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Formed 1841 from Andrew


1850-1860 Nodaway Co. MO Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Nodaway Co. MO Census
Green Twp.
Pg.531, #31-31, DUNCAN, William 36 IL farmer $1200-$800
                  Ellen 35 KY keeping house
                  Jane M. 14 IL no occupation
                  Norah S. (m) 11 IL
                  Thomas A. 6/12 MO b.Jan.
                  LONG, John 15 MO BLACK farm laborer
                  (MAD: 1860 McDonough Co. IL census)
Jackson Twp.
Pg.590, #22-22, SMITH, Lorenzo 25 VA farming $2600-$1200
                  DUNCAN, Sarah Jane 28 VA keeping house
                  BROILS, Jasper N. 11 VA at home
                  THOMAS Warren 25 NY farm laborer
                  (MAD: 1880 census pg.261A shows Sarah DUNCAN 41 WV VA VA, L.C. BROILS 22 WV son WV WV, J.N. BROILS 19 WV son WV WV, John DUNCAN 10 MO son WV WV; Michael Duncan mar. Sarah Jane Broiles 4/22/1867)

1880 Nodaway Co. MO Census (partial; from Alice Y. Duncan 1980)
Nodaway Twp. Pg.22, 11 June 1880
Pg.104B, #207-232, DUNCAN, William 45 IL farmer TN TN
                  Ellen 44 KY wife VA KY
                  Jane 23 IL dau. IL KY
                  Thomas 10 IL son IL KY
                  Norah 8 IL dau. IL KY
                  Clarence? 6 IL son IL KY
Union Twp. Pg.20
Pg.312D, #170-176, DUNCAN, Elias 39 IL farmer TN TN
                  Nancy J. 27 IL wife VA IL
                  Ella M. 10 IL dau. IL IL
                  Caty Ann 8 IL dau. IL IL
                  Cora Dell 3 MO dau. IL IL
                  Burtie L. 1 MO son IL IL
                  PATTERSON, Wesley 29 MO (blank) farmer (blanks)


Nodaway Co. MO Probate Records (index on FHL film 1,006,933)
      Indexed: John Duncan decd, John W. Duncan admin. de bonis non; 2-33, 39 (settlement 5/3/1848), 40/43 (allowances against the estate), 62 (settlement 5/7/1842), 71 (settlement 8/1850).

Nodaway Co. MO Probate Order Book 2 (FHL film 1,006,934)
      (MAD: John W. Duncan had wife Elizabeth Wayne, of 1850 Page Co. IA census)
      2-33: 8 Nov. 1847, Williamson Campbell in court with all the papers of the admin. of John Duncan decd.
      2-33: 6 Dec. 1847, bond of John W. Duncan, admin. de bonis non of estate of John Duncan decd, approved by court; ordered that papers pertaining to estate be placed in hands of J.W. Duncan and administration proceed.
      2-39: 1 May 1848, John W. Duncan presents first annual settlement, incl. payments, and loans to Daniel Duncan and to William Hardee.
      2-40: 1 May 1848, Elizabeth Duncan presents account against the estate, and payment is allowed.
      2-62/3: May, 1849, John W. Duncan presents settlement, including cash of $351.55, payments to Elizabeth Duncan (per allowance), etc.
      2-71: 13 Aug. 1850, John W. Duncan makes final settlement (MAD: no details).


Nodaway Co. MO Deed Index vol.1, 1845-1867 (FHL film 1,006,768; SLC 2/2009)
      (MAD: no deeds 1845-1855)
      5-299: Duncan, Thomas, to Silas D. Harris, June 22, 1858, June 24, 1858
      5-592: Duncan, James to Jacob Krout, mort., Oct. 19, 1858, Dec. 23, 1858, satisf. Mar. 22, 1860
      8-640: Duncan, John W. to Jessa Candle (Caudle?), July 13, 1857, Dec. 3, 1861
      10-192: Duncan, John W. to B. Miller, Aug. 12, 1856, Dec. 22, 1863
      14-350: Duncan, Rosana to Z.M.P. Spalding, May 8, 1866 - Pow/atty, July 31, 1866
      14-509: Duncan, Chapman to Z.M.P. Spalding, Aug. 27, 1866, Pow/atty, Sept. 29, 1866
      14-614: Duncan, C & R by atty to W.D?. Nobles, Oct. 10, 1866, Oct. 20, 1866
      5-287: Dunken, Thomas from John Clark, May 21, 1858, June 16, 1858
      11-2: Duncan, Michael from P. McLaughlin & H.F. Felix, Dec. 15, 1857, Mar. 30, 1864

Nodaway Co. MO Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      5-287: 21 May 1858, John Clark and wife Elizabeth of (county & state blank) to Thomas Duncan of Nodaway Co. MO, (blank dollars), N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.31 T67 R35, 80 acres. Both signed. Ack. Nodaway Co. MO. (FHL film 1,006,775)
      5-299: 22 June 1858, Thomas (X) Duncan and wife Malinda (X) of Nodaway Co. MO to Silas D. Harris of same, for $200, N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.31 T67 R35, 80 acres. (FHL film 1,006,775)
      5-592: 19 Oct. 1858, James Duncan and wife Emily of Nodaway Co. MO for $500 to Jacob Krout, NW frac. 1/4 Sec.35 T67 R37, 91 acres 20/100. This day James Duncan executed to Jacob Krout his promissory note. Satisfied 22 March 1860. (FHL film 1,006,775)
      8-640: 13 July 1857, John W. Duncan and wife Margaret (X) of Nodaway Co. MO for $700, sell & convey to Jessa Caudle of afsd, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.6 T66 R34, 83 acres. Ack. 13 July 1857, rec. Dec. 3, 1861. (FHL film 1,006,777)
      10-192: 12 Aug. 1856, John W. Duncan and wife Margaret of Nodaway Co. MO to Barry Miller of same, for $100, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.6 T66 R34, 83 acres 34/100. Both signed. (FHL film 1,006,778)
      11-2: 15 Dec. 1857, Peter McLaughlin of City of Reading, Berks Co. PA, contractor, and wife Mary, and Henry F. Felix of same, boot and shoe manufacturer, and wife Alicia Kate, to Michael Duncan of same, yeoman, for 4424 hundreths dollars (MAD: ?$44.24) SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.23 T63N R34W, containing 40 acres, it being part of a larger tract which said Peter McLaughlin and Henry F. Felix committee of the Reading PA Land Association, located ... 5 and 6 Aug. 1857, patents to be issued .... All signed. Wit. Wm. Brady, A.S. Felix. Ack. Berks Co. PA. (FHL film 1,006,779)
      14-350: 8 May 1866, Rosanna Duncan (before marriage Rosana Taylor) of the Territory of Utah, County of Washington and Town of Washington, appoint Zebulon M?.P. Spaulding of Maryville in Nodaway Co. MO my attorney to sell S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.23 T64 R34 containing 80 acres, recorded in Book 6, pg.391. Wit. John Pymer???, F.B. Woolley. Ack. City of St.George, Washington Co. UT, (before marriage to be Miss Rosanna Taylor), 8 May 1866. (FHL film 1,006,780)
      14-509: 27 Aug. 1866, Chapman Duncan and Rosannah Duncan formerly Rosannah Taylor, both of town of Washington, Washington Co. UT, appoint Zebulon W.P. Spaulding of Marysville, Nodaway Co. MO, our attorney to execute deeds (etc.). Both signed. Ack. St.George City, Washington Co. UT, 7 Aug. 1866. Wit. David Hustard, John O. Angus. (FHL film 1,006,780)
      14-614: 10 Aug. 1866, Chapman Duncan and Rosannah Duncan formerly Rosannah Taylor, by their attorney ... for $400, deed to Morris D. Nobles of Nodaway Co. MO, S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.23 T64 R34, containing 80 acres. (FHL film 1,006,780)


Cass Co. IA Deed (SLC 7/23/2014)
      D-573: James Duncan & wife deed to James Stewart. Filed for Record Feb. 28, 1859. For $300, receipt acknowledged, James Duncan of Nodaway Co. MO sell and convey to James Stewart of Cass Co. the tract of land, E end of S 1/2 NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.34 Twp.77N Range 36 containing 15 acres, and warrant title. 17 Jan. 1859. /s/ James Duncan, Emily Duncan. Ack. 17 Jan. 1859 before Austin C. Thomas, J.P., Cass Co. IA. Recorded March 19, 1859. (FHL film 1,547,780)

HISTORIES before 1923

1882 "The History of Nodaway County, Missouri : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biograph ical sketches of its citizens, Nodaway County in the late war, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of Missouri, map of Nodaway County, etc., etc." by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.8124 H2h)
      Pg.698: WILLIAM DUNCAN, farmer, section 26, post office Burlington Junction, is a son of John and Margaret (Wright) Duncan, the former of North Carolina, and the latter a native of Tennessee. The subject of this narrative was born in McDonough Co. IL, December 27, 1833. His avocation during life has been the same as at the present time. In 1869 he came to Nodaway Co. MO, where he has since resided. His landed interest consists of 160 acres. Miss Ella Birton became the wife of William Duncan February 17, 1856. Mrs. D. was born in Kentucky, September 5, 1834. They have had eight children: Jane, Margaret, Noah S., Thomas, Allen, Nora E., Clarence J. and Edna A.
      Pg.752-3: Polk Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN, farmer and stock raiser, is the son of James and Annie (Jobson) Duncan, both natives of England, and was born on the 8th of June, 1841, in Workworth, Northumberland County, England. His father being a Presbyterian minister, William received excellent educational advantages. He immigrated to the United States in the spring of 1853, landing at Portland, Maine, and soon went to Montreal, and from there to Canada West. He resided some 60 miles north of Port Huron, until the spring of 1872, when he came to Missouri, and located in Nodaway County. ... Mr. Duncan was married in December, 1866, to Miss Jane Wells, daughter of Thomas Wells, a resident of Canada. They have five children: Harry, born November 1, 1867; Arthur, born September 30, 1869; Annie, born June 6, 1872; Dora, born August 12, 1874, and Charlie, born September 22, 1875. Republican, Presbyterian Church.
      Pg.919: Washington Twp: CHARLES D. HOCKER, farmer, is a native of Lincoln Co. KY, where he was born October 27, 1840, and is the son of Philip S. and Amanda (Duncan) Hocker. The former was a native of Maryland, and was engaged in agricultural pursuits. His wife was born in Virginia. Charles spent his youth at school and on a farm until March, 1866 (sic), when he came to Missouri, locating in Holt County. In March, 1864 (sic), he came to this county. ... (MAD: more on Charles Hocker's wife and children)

1910 "Past and Present of Nodaway Co. MO" pub. by B.F. Bowen (FHL book 977.8124 H2 1975 V.1-2; Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 N761Pa Vol.2)
      Pg.384-6: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DUNCAN. ... Prof. Benjamin Franklin Duncan, ... was born in Shelby Co. KY. on April 29, 1842, and is a son of Daniel Boone and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. His paternal grandparents were William and Martha (Jennings) Duncan, of Garrard Co. KY, where the former was a successful farmer. His wife was a daughter of Gen. William Jennings, a prominent officer in the American army during the war of the Revolution. Daniel Boone Duncan was born in Garrard Co. KY, on November 5, 1806, was reared on a farm, and ... read law ... at Lancaster, KY. He served as surveyor of Shelby Co. KY, .... In October, 1832, he married Eleanor Cook, a daughter of Rev. Abram and Sarah Cook, natives of VA. To this union were born nine children, six of whom are living. The subject's parents are both deceased, the father dying in 1883 and the mother in 1892. They were Baptists in their religious faith. Benjamin F. Duncan ... pursued his studies in Jewel College, in MO, and Georgetown College, KY ... principal of an academy at Campbellsburg, KY, ... three years. ... president of Concord College, at New Liberty, Owen Co. KY, ... purchased the seminary at Eminence, KY, .... In 1879 he came to MO, .... On November 14, 1867, Professor Duncan was united in marriage to Sallie E. Buchanan, ... dau of Prof. J.M. and America (Greathouse) Buchanan, natives of KY. To this union have been born four children, namely: James B., of Kansas City, MO; Blanche, wife of S.V. Dooly, of Parkville, this state; John M. and Eva M., of Maryville. ....
      Pg.625: ALEXANDER A. SEARCY. Born Clay Co. MO June 28, 1852. Son of Allen Searcy, native of Louisville, KY; b. 1832; to Clay Co. MO as young man, then Page Co. IA 1855 where died in 1903 at age 71. Allen Searcy was son of Reuben Searcy, native of Louisville, KY, Baptist Minister, to Clay Co. MO in later years where died age 109. Mother of Alexander A. Searcy was Jane Scoggans, b. Clay Co. MO, d. 32 years ago in fire in Page Co. IA. Allen and Jane (Scoggans) Searcy had 8 children, 4 now living: Mrs. Lillie Roberts of Creston, IA; W.P. of Los Angeles, CA; George of ID; and subject. Alexander A. Searcy raised Page Co. IA; after age 25 to Nodaway Co. MO; mar. first age 21 to Olevia Spear, b. PA, had one dau. now Mrs. George Bowman of Pine Ridge, SD. First wife Olevia d. two years after married; five years later he married Esther Spear, a cousin of first wife, had following children: Sadie, wife of Melvin Duncan of Kansas City; Retta of Chicago; Orva of Jacksonville, MS.
      Pg.742: J.W. PRAISWATER, b. Holt Co. MO 1872. Son of Samuel and Susan (Niece) Praiswater, both b. and mar. in Cocke Co. TN, to IN until 1860, then MO, first Andrew Co., then Holt Co., then Andrew Co. where now lives; 10 children. J.W. Praiswater mar. 1894 to Edith Duncan; in Holt Co. until 1909, then Nodaway Co. Three children: Emilla Garnet, Edith Gladys and Grace Loraine.
      Pg.1033: GOLDIA ANDERSON ... was born April 9, 1888, near the town of Parnell, and she has made this place her home, being reared and educated here, .... She is the daughter of James and Margaret R. (Hawk) Anderson. Her father, James Anderson, was elected sheriff of Nodaway county, serving two terms in a very praiseworth manner, and her grandfather, A.J. Anderson, was one of the pioneer settlers of Nodaway county, having moved here as early as 1842 and located near the present site of Parnell, there being only three other white settlers in this part of the county. The maternal grandfather, George W. Hawk, moved from the state of Illinois to Nodaway Co. MO, in the year 1868.


Clay Co. IN Deed (Placerville FHC on loan, 1/4/2012)
   Deed records v.Q, Dec. 1861-Dec. 1862; Deed records v.R, Dec. 1862-Oct. 1863; Deed records v.S, Oct. 1863-Feb. 1864 (FHL Film 1,404,527)
      R-510/511: 9 Dec. 1862, Nancy Pollard and John Pollard husband of Nancy Pollard and Nancy Pollard wife of Eli M. Duncan of Nodaway Co. MO, to Amos B. Duncan of Clay Co. IN, for $75 paid, sold a tract of land in Clay Co. IN, the SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.27 Twp.9 Range 6 West, 40 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ Nancy Pollard, John Pollard. Wit. B.G. Ford. On 9 Dec. 1862, before B.G. Ford, Clerk of Nodaway Co. MO Court, appeared Nancy Pollard and John Pollard, and ack. the deed. Entered for taxation and recorded Aug. 29, 1863, Clay Co. IN. (MAD: grantees as written in deed)


The Graham Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 72, Graham, MO 64455-0072, has information on Duncans of Nodaway Co. MO, which was prepared by Letha Marie (Shull) Mowry, Files Secretary, and sent to Margo Thiel in 1984.

Some early Duncans in Nodaway Co. MO:
      John Duncan, 5 June 1847, deceased; Administrator's notice by Amos Graham, Nodaway Co., published in 26 Feb. 1847 issue of "St.Joseph MO Gazette." (pg.12, Vol.2#1, 1982, "Northwest MO Gen. Society Journal," FHL book 977.81 D25n)
      John Duncan, 19 Aug. 1847, with John Lowe appraised stray animals taken up by James K/H. Miller of Buchanan Twp.; pg.28-9, Nodaway Co. MO Stray Book A, 1845-1850 (from Vol.1#3 Summer 1981, "MO State Gen. Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989, typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      Alexander Duncan, 15 March 1849, mar. Mary Jane Dillin. (MAD: 1850 Page Co. IA census)
      John W. Duncan, 7 May 1849, security with Isaac Davison and L.F. Thompson for Amos G. Lowe, admin. of estate of Henry Bitner, decd, who left widow in Nodaway Co. MO, from Nodaway Co. MO Administrator Bonds, WPA transcript pg.39-40. (pg.65, Vol.6#2, 1986, "Northwest MO Gen. Society Journal," FHL book 977.81 D25n)
      Jno. W. Dunkin, 22 Nov. 1849, with P.B. Mcguire appraised stray animals taken up by Attemus Mcguire of Buchanan Twp.; pg.91, Nodaway Co. MO Stray Book A, 1845-1850 (from Vol.1#3 Summer 1981, "MO State Gen. Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989, typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      Mary E. Dunkin, 20 March 1850, mar. William Ray, witnesses John M. Duncan and Altemus McGuire.
      Robert Duncan, 9 May 1850, with John Murray, Henry Morse, and John Glenn, were a company headed for California from Fayette Co. OH who left their camp in Nodaway Co. MO for old Fort Kearney, as published in the 10 May 1850 "St.Joseph Gazette." (pg.113-114, Vol.1, "California Wagon Train Lists, April 5, 1849 to Oct. 20, 1852" by Louis J. Rasmussen, 1994, FHL book 979.4 W2r)
      John W. Duncan, 8 June 1850, with W.M. Ross appraised stray animals taken up by John W. Miller of Buchanan Twp.; pg.108, Nodaway Co. MO Stray Book A, 1845-1850 (from Vol.1#3 Summer 1981, "MO State Gen. Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989, typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      Daniel Duncan, 16 Nov. 1851, mar. Margret Dillon. (MAD: 1850 Page Co. IA census)
      John Duncan, 18 March 1852, mar. Pheoby Ingels.
      John Duncan, 29 June 1857, posted bond as principal on the estate of Berry Miller decd, widow Elizabeth Miller and dau. Lucinda Evaline Miller, securities Mark Murphy and Jas. H. Saunders; from Nodaway Co. MO Bond Book B, pg.23. (pg.3, "Nodaway Co. MO Administration & Will Records 1845-1880" by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, FHL book 977.812 S2)
      Elizabeth Duncain, 19 April 1866, mar. Nuton Calhoon; both gave a Page Co. IA address; recorded in Nodaway Co. MO.
      Wm. Duncan, 23 March 1875, of Nodaway Co. MO; J.B. Garton (groom) mar. A.N. Burton (bride) at his residence. (pg.88, Vol.5#2, 1985, "Northwest MO Gen. Society Journal," FHL book 977.81 D25n)
      John Duncan, Jan. 1883, P.O. Barnard, Nodaway Co., Military Pensioner #139,849, listed on the Roll Jan. 1883. (pg.102, Vol.23, 6/1974, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin)
      David H. Duncan, 29 April 1890, died age 9y 7m, born Iowa, buried Blanchard Cemetery (Nodaway Co. MO Deaths 1883-1893, pg.88, Vol.9#2, 1989, "Northwest MO Gen. Society Journal," FHL book 977.81 D25n)
      Prof. B.F. Duncan, 9 Sept. 1902, at the United Confederate Veterans 6th Reunion at St.Joseph, MO, Sept. 9-12, 1902; of Maryville, MO, had been a Private. (pg.42, Vol.7#1, 1987, "Northwest MO Gen. Society Journal," FHL book 977.81 D25n)


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