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Formed 1683; original county
Rockland formed 1798 from Orange


1790 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.140  John Dunscomb       100xx
Minisink Town
Pg.143  Abigail Duncan      003xx
          (MAD: Renunciation 4/28/1785 of Abigail Dunkin, wife
            of John Dunkin of Goshen, Orange Co., in favor of
            her son Freeborn Dunkin; from "Genealogical Data
            from Administration Papers from the New York Court
            of Appeals" abstracted by Kenneth Scott, from Connie
            Butterfield to Judith Michael-Mable 2/1991)
        Thomas Duncan       104xx

1800 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.319  John Duncan         40010      - 20110
   328  Abigail Duncan      10000      - 11001

1810 Orange Co. NY Census
        No Duncan in Minisink Twp, pg.411-434, handwriting clear

1820 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.241  Sarah Dunkin        000110     - 01011
   244  John Dunkin         001110     - 20100

1830 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.261  John Duncan         2031,01    - 1010,0100,1

1840 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.180  John Duncan         1020,211   - 1110,11

1850 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.11, #167, Michael SMITH 41 & family
                  Caroline DUNCAN 13 NY
                  Abaner HARDENBURGH (m) 30 NY
Pg.172, #542, U.S. military academy, West Point, Garrison
                  Cadets 2nd class:
                  Thomas T. DUNCAN 21 OH
Pg.246, #30, Margaret DUNKIN 53 NY "wid" $5500
                  Joshua 21, Robina 19 NY
                  Sarah 17, Lewis 11 NY
Pg.246, #31, John LANE 31 NY laborer
                  Martha 30 NY
                  John P. 2 NY
                  Mary J. DUNKIN 13 NY

1860 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.112, #773-773, Caroline DUNCAN 45 NY (blank) $10,000-$1,000
                  Elisabeth 41 NY
                  Henerey FLEMING (m) 35 ENG farm laborer
                  Jacob LENT 16 NY farm laborer
                  Elisabeth SKENK 22 NY BLACK servant
                  William BONEELS 15 NY BLACK servant
                  Molly SKENK 3 NY BLACK
                  Mary FAUROT 36 NY (not black)
Pg.261, #528-523, Aaron VanDUSER 57 NY farmer $18,000-$16,350
                  Christiana 53 NY
                  Emily 33, Sarah 23 NY
                  John HOOPER 40 NJ (blank)
                  Frances (f) 35 NY
                  Mary DUNCAN 21 Co. Mayo IRE domestic
                  Waller? (Naller?) BIRNAN (m) 15 NJ farm laborer
Pg.940, #2047-2783, David DUNCAN 37 IRE brewer $0-$50
                  Jane 36 IRE
                  Elizab. (f) 2 NY

1870 Orange Co. NY Census
Pg.262, #259-271, DUNCAN, Caroline 52 NY boarding house $20,000-$2,000
                  Elizabeth 50 NY
                  Campbell (m) 64 NY boarder
                  FAUROT? (FAWIOT?), Mary 44 NY boarder
                  FISHER, Peter 80 NY laborer
                  McKINNY, George 13 NY laborer
                  CLARK, Ann E. 24 NY servant
Newburgh, Ward 1
Pg.245, #24-31, DUNCEN? (DUNCAN?), Walter 58 SCT baker $25,000-$4,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 47 NY keeping house
                  Henry 25 NY clerk, father of foreign birth
                  Ella 12 NY at school, father of foreign birth
                  WAGNER?, Maria 25 NY at home
                  Flora 18 NY at home

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "The History of Orange County, New York" by Benjamin C. Sears; ed. by Russel Headley; pub. Middletown, N.Y.: Van Deusen and Elms (LH6049, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.731 H2h and film 973,094 and 934,846 item 1)
      Pg.86: Killed in Minisink Fight: Capt. John Duncan.
      Pg.171-172: Colonel Duncan. Another name very dear to Cornwall, but one almost forgotten by the present generation, was that of Colonel James Duncan. He was born at Cold Springs, but his parents moved here when he was a small boy, and settled on a farm a little out of the village. He graduated from West Point in 1835, and was appointed Lieutenant of the Fourth Cavalry. In 1838 he perfected an arm of the service called "The flying artillery," and this first brought him into notice. During the Mexican War he rose from the rank of Lieutenant to that of Colonel. He received the appointment of Inspector General of the United States Army, and during one of his visitations at Mobile he contracted the yellow fever and died there in 1849. His body was brought on and buried near his home, but some years later it was removed to the cemetery at West Point.

1895 "Portrait and biographical record of Orange County, New York : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States." (anonymous); pub. New York: Chapman Pub. Co. (LH6806, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.731 D3p v.1-3)
      Pg.1122,1125: GEORGE HENRY HADDEN has been a resident of Middletown since 1876, and as a contractor and builder ... Born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1856, the subject of this sketch is a son of John and Maggie (Duncan) Hadden, natives, respectively, of Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland. His father, who was a mason by trade, died in his native land and there the mother still continues to reside. The family consists of ten sons and one daughter, all of whom are living. George H., who attended school in County Armagh, ... At the age of sixteen, in 1872, he came to America, via Liverpool to New York City, and going up to Wappinger's Falls, Dutchess County, he began to work at his trade. ... (MAD: more not copied on wife and children)

1895 "Portrait and biographical record of Rockland and Orange Counties, New York : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the counties, together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States." (anonymous); pub. New York: Chapman Pub. Co. (LH6717, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 17,886 and 1,421,096 item 2)
      Pg.1122,1125: GEORGE HENRY HADDEN, resident of Middletown since 1876, ... born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1856, the subject of this sketch is a son of John and Maggie (Duncan) Hadden, natives respectively of Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland. His father, who was a mason by trade, died in his native land, and there the mother still continues to reside. (MAD: more not copied)

1873 "Cornwall" [Orange Co. NY] by Lewis Beach; pub. Newburgh, N.Y.: E.M. Ruttenber & Son, printers (LH6118, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 1,036,551 item 1)
      Town of Cornwall. The Grave of Duncan.
      Pg.77-83: JAMES DUNCAN was born in Phillipstown (Cold Spring), on the opposite side of the river, September 29th, 1811. From the tombstones in the family burying-ground, situated a little to the south of the hero's grave, it appears that the family name was Duncanson. His father, Robert Duncanson, died Dec. 26th, 1858, aged 72 years and 18 days. His mother, Judith Duncanson, died 11th Feb., 1845, in the 58th year of her age. The terminal syllable of the name was first dropped by the subject of our sketch, whose dislike of superfluities was peculiarly characteristic. Ever since, the surviving members of the family, consisting of a brother and two sisters, have been known by the name of Duncan. .... Having secured an appointment as Cadet to the Military Academy at West Point, he entered that institution, and graduated with becoming honors in 1835. He now entered the army as Lieutenant of the 4th Regiment of Artillery, and was engaged in active service during the Seminole war. While with General Gaines, at Withlacoochee, in Florida, he was slightly wounded. About 1838, he gave his attention to perfecting an arm of the service ... "Battery of Flying Artillery." ... Lieutenant Duncan ... Upon the breaking out of the Mexican war, he joined the army with his battery, and participated in every engagement from Palo Alto to the city of Mexico, except the battle of Beuna Vista (MAD: as spelled). ... In the short space of two years he rose from a Lieutenant to the full rank of Colonel in the army. ... Upon his return home, he received ... ovations ... At the Astor House, on the evening of the 28th December, 1848, ... presentation of a gold medal. ... Soon afterwards ... post of Inspector-General of the United States Army. It was whilst in the discharge of the duties of this position he contracted the malady of which he died. He had been visiting the southern military posts, when he was taken with the yellow fever at Mobile and died on the 3d day of July, 1849. ... He was comparatively a young man, being only thirty-eight years of age ... The remains of Col. Duncan were brought to New York, and there, on the 15th of November, 1849, funeral solemnities of the most imposing character celebrated. ... The next morning, the 16th, the remains of Colonel Duncan ... transportation to their final resting place. ... The inscription and devices were as follows: (Arms of the State of New York.) COL. JAMES DUNCAN, died at Mobile, Alabama, 3d July, 1849. Aged 38 years. U.S.A. ... (MAD: much more about his military service, the funeral, his coffin, etc., not copied)

1846-7 "An outline history of Orange County [New York] : with an enumeration of the names of its towns, villages, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, mountains, hills and other known localities, and their etymologies or historical reasons therefor : together with local traditions and short biographical sketches of early settlers, etc." by Samuel W. Eager; pub. Newburgh N.Y.: S.T. Callahan (LH5665, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.731 H2eo and book 974.731 H2e)
      Pg.196-197: Town of Newburgh. At a meeting of the citizens of Newburgh, at the Orange Hotel, on the 27th of June, 1846, ... on motion ... Whereas, James Duncan of this county, and from our immediate neighborhood, entered the service a youth, and has now become a most distinguished officer in the Light Artillery, so as not only to merit the approbation of all our citizens, but particularly that of his personal friends in the county of his birth, Resolved, That as a mark of our approbation of him as a gentleman and officer, and as a testimony of our pride in him and gratification for his services, we present him a Sword, which we request him to wear as a mark of regard for his earliest friends and as a memento of his merit." ...
      Pg.415-416: Town of Minisink. Ridgeberry (village) ... Some of the early settlers were John Dunken, ... John Dunken was killed at the battle of Minisink.
      Pg.499: Monument to the citizens who fell at The Battle of Minisink, July 22, 1779. ... John Duncan, Capt.
      Pg.637: Town of New-Windsor. ... Mr. Annan left (Philadelphia) in 1801-2 and removed to Baltimore, to take charge of a young congregation there just formed. There he remained till 1812, and was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. John Duncan, of great notoriety, on the subject of creeds and confessions. ...

1891 "Newburgh, her institutions, industries and leading citizens : historical, descriptive and biographical" (Orange Co. NY) by John J. Nutt; pub. Newburgh, N.Y.: Ritchie & Hull (LH6052, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.191: 1891, Committee Members, Duncan, Henry C., baker and restaurateur. (MAD: as spelled)
      Pg.316: H.C. Duncan's bakery and restaurant, No.1 Water Street. This business was established by Walter Duncan, father of the present proprietor, about 25 years ago, ... (MAD: no other genealogical information)

1867 "A history of the Minisink region : which includes the present towns of Minisink, Deerpark, Mount Hope, Greenville and Wawayanda, in Orange County, New York, from their organization and first settlement to the present time; also, including a general history of the first settlement of the county" by Charles E. Stickney, pub. by C. Finch and I.F. Guiwits (Albany, NY, Library book 974.731 s85; from Judith Michael-Mable 2/1991; FHL film 504,287)
      Pg.104-105: The battle of Minisink ... Names of the killed as far as known ... Capt. John Duncan ....

"The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" 1849, vol.3 (from Judith Michael-Mable 2/1991)
      Pg.60-63, "Events in the Life of Indian Chief Bryant". 1779 July 22. A party of sixty Indians and twenty-seven white men led by Brant, attack the Minisink settlement, in Orange county, N.Y., burn ten houses, twelve barns, a fort and two mills, carry off considerable booty and several prisoners. In 1822 the citizens of Orange Co. collected the bones of the gallant band.... In the burying ground adjacent to the Presbyterian church in Goshen is a monument with the inscription: "Erected by the inhabitants of Orange County 22 July 1822. Sacred to the memory of 44 of their fellow citizens, who fell at the battle of Minisink, 22 July 1779. .... John Duncan .... Moses Thomas .... etc.

1880 "History of Wyoming County, N.Y. : with illustrations, biographical sketches and portraits of some pioneers and prominent residents" pub. by F.W. Beers; cover title "Illustrated History of Wyoming County, New York, 1841-1880" (FHL book 974.793 H2h and film 871,566 item 1 and 934,857 item 2; from Judith Michael-Mable 2/1991)
      Pg.227, The Town of Orangeville
      The first individual titles to lands lying in the present town of Orangeville were granted by the Holland Land Company in 1803....
      The following record of early deeds of land in this town is from the books of the Holland Land Company: John Sayer, 1806, part of lot 14, ... Joseph Duncan, 1819 part of lot 7.
      John Duncan and James Sayer, relatives by marriage were pioneer settlers of the town. Duncan came with his family from Orange county, N.Y, and located on the south part of lot 13 in the winter or spring of 1805, cutting his way through to his land as best he could; a few years later he removed from the town.
      James Sayer was born in the town of Warwick, Orange county N.Y. November 26th, 1768 .... and continued to reside here until his death, January 29th 1843. His first wife was Abigail Duncan, of Dutchess county, to whom he was married several years previous to locating in Orangeville. She died in 1807. For his second wife he married Mrs. Rebecca Adair.

1890 "A Medical history of the County of Warren [NJ], 1765-1890" by T.G., J.C. Johnson; pub. Newark, N.J.: unknown (LH2281, HeritageQuest images 5/2007 & 7/2007; FHL fiche 6,052,471)
      Sketches of those who were not members of Warren County District Medical Society:
      Pg.84: DANIEL L. DUNCAN was a native of Orange County, N.Y., a student of Dr. J. Linn Allen of Lafayette, Sussex County. He located at Hope in the Fall of 1849. His personal appearance was prepossessing; of fine manners, neat in dress, and he was popular in the community, but lacked the faculty of continuance. After three years' residence in Hope, he removed to Delaware Station, then to Jersey City; returned to Hope and served a short period as an army surgeon. After the war he located in Newton, and did well for a time, then removed to New York, where he died. His son, William F. Duncan, is a surgeon of the National Guard of New York, and practices in the city.
      Pg.94: HOPE (town), (doctors) ... D.L. Duncan, 1849 to 1852, again in 1858.

1881 "History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers" by James P. Snell; pub. Philadelphia (LH2202; HeritageQuest image 10/2007; FHL book 974.97 H2s 1981 & v.2 and film 2,055,561 item 5 (v.1) and item 6 (v.2), also film 459,494)
      Pg.522: Warren Co. DANIEL L. DUNCAN, a native of Orange Co., N.Y., was a medical student of Dr. J. Linn Allen, then practicing at Branchville, Sussex Co. Dr. Duncan located at Hope in the autumn of 1849, and remained three years; moved successively to Delaware, to Jersey City, then back to Hope; was for a short period a surgeon in the volunteer service during the late civil war; after the war located at Newton, soon after practiced in New York City, but is again practicing in Newton.

"The National cyclopedia of American biography : being the history of the United States as illustrated in the lives of the founders, builders, and defenders of the republic, and of the men and women who are doing the work and moulding the thought of the present time : [Permanent series]" Vol.11, 1901, pub. by James T. White (from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 973 D36n)
      Pg.319: James Duncan born Orange Co. NY on Sept. 29, 1811, son of Robert and Judith (Faurot) Duncan; graduated from US Military Academy in 1834; died Mobile, AL, July 3, 1849; never married.

1875 "American biographical notes : being short notices of deceased persons, chiefly those not included in Allen's or in Drake's biographical dictionaries, gathered from many sources" by Franklin B. Hough, pub. by Joel Munsell (FHL film 599,808 item 2; from Charles A. Duncan 3/1987)
      Duncan, Col. James, b. in Orange Co. NY in 1814; grad. at West Point in 1835; served in the Seminole war; was highly distinguished in Mexico as commander of light artillery; for these services he was promoted to the office of captain and colonel and in 1849 to the office of inspector general; d. at Mobile, July 3, 1849.

"Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale College : with annals of the college history" (MAD: Yale University, New Haven, CT) by Franklin Bowditch Dexter; pub. New York: H. Holt and Co., 1885-1912, 4752 pgs. (LH12745, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL films 1,486,598 to 1,486,600)
      Vol.II, Pg.319: Annals, 1752-1753: William Wickham ... being the only one of the class of 1753 ... he retired permanently to Goshen, where he resided until his death in 1813. His will, bearing date November 3, 1812, was proved on April 21, 1814. ... Orange County ... his only surviving child, General George Duncan Wickham, ... he also had two daughters, one of whom married Jonathan Burrall, and the other married a Morris. He married Sarah Duncan in 1768 (license dated February 24); she was living in 1793, but died before him. AUTHORITIES: J.W. Gott, MS. Letter, 1889. Lamb, Hist. of N.Y. City, ii, 32, 300. N.Y. Marriage Licenses, 458. Sedgwick, Life of Livingston, 151-52. (MAD: Goshen, Orange Co. NY; mar. New York City)

1901 "Sayre Family; Lineage of Thomas Sayre, A Founder of Southampton" by Theodore M. Banta, pub. by The De Vinne Press (from Iris Grimmett 4/1988; FHL film 1,011,843 item 1 and film 307)
      James Sayre, born in Warwick, Orange Co. NY, Nov. 26, 1768; married Abigail Duncan, born Feb. 1776, d. March 1807. Children: Eliathan, d. about age 7; Benjamin, b. May 22, 1799, mar. May 14, 1829, Lydia Brown Greenman.
      Samuel Stokes Rembert, mar. Ann Rosline Duncan, and died at Woodstock [Shelby Co.], TN, March 8, 1890.
      Hannah Caldwell, b. Sept. 20, 1767, mar. James R. Smith, NY City; their dau. Elizabeth Smith mar. Gov. Joseph Duncan of IL, no ch. [MAD: see Morgan Co. IL]


"The Evening Gazette" Port Jervis, N.Y., Tuesday Evening, October 17, 1876 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 6/2004; MAD: Newburgh, Orange Co. NY)
      MARRIED. WILLIAMS - DUNCAN -- Oct.11th, at Newburgh, by Rev. W.R. Hall, Hiland Williams to Ella, daughter of W. Duncan, esq., both of Newburgh.


"Ulster County, N.Y. probate records in the office of the surrogate, and in the county clerk's office at Kingston, N.Y. : a careful abstract and translation of the Dutch and English wills, letters of administration after intestates, and inventories from 1665, with genealogical and historical notes, and list of Dutch and Frisian baptismal names with their English equivalents / by Gustave Anjou ; with introduction by A.T. Clearwater." by Gustave Anjou; pub. New York: G. Anjou, 1906, 551 pgs. (LH6955, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.734 P2a v.1&2 and films 908,531 items 2-3 and 934,853 items 2-3 and 930,123)
      (MAD: this work should be rechecked with the original documents; Gustave Anjou has a bad reputation)
      Vol II. Abstracts of Wills on file in the Surrogate's Office, City of Kingston, N. Y.; Liber A
      Vol.2, pg.29-30, Will Book A, Kingston. Will pg.73, SHUTTER, JOSEPH, of Montgomery. Will dated March 22, 1787. "My Executors, viz. my son Robert Shutter and my daughter Elizabeth Shutter and James Houston" "to Colect all the Money due me" "pay all my just Debts" - "and least any despute should arise about my Movable Estate, I mention this that two Horses all the Swin and two Sleghs are the property of my son Robert Shutter that I have no power to Will away." - To daughter Elizabeth "the best feather Bed and all the necessary furniture of Bed Sted and beding" "and also her Choise of my Cows with L25." - To Robert "the second best Feather Bed, Beding and Bedstead, and one young Horse comeing three Years Old this Spring."
      Residue to be sold by the executors, and legacy paid to Elizabeth of L25 "or the Remainder" 1/2 to daughter Elizabeth and the other half to my other children: Samuel Shutter, Margaret Dunken, Robert Shutter and Martha Colman." Joseph Shuter. Patrick Barber, Tristram Smith, John Armstrong (his mark). (March 5, 1788, Tristram Smith, of Montgomery, Farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses). (Orig. will in box 35.) (MAD: Montgomery, Orange Co. NY)
      Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration, on File in the Surrogate's Office, New York City.
      Vol II. Abstracts of Wills and letters of administration, on file in the Surrogate's Office, New York City
      Vol.2, pg.131, Surrogate's Office, New York City. Liber 15, p.(*) 217. GOLDSMITH, THOMAS, in the Highlands, Ulster Co. Will dated Dec. 24, 1743.
            "To my eldest son, Richard, 10 shillings, to my sons, Thomas and 3d son Elisha, each 10 s. - To my wife Abigail 1000 acres of land, being a grant in Orange Co., granted to me by James Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, and Matthew Warmene, by deed of Apr. 11/12, 1735. To her also 1000 acres of land, where I now live, called Holmsfield, upon Paltz River in Ulster Co., with all the houses and improvements, also tract of 250 acres of land sold to me by Daniel Horton and John Turtle by deed of June 27, 1733, near Goshen, also 2/3 of my right in the Newburgh warehouse, also all the rest of my movables. To my daughter, Abigail Turtle, 1/3 of my right in the Newburgh warehouse. Wife and brother-in-law Charles Booth, appointed executors. Witnessed by Giles Hatson, Susanah Howie (her mark), Andrew Ogilvie. Proved June 4, 1744. (* see note pg.104) (pg.104: "An * in the text indicates corrections of errors, wrong interpretations, or omissions in the "Abstracts of New York Wills" - Abstracts of Ulster County wills have been printed in the New York Historical Society's Collections; these are, however, not only scattered through a number of volumes, but only an English translation of the Dutch records have been printed, which would have been acceptable if correct. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as hardly one of the Ulster wills have been properly copied or translated.")


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