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Formed 1800 from Hamilton
Highland formed 1805 from Ross, Adams, Clermont
Brown formed 1818 from Adams, Clermont


1820 Clermont Co. OH Census
        No Duncans indexed

1830 Clermont Co. OH Census
Goshen Twp.
Pg.298  Arthur Duncan        1000,1        - 0000,1
          (MAD: ?? from Logan Co. KY; ?? in War of 1812 from
            Madison Co. KY; 1840 Hendricks Co. IN census)
Pg.301  James Duncan         0000,1        - 2000,1

1840 Clermont Co. OH Census
Ptp. Twp.
Pg.208  James Duncan         0000,1        - 0
Ohio Twp.
Pg.220  John Duncan          1000,1        - 0001,1
Goshen Twp.
Pg.257  James Duncan         0000,01       - 0110,01

1850 Clermont Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers, not stamped)
Pg.698, #1008, Jeremiah M. BECK 37 OH farmer $900
                  Elizabeth 30 OH & fam
                  Henry DUNCAN 15 OH laborer
Ohio Twp.
Pg.904, #2518, John DUNCAN 36 KY laborer $400
                  Jane 28 OH
                  Hester A. 12, Samuel E. 9 OH
                  Lavisa J. 6, John 3 OH
                  (MAD: ? one John Duncan mar. "Miss Ridlin" 9/3/1837 Hamilton Co. OH; Jane in 1860 Franklin Co. IL census)
Monroe Twp.
Pg.5, #35, James DUNCAN 33 KY tailor $400
                  Eliza 29 OH
                  Mary E. 8, John E. 6 OH
                  Osker S. 4, William K. 8/12 OH
                  (MAD: ?? from Mason Co. KY ??; James Duncan mar. Eliza McWilliams 11/26/1840, said to have mar. in Butler Co. OH)

1860 Clermont Co. OH Census (faint films)
Miami Twp.
Pg.130, #451-478, George S. DUNCAN 22 PA (blank) $0-$100
                  Richard (m) 19, Frank (m) 16 PA
                  Jane 42 PA
                  Mary J. 24 PA
Wayne Twp.
Pg.169, #1009-1039, Cynthia DUNCAN (f) 41 OH farmer $2000-$100
                  Mary E. 11 OH
Monroe Twp., town of Point Pleasant
Pg.446, #356-346, James DUNCAN 42 KY merchant $400-$1000
                  Eliza 40 OH
                  Mary E. 17, Oscar S. (m) 13 OH
                  Wm. E. 10, Hester J. 7 OH
                  Nancy E. 5, James H. 1 OH

1870 Clermont Co. OH Census
Franklin Twp.
Pg.51, #117-121, SLOIT?, William 49 KY BLACK blacksmith $300-$700
                  Annie 40 MS BLACK keeping house
                  MACK, Vina (f) 12 KY BLACK attending school
                  DUNCAN, Cora (f) 7 KY BLACK
Pg.76, #513-526, KENNEDY, John 65 KY BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Caroline 54 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Mandy 25 KY BLACK helps mother
                  DUNCAN, Jacob 26 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Nettie (f) 11 KY BLACK domestic servt.
                  Cora (f) 6 OH BLACK
Monroe Twp.
Pg.186, #172-167, DUNCAN, James 53 KY laborer $300-$250
                  Eliza 50 OH keeping house
                  Hester (f) 17 OH helps mother
                  DUNCAN, Emma 15 OH attending school
                  James 12, John 10 OH attending school
                  David 4 OH
Ohio Twp.
Pg.226, #416-390, DUNCAN, Gabriel 70 KY BLACK laborer $150-$0
                  Susan 70 MD BLACK keeping house
Washington Twp.
Pg.364-365, #180-182, DUNCAN, John 31 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$150
                  Aminsa? (f) 28 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Eunice? (f) 3 OH BLACK
                  John 1 OH BLACK


Clermont Co. OH Deed Indexes (SLC 12/2008)
   1800-1879; D names, pg.63-75 (FHL film 333,136)
      1820, Duncan, Alexander, to Glaze, Samuel, U/19 pg.71, inlot 439
      1815, Duncan, Alexander, from Lytle, William, N/12 pg.294, lot 439
      1836, Duncan, L.C., from Wells, Marcus C., L2/35 pg.343, town lots 10 and 12 in Moscow
   1838-1850 (FHL film 333,137)
      1804, Duncan, David et al from President US, Patent 42-24s? (42-242?) 1295 acres, survey #1771
      1804, Duncan, David & others from Pres. US, patent 42-242, 1333 acres
      1841, Duncan, James, from McWilliams, John Sr. w, 40-254, town lots 3-12, Pt.Pleasant
      1843, Dunkin, James, from Garetson, James, 42-287, 5 acres, survey #3801
      1846, Duncan, Lucius C., (P.Atty) to Shropshire, Squire G., 47-380
      1847, Duncan, Lucius C. by atty, to Gilfiflen, John G., 47-381, lots 10-12 in Moscow.

Clermont Co. OH Deeds (SLC 12/2008)
      N12-294: 14 Aug. 1815, William Lytle and wife Eliza N. of town of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Alexander Duncan of Adams Co. OH, of Than Loreg?, for $29, lot #439 in Town of Williamsburg. Wit. Thos. Danby? (Dauhy?), John Mahard. Appeared in Hamilton Co. OH. (FHL film 333,141)
      U19-71: 19 Feb. 1820, Alexander Duncan of Brown Co. OH to Samuel Glaze of same, $50, Inlot #439 in Town of Williamsburg. /s/ Alexander Duncan. (MAD: no wife) Wit. Jacob Eckman, John Doughley. (FHL film 333,145)
      L2-343: 30 May 1836, Marcus C. Wells of town of Moscow, Clermont Co. OH, to Lucius C. Duncan of City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, for $950, two lots in town of Moscow on Water Street, Lots 10 and 12. Wit. Thos. Fee, E.L. Fee. Recorded June 10, 1836. (FHL film 333,153)


Fountain Co. IN Deed (SLC 9/11/2012)
      6-147. No.134. 25 Jan. 1836, Robert Dunkin and wife Ruth of Clearmont Co. OH to William Becket of Vermillion Co. IN, for $25 paid, sell tract of land in Town of Vicksburg in Fountain Co. IN, Lot No.13, on Main Street, ... containing 7000 feet and 2/100 square feet more or less, warrant title. /s/ James Townsby, agent for Robert Donham & Ruth his wife. Wit. R. Hetfield, D. Rawles. James Townsly agent for Robt. Dunham &c appeared 25 Jan. 1836 before R. Hetfield, Recorder, Fountain Co. IN. (FHL film 1,321,729)

HISTORIES before 1923

1880 "History of Clermont Co. OH, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers" by Louis H. Everts, Philadelphia (FHL book 977.1794 H2h and film 934,885 item 1)
      Pg.390: Monroe Township. Reference to town of Point Pleasant ... Lee Thompson was among the first merchants, and about 1830 there were stores at Point Pleasant carried on by ... Previous, or soon after, among the active business men were ...; and later, among the merchants may be named David Walker, Stephen Fee, James Duncan, Hezekiah Bainum and John Cooper. The latter has been continuously in trade since 1839 .... Among the ordinary mechanics were ... James Duncan and ... tailors.
      Pg.391: Under the act forming sub-districts in the township, in 1853, directors were elected in the several districts, and the first board of education formed, the first-named director of each district being a member of that body: No. 1, John Lakin, James Duncan, and George J. Lindsey; ....


"Clermont County, Ohio, 1980 : a collection of genealogical and historical writings" by Clermont Co. Gen. Society, ca 1984 (FHL book 977.1794 D2c and film 1,598,046 item 2)
      Pg.130-1 of this book contain the biography of CHARLES BRUCE DUNCAN, born 1908 in Harrodsburg, KY, son of Charles Duncan who was son of George Duncan and grandson of David Duncan son of Bruce Duncan who migrated to KY in the mid 1700's, David settled in Harrodsburg Fort (Mercer Co. KY). (MAD: no record of a Bruce Duncan in KY to ca 1850.)


Some early Duncans or Dungans in Clermont Co. OH:
      John Dunkin, 7 July 1825, mar. Mary Sanders?.
      Polly Duncan, 15 June 1826, mar. Robert Davidson.
      Arthur Duncon, 11 Nov. 1828, mar. Florence Davison.
      Hardin Duncan, 9 March 1837, mar. Sylvia Haywood. (MAD: 1850 Hendricks Co. IN census)
      Wm. Dungan, 9 June 1840, mar. Mary Cooper.
      James Duncan, 26 Nov. 1840, mar. Eliza McWilliams in Butler Co. OH. The Bible of James Duncan, born 1/18/1817, married 11/28/18?0 to Eliza McWilliams b. 5/3/1821, naming their children b. 1841 to 1865, was published on pg.76, Vol.23#2, 12/1983, "OH Genealogical Society [Newsletter]" from Marilyn Hansen 4/1988. (MAD: 1850 Clermont Co. OH census, possibly from Mason Co. KY)
      Eliza Ann Duncan, 1 Sept. 1842, mar. Wm. L. Hamilton.
      John Dunkin, 18 July 1844, mar. Mary Sanders.
      Martha Duncan, 1846-1847, mar. Daniel B. South.
      Mary S. Duncan, 20 May 1847, mar. Lysander Kelsey.
      Mary Duncan, 15 Sept. 1849, she age 20, mar. Shein Sarver age 20.
      Richard Duncan, 1911, died; Richard Duncan 1849-1911, and Mary E., wife of R.M. Duncan, 3/24/1843 - 5/11/1905, bur. Watkins Hill Cemetery, Ohio Twp. (pg.5, Vol.X, "Monument Inscriptions Prior to 1900 from Cemeteries in Clermont Co. OH" by DAR)


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