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Formed 1803 from Washington, Adams
Lawrence formed 1815 from Gallia, Scioto
Jackson formed 1816 from Scioto, Gallia, Athens, Ross
Meigs formed 1819 from Gallia, Athens
Vinton formed 1850 from Gallia, Athens, Ross, Jackson, Hocking


1820-1840 Gallia Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Gallia Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers)
Guyan Twp.
Pg.762, #199, John DUNKAN 38 VA (blank)
                  Ann DUCAN (sic) 41 VA
Pg.762, #200, Sarah DUNCAN 51 VA
                  Lucy 30? VA (written over)

1860 Gallia Co. OH Census
Springfield Twp.
Pg.11, #74-71, John DUNCAN 42 PA landlord $0-$250
                  Lucy? (Sarah?) 33 NY
                  Elizabeth 15 PA
                  Washington 13 "IA" (IN?)
                  John C/O?. 11 PA
                  (MAD: 1850 Armstrong Co. PA census)

1870 Gallia Co. OH Census
Gallipolis, Ward 2
Pg.315, #26-24, PRINCE, William 30 IN drives team $0-$0
                  Nancy 28 VA keeping house
                  Ida 1 VA
                  Mary C. 1/12 OH b.Apr.
                  DUNCAN, Peter 30 VA day laborer
Harrison Twp.
Pg.412, #153-153, DUNKEN, Peter 30 E.VA steam boat mate $0-$0
                  ANGEL, Ruth 27 OH keeping house
                  Henry J. 12, Sarah S. 10 OH attending school
                  William R. 8 OH attending school

1920 CENSUS, GALLIPOLIS, WARD 3, GALLIA COUNTY, OHIO (from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2006)
S.D.# 10, E.D.# 50, PAGE# 80, IMAGE 21 OF 23
      KDC: Civil War Pension Information: Duncan, John R., widow Duncan, Margaret; F 7 W.Va. Cav., F 8 W.Va. Inf.; 1888 Feb. 10, Invalid Appl. #639402, Cert. #476464, Ills.; 1921 April 29, Widow Appl. #1173144, Cert. #909825, West Va.
      (KDC: 1910 Putnam Co. WV census)


Gallia Co. OH Marriages (FHL film 317,652; SLC 2/2009)
      2-8: Peter Duncan and Elizabeth Withers, mar. 17 June 1844 by Benajah Curtis, JP.
      2-145: Andrew Bright and Malissa Duncan, married 20 April 1850 by John Hoy, JP.


Gallia Co. OH Probate Index 1803-1963 (FHL film 317,664; rechecked SLC 2/2009)
      Only George Duncan 17-584; no other Duncan

Gallia Co. OH Wills, Journals, etc. (rechecked SLC 2/2009)
      Vol.A-B 1803-1824 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 317,665)
      Vol.C 1824-1831 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 317,666)
      Vol.D 1831-1844 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 317,667)


Gallia Co. OH Deed Indexes 1789-1892 (rechecked SLC 2/2009)
      Grantors - no Duncan (FHL film 317,673)
      Grantees - no Duncan (FHL film 317,674)


Rev. War Rejected Pension Application for Joseph Atkinson, R-292 NC/OH (FHL film 970,087)
      Gallia Court of Common Pleas, Oct. term 1851. On this 26 October 1851 appeared in open court Martha Atkinson age 76 years, a resident of Gallia Co. OH, who declared, in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by act of Congress passed 29 July 1848 "for the relief of certain surviving widows of officers and soldiers of the revolutionary army" for the services of her late husband Joseph Atkinson, who was a private in the war of the Revolution from the year 1778 until the termination of the same in the year 1783. That her husband was enlisted at? Hillsborough NC for during (sic) the war, and served under Captain Sith (Sitle?), but in what Regiment or under what Colonel she does not remember to have heard him state, but she distinctly remembers hearing him state that he was at the battle of Guildford Courthouse and at Cross Creek, and when Lord Cornwallis left NC, he was retained there to assist in keeping down the tories, had great trouble in keeping the tories down until Lord Cornwallis surrendered to Gen. Washington in 1781. That her husband has frequently staed during his lifetime that he remained in service until peace was made. She also states she has no documentary evidence in support of her claim, nor can she prove the services aforesaid as the last witness of the same, to wit, Benjamin Williams late pensioner from Gallia Co., departed this life during the year past, and must therefore rely upon the evidence of service to be obtained from the records of the war department. She further declares she was married to Joseph Atkinson on 26 Dec. 1790 by John Douglass, a Justice of the Peace, at Randolph Co. in Virginia, that her maiden name was Martha Dunkin, and that her husband died at Gallia Co. OH on 7 March 1815 aged 55 years. She cannot procure evidence of her marriage from the records of Randolph Co. in Virginia and her family record was burnt in a dwelling house she lost in the year 1817. That she was married to said Atkison (sic) after he left the army but previous to 2 Jan. 1800. She further states she is a widow and has so remained since the death of her husband, and that she has never before made application for a pension. /s/ Martha (X) Atkinson. Wit. Wm. V. Peek. Testimony by John H. Safford and Robert Safford Junr, acquainted with Joseph Atkinson and Martha Atkinson during the lifetime of Joseph, and knew they lived together as husband and wife and was so reputed. Testimony by Peter (X) Blazer and Francis (X) Blazer, acquainted with Joseph and Martha Atkinson during Joseph's lifetime; that since the death of Joseph, Martha was married to Benjamin Collins and in a short time afterwards she had satisfactory evidence that he had a wife living, from that time she withdrew from any connection with him, which was some 20 years since, and since then he died, as all the neighbors believe, consequently she has been a widow since the death of Joseph Atkinson; they have often heard Joseph state he had been in the war of the Revolution and they always believed him to be a man of verasity, indeed they well remember his saying that he was at the battle of Guildford Courthouse in North Carolina, 26 Oct. 1851. Certification by court clerk. Appointment by Martha (X) Atkinson of Lewis Newsom as her attorney, who appointed ?.?.Edwards and Smith his attorneys to obtain the pension. (MAD: no other papers in file)

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, Rev. Pension Appl. S-7897 (FHL film 972,585)
      Gallia Co. OH, 19 Oct. 1833, application of Benjamin Williams, resident of Harrison in Gallia Co. OH, aged 71 years, to obtain benefit of Act of Congress passed 7 June 1832; that he was drafted as a private into the NC state troops at a place called the barracks in Chatam Co. NC, the year and month not recollected owing to loss of memory consequent of his advanced age; that his Capt.'s name was Wm. York, Lt. John Hinds, Ins. Abraham Catalin, Col. John Litteral, other regimental officers not recollected; went to Cherraw Hills where were the headquarters of the army during the whole term of his enlistment and service, 18 months; was not engaged in any battle of moment, but was often occupied in putting down the tories of the vicinity. He was out on this enlistment and in service 18 months; that on the expiration of his former term of service, he enlisted as a private into the regular service for the term of three years; that he does not recollect the year but thinks it was in the fall of the year; that he does not recollect the names of any of the officers of his company or of the regiment; that the army was under the command of Gen. Green; from Cherraw Hills station the army went to Salisbury, from thence to Guilford court house where they met the British under Cornwallis and a severe battle ensued; that the American army was divided in three lines, and that his regiment was stationed on the right of the front line and that after the battle had continued some time, they retired behind the second line; that the Americans were obliged to retreat from the place the army went to Hillsborough where the army stayed about 24 hours, from that place they went in pursuit of Cornwallis, whom they followed, to ... on Deep River, here they offered the British ... and Cornwallis sent a reply that he would fight them in the morning, but during the night had built a bridge over the river and Col. Green now returned to ... where the army stayed ...; That when he entered service he lived in Chatam Co. NC from where about 20 years ago he removed into TN State now Newport where he resided a short time and then removed to this state to the present place of residence in this county and state. Statements by James McCall Jr.? Esq. and Elijah Howell, residents of Harrison, that we believe Benjamin William to be 71 years of age and he is reported and believed in the neighborhood to have been a soldier in the revolution.
      Deposition of Mary (X) Gibson, 11 Oct. 1833, of Gallia Co. OH, that she is known to Benjamin William serving in the Revolutionary war, that she seen him the said Williams in the American Camp twice when serving in the Militia, and further that Williams was absent from home that report said he was entered in the Continental Army; also that she seen him return home dressed in Regimentials and she believes it was after Peace was made between Great Britain and the American Colonies that Williams told on his return home that he had been serving as a regular soldier under ... enlistment.
      Deposition of Jonathan Williams of Gallia Co. OH, 19 Oct. 1833; that he recollected seeing Benjamin Williams return home from the army of the Revolution, that Williams said he had been in the Continental army of the USA, that he recollects of seeing his mother awaiting the door ajar and crying supposing her son was in a battle fought on the Yadkin River in NC, and that (he) always heard his neighbors saying that B. Williams was a Revolutionary soldier.
      (MAD: served with Joseph Atkinson, mentioned in Atkinson's widow Martha (Dunkin) pension application in 1851 as having died "last year")


Gallia Co. OH 1850 census index search
      no Martha (Duncan) Atkinson indexed; she age 76 in 1851; her husband Joseph in Rev. in NC; they married 1790 in Randolph Co. VA [WV] per Pension Appl.; wanted her birthplace.
      John Atkinson pg.41 Green Twp; 42 OH & family
      John Atkinson pg.89 Clay Twp; 40 OH & family
      Mary Atkinson pg.89 Clay Twp; 39 OH & family
      Mary Atkinson pg.33 Green Twp; 79 PA
      William Atkinson pg.84 Clay Twp; 53 VA & family
      William R. Atkinson pg.32 Green Twp - no Martha Atkinson

1850 Gallia Co. OH census index search
      No Martha Collins (Martha Dunkin Atkinson Collins, widow of Joseph Atkinson mar. 1790 Randolph Co. WV, and Benjamin Collins; Rev. Pension Appl.)
      No Martha Atkinson / Adkinson / or other At/dkinson with a Martha b. ca 1775 in household.


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