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Duncans in Washington Co. NY


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised August 24, 2007

Formed 1772 from Albany; renamed from Charlotte 1784
Clinton formed 1788 from Washington
Warren formed 1813 from Washington


1790 Washington Co. NY Census
Hebron Town
Pg.190  John Duncan       204xx
Salem Town
Pg.192  John Duncan       113xx 

1800 Washington Co. NY Census
Town of Salem
Pg.436  John Duncan       01001     - 00101
Town of Hebron
Pg.566  John Duncan       00201     - 10101
        John Baker        30010     - 30010
          (MAD: last two names on page)

1810 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.383  John Duncan       20010     - 00010
Pg.451  John Duncan       00001     - 10010
          (MAD: will in Book III pg.275 of John Duncan of Salem
            1/13/1813 prob. 2/26/1814 mentions dau. Martha wife
            of Arthur McMullin, and dau. Sarah; from pg.51,
            "Abstracts of Wills of Washington County, New York,
            1788-1825" by Gertrude A. Barber, 1937, from Alice

1820 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.182  Sally Duncan      100000    - 00010
   185a John Duncan       220110    - 40010

1830 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.214  Sally Duncan      0         - 0000,0000,1
   215  Ruth Duncan       0011,1    - 0121,001

1840 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.160  David Duncan      0000,1    - 0000,1001
   166  Sally Duncan      0         - 0000,0000,1

1850 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.136, #----, poor house
                  Sarah DUNCAN 25 NY
                  one name
                  Malirna DUNCAN (f) 3 NY
                  lots of names
                  James DUNCAN 1/12 NY
Pg.203, #22, Henry A. STONE & family & others
                  Amanda DUNCAN 24 NY
Pg.266, #280, Ruth DUNCAN 62 NY (blank) $450
                  Mary 32, Jane A. 28 NY
Pg.275, #398, David DUNCAN 39 NY farmer $1000
                  Patience 47 NY
                  Samuel 2 NY
                  Polly CARTER 45 NY
Pg.333, #197, Mary F. DUNKAN 38 NY (blank) $4000
                  Henry N. 8, Caroline A. 6 NY
                  Marion (m) 4, Anna M. 1 NY

1860 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.603, #404-397, Mary A. DUNCAN 41 NY tailoress $600-$500
                  Jane A. 38 NY (blank) $0-$500
Pg.641, #696-664, David DUNCAN 42 NY farmer $2000-$600
                  Patience (f) 53 NY
                  Samuel 12 NY
Pg.74, #600-599, Janet DUNCAN 50 SCT widow $0-$0
                  Flora 18 CANada
Middle Granville
Pg.304, #441-449, Joshua DUNCAN 32 NY merchant $0-$4000
                  Frances C. (f) 29 NY
                  Joseph G. 2 NY
                  Sarah GRAY 62 NY (blank) $2000-$600
                  (MAD: 1870 Essex Co. NJ census)
Pg.474, #1060-1061, Wm. DUNCAN 26 MA shoemaker $0-$0
                  Sarah 28 MA ("Mass")
                  Lucy 2, Frances (f) 6/12 NY
Pg.650, #12-12, Richard SILL 70 NY physician $18,000-$1000
                  Edward 40 NY farmer
                  Zachariah 35 NY farmer
                  Susan 30 NY (blank) $0-$2500
                  Edward ARMSTRONG 21 NY farm hand
                  Thos. DUNCAN 23 IRE farm hand
                  Bridget MANY 17 IRE servant
Pg.801, #281-289, William DUNCAN 77 IRE tailor $0-$0
                  Jane 78 IRE housewifery
                  Eleanor HOUSTON 50 IRE housewifery
                  John DUNCAN 49 IRE tailor

1870 Washington Co. NY Census
Pg.17-18, #269-280, DUNCAN, John 61 IRE tailor $800-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  HUSTON, Eleanor 63 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 14 NY attending school, parents of foreign birth
Pg.296, #299-306, DUNCAN, Wm. 46 MA ("Mass") shoe maker $0-$0
                  Sarah 38 MA keeping house
                  Frances E. (f) 11, Hattie 8 NY
                  Annie 51? (5?) NY (blank) $450-$0
Pg.377, #160-162, DUNKIN, Richard 31 NY farmer $0-$0
                  Roselinda (f) 23 NY keeping house
                  BRYNEE?, Daniel 61 NY farmer $20,000-$5,000
                  Lucinda 56 NY keeping house
                  George 9 NY
                  PITTS, William H. 23 VT laborer on farm
Pg.482, #4-4, DUNCON, David 53 NY farmer $0-$1,000
                  Patience 57 NY (blank) $2000-$0
                  Samuel 22 NY
Pg.521, #618-628, DUNCAN, Jane A. 40 NY tailoress $500-$150 (alone)
Pg.583, #229-327, DUNKIN, James 37 SCT ship carpenter $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 25 NY keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 7 NY (not parents of foreign birth)
                  James 5, Willie (m) 3 NY
                  Henry 11/12 NY b.June
                  MONHOLLAND, Kate 50 IRE, parents of foreign birth
Pg.583-584, #231-332, MANHOLAND, John 27 NY brick mason $700-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Flora 27 CANada keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Fredrick 7, Kate 5 NY, mother of foreign birth
                  MENHOLAND, Robert 3 NY, mother of foreign birth
                  DUNKAN, Jannett 50 IRE, parents of foreign birth


Washington Co. NY Census Records, 1835 (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
1835 Salem, Washington County Census, Book 15, page 8
      Ruth DUNCAN head of household
            1 male person
            1 male entitled to vote
            0 male subject to militia duty
            1 male death during preceding year
            2 female persons
            1 unmarried female between 16-45
            1 neat cattle
            1 horse
1835 Salem, Washington County Census, (in statistical return section in back)
      Sarah Duncan - 1 female

1855 Washington Co. NY Census (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
   June 8, 1855; Argyle: dwelling 22, framed house, value 600, family 24:
      William DUNCAN, age 72, male, born Ireland, married, years resident in city or town 10/12, occupation tailor, alien. Head of Household.
      Jane DUNCAN, age 75, female, wife, born Ireland, married, years resident in city or town 10/12, alien.
      Eleanor HOUSTON, age 48, female, daughter, born Ireland, widowed, years resident in city or town 10/12, alien.
      John DUNCAN, age 46, male, son, born Ireland, years resident in city or town 1, tailor, alien.
      Matilda H. WHITE, age 20, female, grandchild, born Ireland, married, years resident in city or town 10/12, alien.
   June 19, 1855; Greenwich: dwelling 163, framed house, value 1,200, family 173:
      Henry R. STONE, age 41, male, stone cutter (manufacture of gravestones)
      Margaret H. STONE, age 39, wife.
      Amanda DUNCAN, age 28, female, relation to head of family laborer, occupation miliner, born Washington Co., resident 6 years in this city or town.
      other laborers and apprentices also listed with the Stones.


Washington Co. NY Deeds (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Book A, pg.95: 14 April 1788, George Duncan, Salem, Washington Co. NY lease to Benjamin Fitch, recorded October 13, 1788.
      Book A, pg.144-146: 19 Feb. 1787, George Duncan, Cambridge, Albany Co. NY (later, Washington Co.) rent to Nathan Morgan of Salem, recorded December 29, 1789.
      Book 88, pg.329-330: 24 May 1880, Samuel C. Duncan & Mary F. Duncan, his wife, Salem, land in the Town of Salem to James A. Cleveland.

Index of Deeds, Washington Co. NY, Grantee Book 1, page 203 (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Liber K, pg.451: May 8, 1811, John Duncan, grantee; Seterday? Munro, Margaret Munro, grantors.
      Liber K, pg.453: May 8, 1811, John Duncan, grantee; Mathew Crawford, Sarah Crawford, James Graham, Margaret Graham, grantors.


Turnpike Grave Yard, S. Union Street, Cambridge, Washington Co. NY (photo and reading from Alice L. Zetterstrom 10/1994)
      In Memory of George, Son of Mr. George & Mrs. Mary Duncan who died Jany 29, 1772 aged 10 Months, and 9 Days.
      No other Duncan stone located in this cemetery.

Cemetery Inscriptions, Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, Washington Co. NY (from Alice Zetterstrom 12/1994)
      Section G, lots G96e/2 and G97e/2:
      William S. Duncan, died Feb 26, 1890, aged 66 years 11 months & 13 days
      Sarah A. Snow, wife of William S. Duncan, died Feb 18, 1898 aged 66 years

Cemetery Inscriptions, North Argyle Cemetery, Route 40, Town of Argyle, Washington County, New York State (from Alice Zetterstrom 12/1994)
      William Duncan died Dec 10, 1862 aged 80 years. Masonic symbol.
      Jane Duncan, wife of William, died Mar 17, 1865 aged 85 years.
            (MAD: ? 1850 census New York City Ward 8, born Ireland)
      John Duncan died Aug 29, 1874 aged 67 years.
      Ellen Houston, dau of William Duncan, died June 3, 1888 aged 83 years 6 months.

Cemetery Inscription, New York State, Washington County; recorded by Alice Zetterstrom (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Cemetery on east side of Route 40, south of Argyle, 2/10 mile south of Summit Lake Road and 7/10 mile north of Lick Springs Road, Washington County, New York State. Inscription very worn & difficult to read.
      Letitia Anne, daughter of James & Mary Duncan (Dunkan?) of New York,
who departed this life January 24, 1837, aged 22 months.

Cemetery Inscriptions, Boardman (AKA Smith) Cemetery, Smith & Boardman Streets, Whitehall, Washington Co. NY (from Alice Zetterstrom 12/1994)
      Robert Duncan, born May 13, 1805, died Sept 27, 1856.

Cemetery records, Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co. NY, from records at the Washington County Historian's Office, in the Salem-Hebron cemetery records looseleaf binder (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Jane A. Duncan, daughter of John & Ruth Duncan, born in Salem,
      died Aug 6, 1888 in Salem age 67-9-5.

Cemetery inscriptions copied May 23, 1995 at the Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co. NY (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      David Duncan 1816 - 1878
      Samuel C. Duncan 1847 - 1881
      Mary F. Crandall 1856 - 1933
      Jane Ann Duncan 1820 - 1888

Cemetery records, Old Salem Cemetery, Cemetery Road, off Route 22 (stones on south side of main drive). Copied in 1954 by Luetta & Byron Eaton. Records located at the Washington County Historian's Office in the Salem-Hebron cemetery records looseleaf binder (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Ruth Duncan, wife of John Duncan, died Aug 26, 1855 age 67 years.
      Pamelia A. Duncan died Oct 31, 1841 age 30 years
      Robert Duncan (stone broken dates missing)

Cemetery records, Old Graveyard, Salem, Washington Co. NY, copied (in 1908?) by Miss Mabel Gibson. Unbound, unpublished record found in Holden Room at Crandall Library titled "Cemeteries of Putnam, Salem & Whitehall Volume 5." (from Alice Zetterstrom on disk 7/1995)
      Robert Duncan died April 26, 1843 aged 31 years


"The Greenwich Journal" Newspaper, Wednesday Feb 23, 1898. (Washington Co. NY) (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      The death of Mrs. Sarah Duncan, widow of the late W.S. Duncan, occurred on Friday at her home in this village. She was an old resident of Greenwich. She was endeared to many by her kind acts, and was ever ready to extend charity to those who needed it. The funeral occurred Sunday. Three daughters survive, who have the sincere sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.

Washington Co. NY Vital Statistics 1847-48-49 from the Washington Co. Historian's Office (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Eliza Duncan of Greenwich married William Vaner also of Greenwich on February 22, 1848.
      Samuel Duncan, son of David and Patience Duncan of Salem born Sept. ... 1847.

Newspaper obits from card file at the Washington Co. NY Historian's Office (from Alice Zetterstrom on disk 7/1995)
      "Northern Post": George Duncan of Salem died August 13, 1818.
      Washington Co. Obits: Jane Ann Duncan born Nov. 4, 1820, died Aug 6, 1888. Daughter of John Duncan Jr. and wife Ruth Cleveland. Grandaughter of John Duncan of Hebron and wife Nancy McCoy, immigrants from Argyleshire, Scotland, settlers before Revolutionary War on Munro's Patent in Hebron. Jane Ann Duncan never married.

HISTORIES before 1923

"Directory of Greenwich, Centre Falls, Batten Kill, Middle Falls, Bald Mountain, East Greenwich, North Greenwich, Cossayuna and a portion of Town of Easton; 1894-1895" (Washington Co. NY) (from the Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Duncan, Frances Miss., shirtmaker, h. (home) 7 Church (Greenwich)
      Duncan, Lucy Miss., shirtmaker, h. 7 Church (Greenwich)
      Duncan, Wm. Mrs., h. 7 Church (Greenwich)

"Directory of the Townships of Greenwich, Schuylerville, Victory Mills and Adjacent Villages 1900" (parts of Washington and Saratoga Cos. NY) (from the Crandall Library, Glens Falls; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      Duncan, Frances Miss., shirtmaker, h. 7 Church (Greenwich)

"Hunt's Index" from the Washington Co. Historian's Office, Fort Edward, NY (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      John Duncan, 1777, Capt. Hamilton's Charlotte County Company; reference in "History & Biography of Washington Co. & Queensbury, NY" 1894

"Union University : centennial catalog, 1795-1895, of the officers and alumni of Union College in the city of Schenectady, N.Y." (anonymous); pub. Troy, N.Y.: Troy Times Printing House, 1895, 218 pgs. (LH4393, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.2. Alumni. 1800. Non-Graduates: Duncan, John; Residence at Entrance: Schenectady; Last Residence: Schenectady; Decease: * (MAD: some names have a year in this column, some are blank)
      Pg.64. 1842. Non-Graduates: Duncan, Robert; Salem; Salem; [18]45 (MAD: Salem, Washington Co. NY)

1878 "History of Washington Co., New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" by Chrisfield Johnson, pub. by Everts & Ensign (from Alice Zetterstrom 12/1994; FHL book Q974.749 H2j and films 962,039 item 1 and 934,854 item 1 and 962,829 item 1)
      Duncan references:
      Pg.123: John Duncan, Lot 237, Turner patent, now Salem.
      Pg.124: Duncans, still found in Town of Salem, 1877.
      Pg.128: John Duncan was an early pioneer from Scotland, and, according to the account of Miss Jane Duncan, of Salem, settled first in Hebron. He had at least two sons; one died on the passage over the ocean. John Duncan, Jr., settled in Salem, on the place now owned by David Duncan. John Sr. came with him, and died in Salem. A daughter in the original family was Mrs. McIntyre, of Fort Edward.
      Pg.175: Revolutionary War pay-roll of Captain John Hamilton's company, in Colonel John Williams' regiment of militia, in the county of Charlotte and State of New York ... John Duncan, Private. This roll was sworn to by Captain Hamilton, Nov. 10, 1777, before John Williams, chairman. It is probable this company was largely from the town of Hebron.
      Pg.252: To induce settlements on this land (Cambridge) the patentees gave one hundred acres to each of the first thirty families who would become actual settlers. The names which are now known of the first settlers are ... George Duncan ... these came on the lands in 1761-63.
      Pg.389: The following document, showing early names, ... it is the fragment of a tax list for the district of Black Creek in the county of Charlotte ... before 1786, probably as early as 1780 (Hebron). John Duncan 28 L real estate, 18 L personal estate, tax assessed 0 L, 7s, 8d, amount in wheat 1 Bu. 1 Pk. 1 Qt.
      Pg.391: The Rev. Harry Munro was an Episcopal minister and chaplain in one of the Highland Scotch regiments. Having thus the rank of a subaltern officer, he drew, Sept. 23, 1764, two thousand acres of land, situated in the northern part of Hebron. In the year 1774, having been discharged from the army, he persuaded six families to move on to his tract. These settlers were Scotch Highlanders, some of them discharged soldiers, who owned land in the neighborhood. They each took a lease of one hundred acres, for twenty-one years, at a rent of one shilling per acre. The best known among them were John McDonald, Norman and Donald McLeod, and John Duncan. Munro himself moved here with them and erected a cabin.

"Proceedings of the centennial anniversary of the old town of Cambridge" (Washington Co.) (anonymous); pub. Cambridge, N.Y.: Washington County Post, 1874, 111 pgs. (LH8616, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.18: The names which are now known of the first settlers are ... George Duncan, ... These came on the lands in 1761-2-3.

1889 "Portrait and biographical album of Louisa County, Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" pub. by Acme Pub. Co. (CA State Library, Sutro branch, microfilm 63, reel 27, and FHL film 934,952)
      Pg.533: Hon. FRANCIS ALEXANDER DUNCAN, a prominent farmer and an early settler of Louisa Co., was born in Blount Co. TN, June 9, 1824, and is the son of Andrew and Margaret (Alexander) Duncan. His father was born in Washington Co. TN, March 9, 1787, and was of Scotch-Irish descent. His mother was born in TN Nov. 16, 1809, and was of Scotch descent. Francis Duncan was reared upon a farm, receiving a common-school education, and emigrated from TN to IA with his parents and a colony made up largely of members of his own family, landing at Port Louisa April 13, 1844. ... In November, 1847, Mr. Duncan was united in marriage with Miss Mary Adeline Shaw, daughter of Francis Shaw, and a native of Blount Co. TN. Five children were born of their union, three sons and two daughters: Thomas Leander, who wedded Miss Mary Duncan, is a farmer of Columbus City Twp; James J. is a graduate of Monmouth College, IL, and is a teacher; Sherman resides on the old homestead farm; Elizabeth A., wife of Robert A. Hutton, of Washington Co. IA; Marietta, wife of Frank A. Edmondson, of Union Twp, this county. Mrs. Duncan, who was an earnest Christian woman, died in October, 1858, and Mr. Duncan was again married at Putnam, NY, in November, 1860, Miss Ella Easton ---- and a native of Putnam, Washington Co. NY. They have three sons: Victor L., Frank and George. .... (MAD: see Louisa Co. IA for more)


1896 "The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families" by Edmund James Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland (FHL film 1,015,854 and 1,015,855, 3 vols., and Library of Congress FILM 8532 CS)
      Pg.767: #1808, Levi Hopkins Cleveland, mar. 1st, Hebron [Washington Co.], NY, Dec. 25, 1828, Miriam Parish, b. Hebron, Feb. 1, 1812, d. Salem, NY, June 30, 1859, dau. of John and Sarah (Osgood). He mar. 2nd, Salem [Washington Co.], Jan. 17, 1865, Mary Duncan, #5612 (dau. of Ruth, dau. of Abel, son of Deliverance). Ch. b. Salem, by 1st m.: (not copied here; no children listed for 2nd marriage). Elder Levi Hopkins Cleveland has always lived at Salem upon the farm occupied many years by his father. ... Continuously since 1848 he has acceptably filled the office of Ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian (Brick) church of Salem.
      Pg.769: #1812, Ruth Cleveland (dau. of Abel) d. Salem village, N.Y., Aug. 20, 1855, age 67, mar. Salem Feb. 13, 1806, John Duncan, b. Scotland May 3, 1781, d. Salem Nov. 25, 1828, a s. John. Removed 1815 to Salem V., on farm where his father lived; shoe mfr. Ch.: #5608 Daniel Cleveland Duncan, b. Apr. 29, 1807, Hebron, NY, d. Salem, June 6, 1837, unm., lived Salem, shoe mfr.; #---- William Duncan, b. Mar. 6, 1809, Hebron, d. Jackson, NY, Nov. 26, 1820; #5609, Parmelia Agnes Duncan, b. May 19, 1811, Hebron, d. Salem Oct. 1, 1841; #5610, Abel Cleveland Duncan, b. Aug. 20, 1813, Salem, d. Salem, Feb. 5, 1835, lived Salem, farmer; #5611, David Duncan, b. Jan. 9, 1816, Salem, N.Y.; #5612, Mary Duncan, b. Jan. 9, 1816, Salem, married, as 2nd wife, Levi Hopkins Cleveland #1808; #5613, Louisa Duncan, b. Aug. 20, 1818, Salem, d. Oxford, Marquette Co. Wis., 1874, mar. Salem, 1840, Daniel White, lived Salem, lives Oxford, 1886, farmer. Children: Mortimer Franklin White, Mary White; #5614, Jane Ann Duncan, b. Nov. 1, 1820, Salem, lived Salem village.
      Pg.1502: #5611, David Duncan (son of Ruth dau. of Abel ...) mar. Salem, NY, 1830, Miss Patience Carter of Salem, she died Salem bef. 1877, lives Salem 1877, farming where his gr.fa. Abel did. Children: Inf. d.y., #12128 Samuel Carter Duncan, married, wagon mfr.
      Pg.1545: #12499, William Irving Cook, son of Abigail Rebecca Cleveland #5969 and Henry Cook, b. March 6, 1854 Broome, married Broome Sept. 13, 1871, Lydia Hagadorn, b. Broome Feb. 11, 1858, dau. of Charles and Eliza (Duncan) Hagadorn, lives Rensselaery, farmer. ...
      Pg.1844: #9234, James Patterson Cleveland, mar. 1st, Hillsborough, N.B., Oct. 28, 1868, Mary S. Godfrey, b. 1846, d. Feb. 8, 1870, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Knoles). He mar. 2nd, Hillsborough, Dec. 4, 1872, Fannie M. Smith, b. 1851, d. Feb. 6, 1876, dau. of Cornelius and Jane (Keiver). He mar. 3rd Barnesville, Kings county, N.B., June 24, 1879, Maggie Duncan, dau. of William and Maggie (McCrackin) Duncan, carpenter. Children ... by 3rd mar.: Archie Duncan, Apr. 13, 1880; Lizzie, Nov. 23, 1881; Thomas Carlisle; John Blair Cleveland, Aug. 26, 1885.


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