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Formed 1791 from Caswell


1800 Person Co. NC Census
Pg.209  George Staff, Gabriel Gunn,
        John Johnston, John Harris,
        Jas. Duncan             00100         - 10010
        John Olglestron, John Moore, Wills Fuguire
        Abner Duncan            22200         - 10211
        Goodrich Grin?, Danl. Sergent,
        Vinson Brann, Peter Fuller, ...
   218  Abner Duncan            00100         - 00010
        Jacob Vanhook, David Basall, Samuel Baswell,
        Allin Gooir?, Danl. Farmer?, John Cammins
          (MAD: see Abner m. Ann Parker 7 Sept. 1802 in Halifax Co. VA)

1810 Person Co. NC Census
Pg.127  Dukkins, Samul Esqr.    0 (line through entry)
        Dunkin, James           10011         - 10100
   136  Dunkin, George          02001         - 00301

1820 Person Co. NC Census
Pg.438  George Duncan           220101        - 01011
        Ezekiel Duncan          100010        - 10010
   490  William Ashley          200010        - 20010
          (MAD: William Ashley mar. 3/15/1813 Delilah Duncan;
            possibly she in ?? 1850 Smyth Co. VA census)

1830 Person Co. NC Census
Indexed John Dinkin on pg. 2; actually John GINKIN, not copied
Pg. 25  George Duncan           0002,0000,01  - 0000,1010,01
          (MAD: compare Halifax Co. NC)
        Ezekiel Duncan          0100,001      - 1220,01
    34  John Duncan             1113,001      - 0000,001
    35  William Ashley          0000,0001     - 0
          (MAD: no William or Delilah Ashley indexed
            1840 in Person Co.)

1840 Person Co. NC Census
Pg.287  Ezkl. Duncan            0110,0001     - 1211,001
   297  George Duncan           0000,0000,001 - 0
   300  John Duncan             0011,2001     - 0000,0001

1850 Person Co. NC Census
Pg.442, #396, Ezekiel DUNCAN 61 NC shoemaker $10
                  Elizabeth 50 NC
                  Lucy A. 25, Haywood 15 NC
                  Elizabeth 12 NC
                  (MAD: son of George and Mary Slaughter)
Pg.442, #397, Samuel A. DIXON 36 NC farmer
                  Elizabeth M. 34 NC
                  Frances M.(f) 15, Elizabeth 14 NC
                  Cinda R. 13, Emily F. 11,
                  Lousa A. 9, Martin A. 7, John L. 6 NC
                  Samuel A. 3, Joana T.(f) 3 (twins), Elender (f) 1 NC
                  (MAD: not Samuel A. "Duncan"; John Dixon mar. Barbary Duncan 2/11/1813, she the dau. of George Duncan, left orphaned ch. Samuel & Washington Dixon in 1820)
Pg.443, #408, George DUNCAN 30 NC farmer
                  Jane 26 NC
                  John H. 7, Mary 5 NC
                  Washington 4, James 2 NC
                  Nancy BROOKS 35 NC
Pg.458, #639, James P. DUNCAN 38 NC farmer $318
                  Mary MITCHELL 30 NC MULATTO
                  William T. 8, Harry 4 NC MULATTO
                  James R. 1 NC MULATTO
                  (MAD: James P. age 38, age plain)
Pg.459, #644, Henry H. DUNCAN 30 NC farmer $399
                  Tabitha 27 NC
                  James 8 NC
                  William OWEN 18 NC farm hand
Pg.459, #645, Jiles R. DUNCAN (m) 23 NC farmer (alone)

1860 Person Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
P.O. Bushy Fork
Pg.910 (456), #186-185, Thomas VILLIMS 28 NC farmer $1500-$3560
                  Catharine 27 NC
                  Mary A. 7, Willis D. 4 NC
                  Willis 21 NC farmer $0-$3250
                  (MAD: apparently not the Thomas Villines who married Mary H. Duncan 6/30/1853; no other Thomas Villines or similar in 1860 NC index)
P.O. Mt. Terzah
Pg.941 (472), #411-409, James H. DUNCAN 21 NC farmhand $1230-325
                  Rebecca 20 NC
                  Mary E. 1 NC
Pg.941 (472), #412-410, Affey DUNCAN (f) 60 NC (blank)
                  Ambrose H. 25 NC farmhand
                  Isaac 37 NC farmhand $850-$200
Pg.956 (479), #537-534, Zacha DUNKIN (m) 35 NC farmer $1000-$250
                  Caroline 21 NC
                  Mildred DAY 11 NC BLACK
P.O. Olive Hill
Pg.1020 (511), #1012-1010, George DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $400-300
                  Jane 40 NC
                  Henry 17, Mary A. 15 NC
                  Washington 14, James M. 12 NC
                  Gorgianna (f) 10, Davey (m) 8 NC
                  Nancy 6, Sarah J. 2 NC
P.O. Allensville
Pg.1027 (515), #1059-1057, Charles RAGAN 40 NC & family
Pg.1027 (515), #1060-1058, James DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $500-$300 (alone)
Pg.1027 (515), #1061-1059, Mary MITCHELL 40 NC MULATTO & family

1870 Person Co. NC Census
Allensville Twp., P.O. Allensville
Pg.540, #34-35, DUNCAN, Ambrose H. (m) 38 NC farmer $250-$400
                  Mary 26 NC keeping house
                  Atha L. (f) 69 NC at home
Pg.540, #35-36, DUNCAN, Jas. K. 30 NC farmer $280-$400
                  Rebecca J. 29 NC keeping house
                  Mary E. 11, Sarah J. 7 NC at home
                  Rouean? (Roasan?) F. (f) 3 NC at home
                  Nancey H. 4/12 NC b.March at home
Pg.547, #151-152, DAVIS, Robt. J. 51 NC farmer $1500-1200
                  Frances 43 NC keeping house
                  William 18, Wesley 15 TN farm laborers
                  Mary 12 NC at home
                  Theodore 6, Emma 1 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Henry 23 NC MULATTO farm laborer
Pg.547, #154-155, DUNCAN, Giles R. 42 NC shoemaker $0-$0
                  Rebecca F. 37 NC keeping house
                  John F. 14, Ella A. 9 NC at home
                  Giles R. 7, James L. 6 NC at home
Pg.548, #155-156, DUNCAN, John (m) 55 NC farmer $100-$200
                  Frances G. (f) 55 NC keeping house
Pg.548, #159-160, DUNCAN, Henry H. 51 NC farmer $300-$500
                  Tabitha G. 49 NC keeping house
                  STANFIELD, Edmund 43 NC BLACK laborer
                  DANIEL, Ellick (m) 14 NC BLACK laborer
Pg.548, #160-161, DUNCAN, Jas. W. 27 NC farmer $500-$200
                  Mary A. 31 NC keeping house
                  Augustus T. 3, Daniel 2 NC at home
Pg.548, #161-162, DUNCAN, Isah T. (m) 47 NC farmer $330-$100
                  Margaret 26 NC keeping house
                  Isaac 3, George W. 2 NC at home
                  Zachariah 3/12 NC b.April at home
Pg.548, #163-164, DUNCAN, Zac. H. (m) 44 NC farmer $250-$400
                  Caroline C. 38 NC keeping house
                  (no children)
Pg.549, #176-177, DUNCAN, James 20 NC MULATTO tobacco roller $0-$0
                  Louisa 27 NC MULATTO keeping house
                  HARRIS, Fashion (f) 18 NC MULATTO domestic servant
Allensville Twp., P.O. Center Grove
Pg.550, #204-205, DUNCAN, Jas. P. 50 NC farmer $300-$300
                  MITCHELL, Mary 50 NC MULATTO domestic servant
                  John 17 NC MULATTO farm laborer
                  Mary A. 16, Sarah J. 14 NC MULATTOES at home
Mt.Tirzah Twp., P.O. Mt.Tirzah
Pg.619, #107-110, LUNSFORD, Nathan 28 NC farmer $225-$500
                  Mary J. 26 NC keeping house
                  Eugene B. (f) 2 NC at home
                  William A. 3/12 NC b.April at home
                  CASH, Isabelle 13 NC domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, James 14 NC BLACK farm laborer
                  CLEMENT, Henry 12 NC BLACK farm laborer
Olive Hill Twp., P.O. Olive Hill
Pg.626, #18-18, DUNCAN, George (m) 52 NC farmer $175-$300
                  Martha 52 NC keeping house
                  James 23 NC farm laborer
                  Georgianne (f) 20 NC at home
                  Dave (m) 17 NC farm laborer
                  Nancy 14, Sarah 12 NC at home
Roxboro Twp., P.O. Roxboro
Pg.646, #51-52, FULLER, Jas. R. 30 NC keeps gris mill $0-$0
                  Lettice? S. (f) 20 NC keeping house
                  Marion T. (m) 1 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Alsey A. (f) 13 NC servant
Pg.651, #138-142, DUNCAN, Susan J. 30 NC keeping house $0-$0
                  Jane J. 5 NC at home
Pg.651, #145-149, LONG, Malinda 37 NC keeps house
                  Mary F. 5 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Jas. H. 12 NC farm laborer
Woodsdale Twp., P.O. Woodsdale
Pg.661, #46-46, ROGERS, John 38 FRANCE farm laborer $200-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 30 NC keeping house
                  John T. 15 NC farm laborer, father of foreign birth
                  William P. 12 NC farm laborer, father of foreign birth
                  Christina M. (f) 10 NC at home, father of foreign birth
                  George R. 6/12 Dec. NC at home, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 78 NC "no occupation"
Pg.672, #214-214, DUNCAN, Geo. W. 23 NC house carpenter $0-$0, mar. in March
                  Emiline 24 NC keeping house
                  LONG, Elizabeth 70 NC "no occupation"
                  Martha 30 NC at home
                  Eglentine (f) 9 NC at home


Person Co. NC Wills, Inventories, tax lists, etc.
   1792-1797 (FHL film 19,591)
      Pg.182: Taxable property 1795
            St.James Dist., Robt. Paine Esq.: Duncan, William, 200a, 1 wh. pole
            St.Lawrence Dist.: Duncan, Mary, 217a, 0 white poles, 4 black poles
      Pg.221: I, Willm. (X) Duncan of Person Co. NC, for £90, sell to Syon Turner of Granville Co. NC, 12 barrels corn, 2 horses, etc. Wit. Thos. Owen Senr, Robt. Davis.
      Pg.242: 1796 tax list
            St.James Dist.: Wm. Duncan
            St.Lawrence Dist.: Estate of Mary Duncan decd, 217a, 0 wp, 3 bp
      Pg.268: 24 March 1796, Mary Duncan of Person Co. NC, sick and weak, son Abner Duncan 1/2 land whereon I now live on the east side to be divided from the other half 109 acres, horse, etc.; son Martin the other half, including house, 109 acres, etc.; dau. Elizabeth Duncan, slave, etc.; son Nathaniel Duncan 5 shillings and no more; Polly Merritt my granddaughter small walnut chest; rest sold and divided between my "six" children namely Sally Stenston, Nancy Merritt, Francis Madden, Elizabeth Duncan, Polly Ragsdale, Abner Duncan and Martin Duncan. Appoint friends William Trotter and John Campbell exec. /s/ Mary (+) Duncan. Wit. H. Harrelson, Robt. Moore, Nancy Stenston. Rec. 7 Sept. 1796. (FHL film 19,591) (MAD: widow of Daniel; see Martin C. Duncan of Mercer Co. KY who named a son Champness Madden Duncan)
   1797-1801 - no Duncan
   1801-1804, 1805-1807 - no Duncan (FHL film 19,592)
   1807-1811 (FHL film 19,593)
      Pg.188: May, 1810, per order at February 1810 court, appoint Richard A. Nelson, Duncan Rose, and Thomas? Walton and Moses Bradshaw one of J.P. to apportion and to allot to Mary Duncan such part or portion of crop etc. which George W. Duncan her late husband died seized and possessed ... widow and family.
      Pg.193: 10 March 1810, sales of property of George W. Duncan decd, Reuben Waller adm. Purchasers Reubin Walton (Wallon?), Thomas Beas?, Richd. ?, Vincent Lea, Moses Faller, Duncan Rose, Moses Brashir?, John Biar Jr., William Gordell, & others; mention articles allotted to Polly Duncan, widow of George W. Duncan for her support and that of the family.
   1811-1815: (FHL film 19,593; index at back of book)
      Pg.87: May 1812, estate of George W. Duncan decd, account with Reuben Walton adm., sales 10 March 1810, received 21.13.11-1/2, paid Reuben Walton admin, Isham Edwards part of judgment, John Darby parole taken up, feeding a cow 3 months, making coffin etc., paid John Packer, H. Harlson; ordered recorded.
      Pg.195, taxables 1813:
            Duncan, James, 0 acres, 1 wp, 0 bp
            Duncan, John, 100a, 0 wp, 0 bp
            Duncan, George, 120a, 0 wp, 0 bp
      Pg.140: 8 Feb. 1813, order to bind William Ashley, orphan, now age 6 on 15 Feb. 1813, to Churchwell Jones until age 21, to learn to read, write and cypher and learn the art of a planter.
   1815-17, 1817-20 - no Duncan, no William Ashley (FHL film 19,594)
   1820-23, 1823-27 - no Duncan, no William Ashley (FHL film 19,595)
   1827-30, 1831-35 - no Duncan, no William Ashley (FHL film 19,596)
   1835-37, 1838-41 - no Duncan, no William Ashley (FHL film 19,597)
   1841-1844 - no Duncan, no William Ashley (FHL film 19,598)


Person Co. NC Deed Index 1789 & later (FHL film 551,498)
      See Deed Extracts below
      D-321/327: George Duncan to Alex. Cunningham (not found)
      W-380: James K. Duncan from P.G. Pritchett & wife - not copied

Person Co. NC Deeds
      A-114: 20 Oct. 1792, Mary (signed) Duncan of Person Co. to Roger Williams, £60, 250 acres on Millstone Creek, corner Rosebraks and James D. Henley's old line. Wit. J. Campbell, William Wallis, John (N) Newlon. (FHL film 551,477)
      B-176: 28 Oct. 1795, Robert Jordon of Orange Co. NC to Ambrose Harison Duncan of Granville Co. NC, £60, 100 acres on Jinto Creek, the waters of Hires in Person Co., Robert Walkers line. Wit. William McKissack, Peggy? Pinkerton. (FHL film 551,477) (MAD: from Pittsylvania Co. VA to Caswell Co. NC to Granville Co. NC)
      B-321: 20 Feb. 1796, Benjamin Cockram to George Duncan, £65, 200 acres, corner Barnett, Mrs. Pinkertons. Wit. William Shepherd, Thos. Jeffreys. (FHL film 551,477)
      B-356 to 359: 21 May 1796, Sheriff William Cocke of Person Co. to Robert Gill of same; that by Writ of Firie Facias of the State of NC issued out of our county court of Person to the Sheriff, dated first Monday of March 1796, the Sheriff was commanded that of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Wm. Dunkin and Ro. Davis, he should cause to be made the sum of £47.6.9 to satisfy judgement Jacob Slaughter obtained against them, together with the sum of £5.11.7 the endorsed fees, also your own fees for executing the said Writ of Firie Facias; whereof the said Wm. & Ro. were convicted as appears of record, and that he the said Shff should share? (shane?) the said sums before the justices of the next county court to be held on 1st Monday in June next following, to render to the said Jacob Slaughter his debt & costs aforesaid & that he should have the said Writ, as by the said Writ of Firie Facias & Judgement therein referred to now remaining of record, to wit: that sometime in the month of March 1796 the said Wm. Cocke then being Shff of Person Co. by virtue of the Writ of Firie Facias and before the return of the same served on and took in execution and possession a certain tract of land, the property of said William Duncan, containing by estimation 200 acres more or less, lying on the branches of Tar River, adj. William Tapps corner and line, Wm. Days line; after publishing the time and place of (selling) the said land, William Cocke being Shff exposed to sale the 200 acres when Ro. Gill became the purchaser as highest bidder, for £50; This indenture from the said Wm. Cocke Shff by virtue of the Writ of Firie Facias & by force of the Act of Assembly in such cases, and in consideration of £50 specie paid to the sheriff for the uses & purposes in the writ, grant to Ro. Gill the afsd. 200 acres of land together with all the right etc. which the said Wm. Dunkin had to the land. Wit. T?. Bailey, Robert Howard. Person County, June term 1797 (sic); execution of this deed ack. in court and ordered registered. (FHL film 551,477, and from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      B-359: 22 May 1796, from Ro. Gill of Person Co. NC to Wm. Cocke of same, for £50, 200 acres on the branches of Tar River adj. Wm. Tapps corner & line, Wm. Day's line, formerly the property of Wm. Dunkin. (FHL film 551,477)
      C-8: 3? Sept. 1796, George (X) Duncan to James Duncan, £40, 80 acres, Jefries corner, William Sergents line. Wit. Hezk. Stone, Josiah? Carver. (FHL film 551,478)
      C-184: 29 Oct. 1799, George (X) Duncan of Person Co. to Ezekiel Duncan, his son, for love and £5, 120 acres whereon I live at this time, joining lands of William Sargant, Robert Walker, McEntire & Josiah? Carson?. Wit. John Lea, B. Douglass, Frances Douglass. (FHL film 551,478)
      C-270: 11 March 1801?, Ambrose Harrison (D) Duncan of Granville Co. NC to Jacob Slaughter of same, $40, 100 acres both sides of Jinto Creek adj. lands of William Sergent and the lands whereon George Duncan lives. Wit. Isaac Slaughter. (FHL film 551,478)
      C-329: 7 Aug. 1802, Martin (signed) Duncan of Person Co. NC to Thomas Jeffreys, $493, 116 acres corner of Herndon Horalson line, corner Abner Duncan. Wit. H. Haralson, Joseph McCain. (FHL film 551,478)
      C-527: (blank) July 1805, Jacob Slaughter of Granville Co. for love of my grandson John Duncan son of Ambrose Harrison Duncan, and five shillings, 100 acres in Person Co., corner John Chambers line. Wit. Thomas Scott, Ambrose H. (D) Duncan. (FHL film 551,478)
      D-126: 22 Sept. 1808, Abner Duncan to William S. Branch, $1,100, 137 acres on North Hico River in said Wm. S. Branches line. Wit. Hugh Shaw, James Nelson, H. Horralson. (FHL film 551,479; book is labeled "E" on film, actual book is D)
      D-327: George Duncan to Alex. Cunningham; indexed, not found near this page; looked at D-321, G-161, J-163, D-368, D-37, D-252 (Vol.D 1806-17, 551,479 item 1)
      D-437: 24 June 1815, John Duncan of Granville Co. NC to Garrit Tingen of same, $200, 100 acres in Person Co. on Gents Creek, John Chambors line. Wit. Howell L. Ridley, Charles Dunkin. (FHL film 551,479)
      E-264: 19 Nov. 1814, Ezekiel Duncan to George Duncan, $250, 125 acres on Gents Creek, lines of Jonas Carver, James Cochran, Cary Williams and others. Wit. Jsh. Edward, John Dixon. (FHL film 551,478; book is labeled "D" on film, actual book is E)
      E-278: 25 Sept. 1820, Ishan Edward to George (X) Duncan, trust deed, Duncan owes Edwards, in trust to William Williams, 125 acres. Wit. Green W. Brown, Stephen M. Dickens. (FHL film 551,478)
      M-385: 1 March 1837, George (X) Duncan to grandchildren George Duncan and Haywood Duncan, children of Ezekiel Duncan, for love, cow and calf each. Wit. Green Williams, Granderson Royest, George W. D... (faint). (FHL film 551,481)
      O-243: 1 July 1840, George (X) Duncan to granddaughter Elizabeth the child of Ezekiel Duncan, 5 acres on south side of the road from John Branns to Isham Edward. Wit. Jno. M. Arensha?, Arthur Brooks. (FHL film 551,481)
      P-197: 16 Sept. 1843, Ezekiel Duncan to Isham Edwards and Green Williams, trust deed, Duncan owes Edwards, mortgage crops. Wit. C? C. Edwards. (FHL film 551,482)
      R-216: 21 Dec. 1848, Ezekiel Duncan of Person Co. to John A. Downey of Granville Co., $12, his interest in lands (119 acres) on which his father George Duncan decd lived and died seized on Gents Creek; also interest in two slaves and in money. Wit. G. Williams. (FHL film 551,482)
      R-217: 11 May 1852, John A. Downey of Granville Co. to Georgianna Duncan of Person Co., for 60 (does not say dollars), the place on which George Duncan decd lived and died, 119 acres, the said interest being of Alfred Duncan, Ezekiel Duncan, John B. Duncan, and Richard Harris and wife Polly. Wit. William Brook, J.D. Lunsford. (FHL film 551,482)
      R-404: 20 June 1854, Tinsley A. Yancy and wife Elizabeth to Isaiah T. Duncan and Zachariah Duncan, $369, 369 acres on Thomas Creek. (FHL film 551,482)
      U-200: 23 March 1867, A.H. Duncan to Rebecca J. Duncan, all Person Co. NC, $700, 140 acres to be taken from the tract I bought from A.H. Bumpass, to be south of the road from Risboro? to Goshein. /s/ Ambrose H. Duncan. Wit. B.A. Thaxton. (FHL film 551,484)
      W-161: 30 Nov. 1878, Zach. H. Duncan and wife Charita C. to James K. Duncan, all Person Co. NC, $78, 22-2/10 acres on Deep Creek adj. Lunsford's corner. No wit. (FHL film 551,485)
      W-380, James K. Duncan from P.G. Pritchett & wife (indexed, not found)


Person Co. NC document (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
      23 Nov. 1795, William (X) Duncan of Person Co. NC for £30, to Sion Turner of Granville Co. NC, 12 barrels corn, 2 horses, ... 15 head hogs, etc. Wit. Thomas Owen Senr, Robert (X) Davies. Court Dec. 1795, execution of bill of sale was ack. and ordered recorded, Book A, pg.221.
      (CD: This was brother of Ambrose Harrison Duncan; Judgment by Jacob Slaughter against William Duncan on 21 May 1796 forced William to sell 200 acres land.)

Person Co. NC Tax List (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
      1784: St.James District: Duncan, H. Abraham, 200a Tarr, 1 wp, 0 bp
            Harrison, Benjamin; Payne, William; Paine, Robert; Tapp, Wm.
      1798: St.Lawrence District: George Duncan, 100a, 1wp
            Jas. Duncan, 60a, 1 wp
            Abram Dunavant, 2 wp
       Abner Duncan, 116a, 1 wp, 2 slaves

NC Cemeteries Index, Pre-1914 cemetery inscription card index, by Historical Records Survey, WPA; Card index, surnames D-Jern (FHL film 882,949)
      Index cards alphabetic by name; copied oldest only
      Duncan Family Cemetery, Roxboro, Person Co. NC
      T.G. Duncan, 7/15/1821 - 6/17/1897
      H.H. Duncan, b. March 5, 1819, d. Dec. 11, 1902
      James W. Duncan, b. 2/9/1842, d. Aug. 11, 1926 (FHL film 882,966)


Granville Co. NC Deeds
      2-250: 31 Jan. 1825, George (X) Duncan of Person Co. NC to his sons Alfred and Anderson Duncan, all Granville Co. NC, for love and the better maintenance of the said Anderson & Alfred, all the land devised to my wife Mary Duncan by the will of her father Jacob Slaughter, 43 acres by estimation, adj. lands of Abram Slaughter, Solomon G. Ascue & others, and also a negro man Peter and girl Sary & the balance of the present estate and money which I may hereafter receive for my wife as a legatee to Jacob Slaughter's estate late of Granville Co. Wit. Howell L. Ridley, Daniel Dean. (FHL film 306,138)
      6-350: 21 Jan. 1835, George (X) Duncan of Person Co. NC, this day received of Anderson Dunkin and Alfred Dunkin, their release, in order to void the whole legal effect and purpose of a deed of gift executed by me to them on 31 Jan. 1825; I further acknowledge to have had in my possession ever since its conveyance was made, the negro woman therein mentioned and to have received the land and ample and complete satisfaction for the negro man Peter in the payment by them of a debt which I owed to Majr. A?then Edwards and all other claims which were therein conveyed. Wit. Wm. Terry, T?.L. Slaughter. (FHL film 306,140)
      6-356: 29 Oct. 1834, Anderson Duncan and Alfred (X) Duncan of Granville Co. NC to George Duncan of Person Co. NC; that the said George Duncan on 31 Jan. 1825 deeded to said Anderson and Alfred Duncan, 43 acres adj. Abraham Slaughter & others, and a negro man Peter and a negro girl Sarah and diverse other parts of the estate of the late Jacob Slaughter decd; the deed was proven in court Feb. 1825 and recorded in Book 2, pg.250; Now the whole legal purpose and effect of the above deed is to be void; they quit claim to said George Dunkin & his heirs the property in the deed. Wit. Wm. Terry, John B. Duncan. (FHL film 306,140)
      8-135: 11 Aug. 1836, Ezekiel Duncan of Person Co. NC to Anderson J. Duncan of Granville Co. NC, $6.25, interest in 43-3/4 acres on Shelton's Creek adj. Solomon G. Askews, heirs of Barbary Washington decd. & others, land that my grandfather Jacob Slaughter decd. gave to my mother Mary Duncan his daughter and her heirs in his will, 1/7 undivided part. Wit. George M. Dixon. (FHL film 306,141)


GEORGE DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-41513, NC (from Alice Duncan 1978-79 and FHL film 970,863, National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 13 Sept. 1819, age 61, in Person Co. NC; enlisted spring 1776 for 2-1/2 years, in Capt. William Glover's Co. of Continental Line, 6th NC Battalion under Alexander Lillington; transferred to 3rd NC Reg. under Col. Hogan, Capt. Hogg; poor, wife & three of his own ch. & 4 grandch. to support, small tract poor land; supporting statements 9/7/1819 by John Washington in Granville Co. NC court re War service, 9/13/1819 by Jsh. Edwards a near neighbor that George was poor and honest, 9/13/1819 by J?.M. Glover that George is poor. Statement 9/7?/1820 Person Co. P&Q Court, George Duncan age ca 63 years, res. of county, served at Wilmington [New Hanover Co.] NC 1776 under Capt. Glover, Reg. under Col. Taylor, then under Col Hogan; schedule of property incl. 125a valued at $125, farm animals, all conveyed by trust deed to William Williams to secure debt due from George Duncan; George has Alfred Duncan age ca 33, Benjamin Duncan age ca 15 and orphaned grandch. without parents Lorenzo Duncan ca 14, Sally Duncan ca 12, Saml. Dixon ca 7, Washington Dixon ca 5. Statement 9/25/1821 Person Co. P&Q, George Duncan, age 64 years, (service & schedule of property 9/7/1820), living with him (Alfred Duncan crossed out), Benjamin Duncan ca 16, & grandch. orphans Lorenzo Duncan ca 15, Sally Duncan ca 12, Samuel Duncan ca 7, Washington (blank) ca 5. Letter 2/12/1824 mentions his children all free, has one dau. with 2 grandch. to maintain; if Isham Edwards should sell the property under deed of trust ... Letters and statements 1825-1829 that pension papers were misdirected to [the wrong] George Duncan in Halifax Co. NC who obtained payments 9/13/1819 to 3/4/1820, and returns 4/30/1823.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Early marriages, probate records, deeds, tax lists and other records for Person Co. NC have been published by Katharine Kendall and should be consulted.


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