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Formed 1839 from Venango, Armstrong
Armstrong formed 1800 from Allegheny, Indiana, Clarion, Butler, Jefferson, Westmoreland


1840 Clarion Co. PA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Clarion Co. PA Census
Pg.55, #84, Charles McCAFFERTY 34 PA lumberman $1200
                  Chaselle? (f) 26 PA
                  David DUNKIN 17 PA lumberman
                  & other lumbermen
Pg.177, #63, James DUNCAN 36 IRE carpenter $1000
                  Mary 34 IRE
                  Nancy H. 12, Martha 10 IRE
                  Mary E. 6 IRE
                  Robert 10/12 PA

1860-1870 Clarion Co. PA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Clarion Co. PA Deed Indexes (SLC 7/23/2014)
   Direct index, 1806-1946 (FHL film 1,315,283)
      16-264: Duncan, B.S. & ux to G.R. Harms, 5 acres 9 perches Richland Tp, Sept. 1, 1871
         (others were later, not copied)
      1-70: Duncan, Catharine et al by atty to John C. Corbett, 1058 acres 32 perches, Elk Twp, Jany 8, 1840?
      1-28: Duncan, Catharine A. et al to John Duncan, L of A, Oct. 1, 1839
         (other C first names were after 1860, not copied)
      VC1-85: Duncan, James to Stephen Duncan, tracts, Pennsylvania, Aug. 13, 1824
      VC1-111: Duncan, James to Stephen Duncan, tracts, Pennsylvania, Oct. 16, 1826
      3-264: Duncan, James to John Vensil, Assignment, Feby 19, 1850
      Duncan, L. - 1870, not copied
      VC1-114: Duncan, Stephen et ux to Geo. A. Lyon, letter of atty, Aug. 1828
      1-70: Duncan, Stephen et al by atty to John C. Corbett, 1058 acres 32 perches, Elk Twp, Jan. 8, 1841
      1-28: Duncan, Stephen et ux to John Duncan, L. of A., Oct. 7, 1839
      9-373: Duncan, William C. et al to A. Borland et al, 150 acres, Agrt., Washington Twp, Feb. 4, 1865
   Adsectum index to deeds, 1806-1946 (FHL film 1,315,288)
      AC2-351: Duncan, Alexander from Wilhelm Willink et al by atty, 254 acres 150 perches, Madison Twp, Mch. 10, 1840
      VC1-85: Duncan, Stephen from James Duncan, tracts Pennsylvania, Aug. 13, 1824
      VC1-111: Duncan, Stephen from James Duncan, tracts Pennsylvania, Aug. 13, 1824
      VC1-112: Duncan, Stephen from John Galbreaith et ux, tract, Elk Twp, July 27, 1829
      9-333: Duncan, William C. et al from Earnest Roth et al, 125 acres, Elk Tp, Mch. 3, 1865
      9-373: Duncan, William C. from P. Graham et al, agreement, Feby 4, 1865
      9-375: Duncan, William C. from Jacob Lilligh et al, 82 acres 80 perches, Washington Tp, Mch. 13, 1865 (next deed 1873, not copied)
   Deeds from Venango Co. (FHL film 1,315,290 item 5?)
      1-85: Duncan, James of Stephen Duncan
      1-111: Duncan, James of Stephen Duncan
      1-114: Duncan, Stephen of John A. Lyon

Clarion Co. PA Deeds (SLC 7/25/2014)
   Deeds from Venango Co. PA, v.1, 1834-1841 (FHL film 1,315,290)
      VC1-85/86: 13 Aug. 1824, James Duncan of Cumberland Co. PA to Stephen Duncan of State of MS, that James Duncan by two several bonds bearing even date herewith is bound to said Stephen Duncan for $13,000 conditioned for the payment of $8,000 as follows, viz, by one of the said obligations for the payment of $2,000 with interest from 1 Jan. next and by one other of said obligations conditioned for the payment of $1,000 with interest from 1 Jan. next ... now this indenture that the said James Duncan in consideration of the foregoing debt or sums of money, $8,000, and for the better securing the payment thereof with the interest, to the said Stephen Duncan in the said obligations and for $1 paid, has sold to said Stephen Duncan 3 tracts or parcels of land, one in Indiana Co. PA containing 1,210 acres and 1/2, which was surveyed 23 July 1773 for the use of the late proprietors of PA and called Chevyhill "Manor" the title of which became vested in said James Duncan by virtue of conveyances and allowances in the law, two other tracts of land in Jefferson and Venango Co. PA, each containing 1000 acres more or less, one in Jefferson Co. surveyed pursuant to warrant dated 13 Dec. 1792 granted to Harman?? LeRoy and John Linchlaen? No.3201 and patent to Paul Birch 20 Oct. 1803, and the other tract in Venango Co. surveyed on warrant granted to Wilham Willink and dated 13 Dec. 1792 No.2780 for which letters patent issued 2 Sept. 1802, which last mentioned tract conveyances were executed to said James Duncan 2 Dec. 1816, together with appurtenances, which is granted to Stephen Duncan, provided if James Duncan pays to said Stephen Duncan the afsd debt or sum of $8,000 with interest from 1 Jan. next, this present indenture shall become void. /s/ James Duncan. Wit. Thos. Duncan, David Mahon. Ack. on the date of the indenture by James Duncan before Thos. Duncan Esq. one of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court in the state afsd, 13 Aug. 1824, Indiana Co. Recorded in the office for recording deeds for counties of Indiana and Jefferson in Book No.5 pg.474 and 480? (?&c). /s/ 27 Aug. 1824, Alexander Taylor, Recorder. Recorded in Venango Co. 13 Oct. 1824, Book D, pg.30 &c. (FHL film 1,315,290)
      VC1-111: 16 Oct. 1826, James Duncan of Cumberland Co. PA to Doctor Stephen Duncan of Natchez, MS, for $7,000 paid, sell lands, lots or real estate, 90 acres of out lots in Borough of Carlisle lying North of said Borough and adj. the heirs of Robert Blaine decd, and the other a lot of ground on the Canodoquindle? (Canodoquinette?) Creek in North Middleton Twp containing 4 acres more or less purchased of the late David Williams and undivided moity or half part of a tract of land in North and South Middleton Twp. lying on both sides of the Turnpike about 2? miles from Carlisle containing in the whole 225 acres more or less and sometimes called Duffeys Tract, one town lot with a small tenement thereon in the Borough of Caches? and situate on the old College Alley or lot of woodland lying on the North Mountain adj. Nicholas Unek? and others purchased of the late Dr. James Gustine containing 10 acres more or less, one other lot of woodland in Hopewell Twp. purchased of Walter Bell and containing 35 acres more or less, a tract of land in Indiana Co. containing 1600 acres more or less purchased of Colonel Arther P. Haynes, a tract of land in Venango Co. containing 1,000 acres more or less and one other tract in Jefferson Co. containing 1,000 acres more or less, both tracts purchased of the Holland Company, the first being distinguished as tract No.91? (191?) and the latter as tract No.231, together with all buildings, improvements, ... and appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ James Duncan. Wit. Jno. F. Bingaman, Rob. J. Dunbar. Recd on above date from Stephen Duncan $17,000, payment in full, /s/ James Duncan. Cumberland Co., John D. Mahon is acquainted with John F. Bingamon and Robert J. Dunbar who are citizens of MS and is acquainted with the handwriting of James Duncan, and that James Duncan signed the within deed, /s/ John D. Mahan, 8 Dec. 1826 before Elisha Doyle. Recorded in Venango Co. Sept. 25, 1828, Book D, page 399. (FHL film 1,315,290)
      VC1-112/113: 27 July 1829, John Galbraith (Gallraith?) of Venango Co., counsellor at law, and Annie Ayers Galbraith? his wife, to Doctor Stephen Duncan of City of Natchez, that Hugh McClelland Esq. late Treasurer of Venango Co. by deed poll dated 24 Nov. 1828 and ack. in open court of ?? Pleas in said county on 28 Nov. 1828, sold to said John Galbraith all that tract of unseated land in Elk Twp, Venango Co., No.2780, with all appurtenances ..., now ... John Galbraith? and Any his wife for $25 paid by said Doctor Stephen Duncan, sell to said Doctor Stephen Duncan all the above tract of land, with appurtenances ... /s/ John Gallraith?, Ann A. Gallraith?. Wit. James Thompson, James R. Snowden. Received on the date of the foregoing instrument, the money in full, /s/ John Ballraith?, wit. James R. Thompson. Ack. 27 July 1829 by John Galbraith?, Councellor at law, and Amy Ayers Galbraith his wife, before Wm. Kinnnier?. Recorded in Venango Co. 7 Aug. 1829, Book E Pages 78 &c. (FHL film 1,315,290)
      VC1-114/115: Power of Attorney. Stephen Duncan and Catherine A. Duncan his wife of Adams Co. MS have constituted and appointed George A. Lyon Esq. of Carlisle in Cumberland Co. PA to be our sufficient and lawful attorney to sell to such person for such sum of money or other considerations in such parcels in fee simple or for any less estate, as ... to our attorney shall seem most to our advantage, the right ... we have to any tract or parcel of land in the limits of the State of PA, and upon sale, make deeds ... and receive the sums of money ... and to sell all or any part of our personal property in the State of PA ... /s/ at City of Natchez this day of August 1828. /s/ Stephen Duncan, Catherine A. Duncan. Ack. (blank) day of Nov. 1828 before Saml. Poslethwaite, one of the Justices of the Peace for county afsd and Chief Magistrate of City of Natchez, /s/ Saml. Poslethwaite, First Selectman of City of Natchez. Cert. by Gerard E. Branden, Governor of State of MS, for Samuel Poslethwaite Esq., 9 Dec. 1829, Jackson (MS). Recorded June 17, 1830? in Venango Co. Book E, pg.150 &c. (FHL film 1,315,290)
   Deeds from Armstrong Co. PA, v.2, 1832-1840 (FHL film 1,315,441)
      AC2-351/352: 10 March 1840, Wilhem Willink, Walrane Van Henkelam, Jan Van Eloghen, Wilhelm Willink Jr. and Ginett Schimmelpennick, Rutger Jamesson?, all of Kingdom of Holland and Ralph V.M. Cooper Executor to the estatae of Benjamin B. Cooper decd. by Charles C. Gaskill their attorney in fact, duly constituted, and Charles C. Gaskill one of the executors to the estate of Benjamin B. Cooper decd., of the first part, to Alexander Duncan of (blank) Twp., Armstrong Co. PA, of the second part; that the commonwealth of PA by patent 6 Sept. 1802 granted to said Wilhem Willink et al a tract of land containing 980 ? and allowance in Brasher? former Dist.No.6 now in the Co. of Armstrong which tract was conveyed and retained upon Warrant No.2871 as by reference to Patent enrolled in Patent Book No.49 pg.50, ... where they became purchaser of tract of land, being part of above mentioned tract of land, NOW parties of first part for $392.25 paid, sell tract of land in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co. PA, beg. at corner of other lands of A. Duncan, then by land of H?.L. Company, then ... by other lands of A. Duncan, containing 254 acres and 3/4 acre and allowance of 6% for roads &c, being part of tract No.288 of Holland Land surveyed and returned upon Warrant No.287 as afsd bounded on the west by Tract No.1150, John Nickolem, Warrantee, together with appurtenances, ... /s/ Wilhem Willink, Rutger Jans. Son, Walrone Van Henkelom, Ralph V.M. Cooper, Jan Van Eeghen, executor to the estate of B.B. Cooper, Wilhem Willink, by their atty Charles C. Gaskill, Genett Schimmelfennick, Charles C. Gaskill ext. to the estate of B.B. Cooper. Received on foregoing date of A. Duncan $392.25, /s/ for Wilhem Wilbank et al, Charles C. Gaskill, wit. J.E. Brown. Armstrong Co., before J.E. Brown, J.P., appeared Charles C. Gaskill and ack. the indenture, 18 March 1840. Recorded in Armstrong Co. 18 March 1840, Book No.12 page 86 &c. (FHL film 1,315,441)
   Clarion Co. PA Deeds Vol.1-2, 1840-1846 (FHL film 1,315,441 part 2)
      1-28/29: Power of Attorney, Dr. Stephen Duncan & wife to John Duncan. We, Stephen Duncan and Catharine A. Duncan his wife of Adams Co. MS but now sojourning in City of Philadelphia, PA, appoint John Duncan of Southampton Twp, Cumberland Co., PA, our attorney to sell our lands in Cos. of Cumberland, Perry, Venango, Indiana, and Jefferson in state of PA, and make deeds etc. and receive money ... and pay debts ... or recover possession ... /s/ 1 Oct. 1839 at City of Philadelphia, Stephen Duncan, Catharine A. Duncan. Ack. before one of the Alderman for city of Philadelphia, John Brimsall?, 2 Oct. 1839. Recorded 16 Jan. 1845. (FHL film 1,315,441)
      1-70/71: 8 Jan. 1841, Doctor Stephen Duncan and Catharine A. his wife of City of Natchez, Adams Co. MS, by John Duncan of Shippenburg Twp, Cumberland Co. PA, their attorney, to John C. Corbett, farmer, of Clarion Twp, Clarion Co. PA, for $600 paid, sell parcel of land in Elk Twp, Clarion Co. PA, on waters of Sandy, a branch of Allegheny River, beg. by land of Henry Capp, to a maple, south partly by line dividing Clarion & Venango Cos, and by other lands, then east, then north by lands of John Lilly to the beginning, containing 1058 acres 32 perches, with houses, ... and appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Stephen Duncan & Catharine A. Duncan by their attorney John Duncan. Wit. Jacog Snyder. Recd. Jan. 8, 1841, from John C. Corbett, $600, /s/ John Duncan, attorney in fact, wit. Jacob Snyder. Ack. 8 Jan. 1841 before Geo. M. Gu?sly, J.P. Cumberland Co. PA. Recorded 3 April 1841. (FHL film 1,315,441)
   Clarion Co. PA Deeds Vol.2-3, 1846-1853 (FHL film 1,315,442)
      3-264: 19 Feb. 1850, James Duncan of Richland Twp., Clarion Co. PA, to John Vensil of same, that said James Duncan owing to sundry misfortunes is at present unable to discharge his just debts and is willing to assign all his property for the benefit of his creditors, now the said James Duncan for $1 sells all his goods, chattels and effects and property of every kind, real, personal and mixed, to John Vensil, and John Vensil shall sell and dispose of all the lands of said James Duncan and collect all outstanding claims and debts and after deducting his reasonable costs and charges, will pay the creditors of said James Duncan their demands ... and if any property remains, then John Vensil shall re-convey the same to said James Duncan. /s/ James Duncan. Wit. Geo. W. Gathy. Ack. 19 Feb. 1850 before James Sweeny, J.P., Clarin Co. Recorded Feb. 19, 1850. (FHL film 1,315,442)
   Clarion Co. PA Deeds Vol.9 (FHL film 1,315,445)
      9-333/334: 3 March 1865, Earnest Roth and Barbara his wife of Elk Twp, Clarion Co. PA, to Patrick Graham, Archibald Boreland and Jacob Fasenmyer of Clarion Co. PA and Wm. C. Duncan of City of Pittsburgh and Charles J. Walton of City of Philadelphia, for $6,000 paid, sell parcel of land in Elk Twp, Clarion Co. PA, beg. at north line of the tract of land of Jacob Kut?, then by land of Joseph Swab ... then by part of the same tract sold to John M. Dehner, then by land of Adam Korb to the beginning, containing 125 acres, being part of Tract No.2538 and part of a larger tract containing 160 acres and 92 perches conveyed by Henry W. Gundaker and Daniel?? F. Dale by deed 5 Oct. 1849 to Earnest Roth recorded Clarion Co. Deed Book E pgs.182, with improvements, warrant title. /s/ Earnest Roth, Barbara Roth. Wit. Jacob Faller, John Graham. Recd. of above Patrick Graham, Archibald Boreland, Jacob Fasenmeyer, Wm. C. Duncan & C.J. Walton $6,000, /s/ Earnest Roth, wit. Jacob Faller, John Graham. Ack. 3 March 1866 before Jacob Faller, J.P. Recorded 7 March 1865. (MAD: dates as given) (FHL film 1,315,445)
      9-373/374: Article of Agreement, 4 Feb. 1865, between P. Graham of Fryburgh, Clarion Co. PA, A. Borland, Washington Twp., Clarion Co. PA, and Jacob Fessmyer of same place, to Wm. C. Duncan of Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA and Chas. J. Walton of Philadelphia, PA, for $2500, $1250 of which is paid, sell parcel of land known as Patrick Rieley tract containing 150 acres more or less or amount named in said Rieley's deed, situated on East Sandy Creek, Washington Twp, Clarion Co. PA, bounded by Archy Harkins and others, said parties of first part having full power to sell said tract by virtue of Article of Agreement between A. Borland and Patrick Riley, in case of not procuring a good title, second parties agreeing to pay their 2/5 of expenses when said title is procured, said first parties agree to refund all money paid them by said second parties (except their proportions) (circled) in case of failure to procure a good title and deed and when said deed from Riley is procured, parties of (second) (circled) first part hand it over to parties of second part on payment of the other $1250 and proportionate expenses of procuring the same, this deed will in all probability be made to A. Boreland and immediately transfered to W.C. Duncan and C.J. Walton on the above conditions. /s/ Jacob Fasenmeyer, Patrick Graham, W.C. Duncan, J.A. Borland, C.J. Walton. Wit. Furdinand Ditz. All interlinations made before signing, no stamps to be procured, each party has privilege of stamping the within documents, /s/ P. Graham & Co., W.C. Duncan & Co. Ack. by Patrick Graham, A. Borland and Jacob Fesseymeyer on 14 March 1865 before Jacob Fallen, J.P., Clarion Co. Recd. Feb. 4, 1865 of W.C. Duncan $625 on payment of land on East Sandy known as Patrick Rieley farm, said money to be refunded in case of failure to procure title, $625.00, /s/ Patrick Graham. Recd. Feb. 4, 1865 of Chas. J. Walton $625 on payment of land on East Sandy known as Patrick Rieley farm, said money to be refunded in case of failure to procure title, $625.00, /s/ Patrick Graham. Recorded 17 March 1865. (MAD: statement of receipt of $625 on Feb.4, 1865, was recorded twice) (FHL film 1,315,445)
      9-375/376: Jacob Lilligh & wife to Patrick Graham et al. 19 March 1865, Jacob Lilligh of Washington Twp, Clarion Co. PA, and Catherine his wife to Patrick Graham, Jacob Ferenmyer and Archibald Boreland of Clarion Co. state afsd and Wm. C. Duncan of City of Pittsburgh and Charles J. Walton of City of Philadelphia, for $3,000 paid, sell tract of land in Washington Twp, Clarion Co. PA, formerly Pine Grove Twp, Venango Co. state afsd, beg. NW corner of the tract by land of Jacob Rickebrode heirs, then East by land of Jacob Ditz, then north by land formerly of George Kapp, to a stone in the road, then west to the beginning, containing 82-1/2 acres with allowance of 6% for roads, be the same more or less, being part of tract No.2801 granted by PA by patent 26 Sept. 1802 to Wilhelm Willink and others and by Willink & others to Harm? Jan Heidekoper of Meadville, Crawford Co. PA, by deed 20 Jan. 1811 recorded Venango Co. deed book A pg.221 and conveyed by said Heidekoper to Daniel La Flore? by deed Nov. 4, 1815 recorded Venango Co. Deed Book B pg.89 and conveyed by said Le Flore to John Jacob Lilligh and Fredrick Rickebrode as tenants in common by deed 16 Dec. 1815 and by deed of partition conveyed by said Rickebrode and wife to John Jacob Lilligh May 9, 1833, recorded Venango Co. Deed Book F pg.156 and conveyed by said John Jacob Lilligh and wife by deed 16 March 1839 recorded in Clarion Co. Deed Book C pg.347 and 348 to Jacob Lilligh, first party hereto, together with improvements and appurtenances, ... and Jacob Lilligh and Catherine Lilligh warrant title. /s/ Jacob Lilligh, Catharine (X) Lilligh. Wit. Jacob Falles & James P. Lilligh. Recd. from Patrick Graham, Jacob Fesinmyer, Archibald Boreland, Wm. C. Duncan, and Charles J. Watlon $3,000, /s/ Jacob Lilligh, wit. Jacob Fuller, James P. Lilligh. Ack. 13 March 1865 before Jacob Faller, J.P., Clarion Co. Recorded 17 March 1865. (FHL film 1,315,445)
   Clarion Co. PA Deeds Vol.16 (FHL film 1,315,449)
      16-264: 1 Sept. 1871, B.S. Duncan and Mary W. his wife of Killaning, Armstrong Co. PA, to G.R. Harms of same, for $1250 paid, sell all the one undivided 1/8 interest in the parcel of land in Richland Twp, Clarion Co. PA, beg. by lands of John Whittling, by lands of Foxeshens?, lands of Joel Fink, by lands of David Shoup, containing 5 acres and 90 perches more or less, being part of the tract in which David Shoup now lives, Deed May 6, 1865, from Jacob Frederick and Sarah his wife recorded Aug. 29, 1860 in Deed Book Vol.2 pg.517, and the said 1/8 interest being 1/2 of the interest of the present grantor (Duncan) in such tract,together with improvements, ... warrant title. /s/ B.S. Duncan, Mary A. Duncan. Wit. D.B. Heines. Recd. $1250, /s/ B.S. Duncan, wit. D.B. Heines. Ack. 2? Sept. 1871 before D.B. Heines, J.P., Armstrong Co. PA. Recorded 20 Nov. 1871. (FHL film 1,315,449)


Armstrong Co. PA Deeds (SLC 9/15/2012)
      24-425/426: 5 June 1851, John Duncan, Jacob Duncan and George Means, execs. of will of Alexander Duncan late of Madison Twp, Armstrong Co., decd, to George Duncan, son of said Alexander Duncan, that Alexander Duncan in his lifetime owned a quantity of land in Madison Twp. afsd, made his will naming the executors who were to make a deed to George Duncan for a part of the land, and appointed the executors, NOW the executors for $200 convey to George Duncan the piece of land in Madison Twp. adj. lands of Reynolds and Richey, land sold to James Duncan, land of Samuel Balsaker and Peterson Grey, containing 190 acres, being part of a larger tract which Wilhem William & others sold to Alexander Duncan 10 March 1840, recorded Book Vol.12 pg.86&87, together with appurtenances. /s/ John Duncan, Jacob Duncan, George Means. Wit. James Duncan, Sims. Duncan. Ack. Clarion Co. PA 5 June 1854. Recorded 30 March 1860. (FHL film 861,236)
      34-460/461: RELEASE. [Headed: John Duncan & others to Alonza M. Duncan] John Duncan, Jacob Duncan and Maria his wife, David L. Duncan and Nancy his wife, Alexander Duncan and Amanda his wife, Samuel Crow and Sarah his wife of Armstrong Co. PA, for $10 paid by Elonza M. Duncan of afsd, quit claim to Elonza M. Duncan and his heirs ... that tract of land in Madison Twp, Armstrong Co. PA, adj. Redbank Creek, land of D.L. Duncan, land of John W. Crisman, containing 120 acres 149 perches, being Allotment B of the estate of George Duncan decd. which allotment Elonza M. Duncan, one of the heirs of George Duncan decd elected to take and which the Orphans Court of Armstrong Co. decreed to said Elonza M. Duncan Dec. 5, 1864, recorded Orphans Court Docket Book E pg.64, 65, 66, 67 & 68, together with appurtenances. /s/ John Duncan, Jacob Duncan, Maria (X) Duncan, David Duncan, Nancy Duncan, Samuel Crow, Sarah Crow. Wit. R.D. Lawson at signing of John Duncan, J.W. Marshall, Emeline Duncan. Ack. 28 Nov. 1867 in Armstrong Co. by Jacob Duncan and Maria his wife, David Duncan and Nancy his wife, and Samuel Crow and Sarah his wife. Ack. 11 Sept. 1867 in Clarion Co. PA by John Duncan. Recorded 11 Feb. 1868. (FHL film 1,318,256)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, James F. (MAD: looks like James L.); Q.M.S. 46 PA Inf., A 46 PA Inf.; 1892 June 7, Invalid Appl. #1115777, Cert. #909486, Ariz. (MAD: ? 1880 Clarion Co. PA, 1880 Pima Co. AZ; 1900 Cochise Co. AZ)

HISTORIES before 1923

1901 "Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona : commemorating the achievements of citizens who have contributed to the progress of Arizona and the development of its resources" pub. by Chapman Pub. Co. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.295: Hon. James F. Duncan, clerk of board of supervisors of Cochise Co., Democrat, citizen of Tombstone. Born Philadelphia, PA, June 15, 1839; his father John Duncan was native of New York, and with his brother Tom, constructed in 1842 the Globe mills of Philadelphia, where he died the following year. Up to age 12, James F. Duncan remained in Philadelphia, attended school; 1854 went to Mount Union, where learned blacksmith trade; 1861 sent to oil regions near present site of Rouseville; outbreak of Civil war returned to Mount Union, enlisted Aug. 10, 1861, in Co. A, 46th PA Inf.; discharged July 31, 1865. For 12 years worked in PA oil regions, around Foster, Emlenton, Parker City & St. Petersburg, Clarion Co. ... In 1879 removed to AZ; 1890 to Tombstone. Married 1871 to Mary E. Miniger, who d. at Westfield, NY, Oct. 3, 1882, leaving one son, Lemuel D. Duncan, who at this time is serving government in the Philippines.

"Who's Who in Arizona." by Harry Welsh, John F Myers, R J Young, Joseph H Gray, et al; pub. unknown: J. Connors, 1913, 824 pgs. (LH11648, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 979.1 D3c and film 934,828 item 2)
      Pg.714: JAMES FRANKLIN DUNCAN, Representative from Cochise County, and Commander of the Department of Arizona G.A.R., was born in Philadelphia, June 15, 1839. His father, John Duncan, was of Scotch descent. His mother was of Holland Dutch descent, and a native of Pennsylvania. "Judge" Duncan, as he is familiarly known, was educated in the public schools of Pennsylvania ... enlisted in Company A, 46th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, ... after the war he engaged in the oil business in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, for twelve years. Mr. Duncan came to Arizona in 1879 and located at Mule Gulch, Pima County, the next year was appointed the first Justice of the Peace, before the city of Bisbee was located, ... which he filled for eleven years. Mr. Duncan is serving his second term in the Legislature. (MAD: nothing said of a wife or children, mother's name never given)


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