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ca1887-1889 "American ancestry : giving the name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D., 1776" 12 Vols., ed. by Thomas Patrick Hughes and Frank Munsell (from Dale O. Duncan 10/1983; FHL book 973 D2a, Vol.9-12 on FHL film 496,941 items 1-4, Vol.9 on FHL fiche 6,088,644)
      Vol.IX, pg.145: DUNCAN, MOSES GRANVILLE of Antrim [Hillsborough Co.], N.H., b. there, July 20, 1841, farmer, traveling salesman (m. Oct. 3, 1872, Augusta C. Spaulding of Francistown, N.H., and had 5 children, viz.: Edith Augusta, b. Aug. 25, 1873; Anna Elizabeth, b. Dec. 13, 1875; Harry Spaulding, b. June 22, 1878; Ethel Caroline, b. Nov. 12, 1882; Grace Maria, b. Aug. 11, 1883);
            son of WILLIAM of Antrim, N.H., b. there, Oct. 30, 1806, d. there, May 27, 1886, prosperous farmer, held some town offices (m. Feb. 3, 1831, Betsey Rice, and [had] George, b. Nov. 10, 1831; Wm. Henry, b. Dec. 10, 1834; Carrie E., b. Nov. 7, 1838; John Edwin, b. Mar. 25, 1836; and Moses G., above);
            son of ROBERT of Antrim, N.H., b. in Londonderry [Rockingham Co.], N.H., Dec. 28, 1763, d. in Antrim, Sept. 26, 1837, pioneer farmer, a worthy citizen, genial and fond of his relatives, much given to hospitality and full of anecdotes (m. Feb. 18, 1790 Grissy Wilson of Londonderry, b. Nov. 11, 1762 (dau. of Thos. and Sarah), and had Rev. Thomas, b. Mar. 3, 1791; John, b. Sep. 7, 1796; William, above; Griswold, b. June 15, 1799; Hannah, b. Jan. 23, 1793; Jane, b. May 19, 1804; Sarah b. Dec. 4, 1794, d. young; and Sarah, b. Oct. 6, 1801);
            son of JOHN of Londonderry, N.H., b. in Ireland, 1729, d. in Londonderry, N.H., Nov. 15, 1799, farmer, merchant, fairly well educated, possessed strong characteristics of the Scotchman in speech and shrewdness (m. about 1760, Hanna Henry, b. 1738 (dau. of Robt. and Charity) and had six children, viz: Robert, above; John, b. 1767, d. Jan. 24, 1852; William, b. 1771, d. Aug. 16, 1849; Sally, b. Aug. 27, 1774, d. Feb. 10, 1860; Hannah, b. Nov. 9, 1777, d. July 24, 1852; and Rachel, d. 1854);
            son of JOHN, b. in Ireland, well educated, came with some means to Londonderry, N.H., purchased land there (m. Rachel Todd (dau. of Jas. and Rachel), and had: John, above; George; Abraham, b. 1740, d. Mar. 1, 1805; William, b. Feb. 20, 1726, d. Oct. 23, 1764; James; Naomi; Polly; Rachel; Rosanna; and Robert, b. 1732, d. Feb. 10, 1759);
            son of GEORGE, b. in Ireland, d. in Londonderry, N.H., m. Margaret Cross); came with his wife to America bringing his children, viz.: John the eldest, probably by a former marriage, George, William, Robert, Abraham, Esther and James.

"The Native Ministry of New Hampshire : the harvesting of more than thirty years" by N.F. Carter, pub. 1906 by The Rumford Print Co. (FHL book 974.2 D3c)
      Pg.33-34: THOMAS WILSON DUNCAN, Congregationalist, son of Robert and Grizzell (Wilson) Duncan, was born March 3, 1791. Preparatory studies with Samuel Burnham of Londonderry, 1811-13. Graduated at Dartmouth College, 1817. Studied for the ministry with Rev. E.P. Bradford of New Boston, Rev. Moses Bradford of Francestown, and Rev. J.M. Whiton, D.D., of Antrim. Licensed to preach by the Londonderry Presbytery, April 29, 1819. Preaching here and there, 1819-21. Acting pastor, Exeter, N.Y., Jan. to June 1821; ordained there, June 13, 1821; dismissed, May 1, 1824. Acting pastor, Second Church, York, Me., June to Nov. 1825; installed there, Nov. 9, 1825; dismissed, April 28, 1830. Acting pastor, Post Mills and Fairlee, Vt., Sept. 1830-2. Itinerated, 1832-3. Acting pastor, Burke, Vt., Dec. 1834-7; installed there, Nov. 8, 1837; dismissed, Aug. 15, 1839, but continued acting pastor there till June 1841; supplying also part of the time, Kirby, Vt., 1834-5; and Granby, 1838-40. Acting pastor, Norway and Fairfield, N.Y., June 1841-2; Jasper, N.Y., Nov. 1842-6. Agent Steuben County Bible Society, N.Y., Sept. 1846-7. Without charge, Burke, Vt., Oct. 1847-51. Acting pastor, Pittsfield, Vt., Nov. 1851-2; Arlington, Vt., March 1853-4; Windsor, Mass., May 1854-5; Chilmark, Mass., Sept. 1855-8; Roxbury, Aug. 1858-61. Without charge, Nelson, 1861-76. Died there May 5, 1876. Married Lucy, daughter of Levi and Rachel (White) North of Berlin, Conn., at Fly Creek, N.Y., June 5, 1822. She died, Nelson, April 7, 1865. Publication.-- A Catechism, 1828. (MAD: 1850 Caledonia Co. VT census; 1860 Cheshire Co. NH census, b.NH; Hillsborough Co. NH)
      Pg.459: SAMUEL TAGGERT, A.M., Presbyterian, son of (added: James or) Matthew and Jane (Anderson) Taggert, was born Mar. 24, 1754. Married (1) Elizabeth, daughter of George Duncan of Peterborough. (2) Mrs. Mary Ayers, at Washington, D.C., March 22, 1816. (MAD: Hillsborough Co. NH)

1867 "Sketches of the alumni of Dartmouth college: from the first graduation in 1771 to the present time, with a brief history of the institution" by George Thomas Chapman; pub. by Riverside press, 1867 (Google book, 8/25/2009)
      MAD: "Ms" is "Massachusetts" Dartmouth College, Hanover, Grafton Co. New Hampshire
      Alumni 1817. Pg.186: THOMAS WILSON DUNCAN, the son of Robert and Grizzel (Wilson) Duncan, was born at Antrim, Mar. 3, 1791. He studied divinity with the Rev. Ephraim Putnam Bradford of New Boston, and the Rev. Dr. John Milton Whiton of Antrim; was ordained pastor of the Cong. Ch. at Exeter, N.Y. June 13, 1821; installed pastor at York, Me, Nov. 9, 1825; dismissed in May 1830; settled in the Post Mills and Thetford, Vt, Churches, 6 years; installed pastor at Burke, Vt, Nov. 8, 1837; dismissed Aug. 15, 1839; was next settled at Roxbury, and afterwards was stated supply at Chilmark, Ms. He married Lucy, dau. of Levi North of Berlin, Ct, at Fly Creek, Otsego, N.Y. June 5, 1822. (MAD: Hillsborough Co. NH)

1908 "Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hamphire : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation" by Ezra S. Stearns; pub. New York : Lewis Pub. Co. (FHL fiche 6,046,857; Placerville FHC 10/2007; MAD: Antrim, Hillsborough Co. NH, see also Rockingham Co. NH)
      Vol.2 pg.607-608: DUNCAN. This family has the distinction of being the first one of the name established in New Hampshire. Its immigrant progenitor was one of those who left Ireland because of oppressions and privations suffered there on account of his religion, and like most of his co-religionists made a good citizen in early New Hampshire, and left a worthy progeny.
      (I) George Duncan was a native of Scotland, and at the time of the great exodus of the Scots of Argyle to Ireland, he accompanied them.
      (II) George (2), son of George (1) Duncan, the Scotchman, was born, lived and died in Ireland.
      (III) George (3), son of George (2) Duncan, was born in Ireland, and was the first Duncan in New Hampshire. He brought over his second wife, Margaret Cross, and seven children: John, George, William, Robert, Abraham, Esther, and James.
      (IV) John, eldest son of George (3) Duncan, and only son of his first wife, married Rachel Todd, in Ireland. He brought with him five children, and had five in this country. They were: John, George, Abraham, Margaret, William (born on the passage over), James, Naomi, Polly, Rachel, and Rosanna. He lived all his days in Londonderry, was an elder in the church, enjoyed the confidence of all, and died in good old age.
      (V) John (2), first child of John (1) and Rachel (Todd) Duncan, married Hannah Henrey. Though hardly more than a boy, he was engaged to marry her before the voyage to this country. He came over, prepared a place to live, and then sent for her. Her brother there paid her passage, and agreed with the captain to land her in Boston, but he took her to Nova Scotia, and sold her to pay her passage, and left her among strangers. But after a time John heard of her sad fate, hunted her up, and married her. The false captain was eventually punished for his crime. "All the circumstances of this case," says the historian of Antrim, "her courage, her forlorn condition in slavery for debt among strangers, her rescue by her lover, their beginning in the wilderness, and their long and happy life, their early betrothal, and their old age together, would form a story more marvellous than any fiction." John Duncan and his wife were both noted for personal beauty. He kept the first store in the present town of Londonderry. Many of the race were merchants. John and Hannah had a large family, among whom were: John and Robert, the subject of the next paragraph.
      (VI) Robert, son of John and Hannah (Henry) Duncan, was born in 1763, and 1787 removed to Antrim. He settled in a valley. There was a cleared spot and a small log house a few rods north of the present dwelling, though it seems it was never occupied. He bought of Daniel McFarland, but was sued by parties from Weare who claimed the land, and he had to pay for it a second time. After all was settled he married Grizzy Wilson, of Londonderry, lived a quiet and industrious life, and died on the spot he had settled, September 26, 1837, at the age of seventy-three. His children were: Thomas W., Hannah, Sarah, died young, John, Grizzy, Sarah, Jane, and William, the subject of the next paragraph.
      (VII) William, youngest child of Robert and Grizzy (Wilson) Duncan, was born in Antrim, October 30, 1806. In 1830 he built on the east part of his father's farm, where he cleared most of the land and resided there until his death. He married, February 13, 1831, Betsey W. Rice, of Henniker, an excellent woman, who died August 26, 1870, aged sixty-one. Their children were: George, William II, John E., Caroline E., and Moses G., subject of the paragraph next following.
      (VIII) Moses G., known as "Granville," fourth son and youngest child of William and Betsey W. (Rice) Duncan, was born in Antrim, July 20, 1841. He received only a common school education, and as a boy worked for neighboring farmers. His first prolonged employment was with a Mr. Woods, where he worked side by side with John McLean, now (1906) governor of New Hampshire. Being an industrious worker, and having good judgment in the use and investment of money, Mr. Duncan has prospered from his youth, and is now one of the leading men of his town. He lives on the old homestead about three miles from Antrim village, where he has about two hundred and twenty-five acres of farming land, and seventy-five acres of woodland. In addition to this he has a large tract of land in Dakota. He has a large stock of fine bred cattle, and carries on farming on a large and profitable scale. He is a Democrat, but pays little attention to politics. He married, October 3, 1872, Augusta Spaulding, born March 30, 1843, daughter of Leonard and Edith (Torrington) Spaulding, of Francestown. They are the parents of five children: Edith A., Annie E., Harry, Ethel and Grace M. The daughters are all graduates of the Antrim high school. Edith also graduated from Ashburnham Academy, and is now a bookkeeper, Annie has a prosperous dressmaking establishment, Ethel is a school teacher in Antrim, and Grace resides with her parents. At the age of sixteen Harry entered the employ of the Spaulding Smith Company, shoe manufacturers, then of Wolfboro, and later of Lowell, Massachusetts. He was a traveling salesman for a time, and is now manager of the Boston office of the firm. He married, December 25, 1905, May Kimball, of Hancock, and they reside in Lowell, Massachusetts.

1920 "The history of Dublin, N.H. : containing the address by Charles Mason, and the proceedings at the centennial celebration, June 17, 1852, with a register of families" (Cheshire Co.) by L.W. Leonard; pub. Dublin, N.H.: The town (LH8958, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.29/D1 H2Lh and 974.29/D1 H2L pt.1&2 and film 1,425,501 item 2)
      Pg.706: APPLETON. ... Isaac Appleton, son of Dea. Isaac and Mary (Adams) Appleton, was b. in New Ipswich, June 6, 1762; d. in D. [MAD: Dublin], Aug. 10, 1853. He settled in D., 1785; m. Dec. 9, 1788, Sarah Twitchell, b. in D., Jan. 9, 1768, d. there March 28, 1838, dau. of Ebenezer and Waitstill (Greenwood) Twitchell. ... He had eight ch.: (I) Sarah, b. in D., March 5, 1790; m. in 1816 James B. Todd, b. in Peterborough, Nov. 25, 1787; d. May 29, 1863; son of John and Rachel (Duncan) Todd of P. They res. in Byron, N.Y.; had ch., names unknown. (MAD: Peterborough, Hillsborough Co. NH)

1883 "The history of Windham in New Hampshire (Rockingham County), 1719-1883 : a Scotch settlement (commonly called Scotch-Irish), embracing nearly one third of the ancient settlement and historic township of Londonderry, N.H., with the history and genealogy of its first settlers and their descendants, and most of the families of its past, and all of its present permanent inhabitants, comprising more than two hundred different family names" by Leonard Allison Morrison; pub. Boston, Mass.: Cupples, Upham & Co. (LH9988, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.26/W1 H2m and film 1,425,509 item 2)
      Pg.591: James Hopkins ... children born in Antrim ... Isebella, b. July 28, 1792; m. George Duncan, Dec. 20, 1814; d. June 26, 1864. (MAD: Antrim, Hillsborough Co. NH)

1869 "History of old Chester : from 1719 to 1869" (Rockingham Co. NH) by Benjamin Chase; pub. Auburn, N.H.: The author (LH8675, 743 pgs., HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.26/C3 H2c and film 982,070 item 3)
      Pg.468: BELL. JOHN BELL, though not of the first colony to Londonderry, in 1719, had a grant of land made to him in 1720, in Aiken's range, on which he settled and spent the remainder of his life, and where his son John lived. After commencing a clearing and building a cabin, he returned to Ireland for his wife and two surviving children, in 1722. He was b. in the county of Antrim, 1678, m. Elizabeth Todd, and had two sons and two dau. b. in Londonderry. He d. July 8, 1743; she d. 1771. The daughters, Letitia, Naomi, Elizabeth and Mary, all m. men by the name of Duncan. Samuel, b. Sept. 28, 1723, removed to Cambridge, N.Y.; m. Sarah Storrow. John, b. Aug. 15, 1730, m. Mary Ann Gilmore, dau. of James Gilmore, Dec. 21, 1758. He held various responsible offices. He d. Nov. 30, 1825; she d. April 1, 1822, a. 85. Children ... (MAD: Antrim, Hillsborough Co. NH)

1883 "History of Hardwick, Massachusetts : with a genealogical register" (Worcester Co.) by Lucius R. Paige; pub. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin (LH5801; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 14,768 and 868,519 item 1)
      Pg.382: FULLER, THOMAS, m. Lydia, dau. of Col. Timothy Paige, 26 Nov. 1778, and had Martin [Fuller], b. 6 June 1780, m. Letitia Duncan of Hancock, N.H., and d. at Hardwick, Vt., 18 Oct. 1816 (his son Thomas James Duncan, was several years a member of Congress, and d. at Washington, D.C., in 1876); Thomas [Fuller], b. 24 Mar. 1782 m. Sally House, was a merchant in Enosburg, Vt., deacon, and representative in the General Court, d. 23 Feb. 1860 ...; Lydia [Fuller] b. 6 June 1784, m. Daniel Weld; Malinda [Fuller] b. 3 Feb. 1787 m. Charles Stevens, and d. -- Feb. 1857; a son [Fuller] b. 7 Mar. 1789, lived five days; Timothy Paige [Fuller] b. 30 Mar. 1790, m. Rebecca Duncan of Hancock, N.H., was a farmer in Hardwick, Vt., representative, justice of the peace, judge of the County Court, and d.s.p. 21 July 1854; Austin [Fuller], b. 13 Ap. 1792, m. Betsey Maynard, the first white child born in Bakersfield, Vt., ... rem. from Hardwick, Vt., to Bakersfield about 1815, to Enosburg in 1822, and to Saratoga, N.Y., in 1866, where he d.s.p. 24 Sep. 1870; Francis Enos [Fuller], b. 20 Mar. 1794, a farmer in Hardwick, Vt., m. Martha Worcester of Hollis, N.H., who d. 9 Sept. 1824, and he m. Hannah Worcester of Hollis. He d. 24 Feb. 1869; Rebecca Paige [Fuller], b. 29 Ap. 1796, m. Alvin House of Enosburg, and d. -- Sep. 1872; John Washington [Fuller] b. 4 Jan. 1799, d. 15 Aug. 1803. Thomas [Fuller] the f. rem. to Westminster, Vt., about 1786, and thence to Hardwick, Vt., in 1798. ... He d. 1 Dec. 1823; his w. Lydia d. 8 July 1810, a.55. (MAD: Hancock, Hillsborough Co. NH)

1890 "Gazetteer and biographical record of Genesee County, N.Y., 1788-1890" by F.W. Beers; pub. Syracuse, N.Y.: J.W. Vose (LH3609, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 872,577 item 1 and 934,832 item 2)
      Pg.403-404: Town of Byron. James B. Todd, son of John and Rachel (Duncan) Todd, was born November 25, 1787, on the Todd homestead, in Peterboro, N.H., where his father settled in early life. He married Sarah Appleton, March 8, 1816, who was born in Dublin, N.H., March 5, 1790. They settled on the homestead, where they remained until 1828, when they went West, with a team of horses and a wagon as far as Troy, N.Y., where they took a canal boat, ... west part of Byron, May 27, 1828, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Mr. Todd died May 29, 1862. ... Mrs. Todd died March 28, 1884, aged 94 years. ... (MAD: more on children and family not copied) (MAD: Peterboro, Hillsborough Co. NH)

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