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Duncans in Wayne Co. MI


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised November 5, 2009

Formed 1815; original county
Monroe formed 1817 from Wayne
Mackinac formed 1818 from Wayne and the French
Macomb formed 1818 from Wayne
Oakland formed 1819 from Wayne
St. Clair formed 1820 from Wayne
Lenawee, Washtenaw formed 1822 from Wayne
St. Joseph formed 1829 from Wayne


1830-1840 Wayne Co. MI Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Wayne Co. MI Census
(stamped page number in parentheses)
Pg.1, #1, Margaret DUNCAN 15 Switzerland w/tavern keeper & others
Pg.35, #184, David DICKSON 26 IRE grocer & family
                  Capt. DUNCAN (m) 30 SCT sailor (& other sailors)
Pg.36 (18), #186-209, Thos. HURST 25 IRE (blank) & family
                  John DUNCAN 21 SCT sailor (& other sailors)
Pg.51 (26), #251-277, James HANMES? 49 NY (blank) $10,000
                  Almiza? 44 VT
                  Charles 23 NY clerk
                  Emma J. DUNCAN 21 MI
                  Mary RYBURN 17 MI
                  Lewis L. HANMES? 14 MI
                  Julia 11, James 7 MI
                  William DUNCAN 26 NY brewer
                  George C. PYKMAN? 33 NY brewer
                  George Jr. 3 MI
                  John B. DUNCAN 10/12 MI
                  Mary ROO? 19 IRE
                  Hanna MASEY 19 IRE
Pg.215 (108), #1260-1533, Alax. DUNCAN 56 VA MULATTO harness maker
                  Franny 54 VA MULATTO
                  Virginia 19 VA MULATTO
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan Jr. mar. Fanny Moore 3/12/1813 Spotsylvania Co. VA with consent of Alexander Duncan Sr.)
Pg.215 (109), #1275, John WILSON 35 VA grocer BLACK
                  John DUNCAN 18 VA MULATTO
Pg.376 (189), #794, Robert C. ROBERTS 41 NY merchant
                  Frances 31 NY
                  Children 7 & younger b. MI
                  other people
                  John DUNCAN 17 MI clerk
Pg.381 (192), #824-824, Richd. PELLEY? 32 MD hatter $600
                  Jane 24 MI
                  Richd. 10 MI
                  other people
                  Mary DUNCAN 18 MI

1860 Wayne Co. MI Census
Ecorse Twp.
Pg.608, #514-513, E.P. CRISTIOM (m) 32 PA physician $900-$400
                  Mary 29 OH housekeeper
                  Thomas H. 4 MI, Edmond A. 3 MI
                  Rebecca DUNCAN 57 ENG governess
                  Julia CLARK 21 MI servant
Van Buren
Pg.851, #178-164, James DUNCAN 42 SCT farmer $0-$300
                  Margaret 35 SCT
                  Sarah Ann 16 CANada
                  Elizabeth 18, Harriet Jane 8 NY
                  John H. 2, Grillian (m) 1/12 MI
                  John ALLERDICE 50 SCT laborer
Detroit Ward 1
Pg.4, #32-31, Duncan STEWART 40 SCT com.merchant $10,000-$5,000
                  & family
                  Marian DUNCAN (f) 20 CANada servant
Pg.82, #540-585, Wm. C. DUNCAN 40 NY brewer $50,000-$5,000
                  Emma 31 MI
                  Frank 11, Kittie (f) 8 MI
                  & others
                  (MAD: ? Frank Duncan 20 MI in 1870 Cook Co. IL census, Chicago Wd-4)
Detroit Ward 3
Pg.189, #1136-1216, Wm. TRAIN 50 ENG wagon maker $0-$2000
                  & family & others
                  James DUNCEN 24 IRE ship carpenter
Pg.190, #1144-1224, Myron DUNCAN (m) 27 OH engineer $0-$0
                  Mrs. C. 24 MI
                  (no children, not m/in/year)
Pg.203, #1219-1297, H.J. MORTON (m) 62 NY bookkeeper $0-$500
                  & family & others
                  Titus DUNCAN 26 OH student (cannot read 2nd word)
                  (MAD: 1870 Bay Co. MI census)
Detroit Ward 4
Pg.316, #599-727, Alex REYNOLDS 30 OH BLACK sailor $0-$250
                  Catharine 34 (NCa?) BLACK
                  Louise DUNCAN (f) 17 "do." BLACK
                  William 1 WI BLACK
                  Richard 20 MI BLACK barber
Pg.334, #723-382, John TOBIS? 35 IRE tailor
                  John SHEAHEN 25 IRE laborer
                  Patrick KELLY 28 IRE blacksmith
                  Philipp DUCAN 35 IRE Watchman
                  Johanna DENNISON 25 IRE servant
Pg.336, #741-902, L.P?. BRADY 49 PA mercht. $40,000-$3000
                  & family & sevants
                  Jane DUNCAN 20 CANada servant
Pg.338, #753-914, H?.A. WIGHT (m) 38 MA lumber merchant $25,000-$3000
                  & family
                  Elisa DUNCOMB 16 SCT servant
                  & others
Detroit Ward 9
Pg.45, #317-332, Dugald DUNCAN 39 SCT ship carpenter $1000-$100
                  Catherine 27 SCT
                  Isabella 2, Caroline 8/12 MI
Detroit Ward 6
Pg.507, #62-58, Alonzo COOMBS 52 ENG church sexton $3000-4400
                  Louisa 60 ENG
                  Loretta DUNCAN (f) 26 MI
Pg.518, #127-122, Wm. DUNCAN 37 MI clerk saddler & ha.... $0-$200
                  Diantha (f) 35 PA
                  W.W. HOWLAND (m) 56 RI carpenter $3000-$3000
                  Sarah H. 54 VT
                  Margaret 19 MI
                  Diantha BRINELL 17 MI
                  Catherine SHAUBRE? 18 FRance domestic
Pg.524, #174-173, Henry DUNCAN 31 MI saddler & harness $0-$9000
                  Harriet 30 NY
                  Leslie (m) 7 MI
                  Hannah DUMERAN 22 IRE domestic
Pg.537, #273-278, A. DUNCAN (m) 44 VA MULATTO laborer $0-$0
                  Caroline 40 VA MULATTO
                  Elizabeth 15 DC MULATTO
                  George 10, Mary 8, Loftus (m) 4 MI MULATTO
Pg.551, #370-394, Alex DUNCAN 66 VA MULATTO laborer $0-$200
                  Fanny 64 VA MULATTO
Pg.663, #1251-1347, John DUNCAN 30 SCT ship carpenter $0-$150
                  Agnes 28 SCT
                  Alex 6/12, James 6/12 MI
Detroit Ward 7
Pg.686, #71-80, Erhardt DUNCAN 45 VT plumber & bellhanger $0-$180
                  Alice NENMOUN 39 SCT
                  Matilda 13 MI
                  Harriet 6 CANada
                  Lewis DUNCAN 17 MI
                  Elizabeth 14, Frederick 5 MI
                  Ellen 10/12 MI
                  (MAD: 1870 Kane Co. IL census as Arad Duncan)
Detroit Ward 8
Pg.951, #798-856, Mathew DUNCAN 29 SCT painter $0-$0
                  Margaret 32 SCT
                  Catherine 5, Mathew 3 SCT
                  James 1 MI

1870 Wayne Co. MI Census
Hamtramck Township
Pg.173, #150-149, VIVIEN, Eliza 35 PA keeping house $1500-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Anna E. 13 PA attending school, mother of foreign birth
                  Fanny M. 11 PA attending school, mother of foreign birth
                  Margaret J. 9 MI attending school, mother of foreign birth
                  William A. 2 MI, mother of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 75 ENG no occupation, parents of foreign birth
Pg.173, #150-150, REED, Theodore 50 VT engineer $0-$0
                  Ann 49 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Frederick 17 CANada clerk, mother of foreign birth
Monguagon Twp.
Pg.250R, #193-194, DURCRE? (DIVER?), John 41 BAVaria Ger. grocery & boarding house $2,000-$1,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Barbara 39 BAVaria Ger. keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 12, Emma 10 MI at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Minnie 4, Charles 1 MI, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCON, Frederica (f) 21 GERmany domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
Pg.397, #269-264, Hotel (written in margin)
                  JENKS, A.T. (m) 45 MI hotel keeper $0-$500
                  Ann 42 MI keeping house
                  Annette 19, Edgar 18 MI at home
                  DUNCAN, Darea (m) 40 SCT ship carpenter, parents of foreign birth
                  SLIDER, William 24 MI ship carpenter
                  TRUDELL, Louis 40 CAN ship carpenter, parents of foreign birth
                  BEZEAN, Joseph 50 CAN ship carpenter, parents of foreign birth
                  BURK, Mike 26 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  STINGER, Alexander 50 NY ship carpenter
                  GENOR?, Frank 50 CAN ship carpenter, parents of foreign birth
                  CAHILL, Charles 35 CAN laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  WELLETT, Joseph 24 CAN laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  SEWARD, Edward 35 CAN laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  DOWERIE? Andrew 26 IRE sailor, parents of foreign birth
City of Wyandotte, Ward 1
Pg.479R, #55-52, CHRISTIAN, Edward P. 43 PA physician $7000-$3000
                  Mary 39 OH keeping house (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Theodore 14, Edmund 12, Mary 9 MI at school
                  Carrie 4 MI
                  DUNCAN, Rachael 68 ENG at home, parents of foreign birth
                  THIEDEL, Rose 14 MI dom. Serv.
Pg.483, #115-112, DUNCAN, Stewart 40 NY clerk in store $0-$100
                  Martha 30 NY keeping house
                  Clara 3 NY
Detroit, Ward 1
Pg.24, #364-365, JOHNSON, Fred 27 ENG bricklayer $0-$140, parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 25 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Walter 6, Charles 4 ENG, parents of foreign birth
                  Maria 2 SCT, parents of foreign birth
Pg.24, #364-366, DUNCAN, Miss (f) 50 SCT "old maid" $0-$0, parents of foreign birth (alone)
Pg.27R, #364-449, WALCOTT, Albert 35 "York State" commission Mercht? $0-$250
                  Lilitia (f) 27 WI keeping house
                  Lester 11, Charley 6, George 4 MI
                  DUNCAN, Sophia 22 Macklenburgh servant, parents of foreign birth
                  COTTON, Sarah 46 York State (blank)
                  WALCOTT, Julia 42 York State (blank)
Pg.35R, #458-548, DUNCAN, William C. 50 NY (blank occupation) $100,000-$100,000
                  Sarah 28 MI keeping house
                  Frank C. 20 MI clerk Apt?. store
                  Catherine 17 MI
                  HAYES, Michael 35 SCT cirdman?, parents of foreign birth
                  ROBERTS, Charles 35 ENG servant, parents of foreign birth
                  O'LEARY, Author? (m) 33? SCT. servant, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNN, Bridget 30 SCT house servant, parents of foreign birth
                  FARRELL, Bridget 30 SCT house servant, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: bottom of page dark)
Detroit, Ward 3
Pg.109, #256-268, DUNCAN, Ellison 51 NY malster $18,000-$22,000
                  Mary 50 NY keeping house
                  Manda 24 NJ at home
                  William 22 NJ at home
                  Ellison 20 NJ clerk in store
                  Carrie 12 NJ at school
                  Alvira (f) 10 NJ at school
                  DELAHAN, Agnes 28 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  McFARLAN, Thomas 16 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: 1860 Hudson Co. NJ census)
Pg.131, #551-575, DUNCAN, Mary 40 MI keeping house $0-$0
                  Maggie 10 MI at school
                  Lena 2/12 MI b.Mch
Detroit, Ward 5
Pg.237R, #440-405, NUTTING, Rufas (m) 76 MA school teacher $0-$3000
                  Nancy 64 MA keeping house
                  EASMON, John 33 MI clerk in druggist $0-$2000
Pg.237R, #441-406, DUNCAN, Moses 44 MI harness manufacturer $0-$0
                  Prissilla (sic) 40 IN keeping house
                  Sarah 20, Mary 15 MI at home
                  CUDWORTH, Rose 23 PA domestic servant
Pg.318R, #1705-1664, STURNS, Charlotte 47 NY keeping house $9,000-$2,000
                  Caroline 25 MI at home $0-$2000
                  Lucy 25 MI school teacher $4,000-$0
                  Lewis 16 MI at school
                  DUNCAN, Harriet 28 MI at home $11,500-$3,000
                  Grace 6, John 2 MI
City of Detroit, Ward 6, 1st Precinct
Pg.385, #875-896, DUNCAN, William 47 MI dealer in saddlery & hardware $18,000-$25,000, father of foreign birth
                  Diana 45 PA keeping house
                  BURRELL, Susan 18 MI at home
                  BUNTING, Mary 11 NY at school, parents of foreign birth
                  HOWLAND, William 68 RI works in costum house
                  Sarah 66 VT at home
                  ELLS, Mary 23 OH dom. servant, parents of foreign birth
                  WESTLEY, Robertson 27 OH BLACK dom. servant
Pg.396R, #1045-1054, DUNRAN? (DUNIAN? DUNCAN?), Harriett 39 NY keeping house $20,000-$3,000
                  Elisabeth 19 MI at home
                  DONOVAN, Hanna 28 IRE dom. servant, parents of foreign birth
                  TESSOP, John 27 ENG dom. servant, parents of foreign birth
City of Detroit, Ward 6, 2nd precinct
Pg.481R, #1080-1203, ORMAND, Alexander 48 SCT laborer $1000-$175, parents of foreign birth
                  Elisabeth 30 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 24 NY prepinter?, parents of foreign birth
                  James 21 NY laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNKAN, John 9 MI at home, parents of foreign birth
Detroit, Ward 7
Pg.35, #451-485, DUNCON, Elisabeth 63 NY keeping house $0-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  James 39 NY machinist
                  Margrete (sic) 23 NY at home
                  WARRENS, Virginia 18 NY without occupation
Pg.53, #695-763, DUNCAN, Jane 36 CANada MULATTO keeping house $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Rosa 14 CAN MULATTO at home, parents of foreign birth
                  James 12 MI MULATTO at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Ida 9 MI MULATTO, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: several families this page were Mulatto, born VA, KY, SC, MI, etc.)
Detroit, Ward 9
Pg.232R, #252-252, COOMBS, Alonnzo (Alonazo) (m) 69 ENG (blank) $2,500-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Louisa A. 34 MI keeping house, mother of foreign birth
Pg.235R, #391-393, DUNCAN, Dugald 48 SCT ship carpenter $2,000-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 38 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Isabella 12, Linda (f) 10 MI at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Flora 6 MI, parents of foreign birth
Pg.253, #672-666, DUNCAN, Archibald 35 SCT ship carpenter $1200-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Elaij. (not "Eliz") (f) 35 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 5, Margaret 4, Isabella 1 MI, parents of foreign birth
                  John 76 SCT tailor, parents of foreign birth
                  George 10 MI at home, parents of foreign birth
Pg.342, #2117-2071, DUNCAN, Margaret? 38 SCT keeping house $500-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Catherine 15 SCT at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Mathew 13, James 11 SCT at school, parents of foreign birth
                  John 9 MI at school, parents of foreign birth
Detroit Ward 10
Pg.388R, #422-483, ORREN (OWEN?), Humphrey 52 WALes lumber manft. $7,000-$2,500, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah 41 NY house keeping
                  John 12, Nelly 9 MI attending school, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Roley (f) 14 CANada servant girl, parents of foreign birth


"Territorial Papers, Michigan Territory, 1829-1837" Vol.XII (CA State Univ. Sacramento Library 11/1984)
      Pg.668-671: Memorial to Congress by Inhabitants of Wayne Co., Dec. 20, 1833: That a road was to be built from the City of Detroit to the mouth of Grand River; many people have located all the lands on the road for many miles westward of Detroit; that certain individuals in the Towns of Southfield and Farmington to the north of the road for personal reasons have requested the route of the road be north of the present proposed route; petition that the road be built along its present proposed route and not to the north. Signed by Thomas Duncan among many others.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Matthew, widow Duncan, Margaret; B 24 Mich. Inf.; 1863 Aug. 7, Widow Appl. #29470, Cert. #10827. (MAD: 1860 Wayne Co. MI census)
      Duncan, Titus, widow Duncan, Alberta; AA Surg. Med. Dept. USA, Surg. 9 & F 1 Mich. Inf.; 1885 Feb. 19, Invalid Appl. #532824, Cert. #50110; 1900 Oct. 15, Widow Appl. #728313, Cert. #826312, Mich. (MAD: William Titus Duncan, 1850 Livingston Co. MI census, 1860 Wayne Co. MI census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1914 "The Book of Detroiters : a biographical dictionary of leading living men of the city of Detroit" (Wayne Co. MI) (anonymous); pub. Chicago: A.N. Marquis & Co. (LH9754; HeritageQuest 3/2007; FHL book 977.434 D3m and film 1,697,778 item 3 and 1,000,249 item 2) and pub. 1908, 496 pgs. (LH5348; HeritageQuest 3/2007)
      Pg.281: KENT, Bamlet, civil engineer; born, Forest, Ont., Aug. 20, 1869; son of Francis Bamlet and Jane (Duncan) Kent; educated Forest High School and Michigan College of Mines, graduating, 1896, ...

1898 "Landmarks of Wayne County [Michigan] and Detroit" by Robert B. Ross; pub. Detroit: The Evening News Association (LH5016; HeritageQuest 5/2007; same, 1375 pgs, LH11011; FHL book 977.434 H2r)
      Pg.279: In 1805, Governor Hull divided the territory into districts and designated justices of the peace therefor as follows: Mackinac - Samuel Abbott, David Duncan, Josiah Dunham, ... In September 1805, Governor Hull, as commander-in chief, directed that two regiments of infantry ... be organized ... First Regiment: ... captains, David Duncan ...
      Pg.423: On July 15, 1862, a huge meeting was held ... preparatory to the raising of the Twenty-fourth Michigan Infantry ... Major William C. Duncan, and ... were the presiding officers, ...
      Pg.478: An act of the Legislature passed March 26, 1867, created the Detroit Fire Commission and on April 1, of the same year, William Duncan, and ... were appointed commissioners.

1922 "City of Detroit, Michigan" by C.M. Burton, 5 vols., pub. by S.J. Clarke (FHL film 1,320,885 item 1 vol.4; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.515: GEORGE W. DUNCAN, who since September, 1879, has been identified with newspaper interests and the printing business in Detroit and who in 1908 organized the firm of Duncan & Ferschneider, conducting a high-class job printing establishment, was born in Lockport, New York, June 28, 1857. He was educated in the schools of his native city and there learned the printers' trade, which he followed in Lockport until he attained his majority. He came to Detroit in 1879 and through the intervening years has made this city his home, working at his trade in various employs until January, 1884, when he joined the Detroit Journal, which had been established in September of the previous year. He acted as compositor on that paper, first on the case and later as linotype operator, until 1908, in which year he established the printing business of Duncan & Ferschneider at 94 West Fort street. The business has been carried on successfully through the intervening years and the patronage is now extensive and profitable.
      While with the Journal Mr. Duncan was elected a member of the state legislature, and public endorsement of his service came to him in two reelections, so that he served for three terms as a member of the general assembly. ... (MAD: more on his career not copied) Mr. Duncan has lost his wife but has two sons, Roy Thomas and J. Howard. He is a genial, courteous gentleman and ... For more than four decades he has made his home in Detroit and has witnessed the growth of the city from a place of two hundred and fifty thousand to a million population. (MAD: Lockport, Niagara Co. NY)

1890 "Chronography of notable events in the history of the Northwest Territory and Wayne County [Michigan] : period embraced, 1531-1890 : together with biographical sketches of the early explorers and pioneers" by Fred Carlisle; pub. Detroit: O.S. Gulley, Bornman & Co., printers (LH5017; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,072,241)
      Pg.176-178: JAMES A. VAN DYKE, was born in Franklin county, PA, December 10, 1833 (MAD: changed in ink or pencil to 1813) He was the eldest son of William VanDyke, whose ancestors were among the first builders of New Armsterdam, ... subsequently settled in Pennsylvania, where James A. VanDyke was born. The mother of James was Nancy Duncan. On the paternal side, her ancestors were from Scotland, and located in the mountainous county of Cumberland, Pennsylvania. William and Nancy Duncan VanDyke had six children: Lambert, who settled and died in Red Run county, Texas; Ellen, who lived and died in her native county and State; William R., who also lived and died in the county of his birth; John H. (who became a lawyer), and Samuel W., who removed to Wisconsin, where they both died, and James A., the subject of this memorial, who, after being fitted by private tutors, entered Mercer College, Pennsylvania, in 1828, from which he graduated with high honors in 1832 ... In December, 1835, he married Elizabeth, daughter of the late Hon. Peter Desnoyers, ... He departed this life at his home, May 7th, 1855.

1890 "Chronography of notable events in the history of the Northwest Territory and Wayne County [Michigan]: period embraced, 1531-1890 : together with biographical sketches of the early explorers and pioneers" by Frederick Carlisle, pub. Detroit: O.S. Gulley, Bornman & Co., printers (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 5017; FHL fiche 6,072,241)
      Pg.447-449: GEN. ELLISON C. DUNCAN's well-known and strongly marked physiognomy and figure, the expression of the former indicating a kind and generous nature, combined with courage, independence and frankness, ... a strong will, familiar to many in Detroit. Ellison C. Duncan was born at Lyons, Wayne Co. NY, November 12th, 1817. His opportunities for acquiring an education, were the common schools of Lyons, which he improved to the extent of securing sufficient knowledge to venture into the world outside of his parental home at a very early age, and to rely upon himself for his future. In 1833 he took a canal boat for Albany, from thence he proceeded to New York and Newark, N.J., and engaged in the service of the New Jersey Railroad, which subsequently became known as the Pennsylvania Railroad, serving from 1836 to 1861. In the latter year he came to Detroit, where he has since resided and conducted a successful business. (several paragraphs about his experience as engineer omitted here, no other genealogy info) (MAD: 1860 Hudson Co. NJ census)

1897 "Bench and bar of Michigan : a volume of history and biography" by Thomas M. Cooley, James B. Angell; pub. Chicago: Century Pub. and Engraving Co. (LH4541; HeritageQuest 4/2007; FHL film 1,320,737 item 2)
      Pg.160,161: ROSS WILKINS, formerly Judge of the United States Court of Michigan. Judge Ross Wilkins came down from the eighteenth century and was descended from good revolutionary stock. He was born at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1799, almost a year before the death of Washington. He was educated at Carlisle College, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and was graduated from that institution at the age of eighteen. ... He studied law in Pittsburg, was admitted to the Bar there, and held the office of prosecuting attorney for two years immediately succeeding his arrival at the age of twenty-one. He was married May 13, 1823, to Maria Duncan, and continued his residence in Pittsburg and practiced law there until 1832. In that year he was appointed by President Andrew Jackson one of the Territorial Judges of Michigan, and located in the territory in pursuance of such appointment. He held the office until the territory was admitted as a State in the Union, in January, 1837. .... During the year 1837 he held the judicial office of recorder of the city of Detroit, ... judge for the Eastern District of Michigan. This office he held until his voluntary retirement in 1870, at the age of 71 years. For 38 years consecutively he held a judicial office in the territory and State, ... He died May 17, 1872, leaving one son and two daughters, namely, Col. William D. Wilkins, Mrs. Brent and Mrs. George Douglas Tracy. William D. Wilkins, his son, was for many years clerk of the United States Courts, and Charles T. Wilkins, a grandson, .... (MAD: nothing more on his wife) (MAD: Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA; Detroit, Wayne Co. MI)

1878 "American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men : Michigan Volume" pub. by Western Biographical Pub. Co. (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 10122; FHL book 977.4 D3a and films 874,387 and 1,035,727 item 11 and 1,000,076 item 1)
      District I, pg.47-48: DUNCAN, HON. WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, of Detroit, was born in Lyons [Wayne Co.], New York, May 18, 1820. His father's family removed from Lyons to Rochester [Monroe Co.], New York, when he was about five years of age. In the latter city his earlier years were spent and he received there the advantages of a common-school education. At the age of 21, desiring to engage in some employment for himself, which might lead him into active business, he accepted the position of steward on one of the passenger steamers then plying on the lakes, remaining until 1846, when he became engaged in a similar occupation on Lake Superior. Any one familiar with the vast commerce which is now seen upon Lake Superior, and who knew Mr. Duncan, will find it difficult to realize that he was present and engaged in the enterprise of taking the "Julia Palmer," the first side-wheel steamer that ever floated on the lake, across the portage of Sault Ste. Marie. In 1849 Mr. Duncan became a permanent citizen of Detroit [Wayne Co. MI], and engaged in the business of a brewer and maltster. Detroit was then a comparatively small city, and Mr. Duncan grew with its growth. .... He was elected Alderman in 1853, and served in that capacity five years. He was the first President of the Common Council, after that office was created by an amendment to the city charter. Mr. Duncan was always a Democrat, and his personal popularity and services to the City Council led to his nomination, in 1861, for the office of Mayor. To this post he was triumphantly elected, and served during the years 1862-63. ... In the fall of 1862, he was chosen as a State Senator from the Second District, and filled the office during the years 1863-64. In 1865 Mr. Duncan retired from active business, his impaired health requiring that he should enjoy more recreation and rest. From that time until his death he gave his attention to the management of his large estate, ... In the spring of 1873, upon the organization of the Board of Estimates, ... he was chosen a member at large. ... His popularity never waned, and his friends indulged the hope that his life would be spared for still higher duties in business and political life; but, in the prime of his manhood, the insidious destroyer terminated his useful life, December 19, 1877. (MAD: nothing said of marriage or family)

1888 "Early history of Michigan : with biographies of state officers, members of Congress, judges and legislators : published pursuant to Act 59, 1887" by S.D.Bingham, pub. by Thorp & Godfrey, state printers and binders (HeritageQuest image 2/2007; sketches in alphabetic order, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4546; FHL film 1,000,076 item 2)
      Pg.240: WILLIAM C. DUNCAN, Senator from Wayne county in 1863-4, was born in Lyons [Wayne Co.], N.Y., in 1820, and acquired a business education at Rochester [Monroe Co.], N.Y. Began business for himself in 1821. Came to Detroit in 1849, and went into business as a brewer and malster. He was alderman from 1854 to 1858, and mayor of Detroit in 1862-3. He was a member of the board of estimates in 1873, and was tendered the nomination for mayor but declined. He retired from business about 1865, and died December 19, 1877.

1890 "Cyclopedia of Michigan, historical and biographical : comprising a synopsis of general history of the state and biographical sketches of men who have, in their various spheres, contributed toward its development." (anonymous); pub. New York: Western Pub. and Engraving Co. (LH4542; HeritageQuest 4/2007; FHL film 1,730,732)
      Pg.262: George S. Davis, of Detroit ... a son of Solomon Davis (whose sketch and portrait appear in this work) and Ann H. (Duncan) Davis, was born in Detroit, Michigan, on May 7, 1845. ... (MAD: more not copied) (MAD: bio. of Solomon Davis indexed on pg.226, not this page; picture is of George S. Davis) (MAD: Detroit, Wayne Co. MI)

1894 "Educators of Michigan (Illustrated Reference Book); A Choice Collection of Biographical Sketches and Portraits of The Teaching Profession" Copyright 1894 by The Wilton-Smith Company, Publishers, Detroit, Mich.; forward by Clarence M. Burton (Google Books 8/5/2009 from University of Michigan book, LA 2315 .M5 E23)
      Pg.62: MISS H. ADALINE DUNCAN, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth M. Duncan, was born May 17, 1862, at Rochester, N.Y., and educated at the Saratoga (N.Y.) High School and the Albany State Normal. Miss Duncan is very progressive, and possessing that nice faculty of pushing conclusions with a firm but kind hand, it is littie wonder that she should have come to the fore and accomplished such good results in the several schools with which her name has been associated. Miss Duncan commenced teaching in the Barstow school as an assistant teacher; held that post for two years, a similar position in the Irving for five and a half years, then took charge of the Ferry school for four and a half years, and is now principal of the Barstow school. Miss Duncan possesses, in relation to her school as well as the outside world, a manner at once gracious and inviting. While a firm disciplinarian in the conduct of school work she is never unmindful of the fact that teachers and others have rights and privileges that the true woman is bound always to respect. Miss Duncan is greatiy respected not only in academic circles but in the social walks of life. (MAD: Rochester, Monroe Co. NY; Irving School, Detroit City, Wayne Co. MI)

1915 "History of Michigan" by Charles Moore, pub. by Lewis Publishing Co. (FHL film 845,428; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.3, pg.1177-1181: HENRY DUNCAN. It is both a privilege and a matter of satisfaction to be able to enter in this publication a brief tribute to the memory of the late Henry Duncan, who not only gained definite precedence as one of the representative business men and honored citizens of Detroit but who also was a scion of a family that was founded in Michigan in the territorial epoch of the history of this favored commonwealth, the name of Duncan having been prominently and worthily linked with social and material progress in Michigan for nearly a century.
            Henry Duncan was born in the little frontier settlement of Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa county, Michigan, on the 14th of August, 1828, and is a son of John Leslie Duncan, a native of the city of Dublin, Ireland, and a representative of the historic old Scottish family of the name. John L. Duncan was reared and educated in his native land and came to America when young. It was his adventurous spirit and self-reliant zeal that prompted him to come to the territory of Michigan in the early pioneer days, and he established his home in the little settlement on the site of the present thriving city of Sault Ste. Marie, where he entered fully and influentially into the activities of the pioneer community. He developed a prosperous business as a trader with the Indians in the surrounding territory and was a leader in the affairs of the settlement on the frontier wilds. He continued his operations as a trader until his death, which occurred in 1840, and his name merits enduring place on the roll of the sturdy and honored pioneers of the Wolverine state, which was admitted to the Union about three years prior to his demise.
            The rugged environment and influences of the pioneer days in northern Michigan compassed the childhood of Henry Duncan, whose rudimentary education was acquired in a primitive school maintained in the settlement in which he was born. He was a lad of about twelve years at the time of his father's death and shortly afterward he removed with his widowed mother to Detroit, ... in which his devoted mother passed the residue of her life. ... Mr. Duncan ... continue his studies under the direction of the same able instructor who had been his teacher at Sault Ste. Marie, ... apprenticeship to the harnessmaker's trade, ... Having become a skilled workman in his craft, Mr. Duncan removed to the little village of Orion, Oakland county, where he opened a small shop ... for several years, but after his marriage ... returned to Detroit ... loyal to the Union ... death having occurred on the 17th of March, 1865. After conducting his business for several years in an individual way he admitted his brother to partnership, and for several years thereafter the harness and saddlery establishment of the Duncan Brothers was the most extensive of its kind in Detroit. Mr. Duncan's loyalty and patriotism ... at the Time of the Mexican war, as he enlisted for service in the same, as a member of the first volunteer regiment from Michigan. ...
            On the 17th of March, 1853, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Duncan to Miss Harriet S. Cady, who was born in New York, and who is a daughter of Alpheus and Patty (Chambers) Cady, sterling pioneers of Michigan. The ideal wedded life of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan continued about a decade and the gracious bonds were then severed by the death of the devoted husband and father, to whose memory the venerable widow has continued devoted during the long intervening years. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan became the parents of one child, Leslie H., who was born at Orion, Oakland county, in 1858. The son was afforded the advantages of Professor Bacon's school for boys, in Detroit, and those of well ordered institutions in the city of New York. In his early business career he conducted a drug store at Mount Clemens, Macomb county, Michigan, and finally he retired to his excellent farm, in that county, where he became a prominent agriculturist and stock-grower and where he passed the residue of his life, his death having occurred in 1888, at which time he was but thirty years of age. He wedded Miss Gertrude McCall, who survived him by a number of years. They became the parents of two daughters, Harriet and Jessie. Harriet Duncan became the wife of Samuel Coombs, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and their only son, Duncan Shafter Coombs, who was born on the 15th of November, 1907, is the only great-grandchild of Mrs. Henry Duncan, widow of the honored subject of his memoir. Samuel Coombs is now deceased and his widow still resides in Pittsburgh. Jessie Duncan, younger of the two daughters of Leslie H. and Gertrude (McCall) Duncan is the wife of Homan Hallet, who holds large mining interests in Mexico but who, with his family, is residing temporarily in Detroit, Michigan, owing to the disturbed conditions incident to the recent revolution in Mexico. (MAD: Detroit, Wayne Co. MI)
            Mrs. Henry Duncan still maintains her home in Detroit ... Venerable in years, ... For little short of a half century she continued to occupy the fine residence which her husband had purchased and which was the place of his death. This property, at the corner of Woodward avenue and Winder street, she finally sold, after which she purchased her present modern and attractive residence, at 29 Woodward Terrace ... She was a child at the time of her parents' removal to Michigan, and in this favored commonwealth she has continued to reside during the long intervening years, the town of Cadyville, Lapeer county, having been named in honor of the family of which she is a representative. ... member of the Detroit chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution, Protestant Episcopal Church.
            Alpheus Cady, father of Mrs. Duncan, was one of the representative pioneers of Lapeer county, Michigan, where he settled in the early '30s, ... His wife, Mrs. Patty (Chambers) Cady ... Alpheus and Patty Cady became the parents of nine children, of whom only two are now living, -- Mrs. Duncan, who was the eighth in order of birth, and Orson, who is the youngest of the number and the only one born in Michigan ... (MAD: much more on the Cady family, not copied here)

1879 "History of Genesee County, Michigan : with illustrations of its prominent men and pioneers." by Franklin Ellis; pub. Philadelphia: Everts & Abbott (LH4941; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL book 977.437 H2e 1976 and film 924,430 item 1)
      Pg.195: Fenton Township - the original entries ...: Section 26: Archibald Duncan, Wayne Co., Mic., February, 1836, 80 acres; same for Section 27

1908 "History of Kane County, Ill." by R. Waite Joslyn; pub. Chicago: Pioneer Pub. Co. (LH5444, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.323 D3j v.1 and film 934,991 items 2-3)
      Vol.I, pg.642: L.A. Duncan, Company H, 59th Illinois Infantry; died September 6, 1888.
      Vol.II, pg.371-372-373: Charles D. Rossetter, born in Chicago, November 18, 1852. His parents were Asher and Sophronia (Newton) Rossetter, natives of New York. ... On the 18th of November, 1878, Mr. (Charles Decatur) Rossetter was married to Miss Ella Duncan, a daughter of Arad and Mercia Ann (Watles) Duncan. Her father was a native of Vermont and her mother of New York. He learned and followed the machinist's trade, and about 1860 removed from Detroit to Aurora, having formerly owned and cultivated a farm in Michigan. In Aurora he followed his trade in the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad shops, and here he died in 1882, at the age of 67 years, while his wife passed away in 1859, at the age of 45 years. Their family numbered six children, of whom Mrs. Rossetter is one, the others being as follows: Louis, deceased; Libby, the wife of Samuel Emery, of Memphis, Tennessee; Lucy, the wife of Charles Hathaway, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Belle, the wife of Major Safford, of Detroit, that state; and Fred, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Mrs. Rossetter was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1859, and by her marriage has become the mother of six children, namely .... (MAD: 1860 Wayne Co. MI)


"Detroit (MI) Society for Genealogical Research Magazine" Vol.36#4 Summer 1973 (FHL book 977.4 C4de)
      Pg.198 and following includes the Bible record of Elison E. Duncan, b. 11/12/1817, and information on his family and descendants who lived in Wayne Co. MI, as well as brief information about William Duncan, b. 1782, married in Highstown, "Monmouth Co." (perhaps Hightstown, present Mercer Co.) NJ to Elizabeth Chamberlain. The Bible was owned by Mrs. Elizabeth D. Lee in 1973. MAD: see also Wayne Co. NY.

"Family Ancestors and Relatives of William E. Kelley" by William E. Kelley of Michigan, August, 1971 (FHL book 929.273 A1 #446)
      This book includes an account taken from the 1913 "Gratiot Co. MI Historical, Biographical, Statistical" by Willard D. Tucker, pg.571-572, including reference to George English who married November 9, 1861 to Christina Duncan in Gratiot Co., a daughter of David Duncan (died 11 Oct. 1860) and his wife Christina (died 10 March 1890) who were born in Scotland. This account names the brothers and sisters of Christina and gives their birthdates and more information about them.
      The book also includes an account from the same source, pg.1084, on the Duncan family, saying that David Duncan was one of a family of ten sons and two daughters of George Duncan of Scotland. David Duncan and his wife Christina Mortimore came to Canada in 1854, moved to Detroit [Wayne Co. MI] in 1858, and to Washington Township, Gratiot Co. in 1859. The account in the 1913 history and this book give more on the origin, the family and the descendants of this David Duncan.


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