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Revolutionary War
Pension Applications

Revolutionary War Pensions, Bounty Land Warrant Application Files; National Archives Microfilm Publication, Microcopy 804, Roll 863 and 864 and 867
      Duncan, Alexander to Duncan, Jesse (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Duncan, John to Dungan, Thomas (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Dunikin to Dunlap (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Did not copy envelopes or most requests for copies of documents.

NIMROD DUNCAN, widow Hannah, W-2925, VA, KY, IN (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Clark's Illinois Regiment, Virginia State Troops; Pay up to last of Dec, 1781 (45-14-8); Photostat copy no. 037094
      Hannah Duncan, KY, Widow of Nimrod Duncan, VA, who served in the Rev. War as a private; Inscribed on roll at rate of $77.45 per annum to commence 4 March 1848; Certificate of Pension issued 5 Feb. 1849 and sent to Hon. C.W. Morehaed, H.R.; Act 2 Feb. 1848. (from Merritt Wolfe)
      Nimrod Duncan (non combt. mentl), of Shelby Co. KY, who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Thomas of the Regiment commanded by Major Slaughter in the VA line for 1 yr, 11 mos, 7 days; Inscribed on roll of KY at rate of $77.45 per annum to commence 4 March 1831; Certificate of pension -- day of March 1843 and sent to C.H. Trabul, Frankfort, KY. (from Merritt Wolfe)
      Declaration 10 Dec. 1842 before Shelby Co. KY Justices of Peace; Mr. John Duncan and Mr. Joseph Duncan residents of the County of Shelby and state of Kentucky and sons of Nimrod Duncan who is resident of the same county of Shelby also and aged about 80 years and the said John Duncan aged about 53 and said Joseph Duncan about 50 yrs. of age and said John and Joseph who after being duly sworn according to law doth on their acts make the following declaration on behalf of their father Nimrod Duncan who is by reason of insanity prevented from making his declaration or attending to any sort of business and the said John Duncan and Joseph Duncan make their Declaration above mentioned in order to obtain their father the benifactor of the provision made by the acts of congress passed June 7th 1832 to wit that their father Nimrod Duncan enlisted in the army of the United States in the year 1779 in the state of Virginia and in Captain Mark Thomases Company in Major George Slaughters Corps raised for the western defense of Virginia by an act of assembly passed at Williamsburg the fifth day of November 1779 and that he continued to serve as a faithful soldier until he was regularly discharged on 21th December 1787 by Benjamin Roberts Capt. of company and which discharge has been in the possession of said Nimrod Duncan from the time it was given until this day - and which is herewith filed and attached to this by clips - The said John and Joseph for thru disclose that the said Nimrod Duncan resided in Fauquier County Virginia when he entered the service and march from thence to the Falls of Ohio which is now in Kentucky and where the City of Louisville is now situated - They the sons John and Joseph in behalf of their said father, they being his nearest friends and the more deeply interested hereby relinquish every claim whatever the said Nimrod has to a pension as an annuity except the present and they declare that sd Nimrod Duncan's name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state - (from Merritt Wolfe)
      Affidavit of Charles Baird, 10 Dec. 1842; of Shelby Co. KY, upwards of 64 years of age; I in the spring of year 1794 became aquainted with Nimrod Duncan who then resided in this county and has resided in Shelby Co. KY ever since, and he now resides within about 2 miles of my residence; I am of opinion and in fact do know that Nimrod is and has been for last 15 years insane and on the account of his insanity is rendered unfit to attend to business of any character and that his two sons John Duncan and Joseph Duncan being his only sons have attended to all the business of their father of every character for the last 15 years and John Duncan is now about 53 years of age and Joseph about 50 years of age and both reside upon the same premises as their father. Ever since my acquaintance with Nimrod Duncan have heard him speak of the Rev. War and of his having been a soldier in said war and of having been of the IL Regiment & served therein some length of time, and it has been rumored? in the neighbourhood in which Nimrod Duncan resides that he was a soldier of the western Army serving? the war of the Rev. and served some length of time therein; I know the accmer? has been general, that Nimrod Duncan was a soldier as afsd. contradicted called in question or dectiled? by any body but on the contrary universaly believed.
         Certification by Gideon Mitchell, JP of Shelby Co., that Charles Baird is well known to me and known to be a gentleman of high standing and a credible person.
      Transmittal letter, 14 Dec. 1842, from C.H?. Trabue, Frankfort, KY. I herewith enclose you the declaration of Joseph Duncan and John Duncan in behalf of their father Nimrod Duncan in favor of his application for the benefit of Act 7 June 1832. You will see from the declaration that Mr. Nimrod Duncan is and has been insane for many years. Who is the proper person to receive Mr. Nimrod Duncans Pension? Is it necessary that the Court should appoint a guardian or are his two sons or either of them without an act of Court the proper persons to attend to this matter. Plese give me such information as is necessary immediately on reception of this, in order that if an act of court is required it may be attended to at the January term. The discharge from service of Mr. Duncan showing a period of upwards of 2 years is herein enclosed. Do me the favor of replying at a date as early as possible. (P.S.) Please enclose me the certificate of allowance at Frankfort.
      Certification by Shelby Co. KY Court, 15 March 1843; that the proceedings in the matter of the application of Nimrod Duncan by his two sons John Duncan and Joseph Duncan for benefit of Act 7 June 1832 before JP on 10 Dec. 1842, and now submitted to the court; proceedings now sanctioned by this court. Satisfactory proof being made that Nimrod Duncan, resident of said county & state, is a man of insane mind and by reason of insanity is incapable of attending to any business; the court appoints John Duncan and Joseph Duncan the two sons of Nimrod Duncan and residents of said county to be a committee to receive the pension to which Nimrod Duncan is entitled.
      Transmittal letter from C.W. Trabue, 17 March 1843. Your letter of 2nd Instant returning me the papers in the case of Nimrod Duncan was duly received. I have endeavoured to comply strictly with the instructions in your letter and herewith enclose you a copy of the procedings of the Court of Shelby Co. and also transmit the same papers returned me, and hope you will find all things satisfactory. Please transmit to me at Frankfort, KY, the certificate of allowance.
      Letter from Joseph Duncan, Shelby Co. KY, 29 March 1843. Yours of the 17th Inst. came to hand in which you stated mine of the 8th had been recd and that the papers in the case of Nimrod Duncan had been returned to C.H. Tribue Esqrs. at Frankfort, KY, who has since had the papers renewed (reviewed?) and taken them out of the Clerks Office of Shelby Co. Court, all of which we purcieve? is right, but he being a stranger to us, we do not intend for him to draw the money. You will therefore withhold the draft till you are properally authorized to issue it. You will be so good as to advise us the state? case and what is done & if any thing else is necessary to be done.
      (MAD: do not have copy of a declaration of 1844; may not have copied it or it may not have been in the file)
      Declaration of Hannah (+) Duncan, 24 March 1845, before Shelby Co. KY JP; in order to obtain benefits of resolution of Congress 23 Jan. 1845 and Act of 20 Feb. 1845; Hannah Duncan of Shelby Co. KY, widow of Nimrod Duncan decd. late of said county who was a rev. pensioner of US under Act of 7 June 1832; having heretofore made a declaration under the Act 7 July 1838 in order to obtain a pension which would have been allowed me but for the passage of act of 30 April 1844; now make this declaration in order that a pension may be allowed me under Act 7 July 1838 & likewise under Act of 3 March 1843; that she made her declaration under Act 7 July 1838 sometime in the month of March 1844 or about 1 April 1844; that she supposes her declaration was as early as possible filed in Office of Com. of Pensions at Washington City; she now prays that an allowance may be granted her under Act 7 July 1838 as a pension & also now the Act 3 March 1843 and 17 June 1844, and that the certificate may be enclosed to her attorney, S.F.J. Trabue of Frankfort KY.
         Certification by Chas. Baird, JP; that she made the declaration under the Act 7 July 1838 before me as stated by her; I also certify that she is a lady of respectability and all her statements entitled to the fullest credit.
      Tansmittal letter from S.F.J. Trabue, 8 April 1845, Frankfort, KY. I herein enclose you the declaration of Mrs. Hannah Duncan under the resolution and Act of 23 Jan. and 20 Feb. 1845. In the month of April 1844 I enclosed to the Hon. Wm. P. Thomasson a Representative from KY the declaration of Hannah Duncan under the Act 7 July 1838 requesting him to enclose the same to you, & as yet have not heard the reasons the claim was not allowed. You will please in reply inform what is indispensably necessary in order that the claim may be allowed. You will please address me at Frankfort, KY.
      Transmittal letter from S.F.J. Trabue, 17 April 1846, Frankfort, KY. I have the honor of herein enclosing you a letter from the Clerk of the Court at Warrenton, VA, (MAD: apparently I did not copy) shewing that Nimrod Duncan executed bond in order to an intermarriage with his present widow, Mrs. Hannah Duncan, in 1786. I have heretofore sent you the declaration in her case and was required to produce the above mentioned evidence, all of which I hope will be satisfactory. You will please enclose me the certificates of allowance to Frankfort, KY.
      Statement by S.F.J. Trabue, 6 Jan. 1848, Washington City, D.C. That on my way to this city I came through Shelby Co. KY in order if it was possible to get Mrs. Hannah Duncan to comply with the requisition of the Department, by appearing before a court of record to assert her right to a pension, and that after ascertaining the state of health, feebleness and general debility produced by advanced age, I became fully satisfied that she could not under any circumstances whatever (last six words underlined) reach the county seat at the very dead of winter, a distance of 8 or 10 miles, and the roads of Shelby Co. off of the Pikes, being probably as bad or worse than of any other county of the Commonwealth. Certification by JP of Washington County, D.C. as to testimony of Stephen Trabue.
      Declaration by Hannah (X) Duncan, 7 October 1848, before Shelby Co. KY Justice of Peace; On this the 7th day of October 1848 personally appeared Hannah Duncan before me Gideon Mitchell an acting Justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid said Hannah being a resident of Shelby County KY aged 79 yrs. who being first duly sworn according to law doth and her oath make the following declairation in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 1838 Entitled "An act granting half pay and Pension to certain Widows". That she is the widow of Nimrod Duncan deceased late resident of Shelby County aforesaid who was a soldier in the Illinois Regiment as she ------ ------ and in consequence of his service in said Regiment (and in Capt. Ben Roberts Company she thinks) he was allowed a pension a year or so previous to his death - under the Act of Congress passed 7th June 1832 at the rate of $77 per annum, and to his discharge from the service and after evidence on file comprising the matter of his application upon which said pension was allowed she respectfully refers for the evidence of service upon which to base this application. She further declares that she was married to the said Nimrod Duncan on the 13th day of Feb. (1785) seventeen hundred and eighty five. That her husband the aforesaid Nimrod Duncan died on the 9th day of March 1844 - that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January 1794, Virginia at the time above stated sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before me.
         Certification by Gideon Mitchell, JP, that the above declaimant is personally known to me to be the widow of Nimrod Duncan and late of Shelby Co, KY. who was allowed a pension at the rate of about $77 per annum under the Act 7th June 1832. I certify that she by reason of poorley infermity prevents her from appearing in open Court, That she is a lady of respectability unto all of whosoever ------ (from Merritt Wolfe)
      Letter from Joseph Duncan, 13 May 1858, Greencastle [Putnam Co.], IN. I send you a copy of my fathers Nimrod Duncans certificate who has been dead for some years. I am informed that he was entitled to $96 per year from 1831, and as you will see from the pension certificate that my father was insane and that "John and Joseph Dunkan his sons were a committee" and I am the same son Joseph, and wish if there is any thing coming to the heirs to have the papers forward to me, also the date of the last draw I made as I have forgotten the time, there was something due him when he died on his pension.
      (MAD: did not copy any other papers, if there were more.)


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