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Last revised November 18, 2012

Formed 1783 from Westmoreland


1790 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg.105  Duncan, John         121xx                          Franklin Twp
   109  Duncan, Jones        125xx                          Springhill Twp

1800 Fayette Co. PA Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.500  Dunkin, Alexander    12101        - 20101           Bullskin Twp

1810 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg.117  Arthur Duncan        40010        - 00010           Franklin
   121  Mathew Duncan        20110        - 30110           Bullskin

1820 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg. 93  Mary Duncan          100000       - 30010           Bullskin
   138  Elizabeth Duncan     211400       - 01210           Union
   145  Arthur Duncan        131113       - 00100           Menallen

1830 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg.179  Arthur Duncan        1011,1001    - 0111,001        Menallen
   224  Thomas Duncan        0001,1       - 1000,1          Bridgeport
   296  Mary Duncan          0            - 0011,0100,1     Bullskin

1840 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg.215  J.H. Duncan          0100,11      - 1101,01         Brownsville
   218  Arthur Duncan        0010,0000,1  - 0001,1001
   221  Thomas Duncan        1101,01      - 0111,01         Bridgeport
   321  Saml. Duncan         1002,2       - 1000,1          Union
   349  Jno. H. Duncan       2201,11      - 0002,2100,1     Springhill
   385  Mary Duncan          0000,1       - 0100,1010,01    Bullskin
   391  Joanna (sic) Duncan  1100,1       - 0000,1          Salt Lick

1850 Fayette Co. PA Census
Pg.63, #227, John OLIPHANT 28 PA ironmaker $3000
                  Harriet 29 PA
                  F.H. Jr. (m) 5 PA
                  Stephen DUNCAN 3, Mary 4/12 PA
                  Ellen DUNCAN 60 PA
                  Mary F. DUNCAN 35 PA
                  & others
Pg.63, #229, Samuel DUNCAN 39 PA clerk
                  Margaret L. 38 PA
                  Robert L. 14, Jane O. 12 PA
                  William 9, John K. 6 PA
                  Mary E. 3 PA
                  & others
                  (MAD: 1860 Johnson Co. IA census; 1870 Dubuque Co. IA census)
Pg.79, #19, John K. DUNCAN 47 PA iron master
                  Anna W. 43 PA
                  Samuel 18 PA at college
                  Nathaniel E. (m) 14, Ashlel F. (m) 9 PA
                  F. Hugh (m) 7, Ethelbert O. (m) 5 PA
                  Edgar W. (m) 3 PA
                  & others
                  (MAD: to Dubuque Co. IA 1857-58)
Pg.114, #226, Richard POUNDSTONE 40 PA farmer $8000
                  Margaret 30 PA
                  Alexander 15, Julia A. 13 PA
                  Mary DUNCAN 57 PA
                  Sarah RAMSEY 28 PA
                  Lorenzo F. 3 PA
Pg.194, #189, F.H. OLIPHANT (m) 50 PA ironmaster $100,000
                  Jane 49 PA
                  children 19 to 6
                  Emaline HALL 30 PA MULATTO
                  Mary DUNKEN 40 PA
Pg.299, #409, Jesse DUNCAN 41 Frank. Co. PA iron merchant
                  Frances (f) 34 Bucks Co. PA
                  Elizabeth 16, Louisa 14 Fayette Co. PA
                  Mary H. 6, John H. 4 Fayette Co. PA
                  Henry (f) 2 Fayette Co. PA
                  (MAD: Frances (Lewis) d. 1859 Monongalia Co. WV)
Pg.319, #694, Thomas DUNCAN 44 Fayette Co. PA cabinet maker $1200
                  Priscilla 44 Fayette Co. PA
                  Sophiah 20, Elizabeth 18 Fayette Co. PA
                  William 16, Nathan 13 Fayette Co. PA
                  Thomas J. 5 Fayette Co. PA
                  & others
Pg.441, #92, Amos BUTLER 42 PA laborer
                  Isabell 44 PA
                  John 16 PA
                  Harriet DUNCAN 21 PA
                  Robert BUTLER 10 PA
                  Solomon 6, Elisabeth 4 PA

1860 Fayette Co. PA Census
(two stamped page numbers, the one used from page 101 on is the one on every 2nd page (right-hand page), the last one in parentheses is the handwritten page number)
Pg.31, #237-238, Thos. DUNCAN 53 PA cabnt. maker $1500-$1200
                  Priscilla 52 PA
                  Wm. 24 PA physician $0-$500
                  Thos. 15 PA
                  Maria McDOWELL 24 PA
                  Arthur DUNCAN 10 PA
George Twp.
Pg.101/333 (209), #1484-1482, Jno. OLIPHANT 37 PA iron manufr. $8000-$25,000
                  & family & others incl.
                  A.F. DUNCAN (m) 19 PA clerk $0-$150
Pg.105/342 (218), #1542-1540, L.H. OLIPHANT (m) 60 PA farmer $75,000-$30,000
                  June C. (f) 58 PA
                  E.H. (m) 18 PA student
                  Ellen 15 PA
                  Mary DUNCAN 50 PA
                  Dorcas WILSON 20 PA domestic
                  Benj. F. WISCOR (m) 12 PA BLACK
                  Wm. HOUSUCKE? 20 PA camp driver
                  Caroline C. DUNCAN 9 PA
Nicholson Twp.
Pg.130/548 (188), #16-16, Elizabeth DUNCOM 60 PA (blank) $0-$75
                  Wm. 32 PA m/in/year
                  John 23, Abraham 20 PA laborers
                  Joseph 26 PA physician $0-$100
                  Clarinda 26 PA m/in/year
Pg.140/567 (207), #148-148, Mary DUNCAN ("m") 68 PA farmer $700-$450
                  Sarah RAMSAY (f) 45 PA farmer $0-$450
                  Ella POUNDSTONE 9 PA (blank) $0-$4000
                  Lorenzo RAMSAY 13 PA
                        (MAD: ages as given)
Union Borough
Pg.314/904 (102), #711-708, Danl. SMITH 52 PA Just. of the Peace $0-$400
                  Hannah 49 PA? (OH? written over) (blank) $1600-$900
                  Rachel L. 20 OH
                  Thos. N. 18 PA student
                  Eliz. 13 PA
                  Mary H. DUNCAN 15 PA
                  Mary WALKER 2 PA
                  Sarah McMICHAELS 30 PA domestic

1870 Fayette Co. PA Census
Connellsville Borough
Pg.72, #125-129, McBRIDE, Elizabeth 40 PA keeps house $4,000-$400
                  Frank 14, James S. 12 PA at home
                  Homer J. (m) 7 PA
                  SCHOLLER, Ernest 26 GERmany carpenter, parents of foreign birth
                  BARTON, George 33 PA works in tin shop
                  MERRELL, George 23 PA painter
                  DUNKIN, John A. 22 CANada works in tin shop, parents of foreign birth
                  HUNSINGER, John 23 GERmany butcher, parents of foreign birth
                  JEFFERS, Mary 33 PA domestic servant
                  HARR, Abbe (f) 71 PA
Bridgeport Borough
Pg.258, #68-68, DUNCAN, Thos. 63 PA cabinet maker $3000-$400, father of foreign birth
                  Drusilla (f) 63 PA keeping house
                  T. Jeff. (m) 25 PA school teacher
                  Arthur 19 PA apt. to stone cutter
                  PATTERSON, Rebecca 22 PA servant
Pg.258, #73-73, DUNCAN, Wm. S. 36 PA physician $5000-$5000
                  Amanda 33 PA keeping house
                  SECHRIST, Adda (f) 18 PA servant
                  DYSON, William 21 VA BLACK servant
Springhill Twp.
Pg.466, #285-285, OLIPHANT, John 48 PA farmer $7000-$0
                  Harriet 48 PA keeping house $0-$5000
                  Ellen B. 17 PA at home
                  Jane 14 PA at home
                  John Jr. 12, Annie F. 8 PA
                  DUNCAN, M.F. (f) 65 PA (blank)
                  McCULBOUGH, F. (f) 30 NY (blank)
                  JONES, Louisa 18 WV (white) domestic
                  LYONS, Masha (f) 21 WV (white) domestic
Stewart Twp. (faint page)
Pg.476, #96-95, BOYD, John 59 PA works on P C C R R $0-$0
                  & wife & family and other men
                  "Boarding Shanty" in margin
                  DUNCAN, John 35 PA works on P C C R R


Fayette Co. PA Wills 1783-1900 Index (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Alexander Duncan, 1-134, 1811
      Mary Duncan, 4-247, 1868
      William S. Duncan, 8-458, 1892
      Thomas Duncan, 9-232, 1894
      Amanda L. Duncan, 10-82, 1896

Fayette Co. PA Wills (index on FHL film 861,065)
      Vol.1, 1784-1821 (below)
      Vol.2, #1, 1789-1828
      1-134: Will of Alexander Duncan, 16? Aug. 1811, being sick and weak; to my son John Duncan $10; son Matthew Duncan $10; son Alexander Duncan $10?? ... towards purchase of Charles Hawkins land ... after he was of age ...; to my daughter Arabella?; my daughter Mary ... after she comes of age; my son George Duncan land about 44 acres adj. land whereon Ivenworth? Christopher White and others ...; to my wife Margery land whereon I now dwell; residue of personal estate to wife; at her death, to son Samuel Duncan and son Charles Duncan land whereon I now reside; 182 acres to my son Samuel and my son Charles; (land to be equally divided between Samuel, Charles and George). Wit. Thomas Boyd, Joseph Long, Thomas S. ???. Proved 4 Oct. 1811. (FHL film 861,065; handwriting poor and page faded; extract from Kit Smith 5/1985 as 1-408, will dated 2 Aug. 1811, dau. Isabella instead of Arabella, 3rd wit. George Swink)

Fayette Co. PA Wills & Bonds Vol.1, 1784-1834 (FHL film 861,065 item 2; from Kathy Cawley 9/2007)
      Pg.218-219: Bond of Samuel Duncan, George Duncan and Morris Morris, all of Fayette Co. PA, for $300, 6 June 1814, on behalf of Samuel Duncan, the administrator of the goods, chattles and credits of Charles Duncan late of Fayette Co. deceased, and make a report by 6 July next. /s/ S. Duncan, George Duncan, Morris Morris. Wit. Henry Lane, William Finley. Registered & Compared 6th June 1814.


Fayette Co. PA Deeds (1784-1899 indexes, grantor on FHL film 862,190; grantee on FHL film 857,796)
      Copied early only
      A-28: #305, Duncan, Alex to Alex. Crawford, 6/2/1784, 200a
      C-403: #380, Duncan, Alexander from Thomas Phillips, 4/14/1795, 283a Bullskin Twp
      C-421: #386, Duncan, Alex & wf to Jacob Swink, 4/15/1795, 88a Bullskin
      H-206: #538, Duncan, Alex et ux to Saml. Neil, 12/2/1809, 382a Bullskin Twp
      H-207: #528, Duncan, Alex Jr. from Samuel Neil et ux, 12/4/1809, mortgage, 105a Bullskin
      H-208: #539, Duncan, Alex to Alex Duncan Jr., 12/1/1809, 100a Bullskin Twp
      H-209: #540, Duncan, Alex to Saml. Neil, 12/1/1809, 5+a
      H-211: #530, Duncan, Mathew from John White et ux et al, 8/18/1808, 137a Bullskin
      H-266: #545, Duncan, Mathew et ux to Henry Freidt, 4/2/1810, 137a Bullskin Twp
      I-316: #565, Duncan, Arthur et al from Hannah Wharton et al, widow, 3/23/1815, agreement
      K-430: #621, Duncan, Alex to Geo. Duncan, 1/21/1815, letter of attorney
      K-434: #601, Duncan, Alexander from Sheriff, 1/18/1815, Bullskin
      M-129: #654, Duncan, Alex Jr. et ux to Abraham Baldwin, 10/28/1816, 110a White & Mill Run
      M-130: #655, Duncan, Alex Jr. et ux to Geo. Duncan, 9/15/1816, letter of attorney, Mounty Creek
      Q-463: #783, Duncan, Jesse H. et al from F.H. Oliphant, 3/28/1831, agreement
      S-31: #823, Duncan, Jno. Kennedey from William Morgan et ux, 3/5/1833, 4+a Georges Twp
      S-357: #861, Duncan, J. Kennedy et ux to Jesse Evans, 4/19/1834, 217a George Twp
      T-491: #879, Duncan, Thomas from Daniel James et ux, 2/1/1834, Bridgeport
      T-492: #880, Duncan, Thomas from Daniel James et ux, 3/7/1835, receipt
      W-250: #939, Duncan, John K. from Andrew Stewart et ux, 12/13/1838, 426a Springhill
      X-393: #1075, Duncan, Thos. et ux to Geo. Duncan, 6/16/1840, Lot 72 Bridgeport
      Y-280: #970, Duncan, J. Kennedy from Joseph Blakford et ux, 3/11/1841, 26a Georges T.
      Y-415: #980, Duncan, John Kennedy from Jesse Evans, 9/20/1840, 1036a Springhill
      Y-417: #981, Duncan, John Kennedy from Eliza Willson et al, 9/10/1841, Springhill
      Y-417: #982, Duncan, John Kennedy from Samuel Evans et al, 9/10/1841, Springhill
      Y-418: #1097, Duncan, John K. to Jesse Evans, 9/20/1841, 1956a Spring Hill
      Y-454: #984, Duncan, John Kennedy from John Evans, 7/22/1841, Springhill, negro boy
      Y-454: #1101, Duncan, J. Kennedy to Wm. Greene, 7/22/1841, agreement, Spring Hill
      Y-493: #1103, Duncan, Saml. admr. to Isaac Hughes, 1/5/1842, 96a George Twp
      Z-64: #1108, Duncan, J. Kennedy et ux to George Thuff, 9/6/1841, 26a George Twp
      Z-100: #1110, Duncan, J. Kennedy et ux to Wm. W. McClain, 3/26/1842, 7a
      Z-346: #1122, Duncan, J. Kennedy to James Robinson et al, 8/2/1849, "asst."
      2-5: #1149, Duncan, Thos. adm. to John Anderson, 7/5/1843, Lot 1 Bridgeport
      3-76: #1085, Duncan, J. Kennedy from Andrew Stewart et ux, 11/29/1845, Menalton Twp
      5-121: #1283, Duncan, J.K. et ux et al and Ann W. Duncan et al to Eliza B. Wilson, 3/24/1849, Woodebridge Twp, "asst"
      5-139: #1285, Duncan, J.K. et ux to Israel P. Shealor, 7/27/1849, 1580 New Geneva
      5-140: #1286, Duncan, J.K. to John Williams, 3/19/1849, Spring Hill twp
      5-589: #1158, Duncan, Thomas from Com. of Peace als, judge comr, 11/10/1851
      6-180: #1176, Duncan, John K. from Ann W. Duncan, 7/31/1849, letter of attorney
      6-181: #1325 and #1326, Duncan, Jno. K. et ux et al and Ann W. Duncan et al to Fidelia H. Oliphant, George Twp
      6-183: #1327 Duncan, Elizabeth C. guardian; #1328 Duncan, Sarah S.; #1329 Duncan, Jesse H. guardian, all to Fidelia H. Oliphant, 3/31/1851
      8-183: #1376, Duncan, Geo. et ux to Thomas Duncan, 12/19/1852, #75 Bridgeport
      13-144: #1346, Duncan, Mary N/W? et al from John Hagan Sr. et ux, 4/6/1861, 50a Nickolson Twp

Fayette Co. PA Deeds; partial (SLC 10/26/1990)
      C-421: 15 April 1795, Alexander Duncan, mason, and wife Margery (X) of Bullskin Twp, Fayette Co. PA, to Jacob Swink, laborer, of same, £33, 88 acres in Bullskin Twp, part of larger tract from Thomas Phillips to said Duncan. Wit. Thomas Philips, Grinnry? Pbsisips??? (FHL film 863,549)
      H-206: 2 Dec. 1809, Alex. Duncan Jr. and wife Mary of Bullskin Twp, Fayette Co. PA, to Saml. Neil, 100 acres from Alex. Duncan Sr. on Bullskin. (FHL film 863,553)
      H-207: 1 Dec. 1809, Samuel Neil and wife Mary (X) to Alex. Duncan Jr., mortgage, 105 acres Bullskin. (more not copied) (FHL film 863,553)
      H-208: 1 Dec. 1809, Alex. Duncan Sr. and wife Margery (X) to Alex. Duncan Jr., 100 acres Bullskin (more not copied) (FHL film 863,553)
      H-209: 1 Dec. 1809, Alex. Duncan Sr. and wife Margery to son-in-law Saml. Neil ... my daughter Mary ... 5+ acres. (more not copied) (FHL film 863,553)
      H-211: 18 Aug. 1808, John White & wife (more not copied) to Mathew Duncan, 137 acres Bullskin Twp. for $250. (FHL film 863,553)
      H-266: 2 April 1810, Mathew Duncan and wife Catharine of Bullskin Twp. to Henry Freidt for four thousand Spanish milled dollars, 137 acres Bullskin Twp. (FHL film 863,553)
      I-316: 23 March 1815; whereas Arthur Wharton late of Franklin Twp, Fayette Co., on 18 March 1815, made an instrument in writing purporting to be his last will and testament, and whereas a caveat was entered to the probate; therefore it is mutually agreed by all of the legatees of the testator mentioned in the will, to wit, Hannah (+) Wharton widow of said Arthur Wharton decd, and Arthur Duncan in behalf of his wife Sophia, George (X) Wharton, Arthur Wharton sons of Testator, and James Lewis in behalf of his wife Hannah, that the will of said Arthur Watson (sic) deceased shall be null & void and that all property of the testator shall be sold and after payment of debts the whole proceed equally divided among Hannah Wharton widow of said testator, George Wharton, Arthur Wharton, sons of said testator, and James Lewis in behalf of his wife Hannah, except a feather bed & beding, viz, two sheets & four blankets, which amount yet made up two coverlets, two pillows & four cases and one boulster, also the wool now in the house & all the flax now dressed, which articles are to be given and belong to Hannah Wharton widow of the testator. Wit. John Ffsinger (Pfsinger), John McAusten. N.B. (MAD: Note well) Hannah Wharton widow of said Arthur decd and Arthur Duncan have chosen Mr. John Springer as one of the administrators and George Warton, James Lewis, Arthur Wharton have chosen John M. Austin as the other. Appeared 23 March 1815 in court. (FHL film 863,553) (MAD: note that Arthur & Sophia Duncan do not take anything)
      K-430: 21 Jan. 1815, Alexander Duncan of Bird Twp, Adams Co. OH, to my brother George Duncan of Bullskin Twp, Fayette Co. PA, power of attorney to sell land. (FHL film 863,553)
      M-129: 28 Oct. 1816, Alexander Duncan Jr. and wife Polly of Adams Co. OH by attorney George Duncan of Fayette Co. PA, to Abraham Baldwin, 110 acres on White and Mill Run adj. line belonging to heirs of Alexander Duncan. (FHL film 863,554)
      M-130: 15 Sept. 1816, Alexander Duncan Jr. and wife Polly of Adams Co. OH to George Duncan, power of attorney, Mounty Creek. (FHL film 863,554)
      Q-463: 28 March 1831, F.H. Oliphant to Jesse H. Duncan and Dean Knox, lease of iron works. (FHL film 863,556)
      S-31: 5 March 1833, William Morgan and wife Ann (X) of George Twp, Fayette Co. PA to John Kennedy Duncan, 4+ acres Georges Twp. (FHL film 863,557)
      S-357: 19 April 1834, John Kennedy Duncan and wife Anna W?. of Georges Twp. to Jesse Evans, 217 acres in George Twp. (FHL film 863,557)
      X-393/394: 16 June 1840, Thomas Duncan of Borough of Bridgeport, Fayette Co. PA, and wife Priscilla, to George Duncan of Allegheny Co. PA, for $600, Lot #72 in Borough of Bridgeport, bounded N by Water Street, E by lot 71, S by Middle Alley, W by lot 73, being the same lot which Daniel Jones and wife Mary 4 Feb. 1831 sold to Thomas Duncan, party hereto, recorded in Book T, pg.491&2. (FHL film 863,558; rechecked SLC 8/30/2010, plainly Lot seventy two)
      Y-492: 5 Jan. 1842, Samuel Duncan, admr. of John Oliphant, to Isaac Hughes, 96 acres George Twp. (FHL film 863,559)
      2-5: 5 July 1843, Thomas Duncan, administrator of John Tapp, to John Anderson, lot 1 in Bridgeport. (FHL film 863,560)
      5-121/2: 24 March 1849, Fidelio H. Oliphant and wife Jane C., Ethelbert P. Oliphant and wife Elizabeth C.H., Joshua V. Gibbons and wife Maria L., J. Kennedy Duncan and wife Ann W., Alfred Stewart and wife Sarah B., children and heirs at law of Sarah Oliphant decd and of their brother Samuel Woodbridge Oliphant, both decd, for love and affection and $1, to Eliza B. Wilson late Eliza B. Oliphant, wife of Edgar C. Wilson of Morgantown, VA, our interest to lot in Woodbridge Town, Fayette Co. PA on which Polly Cooley now resides, 1/4 acre, on which there is erected a hewed log house. Wit. John Huston. Rec. 24 March 1849. (FHL film 863,562)
      5-589: 10 Nov. 1851, Thomas Duncan elected associate judge; commissioned by court. (FHL film 863,562)
      6-180: 31 July 1849, Maria L. Gibbons wife of Joshua V. Gibbons, Ann W. Duncan wife of John Kennedy Duncan, Sarah B. Stevans wife of Alfred Stevans, Eliza B. Wilson wife of Edgar C. Wilson, are entitled to about $200 from the sale of real estate of Samuel Woodbridge Oliphant decd, brother of said Maria L. Gibbons, Ann W. Duncan and Sarah B. Stevens devisees under his will, sale made by Fidelio H. Oliphant and consented to by us, to Benjamin Brown and Nathaniel Hurst, all of Fayette Co. PA; that the amount received from the sale be paid to their husbands without any bond. (FHL film 863,562)
      6-181/3: 31 July 1849, Whereas the Rev. Samuel Woodbridge late of Fayette Co. PA by will dated 20 Aug. 1799 prob. 30 Sept. and 13 Oct. 1814, rec. in Will Book 1, pg. 144 & 145, among other things devised to his niece Sarah Oliphant after the death of his wife Anna Woodbridge certain real estate during the life of said Sarah Oliphant, and at her death to be equally divided between her two children Samuel Woodbridge Oliphant and Juliet Oliphant; that Samuel Woodbridge Oliphant is deceased without issue; Now Ethelbert P. Oliphant and wife Elizabeth C.H., John Kennedy Duncan and wife Ann W. late Ann W. Oliphant, Joshua V. Gibbons and wife Maria L. late Maria L. Oliphant, Alfred Stevans and wife Sarah B. late Sarah B. Oliphant, heirs at law of Samuel Woodbridge Oliphant decd and devisees under the will of Rev. Samuel Woodbridge, for $800, being for each $200 to be paid by Fidelio H. Oliphant, our interest to property known as "Woodbridge Town Farm" Wit. John Huston. (all signed). Receipts by each. (FHL film 863,562)
      6-183/4: 31 March 1851, Jesse H. Duncan in his own right and as guardian of Elizabeth C. Duncan and Sarah Louisa Duncan, children and heirs at law of Susan F. Duncan late Susan F. Oliphant, one of the heirs of Samuel W. Oliphant decd, to Fidelio H. Oliphant, all of Fayette Co. PA; that Samuel W. Oliphant by virtue of the will of Samuel Woodbridge decd was entitled to 1/2 a certain tract of land in Genoa Twp, Fayette Co., known as the Woodbridge Town Farm, and Samuel W. Oliphant died without issue leaving brothers and sisters his survivors, of whom said Susan F. Duncan was one of the sisters, and Susan F. Duncan is deceased leaving Elizabeth C. Duncan and Sarah Louisa Duncan, and the said Jesse H. Duncan guardian petitioned the Orphans Court of Fayette Co. to sell some land, permission granted; Jesse H. Duncan in right of his wife the said Susan F. Duncan for $1 and as guardian of Elizabeth C. Duncan and Sarah Louisa Duncan for $240, sold to Fidelio H. Oliphant the highest bidder. (FHL film 863,562)
      8-183/184: 19 Dec. 1852, George Duncan of Borough of Birmingham, Allegheny Co. PA, and wife Agnes to Thomas Duncan of Borough of Bridgeport, Fayette Co. PA, for $600, sell lot #76 in Borough of Bridgeport, bounded on N by Water Street, on E by Lot 74, on S by Middle Alley, and W by Lot 73, which Daniel Jones and wife Mary conveyed to Thomas Duncan and wife Priscilla by deed 16 June 1840, recorded Book X pg.393&4, did grant and convey the same to George Duncan. /s/ George Duncan, Agniss Duncan. Wit. W. Symmes JP. Recorded June 6, 1853. (FHL film 861,590; rechecked SLC 8/30/2010, plainly lot seventy six)
      13-144: 6 April 1861, John (X) Hagan Sr. and wife Margaret (X) to Mary Duncan and Sarah B. Ramsey of Nicholson Twp, $1,100.00, 50 acres Nickolson Twp. (FHL film 861,593)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Ethelbert O., widow Duncan, Lena; A 44 Iowa Inf.; 1892 June 10, Invalid Appl. #1115780, Cert. #926830, Iowa; 1900 March 24, Widow Appl. #715641, Cert. #501953, Iowa. (MAD: 1850 Fayette Co. PA census; 1860 Dubuque Co. IA census)


Hardin Co. OH Deed Records v.W 1862-1863 (FHL film 914,214; SLC 9/12/2012)
      W-73: 12 June 1862, Mary Duncan of Fayette Co. PA for $700 paid, sell to Andrew Highslip of Hardin Co. OH, the W part of SW 1/4 Frac. Sec.23 Twp.4S Range 10 containing 79 acres more or less in the Delaware land district, Hardin Co. OH, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Mary Duncan. Wit. Isaac Franks, J.M. Oliphant. She appeared 12 June 1862 before Thomas Williams, J.P. of Fayette Co. PA. Certification by T.B. Seasight, Prothonotary of Fayette Co. PA, 14 June 1862. Recorded Feb.7, 1863. (FHL film 914,214)

Washington Co. OH Deed (FHL film 941,000)
      9-489: 16 Jan. 1807, Patrick C. Boyle of Tyson Twp, Fayette Co. PA, to Arthur Duncan of Union Twp, Fayette Co. PA, for $150, 100 acres in Washington Co. OH in Mile Square Lot #2 and 3 of Twp 4, R. 8, Lot #179, deeded to John Bridges of Marietta and by him 1797 to James Denny and by Denny & wife Isabella of Marietta in 1797 to Francis Bryan and wife Sarah of Dunbar Twp in Fayette Co. PA, to Patrick C. Boyle 20 Nov. 1802. Wit. Mathew Gilchrist, Eliza Gilchrist. No wife.

Washington Co. PA Deed (SLC 2/2009)
      1T-344: I, James Calvin of Washington Co. PA, blacksmith, give over to my son Robt. Calvin 50 acres of land lying on the SW end of the plantation where Samuel Hunter now occupies with all improvements, water and buildings, to be layd off in the manner measuring 15 rod from the spring ... to the top of the rige by Samuel Hunter's house ... which land after my decease he is to hold as his own property, likewise he is to have the benefit of the half of the 3 (31?) acres meader over the lane while he keepeth sd land but if he sell the meadow returns back to the old place, likewise he is to pay to his half sisters five pounds specie when they come to age and for confirmation hereof I "settoo" my hand and seal 18 day (no month) 1796. /s/ James Calvin. Witness: James Calvin, Joseph Cooper. Washington Co., on 15 April 1796 came before me one of Associate Judges of Court of Common Pleas, said James Calvin Junior who swore he saw the within James Calvin sign the within instrument, and he did also see Joseph Cooper the other witness sign his name, /a/ James Calvin, before Mathew Ritchie.
            I do hereby sign over all my "wright" and title of the within instrument to Arthur Duncan for value recd, 28 February 1799, /s/ Robert Calvin, wit. David Stewart, Thomas Crawford, Daniel Moria. Fayette Co., 10 Dec. 1805, before a subscribing judge came Thomas Crawford who saw Robert Calvin sign the same and saw Daniel Moriarty sign his name as witness, /s/ Edw. Cook.
            To whom these presents shall come, Arthur Duncan and wife Sophia of Union Twp., Fayette Co., PA, for £60 paid by Thomas Crawford and John Crawford administrators of goods etc. of James Crawford late of Tyrone Twp., Fayette Co., decd, have granted to said Thomas Crawford and John Crawford all the estate, right, title & interest of said Arthur Duncan and wife Sophia to the before described tract of land with the appurtenances to and for the use of the heirs of the said James Crawford decd., 10 Dec. 1805, /s/ Arthur Duncan, Sophia Duncan. Wit. William Hogg, Alexander McClure. Receipt for £60. Ack. Fayette Co., 18 Dec. 1805. Recorded April 15, 1806. (FHL film 862,514)

Monongalia Co. WV Deeds
      1-20: 26 Sept. 1795, Jonas Dunkin and wife Dorothy (+) of Fayette Co. PA to Philip Horner of Monongalia Co. VA, 50 lbs, 83 acres corner Jacob Jones. Wit. Francis Warman?, Wm. Norriss, Josiah (X) Jankins. (FHL film 840,572)
      16-554: 20 Sept. 1841, Jesse Evans of Fayette Co. PA (no wife) to John K. Duncan of same, $10, land called the Evans tract, about 1000 acres, conveyed to Jesse Evans by David Evans 24 Oct. 1805; and the Stealy tract, about 620 acres, conveyed to Jesse Evans from John Stealy 7 Sept. 1813; and the Davis tract, about 130 acres, from Philip Davis 22 May 1832. Wit. James Lindsay, Clement Wood (JP's); reg. Fayette Co. PA. Rec. 28 Sept. 1841. (FHL film 840,713)
      19-364: 27 July 1849, John Kennedy Duncan & wife Anna W. of Springhill Twp, Fayette Co. PA, to Isaac Blaney of Monongalia Co. VA, $685, land on head of Morgans Run, a drain of the Cheat River, 137 acres; land conveyed by Philip Davis, exor of Owen Davis decd, to Jesse Evans 22 May 1832 and by Evans to said J. Kennedy Duncan. Wit. James Mustard, Jonathan Monroe (JP's of Fayette Co. PA). Rec. 4 Aug. 1849 (FHL film 840,715; typed)
      20-533: 13 Oct. 1853, James Robinson of George Twp. and Alfred Patterson of Uniontown, Fayette Co. PA, assignees of J. Kennedy Duncan of Springhill Furnace, Co. & State aforesaid, to F. Hughes Oliphant of George Twp aforesaid and Edgar C. Wilson of Morgantown, Monongalia Co. VA, $20,570, land in Springhill Twp probably a part in George, county & state aforesaid, and part in Monongalia Co. VA, part of which is known as Springhill Furnace property adj. or near the VA line, lands now or late of John William, Daniel Stantz, Filemon W. Morgan, Hiram Hunter & others, in the aggregate about 4,973-3/4 acres (more desc. not copied), 1,956-3/4 acres of which Jesse Evans, Samuel Evans & Eliza Willson by deeds 20 Sept. 1841 rec. Fayette Co. PA Y-415, 416, 417, to said J. Kennedy Duncan, which he and wife Ann W. by deed 2 Aug. 1849 rec. Fayette Co. PA Z-346, 7, 8, in trust for benefit of creditors ... Rec. 13 Feb. 1854. (FHL film 840,715; typed)

HISTORIES before 1923

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"Gateway to the West" Vol.I and II, by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978 (Placerville FHC)
      Vol.I, pg.319, originally pub. in Vol.4 #1, in Coshocton Co. OH Common Pleas Court Records 1832-1835 from Record Book D, pg.110, contains a record in May 1832, in the case of Matthew Duncan vs. Elizabeth Duncan, that Matthew Duncan had exchanged land in Coshocton Co. OH for land in Fayette Co. PA with Samuel Duncan; Samuel Duncan died, his widow was Elizabeth Duncan, and heirs were Isabella and Mary Jane Duncan.


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