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Formed 1770 from Orange
Lee formed 1907 from Chatham, Harnett, Moore


1790 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pg. 85  Duncan, Wm. Sr.        363xx

1800 Chatham Co. NC Census
(Stamped pg.220, written pg.325)
Pg.220  James Dunkin           10010    - 40010
        William Dunkin         41101    - 11110

1810 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pg.190  John Duncan            20110    - 11011
        Micajah Duncan         10110    - 31010
        James Duncan           20110    - 32010
          (MAD: See Maury and Marshall Cos. TN)
   201  Wm. Dunkan             00301    - 00101

1820 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pg.214  Micajah Duncan         210010   - 23010

1830 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pg.455  William Duncan         0000,1   - 2000,01   Pittsbon

1840 Chatham Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pg.390, #588, William DUNCAN 49 NC farmer $1150
                  Elizabeth 51 NC
                  Martha C. 20, William A. 11 NC
                  Sarah E. 6 NC
                  (MAD: from Orange Co. NC; see also Granville Co. NC)
Pg.420, #1020, Sally HART 78 NC
                  Sally 40, Rebecca 36 NC
                  Robert W. DUNCAN 12 NC

1860 Chatham Co. NC Census
Pittsboro P.O.
Pg.3 (5), #35-35, Nacy NEAL (m) 31 NC house carpenter $500-$500
                  Susan 28 NC
                  James DUNCAN 20 NC farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: James d. 9/24/1862 Civil War)
St.Larrence P.O.
Pg.63 (126), #808-746, David DUNCAN 28 NC farmer $400-$300
                  Jane 22 NC
                  Henry 5, Martha 3 NC
                  Livinia? (f) 2 NC
Mud Lick P.O.
Pg.158 (316), #644-604, Wm. DUNCAN 60 NC farmer $300-$1105
                  Elizabeth 60 NC
                  Wm. 21, Sarah 16 NC

1870 Chatham Co. NC Census
North side Pittsboro Road
Pg.178, #402-406, DUNCAN, Wm. 71 NC farmer $500-$500
                  Susan 41 NC keeping house
Pg.212, #984-1002, DUNCAN, Wm. A. 31 NC farmer $600-$800
                  Bethenia 27 NC keeping house
                  Ester (f) 8, Thos. 6 NC at school
                  Ambrose 4 NC at home
                  (MAD: household numbers should be #986-1002)
Pg.212, #987-1003, DUNCAN, Wm. 70 NC farmer $800-$900
                  Susan 35 NC keeping house

1880 Chatham Co. NC Census, 2nd part, ED 29 to end
      No Duncan, page by page


Chatham Co. NC Will Index 1770-1924 (FHL film 18,466)
      No Duncan until 1883

Chatham Co. NC Unrecorded Wills 1770 and later (FHL film 18,467)
      No Duncan indexed

Chatham Co. NC Original Wills, 1782 (from NC Archives, from Dean Cress 4/1991)
      -hatham County and -being in perfect helth, -ke and appoint this to be -annent? -ez?th Dunkin for her -e consisting of horses -with their furniture? --- With furniture working tools and all of the estate of whatever kind for her perticular support during her life and after her death I give it all to my brother Peter Dunkin to have and his heirs for ever. I appoint and name my brothers Matthew Dunkin and Peter Dunkin Executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10 day of June 1778. /s/ George (his + mark) Dunkin. Signed in presence of Richd. D. Kennon, (cannot read handwriting of 2nd name). (part of court's certification, 1784 legible; proved August court per Nancy Reba Roy's extract) (MAD: Will is in two pieces; it was apparently folded in half or thirds, and then half again; only the upper left quarter and bottom half (or third) are here; it is written on both sides of the paper; abstract by others names Elizabeth as mother, to inherit land for her support during her lifetime, second witness Spencer Stewart)
      State of NC, Chatham Co., This day came before us John Ramsey and Joseph Hinton, two States Justices, Mr. George Glasscock and his wife, assigned for keeping the peace for the county aforesaid, and made oath &c &c that some time about the last of May of first of June last they heard Peter Dunkin say (as he was then gowing out a twelve months regular) that it was his desire in case of death, that John Elliott should heir and possess all his cattle and other effects, to be at his the said John Elliott's disposal, or words to this effect. Sworn to ... 25 Jan. 1782. Feb. Court 1782, the above will entered on the record.

Chatham Co. NC Orig. Wills, A-Crutchfield (FHL film 1,548,327 item 2)
      Will of Thomas Andrews of Chatham Co. NC, weak in body, 13? April 1779; to my wife Susannah Andrews all my estate both real and personal during her widowhood except one cow and yearling which I bequeath to my daughter Mary Andrews; at the death of my wife Susannah Andrews I give my son John Andrews 200 acres to be taken off the west end of the tract I now live on, and to my son Thomas Andrews 200 acres to include the plantation where I now live; to my son William Andrews 240 acres the remainder of the tract to be taken off the East end. My still now in the possession of William Dunkun be sold immediately after my decease to the highest bidder and the money used to pay my debts; after the death of my wife, all my personal estate be sold and the money equally divided amongst all my children. Appoint my wife Susannah Andrews and John Thompson sole execs, revoking all previous wills. /s/ Thos. Andrews. Wit. Charles White, John White. Proved May Court 1779.

Chatham Co. NC Original Wills (FHL film 1,548,328, "Crutchfield" to "Hill")
      Isham Gunter, Will, 1834; Isham (X) Gunter, 28 Sept. 1818, of Chatham Co. NC, Low in health; to wife Hester Gunter my land etc. for life and my two negroes Diner and Rhoda for life or widowhood, then the girl Rhoda and boy Elijah to my dau. Susanna Johnston for life then to my grandson Isham Johnston, and $1 at the death of my wife; to my son Willis Gunter at death of my wife, land where I now live; at the death of my wife, the residue equally divided among my children Benjamin Gunter, Rebecah Lasater, Richard Gunter, Isham Gunter, Willis Gunter, Caty Marks, Mary Marks. Revoke other wills; appoint Benjamin Gunter Sr. and William Lasater Sr. execs; wit. A. Gunter, Aaron Bryon. Codicil 16 June 1834, to grandson Ewell Mark to support his mother Mary Mark. (MAD: cannot read witnesses). Recorded Book C, pg.869. (MAD: no receipt by John Dunkin; no document for Samuel Gunter)
      (MAD: also checked original Estate Papers, "Gordon" to Gunter, J.W." on FHL film 1,064,351 and "Gunter, James to Hackney, Joseph" on FHL film 1,064,352; no Samuel Gunter; no receipt by John Dunkin)

Chatham Co. NC Wills, NC Archives 022.801.1 (extract from Peggy Ward 2/1996)
      Pg.133, 13 Dec. 1789, John Dunkin of Lexington Co. SC for £100 current money paid by Isham Gunter of Chatham Co. NC, sold said Isham Gunter such part and share as Lucy Dunken, dau. of John Gunter, late of Jones Co. decd, and now the wife of John Dunkin; ... part thereof and share that I am entitled in right of my wife Lucy Dunkin of the estate of the late Samuel Gunter dec. of Lexington Co. SC ... said John Gunter and Samuel Gunter, decd.; wit. Zachr. Harmon, James Lasater.

Chatham Co. NC Original Estate Papers (FHL film 1,065,100, "Dowdy" to "Edwards")
      William Duncan, 1883: North Carolina, Chatham Co. Wm. A. Duncan, Sally Johnson, W.A. Lineberry and Martha K. Lineberry, Henry S. Duncan, Fuller Duncan, Martha Hargrove and J.I. Hargrove, Elizabeth Smith and Jacob Smith, Milton Duncan, Malthus Duncan, John F. Duncan, E.G. Duncan, Cora Buckner and Cicero Buckner, Ila Fruit and Monroe Fruit, Della Kimrey and George Kimrey, Ex Parte. (Frame 618-621; many other papers)
            Petitioners would show to the court: (1) that William Duncan late of Chatham Co. NC died July 9, 1883, leaving a will in which he bequeathed to his wife Susan Duncan during her natural life a parcel of land in Chatham Co. NC which said Wm. Duncan purchased of Wm. J. Moran and adj. lands of Zeno Johnson, Arthur Whitehead and others; (2) that said Susan Duncan died September 11, 1904, and your petitioners are the sole and only heirs to the said tract and are entitled to it in the following proportions: W.A. Duncan 1/4, Sally Johnson 1/4, Martha K. Lineberry and her husband W.A. Lineberry 1/4; Henry S. Duncan 1/44, Martha Hargrove and her husband J.J. Hargrove 1/44, Elizabeth Smith and her husband Jacob Smith 1/44, Fuller Duncan 1/44, Milton Duncan 1/44, Malthus Duncan 1/44, John F. Duncan 1/44, Cora Buckner and her husband Cicero Buckner 1/44, E.C. Duncan 1/44, Ila Fruit and her husband Monroe Fruit 1/44, Della Kimrey and her husband George Kimrey 1/44; (3) that petitioners before named are anxious to come into possession of their property interests in the said land and that the several interests in the same are too small for actual partition. Therefore, they pray that the court appoint R.B. Lineberry a commissioner to advertise and sell the land according to law and pay the proportions from the proceeds; and that the court appoint a surveyor to define the boundaries. Signed November 23, 1904. (FHL film 1,065,100)
      Application by Susan Duncan, widow of William Duncan (d.1883) vs. Wm. A. Duncan, exec., for year's support. Application that her husband, William Duncan, late of Chatham Co., died July last, had made will, that she married William Duncan in Sept. 1864, she has never had any children now living by her said husband, that the executor is a son by former marriage; dated 11 Dec. 1883. (frame 493)
      Susan Duncan vs. William A. Duncan, David S. Duncan, Sally Johnston and Martha K. Lineberry who are children of Wm. by previous marriage; Zeno Johnston, husband of Sally, and William A. Lineberry husband of Martha K.; that William owned land in Albright township, 88 acres, on 4 May 1871, 230 acres on branch of Mud Lick Creek purchased by deed recorded book "AL" pg. 449; that William gifted to his children land in 1865; William A. Duncan, David S. Duncan and Sally Johnston; that testator was quite an old man ... she petitioned for dower in the lands he gave his children after he married her; dated 5 March 1884. (frame 499)
      (MAD: William Duncan had promised his four children by his earlier marriage a share of his land before he married Susan, but he made the gift deeds to three of his children after he married Susan; Susan said she should have a share of the land since they were married at the time he made the gift deeds. The children disagreed and said the arrangements were made before his second marriage. The court agreed with the children, that Susan was not entitled to a dower interest. There are well over 100 pages of documents in this file.)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, John, File No.1880, Chatham Co., 148 acres, Grant No.1491 issued 5 March 1808, Entry No.41 entered 26 Oct. 1806, Book No.123, page no.138, Location: On Waters of Indian Creek
            Dunkin, Wm., File No.018, Chatham Co., 500 acres, Grant No.---- issued ----, Entry No.974 entered 14 Feb. 1780, Book No.--, page no.--, Location: Beg. at a red oak N. side of Indian Creek
            Duncan, William, File No.1332? (1832?), Chatham Co., 200 acres, Grant No.1237 issued -- -- 1795, Entry No.973 entered 14 Feb. 1780, Book No.87, page no.487, Location: On waters of Indian Creek
            Duncan, William, File No.682, Chatham Co., 300 acres, Grant No.788 issued 7 Aug. 1787, Entry No.972 entered 14 Feb. 1780, Book No.64, page no.162, Location: Beg. at his own corner
            Dunkin, William, File No.586, Chatham Co., 100 acres, Grant No.593 issued 23 Oct. 1782, Entry No.587 entered 22 Oct. 1749? (typed over), Book No.48, page no.8, Location: Beg. at a post oak in John Poes line

Chatham Co. NC Deeds (Grantee index on FHL film 18,453; Grantor Index on FHL film 18,459)
      Copied all to 1844; next deeds 1855
      A-354: 4 May 1773, Robert Duncan of Chatham Co. NC, planter, to Isham Gunter, £30, land whereon I now live, cow, calf, etc. Wit. Geo. (+) Dunkin, Wm. Johnston. (FHL film 259,406)
      C-153: 1782, NC Grant #603 to William Dunkin, 50 sh/100 acres, 640 acres on north prong of Indian Creek, waters of Deep River, Andrews Corner and line.(FHL film 259,406)
      C-224: 23 Oct. 1782, NC Grant #593 to William Dunkin, 100 acres, John Pous line. (FHL film 259,406)
      D-600: 9 Aug. 1787, NC Grant #788 to William Duncan, 300 acres at his own corner. (FHL film 259,407)
      E-193: 12 Feb. 1791, William (signed) Dunkin to James Clark and Jethro Vincent, £100, 300 acres at his own corner, grant. Wit. William (+) Dowdy, John Montgomery. (FHL film 259,407)
      M-80: 31 Oct. 1801, John Nall to John Dunkin, £150, 236 acres on Indian Creek, line of Wm. Nall and John Nall. Wit. Wm. Brantly, Mark Brooks. (FHL film 259,409)
      O-26: 30 Nov. 1804, David Record to John Dunkin, £200, 220 acres south side of Bear Creek, Wm. Dunkins line & corner. Wit. Samuel Eloitt, William Dowdy, Johua (x) Tilmon. (FHL film 259,410)
      O-433: 5 March 1808, NC Grant #4491 to John Duncan, 148 acres on Indian Creek, Story's corner, Gaines corner, William Duncan's line, Oct. 1806 by plat hereto. (FHL film 259,410)
      P-299: 26 March 1808, John Dunkin to James Clarke, £74, 148 acres on Indian Creek, near Story's corner, Gaines Corner, William Duncan's line. /s/ by mark (similar to a cross between a "4" and an "X"). Wit. Stephen Glass, Wm. Glass. (FHL film 259,410)
      U-83: 15 Feb. 1815, John (X) Duncan to Levy Perry, $700, 456 acres on bear creek and Indian Creek, Wm. Duncan's line, John & Wm. Nall, Gulf Road, Wm. Nall and David Record. Wit. Nathan Nall, Wm. Glass. (FHL film 259,411)
      V-110: 1 Nov. 1817, William (signed) Duncan to Samuel S. Jackson, $1,100, 640 acres on north prong of Indian Creek, waters of Deep River, and another tract of 100 acres. Wit. William Perry, John Glass. (FHL film 259,412)
      X-193: 28 July 1818, by order of court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, division of land of Parish Self decd, to heirs: James Thompson husband of Letitia Thompson; W. McKenzie and A. McBryd assignees of said Letitia Thompson as surviving partners of M. McKenzie & C.; Lot #3 for James Duncan husband of Elizabeth Duncan; W.C. Shedman assignee of Balaam and Thompson Self; H. McKenzie & A. McBryde surviving partners of M. McKenzie & Co. & as assignees of James Tory and Hannah his wife, William Self & Garner Self. (Sketch of land). (FHL film 259,412)
      Y-204: 1 April 1821, William Duncan of Maury Co. TN to Samuel S. Jackson of Chatham Co. NC, $130, 50 acres on Indian Creek, to the old line. Wit. Joseph Duncan, Robert W. Duncan. Reg. Maury Co. TN on oaths of wits. (FHL film 259,412)
      Z-255: 10 Dec. 1818, Thomas Ragland, surviving admr. of William Brantley Esq. decd, to William Self, Gaines Self, Elizabeth wife of James Duncan, Hannah wife of James Hay?, Letitia Thompson widow, Nancy wife of ...hsed Brooks, Thompson Self and Balaam Self, children and heirs of Parish Self decd, Wm. Brantley sold land to Parish Self, gave bond, purchase money now paid, transfer of land. Wit. H.D. Bridges. (FHL film 259,413)
      A/D-443: (blank) Feb. 1836, William Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan to William Dorsett, all of Chatham Co. NC, $487.30, 203 acres on Rocky River, near house where Simon Wright now lives, Fox's line, Smith's line, Dorsets orig. corner. Wit. Jno. S. Guthrie?. (FHL film 259,414)
      A/D-523: 26 Dec. 1836, Abram Hoadley to William Duncan, $850, 274 acres on ..ed? Lick Creek, Bridges line, Woody's line, Salem & Raleigh Road, John Culberson's line, Simon Johnson's line. Wit. W.H. Bridges. (FHL film 259,414)
      A/F-478: 25 Jan. 1844, William Duncan to Samson Edwards, $76, 30-1/2 acres on Mudlick Creek adj. lands of N.R. Bridges, Raleigh-Salem Road, etc. /s/ Wm. Duncan. Wit. J. Patterson, John Davis. (FHL film 259,415)
      A/F-483: 25 Jan. 1844, Samson Edwards to William Duncan, $10, 2 acres on Johnsons Creek adj. lands of William Duncan and others. Same wit. as A/F-478. (FHL film 259,415)


"Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of North Carolina 1804-1810 inclusive" by A.D. Murphey of Orange County, Vol.1 (spine title "No. Carolina Reports [Vol.] 5 - Murphey's Law & Equity Vol.I); Vol.5, pgs.466 to 467 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)   AND   "NC Reports" Vol.5, 1804-1810, pg.315-318, July term, 1810 (NC Archives, Raleigh NC, 10/1985; MAD's extract; original court papers not in archives)
      MAD: These are a series of volumes of extracts of Supreme Court decisions which can later be cited in other court pleadings. Each volume is indexed by the names of the plaintiffs and defendants. Most states have a set of similar volumes for that state, usually found in law libraries. These references were found for me by Mrs. Grace Turner of Wilson, NC. The NC Archives has a master index on microfilm to all the cases for which it has the original documents filed with the court. It does not always have the originals.
      JAMES DUNCAN and wife v. The Administrator of PARISH SELF, deceased; From Chatham; Supreme Court of North Carolina; 5 N.C. 466; 1 Mur. 466; July, 1810, Decided.
      A gift of a chattel to a person, with a reservation to the donor of a life estate therein, is good, and vests a property in the donee in the event of his surviving the donor.
      Parish Self made a gift by parol of a negro girl slave to his daughter Elizabeth, reserving to himself the said negro during his life. He kept the said negro in his possession until his death, and his daughter survived him. She having intermarried with James Duncan, this action of detinue was brought by them against the administrators of the estate of Parish Self, to recover the said negro girl. The defendants insisted that no title vested in Elizabeth, the daughter, by the gift; that the reservation of the property to the donor during his life was in fact a reservation of the entire interest in the negro, and nothing was left for the daughter, inasmuch as the law will not allow a remainder to be created in a chattel after a life estate, except it be done by executory devise or by deed of trust. The case was sent to this Court upon the question, Whether the gift vested such an interest in Elizabeth, the daughter, as enables her husband and herself to recover the negro.
      By the Court. We are of opinion that the daughter, Elizabeth, having survived her father, the donor, the property in the negro girl vested absolutely in her at his death, and that the plaintiffs are entitled to judgment.
      (MAD: 3 pages comparing this case with two other similar cases and their judgments, no genealogy info, not copied here)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Clayborn E.; B 11 US Inf., H 12 US Inf., Hosp. Corps USA; 1923 May 3, Invalid(S) Appl. #1483443, Cert. #A-6-28-29, NC; remarks C2341597. (MAD: see Chatham Co. NC, b.1873, son of David Seymore Duncan and Jane Elizabeth Johnson per Duncan-Johnson gen. in Granville Co. NC)


Orange Co. NC Deed (FHL film 305,936)
      25-191: (no day, month) 1828, William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC to Anderson Duncan of Orange Co. NC, $300, 154 acres on Back Creek adj. James Forrest, William Paul & others, tract Jesse Lynch sold to Anderson and William Duncan. Wit. Thomas Woods, Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan. (MAD: See Granville Co. NC)

Franklin Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1834- (FHL film 576,294)
      Pg.475-7: Ex part Petitioners filed in office 24 Aug. 1843 ... Petitioners Anderson B. Duncan of Franklin Co. TN for himself and also as guardian for William N. Duncan, infant orphan of Charles N. Duncan, John H. Duncan of Coffee Co. TN, William M. Runnels and wife Martha M. late Martha Duncan, of Franklin Co. TN, John K. Embry guardian of Sarah E. Embry daughter of Cleopatria Embry formerly Cleopatria Duncan of sd. county, Mark White & wife Elizabeth late Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Woods & wife Fanny late Fanny Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, and William Duncan of Chatham Co. NC; represent that one John Lambert of Franklin Co. TN for the consideration therein mentioned, executed his deed of gift 12 October 1842 to a certain negro girl Milly, to the brothers and sisters and heirs of his late wife, Lucy Lambert formerly Lucy Duncan; represent that the said Lucy Lambert dec'd left as 'her brothers & sisters & their heirs' your petitioners & the two infants aforesaid with the exception of John K. Embry who is only guardian as aforesaid ... petition to sell slave. Petition granted; slave sold to A.B. Duncan for $451.

Randolph Co. NC Wills; Book 1, 1773-1793 (FHL film 475,245)
      Indexed only a William Duncan on page 45, not found, so started going through book page by page looking for John Duncan 1805-1815 (none found).
      Center pages in book blank, then pages starting with number 1, which had surveys and sketches of land, each headed "Chatham County".
      1-45: Sketch of 640 acres: "Chatham County. This plat represents a tract of land surveyed for William Dunkin lying on the head of the North prong of Indian Creek waters of Dick River, beginning at a post oak thence north and round agreable to the plan for 640 acres. 17 Sept. 1779. Jno.? Harper."


"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n from index from Evelyn Sigler 1/1984; some from Evelyn Sigler; some from SUTRO book F251 N6, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790" (Vol.1-25 on FHL fiche 6,078,231; Vol.27 index, vol.28-30 FHL book 975.6 N2n; Vol.17 missing in microfiche set)
      Vol.16, pg.1047: Peter Duncan, 10th Reg., Sgt. Sharp's Co., 30 May 1781. (MAD: see Chatham Co. NC, will Feb. 1782, going out on 6-months tour of duty, all to John Elliott; his brother George died 1784)

NC State Library, Raleigh, Genealogy Vertical File: Duncan Family (from Stuart Duncan 11/1988; see Chatham Co. NC)
            Colerain Baptist Church R.B. Lineberry, pastor
      Colerain, N.C. _____, 19__ (blank) [Bertie Co. NC]
(on above letterhead; handwritten column headings for Born, Married, Died)
      Elizabeth G. Duncan b. Jany 6, 1799; d. April 20, 1863
      William Duncan b. June, 1802; d. July 9, 1883
      Ann Adeline Duncan b. Aug. 4, 1828; d. Aug. 28, 1843
      Martha K. Duncan b. Apr. 12, 1830; m. Decr. 23, 1858; d. Feby 23, 1908
      David Seymore Duncan b. Apr. 7, 1832; d. Mch. 29, 1835
      Elizabeth Frances Duncan b. May 10, 1834
      William A. Duncan b. June 23, 1839
      Sarah E. Duncan b. Oct. 17, 1843
      William Lineberry b. Aug. 28, 1803; m. Apr. 1, 1824; d. May 9, 1877
      Sallie Coble b. April 20, 1805; m. Apr. 1, 1824; d. Oct. 31, 1863
      Mary Ann Webster m. Apr. 5, 1864
      Humphrey P.K. Lineberry b. Aug. 30, 1827; d. Dec. 11, 1827
      Arlena Lineberry b. Feby. 3, 1831; d. Oct. 13, 1891
      William Alson Lineberry b. Apr. 18, 1835; m. Dec. 23, 1858; d. Dec. 28, 1920
      Lethia Ann Lineberry b. Mch. 16, 1833; m. Jany. 17, 1856 G. W. Emerson; d. 1907
      Sarah Jane Lineberry b. Sept. 23, 1837; m. Sept. 27, 1855 John Emerson; d. Mch. 20, 1913
      Alexander Newton Lineberry b. Jany. 11, 1842; m. Sept. 8, 1867 Susan Fox; d. Mch. 13, 1909
      Rufus B. Lineberry b. Dec. 16, 1859; m. Dec 30, 1890; m. June 4, 1907
      Ida J. Lineberry b. Feby 14?, 1862 (fold in paper)
      Sarah Ann Lineberry b. April 1, 1866
      Orpheus P. Lineberry b. Aug. 15, 1867; d. Feby. 12, 1908
      Gustavus E. Lineberry b. Jany. 12, 1870
      Savannah Bennett b. Jany. 15, 1860; m. Decr. 30, 1890; d. May 12, 1906
      John Justice 1720; Jemima 1760; David Justice 1763
      William " 1765; Henry 1768; Stephen 1770
      Rizia 1774; Allen 1775; David " married 1791
      Patsy 1792; Sally 1796; Eliz 1799; John 1802
      (Nancy } Nov. 28 1803; David 1763
      (John }


"William Duncan, of Scotland, Chatham County, North Carolina, Maury and Marshall Counties, in Tennessee, and his eleven known children" by Olive and Joe Harris, ca 1975 (FHL book 976.4 D2c, FHL film 1,697,336 item 2.)
      This book has an excellent genealogy of this family.


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