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Formed 1798 from Herkimer
Jefferson formed 1805 from Oneida
Oswego formed 1816 from Oneida, Onondaga


1810 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg. 33  T. Dunkin           11010        - 10010

1820 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg.309  Samuel Duncan       000010       - 20010
Pg.320  John Duncan         000001       - 00001

1830 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg.357  William Duncan      1210,001     - 0110,01

1840 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg. 70  John Duncan         0021,001     - 0001,001
Pg.111  William Duncan      0000,1001    - 0101,001

1850 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg.114, #58, Thomas MURRAY & family
                  Ann DUNCAN 26 IRE
Pg.148, #543, Betsey DUNCAN 69 MA
                  Mary MUNGER 35 NY
                  Mary 13, Levi 10 NY
Pg.178, #996, Scuyler? HUBBARD & family blacksmith
                  Samuel DUNCAN 22 NY blacksmith
Pg.203, #1452, Darius DUNKAN 60 MA farmer $5000
                  Polly 56 NY
                  Nathaniel 29, Curtis? (m) 26 NY
                  George 22 NY
                  Betsy GRISWOLD 11 NY
New Hartford
Pg.243, #186, Morgan EDWARDS & family
                  William DUNCAN 40 NY laborer
Pg.270, #576, Hugh LONG & family
                  Elisabeth DUNCAN 32 SCT
Pg.64, #---, Whitestown asylum
                  George DUNCAN 32 SCT gardner insane pauper
Pg.117, #548, William DUNCAN 66 CT laborer
                  Chloe 59 CT
                  (MAD: one Chloe, wife of William Duncan "of Ohio" before 1845 was dau. of Josiah Buck & Polly Towner who mar. 1779 in Fairfield Co. CT, from Rev. War Pension Appl. R-1397 CT/NY, from pg.62-63, Vol.5, "Revolutionary War Period Bibles, Family & Marriage Records" by Helen M. Lu; and "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, FHL book 973 M28g)
Pg.45, #641, William DUNKIN 52 IRE (blank)
                  Mary 28 IRE
                  Elisa (f) 17 IRE
                  Thomas 11, Margret 8 NY
                  Catharine 3 NY
                  James McDANNEL 4 NY
                  Elizabeth 12, Bridget 6 NY
Pg.183, #519, Peter BAKER & family
                  Samuel DUNACAN 16 MA laborer

1860 Oneida Co. NY Census
Pg.59, #420-449, Curtiss MILLER 61 NY retired farmer $1100-3488
                  Lucy 56 MA
                  Samuel 30, Levi 23 NY college students
                  William H.H. NY college student
                  Amanda S. 15 NY
                  Betsy DUNCAN 79 MA mother in law
                  Electa RICE 45 NY widow relative
Pg.154 (48), #398-405, Robert DUNCAN 52 ENG farmer $3300-540
                  Elizabeth 52 ENG
                  Edward LANGLEY 75 ENG father in law laborer
                  Susannah 72 ENG
                  James 20 ENG laborer
Rome 1st Ward
Pg.432 (38), #287-287, Joseph HIGGINS 40 NY blacksmith $3000-700
                  Margaret 36 NY
                  Eunice (f) 16 NY service
                  Eugine (f) 12, Elizabeth 7 NY
                  Margaret 2, "Joseseph" Jr. 1/12 NY
                  Thomas DUNCAN 19 NY blacksmith
                  Philip STOCKINGER 17 OH blacksmith
                  Thomas HICKEY 18 NY blacksmith
Pg.446 (52), #404-405, William DUNCAN 50 IRE laborer $0-0
                  Kate 13 NY
                  Margaret 16 NY service
Pg.496, #772-762, J. MARTIN (m) 40 IRE carpenter $600-$50
                  C. (f) 9 NY (MAD: age as given)
                  William DUNGAN 70 IRE laborer
Pg.812, #126-113, William W. GRIMES? (GRAVES?) 51 NH farmer $2000-$3000
                  Ceba (f) 41 NH
                  Olive (f) 2 NY
                  Mary DUNCAN 15 NY domestic
Utica Ward 5
Pg.606, #250-320, Lucretia TRUAX 50 NY (blank) $800-$300
                  Silas 20 NY marble cutter
                  O.R. DUNCAN (m) 30 UNK wagon maker
                  Edward GREENHILL 22 UNK carpenter

1870 Oneida Co. NY Census
Utica, Ward 9
Pg.363, #(blank, after #614-812), New York State Lunatic Asylum
                  many people, including
Pg.370, #(blank etc), DUNCAN, James 39 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
Deerfield (first name first)
Pg.196, #30-36, Christy TULLY (m) 40 IRE R.R. laborer $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas CONAUGHTY 22 IRE R.R. laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  James 24 IRE R.R. laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  William DUNCAN 77 IRE no occupation, parents of foreign birth
                  Catherine MASTEN? (f) 91 IRE no occupation, parents of foreign birth
                  Maria CASERLEY 11 IRE at school, parents of foreign birth
Pg.335, #694-741, GRENNON?, George 63 NY farmer $7000-$1080
                  Mary 53 NY
                  Harriet 28 NY teacher
                  DUNCAN, Betsey 89 MA
                  GRENNON?, Deril?? C. (m) 23 NY farmer $600-$200
                  Amelia 23 NY
                  COIL, Edward 19 SCT farm labor, parents of foreign birth
Rome, Ward 5
Pg.673, #495-528, ARTLEY?, David 68 NY banker $35,000-$200,000
                  Catharine M?. 58 NY keeping house $5,000-$25,000
                  Mary J. 16 NY
                  GUBBINS, Thomas 29 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNKIN, Maggie 21 NY dom. servant
                  MURPHY, Bessie 16 NY dom. servant


JARED DUNCAN, widow Dolly, Rev. Pension Application R-3122, NY, CT [Rejected] (FHL film 970,863)
      Application 29 Jan. 1820, of Hillsdale, Columbia Co. NY; on pension list Dec. 1809 as invalid; almost total deafness and wounds in Rev. War; in fall of 1814 he was travelling in the night over Hearlem Hights near NY, he was knocked down by two men and robbed of his pocket book containing his pension money and original Pension Certificate; needs a new pension certificate so he can claim his pension money.
      Petition 3 Nov. 1841, by Dolly Duncan, of Redding, Fairfield Co. CT, age 82 years, widow of Jared Duncan, formerly of Weston, Fairfield Co., soldier in Continental Army, wounded by enemy at battle of White Plains; served in the coast guards; she married Jared 13 Aug. 1780; he died 1 Feb. 1823; statement 3 Nov. 1841 by Thornton Lee, age 53; statement 26 Oct. 1841, by Pastor of Congregational Church of Parrish of Norfield, Weston, Fairfield Co. CT about marriage of Jared Duncan to Dolly Osborn on August 30, 1780; declaration 17 May 1841 by Jonathan Godfry of Weston, Fairfield Co. CT, age 87; neighbor of Jared Duncan.
      Declaration 31 Jan. 1852 by Mrs. Polly O. Lee of Redding, Fairfield Co. CT: that she age 54; Mrs. Sarah Meeker age 70 of Redding; Joseph Duncan age 68 of Unionville, Duchess Co. NY; William Duncan age 65 of Camden [Oneida Co.], NY; and Dosher Whitlock of Luzerne Co. PA; are only surviving children of Jared and Dolly Duncan, deceased; that father Jared died on 1 Feb. 1823; that mother Dolly applied for pension 1841 but did not receive it; petition for back payments due Dolly to the date of her death on 19 March 1847.
      Statement 22 Jan. 1852 by John Griffin, aged 83, of Redding, that Jared served under Capt. Daniel Duncan & Col. St. John in the coast guards; declaration 22 Jan. 1852 by Mrs. Polly Bennett, age 73, acquainted with Jared about 70? years, that Dolly died 19 March 1847, she attended her funeral, she is acquainted with Sarah Meeker, Joseph & William Duncan, Dosher Whitlock and Mrs. Polly O. Lee who are only surviving children of Jared and Dolly Duncan; declaration 22 Jan. 1852 by Elias Bennett, aged 73, similar statement to Mrs. Polly Bennett; statement 9 July 1852 by Daniel Dikeman, age 90, of Westport, Fairfield Co. CT, a pensioner; acquainted with Jared during Rev.; Jared was private for 2 years, entered service in vicinity of Westport now called Weston ...
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

"Honor roll : Oneida County [NY] in the war, 1917-1919." (anonymous); pub. Utica, N.Y.: unknown, 1919, 220 pgs. (LH3338, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Duncan, Floyd M., Pvt., U.S. Army, Durhamville
      Dunkin, John W., Seaman, U.S. Navy, Utica

HISTORIES before 1923

"Pioneer history of Camden, Oneida County, New York" by W.H.C. Hosmer; FHL= by Elizabeth T. Pike et al; pub. Utica, N.Y.: The authors, 1897, 559 pgs. (LH3277, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 547,546 item 2 and 1,405,494 item 2)
      Pg.457-458: In 1882 fire swept through the west side of Main street, north of Mexico street. ... Among the heaviest losers by this fire were ... L. Duncan, jeweler, ... and many others.

"Landmarks of Steuben County, New York" ed. by Harlo Hakes; pub. Syracuse: D. Mason, 1896, 1061 pgs. (LH3091, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.783 H2h and film 934,851 item 2)
      Pg.412-413: MILLER, Prof. Curtis, was born in Madison county, in 1865, son of Rev. Samuel Miller, who is a native of Oneida county and one of ten children born to Curtis Miller. Curtis Miller, the grandfather, was always actively interested in all public affairs pertaining to the welfare of his town and county, and married Mary Duncan, who is of Scotch descent. Rev. Samuel Miller was reared on a farm, became a Congregational minister, and served in the war of the Rebellion as second lieutenant in Co.K, 117th N.Y. Vols., also served in the defences around Washington D.C. He married Mary, daughter of Dr. Horace Bigelow of Auburn, N.Y., by whom he had three children ... (MAD: more not copied)

"Genealogical and biographical record of Kendall and Will Counties, Illinois : containing biographies of well known citizens of the past and present." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1901, 670 pgs. (LH10348, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Pg.353: James Oliver Richmond ... Kendall County ... In Augusta, Oneida County, N.Y., Mr. Richmond was born December 24, 1827, a son of Amaziah and Caroline (Rogers) Richmond, natives of Massachusetts and Vermont respectively. The Rogers family originated in England. The paternal grandparents, Jonathan and Hannah (Duncan) Richmond, removed to Oneida County when their son, Amaziah, was 12 years of age, and there he grew to manhood ...

1919 "History of Fresno County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present" by Paul E. Vandor, pub. by Historic Record (book qc979.482 V2, Vol.I; CA State Library, Sacramento; also FHL book 979.482 H2v and film 1,000,104 items 2-3 and Vol.2 on FHL film 1,036,806 item 1)
      Vol.II, Pg.1806: DUNCAN, William. grandfather was Thomas, b. Scotland, to NY. Father was William, b. Utica [Oneida Co.]; to Ontario; to Lonark, IL, 1866; then Albany, Whiteside Co., same state. Mother Elizabeth Burton Williscraft, b. England, d. Iowa. 8 ch., 5 still living. William was youngest, b. 13 June 1857 Smith's Falls, Ontario. (MAD: ? Lanark, Carroll Co. IL)

"Indiana and Indianans : a history of aboriginal and territorial Indiana and the century of statehood" by Jacob Piatt Dunn; pub. Chicago: American Historical Society, 1919, 2610 pgs. (LH12054, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.2 H2d v.1-5 and film 1,000,526)
      Vol.II, pg.1501: WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON MILLER, United States Attorney General, ... was born at Augusta, Oneida County, New York, September 6, 1840, and died, in the fullness of years and honors, May 25, 1917. ... admitted to the bar in 1865 at Peru, Indiana, ... His Miller ancestors, Scotch and English, came to America in the seventeenth century. His branch of the family located in Oneida County, New York, in 1795. He was next to the youngest in the family of ten children of Curtis and Lucy (Duncan) Miller, the former a native of New York and the latter of Massachusetts. His father was a New York State farmer. .... (MAD: Peru, Miami Co. IN)


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