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Revolutionary War
Pension Applications

Revolutionary War Pensions, Bounty Land Warrant Application Files; National Archives Microfilm Publication, Microcopy 804, Roll 863 and 864 and 867
      Duncan, Alexander to Duncan, Jesse (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Duncan, John to Dungan, Thomas (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Dunikin to Dunlap (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Did not copy envelopes or most requests for copies of documents.

DANIEL DUNIKIN, (18819 or S-38675), VA, TN: (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Daniel Dunikin, East Tennessee, of Green Co. TN who was a private in the Regiment commanded by Col. Buckner of the VA line for the term of 1776 to March 1781 inscribed on Roll of East TN at rate of $8 per month to commence on 6 Sept. 1819. Certificate of pension issued 15 Nov. 1822 and Sent to John Blair Esq., Jonesborough, TN. Arrears to 4th of Feb. 1822, ending 4 March 1823; Rev. claim Act. 18 March 1818 and May 1, 1820. (Note on second section) Date of death not anB?.
      (small folded paper) ... Danl. Danakin Pri. Col. Buckner's VA Regt. 1776 - 2 yrs - 6th Sept. 1819 ...
      Declaration 6 Sept. 1819 by Daniel Dunickin to 1st Circuit Court of Greene Co. TN; aged 67 years & resident of Green Co., desirous of provisions of act of Congress (no date); that he the said Daniel Dunickin as well as now recollected? in the month of January or February 1776 he enlisted in the service of the country in the Continental Line of Troops in the Revolutionary war in Amherst Co. VA in the company commanded by Capt. Cabell of the 6th VA Regiment commanded by Colonal Buckner for 2 years; that he continued in said Regiment until after the expedition at Greenes? Island when he was by request transferred to the 7th Reg. commanded at that time by Col. M? Donohoe of Augusta Co. VA in a company commanded by Capt. afterwards Col. Joseph Crocket; that he remained in the 7th Reg. until several ?? after Burgoyne was taken and after Sullivans imprison? ... which ??? the VA line ... and was then attached to the 1st Regiment commanded by Col. Russell S?. ??? Col. Ball in a company commanded by Captain William White; that he marched in said Regiment to the Southward & remained in it until the surrender of Charleston when he was taken prisoner & remained a prisoner from 12 May to 4 March following when he was exchanged and then obtained an honorable discharge; that after being drafted and serving in the ??? he again served for 3 years in the (crossed out) and at the close of his service in the continental line the discharge which he received was given him by Captain William Morly? which discharge he believes was filed in the Office at Richmond when he drew his pay & he has it not in his house now to present it. That he is in reduced & necessary circumstances & stands in need of his country's assistance for support. /s/ Daniel Dunckin (Dunikin?)
      Schedule, 23 Oct. 1820, (printed & handwriten), District of Washington, Greene Co., personally appeared in court Daniel Dunckin, aged 68 years, resident of Greene Co., and declared: In January or February 1776 in the county of Amherst VA he enlisted into the 10th Continental Regiment of Troops of the VA line under Captain Cahill which Regiment was commanded by Col. Buckner and after being transferred to 7th Regiment as stated in his original declaration and serving as thence stated was discharged by Ca?? Wm. Morly of 1st Regt. and served for first two and then three years, and was in the Battles of the Capture of Burgoyne ??? and many other engagements and made an original application for pension on 6 Sept. 1819 which is herewith accompanied. ... Schedule of property: 100a of poor barren land of last quality, $100; 2 cows & calves & 2 yearlings, $30, 8 small hogs, $9, 8 sheep, $12, total $151; and that he has now a wife living and has had 17 children 8 of which are now living with him and principally small and unable to contribute to his support, that he is past manual labour and never had any trade and? that of a farmer; and cannot at the porr spot of land raise a sufficiency for his support. /s/ Daniel (+) Donkin.
      (note on envelope back): 17 Jan. 1821; Daniel Dunikin ... Returned for explanation as the applicant states that he enlisted early in 1778 for two years only and was present at the surrender of Charleston which occurred in the year 1780.
      Explanation, 9 March 1821, by Daniel (+) Dunikin, before Greene Co. TN JP; In explanation of the within declaration, Daniel Donikin appeared ... and made oath that the first enlistment mentioned by him for two years under Captain Cabell of 6th Reg. of VA Line was expired before the surrender of Charleston, but that he was in service at that epoch under the second enlistment mentioned by him which was under Capt. Joseph Crocket of the 7th Regt. of VA Line, but this deponant did not deem it necessary to perticularize his services under the second enlistment or in the militia, as his servitude for two years independent of all subsequent services would entitle him to a pension, but again repeats on oath that he served ten years five of which were on the continental establishment.
      Letter, 18 Dec. 1821, from John Blair, Jonesborough: On behalf of Mr. Dunakin, I again remit you his original declaration & schedule and for explanation of the difficulty suggested by you would reply that the difference in the writing of his name to his declaration & schedule is chargeable to myself. I wrote his name to the schedule as also the affidavit thereon in consequence of his inability to write at the sworn times from a palsy or ?? in his hand; this difference is entirely attributable to my error. ... I would have returned the claim before this time but that I was absent for about three months and have just returned.

DAVID DUNCAN, S-45646, NH (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      17,244; David Duncan, Newcastle, Rockingham Co. NH, original declaration 13 April 1818, Col. Scammels' regt. NH line, 1776 - War. Found on the rolls. Admitted. William Claggett, Agt., Portsmouth, NH, recd. 10 Aug. 1820.
      31 July 1820, US District Court, New Hampshire, Declaration of David Duncan, aged 72 years, resident in New Castle in county of Rockingham, declare that he served in the Rev. War as follows: In October 1776, I enlisted into Captain Beals Company in the third New Hampshire Regiment commanded by Col. Scammel as a sergeant & so continued nearly four years, when I was regularly discharged. Soon after my said discharge in 1780 I think about the month of July I again enlisted in Colonel Dames Regiment NH Troops as an adjutant and so continued about 12 months, certainly over 11 months when I was regularly discharged, all which is more fully set forth in my original declaration in order to obtain a pension.
         The date of my original declaration in order to obtain a pension is the 13th day of April 1818. I have not received a pension ... My occupation was a ship carpenter, I have not sufficient ability to pursue it or any other business. I have one in family residing with me, viz, my wife aged 75 years. Her capacity to contribute to her support such that she has no property & is unable to labour. /s/ David Duncan.
         Schedule of property of David Duncan, 31 July 1820: 1 pair andirons .50; 1 pail pot .25; 1 tea kettle .50; 6 chairs very old .90; two common tables 1.25; 1 old chest of drawers 2.; 1 piece of iron called a crane 1.50; 1 small kettle & pair of tongs .42; $7.32.
         Certification by Peyton R. Freeman, clerk of District Court, that foregoing oath & declaration and schedule are copied from the record of the said court ... total value of property is $7.32. Dated 31 July 1820.
      Statement 17 April 1818 by James Mullin of New Castle, Rockingham Co. NH, that he well knows David Duncan of same New Castle; that Duncan served the US in 1776 for a time in Capt. Brown's Co. in Col. Long's Regiment in NH Line ... (Mullin served with Duncan) in said Company and well knows that Duncan served afterwards in the same year & after in Capt. Beal's Co. in Col. Scammell's Regiment ...
      Letter 5 Aug. 1820 to Secretary of War ... I enclose to you David Duncans original application in order to obtain a pension, which for some reason I do not recollect or through the ignorance or inattention of the applicant was not forwarded to you before. Said Duncan is on the invalid list of pensioners. I inclose also his recent oath and schedule and presume? he will be put on the pension list.


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