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Formed 1803 from Ross, Wayne Co., Mich.
Champaign formed 1805 from Greene, Franklin
Delaware formed 1808 from Franklin
Madison formed 1810 from Franklin
Pickaway formed 1810 from Ross, Fairfield, Franklin
Union formed 1820 from Franklin, Madison, Logan, Delaware


1820 Franklin Co. OH census lost

1830 Franklin Co. OH Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Franklin Co. OH Census
Franklin Twp.
Pg.159  C.G. Duncan      0100,01  -  2100,01

1850 Franklin Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers, not stamped)
Columbus Ward 4
Pg.539, #415, James H. WOOD 26 OH plasterer & family
                  John DUNCAN 35 OH plasterer

1860 Franklin Co. OH Census
Sharon Twp.
Pg.66, #164-150, Peter S. RUTH 47 DE Minster EP church $5000-$4755
                  Sarah A. 50 PA
                  Theodore 19 DE teacher
                  Fondelia? (Findelia?) (f) 17 DE
                  Albert 15, Ellen 13 DE
                  Charles DUNKEN 16 OH boarder
                  Wm. RIDGEWAY 14 OH boarder
                  Walter DUEN 15 OH boarder
                  Alonsie COIT (m) 11 OH boarder
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Muskingum Co. OH census, 1870 Pottawatomie Co. KS census)
Montgomery Twp.
Pg.366, #1185-1154, Jane LENNOX (f) 44 ENG (blank) $8000-$300
                  Eloys (f) 20 ENG
                  Mary 11 OH
                  Ellen DUNCAN 35 ENG
                  R.W. LENNOX (m) 27 ENG railroading
                  T.J. (m) 17 OH railroad clerk
                  J.W. (m) 14, C.D. (m) 12 OH
                  A. (m) 9 OH
                  & others
Hamilton Twp.
Pg.207, #55-55, William W. GAULT 47 OH farmer $0-$1782
                  Catherine J. 44 OH
                  J.C. (m) 23 OH farmer $0-$125
                  Euphemia (f) 18 OH teacher C.school
                  Ellen E. 16, Hellen C. 9 OH
                  John HOOVER 23 OH farm laborer
                  H.J. DUNCAN (m) 27 MD farm laborer
                  (MAD: ? Hiram J. Duncan in 1870 McLean Co. IL census)
Columbus Ward 3
Pg.101, #1155-1266, Ann SCOTT 60 MD (blank) $0-$200
                  Robert DUNCAN 45 OH plasterer
                  & others
                  (MAD: ? Robert 25 OH plasterer in hotel in 1850 Fairfield Co. OH census)

1870 Franklin Co. OH Census
Columbus, Ward 9
Pg.418, #107-116, CLICKERING?, George 37 NH R.R. Engineer $0-$0
                  Hester 28 NY keeping boarding house
                  (& others, R.R. firemen, conductor, engineer)
                  DUNCAN, Frank (f) 17 OH domestic servant

1920 Census, Marion Twp., Franklin County, Ohio (from Kathy Cawley 9/2005)
S.D.# 12, E.D.# 20, Page 254B, Image 28 of 38
WEARS, James D., head, rents, m/w, age 59, W.VA./W.VA./W.VA., laborer/farm
  Mary E., wife, f/w, age 59, OH./OH./OH.
  John R., son, m/w, age 27, single, W.VA/W.VA/OH, laborer/charl? factory
  Jasper J., son, m/w, age 18, single, W.VA./W.VA./OH., laborer/sect. hand
*all read/write
DUNCAN, Charles A., head, rents, m/w, age 29, W.VA./W.VA./W.VA., laborer/starch factory
  Anna G., wife, f/w, age 25, W.VA./W.VA./OH.
  Mabel I., daughter, f/w, age 5, OH./W.VA./W./VA.
  Charles R., son, m/w, age 4, OH./W.VA./W./VA.
  Jasper P., son, m/w, age 1 4/12, OH./W.VA./W./VA.
*parents read/write
      (Kathy Cawley: see 1910 Mason Co. WV, also 1920-1930 Fayette Co. OH)


Franklin Co. OH Marriage Records 1803-ca 1859 (FHL film 317,388)
      Duncan, Polly to Beatty, Samuel, Aug. 11, 1812 by John B. Johnston JP, 1-111
      Duncan, Robert to Moodie, Euphemia, April 14, 1864 by Henry McCracken MG, 8-344
      Duncan, William M. to Howard, Elnora (Lenora?), Aug. 23 1860 by Warren Jenkins MG, 7-471
      Dunckin, Magdalena to Luntz, John, July 21, 1853, no return, G-48


Franklin Co. OH Deed Index; from Franklin Co. OH Recorder's Office website (Internet 1/2/2012)
   Grantee 1804-01-01 to 1888-12-31, Index D-G, pg.7 (pg. INDEX DR-DZ)
   Grantee Index pg., Dum to Duz: (no Dunk...)
      Duncan, pg.148
   Grantee Index pages: pg.148/149:
      1852, Duncan, Robert from W.R. Rankin, Atty, 47-75, City, Pt.821 J.L.?
      1856, Duncan, Robert from H. & E Doremus et., 61-561, City, pt.2? Sub.Ot?.35
      1873, Duncan, Thomas J. from T?.C. & C.W. Stewart, 113-238 (blank description
      1873, Duncan, E.M. from Wm. M. Jamison, 113-260/269, City, Pt.43 Central reserve
      1878, Duncan, Thomas J. from W.F?. Fickey, 137-384, City, Pg.50 Latham add.
      (next was 1881, quit.)
   Grantor 1804-01-01 to 1888-12-31, Index C-E, pg.15 (pg.INDEX DR-DZ)
   Grantor Index pg., Dum to Duz:
      Dunkun, pg.473
      Duncan, pg.471
      Duncans, pg.471
   Grantor index pages: pg.471/473:
      1834, Duncans, by Shff, to Gustavus Swan, 11-562, -73 (blank description) (MAD: recopied to 11-73)
      1846, Duncan, Elizth, et al, to L. Whiteman et al, 33-411, marriage contract
      1852, Duncan, Robert to Wm. R. Rankin, 47-76, City, pt 821 In Lot
      1857, Duncan, Robert to Henry Doremus, 63-414, City, pt.2 Sub.O.L. 35
      1861, Duncan, Robert to Thos. B. Asbury, 73-36, City, 43 Asbury Sub.I.L. 564, 612
      1873, Duncan, Thos. J. to Saml. J. Wolf, 113-243, (blank)
      1874, Duncan, Thos. J. to Dewitt C. Jones, 118-313, City, 66, 67, Stewart & Jones Add.
      1878, Duncan, Thos. J. to Jila? F. Fickey, 137-385, City, Pg.50 Latham's Add.
      1879, Duncan, Thos. J. Assignee, to Frank F. Rankin, 139-163, City, 51, Steuart & Jones Add.
      (and more in 1879, not copied here)
   Grantor pg.473:
      1866, Dunkum, Elizth. M., to J.R.L. Hardesty, 87-449, Power of Atty
      1866, Dunkum, Elizth. M., Do/Ct. A.C. by Atty, to J?. & G.W. Mathews, 88-12, Perry Town/Twp, Survey 2, ... 60? acres (cannot read)

Franklin Co. OH Deed
      11-71/72: Samuel Patterson by Sheriff to Gustavus Swan. Whereas by judgment of Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton Co. OH at Feb. term 1833, William E. Mayhew recovered a judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, partners, for $443.85 besides cost taxed to $7.53, in all $453.38, as well as damages for non-performance of certain promises and undertakings, and afterwards on 10 May 1833 Mayhew caused to be issued a fieri facias on said judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, ... Sheriff of Franklin Co. commanded to make $453.38 ... which Mayhew recovered, the Sheriff was to recover of the said Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan, partners as could be found in his bailiwick and if not then the same to be made of the land and tenements of the said Samuel Patterson & Jesse "E." Duncan in his bailiwick, the Sheriff to have the money before the judges of said Court on 12 August then next, per the writ of execution in the file of Hamilton Co., ... the Sheriff levied on and sold the undivided 1/6 part of inlot 271 in Columbus, Franklin Co., as property of said Samuel Patterson, ... appraised, offered for sale, sold 23 July 1833 for $222.67, the highest bid and more than 2/3 the appraised value, sold to Gustavus Swan, now the Sheriff makes a deed to said Swan for said undivided 1/6 of said lot, the court approved it Nov. term, now Andrew McElvain, present Sheriff of Franklin Co. OH, makes deed for $222.67 recovered by his predecessor Robert Brotherton late Sheriff ... 3 Jan. 1834. Wit. W.T. Martin, B.F. Martin. Andrew McElvain appeared 3 Jan. 1834 before W.T. Martin, J.P., Franklin Co. OH. Recorded 3 Jany. 1834. (FHL film 285,070; SLC 4/30/2013)
   Note at top of Vol.11 Pg.73, top few lines: This deed was recd. the 9th and rerecorded the 14th of M?? in Book No.11 page 95. /s/ W.T. Martin, Recorder, F.C. Destroyed by Fire, January 31, 1879, rerecorded December 14, 1880, /s/ F.W. ??, Recorder. (SLC 4/7/2012 and 4/30/2013)

Franklin Co. OH Deeds; from Franklin Co. OH Recorder's Office website (Internet 1/2/2012)
      11-73/74: Jesse S. Duncan by Sheriff to Gustavus Swan. Whereas by consideration and judgment of Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton Co. OH at Feb. term 1833, William E. Mayhew recovered a judgment against Samuel Patterson and Jesse S. Duncan partners &c for $443.85 besides costs taxed to $9.53 in an action of assumpsit &c, recorded in said county, and afterward on 10 May 1833 said Mayhew caused an execution called a fieri facias against the said Patterson and Duncan from same court of Common Pleas directed to Sheriff of Franklin Co. to make $453.38 cents from goods & chattles in his bailiwick of said Patterson & Duncan, ... sell the land per writ 14 June 1833, no goods & chattles, then levied on the life estate of said Jesse S. Duncan in his wife's undivided 1/6 part of in lot No.271 in Columbus in Franklin Co., the wife of said Duncan being entitled as heir, Sheriff caused appraisal, and advertised and on 23 July 1833 at public auction sold to Gustavus Swan for $56, being 2/3 the appraised value, and on 16 Aug. 1833 the Sheriff returned his proceedings to Court of Common Pleas of Hamilton, the present sheriff of Franklin Co. OH, Andrew McElvain, makes deed to Gustavus Swan for $56 paid the predecessor Robert Brotherton late Sheriff, to undivided 1/6 part of Lot 271 in Town of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, 3 Jan. 1834. Wit. W.T. Martin, B.F. Martin. Andrew McElvain Sheriff ack. deed 3 Jan. 1834 before W.J. Martin Justice of Peace; recorded 10 Jan. 1834.
   Added notes at bottom of Deed Book 11, pg.74: Deed was filed for record the 3d and recorded this 10th of January 1834 in Book No. Eleven page 562&563, /s/ W.J. Martin, R.F.C. Record destroyed by fire, Jany 31, 1879, rerecorded December 29, 1880, /s/ F.M. Sinter?, Recorder. (SLC 4/7/2012 and 4/30/2013)
      33-411: Marriage is contemplated between Samuel B. Findlay and Elizabeth Duncan, both of Cincinnati, and Samuel B. desires that Elizabeth should retain the exclusive control during her marriage over all the real and personal estate of which she is now possessed in her own right or as heir to her deceased father Samuel Patterson Esq., now I Elizabeth Duncan with the consent and request of said Samuel B. Findlay, for $1 paid by Lewis Whiteman and Belamy Stover of Cincinnati, sell to them all the real and personal estate ... in trust that I may at any time during my coverture with said Samuel B. Findlay appoint by my own act in writing. To all of which I Samuel B. Findlay hereby consent ... hereby surrendering to her the full exclusive control over the said property, and said Lewis Whiteman and Belamy Stover assent to act. 6 Dec. 1837. /s/ Saml. B. Findlay, Elizabeth Duncan, S. Whiteman, Bellamy Stover. Wit. John Burgoyne, Joseph Gest. All ack. the instrument 6 Dec. 1837 before John Burgoyne, Associate Judge. Recorded 16 Oct. 1846. Delivered to P.B. Wilcox Dec. 9, 1846.
      47-75: 1 March 1852, James C. Savery and wife Sarah A. Savery by their attorney in fact William R. Rankin, to Robert Duncan, for $400 paid, convey premises in City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, the East 1/2 of Inlot No.821 in Cresly's Addition to said city, with the appurtenances ... warrant title. /s/ James C. Savery, Sarah A. Savery, by W.R. Rankin, Attorney in fact of the said James C. Savery & Srah A. Savery. Wit. F.J. Matthews, Nathan Brooks. William R. Rankin ack. the conveyance 1 March 1852 before Nathan Brooks, Justice of Peace. Recorded 4 March 1852.
      47-76: 1 March 1852, Robert Duncan of Franklin Co. OH to William R. Rankin, for $400 paid, sell premises in City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, East 1/2 of Inlot No.821 in Colubus and in Crosby's addition to said City, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Robert Duncan. Wit. Nathan Brooks, Daniel Evans. Robert Duncan ack. the conveyance 1 March 1852 before Nathan Brooks, J.P. Recorded 4 March 1852. Delivered to owner March 9, 1852.
      61-561/562: 26 Dec. 1856, Henry Doremus and Emily Doremus his wife of Franklin Co. OH for $400 paid by Robert Duncan of same place, sell to said Robert Duncan premises in City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, the West 1/2 of Lot No.2 of subdivision of Out Lot number 35 of the City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, being part of the same premises conveyed to said Doremus by T.J?. Baldwin & wife Oct. 29, 1856. Warrant title. /s/ Henry Doremus, Emily Doremus. Wit. Lorenzo English, Francis Harris. They ack. deed before Lorenzo English, Mayor of the City of Columbus, 26 Dec. 1856. Recorded 12 Jan. 1857. Deld to Owner Jan. 13, 1857.
      63-414/415: 8 Oct. 1857, Robert Duncan of Franklin Co. OH for $451 paid by Henry Doremas of same county & state, sell to said Henry Doremas premises in City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, the West 1/2 of Lot 2 of subdivision of Out Lot No.35 of City of Columbus, Franklin Co. OH, being the same premises conveyed to said Doremas by said Duncan by deed Dec. 26, 1856, warrant title. /s/ Robt. Duncan. Wit. Lorenzo English, Geo. B. Mackey. Robert Duncan ack. 8 Oct. 1857 before Lorenzo English Mayor of City of Columbus. Recorded 12 Oct. 1857. Deld to owner June 12/58. (MAD: reference to previous deed grantor/grantee as given here)


"Roster of OH Soldiers in War of 1812" by Adjutant General of Ohio, pub. 1916 (FHL book 977.1 M23r; from Iris Grimmett 2/1992)
      Roll of Capt. Joseph Vance's Co., served Aug. 19 to Aug. 29, 1812:
      Pvt. Joseph Duncan (county unknown; prob. Franklin Co.) (pg.57, 145)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Gideon B., widow Duncan, Minerva L.; H 19 KY Inf., G 3 V.R.C.; 1866 June 16, Invalid Appl. #110095, Cert #128887; 1910 March 5, Widow Appl. #937233, Cert. #700456, Ohio. (MAD: mustered in at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co. KY; 1880 Boyle Co. KY; ? 1910 Columbus Wd.9, Franklin Co. OH)
      Duncan, Washington L.; I 36 Ohio Inf.; 1873 Nov. 25, Invalid Appl. #187954, Cert. #534999. (MAD: ? one Washington Lafayette Duncan mar. Jane Rhode 3/18/1866 at Columbus, Franklin Co. OH per IGI; ?? 1850 Crawford Co. OH census)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Ohio centennial anniversary celebration at Chillicothe, May 20-21, 1903 : under the auspices of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society : complete proceedings" by J. Haskell; pub. unknown: The Society,, 1903, 761 pgs. (LH7132, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 941,310 item 1 and 934,872 item 3)
            Duncan, Thomas J., Fifth District, Columbus, February, 1887, to February, 1897. (MAD: Columbus, Franklin Co. OH)

1905 "Biographical annals of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families" sketches compiled by Mr. Jeremiah Zeamer; pub. by Genealogical Publishing Co. (LH 634, HeritageQuest image 2/2007 & 5/2007; FHL book 974.843 D3b and films 908,113 and 1,000,551 item 1)
      Pg.459-460: WILLIAM H. WISE, of Lemoyne, Cumberland county, was born Nov. 12, 1843, in Kishacoquillas Valley, Mifflin county, Pa., a son of an old resident farmer of that locality. In 1861, Mr. Wise ... Union Army, ... In 1865 Mr. Wise was married (first) to Penelope A. Orner, daughter of William and Matilda Orner, the latter still surviving. Four children were born to this marriage: Maggie, Mrs. Duncan, of Columbus, Ohio; Minnie C., Mrs. Keithley, of Altoona, Pa.; Harry, clerk of the "Brant Hotel" at Altoona; and Herbert, a railroad man. In 1882, at Boiling Springs, Mr. Wise was married (second) to Anna M. Scharf; daughter of Jacob Scharf; her mother died when she was quite young. The children of this marriage are: George H., Frank, Earl and Hazel, all at home. (MAD: Columbus, Franklin Co. OH)


Some early Duncans in Franklin Co. OH:
      Rebecca Duncan, 16 Oct. 1849, named as a daughter of John Stevens and his former wife, in his will proven 6/4/1850 and recorded in Will Book C-154. (pg.308, "Ohio Source Records, from OH Genealogical Quarterly, 1937-1944" 1986 reprint, no author given, FHL book 977.1 D28o)
      Thomas J. Duncan, 29 Aug. 1883, and wife Melissa Phifer had son Robert Phifer Duncan born in Columbus, OH, who became a Judge. (pg.268-9, Vol.1, "Who's Who in Law" by J.C. Schwarz, 1937, from John A. Duncan 5/1989)


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