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Formed 1803 from Hamilton; Wayne Co. Michigan
Miami formed 1807 from Montgomery
Preble formed 1808 from Montgomery, Butler


1820 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Dayton Twp.
Pg.131A  Aaron Dunkan        320001       - 01001
           (MAD: 1830 Tippecanoe Co. IN census)
Pg.132   David Duncan        110002       - 41010
           (MAD: to Fountain Co. IN)
Washington Twp.
Pg.136A  John Dunkin         110202       - 01001
         Richard Dunkin      000100       - 00100

1830 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Dayton Twp.
Pg.181   James Danken       1000,1        - 0001
Washington Twp.
Pg.228   Widow Duncan       0000,1        - 0000,1001
           (MAD: Elizabeth, widow of John)
Pg.229   Benjamin Dunkin    1000,1        - 2000,1
         Joshua Dunkin      1000,1        - 1000,1

1840 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Randolph Twp.
Pg.142   Thomas Duncan        1011         - 1110,01
Butler Twp.
Pg.237   William Duncan       0000,1001    - 0000,1100,01
           (MAD: ? 1830 Randolph Co. IN census)
Clay Twp.
Pg.255   Isaac Duncan         1300,01      - 0100,01

1850 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Butler Twp.
Pg.123, #1695, Wm. DUNCAN 61 PA farmer $4200
                  Mary 42 PA
                  Elleanor 83 PA
                  (MAD: ? NOT son of John & Eliz. Sunderland ?; ? 1860 Randolph Co. IN census)
Clay Twp.
Pg.426, #2234, Isaac DUNCAN 41 OH farmer $1200
                  Prudence 40 OH
                  Joseph 20, Josiah 18 OH
                  Stephen 16, Eliza 14 OH
                  Samuel 11, Amos 9 OH
                  Martin 7, Westley 5 OH
                  Mary 3 OH

1860 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Harrison Twp.
Pg.179, #83-84, Jonathan DUNCAN 24 OH farmer $0-$150
                  Rebecca 20 OH housewife
                  (MAD: no children, not mar/in/year)
Clay Twp.
Pg.386, #797-797, Prudence DUNKIN (f) 53 OH housework $500-$75
                  Josiah 28 OH teamster $0-$400
                  Stephen 26 OH engineer $0-$100
                  Eliza J. 22 OH housework
                  Samuel 21 OH days work
                  Martin P. 18 OH joiner
                  James W. 15, Elizabeth 12 OH
                  Rebecca 9, John H. 7 OH
                  (MAD: 1870 Preble Co. OH census)
Dayton Ward 4
Pg.159, #2305-2424, William DUNCAN 36 KY MULATTO cook $0-$0
                  Mary 31 MD MULATTO
                  Joseph 11, Susan 9 OH MULATTOS
                  Mary 7, Anna 5 OH MULATTOS
                  Catharine 2 OH MULATTO

1870 Montgomery Co. OH Census
Butler Twp.
Pg.4, #55-59, DUNCAN, John 45 OH cooper $0-$0
                  Alfred 19 OH common laborer
                  Mary 14 OH keeping house
                  Irwin (m) 12 OH works on farm
                  Mark 10, William 8 OH
                  Emma 6 IN
                  (MAD: see Isaac Duncan, 1860 Mercer Co. OH census)
German Twp.
Pg.465, #216-215, SMITH, Edward 51 VA BLACK day laborer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Charles 25 KY BLACK day laborer
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.577-578 (& earlier ?), #382-388 soldiers home, many men, including on pg.578
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 21 SCT miner, parents of foreign birth
Madison Twp.
Pg.595, #72-75, FERIE?, Jacob 62 PA farmer $20,000-$700
                  Nancy 55 OH keeping house
                  Nelson 23 OH farm laborer $0-$300
                  Taylor (m) 21 OH farm laborer $0-$300
                  Sarah M. 19, Hattie 16 OH helps mother
                  GARDRUS, Hulda 25 OH domestic servant
                  Anna 8 OH
                  DONSON, James 50 MD farm laborer
Mad River Twp.
Pg.634, #244-237, DUNCAN, Samiel (sic) (m) 25 KY works on farm $0-$200
                  Emily Ann 29 KY keeping house
                  LAMB, James K. 13 KY works on farm
                  Jefferson P. 10 KY at home
                  Samiel D. (m) 8, Emily J. 6 KY
                  SMITH, Jessie (m) 79 TN retired farmer
                  Sariah (f) 74 KY retired housewife
Randolph Twp. (pg.724 faint)
Pg.724, #2-2, HOFFMON, Philby? (m) 64 PA farmer $9000-$900
                  Barbara 65 PA keeping house
                  DINKINS, Laura 17 OH helps mother
                  Minerva 15 OH helps mother
Pg.737, #213-222, DONSON, Cyrus 27 OH peddler $0-$100
                  Kate 21 OH keeping house
                  Minnie G. (f) 4 OH
Pg.737, #214-223, DONSON, Henry 57 MD farmer $8000-$180
                  Hannah 52 OH keeping houses
Van Buren Twp.
Pg.776-777, #309-308, Southern Ohio Lunatic asylum, including on pg.777
                  DUNCAN, Jane 36 OH nurse (in list of employees)
Wayne Twp.
Pg.812, #105-115, DUNCAN, John 33 OH teamster $0-$600
                  Rebecca 30 OH keeping house
                  Willie 6 OH
Dayton, Ward 1
Pg.88, #345-382, KELLER, Hiram B. 26 MD hotel keeper
                  & family & others, including
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 21 OH BLACK cook
Dayton, Ward 3
Pg.156, #328-335, DUNCAN, William 48 KY BLACK cook at hotel
                  Mary J. 42 MD BLACK keeping house
                  Joseph 20 OH BLACK hotel cook
                  Susan A. 18 OH BLACK ast. keeping house
                  Mary 16 OH BLACK attending school
                  Annie 14 CAN BLACK at home
                  Kattie 13, Cora 8 OH BLACK attending school
                  Clara 3 OH BLACK
                  Charles 1/12 OH BLACK b.May
Dayton, Ward 5
Pg.213, #238-252, DUNCAN, Martin 28 OH teamster $0-$0
                  Mary A. 30 OH keeping house
                  Sadie (f) 2 OH
                  Emma 5/12 OH, b.Dec.
                  Lydia J. 30 OH seamstress
Pg.230, #543-567, CLARK, Charles F. 38 OH Ret. grocer $0-$1000
                  Anna C. 28 OH keeping house
                  Edward 2/12 OH, b.March
                  DUNCAN, Nancy 63 MD BLACK domestic servant
Dayton, Ward 6
Pg.241, #112-118, PALMER, Jacob 64 VA BLACK clothing renovator $800-$150
                  Levina 40 NC BLACK keeping house
                  Bruce A. (m) 10 NC BLACK attending school
                  John C. 8, Abraham L. 6 NC BLACK attending school
                  Levina 4, George W. 2 NC BLACK
Pg.241, #112-119, DONKIN, Nancy 65 MD BLACK washing clothes $800-$0
Dayton, Ward 10
Pg.408, #68-70, DONSON, Daniel 37 OH retired merchant $6000-$500
                  Charlotte E. 37 OH keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  Sophia J. 14, Laura B. 12 OH at school

1880 Montgomery Co. OH Soundex
City of Hershmenville, Mad River Twp (missed Vol., ED, etc.), Pg.630C
DUNCAN, John 37 KY (black male)
            America 41 KY wife
            John 10, Frank 4, Willis 9 OH sons


Montgomery Co. OH Deeds (no separate index found)
      Book B - no Duncan (FHL film 966,546)
      C-123: 2 April 1813, Daniel C. Cooper and wife Sophia to David Duncan, both Montgomery Co. OH, $60, part of lot #84 in town of Dayton. Wit. Isaac G. Burnet, John Falkerth. (FHL film 966,546)
      Book D - no Duncan (FHL film 966,641)
      E-106: 21 Sept. 1816, David Duncan and wife Mary (X) to Abraham Darst, both Montgomery Co. OH, $50, part of lot 84 in Town of Dayton. Wit. too faint to read. (FHL film 966,641)
      E-203: 16 Aug. 1816, Anthony Logan and wife Jane to John Duncan, both Montgomery Co. OH, $1000, Sec. 26, Twp. 2, Range 6 between the Miami Rivers, 50 acres. Wit. Samuel Archer (JP), Alex. Logan. (FHL film 966,641)
      F-155: 17 May 1815, Daniel C. Cooper and wife Sophia to David Duncan, both Montgomery Co. OH, $100, lot 17 in Town of Dayton, reserving water from Mud River. Wit. Susan H. Green, John Fotherth (JP). (FHL film 966,642)
      F-318: 22 Dec. 1817, David Duncan and wife Mary to Ralph Willow and Nathaniel Willow, all Montgomery Co. OH, $300, lot 17 in town of Dayton; water reserved to Daniel C. Cooper. (FHL film 966,642)
      G-162: 12 Nov. 1818, Joseph Sloan to David Duncan, both Montgomery Co. OH, lot 25 in town of Little York. Wit. John Folkerth (sic) (JP), James Henderson. (FHL film 966,642)
      G-245: 20 Feb. 1819, Christian Kuhn Jr. and wife Jane of Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH, to Daniel Duncan of same, $100, lot 16 in Little York. Wit. Aaron Baker, Warren Munger (JP). (FHL film 966,642)
      G-336: 29 May 1819, David Duncan and wife Mary to Charles R. Green, all Montgomery Co. OH, $2000, part of lot 84 in town of Dayton. Wit. William Gillispie, John Folkerth. (FHL film 966,642)
      H-34: 14 Oct. 1819, David Duncan and wife Mary to Charles R. Green, both Montgomery Co. OH, $1500, part of lot 84 in Dayton. Wit. Wm. Patterson, John Falkerth. (FHL film 966,643)
      H-84: 14 Oct. 1819, David Duncan and wife Mary to Abraham Darst, both Montgomery Co. OH, $1500, part of lot 84 in Dayton. Wit. Wm. Patterson, John Falkerth. (FHL film 966,643)
      Book I - no Duncan (FHL film 966,644)
      Book K - no Duncan spotted, but tight binding (FHL film 966,645)
      Book L - no Duncan (FHL film 966,646)
      M-675: 25 March 1830, Jesse Kilgore to John Duncan, both Dayton Twp, Montgomery Co. OH, mortgage; Kilgore owes Duncan $205, mortgage stud horse Perfection which Wm. Sourbray is now keeping. Wit. William Stevens. (FHL film 966,667)
      Book N, O, P - no Duncan (FHL film 966,667)
      Book Q - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 966,648)
      Book R - no Duncan (FHL film 966,649)
      Book S, T - no Duncan (FHL film 966,652)
      Book U, V - no Duncan (FHL film 966,653)
      Book W - no Duncan (FHL film 966,654)
      X-184: 8 Aug. 1836, William Sucestien and wife Elizabeth (X) of Montgomery Co. OH to Isaac Dunkin, "it is witnessed", $216, S 1/2 W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 8, Twp 6, Range 4E, 39.12 acres. Wit. George Poe (JP), Elizabeth Poe. (FHL film 966,654)
      X-185: 3 Feb. 1834, William Sucestien (no wife) to Isaac Dunkin, $500, part of W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sc. 8, T6, R4E, Clay Twp, 39+ acres from the mouth of the Miami ... Wit. George Poe, Absolom Sucestien. (FHL film 966,654)
      X-351: 14 March 1837, Mary (X) Sharp of Montgomery Co. OH to Daniel Duncan late of Montgomery Co. OH, lot 3 in town of Woodburn. Wit. Samuel Brinkley (Mayor), Daniel H. Sharp. (FHL film 966,654)
      Book Y, Z - no Duncan (FHL film 966,655)
      Book A2, B2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,656)
      Book C2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,657)
      Book D2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,658)
      Book E2, F2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,659)
      G2-85: 2 Dec. 1841, Caleb P. Steeley of Montgomery Co. OH to Amos Dunkin of Miami Co. OH, $61, lot 56 in town of Vandalia. Wit. L.B. Swallow, Elbert Wills. (FHL film 966,660)
      Book H2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,660)
      Book I2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,661)
      Book K2, L2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,662)
      Book M2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,663)
      N2-486: 18 Nov. 1835, Isaac Duncan and wife Prudence (X) to Directors of School Dist. 7, $25, 1/4 acre in NW corner of Sec. 6, T6 Range 4E. Wit. George Poe, Jacob Mishler. (FHL film 966,664)
      Book O2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,665)
      Book P2, Q2 - no Duncan (FHL film 966,666)
      Quit (to 1850)

Montgomery Co. OH Deed (FHL film 966,648)
      Q-384: (blank day and month) 1832, Elizabeth (X) Dunkin widow of John Dunkin of Montgomery Co. OH decd, and William Dunkin (and) Hannah his wife, Peter Dunkin (and) Rebecca (X) his wife, Richard Dunkin (and) Lydia his wife, Benjamin Dunkin (and) Jane his wife, Joshua Dunkin (and) Julian his wife (signed Julia Ann (X) Dunkin), David (X) Dunkin (and) Mary (X) his wife, Samuel Wilson (and) Rachel (X) his wife, and Mary Dunkin, all heirs at law of estate of said John Dunkin decd, to Peter Popence, Elizabeth Popence, Cynthia Ann Popence and James Popence Junr. of County aforesaid, for $2,250, the NW 1/4 Sec.20 Twp.2 Range 6, and 50.4 acres (being) E part of NE 1/4 Sec.26 Range and Twp. aforesaid, between the Miami Rivers, (meets & bounds), containing in all 223.1 acres. Wit. William Langston, John Black, H? Claron?. Union Co. IN certification for Elizabeth Dunkin, William Dunkin and wife Hannah, Richard Dunkin and wife Lydia, Benjamin Dunkin and wife Jane, Joshua Dunkin and wife Julian Ann, David Dunkin and wife Mary, Samuel Wilson and wife Rachel, and Mary Dunkin, 7 June 1832. Carroll Co. IN certification for Peter Duncan (sic) and wife Rebecca, 24 Sept. 1832.


Miami Co. OH Deed Books 1-2 (FHL film 560,792; SLC 9/11/2012)
      1-193: United States to Samuel Duncan, of Montgomery Co., having deposited a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Cincinnati Ohio, he has made full payment for NW 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.6 Range 5 East of meridian line, of the lands to be sold at Cincinnati ... Territory Northwest of the Ohio River, there is granted to said Samuel Duncan the quarter lot or section above. Patent. 5 Sept. 1811. Recorded Nov. 6, 1812. (FHL film 560,792)

Franklin Co. IN Deed
      F-294: 6 Dec. 1824, Richard Dunkin and wife Lydia of Montgomery Co. OH to Abraham Miller of Green Co., State afsd, for $350 paid, sell all lot or quarter section of land in Franklin Co. IN, being NE 1/4 Sec.2 Twp.12 Range 13E of 2nd principal meridian line containing 156 acres and 92/100, together with appurtenances belonging, warrant title. /s/ Richard Dunkin, Lydia Dunkin. Wit. James Russell, Robert Russell. Richard Dunkin and wife Lydia appeared 6 Dec. 1824 before James Russell, J.P. Recorded 2 Feb. 1826. (FHL film 1,862,071; typed deed book)

Randolph Co. IN Deed
      R-279/280: 1 April 1851, William McIntosh and Jane McIntosh of Randolph Co. IN to William Duncan of Montgomery Co. OH, for $500 paid, sell land, the NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.11 Twp.17 Range 1W estimated to contain 40 acres more or less and also all the land lying west of the above described 40 acres to the state road estimated at five acres more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title; Jane McIntosh his wife relinquishes her right of dower. /s/ William McIntosh, Jane (X) McIntosh. Wit. David Polly, Wm. P. Shockney. William Mcintosh and Jane McIntosh appeared before David Polly, J.P., 1 April 1851. Recorded June 10, 1851. (FHL film 1,666,789)

Union Co. IN Deed
      O-120: Patent #7563? to William Dunkin of Montgomery Co. (MAD: no state), deposited with Land Office at Cincinnati, NE 1/4 Sec.2 T10 R2W, 16 Sept. 1819. Recorded Vol.34 pg.272. Rec. Dec. 1, 1853. (FHL film 1,571,493) (MAD: see Montgomery Co. OH Deed Q-384 which names William Dunkin & wife Hanna)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John C.; Sgt. Maj. & A & F 102 Ohio Inf.; 1884 April 28, Invalid Appl. #511836, Cert. #426510, Ohio. (MAD: ?? 1880 Montgomery Co. OH)
      Duncan, Samuel, widow Duncan, Ellen; B 71 Ohio Inf.; 1880 June 29, Invalid Appl. #398900, Cert. #326705; 1903 April 9, Widow Appl. #782120, Cert. #579357, Ohio. (MAD: 1900 Montgomery Co. OH)
      Duncan, Stephen, widow Duncan, Mary E.; B 71 Ohio Inf.; 1876 Oct. 20, Invalid Appl. #226798, Cert. #469406; 1916 Oct. 2, Widow Appl. #1084260, no cert., Ohio. (MAD: ? 1850 Montgomery Co. OH census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1882 "The History of Montgomery County Ohio : containing a history of the county; its townships, cities, towns, schools, churches, etc. general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest Territory; history of Ohio; map of Montgomery County ... etc." pub. by W.H. Beers (FHL book 977.172 H2h and film 1,000,332 item 3; pg.167 extract from Onda Harris 3/1991; no Duncan biography)
      Pg.167: Mad River Township. James Grimes (pioneer) ... John Harris in 1816 sold 160 acres of Section 20 to David Duncan who soon afterwards built a brick house, the first erected in the neighborhood, which is still standing.

1896 "Pioneer Life in Dayton and Vicinity, 1796-1840" [Montgomery Co. OH] by John F. Edgar (FHL book 977.173 H2e & film 925,037 item 7; from Onda Harris 3/1991; no Duncan biography)
      Pg.167: 1805. James Grimes, his mother and 5 sisters left Rockbridge Co. VA for OH. He came to Dayton in 1809, and purchased Sec. 20 in Madriver Township, part he sold to William C. Davis. In 1816 he sold 160 acres of Section 20 to David Duncan and in 1852 the remainder of his farm to John Harris.

1909 "History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery Co. OH" by Augustus Waldo Drury, 2 Vols. (FHL book 977.173 H2d film 1,000,333 items 2 & 3, and Vol.1 on film 926,810 and Vol.2 on film 926,811 and 1,550,658 item 1; Vol.I from Onda Harris 3/1991; no Duncan biog. Vol.2
      Vol.I, pg.104: Aug. 1808, Village Funds ... David Duncan, smithwork at same, $5.25.
      Pg.110: A little earlier, David Duncan was running a blacksmith shop.
      Pg.222: Lot 84, S 1/2, D.C. Cooper to David Duncan, April 2, 1813, after which the title branches, owing to petty subdivisions. N 1/2, D.C. Cooper to Abraham Dorst, April 2, 1813. It was then divided into small parcels and sold.

1919 "Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Ohio" (Montgomery Co.) Vol.III, ed. by John C. Hover (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.1 M533; FHL book 977.17 H2m and film 934,871 items 1-3)
      Pg.188-189: Charles Duncan was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, February 16, 1846, son of James and Isabelle (Stuart) Duncan. James Duncan and Isabelle Stuart were married in Scotland, and to them were born six children: Janet, Charles, James, John, Alexandriana and Alexander, all of whom were born in Scotland. After coming to the United States three other children were born to them: Margaret, Isabelle, and David. James Duncan emigrated with his family to this country, settled in Champaign county, Ohio, lived there the remainder of his life, and was buried in that county. Charles Duncan was the only member of the family who ever lived in Butler County .... (MAD: ?? see Muskingum Co. OH)

1908 "Commemorative biographical record of prominent and representative men of Indianapolis [Marion Co. IN] and vicinity : containing biographical sketches of business and professional men and of many of the early settled families" pub. by J.H. Beers (FHL book 977.252/I2 D3c and fiche 6101617 (Vol.1) and 6101618 (Vol.2))
      Pg.269-272: DUNKIN. The Dunkin family, some members of which spell their name Duncan, orig. from Scotland, branch herein from old Colonial stock of PA in the Red Stone country. John Dunkin, grandfather of Michael and William Dunkin, of Selma [Delaware Co.], IN, was a farmer who went from PA to OH as a young man; in latter state he married Elizabeth Sunderland, who died July 15, 1843, in Union Co. IN, she the dau. of Peter Sunderland, one of orig. pioneers. The Sunderlands had preceded Dunkins to that section, and when John Dunkin, accompanied by a companion, crossed the mountains with a knapsack on his back, he found them well settled. Dayton, OH, was then a hamlet ... After marriage, John Dunkin settled on Mad river, 3 miles southeast of Dayton [Montgomery Co.], where he cleared a farm and resided until death. He & wife were parents of: William, b. Sept. 22, 1788, died Nov. 22, 1870; John, b. Oct. 21, 1790; Peter, b. June 8, 1792; Michael, b. Jan. 29, 1795, died young; Rachel, b. Jan. 20, 1797, d. Jan. 2, 1860; Benjamin, b. Aug. 20, 1799; Michael, b. Aug. 28, 1801; John b. Sept. 5, 1803; Joshua, b. Sept. 25, 1805; Polly, b. Nov. 22, 1807; and David, b. Sept. 22, 1810, d. Sept. 1, 1881. These names and dates are from the records left by William Dunkin, and copied in the family Bible.
            (MAD: William in 1850 Delaware Co. IN census; Peter in 1850 Carroll Co. IN census; Benjamin in 1850 Carroll Co. IN census; Michael (Richard?) in ? 1850 Carroll Co. IN census; John in ?? 1850 Fulton Co. OH census; Joshua in 1850 Carroll Co. IN census; David in 1850 Union Co. IN census; Elizabeth (Sunderland) in 1840 Union Co. IN census)
      William Dunkin, b. Sept. 22, 1788, son of John, reared on Mad river in Montgomery Co. OH, there married May 11, 1815, to Hannah Smith, b. in New Jersey, dau. of John Smith who died in that State, the dau. removing to Montgomery Co. OH with friends Joseph Silver and his family. Mr. Dunkin about 1820 removed to IN, settled Union Co. In May 1827 family moved to Delaware Co., there then being 6 children, and settled on farm now occupied by William Dunkin, one of the children; farm purchased from Robert Bronson and from Jacob Jackson. In 1854 built present 2-story house. ... older Dunkins were "Hardshell" Baptists, John Dunkin having been a preacher of that faith in OH. In politics William Duncan was orig. an old-line Whig, later one of original Republicans, voting for Fremont and Lincoln. Served in War of 1812 for 2 years as corporal in an OH regiment, his service being in Canada; stationed at Terre Haute, IN, when battle of Tippecanoe was fought. Regiment recruited at Dayton, OH. Mr. Dunkin died Nov. 22, 1870, aged 82; his wife died Feb. 1870. Their children were: John S., b. Feb. 10, 1816, in Union Co. IN; Louisa, b. May 18, 1818; Elizabeth, b. May 31, 1820; Michael, b. Feb. 25, 1822; Elmira, b. Sept. 2, 1825; Aaron, b. Feb. 19, 1828; William, b. Feb. 22, 1832; and George, twin of William. The above record was copied from the family Bible, where it is inscribed in the clear handwriting of Edward Henry, an old-time school teacher of Wellsburg, VA, and dated 1849.
      WILLIAM DUNKIN, son of William, born on old homestead Feb. 22, 1832, ... age 22 married Elizabeth Ellen Clevenger, b. on edge of Randolph Co. IN May 5, 1838, dau. of Morgan and Rebecca Ann (Conner) Clevenger, Morgan the son of Samuel and Margaret Clevenger. (more on Clevenger family not copied here). Mr. Dunkin ... Methodist, Republican; six children: George Morgan, Hannah Jane, Frances Helen, William Sherman, Lida Pauline, and David J. ... has lived to see each of them grow up ...
      MICHAEL DUNKIN, born in Union Co. IN Feb. 25, 1822, age 5 when father moved to this section near 1st May 1827. ... attended school one summer in Union Co. IN, living with his grandmother, Elizabeth Dunkin, after death of her husband John in OH. Four of her sons and Samuel Wilson, who had married her daughter Rachel, had settled there. Michael Dunkin also attended school in Delaware Co. one term, one term in Smithfield, and two terms ... Selma. ... On Nov. 9, 1843, Michael Dunkin married in Liberty Twp. to Hannah Caroline Stiffler, b. Bedford Co. PA March 5, 1823, dau. of John & Elizabeth (Hull) Stiffler (more on Stiffler family not copied here). Campbellite Church 1854, Whig & later Republican. (MAD: 1850 Randolph Co. IN census) Children:
            Benjamin Franklin Dunkin, b. Feb. 4, 1845, married Mary Bradfield and has 2 children: Cora (m. Isaac Wingate, farmer of Delaware Co; they have dau. Ethel); and Clay (m. Hattie Williams, 2 children: Helen & Emily).
            John Sampson Dunkin, b. Aug. 28, 1846, farmer of Delaware Co., m. Julia DeWitt, has children: Maggie (m. Nebraska Bullock, farmer of Delaware Co., has 3 children: Mark, Ruth & Paul); Mattie (twin of Maggie, m. Charles Dill, farmer of Delaware Co., has child Dorothea); Hattie, Ann, Joshua, Joseph & Jessie.
            Zachariah Taylor Dunkin, b. June 18, 1850, m. Maggie Norris and has ch.: Edgar (lives St. Louis, has child Kenneth), Nellie & Kirby.
            Hannah Elizabeth Dunkin, b. Nov. 11, 1852, d. age 13 years.
            Mary Louisa Dunkin, b. Oct. 7, 1854, m. Charles Carmichael, have 2 children: Carrie (m. V. Smithson) and Myrtle (m. William Kessling, had 3 ch: Elsie, Kenneth & Floy).
            John Fremont Dunkin, b. June 28, 1857, farmer of Delaware Co., m. Dora Reece, has ch: Louis, Earl, Grenada and Margaret.
            Aaron Clay Dunkin, b. Feb. 15, 185- (sic), m. Jenny Carmody, had 2 ch: Floy and Lois.
            William Perry Dunkin, b. Nov. 14, 1848, d. in infancy.

1920 "Military History of Delaware County, Indiana" by A.L. Kerwood (IN State Library book 977.201 D343 KE, no photocopying allowed, extract from C.T. Duncan 11/29/2007)
      Pg.323: WILLIAM DUNKIN SR. William Dunkin, Sr, Soldier War of 1812. Born and raised near Dayton, Ohio where he enlisted for two terms of a year each. Served in Dragoons with same horse which he retired to his property near Smithfield, Union County, Indiana. Received no pension but land grants of 80 acres for each term of service.
      Wife Hannah Smith, born and raised near Trenton, New Jersey. (CTD: No date of marriage.) Eight children: 5 sons and 3 daughters (CTD: No names). Belonged to Baptist Church near Smithfield where man and wife were buried. They were removed 22 years later and reburied Mt. Tabor graveyard.
      (MAD: Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH)

1884 "History of Guthrie and Adair counties, Iowa : together with sketches of their towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of old settlers and representative citizens" pub. by Continental Historical Co. (FHL book 977.7 H2ga; Los Angeles Public Library book)
      Pg.993, Adair County: M. Dunkin, popular druggist of Adair, is a native of Montgomery Co. OH, born in the city of Dayton, April 25, 1834, son of Joshua Dunkin, a native of Ohio, and of Scotch origin; mother, Julia Smith, born in Maryland. When very young, with his father's family, the subject of this sketch removed to [Carroll Co.] Indiana, settling there on a farm, where he remained till 1865 ... to Panora ... to Colorado in 1878, stopping at Leadville ... six years ... he emigrated to Adair village, .... His wife was Miss Florence Harlan, a daughter of G.W. and Emma (Brown) Harlan, ... The marriage took place March 4, 1869. ....

1884 "History of Wabash County, Indiana : containing a history of the county; its townships, towns, military records portraits of early settlers and prominent men, personal reminiscences, etc." by Thomas B. Helm, pub. by J. Morris (FHL film 1,428,710)
      Pg.455-6: Alexander Duncan. Mr. Duncan was born in PA in 1807, being of Scotch-Irish stock; he emigrated (with his father probably) to OH early in life, married Mary Stevenson in that State and moved afterward to Greenville [Floyd Co.], IN, and still again to Wabash Co. IN in 1839; was the father of nine children, six of whom were raised to maturity and three are still living. He died May 1, 1883, at Dayton [Montgomery Co.], OH, aged 76 years, and was buried at Dayton in one of the cemeteries connected with that city. His vocation was that of blacksmith ... was Justice of Peace, tried skill somewhat at law; residence was sometimes at La Gro and others at Laketon or elsewhere; Democrat, then Republican; for a while was active member of Methodist Episcopal Church.

1909 "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois And History of Livingston County" Volume II, Edited by Christopher C. Strawn; Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago 1909 (text from Paul Ostrander 10/23/2005, to him from Annette Liptak; copy of pgs.855-857 from C.T. Duncan 7/12/2006 from IN State Library microfilmed book)
      Pgs.855-856: JOHN BODLEY (deceased), a most worthy pioneer farmer of Livingston County, Ill., and a man who, for more than half a century, enjoyed to an unusual degree the confidence and esteem of the people of Avoca Township, where his useful and successful life was mainly passed, was born in the vicinity of Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, February 9, 1829. His parents, Thomas and Anna J. (Duncan) Bodley, were natives of Montgomery County, Ohio and Kentucky and Ohio respectively. On the paternal side, his ancestors were English, while the maternal ancestry represented some of the best blood of the Scotch-Irish race. John Bodley served two terms on the Board of Supervisors, four years on the Highway Commission and fifteen years as member of the School Board. The paternal great-grandfather came to America in time to help the colonists in their struggle against Great Britain, and Grandfather Duncan was a soldier in the War of 1812. Soon after the birth of the subject of this sketch, his father and mother moved to Fountain County, Ind. Locating there during the early settlement of that region. There Thomas Bodley took up a tract of government land and applying himself diligently to the cultivation of the soil, succeeded in building up a comfortable home. In 1852, he came to Livingston County, Ill., locating in Avoca Township and lived there until his death February 27, 1906, the death of the mother taking place on March 23 of the same year. Their family consisted of eight children, two of whom died when quite young, six growing to maturity, but the subject of this sketch is the only one of the family now living.
      John Bodley was reared in Fountain County, Ind., his early youth being hampered by limited opportunities for mental improvement. What education he was able to get was obtained in the subscription schools of those early times, mainly during the winter season. As soon as he was old enough to be of service he was made useful on the farm, and there became accustomed to the various details of an agricultural life. He began to lay his plans for the future when a young man, and on reaching his majority, was united in marriage with Mary A. Voliva [MAD: "Volva" in this biography], June 5, 1850, at her mother's home in Utica, Ind. She was born in Fountain County, Ind., October 7, 1833, a daughter of William and Mary (Whitehall) Voliva [MAD: "Volva"] (spelling in this book as Volva). By her he had seven children, of whom two - Delia and Eddie died at an early age. Those who reached years of maturity were Mary E., Thomas, John, William and Dora. Mary E., died in September, 1876; John died February 13, 1905, and Thomas fourteen days later. William is the only surviving member of the original group. A record of the latter's career may be found elsewhere in this connection.
      John Bodley lived in Fountain County, Ind., until 1854, and in that year moved to Livingston County, Ill., locating in Avoca Township, where he had entered up 360 acres of Government land. On this not a furrow had been broken and the entire tract contained no buildings. Securing a small tenement for the shelter of his family, he began to prepare the soil for cultivation, supervising the cutting of timber with the intention of putting up a frame dwelling. The first trees were felled in June, 1855, the lumber dressed in a saw-mill and kiln-dried, and the following August the house was ready for occupancy, having been built in the substantial manner characteristic of all Mr. Bodley's undertakings. At that time it was considered the best farm dwelling in this part of the county. In a short time he erected good barns for his stock and the family were comfortably settled in their new home, fencing and further improvements being carried on. On this farm John Bodley and his wife spent the remainder of their days, the busy and useful life of the father terminating February 27, 1906 and the worthy mother following him to the grave on the 23rd day of March, 1906, having share together the pleasures and hardships of pioneer life for more than fifty years.
      In all new settlements which have had a prosperous development there have been a few leading spirits upon whom devolved the task of planting the standard of progress. John Bodley was one of these, never lagging behind and waiting for someone else to say, "come on," but always taking the lead in every movement calculated to promote the material, moral and intellectual interests of the community. As a reward of his long and strenuous endeavors he was graciously permitted by Divine Providence to see the locality on which he had trod as a sturdy and hopeful pioneer become one of the most productive and enlightened portions of the State.
      Politically, Mr. Bodley was a life-long supporter of the Republican party, and was one of the first to hold the office of Supervisor, he being elected to that position twice. He served for four years as Highway Commissioner and for four years as Highway Commissioner and for fifteen years was a member of the School Board of Avoca Township. From an early age he was a zealous Methodist, and his religious sincerity and integrity were never questioned. He was one of the most earnest members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Lodemia Station, where the place of worship was built in 1876, largely through contributions from his ample resources. He and his wife were connect with this church from the time of its organization and in it he officiated as steward being also superintendent of the Sunday school for many years. On many occasions, he represented the Onarga and Kankakee districts as a delegate to the General Conference of the Methodist Church. He was an exemplary Christian and a model citizen, and it is the consensus of opinion among the fellow townsmen of their departed co-laborer that the sphere in which he moved was made far better by the reflected beneficence of his life.
      MAD: pg.856-857+ has biography of William Bodley, of Avoca Twp., Livingston Co. IL, born Feb. 19, 1858, son of "John and Mary Ann (Voliva) Bodley, whose biographical record appears on another page in this volume." "Voliva" as given in the biography of William Bodley, "Volva" as given in the biography of John Bodley.


Some early Duncans in Montgomery Co. OH:
      Samuel Duncan, 25 March 1806, had Land Grant record in Cincinnati Land Office #411, res. Montgomery Co., land in Sec.10 Twp.6 Range 5W, Vol.D-198 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      John Duncan, 1806-1810, on tax list, 1810 in Washington Twp., 210 acres, 6-2-20&25 ("Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-1810" by Jackson, FHL book 977.1 R4j, from Louis Boone 8/1984, pg.115-116; and "OH 1810 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1976, FHL book 977.1 R4p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      John Duncan, 31 Dec. 1812, had letter remaining at post office at Dayton; from Jan. 6, 1813, issue of "Ohio Centinel" pub. at Dayton, OH (pg.11, Vol.5#12, Dec.1985, "Family Tree" Montgomery Co. OH quarterly)
      Peter Duncan, 19 Oct. 1815, mar. Molly Marlon (MAD: 1850 Carroll Co. IN census)
      John Duncan, Sept. 1821, decd; admins. Richard Duncan and John Bigger, sec. Peter Sunderland and Amos Irwin, recorded pg.45, Admin. & Guardian Docket E-1, #488 ("Montgomery Co. OH Administrations and Wills 1805-1850; Guardianships 1805-1860" by Rose Shilt and Audrey Gilbert, FHL book 977.172 P28m and fiche 6,050,130; and other sources)
      Benjamin Duncan, 25 Dec. 1823, mar. Jane Moon
      David Duncan, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      John Duncan, 1825, on tax list, more than one parcel of land ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Joshua Duncan, 10 Aug. 1826, mar. Juliana Smith
      Ann Jane Duncan, 21 Feb. 1828, mar. Thomas Bodley
      James Duncan, 25 Dec. 1828, mar. Matilda Wise
      Mary Duncan, 17 Nov. 1840, mar. John M. Coover
      Samuel Dunkin, 22 June 1843, mar. Catharine Haines
      Samuel Duncan, 10 Feb. 1844, mar. Margaret Cuffy (Duffy) (MAD: 1850 Warren Co. OH census)


"Genealogical Index of Pioneers in the Miami Valley, OH" Miami, Montgomery, Preble and Warren Cos. OH, by Lindsay M. Brien, 1970 (FHL book 977.1 D2b; and from Marilyn Hansen 1/1985)
      Pg.24, Montgomery Co., includes the family of Michael COOVER and Elizabeth Shoop, who came to Ohio in 1825, and whose children included John Coover, b. 13 Feb. 1808 PA, died 1879, mar. in 1840 to Mary Duncan, dau. of James Duncan & wife Mary.


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