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Formed 1754 from Edgecombe
Martin formed 1774 from Halifax, Tyrrell


1790 Halifax Co. NC Census
Pg. 62  Duncan, George Sr.     204x3
        Duncan, William        224xx
        Duncan, Zachariah      102xx

1800 Halifax Co. NC Census
        No Duncan, page by page

1810 Halifax Co. NC Census (alphabetic)
Pg.103  George Dunkin          00001         - 20011
        Wm. Dunkin             10010         - 30100

1820 Halifax Co. NC Census (alphabetic)
Pg.145  Dunkin, George         000101        - 02011
   146  Duncan, William        101101        - 31010

1830 Halifax Co. NC Census
Pg.340  Isaac Joyner           0000,1        - 2100,11
          (MAD: Isaac Joyner mar. Margret Duncan 7/9/1824)
   346  Wm. Branch             0000,1        - 0011,001
          (MAD: William Branch mar. Elizabeth Duncan 5/13/1829)
   349  Wm. H. Sykes           1000,01       - 2000,1
          (MAD: William G. Sykes mar. Nancy Duncan 6/14/1823)
   351  George Duncan          0000,0000,001 - 0001,0010,1
          (MAD: compare Person Co. NC)

1840 Halifax Co. NC Census
Pg.  8  William Branch         2220,01       - 0100,1001
District 8
    46  Eli King               0100,01       - 3100,1001
          (MAD: Eli King mar. Mary Duncan 7/16/1833)
    47  John D. BRANCH  0000,1 - 2000,1  (?? 1850 Leon Co. FL census)
          Henry D. Philips, George W. Gany, Blake Lewis,
          Robert Gany, Rozeta Pope, Hardy Bryant,
    47  Elijah Dunkin          1110,01       - 0000,01
        William H.G. Sykes     0010,01       - 1111,01

1850 Halifax Co. NC Census
No Duncan indexed; birthplaces given as "Halifax"
Pg.49, #962, Thos. KING 35 NC farmer $20
                  Harriet 38 NC
                  Miles 14, Mary 12, Richd. (m) 11, Caty 10, Tom 9 NC
                  Harriet 7, Saphrona 5, Barthia (f) 5/12 NC
Pg.67, #1285, Wm. BRANCH 42 TN farmer $1500
                  Elizabeth 35 Halifax (NC)
                  Lucy 20, James 19, Tom 17 Halifax (NC)
                  John 15, Warren 11, Joe 8 Halifax (NC)
                  Benjm. 6, Edward 4, Major 1 Halifax (NC)
Pg.70, #1335, Wm. SYKES 47 Halifax (NC) laborer $0
                  Nancy 45 Halifax (NC)
                  Antoinette 24, Harriett 23 Halifax (NC)
                  Wm. 22, Caroline 19, Louisa 15 Halifax (NC)
                  Ann 11, John 8, Catherine 4 Halifax (NC)
Pg.70, #1345, Elijah KING 38 Halifax (NC) laborer $0
                  Emily 22 Halifax (not mar.in year)
                  (MAD: looking for Ely King mar. Mary Duncan 1833)
Pg.71, #1352, Saml. SANDERS 23 Halifax MULATTO laborer $0
                  Mack (m) 11/12 Halifax (NC) MULATTO
                  John BIRD 11, Mary 7, Jemima 5, M. (m) 3 Halifax MULATTO
                  (MAD: looking for Samuel Saunders mar. Sally Ann Duncan 1848)
Pg.71, #1354, Polly KING 37 Halifax spinster $0 (ditto marks for female above)
                  Peggy 16, Mary 14, Maranda 12, Bass (m) 8,
                  Ethertin (m) 5, Badger (m) 2, Tom 8 Halifax (NC)
Pg.73, #1403, Elijah DUNCIN 50 Halifax farmer $40
                  Nancy 50 Halifax
                  Wm. 18, Tom 16, George 6 Halifax
                  (neighbors Mary Sanders, Amy Rodgers, James Brent, Wilson Morgan, Thomas Lewis, James Whitehead)
                  (MAD: Elijah Duncan mar. Nancy Lewis 1/26/1824)

1860 Halifax Co. NC Census (faint)
Eastern Division
Pg.366, #78, Mary KING 50 b. Halifax NC farmer $680-400
                  Tapahie? (f) 21, Martha J. 18 b. Halifax NC
                  Whirtory? (m) 18 b. Halifax NC
                  Henry 15, Eli R. 14 b. Halifax NC
                  George DUNCAN 18 b. Halifax NC -- $0-$400
                  (from another source: Mary KING 50, Sarah 21, Martha J. 18, Atherton 18, Henry 15, Eli B. 14)
Pg.368, #118, Wade W. TILLERY 30 b. Halifax NC farmer $3200-$12000
                  Frances (f) 20 b. Halifax NC
                  Thomas 9, Lucy 7 b. Halifax NC
                  Lynn B. (m) 7/12 b. Halifax NC
                  J.J. DUNCAN (m) 32 b. Halifax NC farmer $50-$1500
                  Mack MAGEE 42 b. Halifax NC MULATTO farm laborer $0-$0
Pg.380, #311, C.W. GREGORY (m) 22 b. Halifax NC farmer $1500-$8000
                  William DUNCAN 22 b. Halifax NC day laborer $0-$500
                  Frances NEWSONN (f) 30 b. Halifax NC MULATTO farm laborer
Scotland Neck P.O., Eastern Div.
Pg.382/768, #347-342, Ephraim DICKENS 48 NC farmer $7000-$8000
                  Charlotte 58 NC
                  Dolly ALSOBROOK 21 NC housekeeper
                  Richard DUKIN? (Dickin?) 83 NC

1870 Halifax Co. NC Census
Arcadia Twp.
Pg.301, #189-193, DANKIN, J.H. (m) 29 NC (white) farm hand $0-$0
                  Georgania (f) 22 NC keeping house
                  Richard 5 NC at home
Pg.304, #214-218, HULIN, Mary 45 NC MULATTO keeping house $0-$0
                  Nancie 21 NC MUL farm hand
                  Martha 17 NC MUL farm hand
                  Robi (m) 10 NC MUL at home
                  William 6 NC MUL at home
                  Arther 11/12 NC MUL b.July
                  BARNETT, Henry 12 NC BLACK domestic
                  DANKAN, John 15 NC MUL domestic
Pg.307, #300-303, DUNCAN, Thos. 30 NC (white) farm hand $0-$0
                  Pegger (f) 25 NC keeping house
                  ADKINS, Wm. D. 10, James 8 NC (white) at home


Halifax Co. NC Cross-Index to wills 1759-1854 (FHL film 317,277)
      1-196: Duncan, William, 1766
      3-508: Duncan, William, 1810
      3-682: Duncan, Thomas Lowe, 1822
      4-110: Duncan, George, 1834
      4-331: Duncan, Nancy from L. Lewis, 1852

Halifax Co. NC Original Wills 1755-1781 at State Archives, Raleigh (FHL film 19,080 item 1; from Louis Boone 6/1991)
      Pg.12: John Tomson will 22 Jan. 1760, of Halifax Co. NC; wife Mary; three daus. Sarah Tomson, Eliz. Tomson, Anne Tomson. Oldest son Prigean?, sons Richard and Wm. Tomson. Appoint friends John Lewis and Peter Bruce Jr. exec. Wit. Daniel Duncan (jur?), Henry Ewing, James Randal (jun/jur), How? Goldsburg. Proved Sept. 1760.
      Pg.54: John Corlews will 27 Oct. 1761, of Halifax Co. NC; had land on Quanque (LB: sic) Creek, wife Keziah; children John, Philip, Wm., Eliz. Jackson, Mary Griggs. Wit. Daniel Dunkin, John Hubbard, Peter Bruce. Proved March 1762.
      Pg.?: George Bell's will to grandchildren, no land in NH mentioned.
      Pg.61: Peter Bruce Sr., will 4 Jan. 1760, of Halifax Co. NC; wife Mary; 5 children, Peter Bruce, Anne Fountain, Eliz. Coates, Jean Bruce, Sarah Braswell, Alice Huett. Wit. Daniel Dunkin, Samuel Gordon. Proved March 1762.
      Pg.178: Mary Merrit will 2 June 1761, of Halifax Co. NC; to Amy? Ragland wife of Evan Ragland; to Ephram Merritt son of Nathaniel Merritt; to Benj. Merritt son of Richard Merritt; to Andrew Merritt son of Thomas Merritt; to Mary Merritt. Wit. Daniel Duncan, Sarah ----?, Mary ----? Proved Oct. 1765.
      Pg.196: William Duncan will, dated Aug. 1762, of Halifax Co. NC; to son William Duncan slave, cow and calf etc. and all the land on the east side of Warrins (?) branch; to daughter Ann Duncan 1 cow, slave etc. at marriage or when she comes of age; to wife Ann Duncan the use of my Land without any disturbance as long as she lives; to son George Duncan slaves and all the land on the west side of Warrin's branch and if he dies without heirs the same to go to my son John Duncan with 1 slave; residue of estate to wife for her lifetime and after her death it to be equally divided between my 3 sons George, John and James; to son James Duncan 1 slave; Exec. wife; witnesses George Dawkins, David Jarrell, Mary Dawkins. Proved Aug. 1762. (also on pg.26 in "Genealogical Abstracts of Wills 1758-1824, Halifax Co. NC" by Margaret Hofmann; FHL book 975.648 S2h)

Halifax Co. NC Original wills (FHL film 19,081; also FHL film 1,571,815, original wills at NC State Archives in Raleigh, NC, from Louis Boone 5/1991)
      Pg.508?: William Duncan, 23 Aug. 1809; to dau. Sally Midling (?), Zachariah Duncan, Nancy Parker S(?), Patsy Neville and Polly Duncan's children (names not given), Henry Duncan and Betsy Parkins? 5 shillings each; Jesse Hilman all the rest of my estate; exec. Jesse Hilman; witnesses James M. Long?, Mathew C. Whitaker. Proved Aug. 1810. (indexed as Book 5, pg.508; also on pg.144-5, as #800, "Genealogical Abstracts of Wills 1758-1824, Halifax Co. NC" by Margaret Hofmann; FHL book 975.648 S2h)
      Pg.313? (Stamped page numbers) (This will VERY dark and hard to read on FHL film 19,081) 24 Jan. 1833, George Duncan of Hallifax Co.; to my dau. Peggy Joyner; the rest of my children namely Betty Duncan, Polly Duncan, dau. Nancy Sykes, dau. Rinpay? Range, and my son William Duncan. Appoint friend David Tillery and Thos. Range exec. Wit. D. Tillery Jr., Thos? Lewis?. Proved Aug. 1834. (also on pg.31, "Abstract of Wills, Halifax Co. NC, 1825-1854, Will Book 4" Vol.2, by David B. Gammon, 1989; FHL book 975.648 P2g; which lists children as Peggy Joyner, Sally Duncan, Polley Duncan, Nancy Merritt, Tempey King and William Duncan)

Halifax Co. NC will (FHL film 19,085; faint; also original Will 3-508 on FHL film 1,571,815, original wills at NC State Archives in Raleigh, NC, from Louis Boone 5/1991)
      3-682: Thomas Lowe of Halifax Co. NC, 11 Oct. 1819; to my son Thomas Lowe all my lands, three Negroes Harry and Charity? and her son Sterling Jones; I also give one Negro named Cub?, one bed & furniture, one ... If my son Thomas Lowe should die before his wife Elizabeth, then to be divided among all his living children. I lend to Elisabeth Duncan two Negro girls? named Doll and Harriett during her life, then to be equally divided among all her living children. I give my daughter Mary Lewis two Negroes Mary and Molly. In consideration of the above gift, to Zarsy Lewis, he is to ?keep? Milby, youngest child (??) have the child named Maria for three years. I lend to my daughter Nancy King the child ?named? Penelopy during her life and then to be equally divided among all her living children. I give all my property not willed away to be equally divided among my three daughters. Appoint my son Thomas Lowe exec. /s/ Thomas (+) Lowe. Wit. Wm. D. Cole, Joshua Cole. Proved Feb. term 1823.

Halifax Co. NC Wills (FHL film 19,086)
      4-110: Will of George Duncan of Halifax Co. NC, 24 Jan. 1832; to dau. Peggy Joyner 5 sh. with what she has already had; rest of my children, namely Sally Duncan, Polly D-n---, Nancy Merritt, Thempy King and my son William Duncan, to equally divide all my estate between them; my dau. Nancy Merritt and son William has heretofore had; appoint friends David Tilson and Thomas --- (tight binding) (executors?). Wit. David Tillory, Thomas Lewis. Proved Aug. 1834.
      4-331: Will of Lazarus (X) Lewis, 19 Feb. 1839 (tight binding); son Thomas Lewis tract for sole maintenance of son Cullin Lewis for life, where he now lives, about 4 acres, and another tract of 30 acres adj. Jacob Pope's heirs that I bought of Wm. H. Morgan, then to Cullin's child or children or if no issue or they die before age 21 or before marrying, then to issue of my dau. Nancy Duncan. To son Thomas Lewis in trust for support of my dau. Nancy Duncan for life and then her heirs, 67 acres whre Elijah Duncan now lives, and 13 acres I bought of Tobias Lewis, and a negro girl Mary age about 10. To Thomas Lewis (does not say son), negro girl Eliza and $100 to be paid by Lewis Lewis. To son Lewis Lewis negro girl Tilly and he to pay Thomas Lewis $100. Residue to son Lewis and wife ("Mary" crossed out) for life, then the lands I now live on, 164 acres, to son Lewis, then to my sons Thomas Lewis and Lewis Lewis. Appoint my nephew Eli Lewis and son Thomas Lewis execs. Wit. S.H.B. Whitaker, Jos. L. Simmons. Codicil 22 Aug. 1851: property given to son Thomas Lewis in trust for dau. Nancy Duncan to be subject to all debt I may be bound for as security for Elijah Duncan when I die, and be bound for tax on same. Wit. George W. Gary?, Henry Johnson. Proved Aug. 1852.

Halifax Co. NC Record of Estates
      1828-1835 (FHL film 1,014,902)
            Pg.469: 15 Nov. 1834, Count of sales of George Duncan, decd. Sales to William Branch, Elijah Duncan, Eli King, Sary Duncan, John Creswell, Joseph Price/Pierce, Thomas King, and a few others. Returned by Thos. King and David Filery?, exec. of Geo. Duncan decd.
      1835-1842 - no Duncan
      1850-1856 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,014,904)

Halifax Co. NC Record of Estates 1828-1835 (FHL film 19,131)
      Pg.469: 15 Nov. 1834, Account of sales of George Duncan, decd: sales to William Branch, Elijah Duncan, Eli King, Sary? Duncan, & others:
            negroes: boy Jock to Eli King, Thos. King, Nancy King, July King, $683
                  Mumford to Sary Duncan, $599.75
                  girl Till to Eli King, $253.25
                  girl Lease? to David Tillery, $300.75
                  boy Bob to Saml. Branch, $275.25
                  woman Italy (Haly?) to Saml. Branch, $153.25
                  Lettus to Saml. Branch $15.00
            rent of land for 1835, William Branch, $15.00
            rent of land for 1835, Eli King, $41.25
            Returned by Thos. King and David Tillery, execs. of Geo. Duncan decd, Feb. 1835.


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, Daniel, File No.54, Halifax Co., 110 acres, Grant No.15 issued 10 Dec. 1760, Entry No.---- entered 30 July 1760, Book No.14, page no.128, Location: Beg. at a pine John Marlands corner

Copies of Index cards from NC Land Grant Office (from Charles O. Duncan 4/1985)
      Daniel Duncan, #54, 110 acres Halifax Co., Grant #15 issued 10 Dec. 1760, Entry # (blank) entered 30 July 1760, Book 14, pg.128, beg. at a pine John Marland corner.

Halifax Co. NC Deed Indexes (grantors on FHL film 317,023; grantees on FHL film 317,032)
      6-152: Duncan, Daniel from Barnabe Melton
      6-325: Duncan, Wm. from Jno. Gunter and wife
      7-144: Duncan, Daniel from David Mims
      7-146: Duncan, Daniel from John Cotton
      9-154: Duncan, Daniel to Richard Bishop
      17-499: Duncan, Geo. from Jno. Tillery/Tilleny
      21-265: Duncan, Wm. to Jos. Jno. Peace
      22-25: Duncan, Geo. from J.J. Pearce
      26-6: Duncan, Geo. to Wm. Duncan
      27-83: Duncan, Geo. from Henry Doggett
      28-293: Duncan, Geo. to Thos. King
      28-323: Duncan, Geo. from Thos. Lowe
      29-386: Duncan, Geo. W. from Wm. Branch
      30-62: Duncan, George W. to Thos King.
      No deed indexed from John D. Branch to George W. Duncan; looked at several John Branch deeds, nothing similar (see Deed 30-62)
      31-453: Duncan, Jno. from Henry Harper (NOT Duncan; deed actually from John Deveroux & wife Frances, mentions land in Bertie and Martin Cos. NC; FHL film 317,054)
Vol.30-32, 1837-1850, did not copy later
      No Duncan deeds 1837-1860

Halifax Co. NC Deeds
      6-152: 5 June 1756, Barnaby Melton of Northampton Co. NC, gent., to Daniel Duncan of Edgecomb Co. NC, £25 VA money, 220 acres in Edgecomb Co. on south side great Quartly? Creek, together with houses, etc. Wit. Thomas Barrett, Thomas Chappell, Wm. Evatt. (FHL film 317,044)
      6-325: 27 June 1758, John Gunter, saddler, and wife Sarah of Edgecomb Parish and County to William Duncan, planter, £30, ref. to land in deed of 13 April 1753, 160 acres in Edgecomb Parish and Co. Wit. Robt. Belial?, Benj. Merriman. (FHL film 317,044)
      7-144: 5 May 1760, David Mims/Mimms and wife Judith of Johnston Co. NC to Daniel Duncan in Halifax Co., £50 VA money, 120 acres corner John Cotton. Wit. Joshua Latom, John Cotton. (FHL film 317,044)
      7-146: 5 May 1760, John Cotton of Northampton Co. NC to Daniel Duncan of Halifax Co., £20, 100 acres on south side Quankey? Creek joining lands of Daniel Duncan aforesaid and Beaver Pond. Wit. Joshua Latom, Mary Cotton. (Mary Cotton listed as witness, not as wife.) (FHL film 317,044)
      9-154: 9 Jan. 1765, Daniel Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Richard Bishop of Halifax Co. NC, £130, 540 acres on south side Quankey Creek. Wit. Mark Killingsworth, Jarrard Wallis. No wife. (FHL film 317,045)
      17-499: 24 Feb. 1791, John Tillery to George Duncan, both Halifax Co., £19.8, 48-1/2 acres on north side of Beech Swamp, Henry Overstreet's line, old line called Hunter's, John Gaskin's line, Duncan's line. Wit. Moses Pullen. (FHL film 317,048)
      21-265: 23 Aug. 1808, William (X) Duncan Sen. to Joseph D. Pearce, both Halifax Co., $424, 110 acres on the run of Warren's branch in my old patent line, corner of my old patent. Wit. Griffen Nicholson, Thomas Parker. (FHL film 317,050)
      22-25: 11 Feb. 1811, Joseph John Pearce to George Duncan, both Halifax Co., £145, 86 acres on Hunter's corner, Abraham Hills corner. Wit. Benj. Pearce, William (X) Landman. (FHL film 317,051)
      26-6: 27 Aug. 1811, George Duncan to William Duncan, both Halifax Co., £75, 77 acres on Benj. Pearce's corner and line, an old line called Hunters, Thos. Lowes line. Wit. Thomas Lowe, Nancy (X) Duncan. (FHL film 317,052)
      27-83: 12 Nov. 1821, Henry Doggette to George Duncan, both Halifax Co., $5 per acre, 185 acres on east side of Marsh Swamp adj. lands of James Overstreet and Joseph Price's heirs and others. Wit. Abner Gunter. (FHL film 317,052)
      28-293: 20 Aug. 1831 (?), George Duncan appoint friend Thomas King, both Halifax Co., attorney to ask, demand and receive any sums of money and all property that may be due me, to pursue such legal causes ... this shall include all my personal estate such as land and negroes and stock, other property that may concern me and my family. Wit. Eli King. (FHL film 317,053)
      28-323: 28 Feb. 1821 (1831?), Thomas (X) Lowe to George Duncan, $300, negro girl Dolly aged 12 years. Wit. Elijah Duncan. (FHL film 317,053)
      29-386: 17 Feb. 1837, William Branch to George W. Duncan, both Halifax Co., $275, 111 acres adj. lands of "Thomas Lowe & others". Wit. David Tillery, Sherrod? Merrit. (FHL film 317,053; no nearby deed from John D. Branch to George W. Duncan)
      30-62: 4 Dec. 1837, George William Duncan to Thomas King (no localities), $250, 120 acres adj. Daniel Tilleny, Thos. Somes? and others, which Duncan bought of William Branch and of John D. Branch & wife Martha Ann formerly Martha Ann Duncan. Wit. J.H. Sammons?. (FHL film 317,054; no nearby deed from John D. Branch to George W. Duncan) (MAD: ??? see 1850 Leon Co. FL census, pg.69, John D. Branch 32 NC, Mahala Ann 32 NC, and family, from Halifax Co. NC per Robert D. Smith 6/2003)

The website of "Old Dobbers" on the Grimsley family includes an extract from a 1760 deed of Sherwood Grimsley in Halifax Co. NC witnessed by Danl. Duncan.

The message of S W Edmondson posted on the Edmondson message board at Genforum on August 16, 2009, includes an extract from a 1760 deed of Joseph Edmondson in Halifax Co. NC witnessed by John Duncan.


Many of the early will and probate records and land records have been published by various authors. These books contain indexes to the Duncans who were witnesses or mentioned in some other capacity in the will or deed, and should be consulted.


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