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Dauphin Co. PA Deed Index D-F/G 1785-1917 (grantors on FHL film 21,250; grantees on FHL film 21,257)
      (MAD: Year is apparently first year covered by deed book)
      (MAD: did not copy Rebecca H. Duncan grantor deeds after book Z2)
      B1-391, 1786, John Duncan from William Hunter exr
      C1-76, 1787, Elizabeth Duncan from Anthony Kelker
      C1-551, 1787, James Duncan from Jno. Harris
      D1-185, 1789, James Duncan from Conrad Freisenreider
      E1-91, 1791, James Duncan to Jno. Wier
      E1-109, 1791, John Duncan Jr. to Jno. Buck
      E1-113, 1791, James Duncan to Jno. Buck
      E1-127, 1791, James Duncan to Benj. Duncan
      F1-125, 1792, James Duncan to Benj. Duncan
      I1-425, 1795, James Duncan from Henry Beader
      J1/I1-426, 1795, James Duncan to Henry Beader
      J1/I1-427, 1795, James Duncan to Henry Beader
      K1-108, 1797, Benjamin Duncan et ux to Wm. Ewing
      K1-41, 1797, James Duncan to And. Mitchell
      K1-97, 1797, James Duncan &c to Fred. Lingle
      L1-272, 1799, James Duncan to Saml. Land?
      M1-483, 1801, Thomas Duncan et al from Wm. Power & wife
      M1-92, 1801, Thomas Dongan et ux to Jno. Hummr?
      N1-445, 1803, Thomas Duncan et ux to Thos. Huling
      P1-375, 1806, Thomas Duncan from Jno. Read Jr. & wife
      P1-377, 1806, Thomas Duncan from Jno. & Richd. Penn by atty
      P1-379, 1806, Thomas Duncan from Jno. & Richd. Penn by atty
      Q1-212, 1808, William Duncan to Thos. Elder
      R1-376, 1810, James Duncan from Robt. Boat? & wife
      S1-181, 1812, Elizabeth Duncan to Wm. Bordner
      T1-302, 1813, Thomas Duncan to Michl. Capps
      U1-175, 1815, Thomas Duncan et ux to Jacob Dubbs
      V1-518, 1815, Mathew Duncan's exor to Nicholas Straw
      W1-41, 1818, James Duncan to Saml. Laird?
      W1-95, 1818, John Dunkin?/Dunkle? et ux to Robt. Freeburn
      A2-91, 1827, John Duncan from Williamson Harris Exor
      B2-159, 1829, Thomas Duncan exrs to Stephen Duncan
      D2-185, 1831, John Duncan to Abm. Shope et al
      F2-155, 1833, Thos. Duncan adm. to Isaac Updegiore?
      H2-209, 1836, Thomas Duncan adm. to R.C. Duncans heirs
      I2-456, 1837, John Duncan from Wm. Patterson
      K2-84, 1839, Benjamin S. Duncan et ux to Commr. of PA
      K2-84, 1839, Rebecca Duncan et al to Commr of PA
      K2-84, 1839, Thomas Duncan et al to Commonwealth of PA
      M2-351, 1841, Thomas Duncan et al to Rebecca H. Duncan
      M2-352, 1841, Benjamin Duncan to Ribcorn A. Dunron?
      M2-505, 1841, Rebecca H. Duncan to Robt? McGee
      P2-336, 1843, Thomas Duncan et al to David McCoy (next is 1854)
      P2-336, 1843, Rebecca H. Duncan et al to David McCoy
      P2-336, 1843, Benjamin Duncan to David McCoy
      P2-425, 1843, Rebecca H. Duncan to Sam. Griman/Garman?
      Q2-227, 1845, Rebecca H. Duncan to W.L. Fisher
      S2-160, 1848, Rebecca H. Duncan to Jno. Garmon
      S2-227, 1848, Rebecca H. Duncan to Jacob Fessler
      U2-429, 1850, John Duncan et ux to Saml. Moyer
      V2-217, 1851, Rebecca H. Duncan to Jas. Stewart
      X2-38, 1852, R. Duncan to J. Clendening
      Z2-179, 1854, Rebecca H. Duncan Exr. to Fisher Morgan Co.

Dauphin Co. PA Deeds from index; not all deeds copied or looked at (SLC 12/2008)
      B1-391: 30 Jan. 1787, Martha Hunter, extrix and William Hunter exec., both of Londonderry Twp., Dauphin Co. PA, of estate of William Hunter of same Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, decd, to John Duncan of same Twp., Dauphin Co. PA, (chain of title not copied) ... from Lambart Shelly and Catharine his wife 29 March 1773 to Willm. Hunter, who since died and willed the land to his son William Hunter party hereto, being only a part that was conveyed by Shelly to Hunter; now Martha Hunter and William Hunter exec. and heir per will, for £40, land adj. line of John Kenedy's land, land of James Forder, by John Kenedy's land, 24-1/2 acres. /s/ Martha Hunter, Wm. Hunter. Wit. Wm. Duncan, Jacob Cook. (FHL film 21,262)
      C1-76/79: 19 Sept. 1787; Anthony Kelker, High Sheriff, appointed by Court of Common Pleas to sell goods and chattels etc. of Michael Deebler late of my county, yeoman, for a debt of £635, which Elizabeth Duncan, Joseph Yarkes and Thomas Norton executor of the will of John Duncan decd. lately recovered against him and 52 sh. 3 pence damages; I seized a plantation of 500 acres adj. lands of Michael Shadel, Jacob Herman, George Herake? and others in Upper Paxton Township late the property of the said Michl. Deebler, ... which remained unsold, the debt unpaid, sold at public sale to the highest bidder, Elizabeth Duncan of the City of Philadelphia widow for £150. /s/ Anthony Kelker, Sheriff; wit. Andw. Graydon, Jno. Foubly? (Fenbly?). Recorded Sept. 20, 1787. (FHL film 21,262)
      C1-551/553: 15 Aug. 1789, John Harris of Harrisburg in Dauphin Co. PA, gentleman, to James Duncan of same place; patent 17 Dec. 1733 granted Joseph Turner of City of Philadelphia a tract of land in Foster Twp. then in Lancaster now Dauphin Co., on the Susquehanna River at the corner of Foster Butons? land, by vacant land, down the River to the beginning, containing 200? acres and the allowance, recorded at Philadelphia Patent Book A Vol.6 pg.310? (right edge of page very faint), that Joseph Turner on 17 & 18 Dec. 1733 by lease and release sold to Edward Shippen of City of Philadelphia, merchant, who with Frs?? his wife on 19 Dec. of year last said, deeded to John Harris then of Paxton Township decd in the said County Lancaster by deed recorded Harrisburg in Book A, page ??; and the said John Harris by will dated 22 Nov. 1746 among other things gave to his son John Harris the above land of 500 acres; NOW John Harris for £60 paid by said James Duncan, two lots of ground in town of Harrisburg marked in the general plan as No.193 and 194, adj. Lot No.192, Cherry Alley, Lot 195, containing about 1/2 acre of land, warranty deed. /s/ John Harris; wit. Christian Kunkle, J. Montgomery; receipt by John Harris. Recording date not shown. (FHL film 21,262)
      D1-185: 16 June 1790, Conrod Treisenreider and wife Susan of Town of Harrisburg in Dauphin Co. PA to James Duncan of same place, £48, lot in town of Harrisburg adj. lot of said Conrod Treisenreider and lot #11, being 1/2 part of lot 12. /s/ Conrod Treisenreider, Susan (X) Treisenreider. Wit. Thomas Nesbit, Robert Harris. (FHL film 21,263)
      E1-91: 20 Jan. 1790, James Duncan of town of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA, yeoman, to John Weir of town of LondonDerry in same, lot 193 in Harrisburg for £25. Wit. Saml. Grimes, J. Kean. (FHL film 21,263)
      E1-109/112: That in February 1737 Thomas Burney obtained a warrant of survey for 200 acres bounded by Beaver Creek & the Great Spring in Paxton Township in Lancaster Co., and said Thomas Burney sold the tract of land to Henry Melroy of said township & county in Fee but the deed by him was lost, the said Thomas Burney by his certain other deed dated 4 May 1774 released all his right, title & interest to the tract of land then adj. Robert Wright, James McNeight, and other lands of the said Henry Melroy then decd., and Henry Milroy son of the said Henry Milroy decd, Alexander Brown & Jannet his wife, Elizbeth Milroy, James McNeight & Martha his wife, Mary Milroy, Rosana Milroy & William Wilson & Rebecca his wife, the heirs of the said Henry Milroy decd; WHEREAS the said Henry Milroy son of the said Henry Milroy decd, Alexander Brown & Jane his wife, Elizabeth Milroy, James McNeight & Martha his wife, William Willson & Rebecca his wife, Mary Millroy & Rosanna Millroy by deed granted their interest in the tract held under this warrant and then bounded by lands of Caspar Byerly, John Carpenter, Windle Fochur, James Espey, James Finney, Michael Cantier? (Canlier?), William Brown, Bartholomew Haines, James McKnight & William McClure, contained as it then appeared 400 acres besides allowance, to James Duncan in fee, and WHEREAS a certain James Espey was possessed under an improvement-right of a messuage or tenement & tract of 100 acres in the said Paxton Township in Lancaster Co. adj. land of Windle Fockler, Abraham Eagly & the said James Duncan, and on 8 April 1773 granted the same messuage ... of 100 acres to the said James Duncan in fee, and WHEREAS the said James Duncan & (blotted) Jane? his wife on 24 October? 17(blotted) by deed sold to John Duncan Junr. party hereto in fee simple all the messuage etc. of 100 acres claimed under James Espey as aforesaid, and also 92 acres more, being part of the above tract of land claimed under said Thomas Burney's warrent, bounded by lands of the Revd. Joseph Linn, Jacob Richer, Windle Fackler, & the said James Duncan; NOW we the said John Duncan Junr. of Paxton Township in Lancaster Co., yeoman, and Mary his wife, for £600, paid by John Buck of same township & county, yeoman, grant and confirm to the said John Buck all that messuage or tenement & tract or parcel ... on line of James Finney's land, Bever Creek, Abraham Egale's land, line of Windle Fackler's land, line of James Duncan's land, crossing Beaver Creek to the beginning, containing 192 acres, being the same two several tracts granted by the said James Duncan & Jane his wife to the said John Duncan Junr. in fee, together with buildings, barns, etc. 25 April 1777, /s/ John Duncan Jnr, Mary (X) Duncan; wit. Fredrick Bock, Edwd. Burd. Witnesses appeared, statement 31 Aug. 1791, rec. Oct. 3, 1791. (FHL film 21,263; years as given)
      E1-113/115: 26 April 1777, James Duncan of Paxton Township, Lancaster Co., yeoman, owning two tracts in Paxton Township in Lancaster Co., one that I purchased from the heirs of Henry Milroy decd, and the other from James Espey, did grant and sell 92 acres of the first mentioned tract bounded by lands of Reverend Joseph Linn, Jacob Ricker, Windle Fackler, & other lands of me the said James Duncan, also all that other tract or parcel of land being an improvement containing 100 acres with the messuage or tenement thereon erected in Paxton Township afsd adj. lands of Windle Fackler, Abraham Agley & me the said James Duncan to John Duncan Junr. in fee; and whereas the said John Duncan & wife being so seized of the same several tract of lands granted the same to John Buck of Paxton Township afsd according to the following description, to wit, beg. at a stone in the line of James Finneys land, then ... Beaver Creek, Abraham Agle's land, Windle Fackler's land, line of land of me the said James Duncan party hereto, then crossing Beaver Creek to the beginning, containing in the whole 192 acres, granted to me as aforesaid to the said John Duncan agreeable to the verbal agreement between us but there not being any instrument of writing duly executed by me to fix the partition of the 92 acres from the remainder of the tract claimed under the heirs of Henry Milroy which I still retained to myself; NOW, I the said James Duncan in order to settle any disputes which might hereafter arise on the premises & fully to confirm the said John Buck in his title to the same, and for 5 shillings, I quit claim to John Buck all my right to the said two several tracts of land granted as aforesaid by the said John Duncan & wife to the said John Buck ... /s/ James Duncan. Wit. Fredrick Bock, Edw. Burd. 31 August 1791. (FHL film 21,263)
      E1-127/129: 21 May 1791, James Duncan of Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co. PA, yeoman, to Benjamin Duncan of afsd, yeoman; a patent was granted to said James Duncan for a certain tract of land called "Windsor" situate in Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co., on the bank of Beaver Creek, adj. land of John McCollin, land of John Buck, by Wendle Frackler's land, vacant land, Gasper? (Jasper?) Byerly's land, land late of William McClure decd, Peter Felty's land, land of widow Brown & Thos. Bell, bank of Beaver Creek, containing 270 acres and one half & allowance of 6%, patent dated 29 Jan. 1790, recorded in Patent Book 15 pg.244; NOW the said James Duncan for £900 paid by Benjamin Duncan, sell to said Benjamin Duncan 200 acres of the above tract of land to be divided off the south part of the aforesaid tract by a line running nearly East and West including the improvements now in the possession of said Benjamin Duncan, subject to the payment of the residue of the purchase money, interest, etc. /s/ James Duncan, wit. Jno. Ross, Jno. W. Kittera?. Received on the above date the sum of £900 being the full consideration money, /s/ James Duncan. James Duncan appeared in Lancaster Co., statement 21 May 1791; recorded October 19, 1791. (FHL film 21,263)
      I1-425: 29 April 1797, Henry Beader of Borough of Harrisburgh, Dauphin Co. PA, and wife Margaret to James Duncan of same, shopkeeper, (chain of title not copied); lot 195 in Harrisburg, now for £300, the lot 95. Both signed. Wit. Andw. Forrest, Alex Berryhill. (FHL film 21,264)
      I1-426: 1 May 1797, James Duncan of Borough of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA, merchant, to Henry Beader of same, hatter, for £40, alley or passge of 11 feet by 70 feet along NE side of lot #194 now the property of said James Duncan, and free ingress (etc.). Wit. Andw. Forrest, Alex Berryhill. (FHL film 21,264)
      I1-427: 29 April 1797, James Duncan of Borough of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA, shopkeeper, to Henry Beader of same, hatter, £300, part of lot 194. Wit. Andw. Forrest, Alex Berryhill. (FHL film 21,264)
      K1-97: 1797, James Duncan &c to Fred. Lingle; pgs.98-99 not copied, wife Jane (FHL film 21,265)
      K1-108/112: 10 April 1797, Benjamin Duncan of Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, yeoman, and wife Rebecca, to William Ewing of same, yeoman; that by patent 29 Jan. 1790 granted to James Duncan tract of land called "Windsor" in the said township, containing 277 acres and half an acre & allowance for roads &c, recorded patent book 15 pg.244, and that by deed 21 May 1791 granted to said Benjamin Duncan the above tract of land to be divided off the south part of the tract, including the improvements then in possession of the said Benjamin Duncan, recorded in Dauphin Co. book E Vol.1 page 137; that by agreement between said James Duncan and his son the said Benjamin Duncan dated 23 Sept. 1789 the said James Duncan granted the remainder of the said tract of land containing about 100 acres more or less at and after the death of the said James Duncan subject to the payment of £200 to such person as James Duncan by will may provide (quotes part of will), the said articles of agreement being recorded in Book F vol? page 125 on 18 March 1793; that said James Duncan lately died having first conveyed about 34 acres part of the aforesaid remaining 100 acres to Frederick Ingle? and the said Benjamin Duncan being now seised in fee and lawfully possessed of the said 200 acres of land and also possessed of the remainder of the said 100 acres more or less and as the said 200 acres have not been divided off as above mentioned, therefore the whole premises as now possessed by the said Benjamin Duncan has been resurveyed and is found to be bounded and described as follows, to wit, ... corner of lands of John Buck being also a corner of Frederick Singles land, then by said John Buck's land, Wendle Fackler's land, Caspar Byerly's land, land of Jacob Shupe, land late of William McClure, land of Peter Felty, land of Widow Brown and Thomas Bell, said Frederick Single's land, containing 272 acres & allowance of 6 acres; that Benjamin Duncan and wife Rebecca for 2,516 pounds in gold and silver coin lawful money of PA, deed to William Ewing ... free and clear of all incumbrances whatsoever except the rights, liberties and privileges allowed to the widow of the above named James Duncan deceased during her natural life as comprised and mentioned in articles of agreement between the said parties and dated 7 Feb. last past; /s/ Benjamin Duncan, Rebecca Duncan; wit. John Thorne, Henry Miss?; Rebecca Duncan signed in Dauphin Co. before Jas. Willson; receipt of 2516 pounds in gold and silver coin. Recorded 2 October 1797. (FHL film 21,265)
      M1-92, 1801, Thomas Dougan et ux to Jno. Hummr? (FHL film 21,266; not copied, not Duncan)
      M1-483: 10 Oct. 1800, William Power and wife Charlotte (X), yeoman, of town of Bethel, Dauphin Co. PA, to Thomas Duncan of the Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co., and William Wallace Esq. of Borough of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA; 100 acres for £60. Wit. Michael Strors?, Jno. Weidman. (FHL film 21,266)
      N1-445: 5 June 1804, Thomas Duncan and wife Martha of Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, to Thomas Huling of township of Greenwood in said Co., Esq., for £75, Island at the conflux of the Rivers Susquehanna and Juniata containing 22 acres. (chain of title not copied). Both signed. Wit. John Creagh. (FHL film 21,266)
      Q1-212: 30 Aug. 1808, William Duncan of Philadelphia Co. appoint Thomas Elder Esq. of Dauphin Co. attorney to enter disatisfaction on a mortgage from Henry Hockley Esq. of county afsd. on a lot of ground in Heidelberg Twp., Dauphin Co, for payment of £30 to me. /s/ Wm. Duncan. Wit. Abm. Scholfeild, Jaac?? Boileau? (Bailean?). (FHL film 21,268)
      R1-376: 1810, Robt. Boat? & wife to James Duncan - not looked at
      S1-181: 19 Jan. 1790, Elizabeth Duncan of City of Philadelphia, PA, widow, to William Bardner of Upper Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, yeoman; grant 16 Nov. 168 to Michael Tibler and Chas. Diebler, land called Foxes Civer, in Wiconisco Valley then in Lancaster Co. but now in Dauphine Co., corner to Samuel Scott's land, 219-1/4 acres, patent book AA vol.10 pg.461, and grant 26 Aug. 1773 to Michael Diebler land called Cock Fight, in Weconisco Valley afsd corner to Albrigh Deibler's land, 333-3/4 acres, patent book AA v.13 pg.576; that said Elizabeth Duncan, Joseph Yerkes and Thomas Norton, execs. of will of John Duncan late of City of Philadelphia, afsd, Feltemaher, decd, debt of Michael Diebler of £635 and 52 shillings 3 pence damages; lot was sold 19 Sept. 1787 by High Sheriff to pay debt, deed to Elizabeth Duncan of 550 acres; now Elizabeth Duncan for £300 deed to William Bordner the two tracts in Paxton Twp., in the whole 550 acres. /s/ Elizabeth Duncan. Wit. Peter Miller, Abram Sheridan. (mention of heirs of John Duncan but not named). Recorded Aug. 6, 1812. (FHL film 21,269)
      T1-302: 11 Dec. 1814, Thomas Duncan Esq. Atty at law in borough of Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA, to Michael Kapp of borough of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA, dealer; that on 19 April 1803 the said Thomas Duncan entered into an article of agreement in writing with Andrew Lee and Richard Fulton wherein he was to convey to them an Island in the River Susquehanna opposit the plantation of George Larue in Dauphin County, and Andrew Lee having never paid the consideration money in the agreement, and Frederick Wottersberger? then high sheriff of Dauphin Co. by virtue of a (court order) on 9 May 1808 sold to Michael Kapp afsd by public vendue one moiety or equal undivided half part of the Island; now for payment of $118, Thomas Duncan deeds to Michael Kapp all Duncan's right to the said Island, being the moiety sold by the sheriff as the Estate of Andrew Lee, together with improvements thereon .... /s/ Thos. Duncan; wit. Jacob Hunsperger, Jno. Downey. Ack. at Harrisburg 11 Dec. 1813. Recorded 22 March 1814. (FHL film 21,269; SLC 2009)
      U1-175/176: Thomas Duncan & wife to Jacob Dubbs. In the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin Co. of May term 1814, No.102, an amicable action in partition was entered between Mochael Kapps? of one part and Mary Fulton widow & relict of Richard Fulton decd, Isabell Fulton, John William Fulton, Richard Fulton and Mary Wilson Fulton, minor children and legal representatives of Richard Fulton decd and whose joint guardians are Mary Fulton and Thomas Smith Esq. for a certain Island in the River Susquehanna opposite the mouth of Paxton Creek in Swatara township, Dauphin Co. containing about 10 acres more or less, the one equal undivided moiety whereof being the property of the plaintiff and the other one equal undivided moiety the property of the defendants and which they held together &c and in which action the said Island according to the acts in such case was by the sheriff at public vendue sold to Jacob Dubbs; NOW we Thomas Duncan of Carlisle and Martha his wife for $1 paid by said Jacob Dubbs, grant to the said Jacob Dubbs all our interest in the said Island. 8 May 1815. /s/ Thomas Duncan, Martha Duncan. Wit. John Deleway. Thomas Duncan and Martha his wife appeared in Cumberland Co. PA. Recorded May 11, 1815. (FHL film 21,270)
      V1-518/520: Matthew Duncan's Exor to Nicholas Strow. 18 Dec. 1816, Letitia Duncan surviving executrix and the Reverend James Gray surviving executor of the will of Mathew Duncan late of the City of Philadelphia to Nicholas Straw of town of Halifax, County of Dauphin, farmer of the other part; by patent dated 4 August 1773 granted to Margaret Duncan land called the Convention containing 217 and 1/2 acres more or less in Upper Paxton township then in Lancaster now in Dauphin Co. which was surveyed on 20 May 1773 on a warrant dated 29 Oct. 1772 as by said patent recorded in Patent Book AA Vol.14th page 19th, and the said Margaret Duncan by will recorded in the City of Philadelphia authorise the afsd Mathew Duncan as her executor to dispose of said tract of land, and that said Mathew by his will also in the said office authorized his executors of whom the said Latitia and James are the only survivors to sell the tract of land; NOW the said Letitia Duncan and James Gray for $1,850 paid by Nicholas Straw, sell to him the above tract of land, bounded ... corner of Alexander Scott's land, by Wiconesho Mountain, by Samuel Rankin's land occupied by Metchard Montgomery, containing 270 acres and a half and allowance. /s/ James Gray, Letitia Duncan. Wit. Danl. J. Desmond, Samuel Badger. Appeared in City of Philadelphia Dec. 18, 1816, Letitia Duncan and James Gray. Recorded June 29, 1815. (FHL film 21,270; SLC 12/2008 & 2009)
      B2-159/163: 1829, Honorable Thomas Duncan Esq. Exers to Stephen Duncan Esq. (blank day) March 1828, Martha Duncan Executrix and Edward S. Stiles and John D. Mahon Executors of the will of Thomas Duncan Esq. late of the City of Philadelphia deceased, to Stephen Duncan Esq. of last mentioned city, that the said Martha Duncan, Edward S. Stiles and John D. Mahon for seventeen thousand, one hundred and fifty six dollars and sixty five cents, ($17,156.65), paid, by the authority given them by the will of Thomas Duncan decd, grant to said Stephen Duncan all that messuage, plantation and tract of land situate at the junction of the Rivers Susquehanna and Juniatta in Halifax Township in Dauphin County known by the name of Duncan's Little Island containing 306 acres 59 perches neat measure, being the same Island called No.1 which per warrant dated 13 Oct. 1760 was with one other Island called No.2 on 10 and 11 December 1764 surveyed and accordingly returned on 7 April 1768 by indenture 30 April 1805 granted to John Reed the younger of the City of Philadelphia, who with Martha his wife on 28 January 1806 granted the said Island to the said Thomas Duncan Esquire by deed recorded at Harrisburg in Dauphin Co. in Book P page 375 &c; that Thomas Duncan afterwards made his will dated 7 June 1827 wherein, among other things, he directed the Island be disposed of as follows ... My Island bought of John Reed at the mouth of Juniatta I direct to be appraised by three persons to be selected by my executors, and if my son Stephen will accept of the same at the valuation then it is to be conveyed to him in fee simple, he securing the purchase money by mortgage, which is to be considered part of my residuary estate, (MAD's simplified language) ... if he refuses to take it, then it is to be sold by my executors ... his will made his wife the said Martha Duncan executrix his son Stephen Duncan and his sons in law Edward S. Stiles and John D. Mahon executors, ... will remaining at Carlisle in Cumberland Co. ... by agreement at Carlisle 11 Jan. 1828, they selected John Forster, Esquire of Borough of Harrisburg, William Clark of Dauphin Co., and Thomas Fisher of Cumberland Co. to value the premises, they reported 28 Feb. 1828 the land was worth $56 for each acre amounting to $17,156.65; that Stephen Duncan Esq. by agreement that date, ... accepted the valuation; deed the Island and its houses, outhouses, buildings, barns, etc. to the said Stephen Duncan Esquire; and the said Martha Duncan, Edward S. Stiles and John D. Mahon severally but not jointly ... /s/ Martha Duncan, Edward S. Stiles, John D. Mahon, executrix & executors of the estate of Thomas Duncan Esq.; wit. John Agneal?, Archibald Ramsey. Receipt for the $17,156.65. Edward S. Stiles and John D. Mahon ack. in Cumberland Co.; Martha Duncan ack. in City of Philadelphia, 26 March 1828. Recorded April 18, 1828. (FHL film 21,273)

Dauphin Co. PA Deeds (SLC 2/2009; not all copied)
      F2-155/157: 27 November 1832, Thomas Chambers Esq. administrator de bonis non with the will annexed of the Hon. Thomas Duncan decd, to Isaac Updegrove of (blank) township, Dauphin Co. PA; that said Thomas Duncan by various conveyances had in his lifetime become seized of a tract of land in Susquehanna Twp., Dauphin Co. PA, on the bank of the Susquehanna River, by land of John Fox, land of John Zinn, land of heirs of Judge Carson, containing 100 acres, being part of a larger tract held by the late Judge Carson on warrant 24 Sept. 1736 and by him conveyed to Judge Duncan, who by will on 7 June 1827 which among other things specifically divided and authorized the sale of described tracts, and one tract was not specifically devised by the will, and by his will testator appointed Martha Duncan, Stephen Duncan, Edward J. Stiles and John D. Mahen the executors, recorded in Will Book F page 99, (MAD: mention orphan's Court, they settled their account as far as their administration) letters of administration of the unadministered part of the estate of said Thomas Duncan decd. were granted to said Thomas Chambers; NOW ... said Thomas Chambers per the will and for $3,100, deed to Isaac Updegrove, the above plantation and tract of land. /s/ Tho. Chambers. Wit. Jacob Mull, Abm. Blymeyer. Ack. Cumberland Co. PA. Rec. Oct. 30, 1832, Dauphin Co. (FHL film 21,275)
      H2-209/211: 16 April 1834, Thomas Chambers Esq. Administrator de bonis non with the will of Thomas Duncan decd. annexed, to Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Stiles Duncan children and Rebecca H. Duncan widow of Robert Callender Duncan decd; in consideration of a deed of conveyance of even date by Frederick Watts Esq. the guardian of the said Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Stiles Duncan conveying and vesting in the said Thomas Chambers Esq. Admr. de bonis non of Hon Thomas Duncan decd the title to two certain tracts of land in Newton and Southampton Townships in Cumberland Co. particularly described in said deed, hereby acknowledged by said Thomas Chambers Esq., has granted etc. to the said Thomas Duncan, Benjamin S. Duncan and Rebecca H. Duncan the Island at the junction of the Susquehanna and Juniata River in Dauphin Co. known by the name of "Reed's Island" containing 340 acres with all the buildings etc. This deed being now made per an Act of Assembly of PA passed on the petition of Rebecca H. Duncan, Thomas Chambers and Frederick Watts Esq. guardian of the said Thomas Duncan and Benjamin S. Duncan at the Session of 1833-4 to enable the petitioners to effect a compromise respecting the property described in the petition. /s/ Tho. Chambers. Wit. Lewis Denig. Received of Frederick Watts Esq. the conveyance of the two tracts of land in Southampton and Newton townships as the consideration for which this deed is made. /s/ Thos. Chambers, Wit. Lewis Denig. Thomas Chambers Esq. ack in Franklin Co. PA 23 April 1834. Rec. August 27, 1835. (FHL film 21,276)
      K2-84/86: 18 September 1837, Rebecca H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Stiles Duncan, all of Duncans Island, Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, to Commissioner of Commonwealth of PA, that for $200 paid, sell to the Commonwealth of PA all the following tracts or lots of ground on Duncans Island, Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, described ... beg. at a post near the bank of the Canal east of the lock and toll collector's house a short distance from the Juniata Acqueduct, then ... down along the bank of the PA Canal ... contining 80 perches neat measure; number two being at lock Number (blank) beg. at upper end of lot Canal side, containing 54 perches and 4/10 of a perch neat measure; the whole of the above described lots being parts and parcels of a larger tract of 340 acres formerly known by the name of Reeds Island, which Thomas Chambers Esqr. administrator de bonis non with the will of the Honorable Thomas Duncan decd. annexed, by deed 16 April 1834 conveyed to Rebeca H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Stiles Duncan, party hereto, and the said Rebecca H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Stiles Duncan by these presents convey the above described lots to the Commonwealth of PA party hereto Archabold Orme Esqr. agent for said Commonwealth, recorded in Dauphin Co. Deed Book B.H. vol.2nd page 209. /s/ R.H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Benj. S. Duncan. Wit: Archibold Orme, Julia Duncan, Elizabeth L. Shoemaker. Ack. Dauphin Co., rec. Oct. 7, 1837. (FHL film 21,277)
      M2-351/353: 20 July 1840, Thomas Duncan and Benjamin S. Duncan to Rebecca H. Duncan, all of Dauphin Co. PA, for $10,000, tract on an island in Dauphin Co. at the meeting of the Juniata River where said Rebecca H. Duncan now resides containing 350 acres. /s/ Thomas Duncan, B. Stiles Duncan. Wit. Thomas Duncan, David H. Huling, C.A. Snyder at the signing of B. Styles Duncan. Ack. 12 July 1840 in Mifflin Co. by Thomas Duncan. Ack. 25 July 1840 in Dauphin Co. by Benjamin S. Duncan. Rec. Dauphin Co. July 28, 1840. (FHL film 21,278)
      M2-505/506: 1 Jan. 1841, Rebecca H. Duncan of Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, to Rody McGee of Upper Paxton Twp., Co. & state afsd; for $6,400 paid by said Rody McGee, sell to said Rody McGee those two contiguous pieces of ground on Duncans Island, piece first bounded on east by Susquehanna River, on north by the Penna. Canal, on the south by the Juniatta River, and west by a lot occupied by the state for a lockhouse, containing 3 acres more or less; piece second beg. at Canal bridge, then to the Penna. Canal and along the canal ... containing one acre more or less, being parts of an Island situate at the junction of the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers, Dauphin Co. PA, which was conveyed to Thomas Duncan, Benjamin Stiles Duncan and Rebecca H. Duncan by Thomas Chambers admin. de bonis non of Thomas Duncan decd. on 16 April 1834 and recorded in Deed Book H vol.2 page 209 at Harrisburg on 27 Aug. 1835, and Thomas Duncan and Benjamin Styles Duncan by deed July 1840 conveyed their right to the said Rebecca H. Duncan, recorded at Harrisburg, together with improvements. /s/ R.H. Duncan, Wit. Israel Carpenter, Thos. J. Power. Ack. Dauphin Co. PA; rec. January 1, 1841. (FHL film 21,278)
      P2-336/337: 14 July 1839, Rebecca H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan Esq., and Benjamin S. Duncan of Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co. PA, to David McCoy of Wheatfield Twp, Perry Co. PA, for $80, sell tract in Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, on Duncan's Island between the Bulmont? (Butmont?) of the bridge across the canal and State [Toll] House ... containing 36 perches and eight tenths. /s/ R.H. Duncan, Thomas Duncan, B. Styles Duncan. Wit. Wm. M. Lubrich, Israel Carpenter. Ack. Dauphin Co. PA 14 July 1840. Rec. May 30, 1843. (MAD: Years as given.) (FHL film 21,280)
      P2-425/426: 2 June 1843, Rebecca H. Duncan of Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, to Samuel Garman of Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co. PA, for $224.60, sell parcel of land in Halifax Co. PA beg. at the canal, then by Rody McGee, then by other lands of Rebecca H. Duncan, to the Canal, containing 5820 square feet. /s/ R.H. Duncan. Wit. Israel Carpenter, John Haldeman. Ack. 2 June 1843, Dauphin Co. PA. Rec. Sept. 5, 1843. (FHL film 21,280)

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