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Formed 1784 from Cumberland


1790 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg.119  Duncan, Wm.          221xx                Remainder
   121  Duncan, Jas.         103xx                "

1800 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg.856   Thos. Duncan        11020 - 31111                 Guilford Twp
   865   Alexd. Duncan       10110 - 20010                 Peters Twp
         James Duncan        30010 - 01111
		(next to each other)
   917   Mathew Duncan       10020 - 30020                 Green Twp

1810 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg.130  Thomas Duncan        11011 - 22201                 Antrim
   131  James Duncan         03001 - 30010                 Antrim
   131a John Duncan          00010 - 20001                 Antrim
   132  Benjamin Duncan      10010 - 00100     Washington Twp, Waynesburg
   139  Alexander Duncan     20001 - 11110                 Peters
   143  Alexander Duncan     10001 - 00201                 Washington
   160  Thomas Duncan        11110 - 21110                 Green

1820 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg. 80  Nancy Duncan         000000       - 01001          Chambers
   107  Alexander Duncan     120001       - 11001          Peters
   112  Benjamin Duncan      310011       - 20010          Antrim
        James Duncan         100201       - 12110
   128  Alexander Duncan     100001       - 10101          Hamilton
        John Duncan          200010       - 30210
            (John next to Alexander)
   130  Elizabeth Dunden?    000000       - 00110

1830 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg.189  Mathew Duncan        0001,1000,1  - 1302,001       Green
   227  John Duncan          0110,01      - 2000,1         Concord
   233  Joseph Duncan        0120,001     - 2000,0111      Lurgingan
   301  Thomas Duncan        0020,0100,01 - 0000,5000,1    Guilford
   365  Joseph Duncan        1110,001     - 0020,101       Peters
   367  Mordecai Duncan      2000,101     - 1000,1
   368  William Duncan       0110,001     - 1101,01
   380  John Duncan          2100,1       - 0000,1         Antrim
   414  Benjamin Duncan      0121,0001    - 0001,001       Mercersburg

1840 Franklin Co. PA Census
Pg.152  Geo. M. Duncan       0000,001     - 0111,11        Greencas.
   168  John W. Duncan       2110,001     - 0000,01        Antrim
          (MAD: 1850 Highland Co. OH census)
   189  M.A. Dunkin          0            - 0021,0011      Green
   205  Ben Dunkin           0010,1000,1  - 0000,0001      Mercersburg
   292  John Duncan          0000,0101    - 0000,0000,11   Guilford
   303  Thos. Dunkin         0000,0000,01 - 0000,2100,1
   309  Mordecai Dunkin      0020,01      - 0100,01        Peters
   314  Joseph Duncan        0011,0001    - 0000,001
   317  Jas. Dunkin          Free colored
   322  Danl. Dunkin         0010,2       - 2000,1         St. Thomas
   349  Rebecca Dunkin       0110,1       - 0101,11        Fannetts

1850 Franklin Co. PA Census
Mercersburg, Montgomery Twp.
Pg.16, #225, Thomas McGLAUGHLIN 36 IRE laborer
                  Martha L. 31 PA
                  John L. 4/12 PA
                  Susan M. DUNCAN 15 PA
Pg.21, #296, Mary DUNCAN 61 VA
                  George 25 PA
Pg.66, #950, James DUNCAN 48 PA BLACK
                  Lydia 48 PA BLACK
                  John 20, Mary Ann 18 PA BLACKS
                  George 16, Josiah 14 PA BLACKS
                  Calvin 8, Harriet 11 PA BLACKS
                  Sally 21, Louisa 5 PA BLACKS
Pg.69, #985, Mordecai DUNCAN 47 PA laborer $100
                  Catharine 53 PA
Pg.104, #213, John RHODES 43 PA miller
                  Henrietta 41 PA
                  Henry 18, Martha 15 PA
                  John 7, Mary 3 PA
                  John DUNCAN 70 PA none $30,000
                  (MAD: son of Seth & Christina)
Pg.125, #513, Ellen DUNCAN 50 PA
                  Sarah 45 PA $2700
                  Hannah 30 PA $2700
                  William NEWBERRY "23 (est)" PA idiot
Pg.320, #286, Margaret DUNCAN 38 PA
                  William 14, Joseph 12 PA
                  Mary 7 PA
Pg.326, #13, John P. BASORE 32 PA tailor $250
                  Matilda 22 PA
                  Elizabeth 5, Clementine 3 PA
                  Oliver DUNCAN 17 PA tailor
                  Christopher PENICK 11 PA
                  Maria REEDER 14 PA
Pg.342, #18, John W. BOHN? 27 PA
                  Mary W. 24 PA
                  Sarah E. DUNCAS? 21 PA
Pg.379, #31, C.B. DUNCAN (m) 25 PA farmer
                  Hannah 24 PA
                  Eliza 3 PA
Pg.399, #310, David Duncan SKINNER? 33 PA farmer
                  Margaret Duncan S. 30 PA
                  Mary J. SKINNER 12, Malisa 7 PA
                  Andrew W. 4, Stephen 1 PA
Pg.408, #102, John M. DUNCAN 50 PA physician $600
                  Catharine 41 MD
                  George W. 9, Samuel 6 PA
                  Margaret C. DAVIS 23 PA

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1910 Census, Guilford Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
  S.D.# 13, E.D.# 14, Page# 176, Image 6 of 37
  Chambersburg & Gettysburg Turnpike
DUNCAN, Augustus, Head, M/W, age 81, W'd, PA./PA./PA.


Franklin Co. PA Index to wills & administrations 1700-1960, A-H (FHL film 323,873)
      #1831: Duncan, Alexander, Admr. Peter Aughinbaugh, letters 4/6/1822, account filed
      #9488: Duncan, Cath. R., res. Chambersburg (not listed as will), admr. Samuel Duncan, letters 9/21/1871
      #9341: Duncan, Eleanor, res. Guilford (no date, between 1867-1870)
      #11168: Duncan, Hannah, res. Guilford, admr. c.t.a. John R. Renfrew; will proven 8/13/1877, letters same date, inv. filed 9/5/1877, account 5/6/1878
      #1818: Duncan, James, admr. Nicholas Kisacker, letters 2/16/1822; inv. filed 3/1/1822, sale list filed same date, account filed.
      #2862: Duncan, Matthew, will proven 1/23/1833, admr./exor William McKesson
      #4087: Duncan, "same" (Matthew), adm.d.b.n. c.t.a. Geo. S. Oyster, letters 2/3/1837 (MAD: adm.d.b.n. is probably administrator de bonis non, meaning an administrator appointed by the court and possibly not required to post bond)
      #4405: Duncan, Martha, admr. John Culbertson, letters 9/2/1840, inv. 9/22/1840 (not listed as will)
      #9342: Duncan, Sarah, res. Guilford (no date, between 1864-1872)
      #4047: Duncan, Wm. T., admr. Benj. Duncan, letters 5/6/1836 (not listed as will)

Franklin Co. PA Index to Minor's estates A-F 1785-1960 (FHL film 323,956)
      A-235: Samuel Duncan, 1807?
      B-462: Isaac, Catharine, Mary, Thomas Duncan, 1822, gdn
      C-319: Eliza J. Duncan, 1833
      D-371: Emanuel & Matthew Duncan, 1841
      D-371: Samuel Duncan, 1841, gdn.
      F-126: Edward Duncan, (undated, probably 1842-1854), discharge
      (See Orphans Court Dockets for entries)

Franklin Co. PA Orphans Court Dockets
      General Index C-E (FHL film 323,834 item 2)
      Duncan, Alexander, 1823, B-489
      Duncan, Daniel, 1804, A-166, 216, partition
      Duncan, Hannah, 1878, J-364
      Duncan, James, 1823, B-505
      Duncan, Matthew, 1837, D-32, 110, 285; C-406, 394 money to be paid W. McKesson
      Duncan, Martha, 1840, D-322, 342
   Docket A, 1785-1812 (FHL film 323,837)
      A-166: Court 14 May 1804, Petition of Nicholas Clopper, that Daniel Duncan late of Cumberland Co., Gentleman, died before the passing of the late law regulating the descent of intestates' real estate. That the said Daniel died (owning) two tracts of land in Fremont? Twp Franklin Co., one containing 118 acres adj. William Alexander, Michael Bunly & others, the other containing 400 acres adj. John Hessimore? Esq. & others; that Daniel left issue living at his death, five sons and four daughters, to wit, Joseph, Arnold, Samuel, John & Jesse, and Ann Elliot, Sarah Campbell, Eleanor Duncan and Mary Duncan; that Nicholas Clopper has purchased the interest of the second son Arnold Duncan to the estate, petition to the court to divide the premises amongst the children or their legal representatives or appraise the whole undivided. The court ordered the sheriff to meet with 12 men in his Bailiwick in the presence of the guardians (if any) of the minor children and divide the premises if possible or to value the whole parcel.
      A-216: Court 16 Sept. 1806, The sheriff returned the results of the inquisition held 26 Feb. 1806 on the real estate of Daniel Duncan decd, ordered by the court on 14 May 1804; the land would not divide without spoiling the whole; the land valued at $5.83 per acre for the 118 acres tract, and the tract of 400 acres at 76 cents per acre. Nicholas Clopper who had purchased the right of Arnold Duncan and also the right of Joseph, the eldest son, Samuel, John and Sarah to the land, appeared in court and will have title to 270 acres 148 perches, he to pay $17.12 each to Eleanor Duncan, Mary Duncan, Jesse Duncan.
      A-235: Court 14 Dec. 1807, on petition, the court appointed James Downey Jun. of Washington Twp, farmer, guardian of person and estate of Samuel Duncan, aged 14 years & upwards, minor child of Daniel Duncan decd.
   Docket B, 1805-1825 (FHL film 323,837)
      B-462: Court 18 Nov. 1822, on petition, the court appointed James Watson of Greencastle, guardian of the persons and estates of Isaac, Catherane, Thomas and Mary Duncan, minor children under the age of 14 years, of James Duncan late of Antrim Twp, decd.
      B-489: Court March, 1822, Admin. account of Peter Aughenbaugh, admr. of estate of Alexander Duncan, late of Hamilton Twp. decd, was approved; sum of 8 and 3/4 cents due said accountant.
      B-505: Court 10 June 1823, Admin. account of Nicholas Kesecker, admr. of James Duncan decd. late of Franklin Co., $382.04 remains subject to distribution.
   Docket C, 1824-1839 (FHL film 323,838)
      C-319: Court 5 Nov. 1833, on petition, the court appointed Joseph Culbertson of Borough of Chambersburg, guardian of the persons and estates of Eliza Jane, Martha Ann, Mary Wil---?, and Sarah Culbertson Duncan, minor children of Matthew Duncan late of Grass? Village in Greene Twp, decd; bail of $300 each.
      C-394: Court 2 June 1835, Petition of Jacob Zettle by attorney Fredk. Smith, of Green Twp, that Matthew Duncan late of Green Twp decd made his will in which he authorized his executors to sell his real estate to pay his debts and for other purposes, the will was proven and William McKesson was qualified as executor, Dr. Culbertson the other executor renouncing; the will is dated 21 Nov. 1832 recorded pg. 251?; that petitioner bought from William McKesson the 85 acres 69 perches, part of the real estate, for $1600, paid $1100 when the deed was made and $100 each succeeding first of April with interest until paid; the deed has been made according to the contract and the $1100 with interest from 1 April 1835 to 9 May in the same year is now ready to be paid except the price of patenting two acres of said land; petition to pay the money to the court. The court directed the money be paid to William McKesson, exec.
      C-406: Court 6 Oct. 1835; on motion of James Nill Esq., William McKesson to file an admin. account by 9 Nov. next on the estate of Matthew Duncan.
   Docket D, 1836-1844 (FHL film 323,838)
      D-32: Court 9 Jan. 1837, account of William McKesson shows a balance in hand of $911.61 in the estate of Matthew Duncan.
      D-110: Court 2 April 1838, petition of George S. Oyster, admr. de bonis non of Matthew Duncan decd, court to appoint auditors to distribute assets according to law.
      D-285: Court 2 June 1840, John Colhoun has removed to VA, the court appoints different auditors to apportion the estate of Matthew Duncan (heirs not named, new auditors not copied).
      D-322: Court Nov. 1840, Martha Duncan's Estate, Order of Sale No. 9. Petition of Joseph Culbertson, guardian of Eliza Jane, Martha Ann, Mary Wilson & Sarah Culbertson Duncan, minor children of Martha Duncan, late of Green Twp, decd, asked for an order for sale of lot #14 in Greenvillage adj. William Blankney and lot 15, and fronting on the turnpike, part of the real estate that Martha Duncan died seized in her? demesne as of fee. 14 Nov. 1840, court ordered the sale be made.
      D-342: Jan. 1841, Martha Duncan's Estate, Return of Sale. Joseph Culbertson, Guardian of Eliza Jane, Martha Ann, Mary Wilson & Sarah Culbertson Duncan, minor chidren of Martha Duncan late of Green Twp, decd, reports that he sold at public sale on 4 Dec. 1840 the lot of ground to William Blankney for $80, $40 paid and $40 due 4 Dec. 1841, it being the highest bid. 11 Jan. 1841, sale confirmed by the court.
      D-371: Court 5 April 1841, on petition, the court appointed Jacob Byers guardian of the person and estate of Samuel Duncan, minor child above the age of 14 years of John Duncan. On petition, court appointed Jacob Byers guardian of persons and estates of Emanuel (sic) and Matthew Duncan minor children of John Duncan, under the age of 14 years; bond in the amount of $1200 for the three minors in one bond; Abraham Caufman approved as surety; bond filed; "exit. appt."
   Docket F (FHL film 323,839)
      F-126: Court 13 March 1849, Edward (sic) and Matthew Duncan; discharge of guardian. On petition, the court discharged Jacob Byer from his trust as guardian of persons and estates of Edward and Matthew Duncan, he to pay over to his successor ... (Jacob Byer also discharged from other cases).

Franklin Co. PA Wills; Index A-Z 1784-1952 "current" (FHL film 323,862)
      C-582: 1822, James Duncan, #1818
      C-589: 1822, Alexander Duncan, Estate #1831
      D-251: 1833, Matthew Duncan, #2862
      G-418: 1870, Sarah Duncan, #9342
      G-418: 1870, Eleanor Duncan, #9341
      H-417: 1877, Hannah Duncan, #11168
   Book C, 1811-1826 (FHL film 323,865)
      C-76: Will of James Findlay of Green Twp, Franklin Co. PA; dated 18 May 1809; probated 24 Oct. 1812; to wife Jean Findlay household & kitchen furniture, beds & bedding, two of my best cows, a mare and saddle; retain possession of the house and stabling for her cattle etc.; half the produce of the plantation I now live on while she remains my widow; to my oldest son Samuel all obtained from Nimrod Dodson in the case of 250 acres of land in Powers Valley, TN, and since I lost it by due Cos? of law. To my son John Findlay the land where he now lives adj. land I now live on, being part of the same, and the heirs of Adam Burholder, lands of John Mire, containing 148-1/2 acres and allowance. To my son James Findlay of Chambersburg, lot #354 with the dew? house and tanyard and other buildings. To my younger son William Findlay all the plantation that I now live on containing about 250 acres more or less except what I have appropriated for the use of my wife for her life and at her decease my son William to possess the whole, adj. lands now in possession of James Riddle Esq., my son John, and others; likewise to William his riding horse, plantation gear, etc. Remainder of personal property sold and debts paid, and then equally distributed to my four daughters, viz, Elizabeth married to Stephen Duncan, Isabel married to James Gilbert, Mary that is married to Joseph Culbtson (sic), and Jean married to Samuel A. Rippey; that dividend added to what they have already got of my estate I consider sufficient for their share. Appoint son James Findlay of Chambersburg and son William Findlay now living with me as sole executors. (Place for wit. names, but none given) Testimony 24 Oct. 1812 by John Shryock, merchant of Chambersburg, who was acquainted with handwriting of James Findlay late of Franklin, Green Twp; that he had a number of receipts and orders of Findlay's in his possession and had compared the handwriting and said it was the same. Statement also by Thomas Kirby, acquainted with handwriting.
      C-582: 16 Feb. 1822, Letters of administration in common form of the estate of James Duncan were granted Nicholas Keesecker, sureties Samuel Deil and Peter Fernsler, bond of $900.
      C-589: 5 April 1822, Letters of administration in common form of the estate of Alexander Duncan were granted to Peter Aughinbaugh, sureties Benjamine Fahnestock and John Fahnestock, bond of $500.
   Book D, 1826-1842 (FHL film 323,866)
      D-251: Will of Matthew (M) Duncan, 21 Nov. 1832; of Green Twp, Franklin Co. PA. My execs. may sell and dispose of all my real estate as soon after my decease as advantageous except what is hereinafter excepted. To my wife Martha all my personal property and house and four lots of ground. To my daughter Martha Ann the interest of 500 pounds to be paid to her annually during her life. My four daughters Elizabeth, Martha Ann, Mary Wilson and Sarah Culbertson be educated and supported at the expense of my estate until they reach age 15; the residue then remaining to my son John and three daughters Eliza Jane, Mary Wilson and Sarah Culbertson share and share alike. My daughter Martha Ann at present a cripple but may possibly be restored to use of her limbs, in the event she is restored, the 500 pounds (the interest of which I have in a former item devised to my said daughter) should become part of the residue of my estate and my said daughter Martha Ann to receive an equal part, that is, one fifth part of the residue. Should there be any dispute about the sum remaining for the support and education of my four daughters, they are to choose three judicious men who shall decide. Appoint my friend Dr. Samuel D. Culbertson of Borough of Chambersburg and William McKesson Esq. to be executors. Wit. Jos. Culbertson, Thomas Sturgis. Codicil, 21 Nov. 1832; to my wife Martha the interest of 1/3 of the proceeds of my real estate to be paid her annually for life. (same wit.) Proved 23 Jan. 1833.


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      DUNCAN against THE COMMONWEALTH; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Southern District, Chambersburg; 4 Serg. & Rawle 449; October, 1818, Decided.
      PURVIANCE and others against The COMMONWEALTH, for JOHN ALEXANDER'S Administrator; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Southern District, Chambersburg; 17 Serg. & Rawle 31; October 31, 1827, Decided.
      STEVENS against HUGHES; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 3 Watts & Serg. 465; May, 1842, Decided.

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      DUNCAN against CLARK; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 7 Watts 217; May, 1838, Decided.
      DUNCAN'S Appeal; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; 43 Pa. 67; May 29, 1862, Decided.

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      HUGHES versus STEVENS; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; 43 Pa. 197; June 26, 1862, Decided.

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      THOMPSON v. KYNER; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; 65 Pa. 368; May 10, 1870, Argued; July 7, 1870, Decided.


ALEXANDER DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-42187, PA (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 2 Oct. 1821, age nearly 80, in Franklin Co. PA; enlisted Aug. 1775 in Lancaster Co. PA under Capt. James Ross, Col. Wm. Thompson; served 1 year; has blind wife; living with son who has wife and 4 children; applied also 5 May 1818.
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HISTORIES before 1923

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"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery, 1943 (FHL fiche 6,018,102)
      This book contains the ancestry and family of Matthew Duncan (son of Matthew Duncan and grandson of Seth Duncan of PA), d.1793, wife Sarah; owned land Berkeley and Hampshire Counties, (W.) Va; perhaps also in Franklin Co. PA; their children were named in a Chancery Court suit in Bourbon Co. KY.

"Delavan : 1837-1937 : a chronicle of 100 years" (Tazewell Co. IL) (anonymous); pub. Delavan, Ill.: Sponsored by the city of Delavan, Illinois, 1937, 79 pgs. (LH13117, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Pages 50 and 70 contain information on Joseph Culbertson Duncan, born July 29, 1822, at Big Spring, Cumberland Co. PA; with his parents he moved to Mercersburg, Franklin Co. PA, in 1826; he married Miss Margaret McKinstry on February 4, 1845; in 1850 to Connersville, Fayette Co. IN; to Delavan, Tazewell Co. IL in 1856; wife died in 1896, he died March 18, 1897.


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