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Formed 1794 from Herkimer
Cayuga formed 1799 from Onondaga
Cortland formed 1808 from Onondaga
Oswego formed 1816 from Oneida, Onondaga


1790-1800 Onondaga Co. NY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1810 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg. 56  Sanford Dunkam      30010        - 10010

1820 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg. 95  David Duncan        010101       - 01101

1830 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg.231  William Duncan      0000,1       - 2100,1
Pg.384  David Duncan        0100,1001    - 0000,0001

1840 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg. 45  Henry Duncan        0200,01      - 2100,01
Pg.361  John Duncan         1100,01      - 1211,01
   363  John Duncan         0100,001     - 0000,0001

1850 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg.487, #75, Henry DUNCA (sic) 39 ENG salt manufacturer $1500
                  Emily 43 ENG
                  Henry G. 18, Stephen 17 ENG
                  Mary Anna 15 ENG
                  Sarah A. 13, Emily 11 NY
                  Elizabeth 8 NY
                  Richard HAMBROOKS 27 NY salt boiler
Pg.488, #101, Joseph M. WILBY & family carpenter & others
                  George DUNCAN 17 ENG carpenter
Syracuse Ward 2
Pg.75, #1069, James B. SPIMSAEL? & family & others
                  Catherine DUNCAN 25 NY
Syracuse Ward 3
Pg.151, #2120, Henry DUNKEN 25 NY shoemaker
                  Maria 30 NY
                  Marshall 2 NY
                  Wm. B. RILLMERS? 25 NY farmer
                  Charles 21 NY
Pg.163, #2319, James DUNCAN 50 ENG "England"
                  Ann 24 CAN
                  Susan 18, James (f) 17 CAN farming
                  Jane 14, William 12 CAN
                  Launcer? (Samuel?) (m) 9 CAN
Pg.507, #704, Alanson DUNKAM 40 NY farmer $2500
                  Palina 56 NY
                  Haney (m) 17, Hartman (m) 13 NY
                  Byran 11, Alfred 9 NY
                  Luther 6 NY

1860 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Pg.19, #160-166, Daniel DUNCAN 45 NY farmer $1700-$500
                  Salomy (f) 43 NY housekeeps
                  Mary A. 20 NY teacher of com. school
                  Jane P. 17 NY teacher of com. school
                  Muray W. (m) 13, Arselia (f) 11 NY
                  Alla S. (f) 3 NY
                  (MAD: 1850 Cortland Co. NY census)
Pg.778, #1069-168, Ninetly? DERBY (m) 34 VT? laborer $0-$0
                  Hattie (f) 32 VT?
                  Simeon? (f) 5, Richard? (m) 4 NY
                  Cornelius (m) 1 NY
                  Mary DUNCAN 28 IRE
Pg.655, #1155-1178, Henry DUNCAN 52 ENG salt manufacturer $5000-$1000
                  Emily 54 ENG
                  George 28 ENG inspector of salt
                  Stephen 26 ENG merchant $0-$500
                  Mary 24 ENG
                  Sarah 22, Emily 20 NY
                  Elizabeth 18 NY
Pg.676, #1295-1317, Stephen DUNCAN 27 ENG merchant $0-$500
                  Cornelia (f) 21 NY
                  Florence (m) 10/12 NY
Syracuse Ward 7
Pg.871, #31-42, Boarding house, with many others
                  William DUNCAN 20 SCT printer
Pg.896, #176-222, Stephen PORTER 60 CT butcher $0-$400
                  Annie 57 NY
                  Elizabeth 23 NY
                  Margaret DUNCAN 59 NY
Pg.911, #271-350, Harriet DUNCAN 40 NY tailoress $0-$50
                  Elizabeth 17, Alice 13 NY
Syracuse Ward 3
Pg.429, #323-347, Cynthia HOUSE 70 "Sea" tailoress $0-$150
                  Eliza DUNCAN 47 NY
                  John R. GEER 72 NY
Syracuse Ward 6
Pg.928, #438-520, Jane DUNCAN 60 ENG dress maker $0-$100
                  Anna 30 Lower Canada dress maker
                  Samuel 18 Lower Canada gold pen maker
Syracuse Ward 2
Pg.1045, #215-255, William DUNCAN 55 SCT stone mason $4000-$300
                  Maria 51 SCT
                  Pary MORGAN (f) 26 SCT
                  James DUNKAN 19 NY machinest
                  Joseph 14, John 10 NY
                  William MARGAN 6 NY
                  (MAD: spellings as given)

1870 Onondaga Co. NY Census
Cicero Twp
Pg.45, #232-216, MEAD, John 58 NY farmer $4950-$3000
                  Louisa A. 53 NY keeping house
                  McKINLEY, Irving (m) 10 NY at home
                  DUNCAN, Lillie (f) 19 NY at home
Geddes Twp.
Pg.240, #195-198, DUNCAN, Henry 60 ENG salt manufacturer $16,000-$2,500 (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Dianthe (f) 55 NY keeping house
                  PADDEN, William 15 NY attending school
Pg.245, #270-274, DUNCAN, Stephen 37 ENG carpenter $2500-$400, parents of foreign birth
                  Nelly 30 NY
                  Florence 11? (17?) NY attending school, father of foreign birth
                  Alice 5 NY attending school, father of foreign birth
Syracuse, Ward 2
Pg.86-87, #367-531, DUNCAN, Mary 61 SCT keep house $3000-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Joseph 25 NY superintendent of Salt, mother of foreign birth
                  John 21 NY machinist, mother of foreign birth
                  MORGAN, William 16 NY at home $2500-$1000
Syracuse, Ward 4
Pg.187, #95-135, DUNCAN, Thomas 26 CANada carpenter $0-$0 (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Julia 21 CANada keeps house (not parents of foreign birth)
Pg.218, #525-627, DUNCAN, George 55 ENG farm laborer $0-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  Anna 45 ENG keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah 18 NY at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Fred 15 NY laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  Charles 24 NY laborer, parents of foreign birth
Pg.218, #525-628, SLATTER, George 34 ENG laborer $0-$350, parents of foreign birth
                  Caroline 33 ENG keeps house, parents of foreign birth
Pg.219, #537-641, BINGHAM, John 29 (24?) ENGland "fardner" $0-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 26 SCT keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  STANLEY, Henry 23 ENG blacksmith, parents of foreign birth
                  Anna 23 ENG "bording", parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, John 24 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
Syracuse, Ward 5
Pg.276-277, #151-161, DUNCAN, William 33 NY superintendent of mill? $10,000-$5,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Julia 29 NY keeping house
                  Mary 5 NY at home
                  Grace 2 NY at home
                  DUNN, Jennie 12 NY domestic, parents of foreign birth
Syracuse, Ward 6
Pg.358, #129-203, BRAYTON?, Pierce B. (m) 28 NY ticket agent $0-$0
                  Alice J. 22 NY keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Harriett 50 NY
Syracuse, Ward 7
Pg.432, #447-532, DUNCAN, Jane 71 ENG keep house $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Anna 44 CANada dressmaker $9000-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  William 35 CAN gold pen mfgr $3500-$2000, parents of foreign birth
                  Samuel S. 27 CANada gold pen mfgr $0-$5000, parents of foreign birth
Pg.448, #640-791, MASTEN, George E. 32 NY painter $5000-$2500
                  Julia E. 38 NY keep house
                  SIGHTHEART, Rosila (f) 50 NY (blank)
                  RICE, Ella 18 NY sport
                  LAWSON, Joseph 35 NY gambler
                  DUNCAN, Hattie 22 NY sport
                  McDONALD, Emma 25 NY sport
                  TUNERSON, Jennie 36 ENG sport, parents of foreign birth

HISTORIES before 1923

1902 "Early records of the First Presbyterian Church of Syracuse, N.Y. : from the date of establishment in 1826 to the end of the first pastorate in 1850, embracing a record of marriages and baptisms by the Rev. John Watson Adams, the first minister, and a list of members, etc." (Onondaga Co.) by A. Judd Northrup; pub. Syracuse: Genealogical Society of Central New York (LH3147, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.766 K2n and film 532,972 item 2 and 2,166,320 item 1)
      Pg.33: List of members 1826-1850. 1843, Alexander Duncan, May 18, by letter from Harrisburg. Ann M. Duncan, May 18, by letter from Harrisburg.

1878 "History of Onondaga County, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" by W.W. Clayton; pub. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason (LH3102, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 924,431 item 1 and 934,842 item 1)
      Pg.159: City of Syracuse. Board of Education, 1878. Commissioners - 5th Ward, Wm. A. Duncan. Standing Committees, Executive, Com'rs. W.A. Duncan, ... Finance, Com'rs. W.A. Duncan.
      Pg.268: Town of Geddes. Trustees: 1856, 1857, Henry Duncan. Clerks: Stephen Duncan, 1858.

1902 "Skaneateles : history of its earliest settlement and reminiscences of later times ..." (Onondaga Co. NY) by Edmund Norman Leslie; pub. New York: A.H. Kellogg (LH3180, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.765/S3 H2L and fiche 6,048,022)
      Pg.314: Daniel Ludlow, who died in Skaneateles in the year 1814, had a remarkable genealogy ... fully given in Mrs. Martha J. Lamb's "History of the City of New York," down to George Ludlow, thence to Gabriel Ludlow, who settled in New York in the year 1660. As in this genealogy there are many Gabriels, the successive ones will be numbered. Gabriel 2d, sixth child of Gabriel 1st, married, (1) Frances, daughter of George Duncan, (2) Elizabeth Crommeline. Among his numerous children Gabriel 3d married Ann, daughter of Guillian Verplanck, whose son, Gabriel V. 4th, married Elizabeth Hunter, and their son Daniel was a wealthy banker of New York and President of the Manhattan Bank, who owned a country-seat at Barretto's Point, on the East River, whence he drove four-in-hand to Wall Street every day. Daniel's wife was Arabella, daughter of Thomas Duncan, and their children were: 1. Harriet, married George Wright; 2. Daniel; 3. Robert married Mary Peters; 4. Dr. Edward G. married Mary Lewis, ... (MAD: no dates)

1895 "Biographical review : this volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Livingston and Wyoming Counties, New York." (anonymous); pub. Boston: Biographical Review Pub. Co. (LH3597, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.7 D3L and film 934,837 item 3)
      Pg.375: JOSEPH M. DUNCAN, President of the Duncan Salt Company, whose works are located at Silver Springs, Wyoming County, was born at Syracuse [Onondaga Co.], N.Y., April 17, 1846. His father, William Duncan, was born near Aberdeen, Scotland, where he carried on the business of a stone-mason, and came to the United States soon after marriage. He settled at Oswego, N.Y., and for some time employed in erecting a pier and light-house at that important lake port. He at length removed with his family from Oswego to Syracuse, where he resided for the remainder of his life. He assisted in the erection of the Presbyterian church and other prominent buildings, and died at the age of sixty. The maiden name of William Duncan's wife was Mary Wood. She was also born near Aberdeen, Scotland. They reared six children, four of whom are living - Elizabeth, who married Dr. A.H. Tanke, of Syracuse; William A.; Joseph M.; and John H. Duncan. The mother died at Syracuse, aged seventy years. Both parents were members of the Presbyterian church.
            Joseph M. Duncan was educated at the public schools of Syracuse, ... In March, 1870, Mr. Duncan first became connected with the industry which has been the chief business of his life. The Ashton Salt Company, ... he remained with thirteen years, or till May, 1883, when he went to Warsaw with the Warsaw Salt Company, ... to August, 1885. He then, with William A. Morgan, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work, removed to Silver Springs, and purchased the present plant, ... In October 1881, Mr. Duncan was united in marriage to Addie M. Pharis, daughter of Charles E. Pharis, of Syracuse, a salt manufacturer in the then village of Geddes, now incorporated within the city of Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have two adopted daughters, twins - Mary and Carolyn. ...
            During his residence in Silver Springs, he has, by his activity in business, raised it from a small hamlet to a thriving village, and has devoted much of his time to forwarding the general interests of the community.

1896 "Onondaga's [Co. NY] centennial : gleanings of a century" by Dwight H. Bruce; pub. Boston: The Boston History Company (LH3179, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.765 H2b and film 934,842 items 2-3 and 924,432)
      Pg.1046: Village of Geddes ... trustees ... 1857, Henry Duncan.
      Pg.213-217:. Biographical. WILLIAM A. DUNCAN, Ph.D. William Alexander Duncan, Ph.D., was born in Oswego, N.Y., November 1, 1837, and is the eldest son of William and Mary (Wood) Duncan, natives of Scotland. His grandfather was Alexander Duncan, a man well known in his day as an educator and one of the most cultured and best educated men on Dee side. William Duncan had been trained from youth as a workman on the granite buildings of Aberdeen, Scotland, and was a finely educated builder and master mechanic. Coming to America with his young wife Mary, the daughter of James Wood, of Airlie, he located in Syracuse previous to 1840, when it was only a thrifty village. He ... supervised the erection of the First Presbyterian church in South Salina street, ... and also had charge of the building of the old St. James's church (burned in 1891), and other stone edifices. ... His ability and integrity as a builder caused a demand for his services in several large cities of the State and in Canada. ... His memory lives ... in the memorial windows which have been placed to himself and his estimable wife in the First Ward Presbyterian and Good Will Congregational churches of this city. The children of William and Mary Duncan were Dr. William A., James D., Joseph M., John H., Mrs. F. Morgan, and Mrs. E. Tankie.
            Dr. William A. Duncan came to Syracuse while an infant, and has since made this city his home, becoming one of its most active, useful and respected citizens. ... For fourteen years he was a member of the Board of Education of Syracuse, representing the Fifth ward, and for two years was president of the board. ... Dr. Duncan has always been active in Sunday-school work. He organized the Syracuse Sunday-school system .... Dr. Duncan has been since 1883 the secretary and superintendent of the Chautauqua University, ... (MAD: much more about the Sunday-school system and his other accomplishments, not copied)
            Dr. Duncan was married to Miss Julia B. Coleman, dughter of J.M. and Eliza Coleman, of Seneca Falls, N.Y., who were of Holland Dutch descent, of Revolutionary stock, and among the earliest settlers of Seneca Falls. To Dr. and Mrs. Duncan two daughters have been born, Mary E., and Grace L. (MAD: no dates)

1908 "Past and present of Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York : from prehistoric times to the beginning of 1908" by William Martin Beauchamp; pub. New York: The S.J. Clarke Pub. Co. (LH3135, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.765 H2bp v.1&2 and film 934,843)
      Pg.293: Onondaga Writers. ... Dr. William Duncan was born at Oswego in 1837, and since 1883 has been secretary and superintendent of Chautauqua University, Chautauqua Lake. His work has been largely educational, and his daughters aided in some of his literary work.
      Vol.II, pg.565-566: WARREN C. BRAYTON, born in Hartford, Washington county, New York, February 5, 1840, son of Eli C. Brayton and Mrs. Maria (Barrell) Brayton, arrived in Syracuse July 9, 1857. (MAD: more not copied) In 1865 Mr. Brayton was married to Miss Harriet Elizabeth Duncan, and they have two daughters, Mrs. Mildred E. Todd, of Syracuse, and H. Josephine Brayton. Their only son, Lieutenant Clarence E. Brayton, died in the Spanish American war and a daughter, Alice M., died in 1875.

1891 "Memorial history of Syracuse, N.Y. : from its settlement to the present time" (Onondaga Co. NY) ed. by Dwight H. Bruce; pub. Syracuse: H.P. Smith & Co. (LH3178, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.766 H2b and film 1,425,598 item 1)
      Pg.92: Village of Geddes, ... Trustees, 1856, Henry Duncan; 1857, Henry Duncan; (pg.93) Clerks, 1858, Stephen Duncan.
      Part II, Biographical, pg.89-92: WILLIAM A. DUNCAN, Ph.D. - William A. Duncan came to Syracuse sometime previous to 1840, when it was but a hamlet. He had been trained from youth as a workman on the granite buildings of Aberdeen, Scotland, and was a finely educated builder and master mechanic. He was the son of Alexander Duncan, a man well known in his day as an educator, and one of the best educated men on Dee side. With him came his young wife Mary, the daughter of James Wood, of Airlie, Scotland. He located here because he saw the great possibilities of the city, because of its nearness to the limestone quarries. ... Syracuse owes much of its admiration for the substantial and the beautiful in architecture to his early presence. Their children were William A.; James D.; Joseph M., President of the Duncan Salt Company, Silver Springs; John H., Superintendent of the American Dairy Salt-Mills, Syracuse; Mrs. F. Morgan; and Mrs. E. Tankie. Memorial windows in memory of William and Mary Duncan have been placed in the First Ward Presbyterian church and in the Good Will Congregational church of this city. ...
      Dr. William A. Duncan, eldest son of William and Mary Duncan, was born at Oswego, N.Y., in 1837, and while in infancy came to Syracuse, where he has since resided, and during his mature years has been one of its most active, useful, and respected citizens. ... Dr. Duncan became an educator when he was a young man as the Principal of an academy, ... Board of Education of this city for fourteen years, ... His greatest achievements have been in the religious field. ... elected President of the New York State Sunday-School Convention held in Saratoga, N.Y., in June 1891, and has been for eleven years Chairman of its Executive Committee ... Dr. Duncan is the creator of a branch Chautauqua at Albany, Ga. ... Dr. Duncan has been hailed as a missionary of Northern good-will, and his Georgia visits are occasions of public rejoicing. He owns a cotton and fruit plantation of 3,500 acres twelve miles from Albany, which is in Dougherty county, 200 miles south of Atlanta. ... (MAD: much more on his achievements, not copied) Dr. Duncan married Miss Julia B. Coleman, dughter of J.M. Coleman, esq., of Seneca Falls, N.Y. Two daughters, liberally educated and now traveling with Mrs. Duncan in Europe for educational benefits, bless the union.

1909 "Memoirs of Lenawee County, Michigan : from the earliest historical times down to the present, including a genealogical and biographical record of representative families in Lenawee County" by R.I. Bonner, pub. by Western Historical Assn., 2 vols. (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4966; FHL book 977.431 H2m and film 1,697,484 item 1-2)
      Vol.2, pg.109-110: George W. Duncan, who has come to be recognized as one of the leading agriculturists of Deerfield township, was born in Metamora [Fulton Co.], Ohio, April 27, 1845. He is the son of David and Maria (Gilson) Duncan, the former of whom was born in Syracuse [Onondaga Co.], NY, and the latter in Vermont. In an early day they removed to Fulton Co. OH and the father cleared and improved an eighty acre farm. Both parents died there, the father in 1888, and the mother in 1887. Six children were born to the parents. William H. died while in the service of his country as a member of Company F, of the Sixty-seventh Ohio infantry; McLain lives in Massachusetts; Elmer C. lives at Metamora, Ohio; Inez Duncan Spalding died at Hudson, Mich., in 1898, and a son died in infancy. George W. Duncan, of this sketch, attended the public schools of Metamora, Ohio, and then worked with his father until the outbreak of the Civil war. He then enlisted as a private in Company F, Sixty-seventh Ohio infantry, and rendered gallant service during the balance of the great internecine struggle. When he had received his honorable discharge from the service he returned to Ohio and lived there until 1892. In that year he removed with his family to Lenawee county and settled on a farm in Deerfield township, which he later disposed of, and then purchased the well improved farm where he now resides. In the matter of politics Mr. Duncan has been a member of the Republican party ever since he became old enough to vote, and he has served as a school director of district number six. In religious matters he is allied with the Church of God, and his only fraternal or social relations are with the Grand Army of the Republic. On Dec. 18, 1865, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Duncan and Miss Martha Irwin, born near Metamora, Ohio, Sept. 21, 1846. She is the daughter of William and Jane (Montgomery) Irwin, both of whom were natives of Ireland, who came to Fulton county, Ohio, early in their lives, and were among its first settlers securing land from the government. He was a contractor on the canal from Toledo to Maumee. Two children were born to this union, William H. and Dora Jane (Duncan) Baxter, both married and residing in Toledo. Ernest H. Eckert, who has lived with Mr. and Mrs. Duncan since he was ten months old, seems as near and dear to them as their own children. He was born Nov. 18, 1881, at Ottawa Lake, Monroe county, Michigan, and was married at Riga Nov. 15, 1902, to Miss Louise Murbach, daughter of Henry and Minnie (Schultz) Murbach, by whom he has one child, Ruth, born April 21, 1904. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were both born near Metamora, Ohio. William H. was born Sept. 27, 1866, and Dora Jane on July 30, 1868.

1880 "History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers." by Samuel W. Durant, pub. Philadelphia: Everts & Abbott (pg.452 from Louis Boone 3/1985; HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4959; FHL book 977.417 H2d and film 908,703 item 2)
      Pg.453-454: DELAMORE DUNCAN. This gentleman was the eldest son of the preceding [William Duncan], and born Nov. 24, 1805, at Lyman [Grafton Co.], N.H. At Monroe, to which place his father removed in 1810, he attended the common school, of which his father was teacher, until 1815. After his father's purchase of the wool-carding and cloth-dressing mill, he worked in the mill during the summer and attended school in the winter months. His mother died when he was sixteen years of age, and in the following year, his father giving up housekeeping, he went to live with his grandfather at Acworth [Sullivan Co. NH], where he worked on the farm and acted as secretary to his grandfather.
            In April, 1825, with his effects in a knapsack strapped upon his back, he took his way over the Green Mountains through the snow on foot, ... but ... took passage in the stage-coach, and soon after joined his father in Syracuse [Onondaga Co.], N.Y., whither he had preceded his son. From thence he accompanied his parent to Michigan, and as stated in the preceding biography, assisted him in building a mill-dam at Dexter, Washtenaw Co. On the 3d of September, 1825, he left his father at Dexter and proceeded to Brecksville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, where he engaged in cutting stone for locks on the Ohio canal. Here he remained until the autumn of 1826, when, his health failing, he returned to his grandfather's in New Hampshire, where he continued until the spring of 1827, at which time he removed to McIndoes Falls, Caledonia Co., Vt., and engaged in lumbering until the fall of 1828, when, in company with his brother William and sister Eliza Ann, he journeyed to Lyme, Huron Co. OH, to which place his father had removed and purchased a farm.
            At that place he taught school until Feb. 1829, when, in company with Elisha Doane, he once more started for Michigan, ... in March they reached Prairie Ronde, where Mr. Duncan selected his land and chose the site of his future home. Leving his stock with a Mr. Wilmarth, he returned to Ohio, reaching Lyme on the 1st of April. From there he shortly after went to Dayton ... until August, when he returned to Lyme, where, on the 8th of September, 1829, he married Miss Parmela Clark. This union ... happy one ... She united with the Baptist Church in early life and has ever since been an earnest and consistent Christian and faithful member. Mrs. Duncan was born in the town of Johnson, Lamoille Co., VT, August 18, 1811.
            To this union were born nine children, as follows: Cordelia Ann, William Gilmore, Granville Joel, Jane Coffran, Delamore, Jr., Delia Parmela, Edwin Freeman, Charles Clark, and Helen Marian, of whom four are living, to wit: Delamore, Jr., Edwin F., Charles C., and Helen Marian. The others died in childhood. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, in addition to their own, have had the care of no less than sixteen other children, whom they have sent into the world useful men and women.
            On the 5th of October, 1829, Mr. Duncan, in company with his father, again set out for Michigan. ... his wife remaining with her father, who was to follow in January, 1830. ... They finally arrived on Prairie Ronde on the 20th of October, and moved in with Col. Fellows until they could prepare their own house for occupation. ... At an election ... on the 17th day of May, 1830, he was nominated the first sheriff of Kalamazoo County, his commission dating from Oct. 1, 1830. ... In Feb. 1832, he sold his farm, on the west side of Prairie Ronde, to John Knight, and removed to Gourd-Neck Prairie, where he purchased a farm and built a plank. Knight failing to fulfill the contract, the farm fell into his hands again, and he sold the one on Gourd-Neck Prairie to Asa Briggs and removed to his old homestead in July, 1832. ... In December, 1839, in company with his brother-in-law, Justin Clark, he made a prospecting tour of the State, ... In politics a Whig, subsequently a Free-Soiler, and upon the formation of the Republican party became a member of that organization. ... until his death, May 1, 1870.

1888 "History of Henry and Fulton Counties, Ohio" ed. by Lewis Cass Aldrich; pub. Syracuse, N.Y. : D. Mason & Co. (FHL book 977.115 H2a; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.434: Amboy Township. The first election was held in 1837 at the residence of David Duncan.
      Pg.439: [Settlers who came] since the settlement in 1833 - in 1834, David Duncan from Onondaga Co. NY, also John Blain & Jerry Duncan from the same place.
      Pg.440: The Blains and Duncans were all from Lodi, first lock on the canal east of Syracuse, Onondaga Co. NY.
      Pg.440: The present residents ... Samuel Duncan.

1921 "Montana, its story and biography : a history of aboriginal and territorial Montana and three decades of statehood" by L.E. Munson, ed. by Tom Stout; pub. Chicago: American Historical Society (LH12734, HeritageQuest images 5/2007 & 8/2007; FHL book 978.6 H2s v.2 and film 1,000,175)
      Vol.II, pg.74-75: O.R. DUNCAN was elected public administrator of Sweetgrass County in April, 1919. He has become well known in that county through his business activities, formerly as a creamery manager and now as proprietor of a complete and well patronized garage. Mr. Duncan was born at Clinton Falls, Minnesota, June 12, 1822 (MAD: sic, but perhaps should be 1882). His grandfather established the family in New York State, coming from Scotland. His father, Henry Duncan, was born near Syracuse, New York, in 1847, was reared and married there and had a farm. On this farm was an extensive grove of hard maples, and the manufacture of maple sugar was an important industry with him. During the '70s he moved to Minnesota and was a pioneer homesteader at Clinton Falls. Later he sold his farm there and in 1892 moved to Medford, Minnesota, where he was proprietor of a hotel until his death in 1912. He was an active prohibitionist in politics and a very devout Baptist. Henry Duncan married Sarah Brown, who was born in 1850 and died at Medford, Minnesota, in 1913. Ella, the oldest of their children, is the wife of Richard Cheesman, a miller living at Whistley, Alabama; Elsie is a traveling salesman whose home is at Redford, South Dakota; Marion is the wife of Henry Cheesman, a mechanic in the railroad shops at Edmonton, Canada; while O.R. Duncan is the fourth and youngest of the family.
            He acquired his early education in the public schools of Clinton Falls and Medford, Minnesota, and was a student in the Owatonna Business College at Owatonna, Minnesota, until 1900. By practical work he learned the creamery trade in Minnesota, and followed it a year at Ranchester, Wyoming. In 1909 he came to Big Timber, Montana, ... following three years he spent at Butte, ... since returning to Big Timber he has been engaged in the automobile business. ... His garage is at the corner of McLeon Street and Third Avenue. Mr. Duncan is a republican in politics and was elected on that ticket to his office as public administrator. ... In 1902, at Medford, Minnesota, he married Miss Nora May Reinhard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Reinhard, farming people who live at Medford. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have two children, Leona, born in 1904, and Lavern, born in 1905. (MAD: Orlo R. Duncan; Syracuse, Onondaga Co. NY; Clinton Falls & Medford, Steele Co. MN)


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