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Formed 1865; original county
Granite fromed 1893 from Deer Lodge
SILVER BOW formed 1881 from Deer Lodge


1870 Deer Lodge Co. MT Census
Pg.31, #39-#1, SMALL, James P. 28 MO butcher $0-$60
                  & others, including
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 28 SCT clerk in hotel, parents of foreign birth

1880 Deer Lodge Co. MT Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Butte City, pg.43, S.D.78, E.D.10, North Main Street (many single men in their own household)
Pg.125C, #593-677, DUNCAN, Leander, w/m age 33 single gambler OH PA OH
Butte City, pg.66, S.D.78, E.D.10, Main Street
Pg.136B, #895-1200, DUNCAN, Archibald, w/m age 26 single miner UT Scotland Scot.
Deer Lodge Valley, pg.6, S.D.(blank), E.D.11
Pg.155B, #60-41, DUNCAN, John, w/m age 39 mar. farmer IN ("Indiana") IN Scotland
    Mary, w/f age 22 wife mar. keeping house IN IN IN
    S.R., w/m age 2 son (not checked single/mar.) MT IN IN
    C.A., w/m age 1 son (not checked single/mar.) MT IN IN

1900 Deer Lodge Co. MT Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Anaconda Township, City of Anaconda, Ward 4, S.D.1, E.D.16, Sheet 17, 123 East Park
Pg.104A, #358-520, DUNCAN, William, head w/m Jany 1855, age 45, mar. 26y, Scotland, SCT, SCT, immigrated 1872, 28 years in US, Naturalized, mason, can read/write
    Hepeayold?, wife w/f Oct. 1858 age 41, mar. 26y, 13 ch., 5 living, Canada, Ireland, Ireland, immigrated 1880, 20 years in US, can read/write (MAD: indexed as "Herseybald?" in 1910
    Pearle, dau., w/f, July 1885, age 16, single, Michigan SCT Canada, can read/write
    Wallace, son w/m Mar. 1892, age 8, single, MI, SCT Canada, can read/write
    Baby, son, w/m, Aug. 1898, age 1, son, MI, SCT Canada
Anaconda Township, City of Anaconda, Ward 5, S.D.155, E.D.17, Sheets 10, 517 East Park Avenue
Pg.120A&B, #205-210, DONAN, William, head, w/m Apr. 1835 age 65 mar. 40 years, WI IRE FRA (blank occupation) can read/write
    Mrs.? (?Megan? - can't read) wife w/f Dec.1841 age 58 mar. 40 yrs, 15 ch, 12 living, WI IRE IRE (blank occupation) can read/write
    Mattie, dau. w/f Feb.1895 age 15 single IA WI WI can read/write
    (3 other lodgers)
    DUNCAN, James, lodger w/m Apr. 1870 age 30 single, Ireland Ireland Ireland immigrated 1874, 26 years in US, naturalized, bartender, 5 months unemployed, can read/write
Anaconda Township, City of Anaconda, Ward 6, S.D.155, E.D.17, Sheet 37, 902 East 6th Street
Pg.146B, #750-772/775, DUNCAN, James A., head, w/m Apr. 1871 age 29 mar. 2y, MI /Canada Eng, /Michigan iron moulder, can read/write
    Alice E.? (C.?), wife, w/f Mch. 1875, age 25, mar.2y, 0 ch., Iowa Iowa Illinois, can read/write
    Malcolm, father, w/m Dec. 1846 age 53 wd, Canada Eng./ Scotland Scotland immigrated 1878, 22 years in US, naturalized, pattern maker can read/write
Montana State Penitentiary, Deer Lodge, Montana, E.D.216, S.D.155, Sheet 1 (most men indicated relationship as son) (semi-alphabetic order)
Pg.177, #1-1 DUNKIN, John, son w/m Feb.1852, age 48, single, IA PA OH railroader can read/write

1900 Silver Bow Co. MT Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Silver Bow Township, Butte City Ward 2, S.D.155, E.D.104, Sheet 8, 1013 Lewisohn Street
Pg.60A&B, #158-172, DUNCAN, Harry C., head w/m May 1868 age 32 mar. 6y, MO MO MO, miner of ores, can read/write
    Eva N., wife w/f Nov. 1866, age 33, mar. 6y, 1? ch., 1? living (written over), Dakota, Germany, New York, can read/write
    Philip C., brother w/m Feb.1874, age 26, single, MO MO MO, miner of ores, can read/write
    WATTS, Arleigh, S-son w/m Sept. 1889 age 10 single WI MO S.Dakota at school can read/write
    RAMSEY, Irma, nurse, w/f, Jany 1851 age 48 div., 2ch, 2 living, WI (blank) Nova Scotia, nurse, can read/write
      (MAD: 1880 Callaway Co. MO census)
Silver Bow Township, S.D.155, E.D.91, Sheet 27, 605 W.Agate
Pg.193B, 486-491 WARD family and many boarders
    DUNCAN, John W., boarder, w/m Aug.1878 age 21 single IL IL IL miner can read/write

HISTORIES before 1923

1913 "A history of Montana" by Helen Fitzgerald Sanders, pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 12733; FHL film 1,000,174 items 2-4)
      Pg.429, Lewis J. Duncan, one of the leaders of the socialist party of the state (no date) (MAD: Silver Bow Co. MT)
      Pg.1675: LEWIS J. DUNCAN, mayor of Butte [Silver Bow Co.], was born in the city of St.Louis, Missouri, on the 4th of May, 1857, and is the son of Edwin and Emma S. (Francis) Duncan, the former of whom was born in the state of New York, of staunch Scotch lineage, and the latter of whom was born in England, whence she came with her parents to America when she was ten years of age, the family home being established at Quincy, Illinois in which state she was reared to maturity. Edwin Duncan removed to Missouri when a young man and there held various positions of trust. His marriage was solemnized in St.Louis, that state, where he continued to maintain his home until his death, in 1860, at the age of thirty-two years. Of this union were born two children, of whom both are now living. Mrs. Emma S. (Francis) Duncan was born in 1832 and lived to a venerable age. She passed the closing years of her life in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she died in August, 1909. In 1867 she contracted a second marriage, becoming the wife of Samuel Wood, and of this union two children were born.
            The early educational discipline of Lewis J. Duncan was received in the public schools of Quincy [Adams Co.], Illinois, to which place his widowed mother returned after the untimely death of the husband and father. At the age of seventeen years, Mr. Duncan entered Hanover College, a Presbyterian institution at Hanover, Indiana, where he was a student in the year 1874-1875. He then returned to Quincy, Illinois, where he took up the study of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1878, at the age of 21 years, and for the ensuing two years he continued in the practice of his profession at Quincy. ... Accepted a position in the employ of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company in the freight department at East St.Louis, Illinois, for some time. Returning later to Quincy ... for seven years. ... qualified himself for the Unitarian ministry. On the 1st of March, 1899, Mr. Duncan accepted the pastorate of the Unitarian church at Sheffield, Illinois, ....
            In 1902 Mr. Duncan was called to Montana to take charge of the organization of the Unitarian church in the city of Butte, ... pastor of this church until March 1, 1910, ... withdrew. Socialist party in Montana, Masonic fraternity, ...
            At Quincy, Illinois, on the 26th of October, 1882, was solemnized the marriage of Mayor Duncan to Miss Kate Keath, daughter of Uriah H. Keath, who has long been one of the representative members of the bar of that city, where he still maintains his home, his wife, whose maiden name was Carrie Turner, having been summoned to eternal rest in 1889. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan became the parents of two children, Edith, who was born at Quincy, Illinois, in 1886, died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1904; Edwin, who was born at Sheffield, Illinois, in 1890, is now one of the electricians for the Great Falls power station, at Butte, Montana.


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