #300, Duncan, Andrew, 44-162
      1864 #113, Duncan, William, 52-238
      1870 #30, Duncan, Catharine, 66-253
      1872 #26, Duncan, Thomas G., 73-280; Acct. 16-2
      1874 #315, Duncan, John M., 81-168
      1876 #191, Duncan, Couthard, 86-439
      1879 #20, Duncan, Anna C., 94-23; account book 43-165
      1879 #45, Duncan, William, 94-63; Acct. 14-400, 16-233
      1886 #939, Duncan, Hannah, 129-129; remarks: record
      1886 #1443, Duncan, Mary W., 131-292; Inv. 4-49; Acct 76-518
      1887 #179, Duncan, Thomas, 131-509
      1887 #1339, Duncan, Eliza M., 136-368; remarks: see index of 1889
      1887 #1425, Duncan, Jane, 124-219 (sic); Inv.: 7-226; Acct 83-425
      1889 #643, Duncan, Eliza M., 144-497
      1889 #664, Duncan, John A., 144-501; remarks: record
      1889 1434-1/2, Duncan, Alexander, "will on file"

Philadelphia Co. PA Wills
      L-314, #199: 3rd day 9th month 1759, will of Robert Duncan of City of Philadelphia, taylor; to son Joseph household goods; remainder to sons Joseph and John equally, when of age 21; if both sons die in their minority and without issue, estate to poor. Exec. friends Mordecai Yarnel of this City, merchant, and John Jones of Plymouth, Philadelphia Co. Wit. David Bacon, Job Bacon, Alexr. Seaton. Proved 6 Sept. 1759 on oath of David and Job Brown. (FHL film 21,725) (MAD: ?? see Mordecai Yarnel mar. Jane Duncan in 1792 in Greene Co. TN.)
      N-258, #128: 13 July 1755, will of Joseph Duncan of City of Philadelphia; all to father William Duncan of Bensalem Twp. in Bucks Co., weaver; appoint father William Duncan exec. Wit. Joseph Baker, Peter Thompson. Rec. 30 July 1765. (FHL film 21,726)
      T-310, #184: 18 March 1786, will of John Duncan of City of Phila., hatter; to wife Elizabeth Duncan the use of house until my son Robert reaches 21; then house to son Robert. If Robert dies in minority without lawful issue, then to wife during life and then sold and proceeds to poor; to wife 1/2 goods etc.; the other half as follows: to Hannah the widow of my cousin John Marll, 15 lbs; to each of my cousin Thomas Marll's children 15 lbs; to each of cousin Joseph Marll's children 12 lbs; to cousin Jacob Marll 15 lbs and to each of his children 15 lbs; to Sarah Maxfield formerly my housekeeper, 12 lbs; to Thomas Shute, scrivener and cripple, 12 lbs; residue I give to the meeting to which I belong to be laid out for poor old people as Friends may think proper. Money due me from Michael Debler of Dauphin Co., to release to him a tract of 300 acres (I have patent) adj. his other land. Appoint exec. wife Elizabeth and Friends Joseph Yerkus and Thomas Norton. Wit. William Shipley and Samuel Foulke. Proved 31 March 1786. Codicil 23 March 1786: to wife Elizabeth, all family provisions and furniture; Wit. Samuel Foulke and Isaac Buckbee. Proved 8 April 1786. (FHL film 21,729) (MAD: See Lancaster Co. PA Deeds for Michael Deibler; Quakers)
      U-41, #11: "Delaware Bay, Oct. 2nd 1775. Honored & Jr. Mother. As I am now about to encounter perils & danger I cannot now foresee I am convinced it would be prudent to leave my affairs in a settled way least I should die & so never return this ??? to have considered when on shore but my spirits where too much hurried to attend properly to it but perhaps the following method will stand valid in law which I sincerely wish it may and as I am now in my Right Senses & understanding which the Almighty has blessed me with I do think proper after commending my Soul to the Care of the Great Creator of the Universe hereby leave you sold Executrix of my Estate and after paying all my just debts do hereby leave bequeath & constitute you my sole & only heir of the reall & personal Estate which I am now worth in this World to be disposed of as you may think proper, but I must here beg leave to urge not to forget when you are about making your last Will & Testament my dear Brothers who may have offended you or my dear Sister or Children who may have done you wrong and who may then stand in need of some Assistance and I would likewise wish that you would think of the two Fatherless Children who when you are gone cannot help themselves but I know I commit these matters to a considerate parent who knows how to act. Wishing that you and yours may enjoy all the happiness that this world can afford & permanent felicity in the world to come I remain your affectionate Son given under my hand & Seal this Second of October one thousand Seven hundred & Seventy five. William Duncan L.S. Witness present Rosshel Clark Pilot; Robert Higgins." Richard West of City of Phila. swore to the signature of Rosshel Clark, pilot, on 23 Jan. 1788. John Philips of City of Phila. swore to handwriting of William Duncan. Probate was granted to Margaret Duncan, executrix, 29 Jan. 1788. (FHL film 21,729; right margin too dark to read on 1st page)
      W-294, #181: 28 Feb. 1792, will of David Duncan of City of Phila., merchant; all to nephew Isaac Telfair; exec. friends Andrew Tybout, John Morres and Isaac Telfair. Wit. Wm. Rolston, Jacob S. Howell. Proved 7 and 15 May 1792; Isaac Telfair granted letters testamentary. (FHL film 21,730)
      Y-304, #41: 13 March 1798, will of David Duncan of City of Phila., a free black man, about to go to see (sic) on a voyage; Robert Turner and I lately purchased of Jona. Penrose, sheriff, land on south side of Vine Street; Turner and I divided the lot on 19 Feb. last past; land to wife Phebe Duncan; everything to her, she to support and educate my two children, John and Catherine, until they become of age. Exec. wife Phebe and friend John Eckseter. Wit. Benjamin Ferriss, P. Thomson. Proved 18 March 1800. (FHL film 21,731)
      1-26 to 34, #110: 5 Dec. 1801, will of Margaret Duncan of City of Phila., widow, (lots of religious terms). To my son Matthew Duncan and his heirs in trust, my lot of ground on the NW corner of Market & 13th ... from Delaware in the said City of Phila., 25 feet wide on the north side of Market Street and 105 feet deep on 13th Street. To my grandson John Mason Duncan eldest son of my son Matthew, a lot on north side of Market Street adj. last mentioned lot, 25 feet wide on Market St. and 105 feet deep. To my grandson David Telfair Duncan 2nd son of my son Matthew, lot adj. last mentioned, 180 feet deep to a 20 ft. alley. Remaining land on NW corner of Market & 13th St., 25 feet by 50 feet, to my executors in trust to build a good brick church and stone cellar (describes church size, windows, etc.) for a congregation reformed Synod to which the Reverend Robert Annar's church in Spruce Street belongs. To my son Matthew and his heirs in trust another lot of ground (bottom of page dark). To my granddau. Ann Timothy dau. of my daughter Elizabeth Telfair decd, lot on South side of Market St. adj. last mentioned lot, during life, then to her (Ann Timothy's) son David Telfair, unless when she dies, she does not have any son living called David Telfair, then at her death to her eldest son. To the said Ann Timothy 500 lbs to build a house on the lot. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for my grandchildren Robert Pryor Duncan and Margaret Duncan, children of my son Isaac decd until they arrive at age of maturity, that is, Robert to 21 and Margaret to 18, lot on southwest corner of Market and 13th St., remembering that the 25 feet nearest to Market St. is to go to grandson Robert; if either of these grandchildren die before age of maturity or without issue, then the whole to go to the survivor; if both die, then the lot to be divided between by great-grandson Isaac Telfair McKim, son of my granddau. Margaret McKim, and Isbella Bailey, dau. of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey. To my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot on west side of 13th St. adj. last mentioned lot during her life, then to my grandchildren Isaac, James, Henry and Elizabeth, children of my dau. Mary Ann. To my granddaus. Esther Bailey, dau. of (two more words interlined and too dark to read), Mary Ann her heirs a lot on West end of last mentioned.
            To my grandson Isaac McKim, son of my dau. Margaret, lot of ground adj. a lot purchased by Thomas Leiper at public sale of city lots in 1787, on the public square. To my grandson William McKim son of my dau. Margaret, a lot of ground adj. last mentioned, on public square. To my granddau. Margaret Bailey, dau. of my dau. Mary Ann, a lot adj. last mentioned on the public square.
            To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for such of the children of said Matthew Duncan as he shall name his heirs, a lot on Shippen Street in Dist. of Southwark between 3rd & 4th streets from Delaware, adj. a lot of ground set apart for a family burying place, adj. a frame house and lot now belonging to Isaac McKim subject to a yearly rent charge or sum of 4 lbs 4 shillings per annum. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for my grandson Robert Pryor Duncan, son of my son Isaac deceased, lot on Shippen St. (same terms if Robert dies, then Margaret gets it). To my dau. Mary Ann a lot on Shippen St. subject to rent. To my dau. Mary Ann Bailey for life a lot of ground on Shippen St., then to grandson David Telfair son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey. To my great granddaus. Elizabeth Holliday and Sarah Holliday, daus. of my granddau. Ann Holliday decd., a brick messuage or tenement adj. aforesaid Bake house on last mentioned lot. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for the childrean of Matthew, 3 frame houses adj. aforesaid. To my great granddau. Ann Holiday, dau. of my granddau. Ann Holiday decd, a tenement adj. the burial ground. To Sarah Carson Mantua?, maker dau. of James Carson Taylor decd, a brick house. To son Matthew Duncan in trust etc. a tenement.
            To granddau. Margaret McKim dau. of my dau. Elizabeth Telfair decd, lot on Christian Street in Dist. of Southwark between 2nd & 3rd streets from Delaware, during life and then to her (Margaret McKim's) son David Telfair. To granddau. Margaret Holliday, dau. of my son Robert Duncan decd, lot adj. last mentioned. To my grandson William Bailey, son of my dau. Mary Ann, lot on Christian Street adj. last mentioned. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust a lot on Christian Street; any buildings to be erected on any of these lots shall belong to the lots.
            To my son Matthew Duncan in trust land in Northumberland (bottom line too dark to read). To my son Matthew Duncan in trust a tract of land in Northumberland Co. called Hemarte? Ferver? 300 acres per patent. To my son Matthew Duncan land now occupied by John Davidson in Northumberland Co., 168 acres by patent. To my son Matthew land in Northumberland now occupied by Jacob Seix? 221a not yet patented.
            To my grandsons Isaac McKim and William McKim, sons of my dau. Margaret McKim decd, 4 tracts of land in Lycoming Co. called Venice, Valona, ??itby (tape on margin), and Warwick, containing 1180 acres per deeds and patents. To my grandson David Telfair Duncan son of my son Matthew Duncan, land in Lycoming Co. called Lough Darrach, 476 acres by deed and patent. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust two tracts in Lycoming Co. called Duncans Palace and Edenburgh, 653 acres per patents. To my grandson John Mason Duncan, son of my son Matthew, land in Lycoming Co. called Dublin, 178-1/4 acres per patent.
            To my son Matthew Duncan lot of ground in town and county of Northumberland Lot #47. To my grandson Isaac Bailey son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in town & county of Northumberland #280. To my grandchildren Isabella Bailey and Ann Bailey, ch. of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in Sunbury #27. To my grandson William Bailey, son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in Sunbury #152. To my son Matthew Duncan lot in Northumberland #116.
            To my grandson David Telfair Duncan, son of my son Matthew Duncan, land in Luzerne Co. I purchased from John Disk about one mile below the mouth of Teagu?, 253 acres not yet patented.
            If any of my above property shall be sold before I die, it does not affect the other bequests. Remainder of estate, including two tracts in Centre Co., one tract in Dauphin Co. and any bonds that may be due me when I die, to be sold to pay debts. To my granddau. Ann Timothy 500 lbs to erect a building. I discharge my children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren and my son or sons in law from payment of any bonds, etc. Appoint son Matthew Duncan and son in law William Bailey as executors. Wit. Peter Lohra, Silas E. Writ?, Jas. Humphreys Jr. Rec. Dec. 1, 1802. (FHL film 21,731)
      1-149, #94: 12 July 1799, will of Peter Dunkin; to my friend Atchison Thompson of Phila., taylor, all estate; he to be sole exec. Wit. Jas. M. Robertson, Chas. E. Hubley, Thomas Burrows. Proved 23 Nov. 1803. (FHL film 21,731)
      2-87, #29: Matthew Duncan, 1807 - pages missing from book. (FHL film 21,732)
      7-90, #3: 11 Dec. 1819, will of Elizabeth (+) Duncan of Dist. of Southwark in Phila. Co., widow; to dau. Martha bed etc. and a bible; to John Duncan, natural son of my late son John decd, now living with me, $1500 (sic) when 21; if he dies without issue, $15 (sic) become part of residue; land at SW corner Catharine and 2nd Streets in Southwark rented to Charles Whareton 13 Feb. 1804, to dau. Martha; to son James Duncan, and at James' death then to dau. Martha Duncan; my three children James Duncan, Benjamin Duncan, Martha Duncan. Exec. friend Hugh Cavenaugh of Southwark, grocer, and son Benjamin Duncan. Wit. Hugh McKenzie, John Durney. Proved 5 Jan. 1820. (FHL film 21,734) (MAD: widow of James)
      7-136, #55: 16 Feb. 1820, will of James Duncan of Dist. of Southwark, Phila. Co.; all to brother Benjamin Duncan of Southwark, wood corder. Exec. said Benjamin Duncan. Wit. Hugh Cavenaugh, Seth Roberts. Proved 3 May 1820. (FHL film 21,734)
      10-329, #87: 20 July 1831, Ann Dunsan (sic) of City of Phila., widow, appoint William Davidson and his son William B. Davidson of Phila. to be executor. Estate in trust, in two equal parts; one to granddau. Ann, wife of John S. Pamensselaer (sic) of City of Albany, NY; the other equally to children of said granddau. Ann Van Rensselaer (sic). /s/ Ann Dunkin. Wit. A. Macon, Tho. Sergeant. Proved 4 June 1832 by witnesses who saw Ann Dunkirk ... (sic) (FHL film 21,735)
      14-310, #162: 25 May 1839, will of Benjamin Duncan of City of Phila.; all to wife Elizabeth; exec. wife Elizabeth. Wit. Wm. Amies?/Aniut?, Wm. Vogdes. Proved 9 Sept. 1840. (FHL film 21,737)
      16-521, #235: 8 Dec. 1843, will of Jeremiah (X) Dunkon; "all moveable and personable property or that portion shall be disposed of the interment of my tenement and whatever is left to satisfy my creditors." Sole exec. Levin Tilmon. Wit. Henry C. Cornish, Elizabeth (X) Haywood. Proved 13 Dec. 1843. (FHL film 21,738)

Philadelphia PA Will (FHL film 21,751)
      52-238: #113, Will of William Duncan of Philadelphia Co., of sound mind & memory ...; just debts and funeral expenses be paid; concerning the real estate at the NW corner of Race or Sassafras Street and Front Street and the estate numbered 13 on Race or Sassafras Street in City of Philadelphia sold by order of the Orphans Court under proceedings in Partition on 26 Sept. 1848 and purchased by & conveyed by deed to me in fee by William D. Moulder admin. with testamento annexed, I give as follows: The said property having been figured and estimated by the jury at the Partition as about equivalent at that time to 2/3 of the then undivided real estate of the former owner, William Moulder Sr. deceased, was devised by his will on record to his children, the respective mothers of my children, namely Mary Duncan and Sarah Duncan by their father the said William Moulder Sr., and inherited by them from their brother Joseph Moulder who died in 1816 single without issue and intestate, refer to the records in the Orphans Court, Recorder of Deeds, and Register of Wills, and the heirs of Mary Duncan and Sarah Duncan will be entitled after my decease to the proceeds thereof, in their respective proportions according to the will of said William Moulder Sr., and in course of law, but having a life estate therein by the courtesy and the full amount of the consideration money for the property having been secured by me to the said administrator after the termination of my life estate, in lieu thereof and for the ... the administrator from liability, and for the relief of my estate for any charges therefor, I devise the said property at its present increased value, exclusive nevertheless of the sum of $2,096.26 expended by me which shall be deducted from the several bequests, ... $1,048.13 to the heirs of Mary Duncan and same to the heirs of Sarah Duncan; that is to say:
            I give one undivided 1/6 part to my dau. Mary Ann D. Ford & her heirs & assigns in fee. I give one other undivided 1/6 part to Mary Buzby dau. of my son William M. Duncan decd, her heirs & assigns in fee. I give one other undivided 1/6 part to Joseph C. Duncan and William L. Duncan, heirs of my son Joseph M. Duncan decd, their heirs and assigns in fee as tenants in common and each of them share & share alike of the undivided 1/6 part. I give one other undivided 1/6 part to my son James J. Duncan his heirs & assigns in fee. I give one other undivided 1/6 part to my son George W. Duncan his heirs & assigns in fee. I give one other undivided 1/6 part to my daughter Sarah Lasell her heirs & assigns in fee.
            And in accord with the will of William Moulder Sr. decd, in like manner I give the other undivided moiety or half part of the said estate subject to the heirs of my son Henry H. Duncan to 1/2 of the expenditures, to my grandson Henry H. Duncan his heirs & assigns in fee, subject to the life estate in the 1/3 thereof to the widow of my son Henry H. Duncan, provided that the said devisees accept the said devise in lieu and full satisfaction of all claims against my estate under the will of William Moulder Sr. or against me ... as surety for the said William D. Moulder or his heirs, etc.
            It is my will that my wife Anna C. Duncan shall receive all the furniture, clothing, bedding, books and pictures which she brought into my family at the time of our marriage and also any shares of bank stock and her lot of lands in Chicago, IL, that may remain in her former name rightfully belonging to her at my decease. I further give my wife Anna C. Duncan any articles of furniture received from the estate of her uncle David C. Claypole decd and money ... The ... evaluation of all my other furniture, ... except such articles as I hereafter give to my children and others, I give to my wife Anna C. Duncan including my gold watch, for her life. Further to my wife Anna C. Duncan, 1/3 part of net rents, interest and income of all my estate, real and personal, ... for her life and that any future husband she may have shall not have any right or interest therein nor shall it be liable for his debts. To my wife Anna C. Duncan the house No. 94 Wood Street, SE corner of Seventh Street, together with the insurance policy thereon, for her life, she paying the taxes and ground rents ... and revert at her death to my executors for distribution according to this will, providing this and the foregoing shall be taken in lieu and in full satisfaction of her dower thirds ...
            That my furniture, clothing, etc., be inventoried and bequeathed to my wife Anna C. Duncan for her life, and then equally divided by my executor to my seven children or their heirs first named in the 3rd, 7th and 8th pages of this will, or sold and the proceeds divided. I also give to all my children and grandchildren that may survive me each a Quarto Bible, regarding it as their richest legacy ...
            The residue, subject to the deductions as stipulated on the 2nd page of this will and the payment of my debts and funeral expenses and bequests, as follows: Whereas my dear lamented son William M. Duncan decd often requested that I would not in my will bequeath a child's portion of my estate to him or his heirs as he and they were amply provided for without it, thus kindly and generously considering his affectionate sisters and brothers with their heirs who were differently circumstanced, and believing as I do that the heirs of my said son who are wealthy will nobley acquiesce in and actuated by like generous feelings will kindly carry out his benevolent and truly Christian views, under these impressions, and moved by considerations of the same varied? kindred affection for all my children and grandchildren. I do further give to the heirs of my much lamented and dear son William M. Duncan decd, one equal and undivided 1/7 part of the residue as tenants in common with the other devisees of the residue.
            I give the heirs of my dear son Joseph M. Duncan decd, namely to Joseph C. Duncan and William L. Duncan, one other undivided 1/7 part of the residue as tenants in common.
            I give my dear son James J. Duncan one other undivided 1/7 part of the residue.
            I give my dear son George W. Duncan one other undivided 1/7 part of the residue.
            I give my dear daughter Maryann D. Ford one other undivided 1/7 part.
            I give my dear daughter Sarah Lasell one other undivided 1/7 part.
            I do further give to the heirs of my son Henry H. Duncan one other undivided 1/7 part.
            As I have assisted my dear children and grndchildren from time to time as occasion required it with several sums of money without being always particular in charging the same, I will that all such sums of money whether by bond, note or book account or otherwise remaining unsettled shall, as far as there is a balance due me, be cancelled at my decease and regarded as free will gifts from a tender father and grandfather to his affectionate children and grandchildren.
            I appoint my wife Anna C. Duncan executrix and my dear sons James J. Duncan, George W. Duncan, my grandson John G. Ford, and nephew William D. Moulder executors; I hereby revoke all former wills; the 8 preceding pages, set my hand & seal, 1 Feb. 1856. /s/ Wm. Duncan; wit. Edwin Hall, Arthur Thacker.
            Codicil; revoke the devise to my son James J. Duncan of 1/6 part of property and give the same to Anna C. Duncan his wife (sic); Revoke the devise in my will to my son James J. Duncan of 1/7 part, and give it to Anne C. Duncan his wife (sic); /s/ Wm. Duncan, Wit. Wm. D. Moulder, Arthur Thacker; Phila. on August 5, 1861. City & Co. of Philadelplhia, Register's Office Feb. 29, 1864; appeared Edwin Hale and Arthur Thacker, witnesses, who saw William Duncan sign the will. Appered Feb. 29, 1864, Arthur Thacker and William D. Moulder who saw William Duncan sign the Codicil. Affirmation by Anna C. Duncan, Jas. J. Duncan, Geo. W. Duncan, John G. Ford, Wm. D. Moulder they will administer the estate and comply with the provisions of the law relating to collateral inheritance; wit. John F. Belsterling, Dep. Register; Letters Testamentary granted to them. (FHL film 21,751; copy of original will from Wayne R. Johnson which also calls Anna C. Duncan "his" wife in Codicil.)
      Pg.243, bottom, verbatim: Item. I do nominate and appoint my beloved wife Anna C. Duncan executrix and my dear sons James J. Duncan, George W. Duncan, my grandson John G. Ford,
      Pg.245, bottom, verbatim: Registers Office Feb. 29, 1864. We do affirm that as the executors of the foregoing last will and testament of William Duncan deceased we will well and truly administer the goods and ("chattels" on next page)

Bond, Philadelphia Co. PA (copy of document from Wayne R. Johnson 12/1993)
      Bond of Anna Louisa C. Duncan of City of Philadelphia, widow, William Clevean? of said City & Mary Louisa Duncan of said City, single woman, for $30,000, 20 April 1842; that above Anna Louisa C. Duncan, admin. of William M. Duncan decd, will properly administer the estate and return an inventory to the Register's Office by 20 May next ensuing, and make an accounting by 20 April 1843. /s/ A.L.C. Duncan, William Cream?, Mary Luisa Duncan; wit. J.B. Luvall, Depy Register.

Philadelphia Co. PA Auditors Accounts
      Accounts 1850-52 (FHL film 1,290,590)
            1850-1851 - no index
            1851-1853 - no Duncan
      Accounts 1852-54 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,591)
      Accounts 1854-55 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,592)
      Accounts 1855-56 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,593)
      Accounts 1856-57, 1859 (FHL film 1,290,594)
            1856-1857 - no Duncan
            1856-1859 - no index
      Accounts 1857-58 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,595)
      Accounts 1858 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,596)
      Accounts 1858-59 (FHL film 1,290,597)
            1858 (3rd) - no Duncan
            1858-1859 - no D index page (or blank)
            1858-1859 (2nd) - no index
      Accounts 1859, 1862-63 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,598)
      Accounts 1864 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,599)
      Accounts 1864-66 (FHL film 1,290,600)
            1864-1865 - early index, incl. D page, missing
            1865 - no Duncan

Philadelphia Co. PA Auditor's accounts
      Accounts 1866-67 (FHL film 1,290,601)
            March-June 1866 - no Duncan
            Dec.-May 1866-67 - no Duncan
      Accounts 1867, 1868 (FHL film 1,290,602)
            Nov. 1867 - Feb. 1868 - no Duncan
            1868 Vol.2, Pg.503-505: (no date), to Orphans Court for Philadelphia Co., report by auditor appointed to settle and adjust the account of Charles J. Pancoast, admin. of estate of Elizabeth Duncan decd, and to report? distribution of the balance in the hands of the administrator, reports: after publication in the newspapers, he proceeded to discharge of his duties at the time & place in the notice; the accountant asked to be surcharged with $100, being the yearly annuity due the estate which has been received by him since the filing of his account, and this amount less the commissions of 5% which is entitled to charge against it is accordingly added to the debit side of the account; a certified copy of the accounts was presented ... no creditors of the deceased appeared; several witnesses were produced as to the domicile of the decedent at the time of her death, her family connections, and the date of her decease; it appeared in evidence that Elizabeth Duncan the decedent died about 20 years since in the City of New Orleans, Louisanna, when she was then domicilled, leaving her surviving neither husband or children, and that the only estate left by her consisted of an annuity settled upon her under the provisions of the will of her uncle John Myers for and during all the term of the natural life of Katharine Myers wife of said John Myers, which will was duly registered in Bucks Co. PA on 10 August 1844. It also appeared that said decedent left surviving her the following named brother and sisters of the whole blood, being children of the same father and mother, to wit: Thomas Hale, Louisa Hayne, Eveline Hale, Caroline Carson, Mary E. Stelwagen and Emily McEiven Breck, being six in number; that Mary E. Stelwagen has since deceased and admin. has been granted her husband H.G. Stelwagen; also that Elizabeth Duncan left surviving her the following brother, sister and children of her deceased brother & sister of the half blood, having the same father as the proceeding six but a different mother: Warwick C. Hale, Allan Hains a minor child of Almy S. Harris a decd. sister of the half blood, Augusta C. Robinet, Mary E. Hale a minor child of James C. Hale a decd. brother of the half blood, and Kate Myers Stacker, being five in number. The auditor is of the opinion that the fund in the hands of the accountant should be distributed among the brothers and sisters and the children of such as are deceased in accord with the laws of the State of Louisianna in which the decedent was domiciled at the time of her death; these laws require that 1/2 the funds should first be divided equally between the brothers and sisters of the whole blood and the remaining half should then be divided equally between all the brothers and sisters including those of the whole blood and those of the half blood, and in accord with this, they were distributed as follows: Eveline Hale $59.509-1/66; Louisa Hayne (same), Caroline Carson (same), Thomas Hale Jr. (same), H.S. Stelwagner admr. of Mary E. Stelwagner (same), Emily McEiven Beck $56.509-1/66 (no explanation why she received $3 less); Allan Harris minor child of Almy S. Harris $21.003-2/11, Augusta C. Robinett (same), Warwick C. Hale (same), Mary E. Hale minor child of Jas. C. Hale (same), Kate Myers Stocker (same). /s/ H.B. Warriner, auditor.
      Accounts 1868-1869 (FHL film 1,290,603 to p.653; FHL film 1,290,604 p.652 to end)
            May 1868 - Oct. 1868 - No Duncan (FHL film 1,290,603)
            Feb. - Oct. 1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,603)
            July - Dec. 1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,604)
            1869-1871 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,604)
      Accounts 1869-1871 (FHL film 1,290,605 to p.357; FHL film 1,290,606 p.356 to end)
            1869-1877 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,605)
            1870 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,605)
            1870 2nd - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,605)
            1870 3rd - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,606)
      Accounts 1871 (FHL film 1,290,606 to p.449; FHL film 1,290,607 p.448 to end)
            1870-1871 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,606)
      Accounts 1877-1878 (FHL film 1,290,607 to p.539; FHL film 1,290,608 p.538 to end)
            1871 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,290,607)
            1877-1878 - no Duncan (FHL films 1,290,607 & 1,290,608)

Philadelphia Co. PA Orphans Court (1719-1852 index on FHL film 21,843)
      1769-1772, Vol.9 (FHL film 21,845)
            Pg.73: #474, 8 May 1770, Margaret Duncan age about 9 and Anne Duncan age about 6, infants, by their grandmother and next friend Margaret Duncan ... appoint as guardian Margaret Duncan grandmother and Margaret Duncan aunt (sic).
      1805-1807, Vol.22 (FHL film 21,849)
            Pg.142: #264, 21 Nov. 1806, petition of Joseph Yerkes and Thomas Norton, exors of John Duncan decd, to settle their account; discharged.
            Pg.143: #264 (same date), Robert Duncan, son of testator John Duncan, appointed admr.
            Pg.209: #524 & #525, 15 May 1807, Alexander Steele appointed guardian of David Telfair Duncan, over 14; Silas E. Weir guardian of John Madison Duncan over 14; John Byers guardian of Thomas Ogden Duncan and William Fullerton Duncan under 14.
            Pg.216: #546, 19 June 1807, James Gray, John Miller, John Purden and Latitia Duncan, exors of Matthew Duncan who was the acting and surviving exor of Margaret Duncan.
      1808-1811, Vol.23 (FHL film 21,849)
            Pg.398: #804, 15 June 1810, Margaret B. Duncan over 14, dau. of Isaac Duncan, chooses John Greiner as guardian.
      1811-1814, Vol.24 (FHL film 21,850)
            Pg.168: #442, 21 Aug. 1812, petition of Laetitia Duncan, widow and relict of Mathew Duncan decd, appoint William Wray as guardian of Thomas Ogden Duncan and William Fullerton Duncan, under 14.
            Pg.339: #960, 21 Jan. 1814, settlement of estate of Margaret Duncan, decd.
      1816-1818, Vol.26 (FHL film 21,850)
            Pg.259: #1799, 18 July 1817, James Gray, sole surviving trustee of will of Mathew Duncan, executor of Margaret Duncan ... auditors appointed to settle estate.
            Pg.279, 309: #38, Aug. 1817; and Dec. 1817, more on settling estate of Margaret Duncan, not copied
      1818-1821, Vol.27 (FHL film 21,851)
            Pg.86: 19 June 1818, Estate of Matthew Duncan and Margarette Duncan; Peter Thompson, Isaac Wampole and James T. Spencer appt. auditors in room of John Griener, William Britton and James Whitehead heretofore appointed, on accounts of Letitia Duncan, exr. of Matthew Duncan decd, filed in Dec. 1817.
            Pg.223: 19 Feb. 1819, Estate of Matthew Duncan and Margarette Duncan; Auditors find $3,803.87 due from estate of Matthew Duncan decd to the estate of Margarette Duncan decd to be disposed of as the will of said Margaret directs, per annexed account, exclusive of $1,700 and $500 not yet recd. by extrx of Matthew Duncan decd.
      1826-1829, Vol.31 (FHL film 21,852)
      (MAD: the dockets in 1826 & later often contain only a list of several people whose settlement accounts were presented to the court, giving minimal information. The estate papers themselves are apparently by volume and page in another series of films, not looked at)
            Pg.116: #8, 16 Feb. 1827, settlement of accounts of estate of Anthony Parker Dunkin.
            Pg.390: #13, 18 Sept. 1828, settlement of accounts of estate of Elizabeth Duncan.
      1834-1835, Vol.34 (FHL film 21,853)
            Pg.521: 17 July 1836, Ann Dunkin, #33, settlement presented to court.
      1842-1843, Vol.38 (FHL film 21,855)
            Pg.152: 20 May 1842, Mrs. Ann Dunkin, #43, settlement presented to court.
      1844-1845, Vol.39 (FHL film 21,856)
            Pg.96: 19 April 1844, William M. Duncan, #50, settlement of estate
            Pg.112: 20 April 1844, #125, petition on behalf of Anna Maria Duncan, a minor under 14; Landon Burton appointed guardian without security required.
            Pg.141: indexed Anna M. Duncan; page not filmed.
            Pg.557: 20 June 1845, Ann Dunkin, #59, settlement of estate; 7/18/1845, confirmed absolutely.
      1845-1847, Vol.40 (FHL film 21,857)
            Pg.15: 21 Nov. 1845, settle estate of Margaret Duncan decd. on Dec. 19, 1845; James Hanna Esq. appointed auditor to make distribution.
            Pg.134: 20 Feb. 1846, #90, Estate of Margaret Duncan decd, James Hanna presented report which was confirmed.
            Pg.232: 15 May 1846, #50, estate of Benjamin Duncan decd; order conf. June 19, 1846.
      1847-1849, Vol.41 (FHL film 21,857)
            Pg.46: 15 Oct. 1847, #53, settlement of estate of Joseph Duncan decd, O.C. (order confirmed) 19 Nov. 1847.
            Pg.270: 19 May 1848, estate of Henry H. Duncan, minor, William Duncan appt. guardian without security.

Philadelphia Co. PA Orphan's Court Settlements
      MAD: The Orphan's Court Docket Volume and page are the same as the Settlements "Book"-"Page" and item (all documents for the estate are grouped as one item in the packet)
      31-116, #8: 16 Feb. 1827, estate of Anthony Parker Dunkin decd, settlement by admin. Jeremiah Warden; Anthony Parker Dunkin, formerly of London late of Philadelphia, decd; 6/23/1826, cash found on his person when taken to the alms house, $20; income from interest on loan of 1813 of $2588.29 (and other loans); amount of certificate of discharge by the government $2588.29, 6/1/1826; payment for opening grave at First Independent Church of Christ 5/26/1826; paid balance of this account, $2000 plus, to John H. and Benjamin H. Warden under the power of attorney of Z. Dunkin, Eliza Samson, Henry Lamson, Thomas Dunkin and William Dunkin, brothers and sisters of decd. (FHL film 1,294,554)
      31-390, #13: 19 Sept. 1828, Elizabeth Duncan decd, settlement by Benjamin Duncan, one of execs. of will; 1/8/1820 inventory of household furniture; income from J. Curtis bond and mortgage from 3/10/1822 to 1826, being the amount assigned by extrx for payment of John Duncan's legacy; payment to Martha Duncan (part of inventory); payments to John Duncan; balance of $2795.83 to be disposed of per will, 8/9/1828. (FHL film 1,294,554) (MAD: see will 7-90, #3)
      34-521, #33: 17 July 1836, Mrs. Ann Dunkin, late of City of Philadelphia, settlement by executor William Davidson; settlement includes receipt 9/28/1833 by Ann Van Renssellars as legatee for myself and as guardian of my children, the only parties interested in the estate of said Ann Dunkin. Second settlement, 6/2/1835, by Mrs. Van Rensselaer; receipt 6/14/1835 at Albany by K.K. Van Rensselaers. (FHL film 1,294,547) (MAD: see Will 10-329, #87)
      38-152, #43: 20 May 1842, 5th settlement of estate of Ann Dunkin by William Davidson, surviving executor ... payments to Ann Van Renssellaer; wit. J.L. Van Renssellaer, J. Hannsell Renssellaer. (FHL film 1,294,847)
      39-96, #50: 19 April 1844, settlement of estate of William M. Duncan by admin. Anna L.E. Duncan (later: Anna Luisa C. Duncan), includes inventory 1843, receipt of debt due by J.J. Duncan &c, payments 4/23/1842 & later; we, Anna Luisa C. Duncan and Mary Luisa Duncan the widow and the daughter and only child of William W. Duncan ... approval of account Feb. 1, 1844; nothing to indicate dau. a minor. (FHL film 1,294,864)
      39-112, #125: 20 April 1844, estate of Anna Maria Duncan; petition of Caroline Mantore and Violette Burton; that Mary Duncan, wife of Henry Duncan, died in Lackronville, IL, on 30 April 1842 leaving 4 children among whom was Anna Maria Duncan; Maria Bostic was the mother of Mary Duncan, hearing that Mary was sick and not likely to live, at her request (Maria Bostic) left Philadelphia and went to IL to see her, when she arrived Mary was dead and Maria Bostic with the consent of the step-father brought Anna Maria with her to Philada. to bring up and take charge of. In Sept. last Maria Bostic died, having left in her will the charge and care of Anna Maria to Violatt Burton a married woman, who is 38 years of age, a good house keeper and a respectable married woman, who placed the child with Mr. Samuel Willits a farmer in New Jersey one mile and a half from Laddonfield? N.Jersey. The child is nine years old, has a half-sister 21 years of age living in this city who is also married and desires to have the guardianship of the child. Petition to appoint a guardian for said child. The child is now in the custody of her sister who took her from Mr. Willit's house and brought her home with her to this city without consent of any person or notice claiming the right as her nearest relative to her custody; April 27, Landon Burton was appointed guardian without security, order confirmed April 27, 1844. (FHL film 1,294,865)
      39-141, #114: 27 May 1844, estate of Ann Duncan; petition of London (X) Burtin on behalf of Ann Duncan; she has no legal person to take charge of her, she under age of 14, she has no estate whatsoever; petititon to be guardian; granted same date. (FHL film 1,294,866)
      39-557, #59: 20 June 1845, estate of Ann Dunkin, 6th account by William Davidson; payments to Mrs. Van Renssilaer Aug. 12, 1844; May 15, 1845 balance paid to John S. "Vanesalaer" Esq. for himself and his children; his receipt as admin. of Mrs. Ann Van Rensalarer and guardian of his children. (FHL film 1,298,641)
      40-15, #42: 21 Nov. 1845, estate of Margaret Duncan, settlement; notice 30 Sept. 1845 by Laetita Duncan, admx. de bonis non cum testamento annexo of Margaret Duncan decd; expenses include two journeys from St.Louis to Philadelphia and back on business of estate; sale of lot on High Street; balance to be distributed ... (no names); James Hanna Esq. appointed auditor to make distribution. (FHL film 1,298,645)
      40-134, #90: 20 Feb. 1846, Estate of Margaret Duncan decd, her account of Letitia Duncan admx de bonis non, to the appointed auditor James Hanna, and after legal notice published in the newspaper, at the final settlement meeting there came: George A. Graham Esq. representing Letitia Duncan as accountant and also as a claimant of a moiety of the fund as executrix of Matthew Duncan decd; John M. Read Esq. representing Findley Patterson and Martha his wife claiming to have an interest in the fund in right of said Martha as a child of Esther Bingham decd who was a dau. of William Bailey decd; and by John Hanna Esq. representing Elisabeth Keech, Nancy Bailey and James Waddell and Isabella his wife in right of said wife; the said Elizabeth, Nancy and Isabelle being children of the said William Bailey decd.; also William Bingham, John A. Bingham and Hugh M. Bingham children of Esther Bingham a decd. dau. of the said William Bailey decd; also Isaac Bailey, Wm. Bailey and Mary Ann Bailey children of Isaac Bailey decd who was a son of said William Bailey decd; also William B. Bailey, George W. Bailey, Israel S. Bailey, Jacob Doughterty [&] Maria his wife in right of said Maria, Martha Bailey, Eleanor Bailey and Elisa C. Bailey, children of Benjamin Bailey decd who was a son of sthe said William Bailey decd. Meetings were held on 28 Jan. and 4 Feb. 1846, when John Hanna Esq. also referenced Daniel M. Smyser admin. de bonis non of said William Bailey decd who claimed in that character a moiety of the fund for distribution and produced his letters of admin. granted 2 Feb. 1846 by Adams Co. PA where said William Bailey lived when he died. The fund for distribution is derived almost entirely from the sale of real estate, to wit, a lot on S.side of High or Market Street adj. lot on SW corner of Market and 13th St. in City of Philadelphia; Margaret Duncan, the testatrix by her will 5 Dec. 1801 admitted to probate 1 Dec. 1802, devised the lot to her grandau. Ann Timothy dau. of her dau. Elisabeth Telfair decd ... for her life, then to her son called David Telfair, but if at Ann Timothy's death she shall not have a living son called David Telfair, then after the death of her granddau. (Ann Timothy), to the eldest son of her granddau. then living. The residue to be sold by the execs. and the money be divided between them, and appointed her son Matthew Duncan and her son-in-law William Bailey executors. ... the auditor suggests distribution of the $4,330.75 between the personal representatives of the executors of the said Margaret Duncan in equal shares, that is: to Letitia Duncan, exec. of Matthew Duncan decd, $2,165.37-1/2. Daniel M. Smyser, admin. de bonis non of William Bailey decd, $2,165.37-1/2. (FHL film 1,298,648)
      40-232, #50: 15 May 1846, estate of Benjamin Duncan decd; settlement by Thomas J. Hemphill, admr. d.b.n. c.t.a. (administrator de bonis non, cum testamento annexo [administrator without bond, with will attached]); received 1/4 rent of estate 6/15/1843; payments for court fees etc., payments 4/25/1843 for letters of admin. & copy of will; no balance left; estate on corner 2nd and Gorman Street. Order conf. June 19, 1846. (FHL film 1,298,651)
      41-46, #53: 15 Oct. 1847, settlement of estate of Joseph Duncan decd, Adam Duncan, acting admin; includes inventory 3/27/1847 of $700; includes payment for 1/2 lot in Monument Cemetery, payment to many people including Mary A. Duncan ($4), James Duncan (borrowed money), Mrs. M. Duncan the widow's half in full ($276.80); balance of $262.86 to be distributed (no names); order confirmed 19 Nov. 1847. (FHL film 1,298,735)
      41-270, #101: 19 May 1848, estate of Henry H. Duncan, minor, petition by William Duncan of Philadelphia, that the grandson of petitioner, Henry H. Duncan, who resides with his mother in the State of IL, is a minor under the age of 14 years, that his father is deceased and he has no guardian, that he is entitled to some portion of the estate of his Great-Grandfather William Moulder deceased, that said estate has been lately appraised by order of this court, and a Rule granted on the heirs to accept or refuse said estate at the valuation; your petitioner therefore prays to be appointed a guardian to attend to the interest of said minor. /s/ Wm. Duncan. dated Philad. May 12, 1848. Appointed guardian without security, May 19, 1848. (FHL film 1,298,789)

Philadelphia Co. PA Orphan's Court Index A-G 1852-1878 (FHL film 1,290,587)
      Vol.44, 1852-53: Dunkin, Ann, pg. 508, 618
      Vol.45, 1854-55: Dunkin, Ann, pg. 87, 699, 700
      Vol.50, 1859-60: Duncan, Herman C., pg. 81
      Vol.51, 1860-61: Dunkin, Ann, pg. 325
      Vol.51, 1860-61: Duncan, Herman C., pg. 413
      Vol.52, 1861-62: Dunkin, Ann, pg. 355
      Vol.54, 1863-64: Duncan, William, pg. 388
      Vol.57, 1866-67: Duncan, William, pg. 248, 377
      Vol.58, 1867-68: Duncan, Elizh., pg. 388
      Vol.59, 1868-69: Duncan, Elizabeth, pg. 37
      Vol.59, 1868-69: Duncan, Wilson J., pg. 328
      Vol.60, 1869-70: Duncan, Wm., pg. 463
      Vol.61, 1870-71: Duncan, Wm., pg. 366, 433
      Vol.62, 1871-72: Duncan, James, pg. 99, 138
      Vol.62, 1871-72: Duncan, John M., pg. 99, 138
      Vol.62, 1871-72: Duncan, Thomas, pg. 99, 138
      Vol.62, 1871-72: Duncan, Wm., pg. 99, 138
      Vol.62, 1871-72: Duncan, Margaret, pg. 299, 436
      Vol.63, 1872-73: Duncan, Peter S., pg. 500
      Vol.63, 1872-73: Duncan, Sarah F., pg. 500
      Vol.64, 1873-74: Duncan, George W. Sr., pg. 272
      Vol.64, 1873-74: Duncan, Martha K., pg. 374
      Vol.64, 1873-74: Duncan, Thomas Sr., pg. 101
      Vol.66, 1876: Duncan, Martha K., pg. 118
      Vol.66, 1876: Duncan, Thomas, pg. 109
      Vol.66, 1876: Duncan, Thos. G., pg. 428
      Vol.66, 1876: Duncan, William, pg. 299
      Vol.67, 1877: Duncan, Annie, pg. 210
      Vol.67, 1877: Duncan, Kate, pg. 210
      Vol.67, 1877: Duncan, Sarah, pg. 210
      Vol.67, 1877: Duncan, William, pg. 185, 210

Philadelphia Co. PA Orphan's Court Index A-H 1878-1938 (FHL film 1,290,585 item 2-8)
      Orphan court dockets by volume number, year range. Orphans court estate papers by volume, page, (sometimes only a few pages per film, so these may be orig. papers) and year.
      Duncan, Anna C., #583, 4/1883
      Duncan, Mary W., #314, 10/1887
      Duncan, Sarah F., M-393, 10/1879
      Duncan, Thomas G., #223, 1/1880
      Duncan, William, #112, 1/1880
      Duncan, Wilson J., #283, 4/1888

"Pennsylvania Archives" Sixth series, Vol.XII, edited by Thomas Lynch Montgomery under the direction of Robert McAfee, pub.1907 (Google book, 4/22/2010 & 4/28/2010, Google Text)
      v.12. Forfeited estates, inventories and sales
      Pg.552: John Tolly inholder in Southwark, Philadelphia County
       These are to Certifi His Excellency Joseph Reed Esquire and the Honorable the Supreme Executive Council that Mr. David Duncan Purchased a lott of Ground with Six Tenements thereon Containing 40 feet on Christian Street and in depth on Second Street 120 feet being the N. E. Corner of the two Streets Bounded S. by Christian Street W. by 2d. Street N. by land of the Widow Davey and East by John Willson seized by Virtue of a Proclamation dated the 15 day of June 1778 and sold Agreeable to Law at the Court house in the City of Philadelphia on the 25th day of August 1779, to the above David Duncan under the Incumbrance of a Ground Rent of six Pounds pr. Annum papable to William Honeyman For the Sum of Five thousand One Hundred Pounds, which has been duly paid, late part of the Estate of John Tolly Tavern Keeper of the distric of Southwark. Given under my Hand this 16 day of November 1779. THOS. HALE. Agent P. C.
       These are to Certifie his Excellency Joseph Reed Esq. and the Supreme Executiv Councill of the State of Pennsylvania that Mr. David Duncan has fully Compleated his Payment of Five Thousand One Hundred Pounds being his whole Purchase of John Tolley's Estate the Corner of Christian Street in Second Street. Seized and taken agreeable to Law. Given under my hand this 27th day of Sepr. 1779. THO'S. HALE Agent.
      Pg.569: The following estates sold on Wednesday the 25th day of August, 1779 ... David Duncan, 5,100.
      Pg.734: ESTATE OF ENOCH STORY. Philadelphia County 1779. Return
       Enoch Story's Estate. Consisting of a Groundrent of L3 per annum Payable from the Widow Ryan, in Southwark. Agents Office. THOS. HALE Agent
       These are to Certify His Excellency Joseph Reed Esquire, and the Honorable The Supreme Executive Council of the State of Pennsylvania that John Young junr. hath purchased and paid for a Certain yearly Ground Rent of Three Pounds Lawfull money of Pennsylvania, issuing and Payable out a Certain Lott of Ground now in the tenure or occupation of Mary Ryan Widow Situate of the West Side of Moyamensing Road in the district of Southwark containing in breadth on the said Road twenty feet and in depth one hundred and forty feet. Bounded Northrly by Thomas Wharton's Ground westward and southward by Margaret Duncan's Ground and eastward by Said Road, Which are the true bounds as surveyed by Thomas Hale late Agent and his Assistant's. Late the estate of Enoch Story and that it appears by the Books of Thomas Hale late Agent, that ye said Ground Rent was Sold at the Court House in Philada, the 26th day of August 1779. And all the money paid by the Said John Young junr. Sepr. 4, 1779. As Witness my hand March 17, 1780. WILLM. McMULLIN, Agt.
      Pg.793: Sale of Forfeited Estates in the County of Philadelphia on the 25th and 26th of August 1779 at the Court House in said City, viz, ... estate of John Tolley, Lott &c., David Duncan, L5100.

"Pennsylvania Archives" Sixth series, Vol.XIII, edited by Thomas Lynch Montgomery under the direction of Robert McAfee, pub.1907 (Google book, 4/22/2010)
      v.13. Forfeited estates, inventories and sales
      Pg.306, State of the accounts of Thomas Hale Esquire late an agent of Forfeited estates Philada. County. (1779+)
       Recevd. for one Brick & six frame buildings and a lot situate in Southwark at the north east corner of 2d & Christian Streets ... bounded on the north by ground of Widow Davy & East by ground of John Wilson subject to a ground rent of L6 per annum payable to William Honeyman - late the estate of John Tolly and sold to David Duncan Augt. 25th, 1779, (amount) 5100.0.0
       Recevd. for a ground rent of L3 per ann. issuing out of a lot in Southwark late in the tenure of Mary Ryan widow, situate on the south side of Moyamensing road containing in breadth on said road 20 feet and in depth 140 feet bounded northerly by Thomas Whartons ground, westward & southward by Margaret Duncan's ground late the Estate of Enoch Story and sold to John Young Junr. Augt. 25th, 1779, (amount) 120.0.0 (MAD: Southwark, Philadelphia Co. PA)
      Pg.380-381: Forfeited estate of Samuel Lindsay, decree, payments to others, 1 May 1786; Daniel Duncan v. Samuel Lindsay 18 May 1785 Decree for L49.12.9 specie; I certify that there are two other claims against Estate of Saml. Lindsay than those above mentioned feb. 27, 1788. /s/ E. Burd.
       Daniel Duncan v. Samuel Lindsay, Decree. Upon the Allegations made and proofs exhibited the Justices of the Supreme Court to decree to Daniel Duncan one of the forfeited estate of Samuel Lindsay the Sum of forty nine pounds twelve shillings and nine pence, in specie with twenty eight shillings and six pence costs. Decree passed the 18th May one thousand seven hundred and eighty five. /s/ Edw. Burd, prot. Sup. Cur.
      Pg.427-428: Forfeited estates, Estate of Harry Gordon. Receipt by David Conyngham and wife Mary Conyngham for money from estate, 22 March 1803, witnesses Saml. Anderson, Thos. Duncan, City & County of Philadelphia.
      Pg.479, looked at, not copied, David Duncan sale from estate.

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