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Formed 1753 from Anson
Guilford formed 1770 from Rowan, Orange
Surry formed 1770 from Rowan
Burke formed 1777 from Rowan
Iredell formed 1788 from Rowan
Davidson formed 1822 from Rowan
Davie formed 1836 from Rowan


1790-1820 Rowan Co. NC Census
        No Duncans indexed

1820 Rowan Co. NC Census
3rd Bat. on forks of the Yadkin, starts pg.366
Pg.378  James Canter            210001  - 00100
          (MAD: James "Carter" mar. Elizabeth Duncan
            6/24/1819; see Wilkes Co. NC 1830-1850)

1830 Rowan Co. NC Census
Pg.399  Sarah Dinkings widow    0  -  0010,001

1840 Rowan Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Rowan Co. NC Census
School District 19
Pg.153, #652-668, Nancy KINCAID 73 NC (blank) $0
                  Andrew 33 NC
                  Martha 9, Mary 6 NC
                  (MAD: Nancy Duncan mar. James Kincaid Jr. 9/2/1797; from info of George H. Kincaid)

1860 Rowan Co. NC Census
S. of Salisbury
Pg.445, #157-155, Mary ENGLE 61 NC farming $220-90
                  Catharine 30, Margaret C. 21 NC
                  Milam W.A. DUNCAH (sic) 6 NC

1870 Rowan Co. NC Census (last name first on census)
Mt. Ulla Twp.
Pg.538, #295-295, SHUMAKE, Jane 46 NC (WHITE) keeps house $0-$0
                  Thomas 17 NC no occupation
                  Partis (f) 8 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Cynthia 50 NC (WHITE) no occupation


Rowan Co. NC Estates (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      No Duncan

Rowan Co. NC probate records
      Administrators Bonds 1753-1830 (FHL film 19,826)
            In order by year; not looked through
      Divisions of estates 1807-1842, incl. index (FHL film 19,814)
            No Duncan, Collins, Callahan
      Processioners Returns 1803-1824 (FHL film 313,800 item 1)
            Land records; index at back; no Duncan
      Original wills 1743-1868 at Archives, alphabetic order:
            Vol.4, Cla-Coo - no Callahan (FHL film 19,721)
                  4-70: Will of Thomas Collins of Rowan Co. NC, 4 Jan. 1812, being very weak and low; To my children William Collins, Zachariah Collins, John Collins, Thomas Collins, Joshua Collins, Polly Collins, all my estate to be equally divided; appoint Thomas Summers my exec; revoke all other wills; /s/ Thomas (X) Collins; wit. John D. Summers Jurat, B..ett? Nicholls; Proved Feb. 1812, registered Book G page 218. (MAD: see deed 20-372, had land adj. John Duncan)
            Vol.7, Dow-Fis - no Duncan (FHL film 19,722)
            Vol.24 Wia-Zim & Misc. wills & early Settlers - no Duncan (FHL film 19,728)
      Widows dowers A-Y 1796-1861, incl. partial index by surname (FHL film 19,729)
            Only a few; no Callahan or Duncan or Brandon
      Equity Court Minutes & Records, 1787-1789 - no index (FHL film 19,815 item 2)
            1788-1798 - no Duncan; 1818-1832 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,816)
            1833-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,817)
            1834-1841 - no Duncan; 1841-1844 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,818)
      Records of Chancery Court 1820-1834 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,819)
      Probate Court Minutes 1819-1822 - no index (FHL film 19,815 item 1)
      Cross Index to Wills, Court of P&Q, Devisors and Devisees (FHL film 316,923)
            1761-1838 - no Duncan
            1837-1933 - no Duncan until 1931


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, Isaac, File No.1267, Rowan Co., 160 acres, Grant No.650 issued 10 Oct. 1783, Entry No.427 entered 25 May 1778, Book No.51, page no.196, Location: Beg. at a hickory
            Dunkin, Robert D., File No.2485, Rowan Co., 250 acres, Grant No.1775 issued 18 May 1789, Entry No.2697 entered 23 Dec. 1784, Book No.71, page no.87, Location: On the waters of Hunting Creek

Rowan Co. NC Deed Indexes, Grantors (FHL film 19,767; original indexes very poor and difficult to read)
      1785-1787: Duncan, Isaac & wife to Nichold, Jacob, 10-487
      No other Duncans to 1906
      No Nathan Duncan grantor found ca 1843
      No Edward Duncan grantor 1779-1788

Rowan Co. NC Deed Indexes, Grantees (FHL film 19,771)
      1778-1790: Duncan, Isaac

Rowan Co. NC Deed indexes (FHL film 313,505 grantor index)
      Looked for names on 1751 Granville Co. NC tax list on Dan River; located grantor deeds for following:
      6-538: Bridges, William, 1764
      5-361: Conley, Enoch, 1762
      1-63,64: Cronk, Richard, 1753
      6-90: Cronk, Richard, 1764
      4-239: Deason, Benj., 1758
      6-168: Dennum, Hugh, 1764
      5-213,214: Hampton, Anthony, 1762
      7-133,134: Hampton, Anthony, 1768
      4-238: King, Johnson, 1758

Rowan Co. NC Deeds from Index (see early tax list)
      1-63,64: 19 Sept. 1753, Richard Cronk of Rowan Co. NC to Mary Cronk Junr. of same, 200 acres in Rowan Co. on North side Dan River, on the River. (FHL film 313,543)
      4-238: 23 July 1759, Johnston King of Rowan Co. NC to Joseph Tate of same, £51, 350 acres on north side Dan River, to Mayho River, then down said River to Dan River. Wit. Anth. Hampton, John McClaren. (FHL film 313,544)
      4-239: 5 Dec. 1759, Benjamin Deason of Craven Co. SC to John Walker of Rowan Co., £18, 93 acres on South side Dan River, Joseph Tates corner, down various courses of River. Wit. Joseph Tate, John Wade. Dower Release by Terezier Deason. (FHL film 313,544)
      5-213,214: 22 March 1763, Anthony Hampton of Rowan Co. NC to Joseph Scales of same, 5 shillings, 693 acres by deed 4 May 1762 from Earl of Granville, beg. Spanish oak on James Barr's line. Wit. Will Reed, Thos. Bashford. (FHL film 313,545)
      5-361: 13? May 1763, Enoch Conoly of Halifax Co. VA to John Cox of Rowan Co. NC, £20, 120 acres South side Dan River. Wit. Peter Perkins, Francis Cox, Samuel Hedgway? (FHL film 313,545)
      6-90,91: 11 Jan. 1765, Richard (S) Cronk to Charles Galloway, 10 shillings, 200 acres on south side Dan River, grant to Thos. Child 1760 from Earle of Granville. Wit. John Howard, James Robinson, Archd. Hughes. (FHL film 313,545)
      6-168: 6 July 1765, Hugh Dennum of Rowan Co. to Stephen Claton of same, £30, 250 acres on North side Dan River, mouth of Snow Creek, in Dennum's line on the River. Wit. Samuel Waggener, James Hampton. (FHL film 313,545)
      6-167: 7 June 1763, Wm. Hollham of Anson Co. NC to Hugh Donnum of Rowan Co., £40, 510 acres both sides Dan River. Wit. Archd.? Hampton, Stephen Claton. (FHL film 313,545)
      6-538: 9 March 1768, William (B) Bridges and wife Ursilla to James Coleman, all Rowan Co., £200, 200 acres total on South side Dan River, upper end of Buffalo Island. Wit. Abner McKay, John Simon, John Braley. (FHL film 313,545)
      7-133: 5 Aug. 1769, Anthony Hampton to George Oliver, both Rowan Co. NC, £40, 280 acres on South side Dan River, part of 480 acres patent to Anthony Hampton, beg. on the river below the Lone Island ford, dividing line between said Oliver and John Reagen. Wit. Benj. Milnor, Hugh Dennum, John Kimbrough. (FHL film 313,545)
      7-134: 5 Aug. 1769, Anthony Hampton to John Reagen, both Rowan Co., £50, 200 acres, part of patent to Anty. Hampton of 400 acres, south side Dan River, Lone Island fork (ford?), line between sd. Reagan and George Oliver. Wit. Benj. Milnor, Hugh Dennum, John Kimbrough. (FHL film 313,545)

Rowan Co. NC Deeds (original indexes very poor and difficult to read)
      MAD: There is mention in the early land entries of an Edward Duncan in 1778-1779; from "Rowan Co. NC Vacant Land Entries 1778-1789" by Richard A. Enochs, 1988 (TN Gen. Society Library #6046 from Evelyn Sigler 3/1989). However, no grant or deed to or from him was spotted in the Rowan Co. NC land records, and he may have had land in what became another county.
      9-505: 10 Oct. 1783, NC Grant #650 to Isaac Duncan, 50 shillings for 100 acres, 160 acres corner Samuel Reed, river bank, Jacob Nichols. (FHL film 19,782; deed book typed)
      10-487: 1 May 1786, George and Ann Smiley to Isaac Duncan, £80, 150 acres on Hunting Creek, Houston's corner, Holman's line, Maiden's corner, Mitchell's corner. Wit. Chriss? Houston, Wm. Young. (FHL film 19,783)
      10-487 (2nd): 11 Jan. 1786, Isaac Duncan and wife Margaret to Jacob Nichols, £200, 160 acres on S. Yadkin River adj. Samuel Reid and said Nichols. Wit. Dd. Caldwell, Rd. Trotter. (FHL film 19,783)
      11-29: 11 Jan. 1787, George Smilie and Ann his wife of Rowan Co. NC to George Duncan of same, £70, 100 acres by estimation more or less, on the waters of Hunting creek on the north side of said Creek, adj. said Smilies corner, Andrew Mitchels line, together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals, etc., the said George Duncan paying to the State such sum yearly as the General Assembly from time to time directs. /s/ George Smiley, Ann (X) Smiley. Wit. Chrisr. Houston, Moses (X) Plowman. Rec. May 1787 on oath of Christopher Houston. (FHL film 19,784 film dark and partially unreadable; FHL film 313,547, deed book typed)
      11-44: 21 May 1786, Elizabeth Denmam to Brarzilla Baird, both Rowan Co. NC, £235, 291-1/2 acres on both sides Pott's Creek adj. Henry Sloan's corner and line, part of grant to Elizabeth Denman; wit. Ezekiel Baird, William Denham; rec. on oath of William Denham Aug. 1787. (FHL film 313,547) (MAD: not Duncan)
      11-479: 25 Aug. 1788, John Meaden and wife Mary of Rowan Co. NC to Isaac Duncan of same, £16, 40 acres more or less on the waters of Hunting Creek, beg. at Meadens corner. /s/ John (O) Meaden, Mary (X) Meaden. Wit. Chrisr. Houston, John Houston. Rec. Aug. 1788 on oath of Christopher Houston. (FHL film 19,784 film blurred & dark, FHL film 313,547 better)
      12-395: 18 May 1789, NC Grant #1775 to Robert D. Dunkin, £10 per 100 acres, 250 acres on Hunting Creek next George Smiley & Andrew Mitchell. (FHL film 313,548) (MAD: This was Robert Davidson Duncan, from "Rowan Co. NC Vacant Land Entries 1778-1789" by Richard A. Enochs, 1988; TN Gen. Society Library #6046 from Evelyn Sigler 3/1989)
      20-372: 10 Dec. 1813, James Collins of Rowan Co. NC to Samuel Benham of same, £100, land on the waters of South Yadkin River, beg. at a pine John Duncan's (MAD: sic) corner on Wm. Renshaw's line, then west to Thomas Greenfield's corner, then south to John Fitzpatrick's corner, then east to ... beginning containing 90 acres more or less; also another tract beg. John Dobbins corner, then to William Renshaw's line, then to Thomas Greenfield's line, to Greenfield's corner, to Edward Gates corner on John Dobbins line, then to beg., containing 50 acres. Wit. John Bank, Peter Agner. Ack. in court Feb. 1814. (FHL film 19,796; this book is printed forms filled in by handwritten names, descriptions, etc.)
      20-394: 18 April 1814, Samuel Benham of Rowan Co. NC to Sherman Grover & Co. of same, £100, land on waters of South Yadkin River beg. at a pine John Duncan's (MAD: sic) corner in William Renshaw's line, then to Thomas Greenfield's corner, then John Fitzpatrick's corner, to beg., containing 90 acres more or less; also another tract beg. at John Dobbins corner, then William Renshaw's line, to Thomas Greenfield's line, to Greenfield's corner, Edward Gates corner on John Dobbin line, to the beg., containing 50 acres. Wit. Hugh Braly; rec. on oath of Hugh Braley at May term 1814. (FHL film 19,796)
      21-149: 24 Sept. 1803, Thomas Collins to James Collins, £100, land in estate of inheritance, 50 acres adj. John Dobbins corner, William Renshaw's line, Thomas Greenfield's line & corner, Edward Gates corner on John Dobbins line; wit. Martin Speake, Wm. Renshaw. (FHL film 19,797; from Grantee index to James Collins, FHL film 313,524) (MAD: see Deed 20-372, 1813)
      22-880: 26 Dec. 1812, Thomas (+) Collins of Rowan Co. NC to James Collins of same, £50, land in estate of inheritance; 90 acres more or less on S.Yadkin River, beg. at a pine John Duncan's corner on William Renshaw's line, then West to Thomas Greenfield's corner, then south to John Fitzpatrick's corner. Wit. Thomas Summers, Martin Speake; rec. Aug. 1815 on oath of Thomas Summers. (FHL film 19,797; from Grantee index to James Collins, FHL film 313,524) (MAD: see Deed 20-372, 1813) (MAD: Rowan Co. NC census index: no John Duncan 1800-1820; Thomas Collins 1800 p.324 51001 - 01010 & others but not 1810-1820; no James Collins 1810-20; John Dobbins 1810 p.72 (& earlier) but not 1820; no Samuel Benham 1810-20; William Renshaw 1790 p.170 113xx and 1820 p.240; no Thomas Greenfield 1800-1820; John Fitzpatrick 1790 p.170 103xx but not later)
      37-64: 29 Dec. 1843, Benjamin Duncan and Rachel Duncan of Wilkes Co. for $649.68-1/2 paid by Nathan Duncan, convey to Nathan Duncan all our interest to the estate of Christian Kesler and Elizabeth Kesler of Rowan Co. when the administrators come to settle up and pay off distribution shares in said estate be it much or little. /s/ Benjamin Duncan, Rachel (X) Duncan. Wit. Tobias Kesler, Alexander Kesler. Rowan Co. court Feb. 1849, within deed proved by oath of Alexander Kesler, ordered recorded. (FHL film 313,557) (MAD: Rachel Duncan not referred to as wife of Benjamin Duncan; no locality given for Nathan Duncan)

Rowan Co. NC Deeds
      Looking for neighbors of John Duncan in 1812
      12-400: 18 May 1799, NC Grant #1830 to William Renshaw, 300 acres in Rowan Co. on south side South Yadkin, Smith's corner, John Oston's line, Dobbins line. (FHL film 313,548)
      17-542: 7 Jan. 1800, William Renshaw of Rowan Co. NC to James Dickey of same, £30, land on S.side South Yadkin River on Joseph Potner's?, Archabald Goin's line, William Harden, John Potens? line, the river bank, being 75 acres by estimation, part of a tract of 300 acres granted William Renshaw 18 May 1789; wit. William Dickey, William Gorder?? (FHL film 313,551)
      23-715: 1 April 1816, William Renshaw to Samuel Thomas, £10, 40 acres on waters of Yadkin adj. Pine Ortens corner and line, Neely's line; wit. Abraham Buntain, John Renshaw. (FHL film 19,802; no later William Renshaw grantor deed found)
      26-368: 21 April 1821, Thomas G. Greenfield of Todd Co. KY to Henry Felker of Rowan Co. NC, $140, 150 acres on waters of South Yadkin River, former Thomas Clarks corner on Edward Gateses line, formerly James Fitzpatrick's corner, formerly James Porter's corner and line; /s/ Letitious Gaither agent for Thomas G. Greenfield; wit. John Niblock, John Boston. (FHL film 19,806)
      27-914: 28 Aug. 1813, Grove Sammons of Rowan Co. NC to Frances Gibson of same, $250, 100 acres (not copied) (MAD: not land adj. Greenfield or Renshaw; looking for deed grantor from Sherman Grover for 90 acres adj. John Duncan that he bought from Samuel Benham in 1814, deed 20-394; no grantor Sammons found) (FHL film 19,808)
      43-593: 6 Sept. 1867, Henry Felker of Rowan Co. NC to Wiley Felker, in return for support during life of me and my wife Leana, articles of agreement; 150 acres on waters of South Yadkin River, Abner Cartner's corner, William Cartner's line, John Henley's corner, supposed to be now W.W. Hall's corner and line; wit. Jos. A. Hawkins, Levi Niblock. (FHL film 313,560)
      Indexes: Many deeds to Dobbins family. (FHL film 313,505 grantor index A-K 1753-1921; FHL film 313,524 grantees A-Re 1753-1921) (MAD: believe references in deeds 20-372, 20-394, and 22-880 to John Duncan's corner should be to John Dobbins' corner.)
      20-480, 5 May 1815, John Dobbins of Iredell Co. NC to John Luckey of Rowan Co. (more not copied)


Granville Co. NC Tax Lists (from Charles O. Duncan 7/1985)
   Undated (bef. 1751?), Dan River from County line Creek & upwards, Thos. Lovelattey's Dist. (MAD: actually Rowan? Co.)
      Marshall Duncan, 2; John 0
      Darby Caleham, 1; John Callaham, 1; Darby Callaham Junr, 1;
      William Callaham, 1
      Lenard Vandegrifts, 3; Lenard & Jacob, 0
   1751 Dan River:
      Hugh Dunnom
      Alex Dunnom, 1
      Darby Calaham, Senor; Darby Calaham Junor, 2
      John Calaham, 1
      Wm. Hopper, 1
      Marshall Duncom; John Duncom, 2
      John Young, 1
      Wm. Bridges, James Bridges, 2
      Lennard Vandergrift Senor; Junor; Jacob Vandergrift, 3
      Thos. & John Lovelatty, 2

A transcription of the 1750 "List of Thythables on Dan River from ye Countrey Line Creek & upwards" is posted on the Caswell Co. NC webpages at Rootsweb.com (info from David Sengel 7/2005)
      The transcription was contributed by Cynthia Ann Wells.
      It includes Marshall Duncom and John in Thos. Lovelatty's district. (MAD: see also Granville Co. NC tax lists and Rowan records)

Rowan Co. NC Tax Lists 1753-1778 (085.701.6-1; NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Partial lists 1758-1759 -- no Duncan
      1768 -- one page only, poor condition, no Duncan
      1778 -- four lists; copied complete list (two pages), the only one that had Duncan
      List of 1779, Captain Craiges District. Includes Hugh Montgomery, and many others. Separate section on list: Poles subject to fourfold tax: Edward Duncan. Another separate section: Poles returned ... John Duncan.
      1782-1783 -- no Duncan found
      1784-1788 folder -- quit


"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries, and from Evelyn Sigler)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
      8:64: Aug. 1769, Rowan Co. Present, John Hunter, Wm. Spurgen, John Duncan Jr. esquires.


EDWARD DUNKAN, Rev. Pension Application S-7384 (S-17268), MD, NC, IN (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Applied 23 Oct. 1832, age 73, in Decatur Co. IN; b. 1759 in Frederick Co. MD; drafted for 3 months in spring 1778 in Rowan Co. NC under Capt. Joseph Craig, Col. Francis Lock/Lick, Gen. Rutherford; drafted for 3 months in spring 1781 in Rowan Co. near Salisbury where he then lived under Capt. Thorp, Gen. Davison; witnesses James Loyed, Jesse McPherson and Hardin Loyd of Decatur Co. IN.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Iredell Co. NC Deeds
      A-160: 17 Nov. 1788, John Glover to Isaac Duncan, both of Rowan Co., £100, 250 acres on S. fork Hunting Creek in Rowan Co. NC adj. Jas. Cass; wit. Christopher Houston, Martha Houston; proved 18 Dec. 1790. (FHL film 19,176; also on pg.12 "Iredell Co. NC Deed Abstracts, Vol.1, 1788-1797, Abstracts of Books A & B" by Coulter &c; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1981; and FHL book 975.6793 R2c)
      A-186: 27 March 27 1780, George Duncan & wife Catharine to Solomon Hays, all Rowan Co. NC, £70, 100 acres on Hunting Creek adj. George Smiley & Andrew Mitchell; wit. Chris. Houston, appeared in court, and Samuel Hays; rec. June 1790. (FHL film 19,176) (MAD: to Wayne Co. KY)
      B-332: 8 Oct. 1794, Isaac Duncan to William Thorp, £150, on south side Hunting Creek, corner Christopher Houston, Andrew Mitchell, original grant to George Pamelee? by deed #252 10 Oct. 1783, to said Isaac Duncan by deed 5 May 1786; and another piece from John Madden to Isaac Duncan 25 Aug. 1787 (no acreage). Wit. Chris Houston (gave oath), R. Berl?. No location of grantor or grantee given. (FHL film 19,176) (MAD: to Wayne Co. KY; died 1803 Montgomery Co. KY)
      B-370: 6 Nov. 1790, Hugh Hall Sr. of Green Co. GA to Encas Campbell, £175, 275 acres on N. side of the South Yadkin on Little Dutchmans Creek adj. Isaac Duncans corner, original NC Grant #637; wit. Burgess Gaither, Asa Swann; reg. in Rowan Co. 10/20/1784, rec. Nov. 1795. (FHL film 19,176; also on pg.76 "Iredell Co. NC Deed Abstracts, Vol.1, 1788-1797, Abstracts of Books A & B" by Coulter &c; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1981; and FHL book 975.6793 R2c)

Wilkes Co. NC Deeds
      Q1-471: 10 Jan. 1849, Tobias Kesler of Rowan Co. NC to Rachel Duncan of Wilkes Co., $200, (no acres) land on Cub Creek. Wit. H.H. Gilbreath. (FHL film 20,139)
      R-100: 4 Feb. 1851, Chapman Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC, heirs of George H/A. Kesler decd of Rowan Co., to Charles W. Kesler heir of said deceased of Rowan Co., $40, 24 acres, their lot in Rowan Co. left to them by George A. Kesler decd on waters of Second Creek, adj. John Ellers corner, surveyed 14 Aug. 1845, containing in the "hole" 24a, except the widow's part; wit. Joshua Fletcher, Jno. B. Crysel?. Elizabeth examined separately from her husband. (FHL film 20,140)

Fairfax Co. VA Deed (FHL film 31,297)
      M-297: 3 Aug. 1773, Gerrard John Dunkin for some time last past of "Roan County in the province of North Carolina but formerly of the County of Fairfax in the Colony of Virginia son and heir at law of Blanchflower Dunkin late of the said County of Fairfax the younger deceased who was son to Blanchflower Dunkin the elder" to David Davies of the County of Fairfax, merchant; George Turbervile late of Westmoreland Co. decd by his indenture to Blanchflower Dunkin the elder then of the county of Prince William, 2 Nov. 1741, sold to said Blanchflower Dunkin the elder 319 acres on Pimmels run in Fairfax Co. "during his natural life and then and thereafter to the use and behoof of John Dunkin and Blanchflower Dunkin sons of the above named Blanchflower party to that deed by Lettice his wife and to their heirs forever to be equally divided between them as by the said Deed" 2 Nov. 1741, recorded in Prince William Co.; "John Dunkin one of the remainder men mentioned in the said deed dyed intestate and without issue and Blanchflower Dunkin the younger the other remainder man is also dead intestate but left issue the above named Gerrard John Dunkin party to these presents his eldest son and heir at law who is entitled to the reversion of the said" 319 acres "after the death of the said Blanchflower Dunkin his grandfather"; the said Gerrard John Duncan being seized in fee of the reversion the whole 319 acres expectant upon the death of his grandfather, for £136, to David Davies, all ... 319 acres either in reversion remainder or otherwise. (includes dower right and title of dower). /s/ Gerard John (X) Dunkin. Wit. Thomas Lloyd, Richard Thompson, John Redman. (No wife mentioned or dower relinquishment). Recorded 18 Oct. 1773 on oath of John Redman and Thomas Lloyd.

Franklin Co. TX Deeds (FHL film 1,301,869)
      (MAD: Deed books 1 to 5 are deeds transcribed from Titus County TX deed books; Franklin Co. formed 1875 from Titus County and also was part of Red River County 1841-1857; wanted heirs of James W. Duncan; see also Cass, Marion, Morris, Red River Cos.)
      4-72 to 80: 3 July 1862, Davis Co. TX; George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan, only heirs at law of James W. Duncan decd, by our attorney in fact William R. Lount, who was duly constituted our said attorney by virtue of certain power of attorney executed by us in Rowam (sic) Co. NC on 20 Sept. 1861; to Alexander Turner and William R. Lount or either of them, for $1540 paid by P.M. Graham of Davis Co. TX, sell etc. to P.M. Graham four certain land certificates or warrants described as follows, viz, 1st, Headright No. 138 for 1476 acres; 2nd Bounty No. 134 for 960 acres; 3rd Donation No. 62 for 640 acres, all the preemption issued October 29 1859 by Clement R. Johns, Comptroller, to the heirs of J.W. Duncan, and 4th, additional Bounty No. 365 for 960 acres issued December 14, 1861, by Wm. S. Hotchkiss Comr. of Claims, to the heirs of James H?. Duncan; together with any and all lands located by virtue of the same. /s/ George W. Duncan, Alx. M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan, Stephen Duncan, by Wm. R. Lounth? attorney. Rec. Davis Co. TX by William R. Louh? 4 July 1862 in City of Austin, filed 31 May 1870 in Franklin Co. TX.
            Pg.74: Certification for James E. Ren as Clerk of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Rowan Co. NC, 23 Sept. 1861. Rowan Co. NC, 20 Sept. 1861, George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris formerly Cynthia Duncan, Amos Morris the husband of Cynthia, and Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan, only children of Alfred C. Duncan decd., and all being the only heirs of James W. Duncan decd. and being citizens of Rowan Co. NC, for sundry good causes, nominate and appoint Alexander W. Turner of State of TN and William R. Lount? of Austin, TX, and each of them or either of them, our attorneys in fact, ... from the Government of the State of TX in any of its departments or from any person having possession thereof, any and all land, land certificates, land patents, money or pay due to us heirs at law of James W. Duncan decd, for his services in the War of Independance in the Co. of Captain Shackelford in 1836, and authorize the attorneys to sell and convey any and all lands, certificates and land patents ... Wit. Oliver Pratt, Nathan Hart. The signors appeared 20 Sept. 1861 in Rowan Co. NC.
            Pg.76: Rowan Co. NC; Be it known that before me, C. Payne, presiding Justice of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, personally came Nathan Hart and (Oliver) Pratt, citizens of Rowan Co. NC who are personally well known to me, give their oaths that they are well acquainted with George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia M. Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan who executed the foregoing power of attorney, and that they are residents of Rowan Co. NC and that George W. Duncan and Alexander M. Duncan are the only surviving brothers of James W. Duncan decd, and the said Cynthia Morris is the only sister of the said James W. Duncan decd, and that Amos Morris is the husband of Cynthia, and that Thomas and Stephen are the only surviving children of Alfred C. Duncan decd who was a brother to James W. deceased, and that the father and mother of James W. are deceased and he was never married and that he left surviving heirs neither wife nor decedents (sic) and that James W. decd. not having nor never had any brothers and sisters excepting the said George W., Alexander M., Cynthia and Alfred C. decd, and that the mother of the mother of the said Thomas and Stephen is dead; and that the said James W. decd. left the state of NC in the year 1825 and went thence to the state of Alabama in which last state in the year 1835 he attached himself to the Company of Soldiers under the command of Captain Shackelford and went in said company to the republic of TX and that James W. lost his life in the said republic in the month of March 1836 at Goliad in the said Republic as they the deponents have heard and believe since about the year 1836, and that James W. decd. has never been seen nor heard of as being in existance since the year 1836, and each and all of the parties to the foregoing power of attorney are of full and lawful age, and that in law? of the said James W. Duncan decd. has now living neither descendants nor decendants (sic) and that George W., Alexander M., Cynthia, Thomas and Stephen are the nearest of kin and only nearest collaterals of James W. Duncan decd. The affiants have no interest in the matter embraced in the foregoing power of attorney; the affiants are respectable and credible persons. /s/ Oliver Pratt, Nathan Hart. 20 Sept. 1861. Power of attorney and certificate of authentication filed in Travis Co. TX 19 May 1862 and recorded in Book F (P?) pages 303-304-305-6; Davis Co. TX, filed 19 Oct?. 1863; filed Franklin Co. TX 30 May 1870.
       (MAD: Unable to identify this family in census 1850 or 1860; one Alexander M. Duncan was in Moore Co. NC in 1820, but not later and Duncans not in 1850 or 1860 Rowan Co. NC; no Amos Morris in a reasonable area in 1830-1840 census index; no Amos Morris with wife Cynthia in 1850 southern states, incl. NC, TN, etc.; looked at Amos Morris indexed Lincoln Co. TN, Gaston Co. NC, and Anderson Co. SC 1850, no wife Cynthia; no Amos Morris in NC in 1860.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1877 "Past & Present of Warren Co. IL" by Chicago Pub. (FHL book 977.3415 H2p)
      Pg.236, Sumner Twp: J.F. Arthurs, farmer, b. NC Dec. 29, 1807, to this Co. in 1836 ... James C. Arthurs, b. in this Co. Nov. 30, 1841 ... Joseph W. Arthurs, b. in this Co. Sept. 20, 1839 ...

1886 "Portrait & Biographical Album of Warren Co. IL" by Chapman Bros. (FHL film 825,609)
      Pg.198-9: James F. Arthurs, pioneer of Warren Co. 1836, Kelly Twp, born southern section of US, reared there, father died when he age 3, his mother the sole guardian of 8 children; 1831 the family to Putnam Co. IN, in 1836 to IL. James F. Arthurs b. Dec. 29, 1807, son of Joseph and Catherine (Wingfield) Arthurs ...


The early records of Rowan Co. NC have been abstracted and published by various authors. These contain an index to witnesses, neighbors, bondsmen, and similar references in the original documents, and should be consulted. There are several Duncans in the early records in these volumes who do not appear in the records I abstracted below. Early records have also been published in the periodical "Rowan Co. (NC) Register" and "NC Genealogical Society Journal" which should be consulted.

McCubbin's Collection, Source Material for Rowan Co. Genealogies and Local History; at Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, NC; filmed 1956 (index on FHL film 19,829; material on FHL film 19,851)
      Collection consists of index cards, about 5"x8", typed, and one handwritten page.
      MAD: This collection contains a lot of information on early Duncans in Rowan Co. NC

The records of the Moravian Archives have been abstracted and published by Adelaide Fries and should be consulted for early references to Marshall Duncan in 1768 and 1772-1773.

1991 "Heritage of Rowan Co. NC" ed. by Katherine Sanford Petrucelli, pub. by Genealogical Society of Rowan Co. NC (FHL book 975.671 H2h V.1 and from Alta Sue Duncan 2/1992)
      Biographical sketch #217 refers to the 1877 "The Past and Present of Warren Co. IL" and 1886 "History of Warren Co. IL" about the Arthurs family of Rowan, Iredell and Cabarrus Cos. NC; Joseph Arthurs' first wife was Sarah Duncan, married 6/17/1783 in Rowan Co. NC, bondsman Thomas Duncan; Joseph Arthurs married second Catherine Wingfield; he died in 1810 in Iredell Co. NC. The sketch gives much more about the Arthurs family.
      There are other biographical sketches in this volume which mention Duncans.


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