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Formed 1805 from Ross, Adams, Clermont
Clinton formed 1810 from Highland, Warren
Fayette formed 1810 from Ross, Highland


1820 Highland Co. OH Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg. 27  Amos Duncan          211110        - 21010
        Daugherty Duncan     100000        - 10101
Madison Twp.
Pg. 54  Robert Duncan        200010        - 00100

1830 Highland Co. OH Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg. 45  Alexr. Duncan        1202,001      - 2120,01
          (MAD: ? 1820 Brown Co. OH census)
Madison Twp.
Pg. 98  Robt. Duncan         0210,001      - 3100,01

1840 Highland Co. OH Census
Madison Twp.
Pg. 29  Robert Duncan        0001,1001     - 1321,001
Jackson Twp.
Pg. 66  Alexander Duncan Jr. 1100,1        - 1000,1
        John Duncan          1000,01       - 1000,1
          (next to each other)
Pg. 67  Alexander Duncan Sr. 0012,0000,1   - 1220,001
Liberty Twp.
Pg.122  Thomas Duncan        2100,1        - 0001,1000,1
Union Twp.
Pg.130  Andrew I. Duncin     0000,1        - 0000,0000,1

1850 Highland Co. OH Census
Liberty Twp.
Pg.126, #263, James S. ERVIN 45 VA farmer $2000
                  Jane C. 37 PA
                  Sarah E. 13, Lavenia J. 3 OH
                  Mary DUNCAN 31 PA
Pg.129, #287, Samuel DUNCAN 25 PA (blank) $0 (not mar/in/year)
                  Eliza 19 OH
                  (MAD: son of ? Alexander Duncan Sr.)
Pg.170, #574, Joseph FENNER 42 PA farmer $13700
                  Rebecca 40 NC
                  Wm. 20, Lucinda A. 16 OH
                  Rebecca 12, Joseph L. 9 OH
                  Wyatt 7, Elizabeth L. 3 OH
                  Manuel DUNCAN (m) 19 PA
Pg.173, #592, John W. DUNCAN 50 PA farmer
                  Catherine 41 PA
                  Matthew 20, Emanuel 18 OH
                  David D. 13, George 11 OH
                  Sarah J. 7 OH
                  Andrew 3 PA
                  Williamson 6/12 OH
                  (MAD: 1840 Franklin Co. PA census; David D. & parents in 1860 Grant Co. IN census; Matthew Duncan 30 PA in 1860 Wayne Co. IN census and in 1870 Grant Co. IN census; Emanuel in 1870 Grant Co. IN census)
Fairfield Twp.
Pg.234, #1004, John W. POPE & family
                  Susannah DUNCAN 12 OH BLACK
Madison Twp.
Pg.311, #1574, Robert DUNCAN 32 OH farmer
                  Mary 30 OH
                  James 7, Wm. 6 OH
                  Mary 5, Josephine 4 OH
                  (MAD: Robert Duncan mar. Mary H. Murry 5/19/1843 Ross Co. OH; 1860 Fremont Co. IA census)
Pg.311, #1575, John C. DUNCAN 28 OH farmer $6750
                  Catherine E. 20 OH
                  Samuel Q. 1 OH
Pg.311, #1576, Mary DUNCAN 58 PA
                  Nancy 18, Isabella 17 OH
                  Sarah 15 OH
                  (MAD: Mary the widow of Robert Duncan)
Union Twp.
Pg.384, #2090, Andrew J. DUNCAN 33 VA farmer $2892
                  Mary 27 OH
                  Alvira V. 5, George W. 3 OH
                  Margaret E. 2 OH
                  Thomas ROBINSON 35 OH laborer
Pg.385, #2095, Christian CLAIBURN 46 VA
                  Sarah A. 38 VA
                  John L. 21, Mary A.T. 18 VA
                  Samuel E. 11, Sarah E. 4 VA
                  Ann DUNCAN 84 VA
                  (MAD: from Buckingham Co. VA)
Pg.386, #2105, Samuel RUSSEL 44 VA farmer $2960
                  Mary P. 40 VA
                  Benjn. J. 19, Samuel G. 16 OH
                  Robert H. 12, Virginia P. 10 OH
                  Mary J. 6 OH
                  Harriet DUNCAN 22 VA
Pg.410, #2284, Thomas F. DUNCAN 37 PA carpenter $2160
                  Evaline 37 KY
                  John W. 16, Theodore F. 14 OH
                  Thomas M. 10, Wm. H. 6 OH
                  Ashford T. (m) 3 OH
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan mar. Evaline Smithson 10/3/1833 Clinton Co. OH)
Jackson Twp.
Pg.499, #558, Alex. DUNCAN Jr. (sic) 36 OH carpenter
                  Susan 35 OH
                  John 16, Francis M. (m) 14 OH
                  Mary A. 12, Alex. 9 OH
                  Sally A. 6 OH
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan mar. Susan Shields 12/9/1833 Brown Co. OH; 1860 Jackson Co. MO census, 1870 Wyandotte Co. KS census)
Pg.501, #571, Allen DUNCAN Sr. (sic) 70 IRE farmer $2000
                  Jane 51 VA
                  Maria 22, Rebecca A. 19 OH
                  Caroline 16, Nancy E. 11 OH
                  Isaac CAMPBELL 14 OH
                  (MAD: actually Alex Duncan, not "Allen")
Dodson Twp.
Pg.544, #882, Thos. DUNCAN 55 VA farmer
                  Martha 55 VA
                  Maria 20 VA
                  Thos. 18, Martha J. 16 OH
                  John 14 OH
                  (MAD: Thomas Duncan died 1864)
Pg.554, #952, George W. DUNCAN 26 OH teacher
                  Ellen 24 OH
                  Edward F. 8/12 OH
                  James HIGGINS 58 VA farmer
                  Eliza 50 VA
                  (MAD: George W. Duncan mar. Frances E. Higgins 7/13/1848; 1860 Clinton Co. OH census; Geo.W. Duncan died 1863)

1860 Highland Co. OH Census
Pgs.59, 76, 79, 160: CADWALADER families
                  (MAD: no Isaac Cadwallader who married Maria H. Duncan 5/17/1855)
Dodson Twp.
Pg.65, #940-921, Thomas DUNCAN 63 VA farmer $1000-$350
                  Martha 55 VA
                  Martha A. 22, John 21 VA
                  Joseph 2 OH
                  Ann DUNCAN 82 VA
                  Francis (m) 12 OH
Greenfield, Madison Twp.
Pg.86, #1265-1231, Ann DUNCAN 63 PA (blank) $0-$400
                  Mary TEMPLETON? 30 OH
Madison Twp.
Pg.98, #1462-1428, John C. DUNCAN 38 OH farmer $10,800-$1,050
                  Catherine 28 OH
                  Samuel 10, Daniel 8 OH
                  Mary 5, Margaret 2 OH
                  Mary DUNCAN 63 PA (blank) $0-$350
                  Sarah 24 OH
Union Twp.
Pg.164, #2423-2398, Andrew J. DUNCAN 44 VA farmer $4800-$2500
                  Mary 38 OH
                  Elvisa 15, George 13 OH
                  Margaret 12, Aurelia (f) 7 OH
                  Mary 5, Angelo? (m) 3 OH
                  Laura (f) 9/12 OH
                  (MAD: she & ch. in 1870 Jasper Co. IA census; Aurelia was Amelia, Angelo? was Charles?)
Pg.170, #2583-2486, Thos. DUGAN 48 PA farmer $5000-$0
                  Evaline 49 VA
                  John 26 OH plasterer
                  Theodore 23 OH carpenter
                  Thos. 20 OH plasterer
                  William 16, Ashford (m) 12 OH
                  Milton (m) 7, Lovina 5 OH
                  Sarah SWITSON 15 OH
                  Julia A. DUNCAN 21 OH
Washington Twp.
Pg.307, #552-375, Nathaniel WEST 57 PA farmer $720-400
                  Matilda 55 NJ
                  Elizabeth 22 PA
                  Enos 19, Isaac 17, William 15 OH
                  (MAD: looking for Nathan West Jr. who married Maria Duncan 10/26/1851)
Pg.307, #555-518, Nathan M. WEST 22 OH farmer $2660-700
                  Martha 17 OH $2000-$500
                  Rebecca 59 VA $3500-$100
Jackson Twp.
Pg.336, #971-905, John WILLIAMS 56 OH farmer $4200-$800
                  Mary 45 OH
                  Ellen 14, Allen 13 OH
                  Agnes 11, Martha 8 OH
                  Thomas 6, Rachel 3 OH
                  Joseph WALLACE 40 OH idiot
                  Alex DUNCAN 80 IRE
                  Jane 63 VA
                  (MAD: Alex Duncan died 1860)

1870 Highland Co. OH Census (and from Margie Taylor 12/2000)
Concord Township
Pg.45, #110-109, DUNCAN, James 51 OH farmer $900-$395
                  Catherine 41 OH Keeping House
                  Ethelinda (f) 18 OH At Home
                  John N. 16 OH Works on Farm
                  Sarah E. 11, Anna J. 8, Thomas E. 3 OH at home
Pg.52, #209-213, FLING, Solomon 63 VA farmer $1792-$1158
                  Mary A. 56 VA keeping house
                  Albert J. 23 OH works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Lovina B. (f) 14 OH at home
Dodson Township
Pg.59, #95-89, DUNCAN, Jane 36 PA Keeping House $1700-$500
                  Maggie 17 OH At School
                  Sarah 14 OH At School
                  Edward 9 OH At School
Pg.65, #190-181, DUNCAN, Martha 65 VA Keeping House $0-$0
                  Martha J. 33 VA Helps Mother
                  Edward 7 OH At Home
                  DAVIDSON, Joseph 12 OH Works on Farm
Pg.65, #191-182, DUNCAN, John W. 33 VA Farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 28 OH Keeping House
                  Maria 7, Charles 4, Robert 1 OH at home
Fairfield Township
Pg.78, #25-25, LADD, Jacob 62 OH farmer $5400-$1205
                  Sarah 48 OH keeping house
                  JOHNSON, Mary 77 VA invalid
                  DUNCAN, Frank 14 OH Works on Farm
Jackson Township (North Uniontown)
Pg.122, #32-31, DUNCAN, Joshua 26 OH Dry Goods Merchant Retail $0-$581
                  Rhoda 24 OH Keeping House
                  William 5, Charles 3, Walter 2 OH At Home
                  Albertis (m) 4/12 OH b.Feb.
Liberty Township, Hillsborough North
Pg.143, #139-148, Woodrow House; a hotel run by Abraham Cook
                  DUNCAN, Frank 20 OH Waiter
Liberty Township, Hillsborough South
Pg.180, #224-233, IRVIN, James S. 64 VA farmer $2000-$7000
                  Jane C. 38 PA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Mary 49 PA House Keeper
Madison Township
Pg.215, #238-253, DUNCAN, John C. 48 OH Farmer $13600-$3000
                  Catherine E. 41 OH Keeping House
                  Samuel Q. 21, Daniel O. 18 OH Farm Hands
                  Mary E. 15 OH Help At Home
                  William R. 12, John W. 9, Emma 6 OH At School
                  Lizzie B. 4 OH
                  Babe (m) 8/12 OH b.Nov.
Madison Twp., town of Greenfield
Pg.230, #455-478, DUNCAN, Ann 72 OH Keeping House $0-$0
                  TEMPLETON, Mary H. 47 OH millinery
Union Township
Pg.330, #6-6, DUNCAN, Theodore 33 OH Carpenter $0-$600
                  Rebecca 30 OH Keeping House
                  Susan 4 OH At Home
Pg.334, #79-79, DUNCAN, Thomas 58 PA Farmer $9000-$2500
                  Eveline 58 PA Keeping House
                  Milton (m) 17 OH Farm Laborer
                  Levinia (f) 15 OH At School
                  WOODRUFF, John 23 OH farm laborer
Pg.343, #212-212, DUNCAN, Thomas 30 OH Plasterer $0-$300
                  Mattie E. 20 OH Keeping House
                  Kittie (f) 5/12 OH b.Jan.
Washington Township, Berryville
Pg.349, #2-2, WEST, Enos 63 PA farmer $8000-$3500
                  Betsey 69 KY keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Flora (f) 16 OH Asst. Keeping House
                  TANNAHILL, Nathaniel 16 PA works on farm
                  THOMPSON, Cyrus 21 VA works on farm
White Oak Township
Pg.362, #26-26, CARR, Charles 61 PA farmer $9680-$3000
                  Ethalinda (f) 39 OH keeping house
                  Charles 20 OH works on farm
                  Hallie (f) 13, Starling? (m) 2 OH at home
                  DUNCAN, Belle 21 OH House Servant

1880 Highland Co. OH Soundex
Jackson Twp, City of Belfast, Vol.33, ED 44, Sheet 11, Line 18, pg.338C
DUNCAN, J.F. 35 OH (white male)
            Rhoda 33 OH wife
            Wm. L. 14, Charles J. 13 OH sons
            Walter 11, Albirtus 10 OH sons
            Maggie 7 OH dau.


Highland Co. OH Will (from Margie Duncan Taylor 8/2001)
      September 11, 1864. In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I Thomas Duncan of Highland Co. OH ... to my beloved wife as (?? part) of her dower the farm on which we now reside in Highland Co. OH on Dodson Creek a branch of the East Forks? of the Little Miama containing about 70 acres during her natural life or widowhood and all the stock, household goods, etc., during her life or widowhood; she however selling? so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts. At the death of my said wife, the --?-- (use?) (real?) estate aforesaid to be sold and afae? taking out of the sale money $200 ... I give to my son John over and above the rest for his services rendered to me, and the ballance of my estate to be equally divided amonst my children wich are now living to wit, Thomas Duncan Jr., John Duncan, Mariah Cadwaleder, Martha Jane Duncan. All my grandenter ?? Elizebeth, (Elen? / Eliza?) Eagilier, the Leagle heir of my Dauter Elizabeth Ann Webster decd. is to have an equal shear with my other children above mentioned. /s/ Thomas (X) Duncan. Wit. B.F. Thomas, D.H. Halsther?. Probate Court Oct. 25, 1864, proved by B.F. Thomas Esqr. and Drury? H. Habsther? subscribing witnesses.
      (MDT: Thomas B. Duncan mar. Martha Hatcher in Virginia; they migrated to Highland County, Ohio in 1841 from Buckingham County, Virginia. He is buried in the Henderson Cemetery, Allensburg, Highland County, Ohio. MAD: dau. Elizabeth Ann listed as Elizabeth Ann Walker, and witnesses given as B.F. Thomas and D.H. Hatcher in transcription on pg.81, "Wills, Administrations, Guardianships and Adoptions of Highland Co. OH 1805-1880" by David Newton McBride; FHL book 977.1845 P29m and film 823,594 item 1)


Highland Co. OH Deed Index 1804-1852 (FHL film 569,675 grantors; FHL film 569,676 grantees to 1854)
      M-25: Thomas Dungan to Thomas Smith, 31 Jan. 1815, lot
      T-471: Alexander Duncan from John Countryman, 16 Nov. 1829, 100a
      1-438: Thomas Duncan from Eli P. Bentley, 19 March 1833, lot
      4-416: Andrew Duncan Jr. from John Murphy, 19 Nov. 1836, 154a (or 3/9/1836)
      4-543: Alexander Duncan from Trimble & Smith, 18 March 1836, 55a (or Trimble C. Smith)
      4-544: Thomas Duncan to John W. Timberlake, 24 Sept. 1836, lot
      5-401: Thomas Duncan from John Smith, 8 Dec. 1835, lot
      8-347: John Duncan to Alex Duncan, 31 Aug. 1841, 106a (or 9/31/1848 or 8/31/1840)
      9-233: Alex. Duncan Jr. to William Scott, 25 Oct. 1841, mort.
      9-272: Alex. Duncan Jr. to Peter Kesling, 3 Nov. 1841, mort.
      9-395: Alex. Duncan Jr. from Peter Kisling?, 3 Nov. 1841, 60a
      10-44: A.S. Duncan from L.L. Cartwright, 28 Sept. 1840, lot (or 9/28/1841)
      10-56: John Duncan from Jeremiah Smith, 24 June 1841, 5a 20 per. (or 6/24/1824)
      10-57: John Duncan Jr. from Trimble & Smith, 22 March 1841, 120a (or Trimble C. Smith)
      10-199: Alexander Duncan from Josiah Duvalt, 27 Dec. 1842, 62a
      11-464: John Duncan from Charles W. Likins, 20 Oct. 1844, mort.
      12-103: John Duncan to Charles W. Leikins, 25 Oct. 1844, 125a
      12-659: Thomas Duncan from James S. Ervin, 22 Feb. 1845, 52 poles
      12-660: Thomas Duncan from T/J. Winston Price, 12 Feb. 1845, 50a (or Price J. Sorinston)
      13-134: Thomas Duncan to James S. Ervin, 3 Apr. 1846, 11-1/2a
      13-217: Alex. Duncan to George Cain, 29 Sept. 1846, 223a (13-178?)
      13-238: Thomas Duncan to Jams M. Trimble, 3 Apr. 1846, 38-1/2a
      ??: Robert Duncan from Robert Means, 19 Feb. 1847 (MAD: from info of Kathy Zehner 1/1993)
      14-104: John Duncan from Thomas Irwin, 20 Feb. 1847, 270a
      14-163: Alex. Duncan to Michael Yankey, 4 Oct. 1846, 60a
      ??: Thomas Duncan from John Watton, 18 March 1848 (from info of Kathy Zehner 1/1993)
      14-491/471: Thomas Duncan to Joseph Glascock, 25 Mar. 1848, lot
      15-236: John & Robert Duncan from Andrew Taylor, 6 March 1848, quit claim
      17-414: Emanuel Duncan from John Roush, 31 Aug. 1850, lot
      17-420: Robert & John Duncan c. from Robert Byram, 10 Sept. 1850, 270a
      18-392: Andrew J. Duncan to Mary Gorden admrs, 7 July 1851, lots
      18-482: Robert Duncan to Samuel Douglass, 30 Aug. 1851, int. in land
      19-393: Thomas Duncan from John Walton, 18 March 1848, 50a
      20-152: Thoms. F. Duncan to William C. Rayburn, 23 Feb. 1853, 40a
      20-561: Thomas Duncan from Thomas S. Rhoads by admr, 4 Feb. 1854, 48a
      21-11: Ann Dunkin from Claiborn Lea, 6 Sept. 1853, lot
      No others

Highland Co. OH Deeds
      M-25: 31 Jan. 1815, Thomas Dunagan and wife Elizabeth of Highland Co. OH to Thomas Smith, $20, lot #75 in Town of Hillsborough?. Wit. George Shinn?, Henry Anderson. (FHL film 568,610)
      1-438: 19 March 1833, Eli P. Bently and wife Harriett of Highland Co. OH to Thomas Duncan of same, $73, lot #22 in Hillsborough. Wit. Wm. C. Scott, David Creamer. (FHL film 568,653)
      4-544: 24 Sept. 1836, Thomas Duncan and wife Eveline (X) of Highland Co. OH, to John W. Timberlake of same, $650, W 1/2 lot 22 in Hillsborough. Wit. William Keys, Absolom Kain. (FHL film 568,655)
      5-401: 8 Dec. 1835, John Smith and wife Sarah to Thomas Duncan, both Highland Co. OH, $200, E 1/2 lot 23 in Hillsborough. Wit. William Keys (JP), George Smith. (FHL film 568,656)
      10-44: 28 Sept. 1840, Levin L. Cartwright (no wife) to Andrew J. Duncan, both Highland Co. OH, $35, lot 71 in town of Dodsville?. Wit. Samuel M. Drake, Thomas H. Drake. (FHL film 568,658)
      12-659: 22 Feb. 1845, James S. Ervin and wife Jane C. to Thomas Duncan, all Highland Co. OH, $5.25, 52 poles, part of Robert Ballards survey #2514 of 1,000 acres, on Lebanon Road. Wit. James M. Keys (JP), Robert Johnson. (FHL film 568,660)
      12-660: 12 Feb. 1845, J. Winston Price and wife Ann McDaniel Price to Thomas Duncan, all Highland Co. OH, $800, 50 acres Liberty Twp, Lebanon Road. Wit. Lyne Sterling Price, Robert D. Lilley. (FHL film 568,660)
      13-134: 3 April 1846, Thomas F. Duncan and wife Eveline (+) of Clinton Co. OH to James S. Ervin of Highland Co. OH, $234, 11-2/4+ acres on Lebanon Road. Wit. James Haworth, Amelia Haworth. (FHL film 568,661)
      13-238: 3 April 1846, Thomas F. Duncan and wife Eveline (+) of Clinton Co. OH to James M. Trimble of Highland Co. OH, $700, part of Robert Ballard's survey, 38-1/2 acres conveyed by J.W. Price except 11+ acres conveyed to Jas. S. Ervin. Wit. James Haworth, Amelia (X) Haworth. Reg. Clinton Co. OH. (FHL film 568,661)
      14-491: 25 March 1848, Thomas F. Duncan and wife Eveline (+) of Clinton Co. OH to Joseph Glasscock of Highland Co. OH, $450, E 1/2 lot 23 in Hillsborough. Wit. Geo. W. Johnson, James Haworth (JP of Clinton Co.). Reg. Clinton Co. OH. (FHL film 565,857)
      19-393: 18 March 1848, John Walton and wife Nancy (X) of Clinton Co. OH to Thomas Duncan of same, $1,000, 50 acres part of Robert Ballards survey, reserve of 10 poles wide on N. line, 97-1/2 poles long, which Walton holds as claim. Wit. John K. Rayburn, Mary Chaney. (FHL film 565,859)
      20-153: 23 Feb. 1853, Thomas F. Duncan and wife Eveline of Highland Co. OH to William C. Rayburn of same, $1,051.20, 40 acres on part of Robert Ballards survey, Clear Creek a branch of Rocky Fork of Paint Creek. Wit. David McDaniel, Theodore F. Duncan. (FHL film 565,860)
      20-561: 30 Dec. 1852; probate court 7 Sept. 1852, William C. Rayburn admr. and Mary C. Rhodes admx. estate of Thomas S. Rhodes late of Highland Co. OH, petitioners, and Mary C. Rhodes, widow of said Thomas S. Rhodes, and Bennetha A. Bartly wife of Eli Bartly, W.H. Rhodes, Arabella Rhodes, Thomas F. Rhodes, Robert G. Rhodes, Clara Rhodes, Zathusia? Chaney and John Chaney, respondents; land sold at public auction, Thomas Duncan highest bidder, $2,332.35, 41? (47?) acres part of Robert Ballard's survey, and another 48 acres, sold to said John Duncan. (MAD: clerk had underlined "John"). Wit. John W. Toff?. (FHL film 565,860)
      21-11: 6 Sept. 1853, Claiborne Lee and wife Sarah H. to Ann Duncan, both Highland Co. OH, $400, lot in town of Greenfield. Wit. John W. Scott, R.S. Leake Jr. (JP). (FHL film 565,860)


"Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812" (anonymous); pub. Columbus, Ohio: The Adjutant General of Ohio, 1916, 159 pgs. (LH6374, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.1 M23r and film 1,954,485 item 2 and fiche 6,104,621 and 6,051,388; from Charles A. Duncan 3/1987)
      Pg.44: Pages 251-252, Vol.2. Roll of Capt. John Jones' Company, probably from Ross and Highland Counties, served from July 29, until September 8, 1813. Sergt. Robert Duncan ... (under Lieut. Alexander Morrow)
      Roll of Capt. Thomas Wisbey's Company -- probably from Highland Co. -- served from July 29 until Aug. 19, 1813: Pvt. Amos Duncan.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Ashford T., widow Duncan, Lela L.; A 13 Ohio Cav.; 1883 Aug. 16, Invalid Appl. #492733, Cert. #285726, OH; 1909 Jan. 4, Widow Appl. #910900, Cert. #674766, Ohio. (MAD: 1850 Highland Co. OH census)
      Duncan, Theodore F.; A 2 Ohio H.A.; 1888 Nov. 27, Invalid Appl. #679832, Cert. #452615, Ohio. (MAD: ? 1850 Highland Co. OH census)
      Duncan, Thomas M., widow Duncan, Martha E.; K 23 Ohio Inf., B 12 Ohio Inf.; 1879 June 2, Invalid Appl. #289352, Cert. #199629; 1900 Sept. 20, Widow Appl. #726887, Cert. #541306, Utah. (MAD: ? 1850 Highland Co. OH census)


Adams Co. OH Deeds (FHL film 545,233)
      31-113/114: (blank) day of (blank) in 1852, James Duncan and wife Catharine and Isabel Paris to Barnard M. Ross, for $600 paid, sell all that real estate in Adams Co. OH on waters of Brush Creek beg. corner to Jesse Hall and in the line of John Rotroff, then to a stone in the original line corner to Silas Duncan, then with his line to ... in the original line, then ... to a line of Aaron Moore sold to James Lang, then to the beginning, containing 50 acres more or less, part of a survey of 2000 acres entered in the name William Vos No.1693-1695, warrant title. /s/ James Duncan, Catharine Duncan, Isabel Paris. Wit. Benjamin F. Pulliam, Benja. Hook. James Duncan and Isabel Paris and Catharine Duncan appeared before Benjamin F. Pulliam, JP, Highland Co. OH. Recorded May 18, 1852. (FHL film 545,233; from page by page through deed book)
      31-114: 7 Feb. 1852, James Duncan and wife Catharine Duncan for $600 paid, remise, release and quit claim to Silas Duncan our right, title, interest and estate legal and equitable in the following premises with the appurtenances in Adams Co. OH, beg. the NE corner to the land of John Rotroff and in the original line of the survey of which this is a part and then .. to ... a line of said John Rotroff's land, then ... to the beginning, containing 50 acres, a part of William Vances Survey No.1693-1695. /s/ James Duncan, Catharine Duncan. Wit. Benjamin F. Pulliam, William B. Draffey? (Duffey). James Duncan and Catharine his wife appeared before Benjamin F. Pulliam JP of Highland Co. OH, 7 Feb. 1852. (FHL film 545,233; from page by page)
      31-175: 5 Feb. 1852, Bernad M. Ross and wife Margaret Ross of Adams Co. OH for $600 paid, sell to James Duncan of county & state afsd and Isabel Paris of Highland Co. OH, the said Isabel Paris in exchange for a dower claim she had in a certain 50 acre tract which she the said Isabel Paris, James Duncan and wife has deeded to said Barnad M. Ross, she the said Isabel Paris is to have her said dower right in this during her natural life, that is the claim in the same manner and form which she had in the land before mentioned and at her death to go to the said James Duncan and his heirs forever, together with all the rest of the following premises situate in Adams Co. OH on the waters of Brush Creek and being a part of Survey No.1252 beg. at ... SE corner of the said survey, then ... to a stake in the south line of the survey, then with the said line to the beginning, containing 52 acres and 88 poles more or less, warrant title. /s/ Barnad M. Ross, Margaret (X) Ross. Wit. Wm. Hundly, Richard Ramsay. Barnad Ross and Margaret Ross appeared before Richard Ramsay, JP, 5 Feb. 1852. Recorded August 9, 1852. (FHL film 545,233; from page by page through deed book)
      31-176: 3 Feb. 1852, Silas Dunking for $600 paid, quit claim to James Dunkin all my right in the premises with the appurtenances in Adams Co. OH beg. ... corner to Aaron Moors Survey, then to a stone in the original line, then with James Dunking to the original line, then ... to the beginning, containing 50 acres, a part of William Vances Survey No.1693-1695. /s/ Silas Duncan. Wit. Benjamin F. Pulliam, J.W. Yowell. Silas Duncan appeared before Benjamin F. Pulliam JP Highland Co. OH, 3 Feb. 1852. Recorded August 9, 1852. (FHL film 545,233; from page by page through deed book)

Brown Co. OH Deeds (FHL film 361,774)
      G7-110: 23 Dec. 1828, Joseph Stableton, admr. of Thomas Young late of Brown Co. OH decd, to Alexander Duncan of Highland Co. OH, court order to sell property to pay debts, 34 acres sold to highest bidder, $350, being more than 1/2 appraised value, the court issued order confirming sale 8 Nov. 1828; land on east bank of White Oak Creek, line of tract sold to W. & J. Davidson. Wit. Danl. F. Barney, Thomas W. Sargent.
      G7-238: 23 Dec. 1828, Alexander Duncan and wife Susannah of Highland Co. OH to Francis Landrum of Bracken Co. KY, $350, 34 acres, land in G7-110. /s/ Alexander Duncan, Susan (X) Duncan. Wit. Joseph Stableton, Danl. F. Barney. Susan examined in Highland Co. OH.

Clinton Co. OH Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      L-220: 28 Nov. 1836, Thomas Duncan & wife Evaline of Highland Co. OH to James S. Shane of same, for $100, lot in town of Martinsville in Clinton Co. OH, viz, E 1/2 inlot 46 on south side Main Street, the 4th lot Westerly from High Street, containing 25 square poles. /s/ Thomas Duncan, Eveline (X) Duncan. Wit. John S. White, John W. Timberlake. Ack. Highland Co. OH. (FHL film 566,129)
      R-561: 25 March 1848, Thomas F. Duncan and wife Evelinea (X) of Clinton Co. OH to John Walton of same, for $1,000, tract on middle corner of this 4 quarter of said survey, adj. Philips & Clines quarter, Job Haines line, Jas. Nordykes lot, (more not copied), 75 acres, being a part of Richard Throckmorton's survey #1939 for 4200 acres. Wit. Geo. W. Johnson, James Haworth. (FHL film 566,132)

York Co. PA Orphans Court
      U-275: 5 Dec. 1843, petition of Samuel Irwin and wife Mary; James Duncan of Fawn Twp died intestate owning 110 acres adj. Nathan and Robert Bartoll & James Wiley, and 50 acres adj. James Wiley & others (not copied); decd. left widow Jane and no issue, but left 4 sisters, to wit, Agnes Anderson, Elizabeth Thompson, Jane intermarried with William Manifold, and Mary intermarried with Samuel Irwin, your petitioner, and one brother Robert late of Highland Co. OH now deceased but who left issue to survive him. (FHL film 22,157)
      W-363: 2 Jan. 1849, personal estate in York Co. PA of Robert Duncan formerly of State of OH, decd; divide $172.44 to heirs: Robert Duncan, John C. Duncan, Thos. Irwin in right of his wife Esther Ann Irwin, Robert Bryan in right of his wife Mary Jane Bryan, Elizabeth Duncan, Isabella Duncan, Sarah Duncan, Nancy Duncan, all of Highland Co. OH, and Andrew Taylor in right of his wife Margaret Taylor of Ross Co. OH. (FHL film 22,158)

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