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Formed 1810 from Ross, Fairfield, Franklin


1820 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Pg.155a  Benjamin Dunkin     001101        - 10100

1830 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Washington Twp.
Pg. 40  William Duncan       1000,1        - 0001
Walnut Twp.
Pg. 50  John Duncan          1000,1        - 1000,1

1840 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Circleville Twp.
Pg.230  James Y. Duncan      1000,11       - 0101,1

1850 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Circleville Twp (handwritten page numbers, not stamped)
Pg.3, #14, James Y. DUNCAN 40 OH grocer & baker
                  Rebecca 37 MD
                  Lucy 15, Thomas 14 OH
                  E.S.F. (f) 6 OH
Pg.16, #113, Freeman DUNCAN 39 NY silversmith $700
                  Ann K. 30 Upper Canada
                  William H. 4 OH
                  John E. 2 Upper Canada
Circleville, District 122, stamped pg.191
Pg.382, #314-327, Sarah MITCHELL 39 OH (blank)
                  Mary 19? (17?) OH
                  Moses 15, William 13 OH
                  Nathan STEPHENSON 2 OH
                  George DUNCAN 3/12 OH

1860 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Circleville Ward 3
Pg.180, #575-600, James WALTERS 28 OH laborer $0-$0
                  Lucy J. 25 OH
                  Ellen 7, Lucy 6 OH
                  Celly (f) 4, Thomas 1 OH
                  James U?. (Y?) DUNCAN 52? OH grocer? $800-$1000
                  Thomas G. 24 OH
                  Ellen D?. (L?.) 16 OH
                  Catherine MURPHY? 18 IRE

1870 Pickaway Co. OH Census
Circleville, Ward 3
Pg.308, #234-243, DUNCAN, James 62 OH grocer $8000-$7000, parents of foreign birth
                  WALTERS, James 40 OH clerk in grocery
                  Lucy J. 40 OH keeping house
                  Ellen 18 OH helps mother
                  Lucy 16, Lilley (f) 14, Thomas 10 OH attending school
                  Margaret 7 OH at home
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 32 OH clerk in grocery
                  YOUNG, Albert 21 OH clerk in grocer
                  HORN, Drew? (f) 40 OH house maid
                  WYMAN, Julius 54 VT lawyer $7000-$0
                  BROOKS, Ruben 74 MA physician


Pickaway Co. OH Marriage Records (no cross-indexes)
   Book 1, 1810-1817 (FHL film 288,393)
      Benj. H. Duncan to Ann Templeton, mar. 12 March 1816 by James Robinson VDM, pg.68 (MAD: See 1850 Fayette Co. OH census)
      Samuel Duncan to Susanah Morse/Mone?, lic. 8 Dec. 1817, pg.42
       (MAD: ? 1820 Madison Co. OH census)
      George Brown to Joanah Duncan, mar. 4 May 1815 by Wm. Jones, pg.52
      Geo. Bradford to Sarah Duncan, lic. 23 Oct. 1817, pg.41
      Alexander McLean to Mariah Duncan, mar. 23 Oct. 1810 by Christian Brotherlin, pg.4 (listed as Elexander McClean by another researcher). Alexander M'Clean mar. Miss Maria Duncan, dau. of Benjamin Duncan, in Pickaway Co., on Tuesday eve. last, from 24 Oct. 1810 issue of Scioto Gazette & Chillicothe Advertiser. (pg.316, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
   Book 2, 1819-1828 (FHL film 288,393)
      Thomas K. Duncan to Isabella Staley, lic. 22 April 1823, pg.118. (newspaper announcement 4/25/1823, married in Pickaway on 23rd inst., Mr. Thos. K. Duncan, merchant of Kingston [Ross Co.] to Miss Isabella Steely of this county [Pickaway Co.]; from pg.59, Vol.II#2, 4/1968, "Gateway to the West" from Nancy Irwin 3/1988)
      Jno. Duncan to Mary Jaquish, mar. 12 Jan. 1826, pg.236
      Saml. Duncan to Susan Anna More, mar. 11 Dec. 1817 by Stephen Hovey JP, pg.31
      John T/F. Davenport to Rebecca Duncan, lic. 6 Dec. 1820, pg.98
      George Bradford to Sarah Duncan, mar. 26 Oct. 1817 by Jas. Bell JP, pg.29
   Book 3, 1828-1839 (FHL film 288,393)
      William Duncan to Isabella Banget, lic. 19 April 1828, pg.5; mar. 20 April 1828 by John Ludary JP, pg.29
      No brides spotted
   Book 4, 1839-1855 (FHL film 288,394; did not check for brides)
      Levi Duncan to Dorothy Swartz, lic. 17 Nov. 1849, both of age, mar. 18 Nov. 1849 by G. Wentz MG, pg.211 (MAD: 1850 Fairfield Co. OH census)
      William J. Duncan to Elizabeth Frederick, lic. 6 June 1850, both of age, mar. 6 June 1850 by Saml. Jones JP, pg.223


Pickaway Co. OH Probate Records
   General Index to Probate Court A-G, 1810 to present (FHL film 963,364)
      Case O-810: 1825, Duncan, Benjamin, A & E bonds, Estate
      Case O-783: 1842, Duncan, Robert, Docket 1 pg 31, Estate
      (MAD: Cases are not on film)
      Vol.6 pg.44: Inv. of Benjamin Duncan decd by James Hedges?, Marcus Brown & George Weaver? 30 April 1825, incl. silver watch, old dictionary, small bible, large old bible, 1 vol. confession of faith (unsold), 4 vol. Village Lamous, 1 vol. Rise & Progress, ... Sold to above men and to W.B. Trall, Robert Harp (books bought by M. Brown), and others. Estate included judgments against George Brown, John B. Bentley, Philip Woolf, Joseph Hedges, John E. Morgan; notes on John Reed, Jared Graham, Amos Wheeler & Oliver Brant; accounts against Jonas Baum, Warner Peters, Mrs. Low. John T. Davenport, admr.(FHL film 963,375)
      Vol.12 pg.69: Robert Duncan decd, inventory by Daniel Brantner, Thomas McDonald, John Arndt, 23 Feb. 1843. Inventory included old boots, old saddle & bridle, "pair spectables" (sic), shocks corn 113 ea at 22 cts, notes on John Swank & John Anderson, James McHenry, Jonathan M. Huston, Beverly Hogans, Frederick Robb, James McHenry, Jonathan M. Huston. Exec. Earl Evans. (FHL film 963,377)

Pickaway Co. OH Court of Common Pleas, Complete Record (FHL film 1,303,134)
      11-253/263: Ann Duncan vs. Henry Toland, Robert Toland, William Renick and George Renick, in Chancery. Court 23 June 1826; that on 21 Dec. 1825 Ann Duncan by her counsel filed her bill in chancery against Henry Toland (etc.); that a summons was issued to Pickaway Co. to Henry Toland, Robert Toland and William Rennick to answer the bill; a summons was issued to Ross Co. for George Renick; Order to survey 258 acres; complaint of Ann Duncan widow of Benjamin Duncan late of said county; she intermarried with Benjamin Duncan on 12 March 1816, and that during the coverture? the said Benjamin Duncan owned following land: 189 acres 44 poles, corner Sec. 18, a part of E 1/2 Sec. 18, T10 R21, which tract was sold 5 April 1823 by virtue of an execution against the said Benjamin Duncan brought by Henry Toland and Robert Toland, citizens of Philadelphia PA, by their agent Samuel Tagart, and conveyed to them by sheriff's deed 14 Aug. 1823; also 258 acres on Silpp? Creek Bet. Sec. 7 and 18, on Sec. line, adj. land lately belonging to Jacob Nice?, in Sec. 7, T10, R21, which the said Benjamin Duncan on 2 May 1820? conveyed to George Brown, and which tract has since been taken in execution as the property of the said George Brown at the suit ?? Anthony Groves, Henry Toland and Robert? Toland as executors, and 180 acres off the east side ... one Samuel Y. McCracken on 5 April 1823 under the execution of said ??? conveyed to him by deed 31 Dec. 1823 to George Renick of Ross Co. and William Renick of this county who now have possession; and the remainder of said tract being 78 acres off the southwesterly side was sold to said Henry Toland and Robert Toland ... (more not copied) which tract of land was conveyed or pretended to be conveyed by said Benjamin Duncan in his lifetime to Thomas K. Duncan and by said Thomas K. Duncan to said Samuel F. McCracken and by Samuel F. McCracken and wife to said George Renick & William Renick who now hold possession; all of which tracts of land were seized by the said Benjamin Duncan as an estate of inheritance during his cowerture? with your petitioner, and to which your petitioner has never relinquished, conveyed or forfeited her right of dower ... That the said Benjamin Duncan died some time in the month of September 1824 and left no other real estate to her knowledge of which she can be endowed. ...
            Answer by defendants Henry Toland and Robert Toland ... they admit petitioner was married to said Benjamin Duncan but require full proof thereof: admit that petitioner lived with Benjamin Duncan for some time but several years previous to the decease of the said Benjamin the petitioner did not reside with him, and was not residing with him at the time of his decease. ... that she forfeited all claim to dower by abandoning him and refusing to perform the duties of a wife ...
            Answer by defendants George Renick and William Renick ... land from Thomas K. Duncan to McCracken was by sheriff's judgement; same as answer by other defendants about not living with Benjamin Duncan.
            Court heard case Oct. term 1825; Ordered dower set off to Ann Duncan during her natural life or widowhood.


Pickaway Co. OH Deeds (Indexes 1810-1856, grantors on FHL film 288,359; grantees on FHL film 288,360)
      A-60: (no day) Sept. 1810, Benjamin Duncan and wife Rebekah of Pickaway Co. OH to Jacob Nice of same, $1350, 150 acres, Sec. 10 & 18, Twp 10, R. 21. Wit. William Van Dorn, Andrew Ensworth. (FHL film 288,362)
      A-391: 2 May 1812, Benjamin Duncan and wife Rebeccah of Pickaway Co. OH, yeoman, to "their son in law Alexander McClean" of same, $1, 50 acres in line in Sec. 8, part of E 1/2 lot or sec. 7, T10, R21, in Worthington's survey, granted to said Duncan by patent 3 Feb. 1807. Wit. David Kennear, Francis Kinnear. (FHL film 288,362)
      C-98: 4 Jan. 1816, Benjamin Duncan to George Brown, both Pickaway Co., for $3407, 170+ acres in Pickaway Twp on the plains, part of Sec. 7, T10, R21. no wife. Wit. Jacob Nyce, Alexander McClain. (FHL film 288,364)
      C-470: 21 Aug. 1816, Benjamin Duncan and wife Any to their son Thomas K. Duncan, $3000, 150 acres, part of plantation whereon Benjamin now dwells, and also part of E 1/2 Sec. 18 and part of Sec. 7 of T10, R21, grant to said Benjamin Duncan 3 Feb. 1807. Wit. David Kennean, Alexander (X) Cook. (FHL film 288,364)
      E-167: 22 May 1820, Benjamin Duncan Senr. of Pickaway Co. to George Brown of town of Jefferson, Pickaway Co., $4,480, 258 acres on Scripps Creek, adj. land of Jacob Nice, Thomas K. Duncan, said Brown, being part of Sec. 7, T10, R21, grant to said Benjamin ... No wife. Wit. John Barr, Jacob Nyce. (FHL film 288,365)
      E-201: 22 May 1820, George Brown of town of Jefferson to Benjamin Duncan Sr., that Duncan had conveyed to Brown, Brown to pay yearly during Duncan's natural life 1/3 part of rents and profits of said tract. Should Benjamin leave a widow that would be entitled to right of dower, then the widow would get the 1/3 part of rents etc. during her natural life. /s/ by both. Wit. John Barr, Jacob Nyce. (FHL film 288,365)
      E-229: Reference to attached written agreement 27 April 1820 between Benjamin Duncan and Thomas K. Duncan for the purpose of laying off to Thomas a part of the plantation where Benjamin now dwells, and the same where Benjamin and wife Any by deed 25 Aug. 1816 for 150 acres conveyed to Thomas, land to be surveyed 15 May 1820, adj. George Brown, Jacob Nice, quitting the plains and entering timberland, 546-3/4 acres, part of Sec. 7 and 18 in T10 R21. /s/ Jacob Nyce, John Barr, David Kinnear (surveyors). (FHL film 288,365)
      E-230: 18 Oct. 1820, George Brown and Joanna his wife to Thomas Duncan, both Pickaway, $35, part of Sec. 7, T10, R21 at north of Thomas Duncan's land, 2 acres. Wit. Saml. Logan, John E. Morgan. (FHL film 288,365)
      E-356: 27 June 1821, Benjamin Duncan Sr. to Benjamin Duncan Jr. and Rebecca Davenport, all Pickaway Co., $2000, 185 acres, part off south end of E 1/2 of Sec. 18, T10, R21, grant to said Benjamin Duncan Sr. ... Wit. Phebe Kinnear, David Kinnear. (FHL film 288,365)
      F-37: 9 April 1823, Thomas K. Duncan of Ross Co. OH to Samuel F. McCracken of Fairfield Co. OH, $1300, 103-3/4 acres in Pickaway Co. OH, part of Sec. 7 and 18, T10, R21. No wife. Wit. Joseph Olde, G. Wolfley?. (FHL film 288,366)
      G-283: 12 Feb. 1827, Ann Duncan of Pickaway Co. OH, widow of late Benjamin Duncan decd, to William Renick and George Renick; that on 1 March 1826 dower was assigned ... in land ... in Sec. 7, T10, R21, 86 acres 93 poles; records of court in Book 11, page 260; for $300 sell her right etc. Wit. Geo. Weaver, Andrew Huston. (FHL film 288,366)
      13-106: 28 Feb. 1835, Ann Duncan of Pickaway Co., OH, widow and relict of Benjamin Duncan decd. late of said county, to John Steely, for $300, right of dower interest etc. to 189 acres, part of Sec. 18, T10, R21, described in deed from Francis Kinnear sheriff to Henry and Robert Poland 14 Aug. 1823, Rec. F-101 to F-103; dower interest recorded in Court of Common Pleas Book 11, pg.261. Wit. David Templeton, David Haldaman. (FHL film 288,370)
      14-408B: Whereas Abner Webb of City of Baltimore secured? a judgement in Pickaway Co. OH on 3 Feb. 1820 for damages in trespass of $191.63 and costs in suit against Benjamin Duncan Senr. of Pickaway Co. OH; that on 2 Feb. 1822 writ of feri facias upon the judgement against Benjamin Duncan Sr.; the sheriff to sell his property to pay judgement; writ of execution on 8 acres of land about one mile south of Jefferson, part of Sec. 7, T10, R21, to be sold at public sale; Benjamin Duncan Senr. (sic) bid on the land $14.27; the land was struck off to said Benjamin Duncan Jnr (sic); deed for $90.30 to Benjamin Duncan Junr, part of Sec. 7, T10, R21, 6 acres 60 poles, and all the right etc. of Benjamin Duncan Sen. to the land. 12 May 1823. (FHL film 288,370)
      14-409: 10 Jan. 1837, Thomas K. Duncan and wife Isabella, and Samuel Logan and wife Mary, for $110, to John B. Pollerd, 6 acres 60 poles, part of Sec. 7, T10, R21, deeded by Benjamin Duncan Junior on 7 March 1824? to the grantors of this deed. Wit. Peter Frederick, William Raub. (FHL film 288,370)
      15-427: 24 Jan. 1838, Major Bright and wife Elizabeth to James Y. Duncan and John Rector, all Pickaway Co., $137, lot 3 in Olds 1st addition to town of Circleville. Wit. Mary Myers, Geo. Weaver. (FHL film 288,371)
      19-335: 20 Dec. 1841, James Y. Duncan and wife Rebecca and John Rector and wife Charlotte (X) to John Norris, all Pickaway Co., $150, lot 3 in Olds addition (above land). Wit. Jacob Linby, Bently Groce?. (FHL film 288,373)
      29-253: 5 July 1853, James G. Duncan of Pickaway Co. OH to Baren? B. Olds, Andrew Hustons and Thomas Huston of same, for $1, all my right etc. to Lot 9 in town of Circleville. Wit. F. Kinnear, J.B. Smith?. (FHL film 288,378)
      29-590,1: James Y. Duncan from Major Bright & W., 14 & 15 Feb. 1855, Circleville Twp, Lot 3 & 2 in McQueen's Add (from index only; later James Y. Duncan grantee deeds not copied)
      34-492: 19 Aug. 1861, Lydia J. Atwater of Pickaway Co. OH to John Groce and James Y. Duncan, for $1, in consideration of my retaining my full dower in other real estate of my late husband Robert D. Atwater decd, yet unsold, all my right etc. in undivided 2/3 of Lot 1 in E.B. Olds 1st addition to town now city of Circleville. Wit. Jason Case, Lucy C. Gillett. (FHL film 288,381)
      34-492/3: Auction 15 Nov. 1859, John Groce and James Y. Duncan bought at auction for $1800 the 2/3 undivided interest in above land. (FHL film 288,381)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Thomas G.; G 181 Ohio Inf.; 1897 May 14, Invalid Appl. #1191229, Cert. #942343, Ohio. (MAD: ? 1860 Pickaway Co. OH census)


Warren Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 339,901)
      C3-299: 19 July 1806, Benjamin Duncan of Ross Co. OH to Samuel Lagrower of Warren Co. KY, $600, 280 acres, part of 800 acre survey of military land patented in name of Benjamin Duncan and Abraham Chapline jointly (no watercourse). Wit. Mattson? Reed, Robert M. Hill. (MAD: Ben Duncan had a Military Grant for 800 acres on Bay Creek, recorded in Book 3, pg.259, on 2 March 1792; from "The Kentucky Land Grants: A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky, 1782-1924" by Willard Rouse Jillson, 1925, FHL book 976.9 R22ji and fiche 6,051,422 to 6,051,423; from Alice Duncan)
      E5-8: 11 Dec. 1804, Benjamin Duncan of Ross Co. OH appoint friend Daniel Monroe Sr. of Warren Co. OH, attorney.
      E5-399: 28 June 1811, Benjamin Duncan of Pickaway Co. OH to Benjamin Freeman of Warren Co. KY for $80, 40 acres on Bays Fork, part of military survey. Signed Benj. Duncan, Rebecca Duncan. Wit. John Scott, John Hornback.
      F6-90: 3 March 1812, Benjamin Duncan of Pickaway township, Pickaway Co. OH, to Thomas Gatton of Warren Co. KY, $600, 300 acres on the Bay fork, part of military tract, where Thomas Gatton now lives. Signed Benjamin Duncan, Rebecca Duncan. Wit. John Ferguson.
      F6-100: 3 March 1812, Benjamin Duncan of Pickaway township, Pickaway Co. OH, to James Bright, $850, 560 acres on dry fork of bays fork, part of military tract. Signed Benjamin and Rebecca Duncan. Wit. John Ferguson.


Some early Duncans in Pickaway Co. OH:
      Benjamin Duncan, 1802-1810, had letter at Post Office in Chillicothe [Ross Co. OH] or was mentioned in newspaper; from Scioto Gazette & Chillicothe Advertiser (pg.194, 197, 211, 219, 227, 230, 247, 263, 299, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      Peter DUNEN, 15 April 1805, had letter left at Post Office in Chillicothe [Ross Co. OH]; from Scioto Gazette & Chillicothe Advertiser. (pg.230, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      Martin Duncan, 3 July 1806, had letter left at Post Office in Chillicothe [Ross Co. OH]; from Scioto Gazette & Chillicothe Advertiser. (pg.230, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      Benjamin Duncan and Maria Duncan, 10 Oct. 1810, had letters left at Post Office in Chillicothe [Ross Co. OH]; from Scioto Gazette & Chillicothe Advertiser. (pg.230, "Pioneer OH Newspapers 1793-1810" by Karen Mauer Green, FHL book 977.1 B38g)
      Benjamin Duncan, 1810, on tax list in Pickaway Co.; 1806-1809 in Ross Co. OH; 1810 tax list with 197 acres 21-10-18 and 550 acres 21-10-7 on Sippo Creek ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg.115-116; "OH 1810 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1976, FHL book 977.1 R4p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Thomas Duncan, 1813-1816, a juror in case of Henry Dresbach keeping disorderly house, in Court of Common Pleas Criminal Juries, Vol.1, 1813-1816. (pg.16, Vol.24, 1984, "OH The Cross Road of our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 4/1984)
      Benjamin Duncan, 1816 on tax list (pg.168, Vol.11, 1970, "OH The Cross Road of our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)


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