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HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire" by George A. Ramsdell; ed. by D. Hamilton Hurd; pub. Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co. (LH8921, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,201 item 3)
      Pg.254: The seventh family [in Antrim] was that of John Duncan, afterwards "Captain John," "Esquire John," "Deacon John" and "Honorable John;" was a man of some reputation; brought his goods in a cart - the first wheels ever driven into Antrim; drove forty miles in this way, and arrived at the door of his log house, with wife and five children, September 20, 1773. He lived till February 14, 1823, dying at the age of 89. Was long time representative from the district of Antrim, Hancock, Deering and Widsor; was a member of the New Hampshire Senate, and was a stirring, earnest, cheery, wide-awake and honest man. (pg.255) For about fourteen years this district was represented by Hon. John Duncan, of Antrim, who resigned in 1796 on being elected State Senator.
      Pg.350. History of Hancock. ... was incorporated November 5, 1779, agreeable to the petition of Robert Duncan and twenty-five others. ...
      Pg.371. Deering ... Captain Joseph Simonds, John Duncan and Robert Wallace were appointed June 12, 1784, ... and July 5, 1784 reported [their suggestion of where to build a meeting house]
      Pg.673. Peterborough Selectmen ... George Duncan, Jr., 1805, '06, '07, '08, '09.
      Pg.671. Sharon. Among the first settlers [1787?] were ... John Duncan.

1885 "History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire" by George A. Ramsdell; ed by D. Hamilton Hurd, pub. Philadelphia, Pa. : J.W. Lewis (LH8921, HeritageQuest image 10/2007; FHL film 1,000,201 item 3)
      Pg.354: Hancock. ROBERT DUNCAN was of Scotch descent. George1 was a native of Scotland, who emigrated to Ireland. George2 was born, lived and died in Ireland. George3, with all his children, came to America. George4, his oldest son by his second wife, Margaret Cross, was grown to manhood when he arrived in Londonderry. He married Letitia Bell and left seven children. Robert5, his second son, married Sarah, daughter of Colonel Andrew Todd, of Londonderry, and was an early settler in Hancock. Hon. John Duncan, of Antrim, who was the representative for years of Hancock and Antrim, was his brother. Mr. Duncan was undoubtedly the most influential man in the town at the time of its incorporation. He drew up, headed and circulated the petition for the act of incorporation, and was chairman of the first Board of Selectmen chosen at an annual town-meeting, and chosen at the same time its town clerk, which office he afterwards held for a time. Mr. Duncan was also chosen one of the first deacons of the church in Hancock, and held the office at the time of his death. He was also much employed in the settlement of estates of deceased early settlers. He died in the midst of his usefulness, January 25, 1793, at the age of forty-nine years. Samuel6 married Sarah Miller, of Peterborough, and settled on the homestead, but died in the prime of life, April 20, 1807, aged thirty-nine. Hiram7, who was only two years old at the time of his father's death, was the only child of Samuel and Sarah (Miller) Duncan who arrived at man's estate. He settled in Jaffrey in trade, and was a man of great business capacity, but died young, leaving one daughter, Sarah8 Miller Duncan, now the wife of Hon. Peter Upton, of the Governor's Council, who is a leading business man of that town, and, with their son, Hiram Duncan Upton, has charge of the banking interests of that place, Hiram D. also being president of the Northwestern Trust Company of Dakota. Mrs. Sarah M.8 (Duncan) Upton is the last survivor of Deacon Robert Duncan who ever bore the family name. Deacon Josiah6, of Antrim, son of Deacon Robert5, of Hancock, was a thoroughly good man and an elder of the Presbyterian Church there, who is said to have been "a living example of Romans xiii.11." He left no sons. Deacon Robert6 also went to Antrim, and married his cousin, Mrs. Naomi (Duncan) Newton, daughter of Hon. John5, and was said to have been one of the most efficient elders this ancient church ever had. They had no children.
      JAMES5 DUNCAN was a brother of Robert, named above, and seven years his junior. He came to Hancock from Society Land a little later than his brother Robert and settled on Norway Hill. James was chosen a deacon of the church at the same time as his brother, and continued in the office until his death. He was also much in town affairs. He married Jane Christie, who was said to have been one of the smartest girls of her day. It is related of her than on one occasion she won a wager of forty dollars by reaping more grain in a day than the smartest male reaper of Londonderry. They had eight children.
      I. Sarah6, who became the wife of Samuel Fox, and died in early married life, leaving two children.
      II. Letitia6 became the wife of Martin Fuller and had four children: (1) Thomas James Duncan, who was a lawyer of note and Representative in Congress from the East District of Maine for eight years, and was second auditor of the treasury under Buchanan. (2) Lydia J., who became the wife of Rev. L.H. Stone of Cabot, Vt. (3) Mary, who was the wife of Stearns Foster, of Keene. (4) Hiram, who is a prominent citizen of Hancock.
      III. George6, who settled in Antrim, where he was a prominent citizen.
      IV. Susan6, who became the wife of John Brooks, of Hancock. No children.
      V. James6 died in early manhood.
      VI. Christy6 settled on the homestead, and was a prominent citizen of the town and a noted land surveyor for many years. He married Lois Dow, and they had seven children: (1) Lydia A.7, who was for years a teacher, and became the wife of Rev. Mr. Stone, of Cabot, Vt. (2) Sarah7 is the wife of Rev. Daniel Rice, formerly the principal of the academy here, now located in Minnesota. (3) James7 studied medicine, but died young. (4) Stephen D.7, a teacher at Wilmington, Del. (5) John7 settled in Hancock, and married Mrs. Almira P. Wilkins, and has two sons,-- George C.8, a dentist and druggist at East Jaffrey, and Christy H.8, an esteemed citizen of Hancock. (6) Nathaniel7, who resides in North Chelmsford, Mass. (7) Elizabeth G.7, a teacher at the time of her death.
      VII. and VIII. Rebecca6 and Isaac6 (twins). Rebecca6 became the wife of Hon. T.P. Fuller, of Hardwick, Vt., who late in life located here. Isaac6 located in Stoddard and died there leaving honored descendants.

1876 "History of the town of Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire : with the report of the proceedings at the centennial celebration in 1839, an appendix containing the records of the original proprietors, and a genealogical and historical register" by Albert Smith, pub. Boston: Press of G.H. Ellis (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 9364; FHL book 974.28/P1 H2s and film 1,036,398 items 1 and 2)
      Pgs.60-61: 1. GEORGE DUNCAN was the son of John and Rachel Todd Duncan, and grandson to George Duncan, who emigrated to America, and lived and d. in Londonderry [MAD: Rockingham Co. NH]. We are unable to fix the time he came to town, but it was quite early. Most of his children were born in Londonderry. He lived on the farm afterwards occupied by Capt. Isaac Hadley. He m. Mary Bell, dau. of John and Elizabeth Bell. She d. at Peterborough, Jan. 23, 1812, ae. 84 yrs. He d. May 29, 1810, ae. 86 yrs. He was selectman in 1788, '89.
      2. Betsey, b. ----; m. Rev. Samuel Taggart, of Colerain, Mass.
      3. Rachel, b. 1759; m. John Todd.
      4. Esther, b. ----; m. Moses Black; r. Boston.
      5. Rosanna, b. 1765; m. Ebenezer Moore.
      6. + George, Jr., b. June 10, 1767; m., 1st w., Jane Ferguson; 2d w., Betsey Taylor.
      7. Sarah, b. ----; m. Robert McClellan, Colerain.
      8. Mary, b. ----; m. Rev. Hugh Wallace; r. Pompey, N.Y.; d. 1802.
      1-6. GEORGE DUNCAN, JR., settled near his father's farm, long occupied afterward by William Gray, and now owned and occupied by the widow of Charles S. Gray. He was a man of talents, and was held in high estimation by his townsmen when he removed to the West. He held various offices in town; was selectman 1805, '6, '7, '8, '9; surveyor of highways many years, from 1798 to 1807. He m., 1st w., Jane Ferguson, dau. of Henry Ferguson, March, 1798. She d. Jan. 16, 1802, ae. 29 yrs. She left one ch., Mary, who m. Judge Daniel Wells in 1824, of Greenfield, Mass. He m., 2d w., Betsey Taylor, widow of Charles Taylor, Dec. 2, 1805. She was the mother of the rest of his children. She d. at Preble, N.Y., Jan. 1, 1829, ae. 52 yrs. He m., 3d w., Annis Orr. She d. Feb. 9, 1868, ae. 78 yrs. He re. to Preble, N.Y., in 1813, and d. there Sept. 13, 1851, ae. 84 yrs.
      9. Mary, b. Dec. 28, 1798; m. 1824, Judge Daniel Wells; r. Greenfield, Mass.; he d. June 22, 1854.
      10. Jane F., b. ----; m. Silas Cummings, Preble, N.Y.
      11. Henry, b. ----; d. in Byron, N.Y.
      12. George, b. ----; d. in California.
      13. Daniel, b. ----; d. Weedsport, N.Y.
      14. Elizabeth, b. ----; m. Andrew Godcheus, Homer, N.Y.

1852 "History of the town of Antrim [Hillsborough Co.], N.H. for a period of one century : from 1744 to 1844" by John M. Whiton, pub. Concord N.H.: Steam power press of McFarland & Jenks. (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 8678; FHL film 1,464,011 item 2)
      Pg.54-55: JOHN DUNCAN, afterwards Esquire, was the great-grandson of George Duncan, who lived and died in Ireland. His son, George, emigrated to America soon after 1720, settled in Londonderry [Rockingham Co. NH], was a magistrate, and a promient citizen. Deacon George Duncan, son of Second George, married a Bell, a descendant of a Scottish emigrant, who settled in Ireland in 1612, and was the father of Esq. John, of Antrim. He removed his family here, 1773, making the seventh in town. He was long an eminent citizen, being selectman, town-clerk, magistrate, representative, and senator. In one instance he was Speaker of the House, pro. tem. His cheerfulness, candor and integrity won him many friends. As a magistrate, ...(more not copied here.) Mr. Duncan closed his long life, 1823, aged eighty-nine; it being justly said at his funeral that no man in town had done more good. His only son William, died, 1846, leaving the old homestead to the present Josiah Duncan. John's grandmother was a native of one of the Orkney Islands, on the north of Scotland.
      Pg.55: JAMES DUNCAN, a cousin of Hon. John Duncan, settled in 1774 on the place of Cyrus Saltmarsh, Esq.; died 1825, aged seventy-nine.

1880 "History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire : from its earliest settlement to June 27, 1877, with a brief genealogical record of all the Antrim families" [Hillsborough Co. NH] by W.R. (Warren Robert) Cochrane, pub. Manchester, N.H.: Mirror steam printing press (FHL book 974.28/A2 H2c; SLC 9/2007; see also Rockingham Co. NH)
      Pg.468-475: DUNCAN. GEORGE DUNCAN, the first Duncan in New Hampshire, was the son of George Duncan who was born, lived, and died in Ireland. His father, George, was born in Scotland. He brought over his second wife, Margaret Cross, and seven children: John, George, William, Robert, Abraham, Esther, and James. Of these, as only the first two are connected with our history, we will only say in regard to the others, that William married Naomi Bell, lived in Londonderry, had a large family several of whom settled in Acworth, and died in 1798 aged eighty-two; that Robert married Isabella Caldwell, moved to Boston, and prominent residents of that city descended from him; that Abraham went in early life to North Carolina, married, and raised a family there of which almost nothing is known; that Esther married John Cassan and went to Connecticut; and that James, the youngest, married Elisabeth Bell, settled as a merchant in Haverhill, Mass., acquired large property, raised an excellent family, and died in 1818, aged ninety-two. Of the other two, first named above, John, the oldest of the family, only child of the first wife, and therefore half-brother of the rest, married Rachel Todd in Ireland. He brought with him five chidren, and had five in this country, thus: John, George, Abraham, Margaret, William (born on the passage over), James, Naomi, Polly, Rachel, and Rosanna. He lived all his days in Londonderry, was an elder in the church, enjoyed the confidence of all, and died in good old age. John, the first child of John Duncan and Rachel Todd, married Hannah Henry. Though hardly more than a boy, he was engaged to marry her before the voyage to this country. He came over, prepared a place to live, and then sent for her. Her brother there paid her passage, and agreed with the captain to land her in Boston. But he took her to Nova Scotia and sold her to pay her passage, and left her among strangers. But after a time John heard of her sad fate, hunted her up, and married her. The false captain was eventually punished for his crime. All the circumstances of this case, -- her courage, her forlorn condition in slavery for debt among strangers, her rescue by her lover, their beginning in the wilderness, and their long and happy life, their early betrothal, and their old age together, -- would form a story more marvelous than many a fiction. They had a large family, one of whom, John, remained on the homestead in Londonderry; another was a merchant in Candia, and became father of Hon. William H. Duncan of Hanover; and a third, Robert, came to this town. John Duncan and his wife, Hannah Henry, were both noted for personal beauty. This John kept the first store in the present town of Londonderry. Many of the race were merchants.
      ROBERT DUNCAN, son of John and Hannah (Henry) Duncan and nephew of James of Antrim, was born in 1763, and came here in 1787, and located where his son John has always lived. When he came, Dea. Daniel Nichols was on the Turner place; Adam Nichols on the McCoy place; John Nichols on the Ferry place, and Thomas Nichols on the Shattuck place. Mr. Duncan bought in the valley between them. There was a cleared spot, and a small log house a few rods north of the present dwelling, though it seems it had never been occupied. He bought of Daniel McFarland, but was sued by parties from Weare who claimed the land, and he had to pay for it a second time. After all was settled, he married Grizzy Wilson of Londonderry; lived a quiet and industrious life, and died on the spot he had settled, Sept. 26, 1837, at the age of seventy-three. His children were:
      1. THOMAS W., [b. in 1791; was graduated at Dartmouth College in the class of 1817; studied divinity, after the method of those days, with Dr. Whiton and Rev. E.P. Bradford of New Boston; was settled in various places, and was a sound and faithful minister till disabled by old age. Though shaken by infirmities he continued to preach occasionally till near his end; he died in Nelson, in 1877; his wife was Lucy North; they left no children.]
      2. HANNAH, [d. unm. in 1859, aged 66.]
      3. SARAH, [d. in childhood.]
      4. JOHN, [b. Sept. 7, 1796; inherited the homestead; built the present house in 1811; m. 1st Jenny Carter of Hillsborough, in 1823, who d. in 1829; m. 2d, Mary Farrington of Greenfield, in 1831. Has children: --
            Mary C., (child of 1st wife, b. Oct. 14, 1825; m. George G. Hutchinson, May 12, 1858.)
            Lucy J., (b. Oct. 2, 1833; m. N.C. Ferry, Dec. 29, 1853.)
            Lynda F., (b. April 27, 1836.)]
      5. GRIZZY, [m. Willard Rice of Henniker, Nov. 9, 1826.]
      6. SARAH, [m. Jonathan Paige, Oct. 18, 1821; lived and d. in Bradford.]
      7. JANE, [m. Daniel Rice of Henniker, Feb. 3, 1831.]
      8. WILLIAM, [b. Oct. 30, 1806; built in 1830 on the east part of his father's farm; cleared most of the land, and has resided there till the present time; m. Betsey W. Rice of Henniker, Feb. 3, 1831. She was an excellent woman, and died in a Christian hope Aug. 26, 1870, aged 61. They had children as follows: --
            George, (d. in infancy, December, 1831.)
            William H., (b. Dec. 10, 1834; d. unm. March 20, 1861.)
            John E., (b. March 25, 1836; m. Sarah J. Blanchard of Washington; she d. in 1870, aged 31, leaving one child, Emma J., b. in 1863.)
            Caroline E., (b. Nov. 7, 1838; m. George Turner, Jan. 1, 1863.)
            Moses G., (known as "Granville," b. July 20, 1841; lives on the old homestead; m. Augusta C. Spalding of Francestown, Oct. 3, 1872, and has children: Edith A., b. 1873; Anna E., b. Dec. 13, 1875; and Harry S., b. June 22, 1878.)]
      George, the second child of John Duncan and Rachel Todd, married Mary Bell, and settled in Peterborough. Of their third child, Abraham, nothing is ascertained. The fourth child was Margaret, not mentioned by Parker. She married William Smith of Antrim, and died in 1790, aged sixty-seven. William, the fifth child (born on the voyage over), married Jane Alexander, and lived in Londonderry. His family were all daughters.
      JAMES DUNCAN, the sixth child of John Duncan and Rachel Todd, the first born to them in this country, came to Antrim and began the Saltmarsh place in 1774. He was the first constable of the town, and long held that office, which was of much more importance then than now. His name appears very often in the early records. He married Jane Adams of Londonderry (sister of Mrs. Alexander Gregg and Mrs. Adam Dunlap), and died in 1825, aged seventy-nine. Children were:--
      1. JOHN, [disappeared from town when a young man, and was never heard of more; was mourned as dead.]
      2. MOSES, [built first on the spot now occupied by Elijah Kimball; m. Kate Dwinnells, and had two daughters, Kate and Betsey; Kate died in childhood, and Betsey m. a Mr. Felt and lived in Manchester, but all this family of Duncans and descendants are believed to be dead. Moses Duncan d. on the Daniel Farrington place.]
      3. ROBERT, [m. Katherine Fairbanks; lived some years on his father's farm, but d. in the prime of life; left two sons:--
            John G., (b. July 22, 1811; long an overseer in Lowell mills; m. 1st. Grace Sanborn; m. 2d, Phebe Morrison.)
            Samuel, (b. July 23, 1813, left town young and nothing is known of his fate.)]
      4. MARY, [d. unm.]
      5. PEGGY, [d. of spotted fever in 1812.]
      6. JANE, [m. Stevens Paige Feb. 8, 1838, had no children, lived many years a widow and alone in the house where her husband died, and passed away after great suffering in the summer of 1869, aged 73.]
      Naomi, the seventh child of John Duncan and Rachel Todd, left no record of which we know. Polly, their eighth child, married her cousin, Hon. John Duncan of Antrim. Rachel, their ninth child, married Samuel Archibald of Nova Scotia, and was mother of Hon. Samuel W. Archibald, long attorney-general of that province. Of Rosanna, their tenth child, the writer has no information.
      Having now followed out the family of John, the oldest son of George the first settler, and having briefly noticed the other children of said settler, save one, we now return to him, viz., George, oldest child of George and Margaret (Cross) Duncan. He was the second son of his father, but the first by the second wife. This George was the third George Duncan in succession; was an elder in the Londonderry church; was highly esteemed by all; married Letitia Bell; settled in Londonderry at the same time with his father, having grown to manhood in Ireland; and is believed to have died in 1780, aged seventy. He left seven children: John, Robert, George, James, Josiah, Elisabeth, and Letitia. Of these seven, John will be noticed below. Robert married a daughter of Col. Andrew Todd of Londonderry, as is claimed by descendants, though it may have been a granddaughter. Robert Duncan settled in Hancock, was deacon of the church there, and died Jan. 25, 1793, aged forty-three. He was father of Dea. Josiah and Dea. Robert of Antrim, and of Margaret who married Andrew Todd. George, third child of Dea. George and Letitia (Bell) Duncan, settled in the West. James, the next child, born Nov. 11, 1749, known as Dea. James, settled in Hancock; was deacon there till death; married Jane Christie; was a man of unusual local influence and note; and was father of George Duncan of Antrim. He died May 3, 1805. Josiah, the fifth child, we have no information of. Perhaps this may be the Josiah Duncan whom the old people used to call "Jabbering Si," and who died in this town Jan. 23, 1811, unmarried, aged sixty-nine. If so, he must have been the second or third instead of fifth in the family. Elisabeth, the sixth child, married James Cunningham of Pembroke. And Letitia, the youngest, married Capt. Alexander Todd and lived in Hooksett.
      JOHN DUNCAN, son of George and Letitia (Bell) Duncan, named above, called in Antrim "Capt. John," "Dea. John," and specially known as "Hon. John," was born in Londonderry March 3, 1734. He was cousin of Gov. John Bell and Senator Samuel Bell of Chester. He was a captain in Col. Moore's regiment in the Revolution, and was considered the leading man in this section for many years. He seems to have come here a part of the seasons in 1770-71-72, clearing the land and preparing for his future home. He moved his family here Sept. 20, 1773. They came in an ox-cart, with five little children, the first cart ever in Antrim. Hon. John Bell, his uncle, drove the team. There was nothing that could be called a road. But they picked their way along, and forded the river at a shallow place near the mouth of the Clinton Brook (for many years called Great Brook), and arrived safely at the log cabin! What a long, hard, painful journey it must have been! The spot where he settled is still in the possession of the family, the house of his great-grandson, John M. Duncan, Esq., standing almost on the site of the log cabin in 1773. It is one of the most desirable locations in town. Here the "Hon. John" lived and died. He was not an educated man, but one of good judgment and strong common sense. (MAD: more not copied)
      Hon. John Duncan closed his useful and eventful life Friday, Feb. 14, 1823, aged eighty-nine. He married his first cousin, Mary Duncan, Dec. 10, 1762, who died of dysentery Sept. 20, 1800. A very happy notice of her may be found in the "Amherst Cabinet" of the week following. She was a Christian woman, ... The second wife of Mr. Duncan was Ann Seaton of Amherst. She died Oct. 4, 1834, aged seventy-five. Was daughter of Dea. John Seaton and also had a brother Dea. John. The first Dea. John (MAD: more not copied) The house of Hon. John Duncan was burned in open day, Jan. 31, 1812, and as he was aged and alone, it was with difficulty that he escaped the flames by means of a window. His children, all by his first wife, were as follows:--
      1. ABIGAIL, [m. John Moor; was forty years a widow; had no children; d. 1848, aged over 80. She was the last survivor of the original members of the Presbyterian Church, having been a member a little more than sixty years.]
      2. LETTIE, [m. James Cochran of Pembroke, and lived and d. in that town.]
      3. WILLIAM, [m. Esther, daughter of Capt. Josiah Warren of New Boston; inherited the homestead; had four children; and d. June 16, 1847, aged 82.
            John, (b. Feb. 21, 1795; a distinguished school-teacher; disappeared from Boston 1834, and never after heard from.)
            Josiah, (b. March 17, 1797; m. Lucinda Fairbanks Dec. 28, 1826; inherited the homestead of his father, and d. 1867. His widow yet survives. They buried six little ones side by side within a few years, and only two children are now living. The first is John Moor, who was b. Oct. 18, 1827; inherits the homestead occupied by the family for a hundred years; was representative in 1874; a carpenter doing a large business in building for a country town; m. Eliza A. Parmenter Dec. 16, 1851. They have two children: Fannie E., who m. Edward P. Campbell Dec. 26, 1877, and John W., who was b. Oct. 13, 1861, and is now in trade in Fitchburg, Mass. The second is William W., who was b. Nov. 12, 1831; m. 1864 Mary Hart, cousin of the then pastor, Rev. J.H. Bates; is a druggist in Lowell; was one of the donors of the organ to the Center Church, 1864, and of the vestry, 1875. Has children: Winthrop H.; William W.; and Hart.)
            Abigail M., (twin-sister to Josiah; d. unm. Jan. 15, 1860, aged nearly 63.)
            Mary, (b. April 13, 1801; for years her services were sought as a school-teacher in this and neighboring towns; m. Eben Towne of Hillsborough in 1857, and resides at the Bridge; one of the amiable and blessed of the earth.)]
      4. NAOMI, [b. Dec. 9, 1769; m. 1st, John Boyd of Londonderry; m. 2d, Giles Newton of Francestown, and was mother of Giles Newton of Antrim; m. 3d, Dea. Robert Duncan, and d. Sept. 25, 1858, aged 88.]
      5. MARY, [m. Dea. Arthur Nesmith May 30, 1793; d. in Wadsworth, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1841.]
      6. RACHEL, [b. in Antrim Jan. 7, 1776; m. James Taylor; d. in Herkimer, N.Y., 1852.]
      7. MARGARET, [m. Willian Stow of Hillsborough Dec. 13, 1808; lived in that town, and d. 1856, aged 74.]
      DEA. JOSIAH DUNCAN, born Feb. 29, 1772, son of Dea. Robert and ---- (Todd) Duncan, and therefore nephew of "Hon. John," came here from Hancock about 1792, and married Mary, daughter of Samuel Gregg, in 1792. On his first coming here he bought and cleared the farm now Mr. Greeley's (next east of the Bootman place), which he occupied till his death. The first wife died in 1809, and he married, second, Sally Morrison of Peterborough. He died Nov. 3, 1833. Was a thoroughly true and good man; was an elder in the Center Church; ... (MAD more not copied). His children were six daughters and one son, thus:--
      1. MARGARET G., [d. Jan. 27, 1815, aged 18.]
      2. SARAH, [m. Daniel Waldron; parents and children all now dead. Mr. Waldron lived some years in town, chiefly west of the pond.]
      3. ELISABETH P., [b. Feb. 9, 1801; m. John Muzzey Nov. 27, 1821; d. Manchester, January, 1852.]
      4. MARY, [m. John Town Dec. 28, 1824; lived some years on her father's place; went to Western New York about 1835, where they prospered, and had a large family.]
      5. ROBERT, [d. Feb. 10, 1820, aged 16.]
      6. ADELINE, [b. Nov. 26, 1806; m. Robert L. Livingston May 24, 1827; d. Dec. 27, 1866.]
      7. SOPHRONIA, [m. Tristram B. Paige Sept. 21, 1826. She d. June, 1848, aged 40.]
      DEA. ROBERT DUNCAN, brother of Dea. Josiah, born Sept. 11, 1783, came here in the fall of 1806 and bought the Zaccheus Perkins place, now the home of J.W. Perkins; married his cousin, Mrs. Naomi (Duncan) Newton, daughter of "Hon. John;" was chosen elder in the Center Church 1825, and old people say he was one of the most efficient ever appointed to that office. Was captain in the first artillery company in the Twenty-sixth Regiment. Was a man of great natural ability and strong will; unlearned; was left an orphan when quite young; had the credit of doing much good, and died Dec. 2, 1859. Left no children. He left a small legacy to the church in which he was so long an officer.
      GEORGE DUNCAN of Antrim was born in Hancock, Sept. 28, 1789; was son of James Duncan, Esq., of that town. This James, Esq., or "Dea. James," was brother of "Hon. John," of Antrim, and his wife was Jane Christie, one of the smartest women of her day. She could reap more grain than any man in Londonderry, ... She died July 1, 1834, aged eighty-two. George Duncan married Isabel Hopkins of Antrim, Dec. 20, 1814. Before this he had been here at work for Frederick Poor in the old Starrett tannery at the foot of the hill in South Village, and soon afterwards he bought this stand, and here carried on business till his death, Jan. 9, 1840. (MAD: more not copied) His wife died June 26, 1864, aged seventy-seven. His children were:--
      1. JAMES M., [b. Sept. 27, 1815; went to Boston in company with N.W.C. Jameson, but soon d. aged 23, and unm.]
      2. GEORGE C., [b. April 26, 1818; tanner by trade; m. Mary E. Whiton, Nov. 3, 1841; built the Levi Woodbury house in 1850; succeeded his father in the old tannery, which was burned in 1841; he rebuilt the same, and it was again burned in 1852, but not again rebuilt. He d. Sept. 24, 1855, leaving two daughters: Kate A., who m. Edward S. Paine of Boston, Sept. 11, 1877, and Mary, who has won success as a teacher in the city schools of Boston.]
      3. CATHERINE J., [b. Sept. 2, 1825; m. Albert Allen, and settled in Jamestown, N.Y., but now lives in Lawrence, Kan.]
      4. DR. EDWARD A., [b. June 22, 1830; studied medicine with Dr. Hedges of Jamestown, N.Y., and settled in practice in that place; he m. Jennie Hedges; has held for many years an important position in the general land office, Washington, D.C.]
      (no Duncan indexed on following pages)

1889 "The history of Hancock, New Hampshire, 1764-1889" [Hillsborough Co. NH] by William Willis Hayward; pt.1 History of Hancock; Pt.2 genealogical register; pub. Lowell, Mass.: S.W. Huse (FHL film 1,036404 item 1 & 2; SLC 9/2007; see also Rockingham Co. NH)
      Pg.534-542: DUNCAN. (MAD: did not copy "q.v." (which see) references to other families)
      George Duncan, b. in Scotland, emigrated to Ireland, where his son, George, was b. and d.
      George1 Duncan, son of the above, was b. in Ireland; had two wives. His second wife was Margaret Cross. He had one son (John2) by his first wife, and six children by his second wife. He came to this country, and settled in Londonderry about the year 1730, bringing with him his wife and six children. His oldest son m. Rachel Todd, in Ireland, and probably came later.
      George2 (George1) was the oldest son of George and Margaret (Cross) Duncan; was an elder in the church in Londonderry, and was highly esteemed; m. Letitia Bell, and is believed to have d. in 1780, aged 70 years. He had seven children, two of whom (Robert3 and James3) settled in H.
      (MAD: image of signature of Robert Duncan)
      1. Dea. Robert3 (George2, George1), b. in Londonderry in 1743; m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. Andrew Todd, who was b. in 1774. They settled first in Londonderry, where three of their children were b.; rem. with his brother James3, to Society Land in 1774, nd settled on the east side of the river, in what is now the east part of Bennington. Here they remained about five years. In 1779 they rem. to H., and settled on Norway hill. Neither of them owned a pair of oxen, but each owned one, and they worked them together. Robert began to clear up the land on the Simonds place, at the top of the hill, just above J.H. Woods' place; but the next year rem. to the place marked "J. Hayward," adjoining the farm of his brother-in-law, Moses Morrison. Here he remained the rest of his life; d. Jan. 25, 1793. He leaves an honorable record, serving the town as town clerk three years, and as one of the board of selectmen three years. He also served as the first deacon of the Congregational church. Children:--
      2. Samuel4 [9], b. in Londonderry, April 12, 1769.
      3. Dea. Josiah4 [12], b. in Londonderry, Feb. 29, 1771.* (Footnote: *This is the record; it will be noticed that it can not be correct, unless, by reckoning according to Old Style, the year was considered to begin in March, and this was February, 1772.)
      4. Betty Todd4, b. in Londonderry, May 15, 1773; m. ---- Keyes; she d. at the home of her sister, Mrs. Todd. One son.
      5. Margaret4, b. in Society Land, Feb. 24, 1775; m. Andrew Todd. (q.v.)
      6. Lettice4, b. in Society Land, June 27, 1778; d. young.
      7. Sarah4, b. in H., June 29, 1781; m. March 11, 1802, Nathan Keyes. (q.v.)
      8. Dea. Robert4 [20], b. in H., Sept. 11, 1783.
      9. Samuel4 [2] (Robert3, Goerge2, George1), b. April 12, 1769; d. April 20, 1807; m. Sarah Miller,+ of Peterboro'; res. on homestead. (Footnote +Mrs. Duncan m.2, James Todd, of Peterboro'.) Children.
            1. Robert5, )
            2. Samuel5, } d. in 1800.
            3. William5, )
            4. Jane5, d. March 25, 1813, in the 15th year of her age.
            5. Samuel5, d. Nov. 2, 1815, in the 14th year of his age.
            The only child who grew up to manhood was
      10. Hiram5, b. in H., March 4, 1805; d. in Jaffrey, Dec. 24, 1840; m. July 21, 1829, Emaline, dau. of John Cutter, of Jaffrey, who d. in Jaffrey, Feb. 28, 1876. Mr. Duncan lived a few years with his Uncle Robert in Antrim, and fitted for college under the instruction of Rev. Dr. Whiton. In early manhood he went to Jaffrey, and worked as a clerk in the store of John Wright. After his marriage, he was engaged for a short time in mercantile business in New London. In March, 1830, having been burned out in New London, he returned to Jaffrey, and purchased a store in the east village. Six years later he sold out and rem. to Springfield, Vt, going into the Black River Manufacturing company. He had been with this company but a few months when it failed. He then came back to Jaffrey quite disheartened. At the end of the year he bought back the store, and continued there till his death. One child:--
      11. Sarah Miller6,* b. in Jaffrey, July 8, 1833; m. June 28, 1853, in Townsend, Mass., Peter Upton, of Jaffrey, who was b. in Tyngsboro', Mass., Oct. 1, 1816. Came to Jaffrey in Oct. 1837, and entered the store of Mr. Duncan as clerk; subsequently became his partner, and after his death, settled up his estate, and has continued to be a leading man in all important enterprises in Jaffrey until the present time; was appointed president of the Monadnock National bank in Jan. 1881, having been its cashier for thirty years. CHILDREN. (MAD: not copied here, second child was Hiram Duncan7 [Upton] b. May 5, 1859) (Footnote: *Her portrait finds a welcome place here. MAD: not copied)
      12. Dea. Josiah4 [3] (Robert3, George2, George1), b. Feb. 1771; rem. to Antrim in 1792; m. 1, Nov. 17, 1796, Mary (Polly on H. records), dau. of Samuel Gregg, who d. in 1809; m. 2, Sarah, dau. of Moses Morrison. (q.v.) He d. Nov. 3, 1833. "Was a thoroughly good and true man; was an elder in the Center church." Children:--
      13. Margaret G.5, d. Jan. 27, 1815, aged 18.
      14. Sarah5, m. Daniel Waldron.
      15. Elizabeth P.5, b. Feb. 9, 1801; m. Nov. 27, 1821, John Muzzy; she d. in Manchester, Jan. 1852.
      16. Mary5, m. Dec. 28, 1824, John Town; "went to western New York about 1835, where they prospered and had a large family."
      17. Robert5, d. Feb. 10, 1820, aged 16.
      18. Adeline5, b. Nov. 26, 1806; d. Dec. 27, 1866; m. May 24, 1827, Robert L. Livingston. Children: (MAD: not copied, 8th and last child was named Robert Duncan [Livingston], b. May 24, 1847, res. Boston, Mass.)
      19. Sophronia5, b. 1808; d. 1848; m. Sept. 21, 1826, Tristram B. Paige. Children: (MAD: not copied)
      20. Robert4 [8] (Robert3, George2, George1), b. Sept. 11, 1783; rem. to Antrim in the fall of 1806. "Was chosen elder in the Center church in 1825; had the credit of doing much good"; d. Dec. 2, 1859; m. Mrs. Naomi (Duncan) Newton, dau. of his uncle, "Hon. John," who d. Sept. 25, 1858.
      (image of signature of James Duncan)
      21. Dea. James3 (George2, George1), b. in Londonderry, Nov. 11, 1749; m. in 1776, Jane Christie, who was b. in Londonderry, Aug. 1, 1752. He came to Society Land with his brother. (q.v.) He settled on Norway hill in 1779, where C.G. Matthews res., marked "C. Duncan." The "old camp rock" (106) may still be seen, where he built his first shelter. ... James Duncan's name does not appear on the list of petitioners for the incorporation of the town, June 7, 1779, but his land was deeded to him by Charles Barrett, of New Ipswich, in 1779, and as his brother Robert's name is on the petition, it is probable that he was at that time yet at their home on the other side of the Contoocook river; nor does his name appear at the first town-meeting recorded, when his brother was chosen town clerk; but later he seems to have been quite prominent in town affairs, being frequently chosen as moderator, town clerk, and to fill other important offices. He was early chosen one of the deacons of the Congregational church, which office he held until the close of his life; d. May 9, 1805. Of his wife, Jane Christie, it is related that when a girl she won a wager of $40 by reaping against the smartest man in Londonderry. (See also p.72.) She d. July 1, 1834. Children:--
      22. Sarah4, b. in Society Land,* Nov. 17, 1777; m. Samuel Fox. (q.v.) (Footnote: *Mr. Warren, in transcribing the records, gives the births of Margaret and Lettice, daughters of Robert Duncan, and Sarah, dau. of James Duncan, as being in H.)
      23. Letitia4 [30] (Lettice on town records), b. in H., March 20, 1780.
      24. Susanna4, b. Sept. 2, 1782; m. Nov. 4, 1805, John Brooks. (q.v.)
      25. James4, b. Feb. 19, 1785; d. Feb. 11, 1805.
      26. Christy4 [35], b. July 7, 1787.
      27. George4 [43], b. Sept. 28, 1789.
      28. Isaac4 [48], b. May 29, 1792.
      29. Rebecca4, b. May 29, 1792; m. in 1816, Hon. Timothy Paige Fuller, of Hardwick, Vt., a lawyer of note, representative, justice of the peace, and judge of the county court of Caledonia county, Vt. They came to H. towards the close of their lives, where they both d.: Mrs. Fuller, Jan. 28, 1854, and Mr. Fuller, July 21 of the same year. One child, d. in infancy.
      30. Letitia4 [23] (James3, George2, George1), b. March 20, 1780; d. Feb. 27, 1817; m. March 3, 1807, Martin Fuller,* of Hardwick, Vt., who was b. June 6, 1780; d. Oct. 18, 1816. Children:-- (Footnote: *Timothy Paige Fuller and Martin Fuller were brothers, nephews of Rev. Reed Paige.)
            31. Hon. Thomas James5 (MAD: ? surname Fuller), b. March 17, 1808; d. Feb. 1876; m. 1, Elizabeth Titcomb; m. 2, Jenny Doolittle. He was a lawyer; res. many years in Calais, Me. Was representative to Congress from the east district of Maine eight years, and second auditor of the Treasury department during the administration of Mr. Buchanan. He continued to res. in Washington until the close of his life. One child by his first wife, and one by his second wife. CHILDREN: 1. Maj. William D.6. Was in the United States army; d. 2. Thomas James6, res. with his mother in Washington, D.C.
            32. Lydia J.5, b. July 2, 1810; m. Rev. L.H. Stone. She d. in Cabot, Vt., in 1844. One dau. m. Bradford Barker, of Chicago.
            33. Mary5, b. Jan. 13, 1813; m. Dec. 3, 1845, Stearns Foster, of Keene.
            34. Hiram5, b. Oct. 22, 1815. (q.v.)
      35. Christy4 [26] (James3, George2, George1), b. July 7, 1787; d. Oct. 26, 1867; m. Dec. 27, 1814, Lois Dow of Hollis, who d. Dec. 11, 1861, aged 76. Settled on the homestead. Mr. Duncan was a prominent man in town; was a land surveyor and captain of a militia company, and held the office of selectman, constable, etc. Children:--
      36. Lydia Abigail5, b. Dec. 16, 1815; was a teacher for many years; m. July 29, 1847, Rev. L.H. Stone, of Glover, Vt.; she d. 1852. Two children, d. young.
      37. Sarah Jane5, b. Nov. 24, 1817; m. Aug. 31, 1843, Rev. Daniel Rice, D.D.* of Troy, O. (Footnote *Rev. Daniel Rice, D.D., was b. in Conway, Mass., Oct. 3, 1816; rem. with his parents to Charlemont, Mass., in 1818; ... pastor of the Presbyterian church in Troy, O., 1842-55, Cincinnati 1857, Lafayette, Ind., 1858-72, ... (MAD: more not copied)) CHILDREN: (MAD: not copied, surname Rice)
      38. James Christy5, b. Sept. 29, 1819; studied medicine, and was about to graduate when he d. at Woodstock, Vt., May 11, 1842.
      39. Stephen Dow5, b. April 27, 1821; m. Nov. 4, 1849, Serena Jellison. He is a conductor on the Pennsylvania railroad; res. Wilmington, Del. Children.
            1. Lizzie E.6, b. Sept. 3, 1851; a teacher in Wilmington.
            2. Ella C.6, b. Feb. 28, 1854; d. Aug. 26, 1855.
            3. Nellie C.6, b. Dec. 19, 1856; m. April 25, 1883, Henry H. Newell; res. Newton, Mass. Child, Duncan H.7, b. Nov. 20, 1884.
            4. Emma S.6, b. May 26, 1861; m. Charles I Duncan. (q.v.)
      40. John5, b. Jan. 20, 1823; m. Sept. 10, 1853, Almira P. (Chandler) Silkins; a farmer; res. on Norway hill. (See map.) Children:
            1. Dr. George C.6, b. May 28, 1854; was graduated at Philadelphia Dental college in 1882; m. Feb. 9, 1876, Mary E. Cooledge (q.v.); res. East Jaffrey; is deacon of Congregational church; we are greatly indebted to him for records of Duncan family. Children: (1), George H.7, b. Dec. 23, 1876. (2), Florence E.7, b. June 23, 1883. (3), John E.7, b. Aug. 31, 1885; d. Sept. 1, 1885.
            2. Cristy H.6, b. Feb. 29, 1856; a farmer; res. on Norway hill, at place marked "C.G. Moore"; m. Dec. 11, 1878, Helen C. Walker, of Leominster, Mass. Children: (1), Bertha C.7, b. Jan. 5, 1881. (2), Alice L.7, b. Feb. 11, 1884. (3), Helen L.7, b. May 18, 1886.
      41. Nathaniel Jewett5, b. Nov. 29, 1824; a farmer and mechanic; res. North Chelmsford, Mass.; m. Jan. 30, 1848, Frances J. Taylor. Children:
            1. James C.6, b. Feb. 1, 1849; a carpenter; d. in Peterboro', Nov. 30, 1870.
            2. Fred. S.6, b. May 8, 1850; a machinist; res. North Chelmsford, Mass.; m. Jan. 3, 1873, Amelia R. Nelson. Children: (1), Frank S.7, b. April 30, 1874; d. Feb. 30, 1880. (2), Augustus E.7, b. Jan. 22, 1877.
            3. Sarah E.6, b. Dec. 20, 1854; d. Sept. 16, 1855.
            4. Elisee M.6, b. Dec. 15, 1858; d. April 8, 1860.
      42. Elizabeth Georgiana5, b. Nov. 11, 1827; was a music teacher in Troy, O.; d. Oct. 22, 1850.
      43. George4 [27] (James3, George2, George1), b. Sept. 28, 1789; m. Dec. 20, 1814, Isabel Hopkins, of Antrim. Soon after his marriage he bought the old Starrett tannery at South Antrim, where he carried on business until his death in 1840; he also had a store in South Antrim many years. His name often occurs on the town records of Antrim as selectman, moderator, or townclerk. Children:--
      44. James H.5, b. Sept. 27, 1815; went to Bostonin early life; d. in 1838.
      45. George C.5, b. April 26, 1818; d. Sept. 24, 1855; was a tanner, succeeding his father in the business; was burned out in 1841 and again in 1852; m. Nov. 3, 1841, Mary C., dau. of Rev. John M. Whiton, D.D. Children: 1. Kate A.6, m. Sept. 11, 1877, Edward S. Paine, of Boston. 2. Mary6, a successful teacher in the city schools of Boston.
      46. Catherine J.5, b. Sept. 2, 1825; m. Albert Allen; res. Lawrence, Kan.
      47. Dr. Edward A.5, b. June 22, 1830; studied medicine with Doctor Hodges, of Jamestown, N.Y.; m. Jennie Hodges; settled in practice in Jamestown, but for many years has held an important position in the general land office, Washington, D.C.
      48. Isaac4 [28] (James3, George2, George1), b. May 29, 1792; engaged in business with David Low, of H., in Stoddard, about the year 1817; m. in 1820, Rebecca B. Towne. Mr. Duncan served for many years as postmaster of Stoddard, and was honored by long continuance in town offices and as a representative to the legislature. He was well known as an enterprising merchant and hotel-keeper; d. in Stoddard, Jan. 19, 1866; his wife, who was much respected for her kindness and charity, d. March 29, 1868. Children:--
      49. James5, b.Dec.29, 1820; he became a resident of Boston in 1843, being in the employment of an importing house as bookkeeper, and later serving some thirty years as an accountant in the United States customs service; m. in 1849, Sophia C. Butterfield, of Graton, Vt. Children.
            1. James L.6, b. Aug. 2, 1850; m. in 1881, Elanor Yerrington, of Chelsea; he is in the employment of a large importing dry goods house. Child, Elanor Y.7, b. Nov. 24, 1882.
            2. Alice L.6, b. Sept. 6, 1851.
            3. Charles J.6, b. Nov. 8, 1855; is engaged in the business of designing for cloth-printing works; m. in 1884, Emma S. Duncan (q.v.); res. Roxbury, Mass. Child: Harold Sheplie7, b. Nov. 19, 1885.
            4. Lewis B.6, b. July 15, 1863.
            5. John B.6, b. Nov. 2, 1866.
            6. Edward D.6, b. June 6, 1868.
      50. Christine A.5, b. April l8, 1822; m. in 1846, E.G. Dudley, a lawyer of Boston. She was a woman of great kindness and sympathy. Herself and husband were much interested in the anti-slavery cause; she d. July 9, 1874. Children (MAD: not copied here, surname Dudley)
      51. Susan5, b. May 27, 1824; d. young.
      52. Rebecca L.5, b. Sept. 14, 1826; a teacher at first in the Charlestown high school, but has been for many years head assistant in the Brimmer school, Boston.
      53. Susan G.5, b. March 22, 1832; d. in infancy.
      54. Susan M.5, b. Sept. 29, 1835; d. in 1851.
      (end of pages copied)

1901 "The history of Milford" (Hillsborough Co. NH) by George A. Ramsdell; pub. Concord, N.H.: Rumford Press (LH9326, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/M2 H2r v.1&2 and film 908,961 items 4-5 and 928,093 item 1)
      Pg.755: Frank P. Hood, son of Jeremiah, 2d, and Harriet E. (Elkins) Hood, born in Billerica, Mass., Nov. 4, 1844, came to Milford with his father in 1851, and is a mechanic. Married April 9, 1869, Julia R., daughter of Daniel E. and Sophronia (Burt) Carroll, born in Croydon, Aug. 20, 1848. Children, born in Milford: (1) Frank Randall, b. Oct. 7, 1870, has had his name changed to Warren; is a physician res. in Worcester, Mass.; m. June 16, 1897, Grace, dau. of Horatio A. Duncan of Bath, Me. (2) George Leon, ... (MAD: Bath, Sagadahoc Co. ME)
      Pg.959: TURNER. Caleb Turner, whose mother's maiden name was Mary Conn, was born in Harvard, Mass., Oct. 27, 1788. Was a blacksmith; came from Harvard, Mass., in 1815, and removed to Antrim in 1834, where he died Oct. 21, 1864. Married in 1809, Sally Conn., born in Harvard, Mass., Oct. 5, 1788, and died in Antrim, June 11, 1868. Children, two born in Harvard, Mass., and nine in Milford. ... (10) George, b. Aug. 17, 1828, was a farmer; res. in Antrim, where he d. Feb. 12, 1891; m. Jan. 1, 1863, Caroline E., dau. of William and Betsey W. (Rice) Duncan of Antrim. ...

1883 "History of the town of Amherst, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire : (first known as Narragansett Township Number Three, and subsequently as Southegan West) : from the grant of the township by the Great and General Court of the province of Massachusetts Bay in June, 1728 to March, 1882 : with genealogies of Amherst families, biographical sketches of natives and citizens of the town, and a sketch of the Narraganset fort fight, 19 December, 1675" (Hillsborough Co.) by Daniel F. Secomb; pub. Concord, N.H.: Printed by Evans, Sleeper & Woodbury (LH8931, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/A1 H2s and film 928,122 item 23; rechecked 7/16/2007, Southegan and Souhegan as given)
      Pg.671: LEMAN. SAMUEL LEMAN, one of the founders of the Congregational church in Souhegan West, was from Reading, Mass., where he m. Hannah Duncan 3 September 1715. They had the following children, b. in Reading: - Margaret, b. 12 October 1717; Mary, b. 5 September 1719; Samuel, b. 9 September 1721, seems to have settled in Hollis; Abraham, b. 15 August 1724, seems to have settled in Hollis, buried in Mount Vernon. (MAD: Reading, Middlesex Co. MA)
      Pg.756: DEA. JOHN SEATON rem. to Souhegan West from Boxford, Mass., prior to 1744; rem. to Washington in 1787, and d. there in April, 1793. He m. his cousin, Ismenia Seaton. Their children were -- 9. Anna, b. 5 July 1760; m. John Duncan, of Antrim; d. in Antrim 4 October 1834.

1864 "History of New Boston, New Hampshire" (Hillsborough Co.) by Elliot C. Cogswell; pub. Boston: Press of G.C. Rand & Avery (LH9978, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/N2 H2c and film 1,321,296 item 5)
      Pg.415-417: JOSIAH WARREN - he came from Chelmsford, Mass., son of Ephraim, who married Esther Parker, ... Josiah Warren came to New Boston from Chelmsford, Mass., about the same time as Robert Campbell, and settled on a tract of land quite near him, and very similar to his ... He married Jane Livingston, sister of the late Lieutenant Robert Livingston ... Their children were: Esther, born May 5, 1768, and died aged 86; Ephraim, born October 14, 1770; Robert, born December 24, 1772, and died March 26, 1857, aged 84; ... Esther married William Duncan, of Antrim; Zebiah (MAD: sic) married Samuel Christy ... Robert married Prudence Butterfield, ...
      Pg.439-440: ROBERT LIVINGSTON married Zebiah Sargent, of Boston, lived in Haverhill, Mass., a few years, then in Londonderry, and came to New Boston at the first settlement of the town. ... (MAD: no dates) Robert Leslie (MAD: Livingston?) married a daughter of Dea. Josiah Duncan, of Antrim, and settled there.

1914 "The history of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 1735-1914 : with genealogical records of the principal families" (Hillsborough Co.) by Charles H. Chandler; pub. Fitchburg, Mass.: Sentinel Print. Co. (LH9340, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/N1 H2c and film 16,185 and fiche 6,016,322-6,016,327)
      Pg.432. FOX. ... Samuel, b. Apr. 12, 1773; d. Nov. 27, 1814; m. (1) Sarah, dau. of James Duncan of Hancock; (2) Dec. 26, 1805, Thankful, dau. of Nathaniel Breed of Nelson, who is said to have been a son of Nathaniel of New Ipswich (2) [b. May 22, 1786; d. Oct. 22, 1869]. He removed to Hancock on attaining his majority, or earlier, and thence to Stoddard only a short time before his death.

1913 "Peterborough, New Hampshire, in the American Revolution" (Hillsborough Co.) by Jonathan Smith; pub. Peterborough, N.H.: Peterborough Historical Society (LH9365, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/P1 M2s)
      Pg.56: December 2, 1785, the town chose as a committee to settle with the soldiers who served for the Town of Peterborough ... George Duncan. (pg.58, report submitted May 31, 1786, by George Duncan ...)
      Pg.371-373: JOHN TODD. Was the son of Samuel and Hannah (Morrison) Todd, and was born in Peterborough, April 9, 1757. (He says in his pension application that he was born in Londonderry, April 9, 1755). When eight years old he went to Londonderry ... after the war he returned to Peterborough, where he died, October 27, 1846, aged 89 years and five months. Married Rachel Duncan in 1783, who died April 26, 1815. Second wife, Jane Annan, whom he married January 1, 1817. ... (MAD: more on his Rev. war service, not copied)

1895 "History of Francestown, N.H. : from its earliest settlement April, 1758, to January 1, 1891 : with a brief genealogical record of all the Francestown families" (Hillsborough Co.) by W.R. Cochrane; pub. Francestown, N.H.: The town (LH8962, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.28/F1 H2c and film 1,000,202 item 1)
      Pg.955: JAMES TODD, who began the Todd place about the year 1785, was the son of Samuel and Ann (Cochran) Todd ... Samuel ... was killed by a falling tree March 30, 1765. He married, 1st, Hannah, daughter of John and Margaret (Wallace) Morrison, who died Nov. 1760, leaving two children, Betty and John. He married, 2nd, Ann Cochran in 1762, by whom he also had two children: Jane and James. ... John, the second child, born April 9, 1757, was a soldier throughout the war of the Revolution. He returned to the homestead in Peterboro in 1783, and married, 1st, Rachel, daughter of Dea. George Duncan, 2nd, Sarah (Smith) Annan, widow of Rev. David Annan. He died Oct. 27, 1846. ... James, who was the youngest child, was born in Peterboro probably about the close of the year 1764. He married, 1st, Unity Paige of Goffstown, 2nd, Sarah (Miller) Duncan, cousin of Gen. James Miller of Peterboro. He died in this town Dec. 8, 1841. His second wife died here Oct. 3, 1849. ...

1896 "Willey's semi-centennial book of Manchester, 1846-1896 : and Manchester edition of the Book of Nutfield : historic sketches of that part of New Hampshire comprised within the limits of the old Tyng Township, Nutfield, Harrytown, Derryfield, and Manchester, from the earliest settlements to the present time" (Hillsborough Co.) by George Franklyn Willey; pub. Manchester, N.H.: G.F. Willey (LH9327, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.245/M1 D3w)
      Pg.268: CAPT. THOMAS PATTERSON, grandson of Peter Patterson, one of the early settlers of Nutfield, died at his home in Londonderry Oct. 27, 1869, at the age of 83 years. ... His widow, Hannah D., daughter of John Duncan, survived him only two weeks. His younger brother, George W., was elected lieutenant governor of New York in 1848, and his elder brother, Peter, also held various important public offices in that state. (MAD: nothing said about children)
      Pg.328-329: JOHN DUNCAN PATTERSON, now of Manchester, N.H., was the oldest son of Thomas and Hannah (Duncan) Patterson, and was born in Londonderry April 13, 1821, on the old Patterson homestead. This farm of 150 acres was first owned by Peter Patterson, then by his son Thomas, who married Elizabeth Wallace. He gave it to his son Thomas, who married Hannah Duncan, daughter of John and Jane (McMurphy) Duncan. Thomas Patterson gave it to his son, John Duncan Patterson. ... Mr. Patterson was married in Candia Sept. 24, 1846, to Hannah Eaton, daughter of Henry and Hannah Eaton, who was born April 7, 1823. Their children (MAD: not copied)

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