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Last revised August 21, 2007

Formed 1854 from Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec

1860 Androscoggin Co. ME Census
Pg.166, #265-285, Charles DUNKAM 44 ME day laborer $2500-$0
                  Nancy 44 ME
                  Albert 15, Hannah 13 ME
Pg.319, #308-341, Levi H. DANKIN 45 ME mason $0-$150
                  Florilla 41 ME
                  Abbie W. (f) 17 ME
                  Edee E. (f) 11, Mercy A. (f) 7 ME

1870 Androscoggin Co. ME Census
Wards 4 & 5, City of Auburn
Pg.65-66, #217-246, JORDAN, Margaret 76 ME keeping house $0-$200
                  Mary J. 38 ME keeping house
                  JORDAN, Ellen S. 28 ME work at home
                  DUMSEN, Emma A. 18 MA attending school
City of Lewiston, Ward 5
Pg.310-311, #742-961, BABCOCK, A.P?. (m) 52 ME boarding master $0-$1300
                  & family and many people, including
                  DUNCAN, Mary 15 FRAnce works in cotton mill, parents of foreign birth

"The Mechanic Falls register, 1904" (Androscoggin Co. ME) by H.E. Mitchell; pub. Kent's Hill, Me.: H.E. Mitchell Pub. Co., 1904, 92 pgs. (LH10651; HeritageQuest 5/2007)
      Pg.90: Military and Naval Orphan Asylum, Bath - Incorporated February 23, 1866, opened November 19, 1866 ... H.A. Duncan, Bath, Treasurer and Trustee. (MAD: Bath, Sagadahoc Co. ME)

Formed 1839 from Washington

1840-1850 Aroostook Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Aroostook Co. ME Census
Letter C Range 1
Pg.160, #428-423, William DINACAN 26 ME farmer $100-$25
                  (alone; other farmers also alone nearby)
                  (MAD: indexed William DUNCAM)

1870 Aroostook Co. ME Census
Pg.194, #448-448, DUNCAN, William 37 Nova Scotia [CANada] stone cutter $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah A. 35 ME keeping house
                  William T. 11 ME attends school
                  Janetta (f) 8, Rupert D. 5 ME father of foreign birth
                  Daniel F. 2 ME, father of foreign birth
                  (blank) (f) 1/12 ME b.May, father of foreign birth

Formed 1838 from Cumberland

1840-1880 Franklin Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

"The Town register, Farmington, Wilton, Chesterville, New Sharon : 1910." (Franklin Co.) (anonymous); pub. Brunswick, Me.: Maine Map & Register Co., 1910, 271 pgs. (LH10610; HeritageQuest 5/2007)
      Pg.7. Military and Naval Orphan Asylum - Bath. (MAD: Bath, Sagadahoc Co. ME)
      H.A. Duncan, Bath, Treas.
      Trustees appointed by corporation: H.A. Duncan, Bath.
      Committee on Reception and Disposal of Children: H.A. Duncan, Bath.

"A history of Farmington, Franklin County, Maine : from the earliest explorations to the present time, 1776-1885" by Francis Gould Butler; pub. Farmington: Press of Knowlton, McLeary, and Co., 1885, 714 pgs. (LH7911; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL book 974.172/F1 H2bf and film 928,263 item 8)
      Pg.592-593: Zebulon True, son of William True of Yarmouth, was a contemporary settler with ... he came from Augusta in 1791 and settled ... removed to Temple, where he made a permanent residence. He was b. May 21, 1765; d. Feb. 4, 1830. His wife, Martha Kannady, was b. in Ireland, Oct. 26, 1770; d. Feb. 9, 1858. Twelve children: ... x. Thomas Jefferson, b. Sept. 1, 1808; md. Elizabeth Duncan. Resides in North Yarmouth. 6 chil.

Formed 1799 from Lincoln
Waldo formed 1827 from Hancock, Lincoln, Kennebec
Androscoggin formed 1854 from Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec

1860 Kennebec Co. ME Census
Pg.302, #1368-1430, Hospital for insane
                  Daniel DUNCAN 30 SCT seaman insane
Pg.307, #1368-1430, Robert DUNCAN 27 IRE farmer insane

1870 Kennebec Co. ME Census
City of Gardner
Pg.266, #307-364, DUNKING, Wm. 56 SCT paper maker $9,600-$1,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Margaret 47 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
Pg.266, #307-365, ANDREWS, Arthur B. 26 ME works in paper mill, mar. July 16? (10?) (18?)
                  Laura B. 23 ME keeping house, mar. July 10?

"History of Litchfield and an account of its centennial celebration, 1895" (Kennebec Co.) by O.B. Clason; pub. Augusta: Kennebec Journal Print, 1897, 720 pgs. (LH9172; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 873,925 item 1)
      Pg.107: DUNCAN. Robert Duncan, Jr., lived in town from 1814, when he bought the Joseph Potter place, until his decease, April 9, 1838. He married Maria H. Meloon of Bowdoin. Their children: William, b. June 13, 1816. Caroline, b. May 21, 1818.

"The history of Augusta, from the earliest settlement to the present time : with notices of the Plymouth Company, and settlements on the Kennebec : together with biographical sketches and genealogical register" (Kennebec Co. ME) by James W. North; pub. Augusta Me.: Clapp and North, 1870, 1033 pgs. (LH7882; HeritageQuest 5/2007)
      Pg.615: ... In 1850 a chapel was erected ... and Alexander Duncan, Esq., and others of Providence, R.I., gave to the parish a sum of money sufficient to purchase a bell, ...

Formed 1805 from York, Cumberland
Androscoggin formed 1854 from Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec

1810-1820 Oxford Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

1830 Oxford Co. ME Census
Pg.12  Samuel Dunken      1101,01  -  1100,1000,1

1840 Oxford Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Oxford Co. ME Census
Pg.46, #31-32, Alanson M. DONKIN 44 ME farmer $1500
                  Christiana 45 ME
Pg.47, #31-32, Samuel M. MASON 17 ME farmer
                  C.M. BENT (f) 13 ME
                  Orin (m) 8 ME

1860-1870 Oxford Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1816 from Hancock
Piscataquis formed 1838 from Penobscot, Somerset

1840 Penobscot Co. ME Census (indexed Phines DANCUNS)
Pg.4  Phines DACANS      0000,1001  -  0011,0002

1850 Penobscot Co. ME Census
Town of Lincoln
Pg.347, #75-79, Joseph WHITTIER & family & others
                  Henry DUNCAN 24 Prov. N.B. laborer (New Brunswick, CAN)

1860 Penobscot Co. ME Census
Pg.14, #109-121, John DUNCAN 44 ME M.mariner $250-$50
                  Nancy J. 34 ME
                  Mary THURSTON 13 ME
                  Edgar T. DUNCAN 1 ME
                  Herbert F. 2/12 ME

1870 Penobscot Co. ME Census
      No Duncan indexed


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