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Formed 1785 from Lancaster
Lebanon formed 1813 from Dauphin, Lancaster


1790 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg. 87  Duncan, James        211xx                 Harrisburgh Town
    90  Duncan, Benjamin     111x1     Col. 1      Remainder
        Duncan, James        112x1     Col. 2   (not Harrisburgh or Lebanon)
    92  Duncan, David        103xx     Col. 1      "
    93  Duncan, John         122xx     Col. 2      "
        Duncan, Thomas       0001x     Col. 3      "

1800 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg.173  James Duncan         00110     - 00000     Harrisburgh
   194  Jane Duncan          00010     - 20101     Lower Paxton Twp
   206  William Duncan       30011     - 11010     Derry Twp
   212  Thomas Duncan        20110     - 12010     Lebanon Twp
   254  Widow Duncan         00200     - 20001     Londonderry Twp

1810 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg. 19  James Duncan         00001     - 00010     Harrisburg

1820 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg. 87  William Dunkin       010010    - 10002     Harrisburg
    94  James Dunkin         000001    - 00000     "
   102  Sarah Dunkin         000110    - 01010     Swatara
   122  William Dunkin       100010    - 10010     Millersburg, U.Paxton
   147  Widow Duncan         200010    - 20110     Halifax

1830 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg. 11  Rebeccah Duncan      0013,1    - 0102,01      Halifax
        (MAD: widow of Robert Callendar Duncan who
              d. 1817 Cumberland Co. PA)
    31  James Duncan         2210,21   - 0010,01      Middle Paxton
    32  John Duncan          3010,01   - 0100,01      "
    82  John Duncan          1100,01   - 1100,1       Lower Paxton

1840 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Pg.198  William Duncan       1000,01   - 0100,1       Harrisburg
   293  John Duncan          2000,001  - 1110,1       Lower Paxton
   323  Rebecca W/H?. Duncan 0001,33   - 0011,201     Halifax
   324  John Duncan          1110,101  - 0101,001

1850 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Harrisburg W.
Pg.31, #416-465, Wm. DUNCAN 39 PA tobaconist
                  Elmina 33 PA
                  Jacob 14, Dauphin (f) 9 PA
                  William 5, Sharlotte (f) 1 PA
                  Catharine BUCK 17 (blank)
Pg.33, #488, Sarah STEHLEY 65 PA widow
                  Jacob M. DUNCAN 14 PA
                  Catharine FORD 39 PA & children 3-15
Pg.41, #630, James S. ESPEY boarding house
                  Louize P. DUNCAN (f) 44 MD
                  Margaret 20, Mary P. 15 PA
                  Eliza L. 13, Francis (f) 6 PA
                  (MAD: Louise Pollard Duncan, wife of Stephen Duncan; see "McCall & Related Families; Edwin R. McCall, His Ancestors and His Descendants; ..." by Mary Gene (McCall) Middleton, 1984; FHL book 929.273 M124mg)
Harrisburg E.
Pg.94, #286, Charles DUNCAN 35 PA carpenter in hotel
Pg.96, #312, Peter FRANKLIN 32 PA bookbinder
                  Sarah A. 30 PA
                  Edward L. 6, Adeline 4 PA
                  Emina (f) 1 PA
                  Mary WATKINS 56 PA
                  Catharine DUNCAN 28 PA
Pg.100, #21, Thomas DUNCAN 34 PA physician $30000
                  Elizabeth 27 PA
                  Ellen 6, Henry P. 4 PA
                  Benjamin S. 3, Greenbury 1/12 PA
                  & laborers
                  (MAD: Elizabeth (Dorsey) age 27; see Boyle Co. KY Deed; Thomas Duncan the son of Robert Callendar Duncan d. 1817 & Rebecca Huling from Cumberland Co. PA)
Pg.100, #23, Levi FOREMAN 25 PA --
                  Catharine 22 PA
                  Joseph 3, Thomas 9/12 PA
                  Julia DUNCAN 30 PA
Pg.102, #54, Sarah SWEIGERT 31 PA "farming" $2500
                  George 7, Adam 4 PA
                  Harriet GIBSON 4 PA
                  John DUNCAN 60 PA
Pg.120, #121, James DUNCAN 47 PA weaver $200
                  Eliza 32 PA
                  John 12, Rachael G. 6 PA
                  Sarah C. 9/12 PA
Pg.291, #32, Christian CHISMAN/EHRMAN 50 PA
                  Polly 39 MD
                  children 17 & younger
                  Rebecca DUNCAN (f) 25 PA laborer
Pg.292, #44, John DUNCAN 19 PA w/ZEARING family
Pg.313, #39, James DUNCAN 30 PA laborer
                  Elizabeth 30 PA
                  John 2 PA
Pg.323, #15, Henry BAKER 36 PA shoemaker $800
                  Ann 29 PA
                  William 1 PA
                  Josiah DUNCAN 17 PA shoemaker
E. Hanover
Pg.349, #4, John DUNCAN 51 PA lastmaker
                  Mary 35 PA
                  John 14, James 12 PA
                  Mary 10, Eliza 2 PA

1860 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Middle Paxton Twp.
Pg.475-6, #40-40, James DUNCAN 40 PA day laborer $0-$200
                  Elizabeth 36 PA
                  John 14, James 12 PA
                  Levi 7, Ely 5 PA
                  George 2 PA
Reed Twp.
Pg.602-3, #374-380, Thomas DUNCAN 45 PA physician $0-$300
                  Mary MODERY 27 PA housekeeper
                  Jenny DUNCAN (f) 3 PA
Pg.603, #378-385, Stiles DUNCAN (m) 42 PA farmer $40,000-$8,000
                  Pricilla 30 PA
                  Mary 6, Patrick 1 PA
                  & farm hands & servants
Pg.604, #385-391, John DUNCAN 70 PA stone mason $0-$300
                  Joseph 29 PA laborer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 21 PA
                  Elizabeth 1 PA
Upper Swatara Twp.
Pg.693, #1400-1480, Hyram DUNCAN 34 PA farmer $0-$100
                  Mary 29 PA
                  Mary 5, Wm. 4, John 2 PA
                  Elima MOKLEY (f) 16 PA
                  Jno. SMITH 16 PA laborer
                  Nicholas NACHUR? 70 PA
Harrisburg Ward 3
Pg.1024, #254-262, Wm. DUNCAN 43 PA tobaconist $0-$1000
                  Elmira 45 PA
                  D.L. (m) 18, Wm. 16 PA
                  Lottie (f) 10, Lizzie (f) 8 PA
                  Lattie? (f) 5 PA
                  Cath. BRICK? (f) 25 PA
                  Jacob UCHLEY? 52 PA carpenter $30,000-$5,000
Pg.1045, #400-398, Chas. CARSEN 67 PA Dept. U.S. Marshall $8,000-$400
                  Mary 58 PA (blank) $2,500-$0
                  Ellen DUNCAN 72 PA
                  Mary 40 PA
                  Wm. CARSON 23 PA clerk
                  Ann CUPP 25 PA BLACK servant

1870 Dauphin Co. PA Census
Harrisburg, Ward 1, 186 Dist.
Pg.122, #387-389, EVANS, Thomas 38 WALES peddler? (pirdalen?) $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Elinor 32 WALES (ditto) keeps house (not parents of foreign birth)
                  DUNCAN, James 33 NY laborer
                  and many other laborers
Harrisburg, Ward 2
Pg.152, #309-338, BOLO, Mariah (f) 37 MD BLACK keeping house
                  Anna 9, Margaret 4 PA BLACK
                  TURNER, Alexander 56 PA BLACK (blank) $500-$0
                  DUNCAN, James 51 PA BLACK waiter $0-$0
Harrisburg, Ward 3
Pg.158, #55-59, DUNCAN, George 40 PA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Harriet 40 PA BLACK keeping house
                  Lidia 20 PA BLACK domestic
                  HALE, Mary 16 PA BLACK domestic
                  Robert 14, William 13 PA BLACK
                  Charles 12, Bella (f) 11 PA BLACK
                  Rute (f) 9 PA BLACK
Harrisburg, Ward 4, 187th District
Pg.209, #286-296, DUNCAN, Dauphin (m) 27 PA segar business $0-$0
                  Lizzie 23 PA keeping house $5,000-$0
                  Lottie 6/12 PA b.Dect.
                  NOLEN, Mary 1x PA Dom. Servt. (looks like 1 with a raised number)
Pg.220, #472-486, DIXON, Sarah 50 MA --?-- school $0-$0
                  Alicia 38? (28?) MA teacher
Pg.221, #472-486, DIXON, Anna 22 MA teacher $0-$0
                  BANAYR, Louisa 40 FRAnce, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Anna 14 PA
                  DUNLAP, Jennie 15 PA
                  HAYS, Lizzie 15 PA
                  MAKER, Etta 16 PA
                  GREENWALT?, Maria 16 PA
                  Lydia 12 PA
                  JONES, Zillah (f) 16 PA
                  McCOON?, Jennie 17 PA
Harrisburg, Ward 6
Pg.294, #518-541, DUNCAN, William 45 PA R.R. conductor $0-$200
                  Lydia 39 PA keeping house
                  Izora (f) 16 PA
                  Irvin (m) 13, Charles 11 PA
                  HARBON, Frank 21 PA at home
                  WIER, Rudolph 27 PA
Harrisburg Ward 8
Pg.340, #93-101, DUNCAN, John 31 PA carpenter $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 32 PA keeping house
                  Anna 24, Celia 21 PA
                  David 17 PA
                  Minnie? (f) 1 PA
                  PEIFFER, Jacob 33 PA laborer $0-$200
Pg.343, #142-154, DUNCAN, William 25 VA MULATTO hostler $0-$0
                  Sarah 22 VA MULATTO keeping house
                  (MAD: no children)
Middle Paxton
Pg.559, #231-232, DUNCAN, James 54 PA labor R.R. $350-$200
                  Lizzie 52 PA keeping house
                  John 24 PA farm laborer
                  James 19 PA (blank)
                  Levi 18 PA labor R.R.
                  Elias 16 PA (blank)
                  George 12 PA at home
                  Henry 9 PA at home
Reed Twp., 184 Sub.Div.
Pg.590, #1-1, SWEIGARD, Sarah 21 PA keeping house $0-$0
                  Adam 22 PA
                  DANCAN, Rebecca 50 PA
Pg.592, #34-37, AUCHUNT??, Mary 36 PA keeping house $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Jennie 14 PA
Pg.592, #43-46, DUNCAN, Benj. 54 PA (blank) $20,000-$5,000
                  Pricilla (f) 41 PA keeping house
                  Mary 16 AR "Arkansas"
                  Patrick F. 11 PA
                  Jane M. 9, Pricilla 1 PA
                  Lind Jno. (m) 20 PA
                  William 16 PA
                  GEIST, Ida (f) 12 PA
Pg.593, #45-49, DUNCAN, Thomas 56 PA physician $20,000-$1,000
                  Hannah 34 PA keeping house
Upper Swatara Twp.
Pg.688, #99-115, DUNCAN, Hiram 46 PA farmer $0-$3200
                  Margaret 40 PA keeping house
                  Mary 15, William 13 PA at home
                  John 11, Samuel 9 PA at home
                  Edward 6, Henry 3 PA at home
                  GOURDON (GOWNDON?), Edward 19 PA works on farm
Pg.692, #158-178, DUNCAN, William 46 PA miller $0-$1,000
                  Catharine 42 PA keeping house
                  William F. 17 PA work at steel factory
                  Margaret A. 15, David A. 12 PA
                  Alice A. 10, Myrin W. (m) 1 PA
                  (KDC: 1860 Cumberland Co. PA census; not found 1880 census)
Pg.695, #180-200, HOCKER?, Joseph 29 PA farmer $0-$2500
                  Lydia 24 PA keeping house
                  George A. 1 PA
                  SMITH, Thomas 23 PA works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 16 PA domestic servant
Wiconisco Twp.
Pg.749, #170-195, DUNCAN, Joseph 25 ENG fitting engines $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah 24 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Harriet 4, Elizabeth 2 PA, parents of foreign birth
                  Hannah 10/12 PA b.July, parents of foreign birth

1900 Census, Middletown Borough, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2007)
S.D.# 9, E.D.# 90, Page# 226A, Image# 29 of 41
Fisher Avenue
William F.,
Head, w/m, Apr 1853, age 47, m'd 16 yrs., PA./PA./PA.
Mary A., Wife, w/f, Jan 1864, age 36, m'd 16 yrs., 5 chi. born, 5 living, PA./PA./PA.
Laura, Daughter, w/f, Sept 1892, age 7, PA./PA./PA.
Mary E., Daughter, w/f, Feb 1895, age 5, PA./PA./PA.
Sara A., Daughter, w/f, Feb 1895, age 5, PA./PA./PA.
William H., Son, w/m, Aug 1895?, age 4, PA./PA./PA.
Chas. F., Son, w/m, Oct 1899, age 7/12, PA./PA./PA.
      KDC: According to William H. Duncan's WWI Draft Registration Card, he was born August 12, 1897 in York County, Pennsylvania. It also says that his father was born in Dauphin County.
      (KDC: 1910 Lancaster Co. PA census; not found 1880 census; 1870 Dauphin Co. PA census; 1860 Cumberland Co. PA census)


Dauphin Co. PA Wills
   Vol. 1A-1C 1785-1814 (FHL film 21,237; film has scratches and many streaks)
      A-148: John Duncan's will; of Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, weak in body, this sixth? June 1788; to wife Ann Duncan whole of my divident? &? house and the 1/3 of the whole leases and profits arising from ... for life; to my wife Ann Duncan the pick of my household furniture excepting things hereafter mentioned to my grandson David Richey and his children ... and pick of (farm animals). To my grandson David Richey my great coat and his bed and furniture and 1/2 of all that part of household furniture purchased ?when he came in the family. To my great grandson John Richey my hole real estate and a horse or £20 to buy one of the whole of my farming imployments and a bed and furniture at the death of my wife Ann and the whole of my lyden? vessels with my wife and grand daughter Anna? use of them until he of age which said estate I give to him and his lawful issue, but if he die without issue then my real estate wholely to my great grand daughter Ann Richey, and I order that neither of them shall dispose of the real estate. To my great grand daughter Ann Richey the ... curtains and furniture that ... in the front room, my case of drawers and the whole remainder of my personal estate of every kind and the 1/3 of the whole houses? and profits arising from my whole real estate until her brother John Richey arrives? full age. That if both or either one of my great grand children John or Ann Richey dies under age or before marriage leaving no lawful issue, the other is to enjoy full share, but if both die, then the estate sold and the money equally divided among my brother James Duncan four sons Chelarin and John Heltons? Children. If John Richey shall enjoy? the whole undivided? estate then his sister Ann Richey or her children shall receive the one twelfth? (not one third) of the value of my real estate. That ... profits ... equally divided between my two grand children John and Ann Richey. To my brother James two sons Robert and Andrew the best suit of my wearing apparel, my hat and wigs. To John Helton's (Kellon's?) daughter Jean £5. That David Richey have the whole oversight of the work? with the consent of my guardians ... that David Richey and his son John and daughter Ann Richey work unanimously together ... That my brother James Duncan's son Andrew Duncan shall have whole ordering and working of my real estate and the leases profits until John Richey is of full age ... (more provisions naming same people, difficult to read, not copied) Appoint grandson in law David Richey and trusty friend John netsy? Wilson Jr. sole executors, and appoint friend James Camden? & James Willson guardians over person and estate of my two great grandchildren John Richey and Ann Richey until they come to 21. Wit. John Willson, Alex. Willson. Proved 25 Oct. 1788.
      A-295: Nuncupative will of Jas. Duncan, deceased. 11 October 1792. Samuel Grahm (this name may belong to document recorded just previous), James Beatty, Thos. Bonmills. On Friday last past John Chambers called upon us at the instance (as he said) of James Duncan who was then very sick in order to write his will we both attended and found very ill. After some conversation Mrs. Duncan asked him to tell us what he intended to do with his estate or property after his decease. He appeared sleepy. The old woman asked what he would do with his land, he said he would give it to her, and what should be done with his personal property, vendue, notes &c & he said he would give it to her & then was asked by J.B. what should be done with the whole at her death after the Debts being paid thereout and he allowed it to be at her disposal, he answered yes. Then John Chambers asked him if he had not concluded to let the old woman have the whole during her life and at her death he was to have it, he answered yes. Chambers mentioned that the reason he gave was that he had given all the rest what he allowed them except his wife. We did not think him able to bear setting up to continue till a while? could/colid? he wrote his answers appeared sensitte?. Wrote? down within 6 days after it was delivered by the Deceased. /s/ Thos.? Berryhill. Note. It was delivered the day before his death. Sagill? to the above writing as far as to the as alive?/above. Jno. W. Bewart?
   Vol. 1D-1E 1812-1845 (FHL film 21,238)
      D-428: James Duncan's will. James Duncan of Burough of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA; want stone similar to Gennel? Andrew? Pater? in the Presbyterian Church ???; to my niece Elizabeth Glone daughter of my nephew John Glone deceased, the mansion house in which I now dwell including the buildings in which Miss? Awls? now live, together will the lots, etc., ... my other house and lot now in possession of John Fries and her mother; also to my said niece Elizabeth the other half of said house and lot. To Esther Glone my niece sister to said Elizabeth, but they are to allow their mother to live & occupy and enjoy her present priviledges in said tenement free during her life, the same real property as well as the first named to Elizabeth to be held by each their respective shares in portions of real property to themselves and their heirs in succession clear of their husbands or their husbands creditors, if they should marry. If one of them dies before marriage or without lawful heirs, their share to the other. My Bank and Bridge Stock I give to my nieces Elizabeth and Esther in equal ahares ... My personal goods to my niece Elizabeth but she shall give her sister one bureau, etc. as she (Esther) arrives at 21 or marry. Appoint Robert Gilmore? of Harrisburg and William Grimshaw of Swatara Twp executors. 11 Feb. 1827. Wit. James Maginness, Hugh H?. Gillmore. Proved 3 March 1827.
   Vol. 1F-1G 1845-1869 (FHL film 21,239)
      F-208: Will of Rebecca H. Duncan of Isle Benvenue?, Dauphin Co. PA, weak in body; appoint Frederick Watts of Carlisle? and my son Thomas Duncan as exec. All my real estate to the children of my son Thomas & Benjamin equally, subject to the following: To Julia Duncan, out of my real estate, an annuity of $120, and $200 to $300 worth of my furniture, books &c, and a house with Thomas as long as she wishes. All my personal property and annual proceeds of my real estate be in the hands of my executors to be applied to the use of my sons Thomas & Benjamin J? Duncan for their lives, to their support & maintenance and the education and provisions for them or their or either of themselves or families, but not subject to their debts. My personal real estate to be applied as my executors adjudge best. To Rebecca Duncan Armstrong $100 payable in one, two or three years at discretion of executors. 22 April 1850. /s/ R.H. Duncan. Wit. Jas. Speak, Geo? F. Sa??. Proved. 4 May 1850.

Dauphin Co. PA Orphans Court Docket (Index 1795-1937, A-F, on FHL film 21,241; G-M on FHL film 21,242)
      Headings: Year, Estate, Residence, No. File, No. Paper, (following all have Doc.-Page or Book-Page); Widows' Appraisement incl. Personal & Realty; Trustees, Administrators, & Executors' Accounts incl. Account No., Appointment of Auditor, & Auditor's Report; Partition of Real Estate incl. Appointment Trustees &c, Bond Book, Petition, Confirmation & Rule, Adjudged, Agree?; Minors' Estate incl. Appointment of Guardian, Bond Book, Statement (No. of Paper), Appointment of Auditor, Report of Auditor; Sale of Real Estate incl. Petition, Bond, Confirmation; Specific Performance incl. Petition & Return, Rule & Citation incl. Petition & Return; Misc. incl. Petition, Return & Answer; Remarks (Doc.&Page) (MAD: files & papers not cataloged as microfilmed; Books after "M" not on film)
      1791, Duncan, John, Paxton Twp, File 35, paper 1, account A-312
      1808, Duncan, James, Londonderry Twp, File 11, p.81?, 4, 5; C-242, 324, 343, 241?
      1828, Duncan, James, Harrisburg, File 23, 1 to 3, 4; TA&E Account No. 4, Auditor's Report F-290, Specific Performance F-290, Rule & Citation H-1&3
      1833, Duncan, Robert C. of Dauphin Co., File 28, 1 & 2; Auditor's Report H-130; Minors' Estate Appointment of Guardian H-126
      1852, Duncan, Rebecca H., File 47, 1 to 11; Misc. Petition M-433
      1857, Duncan, Rebecca H., File 48, 1, 2 to 15; Specific Performance Petition O-235, Return O-236; Rules & Citation Petitions Q-25, Q-30, R-137, T-297; R&C Returns Q-26, Q-57, T-352 (no return for R-137); Miscellaneous Petition R-106, Return R-176, Answer T-376, Petition S-446, Return S-479
      1808, Kelley, Patrick, Londonderry Twp, File 124, #1; File 10, 1 to 3; C-421, 172, 189
      No Henry P. Dorsey bef. 1844 (see Greenbury Dorsey in Huntingdon Co. PA 1843)

Dauphin Co. PA Orphans Court Dockets
   Docket 1A, 1785-1796, indexed (FHL film 21,244)
      Pg.185: 2 March 1789, David Ritchey of Paxton Twp. appointed guardian of estate of Jane Duncan minor daughter of William Duncan, late of said twp decd, she being under age 14.
      Pg.317: 16 March 1791, David Ritchie and John Wilson, execs of will of John Duncan late of Paxton Twp decd, settle account.
   Docket 1B, 1796-1804 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 21,244)
   Docket 1C, 1804-1811, indexed (FHL film 21,244)
      C-172: 6 May 1807, Upon the petition of James Kelly Esq., one of the brothers of Patrick Kelly late of Londonderry Twp decd, that Patrick Kelly died intestate unmarried & without issue, leaving the petitioner Thomas Kelly & John Kelly brothers and Rachel Forster? as sister and also the children of George Kelly, to wit, Andrew, Thomas and Rachel intermarried with James Snodgrass and died in the lifetime of the intestate leaving issue Sarah, Mary, Margaret, Resence?, Rachel, Elizabeth, William, George, James, Thomas, which said George was the oldest brother, and the said Patrick died in his lifetime. The children of Mary Duncan late Mary Kelly which said Mary was a sister of the said Patrick and died in his lifetime leaving John Duncan who died in the lifetime of intestate leaving issue Samuel, William, Pattience, Mary, Rachel Duncan intermarried with William Smith and which said Rachel is since dead leaving issue two daughters Mary & Rachel Smith, Margaret Duncan intermarried with Hugh Dempsey, James Duncan who died since the intestate leaving issue five children to wit James, John?, Andrew, Elizabeth? and (blank), Thomas Duncan, David Duncan, Rebecca intermarried with William Ellis, and the children of Ann Patrick which said Ann was also sister of the intestate & died in his lifetime leaving issue one daughter Maria? intermarried with Thomas Nicholson. The said Patrick at the time of his death owned a plantation in Londonderry Twp adj. lands of James Kelly Esq. & John Eshelman? of 47 acres ... That the petitioner is willing and desirous to hold and enjoy the said premises and pay the respective shares of the several heirs and representatives of the said intestate ...
            Pg.242: 26 July 1808, James Duncan and Rebecca Duncan, admr. of James Duncan, presented account, including payments "to the widow of decd. £37.4.10" and to James, John, Andrew, Sarah and Elizabeth Duncan, £14.17.10 each.
      C-324: 6 Dec. 1809, Petition of James Duncan, eldest son of James Duncan, late of Londonderry Twp, Dauphin Co., yeoman, decd; that the petitioner's father lately died intestate leaving a widow (since intermarried with Barney Dougherty) and four children besides the petitioner, to wit, John Duncan, Andrew Duncan, Sarah Duncan, and Elizabeth Duncan, all of whom are now in their minority; that the intestate owned 24 acres more or less in Londonderry Twp. adj. lands of James Kelly Esq., Henry Eshalman, Henry B. Grubbs & others, that petitioner is willing and desirous to hold & enjoy the same provided it will not be divided among the widow and children or more than one of the children; petitions the court to appoint Martin Thoma, William Logan, John Logan, James Kelly Jr., John Hostater, Henry Eshelman & John Boal who have been indifferently chosen by the petitioner and by Barney Dougherty and his wife Rebecca late Rebecca Duncan, James Kelly Esq. & Jesse Richards the guardians of the minor children, to partition the premises if it can be done without prejudice to and spoiling the whole, and otherwise to value the whole. The court appointed Martin Thoma, William Logan, John Logan, James Kelly Jr., John Hostater, Henry Eshelman & John Boal to divide, appraise, etc.
      C-343-4: 27 Dec. 1809, Return of Martin Thomas (sic), William Logan, John Logan, James Kelly Jr., John Hostater, Henry Eshelman and John Boal, appraisers, ... real estate of James Duncan late of Londonderry Twp. in Dauphin Co., decd, that the 24 acres more or less in said township adj. lands of James Kelly Esq., Henry Eshelman, Henry B. Grubb and others, could not be parted & divided without spoiling the whole, appraised value $384; James Duncan Jr., eldest son of James Duncan decd, asked to take the tract of land at the valuation; petition granted. He to pay the widow $121.15, to James Duncan eldest son $48.47, to John Duncan and Andrew Duncan and Sarah Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan $48.47 each. Bond posted by James Duncan Jr. and John Richards that James Duncan will pay the other heirs.
   Docket 1D, 1812-1817 - no index (FHL film 21,245)
   Docket 1E, 1817-1825 (FHL film 21,245)
      1E-385: 6 May 1823, on motion of F. Elder Esq., the court appointed John Duncan guardian in place of Christian Walborn of the estate of his wife Polly Duncan, late Polly McTunsey, a minor daughter above the age of 14 years of Alexander McTunsey late of Lower Paxton Township, Daupin Co., decd, during her minority.
   Docket 1F, 1825-1829 (FHL film 21,246)
      Pg.290: 3 June 1828, Robert Gilmore and William Grimshaw, execs. of will of James Duncan, late of Harrisburg, produced administration accounting; balance to be paid over, $83.36-3/4; they dismissed; John Alward appointed administrator de bonis non.
   Docket 1H, 1833-1835 (FHL film 21,246)
      Pg.2: 8 March 1833, case of citation against John Alwards, admin. of James Duncan; letters of administration vacated.
      Pg.126: 20 Jan. 1834, petition of Thomas Duncan, minor son of Robert C. Duncan late of Dauphin Co.; father died leaving petitioner, a minor now above age of 14, without anyone to take care of his person and estate, petition the court to appoint someone. Court appointed Frederick Watly Esq. of Curlish, as guardian.
      Pg.130: 4 Feb. 1834, James S. Espy, admin. of Robert Callender Duncan, late of Dauphin Co., decd, final account.
   Docket 1M (FHL film 21,248)
      M-433: 9 March 1832, Rebecca H. Duncan decd; petition by Frederick Watts of Cumberland Co. that he was one of the executors in her will, but he has not done any act as such; he asks the court to accept his resignation; he relieved by court.
      (Later dockets not on film)


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      M'ELEAR against ELLIOT and others; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Lancaster District, Lancaster; 14 Serg. & Rawle 242; November 14, 1826, Decided.
      DUNCAN against DUNCAN; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Lancaster District, Lancaster; 1 Watts 322; May, 1833, Decided.
      EVANS against DUNCAN; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 4 Watts 24; May, 1835, Decided.
      ISAAC M. FISHER, Appellant, v. JOHN HALDEMAN, JACOB S. HALDEMAN, RICHARD J. HALDEMAN, and ROBERT J. HALDEMAN, Executors of JACOB HALDEMAN, Deceased, and THOMAS CHAMBERS, Administrator de bonis non of THOMAS DUNCAN, Deceased; Supreme Court of the United States; 61 U.S. 186; 15 L. Ed. 879; 20 HOW 186; February 22, 1858, Decided; December 1857 Term.

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      CHAMBERS against CARSON; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Eastern District, Philadelphia; 2 Whart. 9; December 12, 1836, Decided.
      CHAMBERS against CARSON; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Eastern District, Philadelphia; 2 Whart. 365; February 18, 1837, Decided.
      CARSON'S Sale; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 6 Watts 140; May, 1837, Decided.

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      GALBRAITH against ELDER; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 8 Watts 81; May, 1839, Decided.

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      The Heirs of BARTRAM GALBRAITH against DETRICH; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 8 Watts 104; May, 1839, Decided.
      MOYER's Appeal; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; 16 Pa. 405; June, 1851, Decided.


Allegheny Co. PA Deeds (SLC 9/14/2012)
      74-355: 24 June 1846, Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P. his wife, one of the heirs of the late Henry P. Dorsey of Huntingdon Co. decd, for $450 paid, sell to John McCahan our interest in a lot of ground on Wood Street adj. William M. Lyon & others in City of Pittsburg, being held as tenants in common by the heirs of the late Greenberry Dorsey of Barrie Forge in Huntingdon Co. afsd through one of whom the late Henry P. Dorsey title was derived by Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P. his wife, one of the heirs of Henry P. Dorsey decd. /s/ Thomas Duncan, E.P. Duncan. Wit. Wm. Dock. Receipt wit. by J.W. Weir. Ack. Dauphine Co. 24 June 1846. Recorded Aug. 8, 1846. (FHL film 1,497,889; SLC 9/14/2012)
      81-271/272: 14 March 1848, Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P., formerly Elizabeth P. Dorsey, his wife of Duncans Island, Dauphin Co., that they on 30 Sept. 1845 and 24 June 1846, that of Sept.30, 1845 recorded in Huntingdon Co. Book F pg.166, that of 24 June 1846 recorded Allegheny Co. Book A Vol.74 pg.354, conveyed to John McCahan of vicinity of Huntingdon, all their interest in real estate described in the deeds afsd dated 30 Sept. 1845 and 24 June 1846, being part of the real estate of the late Henry P. Dorsey decd, and WHEREAS doubts having arisen of the insufficiency of the title as entailed in the deeds to said John McCahan, and wanting to perfect them, NOW Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P. his wife for $1 paid, quit claim to John McCahan their interest to several parcels described in the foregoing deeds derived through the father of Elizabeth P. Duncan, the late Henry P. Dorsey decd, through the will of Elizabeth Dorsey late of Barrel Forge, decd, or in any other way. /s/ Thomas Duncan, E.P. Duncan. Wit. Greenberry Dorsey, John Gorman. Ack. Perry Co. PA, 14 March 1848. Recorded May 22, 1848. (FHL film 1,497,892; SLC 9/14/2012)

Crawford Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/12/2008)
      V-80/81: 10 July 1837, Rebecca Duncan and her two sons Thomas and Benjamin S. Duncan, widow and only surviving heirs of Robert C. Duncan of Dauphin Co., to Doctor Daniel Bernus? (Bemus?) of Crawford Co.; that said Rebecca H., Thomas and Benjamin Duncan sold for $1,000 paid by Danl. Bemus, land in 9th? Dist. in Crawford Co., 300 acres, title in Robert C. Duncan Esq. but sold for taxes previous to 1819 to ... then to Roger Alden Esq., by him on 29 Aug. 1822 to James S. Espy and Rebecca H. Duncan administrators of Robert C. Duncan in trust for the heirs of said R.C. Duncan, who sell to Doctor Daniel Bamens?. Wit. Archd. Brine?, ? Alleman. R.H., Thos. & Benjamin S. Duncan appeared in Dauphin Co. 19 Aug. 1837. Recorded April 5, 1841. (FHL film 864,184; SLC 6/12/2008; rechecked 9/27/2011)

Cumberland Co. PA Deed (SLC 6/2/2011)
      FF-442: 13 Aug. 1821, James Duncan of Harrisburg, PA, Esq., to Arthur P. Haynes of State of Alabama, Esq., for $3,500, land in State of Alabama offered for sale at Milledgeville, Georgia, SW 1/4 Sec.5, SE & SW 1/4 1/4 Sec.7, T16 R19; frac. Sec.12 T16 R20N, NE & SE (& more land, not copied). /s/ James Duncan, Dauphin Co. PA, wit. Jno. H. Candor. (FHL film 21,059) (MAD: Montgomery Co. AL)

Juniata Co. PA Deeds (SLC 7/26/2014)
      H-594/595: 3 July 1858, Thomas Duncan of Dauphin Co. PA to Benjamin S. Duncan of afsd, for $600 paid, sell tract of land in Delaware Twp, Juniata Co. PA, being the same tract of land conveyed by James Burns and Caites Burns, his wife, to party of first part by deed 7 March 1857, containing 99 acres and 75 perches and allowances, with improvements, ... and appurtenances, forever, warrant title. /s/ Thomas Duncan. Wit. Thomas H. Ruethee?, John L. Frois?. Received from Benjamin S. Duncan $600 in full, /s/ Thomas Duncan. Ack. July 17, 1858, before John Roth, J.P., Dauphin Co. Recorded 16 Nov. 1858. (FHL film 941,749)
      J-566/567: Deed, B.S. Duncan to William McKissick. 15? (13?) Jan. 1861, Benjamin S. Dunkin and Priscilla his wife of Dauphin Co. PA to William McKissick of afsd, for $200 paid, have sold all the right, title and interest to tract of land, situated in Delaware Twp, Juniata Co. PA, bounded, ... adj. lands of John Lukins in right of David Griffith, thence south ... adj. lands ---, then ... to stones on formerly? land supposed vacant, then north ... adj. land of Thompson in right of Woods and Thompson in right of Nathan Griffith to the beginning, containing 99 acres and 75 perches, surveyed 21 March 1860 per warrant granted to Joseph McNaughtin dated 12 June 1849 and being same tract of land which was conveyed to Benjamin S. Duncan by Thomas Dunkin by deed 1858, with improvements, etc. /s/ Benjamin Duncan, Prisillia M. Duncan. Wit. Gormer Garrison? (faint). Recd. the above date of William McKinsick $300. /s/ Benj. S. Duncan, Priscillia M. Duncan. Ack. 12 Jan. 1861 before John C. Westfall, J.P., Dauphine Co. PA. Recorded March 20, 1863. (FHL film 941,750)

Mercer Co. PA Deed (SLC 6/2/2011)
      M1-263/264: 16 April 1827, William Duncan of City of Philadelphia, merchant, appoint my brother James Duncan of Mercer Co. PA, merchant, my attorney to sell all my lands in the counties of Beaver, Mercer, Venango, Crawford and Erie in PA and make deeds. /s/ Wm. Duncan. Wit. James Alreck, Hamilton Alrick. Dauphin Co., Wm. Duncan appeared before James Ulrick, JP, 16 April 1827. Recorded April 18, 1834. (FHL Film 889,521; SLC 6/2/2011)

Perry Co. PA Deeds (SLC 7/26/2014)
      E-86/87: 28 Sept. 1832, Stephen Duncan and his wife Louisa P. Duncan to Jacob B. Lyon of Adams Co., for $12,500 paid, sell all their right, title and interest in an undivided fourth part of Duncannon Forge, Merchant Grist and Saw Mill and Distillery in Wheatfield Twp, Perry Co., and to an undivided fourth part of tracts of land in said county, viz, the several tracts of land conveyed by Thomas and Martha Duncan to Stephen Duncan by deed 22 Feb. 1827, the land and mill property conveyed by Robert Clark to Duncan & Mahon by deed 15 April 1829, the tract of mountain land conveyed by Andrew Mateer to the same by deed 27 April 1828, the tract of land in Wheatfield Twp. in said county conveyed by John Blair to the same by deed 31 March 1830 and also the tract of land conveyed to the same in Tyrone Twp in said county by Jonas Ickes by deed 5 Sept. 1827, and all his interest in the undivided fourth part of Chestnut Grove Furnace in Huntingdon Twp, Adams Co., and all the lands appertaining to said Furnace including the land conveyed to John D. Mahon by the Sheriff of Adams Co. and subsequently conveyed to Stephen Duncan by deed 8th? Sept. 1832, the land purchased from William Plank on which the Furnace is located, the tract of land purchased from Conrad Warner on which the ore bank is situated, the land conveyed by John L. Fuller and wife to Duncan & Mahon, and in all the land which were jointly held by Duncan & Mahon and which by deed 1 Sept. 1832 were conveyed to Stephen Duncan, and also 1/4 of all his interest in all the personal property of said Stephen Duncan connected with or in any wise appertaining to Duncannon Forge in Perry Co. and Chestnut Grove Furnace in Adams Co., including every description of stock, cord, wood and personal effects whatever, together with all buildings, improvements, ... and appurtenances, and also all the estate ... of the said Stephen Duncan and Louisa P. Duncan to the same, to the said Jacob B. Lyon, warrant title. /s/ Stephen Duncan, Louisa P. Duncan. Wit. John Brooks. Ack. 25 Oct. 1832 before John Brooks, J.P., Dauphin Co. Recorded 30 Oct. 1832. (FHL film 22,020)
      K-160/161: 6 May 1842, David W. Hulings and Maria his wife of Lewistown, Mifflin Co., to Rebecca H. Duncan of Benvenue?, Dauphin Co., for $800 paid, sell piece of land in Buffalo Twp, Perry Co., containing about 20 acres more or less, bounded by great road and lands sold by said Hulings to Alexander McEllister on the north and west and by land now in possession of Swartz on the east and south with a small orchard thereon and principally cleared with the right of moving the dwelling house belonging to the said tract but still standing on part of the lands sold to the said McAlister by said David W. Hulings, and also another piece of land lying in between lands sold to A. McAllister and D.W.L. Reuter? containing about 40 acres more or less near 20 acres of which is cleared and about 20 acres of woodland with a small frame house thereon and joining the Juniata River, being part of a tract surveyed 12 Dec. 1788 on warrant to William Stewart and George Senriff? 14 Nov. 1772 and reserved in sale made to D.W.L. Reutter, the latter tract patented to Thomas Hulings Esq. and by his will and sundry releases of his heirs vested in D.W. Hulings, see record of same in Perry Co., together with ... appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ David W. Hulings, Maria H. Hulings. Wit. Henry Eisenbide. Recd. the above date the sum of $800 in full, /s/ David W. Hulings. Ack. on 6 May 1842 before Henry Eisenbide, JP of Mifflin Co. Recorded 21 Feb. 1843. (FHL film 22,023)
      L-173/174: Deed of Assignment, George Free to Thomas Duncan. 11 Sept. 1845, George Free of Buffalo Twp, Perry Co. PA, to Thomas Duncan of Dauphin Co., state afsd, that whereas George Free owing to sundry losses and misfortunes is at present unable to discharge his debts and is willing to assign all his property for the benefit of his creditors, now said George Free for the purpose of making a just distribution of his estate and effects among his creditors and also for $1 paid by said Thomas Duncan, has sold, assigned, transferred, and set over to said Thomas Duncan all his goods, chattels and effects and bonds, notes, book accounts, and all his personal property, ... in trust however, to the purpose that Thomas Duncan shall as soon as convenient sell and dispose of all the effects of George Free and collect all outstanding claims and debts due him and after deducting his reasonable costs, shall pay all the debts of said George Free equally without distinction and the surplus pay over and return to said George Free in a reasonable time. /s/ George Free. Wit. Jno. Campbell, James Macfarlane. Recd. Sept. 11, 1845 of Thomas Duncan the $1, /s/ George Free, wit. James Macfarlane. Ack. 11 Sept. 1845 before Jno. Campbell, J.P. Perry Co. I accept the trust mentioned, Sept. 11, 1845, /s/ Thomas Duncan. Recorded Sept. 11, 1845. (FHL film 22,024)
      L-269/270: 31 Jan. 1846, Dr. Joseph Speck of Borough of Petersburg, Perry Co., and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Duncan of Benvenue, Dauphin Co., and Elizabeth P. his wife, to Jacob Young of Borough of Petersburg afsd, all of PA, for $615.67 paid by said Jacob Young, sell to said Jacob Young two tracts of land in Penn Twp, Perry Co. PA, one beg. by lands of Alexander Patterson, then by land of John Culps heirs, then by the other tract, then by lands of Nathan Vanfossen Jr., then to Shearman's Creek, then by land of Alexander Patterson to the beginning, containing 74 acres 62 perches and allowance for roads &c, the other of said tracts of land beginning at a hickory by the other tract, then by land of John Culps heirs and Owen Ashtons heirs, then by land of John Culps heirs, then to the beginning containing 7 acres more or less, it being the same two tracts of land which the Commonwealth of PA by patent 30 July 1813 granted and conveyed to Nathan Vanfossen Senr., said patent being duly enrolled in the PA Land Office in Patent Book HN No.8 page 628, and the first of said tracts, the said Nathan Vanfossen Senr. by deed 6 May 1839 granted and conveyed to John Young and Jacob Young, said deed recorded in Recording Office in Bloomfield in Perry Co. 23 May 1839 in Book H, Vol.1, page 200, and the other tract the heirs of said Nathan Vanfossen decd. by deed 16 March 1841 granted and conveyed to John and Jacob Young, recorded in Recording office in Bloomfield in and for Perry Co. 5 April 1841 in Book I Vol.1 page 351, and John Young and Jacob Young by deed 26 May 1845 conveyed the two tracts of land to said Dr. Joseph Speck and Thomas Duncan Esq., said deed being recorded in Recording Office in Bloomfield in Book L vol.1st page 119, together with buildings, ... and appurtenances, and also all the interest the said Dr. Joseph Speck and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Duncan Esq. and Elizabeth P. his wife have to the same, subject to the interest of $39.33 to be paid by said Jacob Young yearly to the widow of Nathan Vanfossen Senr. decd. during her life and at her death the afsd sum of $39.33 to the heirs of said Nathan Vanfossen Senr decd; and the said Dr. Joseph Speck and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P. his wife agree with said Jacob Young that they, said Dr. Joseph Speck and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Duncan Esq. and Elizabeth P. his wife, heirs [of] the above described premises, hereby granted with appurtenances to the said Jacob Young, against the said Dr. Joseph Speck and Thomas Duncan Esq. against all other persons claiming afsd two tracts of land except as before excepted, will warrant and defend by these presents. /s/ Jos. Speck, Elizabeth Speck, Thomas Duncan, E.P. Duncan. Wit. Jno. Boden, J.B. Topley. Received from Jacob Young $615.67, /s/ Jos. Speck, Thomas Duncan, wit. J.B. Topley, Jno. Boden. Ack. 31 Jan. 1846 by Dr. Joseph Speck and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth P. his wife before Jno. Boden. Recorded March 17, 1846. (FHL film 22,024)
      O-219/220: 13 May 1847, Daniel Gantt, admin. of goods ... which were of George Wright, late of Buffalo Twp, Perry Co., decd, at the time of his death "(who died intestate)" to Thomas Duncan of Dauphin Co. PA, whereas said George Wright was seized of and in a tract or piece of land in Buffalo Twp containing 10 acres and 11 perches, more or less, and admin. of the goods etc. of said George Wright ... after his death ... were committed to afsd Daniel Gantt, and by petition of said Daniel Gantt to Judges of Orphans Court of Perry Co., the personal estate of said George Wright was not sufficient to pay his debts ... and also a statement of all the real estate of said George Wright was attached, and prayed the Court to allow him to make sale of said real estate, and it was ordered by said Court that the above land be sold ... and afterwards on 26? Feb. 1847 the said Daniel Gantt exposed to sale at public vendue or outcry the said real estate, and sold the same to said Thomas Duncan for $260, he being the highest bidder and that the best price, which report was made to the Judges afterward, on 9 April 1847 was confirmed by said court, NOW the said Daniel Gantt for $260 paid by Thomas Duncan, grant to said Thomas Duncan all that said tract of land bounded by the Susquehanna River, lands of John & Samuel Bowman, and of the heirs of D.W?.L. Reutter decd, containing 10 acres 11 perches more or less, together with buildings, ... and appurtenances whatsoever belonging, and the reversions, ... and also all the claim or demand whatsoever of said George Wright in his lifetime at and immediately before the time of his decease, in law or equity, to the same. ... /s/ Dan. Gantt, wit. Jno. Campbell. Recd. on date above from Thomas Duncan the sum of $260, /s/ Dan. Gantt. Ack. 13 May 1847 before Jno. Campbell, J.P., Perry Co. PA, by Daniel Gantt, admin. &c of George Wright decd. (FHL film 932,010)
      O-221: Assignment by Thomas Duncan to Thomas Givins. For sum of $260 paid by Thomas Generals of Watts Twp, Perry Co. PA, I have this day sold to said Generals all my interest acquired under the sale by Daniel Gantt, Admin. of George Wright decd, in the tract of land described in the deed to which this is annexed, the receipt whereof is hereby ack. 21 July 1851, /s/ Thomas Duncan, wit. Ben S. Duncan. Received Duncan's Island July 21, 1851, of Thomas Generals, the full consideration, /s/ Thomas Duncan. Ack. 21 July 1851 by Thomas Duncan before E.E. Williams, J.P., Dauphin Co. PA. Recorded 20 Aug. 1851. (FHL film 932,010)

Philadelphia Co. PA Wills
      T-310, #184: 18 March 1786, will of John Duncan of City of Phila., hatter; to wife Elizabeth Duncan the use of house until my son Robert reaches 21; then house to son Robert. If Robert dies in minority without lawful issue, then to wife during life and then sold and proceeds to poor; to wife 1/2 goods etc.; the other half as follows: to Hannah the widow of my cousin John Marll, £15; to each of my cousin Thomas Marll's children £15; to each of cousin Joseph Marll's children £12; to cousin Jacob Marll £15 and to each of his children £15; to Sarah Maxfield formerly my housekeeper, £12; to Thomas Shute, scrivener and cripple, £12; residue I give to the meeting to which I belong to be laid out for poor old people as Friends may think proper. Money due me from Michael Debler of Dauphin Co., to release to him a tract of 300a (I have patent) adj. his other land. Appoint exec. wife Elizabeth and Friends Joseph Yerkus and Thomas Norton. Wit. William Shipley and Samuel Foulke. Proved 31 March 1786. Codicil 23 March 1786: to wife Elizabeth, all family provisions and furniture; Wit. Samuel Foulke and Isaac Buckbee. Proved 8 April 1786. (FHL film 21,729) (MAD: See Lancaster Co. PA Deeds for Michael Deibler; Quakers)
      1-26 to 34, #110: 5 Dec. 1801, will of Margaret Duncan of City of Phila., widow, (lots of religious terms). .... Remainder of estate, including two tracts in Centre Co., one tract in Dauphin Co. and any bonds that may be due me when I die, to be sold to pay debts. To my granddau. Ann Timothy £500 to erect a building. I discharge my children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren and my son or sons in law from payment of any bonds, etc. Appoint son Matthew Duncan and son in law William Bailey as executors. Wit. Peter Lohra, Silas E. Writ?, Jas. Humphreys Jr. Rec. Dec. 1, 1820. (FHL film 21,731; see Philadelphia Co. PA for more)

Philadelphia Co. PA Deeds (SLC 9/18/2012)
      AM#5-23/25: 6 March 1830, Edward J. Stiles of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, Esquire, and Ann his wife, Benjamin Stiles of same place Esq. and Catharine his wife, and Stephen Duncan of City of Philadelphia, Esq., to Edward Ingersole of said city, attorney at law, for $1,500 secured to be paid and $1 paid, sell lot of ground on east side of north Front Street and north side of Maiden Street in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia Co. containing 149 feet on Front Street by 100 feet, narrowing to a breadth of 146 feet at the eastern line, comprising those seven contiguous lots which were marked as Lots No.25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31, ... which the high sheriff by deed 8 Oct. 1790 recorded Book C pg.251 conveyed to Edward Stiles ancestor of Edward J. Stiles and Benjamin Stiles, which Edward Stiles died sometime in the month of Feb. 1804 intestate, descended to said Edward J. Stiles, Benjamin Stiles and Margaretta Stiles only grandchildren and heirs of said Edward Stiles decd, which Margaretta Stiles afterwards became wife of said Stephen Duncan, having had issue which issue she survived, whereby the lot became vested in said Edward J. Stiles, Benjamin Stiles and Stephen Duncan, ... together with appurtenances. /s/ Edward Jas. Stiles, Ann Stiles, Benjamin Stiles, Catharine Stiles, Stephen Duncan. Wit. John Reed, Joseph Hays as to the Stiles signatures, and Matthias Morris and David Fulberton as to Stephen Duncan. 6 March 1830, Edward J. Stiles and wife Ann and Benjamin Stiles and wife Catharine ack. before John Reed, President Judge of 9th Judicial District, for Cumberland, Adams and Perry Co. PA. 20 March 1830, Stephen Duncan ack. deed before C. Blythe, President Judge of 12th District, for Dauphin, Lebanon and Schuylkill Cos. PA. Recorded June 10, 1830. (FHL film 982,568)
      AM#34-130/132: 1 Jan. 1833, Stephen Duncan Esq. lately of City of Philadelphia, to Benjamin Stiles of Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, that Edward Stiles lately of city of Philadelphia now decd. had owned a parcel of land called the Green Hill Estate in the northern liberties in Philadelphia Co., upon whose death the estate became vested in his grandchildren Edward Stiles, Benjamin Stiles and Margaretta L. Stiles as tenants in common, said Margaretta L. Stiles was afterwards married to said Stephen Duncan and died having had issue whereby an estate for life became vested in said Stephen Duncan in said Green Hils Estate to the amount of 1/3 thereof with said Edward and Benjamin Stiles, NOW Stephen Duncan for $10,000 PA money paid sell to said Benjamin Stiles his interest in the Green Hill Estate in the northern Liberties of Philadelphia, bounded by the Ridge Road, Broad Street, lands of Gratz and Papper and others, together with appurtenances. /s/ Stephen Duncan. Wit. John Brooks. Ack. 14 Jan. 1833 before John Brooks, JP Dauphin Co. PA. Recorded Feb. 5, 1833. (FHL film 982,579)

Montgomery Co. AL Deed (FHL film 1,753,610)
      B-218: 13 Aug. 1821, James Duncan of Harrisburg, PA, Esq., to Arthur P. Hayne of AL, Esq., $3,500, tracts sold at Milledgeville, GA: SW 1/4 Sec.5, and SE and SW 1/4 Sec.6, and NE and SE and SW and NW 1/4 Sec.7, in T16 R19; and fraction of Sec.12 in T16 R20; and NE and SE 1/4 Sec.9 T15 R20; and NW and SW 1/4 Sec.7 T11 R13; and SW 1/4 Sec.31 T12 in said range 13; and NE and SE and SW and NW 1/4 Sec.29 and SW 1/4 Sec.30 in T12 R14; and also all the certificates aforesaid which were issued partly in the name of Arthur P. Hayne, partly in the name of John R. Coates, and partly in the name of Simon Gratz; wit. Jno. H. Candor?, Abrm. Fackler; James Duncan appeared in Dauphine Co. PA; reg. Cumberland Co. PA.

Boyle Co. KY Order Books (FHL film 191,804)
      1-198: 14 Oct. 1844: Abram J. Caldwell and John Harlan, two of the commissioners heretofore appointed by Boyle Co. court to make division of lands held by owners within this state together with non-residents, having been called upon by Joshua F. Bell & Thomas Barber of KY to divide certain lands in Boyle Co. held by them in conjunction with the following non-residents of KY, to wit, Elizabeth Duncan late Dorsey & Thomas Duncan her husband, John P. Dorsey, Greenberry Dorsey & Henry P. Dorsey, heirs of Henry P. Dorsey decd, late of PA, having divided said lands, returned their report in writing to this court with the quantity of the land & the same is hereby ordered to be filed & recorded. (MAD: See Dauphin Co. PA)

Boyle Co. KY Deed Vol.1, 1842-1845 (FHL film 191,799)
      1-221: 10 Dec. 1843, Jonathan H. Dorsey and wife Mary M., Samuel Miles Green and wife Rachel E. late Dorsey, all of Huntingdon Co. PA, to Thomas Barber & Joshua F. Bell of Danville, KY, $1300, all right, etc., to land in town of Danville, 2/3 undivided interest, two of heirs of Greenberry Dorsey decd. late of PA, conveyed to Dorsey 1794 & 1795. (MAD: see Dauphin Co. PA)
      1-223: Similar to 1-221, not copied.


"Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : containing an account of the origin of the Sons of the American Revolution, an explanation of the existence of two different organizations with similar names and objects, and a history of the movements for their union : the constitution and by-laws of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : lists of the national, state and chapter officers : roll of members, with personal data and genealogies : roll of Revolutionary ancestors, with record of their services : pages for an amplified family record : and illustrations." (anonymous); pub. New York: The Society, 1899, 620 pgs. (LH12850, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.7 C4r and film 238,380 and 1,673,276 item 22)
      Pg.145: Roll of Members. #1137. JACOB MIFFLIN DUNCAN, 0537. Philadelphia, PA. Manufacturer. Born Harrisburg, Pa., April 1, 1836. Member of Co.D, Old Guard, 1st Regt. N.G. Pa. Was member of Washington Gray Artillery Corps, 1857-58; Commonwealth Artillery of Pennsylvania, 1860-61, and Gray Reserves (afterwards 1st Regt., N.G. Pa.), 1862-67. Member of Union League of Philadelphia. Son of Lieut. Col. Wm. Duncan and Elmina Stehley; grandson of Wm. Duncan (Deputy Superintendent of Military Stores, 1812-15) and Nancy Young Bennage; great-grandson of John Duncan and Mary Kelly; gt2-grandson of James Duncan and Jean, his wife. (MAD: Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA)
      Pg.419: Roll of Ancestors. JOHN DUNCAN : Born in Derry, Pa., Sept. 23, 1748; died in Dauphin Co., Pa., about 1808; one of the original signers of the "The Association of the Liberty Company in Lancaster County," Pa., organized May 17, 1777; enlisted in Capt. James Cowder's Co., 4th Battalion of Lancaster Co. (Col. James Burd), on or before March 13, 1776; participated in battle of Long Island and in Jersey campaign until February, 1777; on Feb. 23, 1777, joined Major Grier's Co. of the 10th Pennsylvania Line, remaining in service till after battle of Germantown; subsequently became Second Lieutenant of the 1st Co., 2d Associated Battalion of Pennsylvania, and in 1780 became Captain of the 3d Co., 6th Associated Battalion. --Jacob Mifflin Duncan. (MAD: Derry, Westmoreland Co. PA)

"The history of Battery A (formerly known as the Keystone Battery) : and Troop A, N.G.P." (anonymous); pub. Philadelphia: J.C. Winston Co., 1912, 294 pgs. (LH13328, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.164: Duncan, William D., Priv.; Res. Harrisburg, Pa.; Enrd. June 15, 1898; M.I. June 15, 1898; M.O. with Baty. Nov. 19, 1898. (MAD: Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA)
      Appendix, pg.251: Duncan, William D., N.W. corner Tenth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia. (Tobacco Merchant.)
      Appendix, pg.267: Duncan, Harry C., 4719 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia (occupation blank)

HISTORIES before 1923

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"Pennsylvania: Genealogies chiefly Scotch-Irish and German" by William Henry Egle, 1886, 2nd edition 1896 (Placerville book GEN REF 929.109748 E)
      Pg.254: Caroline Alricks Forster (of Harrisburg, PA), b. 20 June 1865, m. Dec. 29, 1891, William Rollison Duncan of Wilmington, Del., and had issue (surname Duncan) Margery Alricks, b. Oct. 30, 1892; and Hamilton Alricks, b. May 12, 1895.

"Notes and Queries: Historical, biographical and genealogical, chiefly relating to interior Pennsylvania" Vol.1, by William H. Egle, 1895 (Memphis Public Library book 929.348 N911; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Pg.103: John Duncan of Paxtang [Dauphin Co.], d. Oct. 1788, wife Ann. Dau. m. ---- Ritchey; son David; Elizabeth m. John Hilton, d. March 1784, ch. Mary, Jean, Elizabeth.
      Pg.103: James Duncan of Londonderry, d. before 1807; leaving wife Rebecca who m. Barney Dougherty; children James John, Andrew, Sarah Elizabeth.

"Register of Marriages and Baptisms performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson, Covenant Minister" (1751-1791, Lancaster Co. PA) by Helen Fields, 1934 (FHL film 48,224, from Charles A. Duncan 10/1987)
      See this source for some references in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Northumberland and York Co. PA.


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